Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 24
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS ,„-. . ^ (A " lilstinss Central Dayllznt Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 News Bell-airs 6:16 News-^-SportsNowa 6:30 Neira Sports 6:4.0 Man's Family Anderson Wews- Weath* Weather News News 7:00 News Anderson 7:16 People-Funny Anderson 7:30 NlKhtllne Scot. Yard 7:4a Nlghtllne Scot. Tard Newt Sporta Heatter Hennessey Heatter News Late News Ike News 8:00 Newa NitfhtHne Nlg-htllno NlKhtllne News Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:20 SM5 News World Sporta Am03 n' Andy .Dance Time -Dance Tim* News Mantovunl 9:00 9:15 9:30 Newa • Chan Chan Chan Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Big Bands News Anderson L.6W18 Lewla News Fights Fights Fltfhta 10:00 News News I0:lf. Night Desk Mereler 10:30 Nlsrht Desk Wcltzel 10:4". Sports Weltzel News Nlehtwatch Nlphtwatch 3-Star Final TV Programs WEDNESDAY EVENING (CDT) 6:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel.8 ' 6:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:45—Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00—Channel 4. Channel 6 Channel 8 Authorize Two Franchise Shifts Rascals Weather! News News Music Kudy Rudy NlKhtwatch NiKhtws.tch Niehtwatch Nightwatch THURSDAY MORNING 8:00 News - News-Harrlnsrton BrcaKfasi club News f : ij> CW £jalUi>B jflm Conway Breakfast Club Hlso and Shine 8:30 Chi Calling Gold Coast Breakfast Club Ads 8:4;, News Breakfaal Breakfast Club Rlae and Shine 9:00 News Arthur Uodrrey M.v True storj Blue and Shine 5 : ,n Truth-Cons. Arthur Godfrey My True Story Rise and Shino !):30 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey News News-Melodle 9:15 Bandstand Arthm Godfrey Girl Marries Mnlmlles 10:00 News 10:15 Bandstand 10:30 Bandstand 10:45 Bandstand 11:00 News 11:15 Record* ll:Sf Records 11:45 Duchess Arthur Godfrey Wh!np. Sts. Woman's Wor Arthur Godfrey Tollo-Teat Woman's Wor Elolse-Josh News Queen-Day Howard Miller Martha Crana Queen-Day Wenay Warren News , Words Backstage Wlf» M. Consldlne Jlecord Shop Helen Trent Markets Carroll Co. • Gal Sunday Weather Carroll Co. THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 News 12:16 Merryfleld 12:30 Merryfleld 12:45 Merryfleld Nora Drake Ma Perkins Bontley Newa Road of Life News Markets Dinner Boll Dinner Bell News Co. Extension Farm Corner Farm Corner 1:00 News 1:15 Confessions 1:30 Worn. In Hse 1:45 Dr. 1 Gentry HapplneHH Mra. Burton Strike-Rich Entertainment Markets Schooltlmo Queen-Day Queen-Day riay Ball Play Ball Baseball Baseball 2:00 News House Party 2:15 Matinee House Party 2:30 Hill Top Dr. Malono 2:45 Pop. Young L.ucky Ladles News-Weather Baseball Jack Panr Baseball Wayne Klnff Baweball Wayne Klne Baseball 3:00 News 3:15 Jim Mills 3:30 Jim Mills • 3M5 Jim Mills Anderson Woman Views Gold wcast Take a Break News Lombardo ' Capt. Kttihby Capt. Stubby Baseball Baseball Brisobull Off Record 4:00 News fuiil Gibson News 4;15 Jim Mills Paul Gibson Polka Party 4:30 SportH Paul Gibson Nnwa 4:45 Jim Mlllfl Josh Brady Polka Party Off Keoord Records, New Tee t Tunes Toon. Tunes 6:00 Now«- News Well* 6:16 Wed Howard .tah.i Harrington Wclk S:30 Wed Howard Sports Welle 5:45 Goo. Stcne Lowe: Thomaa News Tune Time Want Adi Schools Wonders THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 Alex Drier Boll-Airs Morgan 6:15 Bu'neas News News Weather 6:30 News Spores Review News 6:45 1 Man's Fam. Josh Brady News 7:00 News 7:15 Hope 7:30 Nlehtllne 7:15 NlBhtllne Newa Sports Hoatter Hennessey Anderson • Anderson T-Men T-Men Heatter News Newn Variety News Serenade. Mystery Mystery 8:00 New* News Fun Time 8:16 UN -World Fun Tlmo 8:30 Westward Sports News 8:45 Westward Music Hall Mnntovanl Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Bob & Ra.v BlK Bands 9:00 News. 0:16 Chan 3:30 Ohnn 9:45 Chan News Anderson R. Q. Lewln R. Q. Lewis News News Imagination -'NlBhtwatch Haven of Rent .NlBhtwatch Haven of Rest 3-Stur