The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 8
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SIX KJ..VTHKVH.L1;:. (AJ.'K.l COUIilKK HKWH 'MONDAY. .MAY -!. Action With the Country'? A ma I curs Blytheville Linksmcn Up• hold Reputation on Home Course in Decisive Fashion The Blylliovillc country club Rollers kept th?ir record for tni;;ri- nriienl piny over tlielr homo co'ir.o unblemished yesterday. defeating' the golf team of the Jon?i-.b3ro country club. 31 to 13. The victory Sunday was In 1 the usual decisive man-In that the locals menage to roll up rwaimt nil opposition over lh n icnulhy nine hole course her?. HlBli seores pie- dominalcd throughout the matches with four of the visitors turning In scores of a 100 nnd more strokes i while par \vas nevrr seriously In! danger. It wits a perfect day for j golf although a cross wind caused < trouble. Three iunnl<ers of the lllythe- vlllc team. John Lcntl, l"r:i'sl Roe and It. F. Kirs-liner tied for medal- ist honors \villi 83 strokes lor Hie 18 holes. Gordon Malihcv.'s, ,lr. and W. D. Turner with 8-1'x had the b:st scores for th- visitors. Only three of the visitors swept their matches for three ]»lnts each. They were. Dr. !{. M. Sloan. Gordon Malth'ws, Jr., nnd Frank Williams. The matches were p'.ayc:! on tb(! point system with three possible points in each match, one for match play winner on each round of the nine hole course an:l crte for total low medal in each match. Only sixteen golfers made the trip here from Jcncsboro. The local mashic wieldfrs plan a strong invasion of the Joncsboro course next Sunday in a strenuous effort to beat the CrnlBhead county team on Its own course, a trick the locals have yet to pull away from home. Results of tho individual matches yesterday nvc as follows: , • W. D. Turner (J) 43-11—S4, one point, and John Lenll (B) 4-1-39— 83, one point. Dr. R. M. Sloan (J) 44-40—8-!. thres points, defeated B. A. Lynch (B)' 40-42—91. Clifford Cavitt (B) 42-45— 81, three points, defeated Paul Barrosi (J) -44-45—90. R. L. Bannister (B) 41-44—85. two points, defeated L. D. Eskeiv j <J> 40-44—90. H. 1 T. Culu : '(B> 44-41—85, two I points, d:fcated Ncal IMuycar (J) «-42—88. i Arthur Adams (J) 48-47—95. two points, defratecl John Waterman (B) 47-49—95. one point. R. F. Kirshner (B) 43-40-83, three points, defeated Shelly Lee (J) 48-47-95. Gordon Matthews, Jr. (J) -II- 43—84, thric points, defeated R. N.-Wnre, Jr. (B) 52-14-93. Bernard '-Coach (B) 43-48—91. three points, defeated Bill Trice (J) 53-50—103. Bruno Tanner (Bl 48-14—93, two points, defeated Robert Patrick .(J) 53-45—98. • Ernest Rce (B) 42-41—S3, three points, defeated James Young (J) 55-53—108. •• 0. n. Habccck (B) 47-48-95. three points, defeated Herbert Kohn fj) 53-50—105. C. M. Buck IB) 45-42—87. three points, defeated Ceo. Helnemann (J) no score turned in. Dr. H. S. Davis (B) 48-51-99. two points, defeated 'Chas. Atkinson (J) 48-5:—100, one point. C. L. Lintzsnich <B> 4G-43—89. three points, defeated Dr R H Willftt (J) 47-45—93. Frank Williams (J) 44-42-M. three points, defeated Russell Phillips IB) 49-48—97. TOP— Natinnal titles were in the offing nt the