The Huntington Herald from Huntington, Indiana on August 7, 1918 · Page 8
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The Huntington Herald from Huntington, Indiana · Page 8

Huntington, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1918
Page 8
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vr - S: V At. U - rr, - f toi. huiWingtOn herau! v'' ' &VIDNE8DAY, AUOUtT 7, 1111 fAOt SIX . tIFT: OFF CORNS FREEZONE IS MAGIC )DU few cents! Sort, touchy comi lift right off with finger... No pM , Drop little F"reesone on an aching :eorn, Instantly that corn stops hurt - Ins. than you lift It right out It gloeant pain one bit Yes, magic! Why wait? Tour druggist sella a tiny bottle of Freezone for a few vifieata. sufflclenyo rldjrour feet of ev - .erf, bard, corn, soft corrf, "or'ibrn" between the toes, and calluses, without soreness, or , .irritation. Freesone Is the much talked. of ether discovery of a Cincinnati genius. II ll MAY RESIGN POST , Paris, Aug. (.The resignation of Minister of Marine Admiral von Ca. 'lelle la believed to be Imminent, ac - bordlng to German newspapers. His retirement, as well as the resignation (last week of Admiral von Holtien - Idorft,' chief of the admiralty staff, Is jbelleved the result of the failure of (the German ruthless submarine cam. palgn. t i - - Admiral von Capelle, - formerly un. Her secretary of marine and the right (hand man of Grand Admiral von TIr - bits, succeeded his chief when the kaiser retired Tlr pit i In the summer !pf 1816. . RED CROSS STOm BOOT AND BUCHU COMPOUNO Of unexcelled raloa for the treatment of kidney diseases. Pains in the back and Darning sensations are symptoms of kidney troublee, which are quickly overcome by use of this remedy. 'This and more than one hundred other Bed Cross Remodioa aold tad guaranteed 4yty, .' . A. C. ECHSTEIN, Druggist J - f A nrniii IIIUIOTCD IIIIIOIUI Little Reduce THEY l4 TUESDAY HIT'S WAR REPORT London, Aug. 6The Germans earjy today took the; OllCnSlVC Cal Ul fuujcise) wm 111 ujvh , the British dvanceV positions Field Marshall Haig re - ; ports in his night bulletin Fighting continues;. jZ "This morning" says a summary of the' vgir office . night report, "The enemy attacked our positions south; of Marlancourt, astride the Bary - Corbie road, and cap - tured our advance trenches. Fighting continues.. The statement reports a British advance of 2,000 yards in Tacaute wood, some prisoners Dcing iukch Berlin. Aug. 6. "We repulsed the enemy from the wood on the north bank of the Vesle says today's war office report On the Aisne - Vesle front we captured hundreds of prisoners." Paris, Aug. . Marshall Foch for as such will be known hereafter maintains his hold and his pressure along the Vesle, slowly completing the second battle of the Marne for which he has won the greatest . honor of France's giving as Joffre won It In fhe first During the pause which Is neces - ary for the bringing up of allied artillery and consolidation of gained ground, the permans are making a great flourish of resistance mostly of machine gun nests supported by Krupp - Skodas from the hill to the northward. The day brought ne changes of significance in the battle line! With the Americans at the Vesle, Aug. 6. Americans patrols were active throughout the day south of the Vesle reconnoltering the German positions and stamping out enemy machine gun nests. "We bare not crossed the stream in force. Long range Krupp guns beyond the Aisne are shelling our back areas. Rain prevented aerial 0bservaU6iL" Paris, Aug. 6. Only, artillery ac - HvIHa aunt nf SoUona and alone the vdi u mnorted In tonlchta war office .nmmnnlnil. I BOLSHEVIK! TO FIGHT GZEGHO - SLAV FORCES By International News Bervioe: Amsterdam, Aug. 6. The Bolshevik! regime at Moscow has voted three hundred million rubles for war against the Csecho - Slavs, according to advices from Berlin today,; - ' A counter revolutionary plot has been discovered at Vologda. Forty army officers were arrested there. Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevikl for. eign minister, has arrived at Petro - grad. Domestic conditions are still serious and the cholera is - Increasing to an alarming uegreo at uvbcuw, Tax.Qjjestion Unsettled By International News Service: Washington, Aug.o. Tne controver sy between the treasury department and the ways and means committee as to the most effective method of tax ing war profits remained unsettled af ter another long wrangle in the committee session. Secretary McAdoo probably wll be apealed to by both sides to stttle the Question and give the final word as to whether a war profit tax or a high excess tax shall be written into the revenue bilL v. ' ' 2L :m;1i liilllniA;!. S i ! Wonder Gas Stoves Your Gas Bill One - Half COOK, ROAST, BROIL AND BAKU. The LITTLE WONDER STOVE enables you to cook in four - utensils and use the oven with a consumption of 16 feet of gas per hour. In other words, you can operate it for about ONE and ; ONE - HALF CENTS per hour. Come in and let Mr. Bay dem - onstrate it ' ., . . . . Price $9.00 Complete ONE DOLLAR DOWN and ONE DOLLAR PER WEEK r " .. Only at ' , ' SALESROOM OPEN EVENINGS LOUISIANA HIT ; BY HURRICANE New Orleans, Aug. 6. Heavy loss of life and property damage has been done by a terrific tropical hurricane which reached Inland from the gulf of Mexico tonight and struck ftard between Lake Charles and Morgan's CltyjLa. The hurricane drove coast ward from the west off the Grand Caymans. Storm warnings have been flashed that the hurricane may pass east of the Mississippi river. Reports received here tonight indicate extensive damage has been done at the Terstner aviation field. Miss LXieda Mohler:who has been visiting Miss Cordelia Covault haa returned to her home In Mlshawaka. Mrs. Menitt Fam and son Robert of Macon, Mississippi are visiting her parents Mr. - and - Mrs. W. - B.Bonifleld. Miss Arlene Kirkenda.ll of Huntington has returned to her home after a few days visit with Miss Dale Gap - hart and Mrs. C S. Chapman and Harrold Burchard of Hartford . City were Sunday guests of E. C. Covault and family. , Mrs. James. Baker and daughters Maxie, Ines and Helen left Saturday for their new home in Sperry Oklahoma. Clayton Bennett has returned from a visit .with Falrmount relatives. A. T.' Good spent Sunday ln Hunt ington. . Samuel Foust has gone to Toledo, Ohio for a visit Miss Elva Day and Homer Jones dl Huntington were Warren callers Monday'. . " Ralph Dungan of Van Buren was a Warren caller Saturday. Miss Cordelia Covault and - her guest Miss Lueda Mohler of Mlshawa wa spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Hrs. W. A. Smith of Muncie. Charles Edglngton and family of MoBtpeUer were ln warren Sunday - Lightning Hits House . and Turns On Lights By Internntlor al Newa Service: Wallingford, Conn., Aug. 7.. Dropping out of a clean and sunlit sky, a bolt, of lightning which spectators described s a "half - of fire" descended on the home of Samuel Corbett, of Union street, brilliantly illuminated thii house by lighting all the electric lights and set fire to the place. The neighborhood thought for a time that the bolt was an aerial bomb. E5 1 m i 4 hi 1RREN j ! : Gcnnan'jRcpresentatives v k&ArtV vs.voM fcvuttVMAinr. swvi: t. vw bvthmakh :; j' Former Foreign Minister von Kuehlmann and former Chancellor Von"Bothmann - Hellweg - are rumored to have appeared iln Holland accord ing to reports from London. It is pointed out that thjs may possibly mean a renewal of the German peace offenhlve in connection with the new open letter of Lord Lanfcdowne. ON THE WAR CHEST The auditing commute of the war chest, Ovid E. Evlston and Clifford Funderburg, have completed a check' lng of the war . cheat up to July 3L' and "has submitted the following ista'ifr. ment: . ' . We, the auditing committee of the Huntington county war chest have, - gone. over ine dooks or a. u. uurtner, secretary, and find that the records of the war chest have been kept cop rectly and in a businesslike manner, The books balance. The - following shows the conditions of the finances of the War Chest up to and including July 31, 1918. . 'Receipts - . I. Gate receipts from Ruth Law day $ 446.00 2. Collections - from ' ' Uncle - Sam wagon 32.60 3. Concessions Fair ground .... 17.00 4. Donations by A. D. Fisher. 16.02 6. Total Collectlons'by banks ...... 49832.61 '. . - . Total - ' 60344.13 Expenditures 1. Office equipment . . . : '. . . . ...t I 105.31 2. Office expense if ...... 630.18 Publicity and campaign expense 3. ' 1271.71 4. Buttons and flags - 458.72 5. F. L. Gurtner, ; Secretary, salary two months 'i; ...... ,250.00 6. Red Cross war fund ... ...... ....... 24UUU.UU 7. Balance in F. L. Gurtner's checks mg account .1..; - ...;. 151.64 Total 27133.86 Balance in banks of county . 