Final 10:00 News - News 10:16 NlKht Panic Moreler 10:30 Night Desk Woluel 10:46 Sporta- Woluel Khythym rthythym Scotland Scotland Nlgrhtwatch NIffhtwatch Nlprhtwatch . NlBhtwntch FRIDAY MORNING J:00 Dreler, Nowa NeWH-Hlirrlnirtan Breakram Club Newn <:lb Chlcuso Call. Jim Conwuy Breakfaat Club Muslo 8:30 UhlcuK'. Call. Gold CORDI Breaktant .Club Ailn 8M6 Carry, Newg Breakfast Breakfast Club Ul.se & Shins !i:UU Now» Arthur Godfrey My True Story Klmi-Shln ti:15 Truth-Conn. Arthur Godfrey My True Btory ItlN<i-Shln 9:30 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey News Nowi 0:45 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Girl Marries Molodlos 10:00 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Whi»p. StB. Woman's 10:15 Banrlatand Arthur Godfrey Jack Paar Woman's 10:30 Handntand Elolno & Josh News Queen-Day 10:45 Badntand Howard Miller Millie Queen-Day H:OU Newm Wendy Warren News Wordn 11:15 Records BuokutUKe Wlt» Martha Cran» Jlucord Shop 11:30 Record!! Helen Trent -Market* ;arroll Co 11:45 Th» DucheiHi Gal Sunday Weather Carroll Co. FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Now. 12:lli Merryflild 12:30 Morryfleld 12:46 Merryflold Nora Drake Ma Porklnn Julian Bontley Road of Life Newa Markets Dlnnorbell Dlnnorbell Nowis Co. lOxtendloD Farm Corner TTarm Corner 1:00 Nowo Now« Markets j'lny Ball 1:15 Confessions Mm. Burton Sfjhooltlma Tlay Rait 1:30 Woman In HoiStrlke-Rlch Queen-Day BiiHtifoall 1:«5 Dr. Gentry Entertainment Queen-Pair Handball News News Cugat Giant Step News News Disneyland Mask Party Godfrey 7:30—Channel 6 Dad Knows 3est 8:00—Channel 4 Waterfront Channel 6 TV Theater Channel 8 Millionaire 8:30—Channel 4 Ford Theater Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:30^-Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel' 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 I Have Secret Fights Your Life Fox Hour Hawkeye Federal Men Oz-Harriet Hiway Patrol News Theater News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight CHICA'GO (UP) -The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants Tuesday were authorized to relocate their franchises upon request to the National League. President Warren Giles said that neither club picked a specific date for a new location. to be unanimous,'; meant that it was agreeable to the league . for both clubs to move. Before the action on the movement of the two franchises, the league defeated a proposal by Milwaukee which would have required only six of the eight clubs However, he said, if Brooklyn j to vote for a . franchise transfer wishes, to move its .'franchise tojin order to grant such permission. Los Angeles,, uhen the league president has .the authority to consent. The same would apply to any move of the New York Giants to San Francisco. Long Proposal Talk Giles said the vote, which had THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Channel-4 Channel 6 Channel 8 12: IS—Channel 6 Channel 8 12ISO-Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:45—Channel 6 4:00—Channel 6 4:15—Channel 8 4:30—Channel 8 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 5:30—Channel 6 4 Sight Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home RFD 4 Club 60 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Brooks Beulah Tenn. Ernie House Party Film Matinee Payoff Crosby ; Queen Brighter Day Secret Storm Movietime Edge of Night Romances 'Movie Time Life of Christ Stu Erwin What's New? Mickey Mouse Early Show Cartoon Time Rin Tin Tin Carroll County Superintendent Of Roads Dies Harley Barber, 83, Route 2, Flora, Dies In Hospital At Lafayette FLORA, Ind.