Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1849 · Page 2
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1849
Page 2
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T. fioTtaxUrKT JgWIL Jim WCoB, 10 UO - oriou burglar, who is to om. eon - nection with the rontiery 01 iMuwrn. .. it again In Ibe baudi of the rwtce. a u .v.n . - - 1"' r , - , . ,. i irinunoonia; ..... mad iigin to frump over, ana may '"""" officer rJowyer. of the Chief office, on manniy iannel Ttich.e Mid ha held th horae while Jhey r.!TI.72tl an nld offender, known aa Jim aoid ill I bads visit from on. of lb deleiidaiiU,Thni. 1 vim n,r, , twl indictment Wnrtar,jr. hwi "'"'t" !" ! "C . . , ,h.t I prndiiw, and wboiaaiaantprcirain - trcjucrd t bI It wse la r eorusry last; ha said that 1 P' . h. eownrnen, ,Wels. It appear. oncniren:" Korpuj. aaki he had too much bu"nesoa haiid be mum an hiinie aud attend to hti ibuameeej aha. waul i he. nrenarrd to force alia to go j thrr look ' hire and put him m hit wagon, and Wheat ba got hm M the Morgan waaau da to en t na ahould condemn ia tha Aay lum; ba fW'Utsr) aaid ha iauughl ha had no reaann to complain of them, M - .i w.. frianrta, ikH were doing for tha best; ha aud about the Jury : we choae three, and nicely in the following while at Jersey City yester - uisan man) that ha got up before 7 ' h, rket.and h? tot tin before Jay to go VT 17. id Morgaa complained tllM the jury f - '.,,,.11. r,ii in with Jim and sMuted hi in. but the latter wnoldnt own up, but denied Ma nan and all knowledge of officer Bowyer, and st th earns . i, iki. A aaaia wnn H wrwa. vom.,i u ., i jL i. .....! MtMrkMl tn hia raibnner that ,eSbeTuTthrei lherrfore,1 noaon tpeoro - ZZmtwZmSr'tk mention it, aa they hvibeeit plain of tbst; IrnjrmM hhmHi i!! peTii.led with each other in I8KJ. mi hen he laat aaw sua iinnip, u Police officer, which question fully saliB - k.i !, waa known, but presumed that on). Mthinc to do with deienged peraona , M w., kl eroiiiea, which auppnaitioa . reornmaiided a eornpronuae : he aaid tb time was I coBnrmed by the latter obeerving that . I 1 ... ak.l , 111 ITU ! I IOIU HUM ( I . 1 : V I .. V...u in I h. I'l. Alrf h. Jnu hi ihe morninc . before tha Court Cutn - nenced I then oflared, U J couio oa ot aervicj, emend three or four daya to gret it eompromtaed ; ha nidtt eooM not ba eomprotuiaed ; a did not think Morgaa would tuck to it, if Uwma eomnromiaeo ; I lki amillLki aakni ma if 1 Wmt not aamedof lay conduct, eonaideriiig tha auuon I held IB aociety t he aaw wa are joing u byoareharacleri no honorable jury could be aum - anonediathe city that would condemn them; I told him I thought they bore good character, if that waa riiiM aiaminrrl 1 never had much eomreraatioa with hum in Bncka eo.i i'T eea him at meeting. aly epoketo hun; when rJaml. Hicaia came ne told tut he had brought a paper lor me to awn; ne teea it, and naked ma if I, aa aa otereaer, had giTen Itlorfaa Minrnmaa uaany k f9 w iw, that foar of th overeeere were conTened together to it tm ikM anatiar: that 1 and two othera thought that nothing better eoukl be done; tha fourth waa a young man wno ant oy u T wwhmiim tmwik ruara um dhhiiiw vm - m - , the meeting of OTeraeera waa a abort time before, not long; RKhre told ma that Morgan had attempted to ttang kimealf; be told me that hia wife went uito the feed - room aad found him hanging; he mid that he Richie waa perfectly willing to leaee ina mn any Indinouat mat t wonia t"". talk with Morgan about it; Morgaa Uidchman awife waa with Mr. Wiatar when he came to era me ; when Kichie earn there waa with hun tan vimion aiw Joahua Michener ; they were owrerera the aim aal waa; Mr. Michener ia an elder and member of " the meeting for Buffering ; they aat off awe diatance ; I cVm't know whether they heard ; he Richie) aaid he 1mm ia man meetuia - of Frienda in Phila delphia or Bnrlingtonj I don't remember any other tar ana i aaa uie crmTmBww, t ; - aroing w J no. u. micjiener a w kmj , rged them to May at my aouee all night; but they went alter tea. , ' - . l B Dnii. Cm Tfnn known MOIYan fOT twelve ytara; hare beeu employed by him aa a lawyer and conveyancer; morgan uau umi, wii""j, conveyancer'! etiee; wiUieaa' family bad bought marketing ot him; I never nao trm u,ju ui awh an loea never eniercu mui i" , imuu, " a quite acute, intelligent and ahrewd; I firat loat arirht art kirn in eoU weather, in Wl ; I'd aeea him Z7um henrr. and ainected after that to have teen him on baauieaai and wonaerea wny na never caine. eaml. U. Utemeut Maa naa nuaiueaa wun . - nr - n; alnmra amalred him aane: never aaw anv ir regularity or eccentricity in him; aaw him either the Bight before be waa placed in the Aiylum, or that kwhi . Mk hrfore: he did not anoear rrazv. Mr. Reedreadadepnaition of Conrad Mi - era laved la Bucka county; near Hinchman; waa a blackainitk; aatrJIorgan often; never aaw any thing atmnge or tffaarv aannt him: he had a rood farm and good atock; Be actea witn aiacreiion ana luocmnn, i tn - emle: flemnel and Edward Richie were there; Hinch man 'a farm waa the beat in the neighborhood; ne mil not bring hia plough to the a hop in hn carnage; he ferooght hia plough ironi; w nicn waa a cornroou cua torn with fannera. At quarter put tight the Court adjourned until tnir horning. r ,1 Durnr.jnEi win r, mum i Hian Jitdm Rartn. Cmiut aad 8II. Morna va. Oaklifrd Opution by Bell J. Judg Dent affirmed. - 167. Aahmead va. Bohlen. Argued by 0. L. Ah nul tnr nlainiuT. and (ierhard for defriKlant. TVS. loiid va. ffioaea.Arauea ny invranmm lur plaintif , Binney and (ierhard for defendant. 