23210.27 .Signed by Committee OVrD.E. KVIS to and CLIFFORD FUNDERBURd. . Miners WantlTheir Beer py Internatloral News Service: . - Steubenville, Ohio, Aug. 7. Claiming they will refuse to produce coal until their rights are adjusted, miners at a Dillonvale meeting 'of the miners' local, representing" 10,000 Jefferson county miners, adopted resolutions protesting against the Norrls amend ment to the agricultural bill, seeking to prohibit the manufacture, and sale of beet, now pending before congress. ; Copies of the resolution have been forwarded to President . Wilson and other' government officials at Wash - ington. :v,' - i Don't Let Soap V. "' SpoaYoivHa!r . 1 4. tJ.Z"JV I Av? jSH ' ! When you wash your hai be careful what you use. Most soaptiand prepared shampoos contain too inuehralkali, which is very injurious, as it dries the scalp and makes the hair brittle. - . Tbe best thing to nse is jojt plain mul - sified cocoanut oil, for this is pure and entirely greaseless. - It's very cheap, and beats the most expensive; soaps or anything 'else all to pieces. - You vcan get this at any drug store, and a few ounces will last the whole family for months. Simply moisten the hair with , water and rub it inabout a teaspoonful is all that is required. - It makeaan abundance of .rich, .creamy lather, cleanses thoroughly, and rinses out easily, - The hair dries quickly and' evenly, and is soft fresh looking, bright, flaify.' wavy and easy to handle. Besidc,'it lofwnt and taktl out every particle p( dujt,' dir an4 aUndmlV , - r . . '. .' . .' ' SUFFRAGSTS ARE ARRESTED PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION HELD NEAR WHITE HOUSE IS HALT. ED BY POLICE RESERVES ' ( RELEASED. Oil $5 BAIL Masting Was Held Under Auspices Of National Organisation Twenty - three States Rsprsssntsd Washington, Aug. . An attempted suffrage demonstration - opposite' the White House this afternoon was brok en up by 'the police forces. Arrests were made and the women were taken to the detective hadquaretera In patrols. As soon as their names could be taken and .ball, arranged they were released. Hearing waa aet for o'clock Wednesday morning la police court The technical . charge . preferred against them was violation of . the rules and regulations of the service for United States parks and reservations which prohibits public meetings in government parks without permits." An additional charge of public speaking In violation of park regulations was - entered against the women. Nominal ball of 5 was accepted ln each case. ' The demonstration was planned under the auspices of the national wo - mens party. Suffragists from air parts of the United States were Invited to participate and the purpose was declared to be to' show to the country the united demand of the' American, women for the enactment of the Susan B Anthony amendment1 by the senate. More then .100 women representing twenty - three states and the District of Columbia marched from the national wdman's party headquarters to lfay - ette monument directly In front of the White House. A crowd of several hundred persons had gathered and this was.greatly augmenbted. The banner bearers and speakers mounted the base, 'of the monument while the other paraders stood on the grass surrounding the monument. A large detachment of police bad been thrown around the park. "My friends", began Mrs. Lawrence Lewis of Philadelphia. "I wish to tell yourwhy thie meeting, was - called and Is being held. Amertcastands for freedom and democ .." As the word "democracy" yet hung on her Hps two police grabbed her by the arm. Others were surrounded by police and those, who attempted to continue apeaking were restrained. . More than one - half of ''the women participating were not molested. IS - SPAIN E By International News Servicer (Pans Aug. 6. Captain Reisser commanding submarine U - fifty - six has been interned according to Ma drid advices this afternoon. The action conforms with allied demands. Three mem bers of the crew have been left; aboard the .'diver. TTie Spajrpxfiss approves tljfc rfrtver - ritfiienrsr action. ? ' Commanders of Rainbow Division . rw 'sara - .TU4..tfst3CXKsagMM Commander of the Rainbow division', . BrigadlerGeneral Douglas . McArthur and his chief of staff,' Major General.., Oiarles T. Menoher, to whom General Lmpont, of the French army, paid warm tribute". ln brderfpr'alslng the entire Command. This waa on the oe - caeloa of the transfer of the division f rom ;LofraJne. io.theiMarne '. ymmmmmmmmmmmmmmssi r - ' , . - - - iiiaBiia . , . battle. - T ( ' front