—Harley Barber, 63 of route 2, Flora, Carroll county road superintendent for the pasi eight years, died at 9 a.m. Tuesday at St. Elizabeth's hospital, Lafayette. He had been a patient at the hospital for the past 11 days. A resident of the Flora community for,the past 13 years, he was a member of the Darwin Methodisl church., He was born near Burlington on Nov. 3, 1893, to William S. and Ova (GilJam) Barber, and was married May 15, 1929, to Opa: Gwinn. She survives. The deceased also leaves a son. William, of Loganscort; a daughter, Mrs. Herbert Porter, also Logansport; five grandchildren; a brother, "Raymond, and a sister Mrs. Russell Parker, both of Burlington. Another brother, Basil, o: Logansport, died only two months ago, and. another sister also preceded him in death. Friends may call after noon Wednesday at the Leiter funeral home, where final rites will be conductec at 3 p.m. ^Friday. The Rev. F Kayo Bass "will officiate and interment will be made in the Bur- "Then we discussed for a long time the proposed franchise shift," Giles said. Giles phrased, the entire announcement formally and said: . "If the New York and Brooklyn clubs, request consent before Oct. THURSDAY EVENING 6:00— Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15— Channel G Channel 8 6:30— Channel R Channel 8 6:45— Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00— Channel 4 Channel 6 lington cemetery. Rascals' Weather News News News Dinah Shore Sgt. Preston News News Circus Time Bet Your Life Channel 8 "Bob Cummings 7:30 — Channel 6 Channel 8 :00 — Channel 4 Dragnet Climax Dan Thomas Channel 'fi People's Choice 8:30— Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 Bola Journey Tenn. Ernie Playhouse 90 2:00 News House Party 2:15 Matinee Houae Party 2:30 Hilltop Or. Malone 2:45 Pepper Younff Lucky l^udlea Now* Make Up Mind NdWH Wayne TClnff Baseball Biiniiball . Bnnulmll 3-.110 News 2:15 Jim Mllln 3:30 Goodwin 3:45 Goodwin Woman View* Maury MaKlll Qold Coast Take a Break • Newn J-,ombura"o Capt, Stubby Capt. Stubby Haanball JlanubnU Dltfloliall Scoreboard 4:00 News 4:16 Jim Mill. 4:30 Sports 4:45 Jim Mllln Paul Gibson Paul Olbson Paul Gibson Snooping New* Polka Party Nows Polka Pitrty Off .Record Off llecord Toon Tunes Teen Yunoa 6:00 New* News Wnlk 5:15 Wed Howard John Harrington Welle •6:30 Wed Howard Sports \Vnllc G:4fi Stone, News Lowell Thoma* NOWM Tune Tlmo Want Ads Bunker Hill Wondorn Boy, 4, Runs Into Vehicle A four-year-old boy escaped serious injury when he ran into the side of a car in an alley near his home Tuesday evening and then fell beneath the vehicle. Mark Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Young, 214 Eighteenth street, was treated for abra sions on his face and head, and a laceration over his left eye following tho mishap, which occurred at B:15 p.m. Tho boy ran into the side ot a car driven by Herbert Ranee, 30, of 1420 Usher street, according to Ihe police report. Ranee was going west in an alley between Broadway and North street, and the boy ran from tho north into Ihe alley ju.il cast of Eighteenth street. Officers reported that after he ran into the car ho fell and rolled under it, narrowly escaping being run over and seriously injured. Billy Holmes Named Chalmers Principal MONTICKLLO, Ind. — Billy J. Holmes, principal nnd coach at Wndcna during tho past school year, will succeed Oliver J. Gwin as principal of the Chalmers school, it has been announced by Robert Christopher, Big Creek township trustee. Gwin resigned to accept n similar position al the DeMotte high schqol. Holmes is a graduate of Purdue' University, and has served as principal and coach nt Remington for three years before going to Wadcna. Plan Memorial Day Ceremonies At Peru PERU. Ind. — American Legion Memorial Day ceremonies will bo held at 9 a.m. Thursday at Mount Hope cemetery, with the Rev. A. C. Underwood as tho speaker. Legion post officers will be In charge of th'e progarm, and representatives of veteran and patriotic groups will place wreaths on the graves of deceased vet- sraot. Miami County Youth Falls Beneath Disc, Suffers Broken Leg PERU, Intl.