3i. Hnyder va. Wiee. Argued by Brightly for Bttuntif. iM. McOuiran va. Chritry. Argued by C. J. Bid - ile for plaintuT; Guilloa for defeoilant. lite ceaea from NuTthnmptoi and adjacent conn. tire, will DC UKrtt up on nouuay lien, uie linn mat. and derma that week. Thoee from Montgomery and Burki eountiee, on Monday, the 9ih inat. Thnae from Cheater, Delaware and Schuylkill, on Monday, 9th April. The aeeond period of the Niai Priua jury trial win eommeneeon Mormay, win April PUBLIC they had been both moat horribly abueed in the Police Gurtte. t)n officer B. manifeatiiut a deaire . UttU nrtamla eonvnmmlioil With ebO, they atrolled together toward and on board a ferry boat, where, in accordance with the inatrecuon of officer B . they kept a reepeetful diatance from each other. After landing from the bmt and walking a abort dia - . xiniiired ihe narliculnr na - WIHT VU .111. ' ' ( , . j t u. MhiMi ktft hia enmnanion deaireo to confer with him about, when officer B. uiformed hint that the Chief of Police waa very """" 77 Webb at once demanded of officer ft - wyer if he hd a warrant for him. and on bring aaaured that he had ., 1. ..n. Jim waa led to aafe auartera in the Chief 'a office, where ne waa uruuuoi accounta On SmiLDa The Select Committee ta the Se nate kaa reported again Gea. Siuelda' eligibility, and b iutenda tn refer the matter to the lllmoia La. gialatare, which hat jnat adjourned, ana ooee am meet again until next winter, unieev n co m.m ha called. The eonatitution, we eae itemed, only providea for the nlling of vacancie by the Gtivemor whirl may occur oy ueaw m and them only for the unexpired term. General hiclda waa not elected to all the vacancy, but for the full C4titutional term of ail yeara from the 4th rf Mareh inat.. when Mr. Breeee'a term etpirea Should he be declared ineligible, the cane will etana precierly aa it would have atood had the Ugialature made no election at ail. ami ine iwroow wui ., eonatilutionally, have the power to ill the vacancy a Viii hi TaxaLv Dt in Cimt. Andreaa n.ll. who baa been convicted of the murder of Mra. Atnv Smith, nemetrated at Peteraburg, New York, on the evening of the let of July, 1st - - , and who ia now m jail in Troy, awaiting the execuiion m ma whirh ia to take place on Thuradny next, haamade a full confeaai, of hm Crimea ! Healao eonfraaea to the neroetrntnni of another murder, that of a boy 1 which waa committed eome two or three yeara ago. Ilia motive wna to ootain a lum 01 mo - 1 uey which waa in tlie boy'e poaaraaion, and he aue - ' cenled in hia nefarioui object. BctiJea thia, he con - fraara tn the comnumiou 01 tlie Crimea 01 uurgiary, theft, c, to auch an extent aa almoat to itagger credulity itarlf. He ia only tweiity - fouryearaof age. Wiieta - rioa Roan. Uat Thnraday, in the Crurt of Common Plena, ibe report of the jury in favor of opening a new road from the GemunUiwn Turnpike, near the Wieeahickon, along aaid atreara to Rittenhouaetown, wna eonarmed. Thu ia the line, eayalne Germanlown Telegraph, alig which, enme yeara ago, a company waa attempted to be raiaed to conatruct a turnpike Mad. But ahould there be a good county road made, by grading it properly in the worat plaeea and giving it a fair width, it will be one of the moat delightful drivea in the country. Tea FnaeMi ov THe rTTI Jorxsl Orviri at Ciilumbua, (ihH, baa invented a new mode of foci - tag eg forme, by which the bevel ride and fool - uitk, aa well aa lAoouag Jlirr, cwnaJ and mallet, are all diapruaed with. In lieu of theae, he aupplied two narall! meoillie nara Bl me Blue ana iikhoi iomm, funiiaheil at auitable dMiancea with right and lea arrrwi. ooerated bv a small hand wrrnrh. He hia taken meaaurea to aecure a patent. ExcKangi papr. Thu ao called new invention haa aen in practical operation over a year in thia office. The Ledger forma, made for Iloe'e feet pre at, are locked up pre. curly ill thia way, and the inreution ia already patented by Mr. Hoe. Aciixuir Atiocitixb. A party of one hundred and hflv Auatnana broke into eome wine vaulta and rot drunk, after which they aeixed a number of women and perpetrated the moat infnmnui at roc i lira. In thii atate llicy were aurpriaed by a betly of Uungaiuiiii, who literally rmrtrrd Mrm. The war in Hungary la marked by the moat (oanui outragea. IPnnKR I PuogT Pfixcnta - Apropoeitiontolimittpeakera &Ht! the Caiiaitian Houae ofAtaembly. Bbort apecchea are everywhere grow, ing into favor. ... . rrim,Jrrt - The following letter. eivnrd by more than a hundred " Ihe meinbcra of the iX.u.uif.i.i. ll.r kailed In lienrae M Oillita, Km., waa a ftw dnya ainre tronaiiiittt - d Win. M. Meredith, Kaq., the new Seeretury of the TrManry 1 rHil.AIXI.rMia, March J, IM9. Dear Sir The undcriignl, memtwre il the t - nua - delrhia Bur. hve learned with prule a.iOi pieaaure, . 1 . . . 