aOAf;OKE - f.!ARSHAL; - ; CAPTURES SOLDIER ' - Marshal Chester Coe of Reanoke Tuesday .captured a man who la thought to be a deserter from the Army,, probably, one..that has dropped oft a treop train on Its way to ports of erobarkatidaw The " man ', gave hia name as x Cliff oW - 'Austla to ' Marshal Coe, and later apQaed to give any name until Dr. C..W. Fry, .chairman of the conscription ..beard found an advertisement from an Oklahoma pho. tographer In y hie" personal effects which i bore the name of Clifford Austin. ' , . The soldier waa observed on tho stieeta of Roanoke Tuesday morning and was seen to enter a store at that pUce' where he bought a pair of khaki, colored trousers, a shirt, and a cap. He kept his bat, of military style, and was carrying It when Marshal Coe 4ook him ln charge at the lnterurban station. . s y When brought before Dr. C. W. Fry it was evident. that the - young man was Buffering from loss of sleep, and the authorities decided to let him rest for a day or two before auctioning him further. When put in ialL Aus tin Immediately undressed, and with. In five minutes was 'sound asleep.vHe told many different stores, one being that he had. been discharged, and that he had been allowed 'to wear his uniform fifteen .days, The uniform, which disappeared while he was ln Roanoke, he said he left at a laundry. Marshal Coe said "he would organise a search for the clothes, which might afford some Idea Of .which unit he be, longs to, - t ' DESPITE BROKEN HECK, I By International Newa Bervlc: . Dayton, Ohio, Aug 7 Although he has a broken neck, Andrew Souslln, bupporting bis ' wife and 'child, goes about his dally labors. His Injury was due to his being, hit by a six - foot plonk While he was wording at a local plant twelve years as). Nince that tluw, by means of an Ingenious device which lie invented, he liny gon bis way. cheerfully, through the - world! - The naturo of bis injury precluded, bs doing manual labor. Mo rells boo eU leta'l - in'ev(!Dta of his life and postcard viewfc of.Wa8ell - Jikm thi various Ohio dllCtfA AUeeP hflrp. fas tened to his body by a leather band, keeps .'Mi head erect, eiiabllng him to travcL . . Italy's Appreciation ,of Red Cross Will Be .Voiced in Baby Prayer By International News Service: Washington, Aug. '7 "As soon as these babies learn their prayers they shall be taught to pray for their far - distant friends across the sea." This is a line from an Italian news paper, the Gazette dl Venezla, which recently printed a glowing description of the work of relief that the American Red Cross. has done in, Italy." It tells how grateful the Venetians were when' a milk station .was opened in their Quaint city by the Red. Cross agents how much it meant to them during their hour of suspense, anx iety and peril, when, the Austrians were threatening almost at the city's gates, and when it was feared the c,ty Wight be turned to ruins by en emy guns. . ; ,, . .. ( The children of Venice .were ln dire need, as the jnwjjt, supply was running low. The American Red Cross was enabled to1 procure a supply and rush i to the sorely beset city. In a few days the families which had deserted the city and turned refugees returned to their honjes, for the Austro - German armies were held along the line of the Piave. "We are indeed deeply grateful to our ally . (America),' who nptJ only shows her spirit and sympathy by gen erous donations of money, but leaves no stone unturned . through which to demonstrate the feeling of sisterhood between the two nations,'' the article concludes. , Woman's Speech Returns " . in Bidding Son Farewell By International News Service: - i isortnampton. ' Mass;, Aug. 7 Oh, James." exclaimed Mrs. Martin S. Hardiman as she bade her son good bye at the station when he went to Sola the draft at Camp Devens. ' It was the first, time shhfldpoken ln a year nd a half, the .excitemeht of seeing er son leave fsulttng in the recovery of her voice. Physiciana1, - who had been unable to . explain her loss of volte had predicted that' she might be ,...'.1, c i. fv.:; cItb Heed to the Wtmlnir. 