—Kenneth Kay Ebcr- le, 13, route 1, Peru, is in satisfactory condition at Dukes hospital with a fracture of his left leg, just above the ankle, suffered Monday when he fell beneath a disc at tho Russell Conner farm on route 4. The boy was riding on two railroad ties atop the disc with his brother, Allen, 11. His fall was caused by his muddy boots, which were slick. He suffered an almost Identical Injury in a similar accident five years ago. Report Boy Set Fire To Seat of Automobile Firo extensively damaged the front set of n car owned by Ruth Huston, 1523 George fitrcet, at (1:25 p.m. Tuesday, and a wilness snid one of twtf young boys riding past on bicycles .started the blaze with a lighted malch. The auto was parked in front of tlio Huston residence, nnd a boy living nearby said he saw the boys, of fourth or fifth grade age, ride post on bikes and thruw the match Into the 194B model coupe. City firemen were also called lo Tlpton and Tiingiiy streets <at 7:07 p.m, Tuesday, when a false alarm was turned in from the alarm box there Monticello legion Post Elects Officers MONTICELLO, Ind.—James F. Lackey was elected commander of tho local American Legion post succeeding Kenneth Heimllch at Ihe annual election Monday at the Legion home in Enat Monticello. Other officers named were Dick Cronch, first vice - commander; Frank Nelson, second vice-commander; C. W. Gamble, Robert Nicholas nnd Gordon Sparks, executive commltleo members. Lackey Helmlich nnd Dean Coltrell were named delegates to the state convention at Indianapolis July 3.310. 9:00—Channel 4 Telephone Time Channel G Theater 9:30—Channel 4 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel n 10:30—Channel 4 Channel B Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 8 11:30—Channel 6 Annapolis Town Mayor State Trooper Counly Show News Race Film Movies Late Show Weather Warn Nuclear Assault Could Kill 82 Million Civil Defense Weather Ex. pert TeIl$,Of Potential Toll •In Enemy Attack WASHINGTON (UP)—The civil defense administration has been advised that an enemy—presumably Russia—soon could-deliver an attack capable of killing 82 million Americans and injuring 24 million, a government meteorologist testified Tuesday. Charles Sharer, a Weather Bureau expert assigned to the civil defense administration, gave the grim figures to a special Xews| congressional subcommittee study- jing the effects of radioactive fall- Tonight FRIDAY AFTERNOON' (CDT) 12:00—Channel 4 Channel (> Channel R 12:15— Channel « Channel 8 12:30— Channel 4 Channel « Channel fl 1:00— Channel 4 Channel II 1:30— Channel 4 Channel fi Channel S 2:00— Channel 4 Channel B Chnnncl I! 2:30— Channel a 3:00— Channel B 4 Sight Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home RFD 4 Club 60 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Brooks Beulnh Tenn. Brrile House Party Film Tlv:ater Payoff Crosby Queen Channel 8 Brighter Day 3:15— Channel 8 3:30— Channel 4 Channel 8 4:00— Channel (i 3:45— Channel « Channel !! 4:15— Chnnncl 8 4:30— Channel n 4:45— Channel 4 5:00— Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15— Channel 6 Secret Storm Movie Edge Of Night Movie Romances Chapel Door Life of Christ Slu Erwln Churchman Mickey Mou.se Early Show Chuckwagon Drugs Boost Beef Growth TERRE HAUTE, Tncl. (UP) — Tiny doses ot tranqulllzer drugs can speed the growth of beef cattle and cut tho cost of producing meat, scientists reported Tuesday. Officials of the Chns. Pfizer and Co. research center here made the announcement at a news conference climaxing more than two years of experiments In feeding tranriullizers to cattle, sheep, hogs nnd poultry. Dr. Herbert G. Luther, director of agricultural research for the big drug manufacturing firm, said the experiments showed improved feed-use efficiency In both beef entile and sheep. The trnnqliil- sponse in chickens and hogs, he said. out. He said the casualty estimates •assumed an all-out nuclear attack with no evacuation. If 50 per cent of the population could be evacuated lo adequate shelter, he said, the death toll could be cut lo 31 million. The populalion of the United States is about 170 million. Shafer said his statistics were based on theoretical civil defense studies of. the Immediate blast effects and the Immediate local fallout that would be caused by n nuclear weapons attack centered on Detroit but involving I'M cities. Such an attack, lie added, would Involve the use of 250 bo'njbs with a power equal lo 2,500,090,000 Ions of TNT. Shafer said the civil defense administration has been "advised" that such an attack would bo "within enemy capability by liXiO.'