Amateur Athletic Union's three-day boxinj championships in Madison Ssunrc Garden. Ntw York. More than 150 anm- tcur TiKhters frcui all parts of tlic country were entered. Here's n scene of action as Steve Salek of Huston knocked out Sam Deddc/- /io of Sownrl:. N. J., after less than UP sroin-s For Indians: Cubs Droo Third Slrai»hl to Red Birds. UP . DUFFERS/ 63/000, 009 000/009000 DIFFERENT BILLIARD SKcifc ARE ONS A REfcWAdbN TABLE... RATE OF ONE SH.CT PER. SECOND, IT UJOULD Z / ooo / ooo / OCO v r'EARS-To •.•/.JAKE ALL Trte SHoTS- The Clrvelanil Indians and the Kl. l.ouis Cardinals lield I heir places in. tin? toi) of 11 ii" American and National, league r."s]X'cli 1 . - elv the wnk-'iKl. lioth trams Sunday with the Cauls .wr- their Kcrlos with thn Cub:: Wi'S l-'err-ll tumlim !:i his B-ii! for (ho Indians. Tin- Detroit Timers could Feirr-H's nffc-i'lni;s lor but ieven | hits anil the Indians pounded the I clfenuus of th? Tiger hnrlers for a 7 to •! victory. Vosnilk hit a l:ciue run for Clevlnml. Whitehill «:is the lositv; hurler. Tin- Philiidelnliia Athletics trimmed (he Washington Senators in a Ditchlr.ic duel 3 ,to 1. Walber^ riitlnstid Brown and Crowtier. The M'.u-ks s.-rroil two runs In the ninth anil Hie Huts could count but o"e their hnir. Simmons hit a houi- r>r as did Cronln, The two also poird lioiuers. With Babe RuMr? hat back in the liue-n:i the Yankees h?at-the T!rston R'-d Cox. B to 3. Ruth cou- lirvmed two hits. Oliver of the Sex hit a simple.- double and triple. Slicri-i v.'ns the winning luirler. 'ni:i St. Lruis Browns defeated (lip Chicago White Box to break Ihrir own losing streak and the. Sox' winning streak. The score wns 9 to 5. Pain Civnv wns the winning i:l(clier and Tommy Thomas tlie Icser. Browns srnrcd sevon runs In Hie sixth inning. The Heel Birds nndis it three sliaisht ovr the Cubs by winning S lo 4 at St. Louis, In n Innings. A Einii-ev- ploy turned the trick wilii Grlberfs bunt hrinsiiv^ in tlie dccidim run. - D-niii';er received credit, fcr the Card victory. HartntcH hit a 1mmcr oft Flint Rhem. na?.7y Wins One narav Vanro. bestod Carl Hubl)el before a bi-r crowl nl Brook- thc Dod'/rrs v:on ovpr the of furious fighting. two rounds They are lisrhhvrlghts. CENTER— A nrsl-round knockout punch left Virgil HoncyeuU of Indianapolis. Iijd.. fiat on the rcshied canva. 1 ;, as pictured here, in his bc;;t with Adam Gayvvcski of Nan- ticokr, F > a.. at New York's Madison Sqiiar? Garden. They fought in the 12fi-pound class in the Ama- lei:r Athletic Union's national bo;:- inj championship (ournninent. LEFT— Rapid ring action like this thrilled S[icrtnlors at (lie Amateur Athletic Union's national boxing charnpionphip tournament in Madison Square Garden. New York. Hrre you ^.cc Pete Boscareno (at lett» of N'e\v Orleans li'adhv, 1 jruncVLCs with Robert Doyle of Washington in th? 135-pcund class. Ikisearcno won the decision. Giants 4 to 3. Thompson scored the winning run scoring from sec- iid on an iiifieM out «hrn Terry innbled. Frodcricfc hit n homer 11- Brooklyn. The Philadelphia Phillies won rom the Boston Braves. 