1 .1..1.11 wkik li - iva ever that those oiaiinguianra " - - , been ainircciatcJ by them, are now to be placed at . :'.; - .1.. Tkov raiinot. however. part with you wilboul au eipreaai.iji of anicere re - iret that iheduily interc - irae which haa beeiiao long e 1 . ' a ...nrwir ia tj, 1m inter niauiuiliieo unumi i - - - - - - . (... . - . - .u, and thev draire to tender to vou aonie mark of their esteem and regard. They, therefore, beg you to name nme convemeul dy, at which you will meet tbcra at a dinner fur that pur - rTu thia the following reply haa been received, In ...1 l n - .MMi Miutrtaiiirnatit waa declined : Dear hire I have to thank you for your letter and for the feelinga by which it waa prom - vted ( aa 1U1 de - eerve the ceteem of my aaaocintea in the prefeeeioa haa alwaya been my ambition, ao the aaaumnce that I have obtained it ia a great reward for many yeara of labor. The token of your good - will, which yoa kMt.M - Mi in me. and which eoraee to en - eourare and alimulate me in the performance of the new dutiee which I have assumed during oar tempo - mry eeparation, haa excited ertuitiona of icuaibUity V...U I ... .. - . v.. - .u.aal nor exnreaa. I hope noon to be at home for a few daye. and ahUl then have the pleasure of aeeing yoo UKliVHlually, k.., I ahall rot, is in an lone - only aa may be abso lutely necessary ftr arranging my adbira, I beg yoa will allow me to decline the entertainment which yoa are enough to propose. With the hirheet regard and esteem, I am, gentle men, your faithful frieud and eervani. Jin Bnmdyvvu 5U1 Ligkt - koKM At the monthly meeting of the Frankliu Inatitute, to be held thia evemng, the lantern aud upper eection of the iron lii!ht - h.niee, for the Brainl) wine r - boele, will be ex - hilited, and a deacriptHW given by Mr. Lewia, the engineer. The f.Hwdalion of thi work ia obtained by iron arrew - plica, on a plan invented in fciitlaiid, ki Ur Morkoll. and imnrutrd UDOn by Major Harris, of the L ulled SUitee Topographical Engineera, under whose auncriiiteudeuee uie iigni - w - uao un..... Tk. i.,.m , nwen - d on a aidca with glaaa, menu factum, in France for the purpose. The lamp to be used in thia lantern will ba lit thia evening. It ia a Carcel lump, a French invention, and waa made in Pane. The section erected ui the hall of the Franklin Institute is aUMit IS feet high, and ia composed entirely of iron. The light - house will probably be completed duiing the next iummer. RJ Ksnu Soir. The followmg'propertira were sold last evenuur bv Jaiura A. t reeiuan, aucuuneer, at the Exchange : Two - alory frame dwelling, aure house and aiable, wiih near three acrca of lain! on P - amnr RishI. tj0. An unfinished three - story house and lot, Mellon si reel, atve 11th, Id leet front and 7 feet deep, f - lt'iu. Two - atory brick wrare - hooae. Wood atreet, alove id, 16 feet fnmt and 63 feet in . deep, aubject to a ground rent of $ II 67 per annum. '.'AS. Orgntitadoel e'lA Board tf If'altk At a elated melius' held laat evenni. John Limlsry wia re - cleetrd Preeulent. Beniannn K. Carjieiiter, pecreiary, and Siml. W. Weer, Trenaurer T,rm Hall IitdimlioH . The opening and de dication of the!oin 01 Tcmpemnec 11.111. nwnv - ia to bike place on Monday week, the vmn mat. r, ia - riu - .a verv eheaa. at G. CrLin' rk t, i'L.,i.i - v Miori.. Siaiihrast corner of Second and Market atreen. On hand, a large and handsome aa; amrimeiit of L'lothuia. whu h will he anld aa low aa at au asaorv great p. Wiar.; rM. I AMU OXAT aJNUlT, ".ir. 'i",fZ rhlt. slaw a. fa. Iisr"' . - ., ."1,. fc - . ki. kla lariiiia Xti cr.UMAT r(tt. .tkefv. 11 kar M. nsa - cirUIr iS'lt - d Is ,2.h r.Thooi r - aIMi. ..( lr. J ok. naH, Ns.lVT m'wLVZttwi .ui rum . kW krr fun.l. n." OktrmMfl Bar a - k - j Tk rtta. l - mnr. SI ". wiuann , lll.l.LINlllt AU.wrtllailsliOr.Ja - " - - - IWUMiaai, al , . . ,, i.,k - i Is Itna ks taarrsl, lroe Bar um " - Tr' ,ik - i tsnssr as. - .ktia. Illk io.. u Ball tad - a, wiUXH o - rvr - rvT nFMOCR ATIO TTOtKT FOR FOURTH fTTOT COTTOW, Bralda, Ploea Bilk and Thread, 113 WAHII. HI'KINO GARilEM, I Ihemi e, utovea, .Hosiery, nuiions, neeraes, 1 r - " yr "J iisuiea,eaae jCaMK - hael Anwlo. Tapea, W.uura mid Hplit V - eahyr. eo.iau.illy on hand I niigaw breasi,i,.a,fnw Uie eina Aaareair - niicnaei ,r uj r 1 I mnX(t aail L,ur. mt linl H,Miih THIRD Hi. mhl - ll, - l larreet sue. taken 111 a few sot. 4? a. TTr, T I,ui.. $FJrftvVP&& nooT'S DAG UKR R KOTY PEB In atytao , ir..etK,brarr4pUt Httll, III aillltliiiifk tt anrurtu ttltd Mrfu - ' An A.liiMirn Ward Hl be held Tlllfi I o'clock. 111! Ua 1tjnm4, UB ia.. sir. " " " " J1h ii I Ik, m - - aWaauly, U. JXl U - ai O. M'rk !s BclKilUUli talW " ml. a. a o eiara. M la iis lanaai. HarrM !, " 1 as retatiirs .1 - 1.1 j. J.. .lock.;. Tie - s aroesss Is 6rsl VHKJ, tlaasr ssaslr - "i: itZ2,t2'li hat, totlXA, aifcel Joha Ball, ia lM a ail - rnrd Meeimr of the Dem - vmH of the ne held TI11S (Thurs.liy I KVKNINO. .at , .1.. k.... I HlmMARIk. CA l.l.lllT. a, at 1111 i,, - v,w ,...... - - - - alve Twelllh at. mhlHf i3 NOMINATIONS. At a meetliig of the Ue - nmcratie cilie,ui of FUth Ward, N. L., held on Monday evening, March .Wi, at the house of Jac W.dJ, N . B. corner of Budd and Coatee etreela, the following aeraona were unanimously nominated to be aua - B.rid at the Ppriiia elrctiou 00 Friday, March li : Aaeeseor J"hn T. Brown, . . Assist ants - Smith Skinner. Theodore Fimsle. tV - Ueetorof Tax - Ue.,nteO. lidy. Ju.l, laterecincl. 