^ Under 'commillee questioning, the meleorologisl declined lo say specifically whether Russia was the enemy Involved or who had advised the civil defense on the enemy's capabilities. Beserk Sailor Slays Officer SAN FRANCISCO (UP) - A young sailor who "felt he was persecuted" by a Navy, court martial shot and killed one officer and wounded two other men aboard ship Tuesday, then seized control of the bridge for more than six hours. He finally surrendered to the pleadings of his mother, two chaplains, his commanding officer and liary'Vlaee " — - • -' !• to relocate their franchises in San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively, the league pres : denl is authorized to grant in behall of the league such consent." There was no league action announced about the movement of the Cincinnati/franchise and Gabe Paul, general manager of the Red- legs, said "We're not askmg consent for anything." Kedless Move Discussed The Redlegs, under a franchise shift program revealed exclusively by the United Press, were expected to move to New York. Such a move could be authorized at a later date. Rochester The A. H. Skinner Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans met in the Eagle's lodge room Monday, evening for a:'carry in dinner, after which the regular meeting was enjoyed. The dinner was in honor of the cub scouts who assisted in the recent carnation sale, for the order. Each scout was presented a show ticket, and their troop will '>e presented a cash award. The business meeting was in charge of the president, Miss a Marine officer. As a dozen Navy and Marine sharpshooters watched warily from the rigging and decks of 'the attack transport U.S.S. Uvalde mild-appearing Jim L. Henderson. 21, Marin City, Calif,, surrenderei .his stolen .45 automatic pistol to Cmdr. Herman N. Schnurr, Catholic chaplain' at Treasure Island Naval Station. Will Review To Nationalists Defense .Chief Says Some Americans May Be "Witli drawn Because Of Riot WASHINGTON (UP) — The United States is "actively considering"' withdrawing some Americans from Formosa because of 'the recent anti-American riot in the Chinese Nationalist stronghold, the Slnto Department disclosed Tuesday. Defense Secretary Charles . E. Wilson .told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the riot "apparently does highlight the need for taking another look" at U. S. military aid to the National ist regime. But s Wilson warned the commll- \ce not lo get the whole problem of military aid "out of perspective because of one unfortunate incident." The riots were touched off by Hie court-martial acquittal of an American soldier accused of slay- 'ng n Chines^ '"peeping torn." Chinese mobs sacked the American embassy nnd other U.S. build- ngs in Taipei, and manhandled American employes stationed there. The Nationalist regime of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek has apologized for the incident and has agreed to pay 'for the damage. Chinese Am-bnBsador ' Hollington 1C. Tong said Monday night that le would lead his countrymen in a subscription drive^to finance the repair of the embassy. Some officials here said they beloved the riot was an outgrowth if Chinese resentmnet agains'. the ligh standard of living among Americans on Formosa and against the-ir number. Wilson told the Senate committee he would try to reduce not The Patriotic Instructor, Mrs. Fern Irwin, escorted by the conductors, presented the flag, and Americanism was repeated in unison, after which the flag was placed and the order stood at attention while