Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1957 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 27
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowmon , These Tricks for Tall Girl Will De-Emphasize Height In the past the tall girl or woman often was self-conscious about her above average inches. Even today some women alloV their happiness to be affected by their height. This is. usually due to the fact that they feel that extra height limits "the number of dates they can have or the number of men who will be attracted to them. I suppose this is true to a certain extent since some men do like to tower over their dales or at least bp. the taller of the two. However, I have known many attractive men who do not feel this way at all. Then, too, with the average, height increasing you are pretty sure to find a tall guy you enjoy. However, there are all sorts of tricks the tall woman can use which will make her appear shorter than she is. For instance, the tall one should have color contrasts in her clothes. A solid color makes one look taller while a dark skirt and a light coat or vice versa, will x cut h_er height. This is also true of dresses which have contrasting colors, or buttons or designs which are horizontal. Can Be Smart Looking The tall woman can be extremely smart looking. She can wear high style clothes which her shorter sister cannot. Large pocket books, and bulky costume jewelry I look stunning. I As to heels she can do what she wishes. If she prefers to avoid spikes she can do so without giv-| ing up beautiful shoes. The lower,' gracefully shaped heel is extreme-! ly popular now even with women, of average height. There is no doubt about it, very high heels do add quite a few inches to your stature. Naturally you should not wear hats with high crowns or tall hats if you want-to look shorter. Small hats or those with very wide brims are your dish. Hairdos The same principle applies to hairdos. Do not pile your hair high on your head unless your facial contour requires that you do so. Often the tall woman has a long, slender face anyway. If this is not true of you then wear your hair in the most becoming way and forget your height. The -main advice about being above average in height is "Don't lot it affect your enjoyment in living" -AND, "Don't let it make you slump becsuse of ttie unconscious wish to look shorter. Beautiful carriage is one of the at- Dress the Girls Alike 8491 10-20, 8490 3-8 yri., Adorable frocks that are identical—in big and little sizes. 'No. 8490 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes- 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years. Size 4, sleeveless, 1% yards of 35-inch; Vs yard contrast. No. 8491 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes 10 12, 14, 16, IB, 20. Size 12, 32 bust, sleeveless, 2 7 /« yards of 35-inch; % yard contrast. Two patterns. For this pattern, send 35c In COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, HI. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains! dozens of smart new styles for all I ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. Identify Body As Air Pilot CHICAGO (UP) — Relatives Monday identified a body found in Lake Michigan May 5 as that of a pilot whose plane plunged into the lake carrying four Hoosiers to their deaths. Everett Tourjee, 31, Mishawaka, Ind., was identified by his widow, Beverly, 27, and another relative. Chicago authorities said the body was found by two boys on a filtration plant breakwater. But the clothing on the body did not check with the description of the men qn the plane missing since March 11. . ' The body of Ihe second man on the plane was found May 19. He was Elkhart manufacturer Ken: neth 0. Bobbins, 42. Bobbins' body was found less than a block from where the other body was teund. Chicago authorities rechecked the "unidentified" body. They found the beaded belt believed .to have been worn by Tourjee was broken and in his home. The widow was called to Chicago where she identified the body from other clothing. The bodies of the two women tin the flight are still missing. Ann Landers Tranquilizer Pills Made Wife Too "Tranquil" for Own Good If you are tall, don't slump because you want to look shorter. tributes a tall woman must have in order to look most alluring. The sting has been taken out ot being taller than usual by the many