'Pimpled on tht faca nd other parts of tho bodr V warning from Nature that your blood is sluggish v'and topovexlanad. Sometimes - they foretell eexema, boils, blistera, scaly eruptions and other akht tLaordera .that burn lik flames of flra. . - - The, nam that toot blood aeeoS A. R. A. to tmrifw it and aleanse it of lmnuro eeumnl8ti"is that ean tuLmlted trouble. Thla retaedT tUdreatest TasreUUa Wood sjurjk 10 to Arc or of f'there 'j - 1 'eauie r 14 - IC3IU9 iuui ruiif 'Hcrrous Vcinea Can: Speedily ffecbiac Strong and Vigorous AV Vlgorem ; Healthy Bod, Sparkling - Pyct 'and Health - Colored,Cbelta Come In Two Week, vayt'VBiscoverer ol :BIo - fereu:;: Build CoU Nothing U to I isy It v Gim to "Woitoen the Bitoyint Health .They - Long for, ,.;,! eBBISBJBSSBBB , f, . . . It Is safe te say that right here la this big elty are Uns of thousands tt weak, aarvoaa, run - dowa, dpraaM woman whe in two weeks' time eenld make tbamselves ee .healthy, ao attrae. tive aad ee karalBd4 that thay would com pal the admlratloa of all thalr frtanda; f The vital haalth bvlldlag elameata that thase daspondent womae lack are all plentiful supplied la Blo - ferea. If ron are ambitions, erave anecaaa la Ufa, want to have a healthy, vlor - - ens body, clear skla aad eras that aho'w bo duUneee. make np your mind to tat a package of Ble - fsraa right away. , ' It eosts bat little aad ywt can gat aa original package at aay drugalat anywhere. Take two tablets after each meal and one at badtlma eovdm a day (or even days than eae After meals till all are soae. Thaa If you doa't feel twlae as seed, look twice as attractive and faal twloe ee strong as bafora jrou started, year money la waltjna for yon. It belongs to yon, for the - dlaooVaror - of Blo - feeen doaan't waat one Unay ef It vnlese It fulOJUe al ejalmavj . Kofe WknMmmm.. There" Is' ad secret about tbe formula of 8iofaren, It la prlntad ton ovary package. - Hara It la: Xeolthla;' Calcium Olyearo - phos. pbata; Iron Paptonata; Manganaaa Paptonata; Eat Nua Vomica; Powd. Oantlan; PhanaJphthalain; Olaoraeta - Capsicum; Kolo. lVesaisaa to keep Teeth ele'aai to help epro ees. altrvw. kleedlal amt ." " AND DOES ITl Aak yeev Deeitlst, 'bekaowa. OasaJe aUlldraggletaaM Oats thrashing ols finished in sever al of the thrashing rings ln this vicin ity, yield Is good. . - ; J. B. Harris and wife were callers ln Markle Friday. Milllam Updike and family retnured the first of last week from a trip to Chicago. Several Smuck relatives living In this vicinity attended their reunion at Matters Park atMarion Sunday. Eeth Broom and wife and Austin' Bouman and family were Sunday guests at the J. Minniear home. Miss. Avis Smuck is . entertaining Miss Walmer from Wabash this week. " Howard Harris and wife of Hunt - . ington were Sunday guests in this .vicinity. Mrs.. C. F. Smiick visited with her' sister Mrs. John Smith near Vanburen last week. ' ' Mrs. Wilbur Broyles is recovering from her recent Illness. , . ' .' ' r Warren .Glllli ajid.fa wre callers in' Hunlng.tcut Sajudftyrevenlng. William Foorman and wife and Ampsr;bamnesjul.rlXej4aUed. near . Albion Suttday - aOhe'gue'sfiTof Rev. " r. w. Pirtimnimte ltd! ;. : Misses - Deloris and - Mary - Paul of Markle visited Welr'grandparenis, Mr. Ll and Mrs. Jacog Klepser a few' days last week.' ' ; :'' ' M' M. H. .Bonewl'tx and family wera In Marion Sunday. ..' - ' . ' Miss Hasel McGlnness of Markle spent a" few A days last week at the W. L. Rittenhouse home. a 'm a t ' - " ' several iamiies . wno were former Clinton county residents picniced Sun - " ' day in the grove. on fhe DoversbergerY farm. , v ". . ' - :.. Harmon Stech was a victim ' of a pleasant surprise Sunday when a large1 number, of friends and relatives gathered at his home to enjoy the day. ' ; Clarence. Zlgler and family "visited with Mrs. Jane Schemerhorn Sunday.... " i ' ii '.ff ' 4 Wage ' earning . women and minora Kaunas are assured proper nobiis. adeiuate remuneration '. and whole some working conditional ' Hare yp otei'wurked renerniia'yaleM ' and eaoswt trouble with voarkidaert aad . iTfT. Have jou paiaa la loina, alfa and MekT Bar a. flabby ritoeaaae of the - faee and aatter the mrtif U - o, nee WILLIAMS - KIDNKY AMyjaR fSjS. fat eaio by aU arncgiaM. Prleo SO aaaia. For aJe?bR'tydJ.f. - urn. brxroTj Edrmula o - dignais or oaa piooa flar Iliuiwii. en rmitaina m nlhenls chemicala to injure the most delicate skin, - 7. - - ..r, .; " Go to tout 8rugifibfja aa3 gtf C bottle of 8. a S. todayt and fet rid those unsightly - and disfiguring pimples, and other' akin irritationa. ' Aad ft will cleanse your bloed thoroughly. t If joa wish special saedkal ' advice, you eaa obtain it without - charge hr wrttinf to ZXedical Diree tor,Zfiwit 'Jbcrti5.ryf Atlanta, - i X

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