1 1. Voprheea; id. C. MrJ - Inaaector, fst do., Joe. L. McNeil; M, W. Reiner, CiUble - enuerUMcKinne,.KEIlR WM, D. IIAPI.ETT.t Tellera. "amuknuaru. lTt"", mhis - st N. E. corner Bixlh and Market ate. nAMS AND HIIOUUIKRH. - Twelve casks western amoked Ilnma and Hhoalderai also, Ml Brku.a anperior yellow Hutier, fit Bale at tha N. K. corner rTHandVVATKKBu. r - yne) ATKINSON. IJl'RMNU FI.UIU - qualitr; alai a Dlarfe and varied aaaortmeiit of IMPH for bum - biatheaame. P h eie Use and Phoageue Uaa Laoipa, at the lowest wholeaale prieee. . ,, mhlJUt N. E. comer Fourth and Cherry. NOTICK. - A1I eeraons having elaima ngamat the FRANKLIN KNG1NE Hol'HK.for workdotn prantenalsturniahed, will Btea Mr. UKOHUK Bttl.M'H, No. rHreet, one door below bennan. f, hap. ana u ' nDBfaulaaA to Ua.iksalld l!ouiiln, iTui 1 .... Pen Baik, in which the name of ai.tleiiHiu and lauiew an Uey I iraisiejreu, annwa w no uas men, anil what Hint 01 them. We make but one e.i.ility.and cmr arre iaeji.TB wiihenseeanil 91 wilhoui. Cnne and IrMhrm, the? suit ihrmselvee. I. RKKIt k HON. n.lllVtltJtr N. W. enmer Heeaanl an.l V.. ... ' RIASJINIC AINU ODD FKLLUYY'S RKliALlA, naiiiuincinrru, aHnei nmuillul and h.llld - eonielr en.broi.lered Mnsonlc, (kid Fellnwa' and Me - maiiira nranim, 11, wincu 1 inoei respncuully call the attention of Ominutteea. Uaifit lu Um oouiUry sua - pave their bills at MS South HKOONU mhl - ansa iwi BAirasa, (tl' V eai I MH(BJB iniMrnil jip inrilaaaL aihlWinr li I ' r uKAN V ll.IJi M TO K KS, WI.J Market at.. J doora uelowljgluh, PuiU. Alan, Jewela lurniahed at the alHirteat notion. mM - tt J ftlDKR AND VNEGAR. - Clarihed Chamjmgna Inart. tAhAD l.ntlSA, ,.k., of Elba - 4 rrFqr.BTil WARD. MOyAMKNSlN ijnf Vimw. brthl 6 ha. it Ki? tMllpeing orteri i ,arj sa 1 . . IJJ me loiiowina nuuima"i.s im.,lri, cz I a lea at ine aaoneei no' oe. r or aaie di 2t2 rB.iaa - ;n,,r. Fronde on M.H.du; evening, March 'lh,bthe aj,,.,,!!', J..MIL MaTHIKiTi. Lombard iut si lOa'tioct. u ias "" "' 7' I Democratic I iiixenaoi rourm ., . tr; 1 at nJsneai sal Mm.Ii af rk, fcailr u r""Ll'i IMd bar rssaral, oai Um rmmn Bar - , niboaatilrset, wa acaayuu. - - - Oa Um) fcikte. nanatx Oaoauliis toad, .lacal ranaar aK ..mTTu. u Mr. M,r. v U l WU", U hsll part t a'ckxt IS ey al la (naaa, af U ..., OS lbanamf aiarail. BUla., Mr. rilOBlAlD. OaOVkB, X - TlU last. Ths (astrsl .01 hats la. knas frstnalr ' "iTI.r aamlag. Iks ISO. bat, af eaaraa.aU M "'''"J !li,fi! ZTJlaT, I..M lo ..1 fr,,. tka aaulMi mt ktht hjMibir. Warn. A. BmU, Tu - t or - Mi Jt. - r, mm n7 Or. Mnr wniBf, iwtm utK., vr. .. gV.aa.aaf (k. knltt rtKkfflnkMV tt - k1 hi. KmnU ttm h lata rf, ta rntk, Mt fcahflahTHait ""f""" ' j (Mi tb keVk MaiM mn, m. i - ak, we f tr ffjntlMbiaJ v Vtrnmi rMT IS a. it Mvi IT om in. ..a. 1 - '1 a. al hi I II. Ml aortu.. Utk Is Of' ksr its, Btrl MAKT . I aaaa. Assessor Michael mruownn. , ArnlsMUit Aaeeaaora - Georie I. Noeelyi Charloa Mi V. rWnith. . Jwlgc - JohhBlack. Inspector Win. Cunningham, vonauiinr w""Br Towa Cl.h - M..Rh - .el r;UOIlE9i Cbainauu rvF - - ADIINHAM MKKTING. March IS, 1M - LkJjT Ataroeetinaol UAl' i - ...a - Caulker at the Goaport Navy Yar.1. Va., removeu fnim lhat situation 111 the aunirner of the meeting I the TX) vyfrJTK A (ilver Pp. Trim Mt'ftnilANTft ANDOTHKRS. Kina, Forks and Plate of agreat variety - ... k nkt - hual at WIIJUlN H MSIIU - feQ7 BTwrexirnet of FIFTH an4 .CHERRV Utreeta. luhlJ - tapt SINUli'NO CltASS - in Gleea, Mailrigala. Rounds. c., for laidlea and Geiitiemeti, will eommenee THIS KVKN I .N H, at a quarter before a, at the Muam,lrtl CALlAJWiULL Utreat, ab.we Eighth. WaniTt'KRV.fVTYPKN. McCLKKS ft OKrf - U MON' heve the kind antronage that they may well heanaidof. Theira ia Uie eaVibliahrneutm ielly aa iron. led by aipleof ackno wleilgod taale. Aa 111 - ipection .H their work at their Rooma, 8. b. comer of CH I N j T and KI UHTH Uta., ia aolicited. mhlVJt'r eWNTRY HTOBKKF.FPK.RS, RKTAII.17RO - CKKi AU IIKAI.KKS IN TkA. w.ll llteVkm. tially bsnehued by exsinining the auWriher'a alia - k ' of 1 rrah Imairted Th,AS, aud obtaining prices and aainplea. They will know the low.,1 tm aruat at Which Ihe dirierent varietiea can he ohuuned, and ta many it may be the awaiia of ejecting a vert eonea - deraf.lemving. waiaa - TKAriof tRe NEW CROP, jual received; Coffei and Hcfuied but sr. Fl.lAirnnnaiiivvnu mlll)ay.. 6J CHtXN UT At. 1a!i;krrk)typk. madr vvitiiout"X XJ IlKAU - kKST. - lakliee who do not like their headaacrewed upinaiilriHi cUmpwhenlheygettheir llaguerreoti pea taken, ahiaibl cell at Ihe F HAN KLIN GAI.LKKT, lor by our beautilully auick pr.veaalhe use of the head - reel la entirely diapenard with, aud peraoini are alloweil to ait In their ualural p - aiuou, thus avoiding tbnt atuT.awkwnrd appearance which ae mail j Uaguei rey pea have. I'orinutsirrlnkeu without regan) to the wauther, aiul warranted t"he lasting for CI. Hemeinber. the entrance to the Franklin le No. lELi.Vt.NTH Street, (uat dour above Market atreet. inhivu'r ik - hula and Oloaea Mooaaaerretari. , rai iZ....'ri...k Pins - n uesta rtnnr arla ISand in of llngarth'a work, tScta. each. I iMKJT.t .mhLMtir Nn.H.N.Ith. 'SSmd .ml .he Pearl, b, Mr.. G.n,. 'a v..i I., BDsoiiileil upon aaw dtmnitleei mua 1 - un Huaar Cured llama 1 JUOUrJuoul - ti,.i'..u.ia. I'..miIi Vu - mn in iiniw., iul Whereuson. the chairiinii Pr;J'" ..i h"w,,'"H ll dera. L ,. I The above, wiih all the cheap puhlicuUoiia of Uie I ..,,il.i,..n Jjinili II. I. Hamuel Painter and Simuel I m, i.hda. Hania. Hulea and (thoaldera. I 2,la avh.draa .1 l..i....i laaitaila I l - ...t p.M,,m.ltpe. who. Biter retiring, UUulC the I a U.U anil kmmm Im( lird. I at HTI1U I. 4 A ItU.l'rilL - nla B 4?tk )ar al Bar wa. rlSll.f. ,m krr kwlaad rewilaKa, Iktrcla aid rranaa af Ika bail; ta, al .Ba U Jaa M. Ttkw. M (rnJ. aia U haaa ol Iha haul? si (arlK.Uriy isaiMS k anrnl krr ruarrsi. ! iitaol oa - m - la". '" Allans. Jr.. ra. MJ lily . - - 1 kuialay) allrrasos, i o caas wm - 1 'oTn - ' lk In,., st Wilk. Het,JAltSi. WOLM, - - .J - r 'I " " a..:,. .. n... ,.1.. - r - Mlarl. laviaa. M hlmmm kt ItalMtTft., I... . rVui.t. iMh t - .. .1 1 'ckKk, P. M., frofB kut r "lil ITZZT: UiTu7Mr. JOHN DuVOUM, 7$ 7?' , . J J ak (laa. fanilVar PMTkMtlNlt I ? II U rrrTCeiia a)nu rv.ailivs aisu iw - w ' " - . ' ri latiMWainaatntnaeril fra ka """i Loi Lik0,ih WW... I sirs rrrrv , - ' .1 J ?rkv. II. M "kr. asd . of