4 to 1. Hay Bcn?e hurled effectively for h" Pliils airl his mates used Iheir •Hit hits off Seibuld to advant- ;:-e. Whitney of the Phils hit a :cmer. , Tlie Piltshiirih Pirates and Cin- innati ncds divided a pair at Cin- innali. The Bucs won the open- r. C to 3 and (lie Kcdlcgs the Innl. 10 to 5. Kramer won over iiicas in (he first same and Kolp vas the winner of the second. Cooler Beats Denton .In League Game Sunday The Cooler team of the Southeast Missouri semi-pro league defeated the Denton team at Cootc- Sunday, H to 3. Score R. H. E. 'Coeter 14 13 3 Denton 3 8 5 •Bitterle.s: Cooler. Ashcr and Elxler; Denton. Wilson ar.d Caf- dell. Holland Wins Over New Madrid Aggregation HOLLAND, Mo — Holland dp fcated New Madrid at Kew Madrid Sunday, 7 to 5. Michie hurled fine ball for Holland and hart Rood support. Holland plays at S'ascola next Sunday. Score 1 R. H. E. Holland 7 5 i New Madrid 5 7 5 Batteries: Holland and M:chlc and Adkins: New Madrid, niley and Ray. The garrc was an offi- AllRlc of a No Hit Game When Wesley Ferrcll pitclr:! :iis no-hit no-run pniv.e ai'.ainsl Bill Klllcfer's Brownies nl Cleveland th coiner day. an nreiinicn! • v.'as started in the press box. and perhaps It may have to po down irough the aces unsettled. It was like this: In the ci-ihth inning, after Wes toil pitched, \i-.\- tc::c!iab!e bail all the way. liick Fcrrcll. catcher for the Browns 3nrl bro:l-i?r of \Ves, came lo bat. Suppose Rick banned o nice, clean base b'.o'.v. Would Hie story. "Brother Spoils Terrell's No-n"u' Game With. Sniule in Eicht'n" t:» a b-.tter yarn tiian "Ferrrll Kutfrs Hall cf ftme Wi'li No-Hit Oavr.e"? There was no balloting, but ll:e press box was about evenly '••i:ic;i on the subject inn VOIP KNOW THAT— After JITS Hariier. Notre Dame's returned athletic chief, •vas cruchnted by the Unuor- sil-y of Chicago he tool: a job selling atlasrs in Missouri . . . he is not a Catholic. . . . Harper says that when the yllrsv sl:ed him to come to N'o'.re Dame years ago. the subject ot religion wns ivjvcr brousht up . . . and nothing was said :ibout it when he was recalled recently. . . . Even the umpires are setting slightly dto.y as boners pile up in the bli; leagues . . . tlio other oa> Chapman nnd Byrd contested for occupancy ot third liase .-. . and the umps cr.lled the wroim snan out . . . yaler in the s:\mc Inning the same l\uj p.b.y en collided while chasing a II; ban. •. i HOW THEY STAND Southern Birmingham .. Memphis Atbintn liltli! Dock .. Nashville NV.v Orleans . Mobile Ch.-.'.tanooga W I, 12 7 .. 12 8 10 8 !> B !) n 8 in 8 ]'-> 0 12 Aincriran League W. Clevi-lantl Chicago Nc-.v Vork j Phi'-idclphia | Washiuglcn call Southeast league game. Missouri semi-pro Etowah Ball Team in Win Over Manila Nine MANILA, Ark.—Elowali defeated Manila baseball team here Sundav. Oli. cf handle-bar mustache O.iyers as n forecaster. In the second i:>n- in; of Ferrcll's memorable i;amc. Banr; turned around to Kid Rcpan ; di- ! of the St. Louis star and loM him • he was about to sec a nci-hit ball | „ earne. i ' ' "O. K.. Ed, I'll write mv Iratl ! Bii.-1:-n St. I.o:lls 11 8 . 9 . 1 !