Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 28
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Wednesday Evening, May 29, 1957. RIP KIRBY LET'S HEAP FOR PRY GULCH, FOR WHICH RART OF \ PESMONP. A THE (3OLPEN WEST SHALL ) FRIEND OUT THERE I OBTAIN TICKETS, / HAS BEEN AFTER SIR? ^ ^S ME TO VISIT HIS RANCH FOR A LONS TIME... PRY SULCH/THE VERY NAME BREATHES THE ROMANCE OF THE WIPE OPEN SFfcCES/ AND IN ANOTHER PART O/= NSW YORK,.. •< ' JUST MY LUCK- YOUR UNCLE WILLIE VYOULP LEAVE YOU A . WORTHLESS SHACK ANP A FEW HUNPREP ACRES OF P6SERT IN A PLACE CALLEP DRY SULCH.' I'M AFRAIP. THE PLACE IS QUIET. A STASE HASN'T BEEN HELP UP IN SO YEARS.. PONT KNOCK IT; STOSIE. IT'S FREE... Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune IWrtten KERRY DRAKE THAT-MEANS Jf YOU HAD SOMEONEA I'VE SOT "^-REMEMBER? ANP) NOBODY NOW J YOU PLAYED HIM "S. - WHO CARES -S FOR A SUCKER ISO,} WHAT HAPPENS ) LONG, MISS JONES-V TO ME / — x -^ -/ 'YOU'LL FINP HIM IN THE MISS JONES .' WE OUST HAP A SO CALE'S LETTINS YOU )BETTER LOCATE PHONE CALL FROM THE STATE OFF THE HOOK?/ I SEE WHERE YOU SET THAT NAME -"CHARM".' YOU GO OVER SIS' MICKEY FINN REX MORGAN, M, D. r A BIRDIE ANP A PAR! >V GOLLY, I'VE. FINALLY MASTERED JT-AND IT MUST BE THE LOHG LAY-OFF THAT PIP tT! I'VE HAP TIME TO FORGET ALL THE LITTLE THINGS I USED TO 00 WRONG! OH,OH! ^ CAN WU BEAT TO AT? HEPUBBEP) AND IT'S GOING TO RUN IT! J INTO THAT TRAP! WELL, HE CERTAINLY / OH, HE KNOWS HIS STUFF! MAPE THAT PAR / VOU NOTICEP THAT HE EASILY! M CIPN'T GAMBLE-ANP TRY TO TAKE THE SHORT CUT OVER THOSE TREES! •»!/ CERTAINLY MAPE A HIT WITH MELISSA, KEITH / IT'S A SOOD THINS REX SAVE K>U A PgTAILEP REPORT ON HER CASE. THE TRUTH W THAT REX NEGLECTED TO EVEN MENTION HER NAME TOME.' EMMY LOU "Why, Burton, you shouldn't be asking me to the dance while you go steady with Betty ... formal or informal?" GRIN AND BEAR IT "I don't M« much chance far a four-day week ... It's all we can do now iqiMtiing a four-day week into live days),.." Railroader Had 50-Year Safety Record BUFFALO, N.Y.-John S. Grice may well have set a record when he retired recently as a switchman for the New York Central Railroad. • The 71-year-old signalman spent Flay Sale While You Drive! Keep alert-chew gum Avoid traffic jitter* and driving drowsiness. Ch*Wfumwhil*you'r* behind th» wheel. Chewing helps relieve strain and tension — help* keep you feeling fresh and alert for safer driving. Chew any brand of halt a century switching trains without so much as a single rai accident. But it took some quick thinking and quicker action to preserve that unblemished record. Five years ago, Grlce bolted down his signal tower stairs and hurled a lantern into the cab of a passenger train which hac failed to head his stop warning. His action averted a pile up with a second passenger train. "The engineer gave me a box of cigars for that'one," he recalled. Grice, who broke in with the Central in 1906, served in 14 low crs in the Buffalo area during his 50 years ot railroading. LOST ACRES NORTWIELD, Mass—The assessors can't find 1,284 acres of Northfield. Town voters author izcd the assessors to spend $600 for maps with which to solve the riddle of the "lost" acreage. gum you like but chew while you drive. Naturally, we recommend refreshing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum—for lively, satisfying flavor and real chewing enjoyment. BUZ SAWYER AMP INCRIMIHATE OURSELVES? IMBECILE. I TOLD YOU HE LEFT WORD ASHORE WHERE HE WAS SOINS. A GENTLEMAN TO SEE YOU, SIR SO ZORKA GOT THE MOMCY OUT OF VOU, YOU OLD GOAT; WHY DIDN'T VOU DETAIN HM PERMANENTLY ABOARD-THE YACHT? SOWAT} EH? WHERE'S THAT RADIO- FROM \ GRAM? ISN'T SOWAT THE PLACE SOWAT.J -WHERE SHEIK ABDUL WAS OUST s \fV' ASSASSINATED? JUST AS I THOUGHT, SOWAT. SHOW THE MAN IS. LET'S SEE WHAT HIS SCHEME IS FOR FLEECING ME OP MY MONEY. It's all over town! Social Security! Baile y's OLD SPICE Deodorant. $1 (plus tax) MARY WORTH I'LL RUN ON AHEAD AND TRY TO--\ 5LOW DOWN.' DON'T KILL YOURSELF, MR.MEDILL! LITTLE ABNER . GREAT SCOTT.T' BULLETS EOUMCE OFFA HIM LIKE RAINDROPS. 1 :' SeE.7OMEO'THEM *• EHJLLETS DOME POSHED TH'ONEARTHLV SCRKAM BOTTOM.?' AH'DTURN TANKS// 1 Pi-ANCS.'/ H-bOMEtS.r THAT'S TH' NANCY LOOK WHAT I MADE STRICTLY BUSINESS "I'd like something strong enough to penetrate a space helmet!" STRICTLY RICHTER ) im-KInc rcilo.m Sjndln.ic, Int., World ii^li|i .iturvcJ "It's a sports model.""' CUTIES "Everything ia this house works with buttons — except my shirte!" DOTTY DRIPPLE WILBERT, If SURE.' BUPPV'S CAN VOU fl FP.ISNP, TEX, TELL. ME SSk. CAN'T COME WHAT'S TV, OVER GOtNG OM J I TOPAY— HERE? SO THEYRE SHOOTHS IT OUT OVER THE TELEPHONE/ GRANDMA COLLY, NOME O* TH' KIDS PAY AMY ATTEMTIOM , TO 'EM OH, OH// SHE REALLY MEANS BUSINESS THIS

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