Lr.N. J, M .lh ka - aa s em tar, ana lb. oaVar. aaa Mambarl of fcs brant llf. ot laa Man " raarlais a la"" - "' rrif - nothk. - hnion tKJ 1. fir T. 1 he menu punctual in their attendance" AND DAILY TRAXSCRIPT. ralladelpaia, Tharaday, March li, TjTttiTT One of the acwepapert of 01d Rotterdam' Lndnlgea in jibes Mid jccri at Pennsy lvania, em her acknowledeed destitution or deficiency of the spirit of romance, coupling our want of lofty ambi - tioa with our lack of the high eentimeiital qualitiea that characterize and duninguiah geniua. Nodoalit but the tendency of the people of the Old Key - tone State," aa well aa thoee of her commercial capital, ia more toward! the useful than the romantic, the poetical, or the ambition a. But are we any the amraa for that t Even if we aupplied our neigh - bora with nothing but ' pork and beana," it would fna burner merit than atreet fichu, partisan brawl, or polities eedilion. Our people am eeeentially of the induttriooa order, and though Inclined to ne ai plodding'' and mechanical, raise something more than "nork and bean" for a California market. Tha clank of ateam machinery, the hum of cotton factorial, the clash of iron foundries, tha noise, din and clamor of mechanical Ulnar, Mended with the tattling of anthracite, may not anaud a romantic aa lore - tale, aa amaical or pleasing a tha round periods of aa orator on the floor of Congress, or look aa daintv and majestic a a cabinet minister' report; but they are of far greater importance in the acaleof Social kappineea, and add infinitely more to the areallk of aociety. Natara haa made Pennsylvania gke abode of labor, and eoanmerc ha mad Phila - V4peia it capital. It ia quite ai Impnaaibl for a Boat to awe - on a coal - bed," a t politician to spe culate oa a gold - mine, except a a subject of profit and fortune. rJanounded by ell the element of mechanical la. etuatry, rvea the epirit of romance would bow down to tha power of iroa mines, and apply inventive geaiu td tha cublime achieve menuof induatry . The t4aie Baa aaaaed when the term " plodding industry" ould Imply reproach or express contempt ; and real mride, if it now quarter any arm" for diatinction, anuet bUxea it panel with the anvil1, or engrave on ita seal an an. Whea six - atoned factories suixl in tha place of tu fretted caatlee, and palace - aized bam house the farmer's harvest, do State need bluah for Ita want of apuriuu elaima to imagination and een - tuaentality t for it doe more than ambition or vanity, ander the direction of Geniua, could ever attain it aecure the comfort and elevate the character of the Xsll of Ihe people. Let Southern chivalry Boast it aklaima to elegance and atatesraanahip, and " Down. - aat" scholars parade their diploma Pennsylvania ejrill provide for the eitixen of both the beet capital ' to enjoy life, the beet mansions to live in, the beat carriage to drive, the finest hone to trot, the band. oomeat women to marry, and the moat learned col' lege and school ia which to educate their children. Aad all thia the fruit of Pennsylvania induatry, and rhuadelphni ingenuity, thrift and enterprise; II accomplished, not by the aerifke of genina and laadahM aenbtttoQ, bat by giving a proper diree. tioa to the energies of the intellect and the diacrimi nation of taste, which result ia her full share of feanine eenliment, Imagination, ambition, science and literature, Dot tiueelled ;into namby - pamby finery, bat solid, broad and tnaraUs. Thiamuli. lity, and aa thia point Philadelphia 1 teeoud to sons kar nvais. Out. TaTLsa' Fraer Exacvrrva CoxnmiicA - Tlox Aa sjaaeing atory ia told of Ota. Tayler'g mt assay at smking aa Executive eommunicatioa. It I eusvoanary to appotnt a committee of the Senate te wait oa ths President of ths Vniktd States to in form him that the body - has orgaaised .ad is feady to reeeiv eommenieatiorna iea. Taylor, not as - gnuuatea wna true form, seat Vol. nlaa with aVantiaUanue wtula Mr. Atehiaos and the SAaa ajna. ben of tae'eommitteo were aa their way toaa - vounee that the Renata was ready to receive Bay aaommanieanona. Ths General, aborted that he had kept the Senate Wailing, as ha thought, started, . turned round, and ..claimed, Wham is Bliss f I sent I bone aamnnalMua by aim two hour ago." , Air.' Atebiana bit hi lips to prevent a smile, while the byatnnOr were highly amused at the stive ehav (nia of the old General that Bliss had kept UuSenat LOCAL AFFAIRS. mnrerenvali ta Pr"'ng Garden Any one taking a walk through the district of Spring Garden will be etrurk with the great improvement w nir n nave uiaeu piece w II bin a lew yeara peat, t' pnn the atreeU run - umg both north and outh, eaat and weet, mile of new building of bandaome exterior may be eaen, oc - rupving grmind wnicn nut a anon tune ago waa taw out 'in helda and encbaed by poet and rail fences. The pirit of enterpnae which ha already been ma - nileated ny me owners 01 projieriy m v...s aecoui to be II active aa ever, irom ine cxii, - aive arrairgement now being made for Dunning aa anon aa the weather will permit. Even at the pre ami time vacant spots 01 grou.ia are in progress 01 clearing, cenara Being uug uui nu pi . deposited upon ine aireeis, prepnrnnny m ia nn .. founuatKma tt( tha contemplated structurea. Wa ob serve that preparation are on loot lor me erecuon 01 the following new brick bnildinga, vix: on th north - side ol Mpring uaraen etrrei, auove lenin, umr bouses, with atnie on the firat floor, are to be put up ; on the north ioe ot pprwg uaraen sirori, sum. Kleventh etreet, adjoining the new church, me