Mrs. Norabelle Bryant, pianist, played the National Anthem. The opening devotional ceremonies were conducted by the Chaplain, Mrs. Lillian Pontius, under the escort of the color guard. The secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Mae Meader and Mrs. Harry McVay made their reports. Several bills were allowed. The charter was draped for the late Bertha Trickle, Department president. Two new members were welcomed into the order, Mrs. Eva Smith and .Mrs,. Irene Jim.' The Junior Vice president's chair was declared vacant and Mrs, Susie •Carter was elected to fill the vacancy, after which she was duly, installed. The' chaplain gave the closing prayer, the flag was retired and the pledge given. After Ihe colors were stacked the officers retired in form. Mrs. Harry McVay was hostess to her Canasta Club Monday afternoon. Following the games, delicious refreshments were served. Saturday in Fulton circuit courl Wilbur Lee Meyer, now residing in Brazil, Indiana, filed suit against the estate of Mrs. Hazel I. Buchanan, amounting to $0,71)6 40. Mr. Meyer is the sole survivor of a head-on automobile crash, on State Road 25, near Talma, April 7, 1958. Mrs. Pauline Heinzmann, riding in the car with Meyer, was killed, also the driver, _ Mrs. Buch- inan, and her passenger, Thomas Lee Mericlitb, in the second car involved, were killed. In Meyer's affidavit, he stales hat he was hospitalized from injuries received in the accident until July 20, J958, that he suffered Wednesday Evening, May 29, 1957. Qkf g True Life Adventures] MAWS AND EFFECT. SISHT-OF THE Vs/IPE-OPEM BEAKS OF BA.BV BIRPS HAS A LJPDN THE A-PUUTS. THEV RESPONP BV BKlMSINeS FOOD. ©OMETIMES, vlLJST I A, B1RC? Wll_l_ I7ROF> fOOP <3A.THEKEP FOR HER OWN BKOOt? INTO THE 1-/AWNINS MAWS OP A STF?ASI<SEK'S NESTUNiSS. ;ng Saturday night. Sunday in Justice James Walton's Rochester court three men were convicted of disorderly conduct, and another is being held in lail after slating he had been rob>ed by the other three. French V. Mulllns, 39, Narrows, Va.; John Eller, 37, Altoona, Ala.; and Russell F. Barrett, 31, Brownstown, were convicted and | each paid fines and costs amount- 'ing to $18. Charles K. Miller, 28, Knoxville, Tenn., is being held for further investigation. The sheriff's department arrested Gerald Berry, 39, Fulton, on couple's Iwo minor children. Berry faces a charge of assault and battery in Justice Everett Gray'! Fulton court. Berry was released from the county jail Monday afternoon on his own recognizance. He is to answer the charge in Gray's court Friday at 7:30 p.m. Sheriff Lawrence Norris had the auto in which a Notre Dame student died south of here Monday night, towed to the West side of I he square as a reminder lo holiday motorists to slow down and live during the week end travel rush. a warrant from Justice Kverelt;The sheriff slated he would put Gray's Fulton Court, charging as-1 every .smashed auto in the counly sault and battery. Berry's wife. on the square the rest of the week Martha had signed the affidavit, as a safety-reminder to the public, which cahrges Berry wi:h beating, Admissions lo Woodlawn hospi- his wife and daughters and threat- tal arc Mrs. Dolores Hohcnbcrgcr, ening them with a knife. 'Peru; Mrs. Maude Bell, Warsaw; Berry is being hc'.d in counly;Mrs. Hugh Knyearl, Loganspor'.j jail. i Jan Robert llabens, Indianapolis; City police arrested Reed POW-;Edward Creakbaum, Claypool; ell, 62, Mishawaka, Saturday as he Mrs. Richard Uidwig, 62(i Main was driving an auto, on U. S. 31, south of Rochester. He is being hold without charge, pending investigation. West with Ihe Bobbie E. Rayner, Monroe, La., a cook Sheehan Pipeline company, which is laying oil lines along ihe Erie railroad tracks, was released from county jail. Rayner was apprehended by the sheriff's office Thursday, after a scuffle at Ihe Island Park restaurant, but was not charged. The Zimmerman Brothers ambulance took Charles Boots from Woodlawn hospital to his home al