lovely models and actresses; who wear clothes with so much style. Stassen Seeks Okeh Of Disarmament- Plan PARIS (UP)—Harold E. Stassen conferred today with the United Slates' rJATO allies to seek approval of the 15-nation body on new. American disarmament proposals. The latest edition of. President Eisenhower's "open skies" inspection plan would subject at least eight NATO nations lo reconnaissance by Soviet planes and Slassen nus'. get their okay before proceeding. Dear Ann: I've been reading your column a Ions time and you seem to have the answers to all types of problems, whether they're lovelorn or not. Maybe you can help me. My wife is 43. We have four children. For the past two years she's been feeling awfully blue. She was always tired, irritable and cried a' lot. I couldn't get her to go anyplace. She was a wonderful housekeper, in fact, almost crazy on the subject of orderliness. Three months ago she read in a magazine about the tranquilizer pills. She bcught some at a drug store. Now her personality is completely changed. She's easy-going and agreeable. She doesn't care it" the tfeds are made or not. Some nights there's no sign of dinner on the table. The ironing piles up and when I run out of underwear and shirts she says "Whal's Ihe difference?" Although she' claims she ' feele 'fine", there's 'an odd look around her eyes and she's gained 15 pounds. Is this change good or bad? I'm worried and want to know what you think.—H.J.T. Some 'people can get- too darned "tranquil" for their own good, and meant by this. Can you figure it out?—SAND-BAGG-ED Dear 'Sand-Bagged": Under the circumstances, I don't think this was much of a compliment to either one of us. .(P. S.' I have a 'feeling that you've got a problem. Busier.) Tomorrow: "R'emedy Rough Skin with Nightly Soaking, Lotion." (•Released by The Register and Tribune • Syndicate, 1957) Hospital Notes Memorial Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson. 1511 North street, a son. Admitted: Solden Hilligoss, Kokomo; 'Mrs. Ethel Dancey, 1718 East Market street; Charles Fergus, 3206 East Broadway; Mrs. Sadie Gray, Burrows; Mrs. Eunice Carr, 418 Bates street; Mrs. Mildred Shockley, Camden; Mrs. May Gehrlien, 100 Fourth street; Alva James, 423 Cole street; Mrs. Evelyn Downs, 510 East Main street; Mrs. Shirley Benedict, 1300Vz North Third street.. Dismissed: Miss Darla Burkhart, route 3; Jack Carmichael, 1401 Lobelia street; Mrs. Hazel Cook, 815 North Wall street; Miss Beth Cress, Lucerne; Master Bruce Dodt, Royal Center; Norman Hill, 322 Twenty-second street; Master Mark Jones, route 3; William ILytle, Burlington; Miss Auclrcy Mays, Walton; Master Michael Sullivan, S2G South Cicott street; Mrs. Cecile Thomas, Columbus, Ohio; Miss Norma Jo Zeek, Royal Center. St. Joseph's Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Morehouse, route 1, Royal Center, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Esta Babb, route 4, Peru; Mrs. Elizabeth Rist, 217 Barren street; Mrs. Kenneth Miller, 72.3 Wheatland avenue; Master Frederick Minnnck, route 1; Mrs. •Bertha Wilson, route 5. Dismissed: Miss Ellen and Miss Patricia Hartleroad, route 3; Mrs. Eldora Chumney, route 2, Walton; Mrs. Myrtle Pasquale, 1000 Nineteenth street; William Turner, 1000 Spear street; John Gcrmainc, 2220 Ea.st Broadway; 'Mrs. Gladys Steinwcdcl, 516 Twentieth street; Mrs. Mary Dollmatch, 1022 Seventeenth street; Mrs. Mae Wagner, 329 Front street; Mrs. Jessie Hufnagle, 220 Thirteenth street; Mrs. Frances Lyons, 403 Grove street; Master Richard Robinson, route 1, Walton. FOUND DEAD IN CAR LAFAYETTE, Ind. (UP) - An autopsy was to be performed today to determine the cause of death of Doylo A. Brooks, 43, Lafayette. Brooks was found lying dead in the front seat of his car near the U.S. 52 bypass here late Tuesday. State police said Brooks had been drinking heavily in the past few weeks. You don't need to pay *25O to $300 for INCONSPICUOUS ... QUALITY HEARING AIDS FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry • Store v 416 E. Bdwy. (MkOMT MOMV-MCK mUXMm Show Sfarti At Duik Gattt Optn HaJf Hour Earlier THURSDAY-FRIDAY "THE BURNING HILLS" (Color) Tab Hunt.r - Hotnli. Wood SATURDAY "Th» Fastest Gun Alive" Gl*nn Ford - Jeanne Grain "Giant-Size" Pillow! Crochet this "giant-size" sun- 'lower from cool color-fast cotton yarn, and you'll have a pillow .hat is not only colorful but com- 'ortablo. So nice for the youngster's room, sunporch or T. V. viewing! Pattern No. 5004 contains crochet directions; material requirements; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6,-Illinois'. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! The this is what's wife. happened to your No one should take pills or any medication without first consulting a dpctor. Possibly half as many pills would do her twice as much good. A doctor might even suggest another type of pill which would get her' over the rough period, but not alter her personality. People who feel "fine" out of a bottle are not "fine" at all. It's New trial Ordered For Ousted Teacher 1'N'DIANAPOLIS (UP) — Indiana Supreme Court Tuesday ordered a new .trial for Mary Ethel Thurslon, a veteran of 25 years teaching at Anderson, who lost .her court fight against dismissal. The Anderson school board cancelled Miss Thurston's contract in 1953. Madison Superior Court up- leld the dismissal upon appeal. But the high court ordered a new trial on grounds the cancellation took place five minutes after the teacher left a school board hearing on the matter. far better lo face life's problems and get whatever help is needed to work them out. Hiding from one's self by anesthetizing the brain solves nothing. You can flee to Cloud Eiglit just so often before you wind up in serious trouble.. Dear Ann: I am going to be blunt and come right to the point. I'm a girl, 16, very attractive, nice figure, lovely clothes, and full of personalty. I sit home night, after night because my morals are high and I simply will not let a fellow maul and paw me in exchange for a night's entertainment. I've had a few dates this semester but they' all ended the same way. I said "No" and never heard from the fellow again. The girls at school with the "reputations" are the popular ones, They have no trouble whatsoever getting dates. Some of them brag that they have as many as two dates in an evening. What is a girl supposed to do? Shall I lower my standards or stay at home and let my brother call me an "Old Maid"? Is it fair that high principles should make me a wall-flower?—BLUE LOU I don't buy it. Lou. Decent moral standards never made a wallflower out of anybody. Your problem isn't "principles", it's how to learn to compound interest. Girls who brag about averaging two dates in an evening aren't popular, they're merely "available",. Their phones may ring often, but they won't ring for long. Your theory that the only girls who get asked for dates are loose and fast, is.just not sound. There arc plenty of decent, first-rate fellows around who are interested in wholesome female 'company. If you're "Blue", Lou, it's because you haven't learned how to strike a corresponding note in others. The best way lo get peopje interested in YOU is- to shmv you are genuinely intorestpd in THEM. Get going. CONFIDENTIALLY: A KEEP 'EM HAPPY WIFE: There's .a law against "Disorderly conduct". You have a right to be concerned. If you want to "Keep 'm. happy".... keep 'm home! Copyright 1957, Field- Enterprises, Inc. Milkman Saves Woman From Blazing Kitchen , BEDFORD, Itid. (UP) — Mrs. Charles Slastny, 75, Bedford, a cripple, was in critical condition in Dunn Memorial Hospital today with severe burns, but doctors said she owed her life to the quick thinking of a milkman. Ed Charles, a Bedford milkman, was making a delivery at the Stastny home when he noticed the kitchen filled rushed inside with and smoke. He found Mrs. Stastny semi-conscious in her wheel chair, her clolhes ablaze. Charles ripped off the garments and called an ambulance. Second of Nuclear '" Blasts Postponed LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UP) _ Atomic Energy Commission scientists today called off the second Hast in the 20-shot series of A- ':ests. The test of the second "midget" nuclear device was postponed for 24 hours after a weather evalua- lion meeting. The next weather session was scheduled for this afternoon. CAR KILLS LITTLE GIRL TEHRE HAUTE tup> — joann Johnson, 23 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Johnson, Terre Haute, was killed late Tuesday when run over by a car a* she played in a driveway. James Napiner, at whose home the accident happened, lokl authorities he had no idea the little girl was in the driveway when he backed his car over her. Wednesday Evening, May 29, 1957. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Antwer to Y « st « rd » ylt *""" Debt at End Of 1956 Was $684 Billion WASHINGTON (UP) — The nation's net public and private debt hit a record 684 billion dollars at the end of last year. That was an increase of 28 billion dollars in- 12 months. However, the 4.5 per cent increase was considerably below the record peacetime increase of $49,500,000,000 in 1955. The Commerce Department said in releasing the figures Monday nighl that the outstanding change last year was a six-billion-dollar "reduction in federal indebtedness, to the public—the first substantial j reduction since- 1948." "This liquidation released funds which could be utilized 'to facilitate last year's large expansion in private investment," the department said 'in its monthly "survey of current business." The report showed that the net increase in the debt of borrowers other than the federal government amounted to 34 billion dollars last year. This included debt increases of $17,500,000,000 by individuals, more than 12 billion dollars by corporations, and $4,500,000,000 by state and local governments. Net new borrowings by individuals last year were seven billion dollars less than the record rise in 1955. The bureau attributed this chiefly lo a reduction in automobile purchases. The total indebtedness of 684 billion dollars includes more than 31 biliion dollars owed by individuals on installment purchases. President Eisenhower decided Saturday that this was not high enough to warrant asking Congress for standby controls to curb installment credit. ACROSS 1—Coarso hominy 6—Part ot church i 9—Land and water animal 11—In music, high 13—Anglo-Saxon money 14—Resort 17—Sun. Boa 18—Egyptian herb 20—Indian mulberry 21—Preposition 22—Frees 24—Artificial language gG—Fare iv ell 27—Kalian poet 39—Start 30—Abovo 31—Mr. Claua 33—Tilt again 35—Conjunction 30—State of beinc unusual 39—Prefix: down 40—College degree (nbbr.) 11—Hivcr in Franco 42—Earth Roddess 43—Snake . 45—Greek letter 46—Through 47—One who oversees• 62—Podal dtelto 63—plan's nickname DOWN 1—Posed for portrait Cuban Rebel Band Is Being Pursued HAVANA, (UP) — Cuban army troops pursued newly-landed rebels through the rainswept mountains of southeastern Cuba today and hunted for saboteurs who struck in the Cuban capital itself. Army communiques reported two separate battles between troops and rebel hands in Oriente Province Tuesday. One said a band of newly-landed rebels suffered 16 "casualties" in a clash at Rio Grande near the north from coast. The rebels landed the ya'cht Corinthia near Mayari on .the northern coast of the province last Friday. Holiday Weather Generally Fair WASHINGTON, (UP)—The U.S. Weather Bureau forecasts generally fair and miid weather on Memorial Day throughput the nation. In a special holiday forecast, the bureau said showers or thundershowers may interrupt the fair weather pattern during Memorial Day afternoon or evening over scattered areas from the Mississippi Valley to the Sierra and Cascade Mountains in the Far West. It will be warmer in the east with showers of Uiundersiiowers threatening Florida, parts of New York and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. BERRY CROP POOR SEYMOUR (UP) — Jackson MISSING MISSIVES MORIBUND UNION, N.J. (U'P)—Mail carrier Albert Mueller is in trouble with postal officials because he turned a cemetery in'.o a dead letter office. Postal inspectors in-, vestigating complaints that resi-! County .strawberry growers are dents failed to receive expected!singing, the blues because their letters found quantities of mail in.normally heavy crop again has Hollywood Cemetery. Authorities been reduced sharply by the said Mueller confessed dumping I weather. April freezes and May the mail but "only on days when I downpours cut the yield about 50 2—Part or "to be" 3—Military Pollc. (nbbr.) 4 —Comb, form: nound 5— Lower 6—3.1416 7—A continent (abbr.) S—Abstract belnff 10—Flower 11— Solo 1¥—Toward tb« land 15—Oame bin) 3G—Century ^lant IS—North African wild shoaD <pl.) in—Sanction "2—Music: plow 1M-—Rescues 26—Scotch for "John' 1 28— Seine :u—Soft drink 32—Join .14—Equal :i7—Makes deep :i8—Malto into law 44 —Fruit send 4G— Lift with lover 48—XoffRtlv* 49—Compass point HO—Preposition r-1—Preposition "Don't Drive Unsafe Car, Is Advice of Lew Wallard By LEE WALLAR0K 1951 Winner Indianapolis 