dwelling i to be erected. On Washington street, above Eleventh, four house: on the north aide of Callowhill street, below fweinn, a row con. anting of five or six large dwelling; on Broad atreet, above Poplar, two large house; on Twelfth street, below Coatee, four huildinga; at Eleventh and Brown street, two building; on Parriah treet, below Eighth, two building; on Eighth, be low Parneh, two Duuuiirga; on sevenin aireei, oeiow Brown, four builduiga; on Seventh, above Callow - hill, three buildings; on Sixth, above Parriah, several bnildinga. This is an indication of tlie extent and character of the improvement which are to be mule aa k ss operations can be commenced. When the sea em for building commencee, we expect to see merh greater evidence of enterprise on the part of the property holders in that quarter of the county. labor at tha new Catholic Church, Spring Garden at., near Eleventh, .which waa commenced eome months aince. Thia edifice ia of the Gothic order of architecture, with heavy tower on either aide. It is bulk of a bandaome shade of sand - stone, and when finished, will add another imposing ornament to ihe district. The pastor of the church is the Rev. Mr. Carter, of Hi. Manr'i congregation, end by hi indi vidual exertion, the mean have been raised for the carrying on of the work. Adjoining the structure, a personage house, built of the same materials aa thoee aard for the church, ha been erected, and i now be ing finished. JjuawiMU AlMiwni. Several of the district in the eounly elect their Commissioners in tha Spring, whea the Assessors, Inspectors and Judge of elections, and Constable, are elected, thu keeping: the choice of municipal and local officers separate f rom the general county, state and national election. I his tale of things at desirable, and many of the citixene of districts where the Commissioners are elected in Oc tober, are anxious to effect a change, preferring to have question of quite different nature distinctly acted upon, and to avoid aa much na possible the ope ration 01 eonuietiiig lnuuenccs at election or purely local or 01 an entirely general enararter. it na seen (oggeeted that measure are about to be taken to procure the passage of a law, fixing the election of municipal end corporation officer in th Spring uniformly ihmugnooi ine city ina county. jm Hard fwclioauTo - mnrrow. th nrimarv election er held throughout the city and county, the citixena vHing at the ward houeea for Ameeenra, Judge and Inspector of (lection, and Constable for the ensuing year. in Boutnwarx, uommiaaionera are to be elected, one each, from the second, third, fourth and fifth warda. In Ihe C rat ward there are to be two Commta - s loners to be elected, one being to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Miller. Ia Ihe eixth, a aew ward, formed of that portioa of the old fifth ward west of Third at - , there are three Commie - aioner and an Alderman to elect. in Spring Garden, electiona for Aldermen lake place in the third and seventh ward. Ia Kenaingtoa. A Weenies are to be elected In ths seventh and eighth wants. la ths sixth ward. Northern Liberties, sa Alder - mas ia to ba elected ; and ia all the warda Collector of the Stats end enunty taxee are to be choeea, ander a arterial art of the becialalnra. u reus District, Cousmiaioner an alio to be sleeted. , , ny other establishment in Philadelphia, meut of Boys' Clojlui.g. Shirta, !tocks, Ae FiaamxV W underatnnd that gr hum ,.a . r. .ttL.tia - for this srnnd dlarlar. ii 1 r hmvr .!(!. J tn their inim - nse stork ol fa ahiotinlile Clothing an nssortmrnt ol I iremen t.tnta snrl Panta, made rxprrssly lor that occasion. All m want of anperior Clothing of any dracnpuoii, whole - mle or retail, at fhe lowest potsihie cntn pnera win do well to call at Hernial A Co.'a. Tower Hall, No. lwa Mniket alri - el, bet ween atn ami tun. HnRriiKXh's Clothimo Sroaa. in t'nxTTT treet, .I....M Tkir.l ttilitnia a - vir vnriel of rnrtnel.ts thai can be needed lay the man of fashion, the business tha u'lirknir inn.. ... the luill or eveinn party. 11. thrrouiiliiig - hoiiae or Ihe workshop. Ilia prices are all lower than at any other eaUiblishment, anil tne articles rnniie up by his workmen are composed .4 the bent materials, and the his and sewing wnrranled. His supply of apring faalu ins nre now complete, em - aracuig Hie latrai siyics oirwnis, ersia qjiu ran,., s Spaino FasHio". elegant new stile, st the Decatur Cli'thmg Mart. c - - rner of Market and Decatur streets. No. 210. This extensive establishment ia conducted on the sole principle of selling the newest and nKt fashionable atjlrs of Cb'thnur, at a lower price than can p.ibl lie afforded at an other house in the buainasa. A visit to this popular establishment will ritiaty the nt incredulous of the entire truth ( I ibis stnlenient. We have now prepared and ready f rsale the best of superior made ( lotliing everexhilntci in this city, cut and made in our uaual style of excellence. Splendid new style Dr. ss and Frock Coats, new strip fancy Case. Pants, elrinnt new Spring Ventings, ol onr own niip.rm -, w ith nn entire new si k of fresh mmle Clothing cut in our own inimitable, style, which must be seen to be nppnrintrd. This vnat Clothing Home ia Worthy of vint from all who tnke pride in the per fectioii of Aiiiencnn niniuifactures. t ou will receive every attention irom the iiiuneroua anleameit, mid lie shown through the entire establishment, be fitted in s moment in th most elegant maimer with a suit ol" splendid French Cloth, et an astouiahingly juw prx - e, al the Uecalnr Clotliiiig Mart, comer of Market and Decatur atreets. No. Ul. l.iat Caarw. Proprietor. lllVISKIN. No. I'J. T. - The menibera aye reue"t tp ije atteiidaiire.ui r hiuai r.r...i.a next, in h lust. An important couuuuiurauu. .1 - t I ,1 ....II I. .,n,,n ' mhlMt1 " 8AM i: EI, KKHR. R. S. . pnnTV.CTIVK. l:MON. No 'J. - A Meet - i,, Jthe Union Willi held I TIllSiThiira. ayl fi. - Mi! ,i H o'clock, at the" Peiiniylvania iioee ll.aise," EUillTll Street, Mow lireeust. Persons deainwsol liecrning Member or wifcimi uuuiuauauu 'uihla - H - ' 10 F. F. HUGHES, RJJ rrie - 'PAClFIc! DIVISION, 8. of T. - The regii - DL3 In? a.Vd rneet.n will be held THIS (Thure - da I EVENING, al 7 o'clock, when icnoii will be wkennnthe rrcominendatioii ol the o. iv. i.,aua other mattera of vital importance. Punctual atteiid - ance cl nil the mcmtiers is eeruestly dcaircd. n'fil'.vi'""' U" W' P'WM. TlIOMPctlNJLL.' rf - FESTIVAI.OF HEART ami HAND SEO - TION, No. KI, C. ol T., tn U held jt the Fouutnin Hall. HOCK St., lielow Second, on TL KS - DAY EVENING. .March anth. Ticket & cents. to behnd at Mr. AIcl)iouh', Second street, be ow Walnut: al Tnite e imk store, wjcoibi ami, IH k; Ixvy, Jeweller, S. - cond street, above Catharine; and of Mr. Warring, N. E. owner r iflh and WhereliTmler the provisions of th Co,i.titnti.HI of the U. Statea, the right of conscience anJ II he liberty of apeech. aa we aa Ihe exercise of any opinion. wnelnerthemnlel'lltlcal. moral or religioua, ia ?uVran'leu to every clt.xei. thereof, when the Sotnfraction ol the lawaol the land or the bl"ihed usages of society, and a unman or act of men. whs. Iher la loniii g to a party, asanrislimi or otlierwiae, hive Ihe rinlil or pm ilrne to reelnct Ibe seme unless by theconseiil. ftliegoverne.1 ! and whereas we re - cogmre Ihe correctness ( the prinriple est, Wished by LTne ol nr lt Presidents, its niskina the uiter - ferenre.mthe part ot otfice - h.,lders in elecU m. or the Inking of undue nieana u influence thoae under Iheir ei niriu in vouna aaeir, o.n. - 7,7" x movnl, 1 - aiiae from the Peculiar ' rf Ihe o fic. holder he ii.ti.l neglect his own dulirt by d. .g so himself, and by tampering with the free exercise of tl e 'lis .rfsulKmliiiatea from their dependence nn heir superiors, the freedom and exercise - of opinion K Wiirin restricted, and Irom all the nieana ol I .ak. aaaak Ski ,! aft 1 1111 Ik I tl. IflflV Know enge iiuiii iir n ... , u u i..... .hi. r, foul no cause for the removal ot John liunlmiii from the situiiUon .rf Muster Caulker at IheG. SMrlNavy Yard, except tkul of a political dill' rence ol opinion ; merely , r.... Heavlved, 1st. That John Dunham, f Caulker at ine lowpori n.ij " "T,, '. Bocived IU Slore, and (tt "le by IS. II. ItKAHAW k CO.. No. S North Water street. mhli Jt'r J above Market. ROSS'S EXCEI - SIDR INK, I decbleally the beet now in the market, and la laat going ahead of II other. We advise thoee who are about to Uy ta a new etock of Ink, either Ii sale or their own ooo - umptlou, uifive it tnul.aa it not only writes well, bul ii alan ell well. For aale by Aienia in all paria il the city. mhlJ - jeJU'r V1I - r'SAI.K n R ETA 1 1. CIGAR MANU - FAC'lliRY.srRING ARUEN St., between Franklin and Eighth, north aide, where thoee want III l IgnlS Will IIHl nil ailNIB 01 a supemw .iiaillj u auntly on hand i also, Cigar mad to order al Uie nihicfo' dj - :v:ney a not)D. TaFoH I.ANIiSIMlHrT formerly of the firm of J Ijinisdorl A Goldstein, No. 10 North Third st, would hereby inform hit nld friends mid eiistoiueia, that be haa taaeti the STORK, N, Wl North SK - CO.NU Street, oppoail the Mndison Ionise, where he will keep conatantly on hand a large and well selected at.n - k of Variety and Fancy Dry Uoode; ale i, a Inrge awirtment of Jewelry, Cutlery, Ac. mh)5 It mhISM Noa. VIHmiJ rft) Arcaile. MTIE KNlCKERIiflCKF.K ICR COMPANY, A thiwklul fan the liberal eupporl Iher received the laat two yeor u. Iiuportiiig their supply d ll.'K al ai heavy Inan lb Fal, would reas - - ly iiiiorm ineir irieiHis inni ma lavomiiift winter lor enicurlug Ice haaeusbleu thean to succeed in storing a lull supply of the best aualiiy in their bousi ibi the Schujlkill, ami tbnt they have arranged lh ir diatriets L'aiharine. parents. N. B. No bo mimitled without their Vf NOTICE. Wberen, LIsJ H)l TIIWAKK ri" Conntry Mercliania will do well to look in at the Philadelphia WardMie, 103 Chcmiut atreet, eiamine the extensive assortment of Spring and Si and um - iner UimkIb how offered for Kile at thia Inrjie establishment. The Clothing hns all lieen manelnctured tnis Spring, and under their own immediate inspection, of ,1.. ... ami moat laalnmiatile articles nml liesl ma - teriale. A large saaorlinent ol Clotha,Csasimeree and Vrstinga made to order al the time. Give u a call, and cxamllto - tur jouikIycs. - a P. R. McNxtLLi A Co. To Miiraiim nil Deal ana is Rxitr - aun CLOTHina. - Philailelphui Hall of Faahion is now the centre ol attraction lor iiiousaiHiani our citizens ami merchant from all pnrU of tlie Union in search of that great desideratum, Clothing elegantly cut, and made 'A per cent, cheaper than any other house in the United slate. Call and examine for yourselves. Dcraax, Chaittit A Co., 193 Market atreet, below Sixth. we tlie Meiniicn ni I N O.N. No. 4. If. ol T., tiiov. iiig there la a report in circulation that we are nhniil to brenk up. owing to eihnustioii of fiiiida, do hereby srert that inch report is without foundation, aa iiolwithatanding the many demand ou our ...I.,.. n,ul .till , nl.l ij, ineel them. N, ft. Punctiiul attendance ia nqneated THIS I'VENING, a lioniliaiUuii for Ollicera w - ill take nlnce. ' S. li. SHr.hK, r. n. ' AViioLZ.n.s. "1!J:11 ' UNION 1.1 lift ARY COMPANY, WAT, - N I T Street, above Si ith. Oueminn lor T I IS A ENING'S llehate " Waa England benefitted hy the overthrow of the Commouw culth .' ' The public ere re.pcct.u.1, w jui JOHN W'IIJON.Ja.,Bci. - rttary. mtns - lf rTs PROSPECT LODGE, lTTT oTofO. F. Lc - 3 are respecil'ully invited to attend the tuneral of iWiw ar,l Urol her. KI iW A R U JtlN KS. from hit laie residence, Pio. ttr - ia i i m.. araive ncnuyuiiii Eighth, ofl Market at., ou KHIUAY, the 161 h mat., at ' So' L" "'1" f JOHN B. CAU.F.N, N. 0. lYf NOTICE. - !'