> 8 5 . •! ivir Pore Se P^hmfl Good Pitrhi Davis Hits Morschicle. Sox Beat Monette 12 to 4 The Dlyiheville Red Sox opened] Maintenance .. their seaLon with a triumph Sun-! fixed Charges day at Monef-. dcfealinj the' Debt Service Moncttc Buffaloes, 12 to 4. ! ,AKli. DISTHK'T N'O. 4'NOTICE OF IXTEXT10X TO ' Al'i'f.V FOIl ()Rf)i:il OF SAM!. For the school year 1931-tn:(2. the j Notice is hercbv gii-rn that the folluwiii" mnr.ijv will be needed for I I'lit'oriiyned, as ad:ninistrator of scliool purpusvs: General Control Operation Auxiliary Agencies Capital Outlay Instruction .. S ! t'r.e estate of Catherine Royal, de- "t. 50 j ceased, will apply to the Missis- 203.CO; s-pjil County Probate Court for |1hc Chickasawba District, on the |r3r:l day of May. 1931, for autl/cr- 2,073.CO|ity to sell the following landq-lie- said estate, or so mucii necessary, to- 33.00 If the ^tove money is secured a Monk Wri£ht hurled for the Red 18 mill tax must be voted. Box and kept the Buffaloes well hand. The game was the first this year fa: 1 the recently orizmiL?.- etl local iiKirxndent club. I>. MILLER, 20:( STITOiKS CLOSE WOUNDS BOSTON, (L'P)-A lolal of 2te j stiich*.* !i;ul to in- taten to rlo^e, razor .-lashes suffered hy Porthos I Allen. Tins wns n new stitch record for notion City Hospital. President of Board, W. C. SMITH, Secretary of Board. 27-4-11 to hlurucf as may 1 ,200.93 wit: Lots 3 and 4. Block B. Barren / {; Lily Addition to [he City of ! Mississippi Cotinvy, Ar- YARRKO, AKK.. HISTUICT XO. 20 XatioKal Rick strode to tbo nlile took T ' l!ow nlld E " bnck to tho hold '" t! "' cailhy ciii at the In!" and a Kici rc P !lc(l •Ml" sirr-i- wn> 4'i-in-' do- , T »e Ktrt. by the way. Is soiiv- "s-l Third Brvrninn'JoVimv Bur- uhim? ° ( a Wecracker. nrlt. Tt looked liVc a sire In-e ; AUfr FcrrrU lnrt Pi^ 1 '"' hitlers hit. Then what socirrd niiraci'-! bal1 for dsht ln " in ss. and $ eV.,-,1 icus hapj-^ncd. BM1 HiMircfio'cl i a homf ™» himself to udil io thi- dartrd over brinnrt B'ir-ctt fluii"! excitement, th? young Clinclr,r,.i himself at the and"ca-ne nn i P |tc ' lcr Cirac to 1)a( '" tl10 '• !i:h "'. up it- The throw wns impossible from that position, but HnnnrfleM made it. riqht over his own left' shoulder It scorned, flvjicl'.t to- ivard first base. Siraijl-.t? Well, no; quite, for FOII-EC.I hail to Irave the bap to snare It. Scorckecper Ed Bans arose in his imperial ma.'csty and spake: "Error for G! ithc s'lortj-inrVs 7 to 3. Wayne "Lefty7 Eason Etowah pitcher, struck out twelve men In . number). The throw pulled Fou- | Po-lrvily may, ceca off the bat;." So It went ilov.n tudy the record of Bill Himhcficld ^oiiie day and wonder h.ow he five Innings, after which hYrei'ired j r lp . I r.. ! ] cc! J° ma . kr w mnn " c -'' n " nnd Ralph nnfshed the game for Etowah. Byrl McHcnry pitched the firs' five Innings for Manila. Ed I In 1D31. One of tlif.-.n rrrors can be explained away, llunncficlrt ••i"s martyred to make a Ferrcll lioliday. . - brnnner finished the game, allow- In? Efowah two hits and one run. - R*ad Courier News wont arin. with the score D to 0 in favor ol tlie Indians. The Kid taped Bang on the shoulder and came up with ;hir.: "Hey. Ed, how about a piuch- hllter fcr this guy?" But tb?y let Fcrrcll bat. Perhaps Just giving htm another * * • The Cliauccs He Took All through the gair.e Ffirr worked a blaming fast b^ll. 