500-Mile Race Written For Unifcd Press At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway our first concern is the mechanical condition of our car. Every vital part has been mag- nafluxed X-rayed to make sure there are no faulty pads which might fail while running at 142 miles an hour. Our. tires, brakes, ignition system-everything about the car-is mechanically perfect as we leave the starting line for the 500-rnile grind. What about the mechanical condition of .your car? You should be just as sure of il as we are, because highway conditions are, believe it or not, more hazardous than they are on the race track. And YOU arc carrying passengers. I guess driving race , cars for many years has made me-more critical than most people. Maybe it's because race drivers are more safety-cniicioiis than other drivers. Or maybe it's because I've been talking safe driving to teen-agers across Hie country. Have Car Clit'ckcd Anyway, in driving 1S,(!00 miles in 20 slates in the last year for Ulie Champion highway safety program, I saw some tourists who added a lot of gray hairs to this old head. Maybe, without realizing it, you are driving an unsafe car. Have someone check Ihe lires and brakes. They are highly important. Have them check under the hood, your radiator hose, your battery cables, fan belts, windshield washer container, spark plugs and wiring, if you want a carefree mind while traveling. Race drivers generally concede lhat their success in a race is about 7f> per cunt dcpcndunl. on Ihe mechanical condi'Jon of the car. In many respects an automobile race-especially one like tho Indianapolis 500-mile clas.sic-is a coji- lest of mechanics. The car must be safe and dependable to compete with any degree of success. .It's true with highway driving, too. .Clic-ck Back Scat 1 And three more points: ! 1. .Stay under (he speed limit. Staying below GO miles an hour, 'I average l« miles per gallon in jmy 8-cylinder car and about 41 | miles per hour for a trip, with •j time out every hour .or so for a rest break. 2. If you're out "Sunday driv- ii:ig" on a main express highway j where cars are entitled lo go 50 lo 05 miles an hour, don't go 30 or 33. A car approaching you will have Io make a quick slat) for hia brakes. The person behind him will have to do the same. There ara plenty of country roads for the Sunday driver !o enjoy scenic drives. My advice to enjoy a casual, pleasurable drive is this: Take to the side roads and stay off fast-moving thoroughfares. 3. The little dingbats which hang from rear view mirrors are dis- Iracling. A glance at them at the wrong time can lead lo serious (rouble. And lake a look at tha back scat. Is it packed high with books, maps, Jial, candy and tissue boxes? Then put them away. A sudden stop and you could be tha victim of what (he newspapers might call a "freak" accident. Some of our worst accidents have been "freaks." DANCE Saturday, June I Charlie Bowers Orchestra Minori Admitted Dear Ann: Last night I had a rather unpleasant tiff with my wife. She stalked out of the room "•YOU dosdrve a wife like Ann Landers!" This crack threw me for a loss. I honestly don't know wnat she it was too heavy." I per cent. TODAY "CHINA GATE" Cinemascope THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OPEN 5 P. M. Tonight-Added Fun'and "Hellcats of the Navy" plus "Pavy Crockett and River Pirates" fL\ J =1 THURS., FRI. SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P.M. ' Special Memorial Day Show! 4—BfG ATTRACTIONS—4 ALL WALT DISNEY SHOW! I -DISNEY HIT NO. I- -DISNEY HIT NO 2- Walt Disneyf IP" Stokowski.* -DJSNEY HIT NO. 3- Color Cartoon "Toot, Whistle Plunk and Boom" T«*MNieOLOPt Sun.-Ma A Pa Kettle -4MSNEY H»T NO. + "Johnny Appleseed" with Dennii Day FINAL TODAY-$ BUCK NITiS $ &RWG A WHOLE CAR LOAD FOR 1 DOLLAR trie seven year THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SPECfAl MEMORIAL PAY FEATURES TAB HUNTER NATALIE WOOD "The Girl Left Behind" 'ear nor TOO FAR BEHIMCH - ( LOOK AT THE NEW ARMY! CO-FEATURE MDQlPfl SCOTT WIIMISSEU SEVEN MEN FROM NOW Come Early and let the kiddies enjoy our playground TODAY-"Canyon River" and "Arrow In >he Dutt" THURS., ONLY Opon 1 p.m. Added Fun At Night 2-4=EATURES-2 Special Memorial Day DOUBLE FUN PROGRAM Two BOWERY BOYS Features "Blues Busters and Crazy Over Horses plus a Popey* Cartoon

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