Lake Manitou, Monday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. .John Nungesser of South Bend were visiting friends in Rochester, Tuesday. Monday afternoon in Fulton Circuit court Martha Jane Berry, filed suit for divorce from Gerald Arleo Berry, charging cruel and inhuman Iroalmenl. IJolh parlies -hat the defendant was and careless in the operation of her ' er , anto, and asks $8,4116.40 for per-! co "[ sonal injuries and $:iOO damage to' his car and personal property. was granted a restrainin c!er against the defcmlenl by the street; Mrs. Hocford Hall, Athens; Michael Bowers, son of Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Bowers, Athens; Harry Jor.es, 201 West Ninth street, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Jones; Mrs. Kennel!) Bittcrling. R. H. 3; William Shnnloy. 602 Wesl Ninth slreel; Rtindall Piv.s- sc-1, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pressel. Dismissals: Darrel Downey. Plymouth; Mrs. Hordon Holt/el. Akron; Mrs. Daniel Zimmerman, Bourbon: Charles Beets, R. R. 2; Mrs. Orvcn llcighway, Akron. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wiiyno Crow, Argos, are Ihe parents of a daughter. Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 Reinforcing Steel Mervis Steel Co., Kokomo Phone 4121 Rummage Sale : Logan Bowlmor. Saturday. June 1. Tht plaintiff .seeks custody of thc'Bethcl Muth. Ch., Clay Twp. PUBLIC AUCTION Clip TliiK Ad Safrurday,.June 1,1957 — 1:00 P.M. (DST) Manitou, stated Maurica Coplen, co-owner and manager. Saturday night public dances will be a fealure attrnclion, with Charlie Bowers and his orchestra only the number of U.S. service-, providing (he music for (he common stationed on Formosa but "•JJOTH^-JJJ Meyer suffered broken legs, broken jaw, loss of 20 :;ecth, severe lacerations of tonguu and lips, smashed chest and internal In- Itirios, Ihe statement says. Memorial Day is the official opening dale of the Colonial Hotel Location: From Clymcrs. 4 nitles South on bhcklop road; From M-Tnii,!,?''"!!^ ,1 if. • °\ Lalt0i Camtlcn. 4 miles East on 218, North 3Vi miles; Krom Deer Creek, 4 also the total number of U.S. military advisers based overseas by 12 per cent in the iMfl fiscal year. H' ADMINISTIIAT1ON Routs Patients PERU, Ind.— Twenty-seven patients wore roulcd from the Miami nursing home, 77 East Third street, nnd tho opernlor of the home was burned about his face and on his arms by a flash fire Tuesday afternoon. Charles McDaniels sustained first degree burns on his face and both forearms when fumes from contact cement were Ignited by a gas burner. Tho operator was instcJling' a cabinet top in the kitchen, brushing paste on the top of the cabinet, when the blasl occurred at 1:35 p.m. Ho 'was treated at a physician's office and released. The patients were removed by firemen, who carried* out Ihrec of the residents of the home. Firemen said part of the kitchen was burned, bill most of the damage was from smoke, izcrs produced little or no're-i Firemen were also called at 1:40 p.m. to the home of Mrs, Frank Widgeon, 157 North Tlppecanoc street, where an explosion blew tho door off the coal furnace, but House Backs Budget Slash WASHINGTON (UP)—President Elsenhower suffered a first-round defeat in the military budget .battle Tuesday when the House rejected an attempt to restore. 80 million dollars of the pared-down Army appropriation. • , With the economy bloc firmly in control, the House overrode I House Republican leaders and jvoled 145-113 to defeat a proposal M .. „-1 M *. LJ ~ ~-,« I by R °P> Gerald R ' Ford (R -Micli.) IN U I SI nQ nOnfie '» restore a little more than half ^ of n 150 million dollar slnsli in Army funds. , On Hie showdown vote, many economy - minded rank and file Republicans bolted the leadership and opposed the Ford amendment, Fire At Peru Read the Classified Ads LOGftNSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY damage waj minor. Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996 I Beans-Channels Mervis Steel Co., Kokomo Phone 4121 STA.TM OP INDIANA) miles West on 218, North IHi miles; North of bridge; over Hock Creek on West side of roail. As we have rented our farm, we shall sell the following llvctilock, fnrm equipment, mul household goods: 123 laying hens, 3 Chester White sows (farrow by sale lime), 15 heavy shouts. Formal tractor on rubber with corn cultivators, drill, Allis Chal- jmcr combine, Oliver 2-row corn picker, tandem disc, breaking plow IN~ Tiiu'i'Asauiit(''UiT COUHT '"'"" 2-bollom), John Uui're corn planter, grain and hay wagon, mow- Ai'itii, Tioi-tw, liifi?' , jer, side delivery rake, John Deere manure .spreader, implement bunt, corn shcller, Holland hay baler, rotary hoc, lot lumber, gate material, several tools, 1 hog house, :i hog troughs, 12 hog feeding pans. 100 bn. corn in crib, 250 bales alfalfa and timothy mixed hay, some straw, mounted gns barrel and liosc, antique horse sleigh, extension ladder, 25'8" drive belt, 2 double trees, single tree. HOUSEHOLD: Hx.12 Axminstcr rug, Speed Queen washer with droll) pump, electric cream separalcr, electric hot plate, Colemun oil healing stove, '150 gal. oil barrel, living room suite. Domestic sewing machine, Duplex electric sweeper, ironing board, hand wringer on staffd for -tubs, 2 oak breakfast tables and chairs, 2 kitchen cabinets, square oak dining table and chairs, coal range, 7 chairs, 4 rocking chairs, 3 steel beds with fwilher ticks, 2 dressers and camodc, several antiques, picture frames, cherry wriling desk, smoking .stand, oil lamps, battery radio, antique churn nnd many small articles loo numerous lo mention. Not responsible for accidents. Settle before moving. COIJNTV Oil" Al'ltlb TIOl-tM, lllliT. Nol.lpH IH hi'l'nhy i:lvou (.hut Ty- 1'IIM HlHHIT WIIH, (III ZSntl (Illy nt Mny. l!ir,7, niinullllitil AdmlnlMni- lor nf thn aatiLlu of IJISN F. ZKIOK, (l.-.'I'.'lHOl!. All iifii-HONM ImvlriK- elnlniH iiK'alMHt Hiilcl iiHtalc, wliiithnr or not now lint., muni I'll" Ilin MiuiHl In Miilil court within »lx (tl) munllm rrnnl Dili rlntu nf thn rirnt pnhll- oiitlon of IhlH nollcii nr culd cliilnm will ho j'nroviM' hurrorl. Diilccl ut. LnmuiKport, Imllnnn, IhlH 22nd ilny of j!n.y, 1057. lOLIKAIJK'ril. l-UKICRR Clnrlc nr thn Circuit Court for CIIHH {.'aunty, Indiana HANNA ft PMAL.IJ A.ltarnuy for J'jHttitu UATION NOTIOIfl »)|P A n.lllMS S'l'ATK OH 1 JND1ANA1 )SS: COUNTY OF 1 TARS ) * IN TUP! CARS CIRCUIT COUTIT, A.I'1UI, TUIUi. 19B7. Nntlud IH hurnhy K'lvnn thai: Odlilh) I'att email WIIH, UM 22nd day ol' Ma.y, !!>r>7, iLppoliitoi! Admliil- ftnnHx at Uin OHlutii nt BHUCJS HA MM, ilonimxud. All ixii-HniiK having elnlniH att'alliHl: Hitid unlaid, whiuhur nr mil. now duo, IIIIIHI. rlli< tho tmmn In Hiild cnnt-t wllhlit nix ffl> monlliH rrnm thn datt! 'of thu firm mihll- (Nitlon 0!' OilH notlr.u nr HUld cliilmn will ho roruyor hai-ro<l. iitiui nt. LoKanHnort, Tndlana,- thlH 22rlil day of May, ]I)S7. KUZAUKTrr 1I110ICKR C'lork of tho Circuit Court for CIIKH County, Indiima HANNA /i MMAIVr. Atlornny for Kntato JOE'S AUCTION 611 Plum St., Logansport FRIDAY, MAY 31st — 7:00 P. M. Roll-lop desk; swivel chair; Oliver typewriter; wheel chair; Morris chair; rockers; straight chairs; Kitchen cabinet; commode; sideboard; bed, springs and mattress; baby buggy; cofee table; davenport and chair; electric lamps; antique chairs; many small articles. JASPER AND HELEN FOUTS John Case, Auctioneer James Sink, Clerk Open for inspection day of sale 1 to 5 p.m. Not responsible in case of accidents. Auctionetr-Clerk, MartU. Terms—Cash. HOME KILLED MEATS STONY PIKE MARKET East Main Free Parking Phon. 2316 WEEKEND SPECIAL lb.69c lb.45c Ib. 35c Ib. 89c 2 Ibs. 27c 3 lbs.99c WE SELL BEEF BY WHOLE-HALF-QUARTER Cuilom Butchering and Curing—Small Shop—Big Values WHOLESALE 8:00-5:30 WETAIl PORK CHOPS PORK STEAK FRESH SAUSAGE TENDERLOIN LARD GROUND BEEF Open Monday Thru Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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