'Hie Brownies ret some kind nt wrrM record for foul tip-. b?ll. curve, fast ball. Ir.n faster ball, sltll faster ball, ciir-e, sow ball. In the late lnin?s of tho ?n::'p I-'crrcll took terrific clu:irr:; ^;;ii that slo'.v ball In the Eighth he uro \~cd a first strike for C',no:.o I.ouis York Chicago Boston sbiirzh i'iiiladelphia ... ("mcinnati W. L 11 3 a 7 !> 9 r, a 1 12 GAMES TODAY Southern l.cactir Atlanta at Birmingham Chattanooga at Nashville. I.'.Hle Rock at New Orlca:'.= Only games scheduled. The Borons nnd Hie Chirks, oc- innni-! of nrst and s"nond pl.nce rp="i>clivi>lv in the Southern li-api 1 ,-' "illon. i>o! srood nitchinij yesterday an-' boni teams won. The Borons (Wealed the Pcil- c"'is ot. New Orleans s to 2 with i'd Pay Calrt^ll hniditi" [ho ri'rds 'o fnnr hils. T>ie Barnns ^nt lint six- l«it nrpded less with Tlav heirin-? down. Tlie PTOI" counted three vii.- s in the sixth. The came wns c-ii'nd nt Hie end cf the oishlli rn nr[-n'-nt nf rain. - Tlie iTivcVrs tats were silent '• r ,|..-rfnv win, Walter Beck hurl- <nn v^inhK to n shutout. 10 lo 0. The Mcnmhis lilllTs combed the offcrin'"; nf the Pcb hurlers. Bnrn- nire nnd Ward for 14 binges Bell co» tin-"" hits for Mnnvohis. The Crnrkers trounced (he Mar- f'V; nt Mob"^. 9 In 5 with Climax Blelhen holriinir [he Marines In check. Ilk nntfs noundcd out 1C hits off the Mobile hnrlers with Taitt and Carlylc getting three blows npiece. .57-; Country Davis. Nnshvil'o first .iiill stckeer. hit two home runs, rtriv- .-r,iI In? In Ihree runs and Ihe Vob .l.-i'wcn over Ihe Lookouts of Chat- .1 id' tanoo^a. 4 lo 3. The Vols got- onH five hits t II for the Lookouts bu' Davis' hiRh powered punching pu them across. WAUM.VO OKUER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA- SAWRA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. First National Bank of Blytheville, Plaintiff. No. 4018 vs. Ro^s Stevens. Et A!.. Defendant. The defendant. Winnie Erdman, is \varn?d to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint cf the plamliff. First Na- titnal Bank of F.lyllievillc. Dated 4-25-31. R. L. OAIKES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe.D.C. Leon Smith. Alty. Ad IJUm. 27-4-11-18 For the school year 1931, the following money will be. needed for bdiool purposes: General Control .......... 5 1CO.OO Operation ................ 540.50| l.ansas. Said sale is to be made fcr IJ'.c- purpose ol paying tlie debts ot the CStiltf. W. II. Administrator, j lYank C. Douglas. Attorr.ey. 13-20-27-4 Auxiliary Agencies Capital Outlay Instruction 5,150.00 150.031 Maintniance Fixed Charges Debt Service 3.378.31 If the above -money is secured a 18 mill tax must be voted, n. B. AKIN, 1'residrnt of Board, MOSE SMITH. Secretary of Board. I 27-4-11' Ainprtran league Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at St. Louts. Breton at Philadelphia. Washington at New York. \iitiomi I.eaiui- Philadelphia nt Borlon New York at Boston. Cincinnati at Chiraro. Only games sclvclulcil. ' S-attle rur!is Hrcklcss drivers ; SEATTLE, i UPi-Seattle motor- I l=ts who ignored stop signs and j other rules were "ticketed" bv tin Miundrsds when 40 tidditlona ; planclothes policemen wore added to the force, and sent, about the . city In ordinary automobiles. In tin | effort to curb reckless driving nut j put an end to a long nrd hlgl 1 scries of fatalities. ; URN KIM.S BABY KAGLKTS I CLEVELAND. (UP1—Two of thf • t':ree eaglets winch were hatch?i recenMv in the l-ibora'.Df of Western Resorvo Univjrsi'.v WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Archie E. Harper, Plaintiff, No. 4337 s. ! Hallie Dora Harper. Defendant, j The defendant. Hattie Dora Har-! Her. is warned to appear within! thirty days In the cr.urt named in j :hc caption hereof and answer the j complaint cf the plaintilf Arctiic E. Harper. Dated April 11th. 1B31. R. L. GAINF.S. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. | 'am Manalt, Ally. Ad Lilcm. , 13-20-27-4 I HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday Stiujsliing Draitia Wise RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Dizzier 1 han Evci- Before! MIGHTY STARS C)F 'THE'CUCKOQS f WARNING OIinF.K CHANCERY COURT. CIIICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Mary Kimbrcl!. Plaintiff. No. 4330 vs. John Klmbrell. Defendant. The defendant. John Klurarcll, is wanird to appear within thirty di'.ys in the (o.i:rt named in the rtiptnin rrrot and answer the complaint of the plaintttl Mary Kim- brcil. Dated April 11th. 1931. I? I,. GAINES. Clerk. »y Harvey NIorris, D. C. Sam Ma:;att. Alty. .'.d Litem. ' 13-20-27-4 IUNO1TS Si:i'KRTlTH)Vs WARNING ORDER E. M. Skipper, Mrs. E. M. Skipper and Hornersville Mercantile Company ore warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlck- asawba District cf Mississippi Oimly. Arkansas. wMhln thirty tlnys from this date, and answer ths complaint cf the plaintiffs. Alfrod A. Alneer and A. M. Klng- ' nit-\vils finil out • how Paris got ! tiiat wav: MIAKI CLOWNS IN V,K- IIINI) -T1LK- KRONT JOY .IAC! U'ilh. DOUOTHV LKE aiul other stars in cast of 1000 I'rcsnostlcalor Scorckcepcr Ban;, by (1RBANA. Ill . lUP)- dil. 1 ; are sui^erstitiou* Ooslin that just loafed iis iv.\v I v .,>() j.. cr e recently I riuht across the miriilli' of llv ins en way. | plate, waist litgli. The p KCt I \VAlchfld it RO. entered wt • rimtl a cash rcp-sicr I Inn leaving n $3 bill. have died whib the third Is Ihriv- jkade. as Trustee, ing. The two died of lnjuri?s l:i- Witness m • hand as clerk of fatrl fliclcd b yllirir foster-mother, n I ' ' : '- seilinj lien, in stepping on them, j '•- It wns believed Hie 'three bird? I ' :: - were I'-e first cjgles ever hatrhe.l: :: ' : in captivity. court, the real thereof, en this 13th day of April. 1031. H. L. O AI NFS. Courier News Want Ads H'id. Evrnrd & Henderson. Attoincys for Plalntifls. 13-20-31-4 and Para. News Also Comedy & Fox News Admission, Slafincc & \ii:ht' 10_. & 25 c I.Admission Matinee 10, 25 ~ j-lOc; .NiglH lo & 40: with Coming — "I?;ttl Sister," N'airlc. roni';i<l Coming— "Trader Horn." "Hook. I.ino & Sinker." witli "Kick In," wilii Clara \\a\v. liort Wlioelcr Woolscy.

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