. A. O. of IRI'ILS. - A Stated lk3 Meeting of PENNSYLVANIA MHHiE, No, w, will he held at ine nan, rvnitn ririn nireei, on TIIISlThuratlati EVENING, 1Mb lui,t.,at half - past 1 o'ebvk. Meiuliera are r - ftneeted tn intend, as buai - n.ks of great importance will tr Inid lief. re. the I xjlge, Al.r. An. nriuiti , - r j. nun i ." lb me, tin. pr. - nll by his from thstti notion in the auniuirr oli, for..p...ion'a aake. M. Reei'lved.Thal th. anid J.dni Uunhain, having in no way interfered with the elecii.His. either by the neglrrl 4 bu.lneaa to attend political mart Inge or ! Iherw tse. or ui any way whatever to Mi.Hueitre any wuTrr,h7.c.H.lndin vote against the opinions entertaiiied lhun, did not come Snde, the rule eelabli - hed l soma ;of our I Presidents aa caiiae ol removal Irom office, and in caatu.g hia vote lor Ihe pnrly he preterred, aa e aaaraoMs end ii,,imaa!ir, eierci.e.lhe right aud privilege guar - 5,1. Ren.lvrd, That in the opinion of thia) meeting, derived from Ihe experience of ..rrie, and ' mean .if kn wledre almoat equally reliable by othera, John Dunham isaa ni, aim in "n,ir - r L.. "V... iYi discharge the duties ol Mnatrr Caiilkei aa anyone in Ihe sen - ice of that Dermrluunt ol the Goveniinent, and irom Ihe cans. Ihut led to hi reujoval fnnu thiU ituatioii. Ins acknowledged fitneaa at Ihe time to die ch. - .reiisiiuti.s, and his uuilornil; gciillemnnly de - poriinei.t to Iboae under his coninu, we eanicsuj e - r,, - .l ibe Honorable Secretary of thelSayy to reinstate bun in his lonner situation as Master - ulker. On motion, it was reeolve.1. Thai these pnicoedmr be published in the Philadelphia l.dgBr, nd a copy of ihein he forwanlcil to Ihe Secrelarj of th Navy, end another to John Uunham, Eae.. On molkiii, llmn - eetingadjounieil. (Signed,) ISAAC N. BKl IT , Chairman. I.eWijE MfM'RE, Sec'y. mhlMt. A" Meeting of the ' r " Vi LL - ? CIETYw.lIlheldTHlS.Thurjd ING, at 7j n'cl.wk, el ARCH 8 TK r.ET H A flerk.'n Hall lieing einrigot. mhlt - a Port ef Philadelphia. mhio - thlt Sto' Crimical Hais InvtaoxAToa pleasingly and eHi ctnally clcanaea the Hair and Skin ol the head Inim Dandruff ami every spec ice of impurity, and impart a delicate fragrance. It will prove an invaluable appendage to the Unlet. Price 25 cents. Principal j pot. No. I Ledger Building, 3d at., below Chesnul.' Abtbma. The Canadian Journal of Medical Sci ence epenkathuaot the certainty wnn wnicn naini Ui,i,m.I l.w o Avaa'a CHttir PecTOBAL." "rl auent case hnve eome within our nonce where the prevailing Asthma of our climate haa been entirely cured by the use of " Ayr'i Cktm Ptcloral," and to thoee afflicted with thia disease - to Ihe profeesiou and public we recommend it with confidence." A s remedy for Cough. Colds, Hoaraeneas, Bron - elilti nml Consumption it ia unsurpassed. To ure in case of Croup nu Hooping Cough unequalled. Price 7S eta. Sold by F. Brown, corner of Filth and Cbe. nut ; C. Ellis A Co., M Cheanut, and Urugiists generally. , ... , An m?oiTAiT CATioAnildfaeasff erased eg wrv omiy in I As UniUd Maui. Truth " not mtt aiurlttn." There ia bul one genuine prep ration of Wild fkw i,..t ia. ra Suvavkb's. airothera. bv a little 111 vw inaiiirv ill the euarters where they originate, wi found to be"Arli(ioi and rossMriii." The great ami increasing demand for the "engine! eetirla nTs MASONIC NOTICE. Ths Meiuliera of I UsJS LOIM.E No. 9, and of the Order generally are JOHN IHJUGLANS br.,on r liiUAl, lum insiani, at v n'ciiica. man ino reaiueure oi nis sun - ni - iaw. IviLuigo,No.3o3rVmthTHlRI)Street. Hy order Of WlLiilA.V Klllir.ll iw.v, mhlt - 2tw ivorstiiptui ntasier. wrrnrnK RlMi.niNO AHSOCIA - rrlllX A Maetine of Iha Association Wlll - ne IICIO lll.n,i,iou,a.ii' - n 100,, , J.1" the llallof the Moyamenaing Hoee Co., EIGHTH St., 11. w Fitxwnter. Per s. .in wishing to auliecnbe for the Stock are iiivitej, tn i - ttenn meeting. I n I Tili UliAAJUVri f A itaiumn W. H. FAGEN, Secretary mhli - lt WITH WILLING HEARTS WE HAS TEN TO ASSIST. The fntnd of the A - MWlNCt: FIRE COMPANY take IhlBOBBortU - niit of niformi.ia the Firemen and Citizen generally, that there will be a Complimentary Benefit given to the above Company on MONDAY EVENING next, at the CAonai Mrul Tktatr. On which occasion, tke best bill of the Beeann will be offered. Box Sheet now open at the Hall of Ihe Company. mhlS - Ui CHAS. A. DOWNER, Sec'y ol Com. rrS" MESMERISM. ADMITTANCE FREE, UJ? - Don't forret to go THIS EVENING..! 7 riTu - V tollR SlITTflN'H MESMERIC HALIa. 1S3 Siwth SEVENTH St., to wilnena aorroi wonder - mi eiperimenl evamtnea case, M...,.,,a - a for al,aaaaa Magnetism. A collection will be taken up. mhli - lt rrs UNPARALLELED ATTRACTION. A IL3 GRAND PRIZE CONCERT will be riven itlhe CHINESE MUSEUM, on TIITRSUAY t N iar., et, - hioii wATr - a. l t ILtARtn. glls TuriMa, Cla.A. halliaiore; barqira AWaale: Wa. tea I'lasaarara, l ajri, Boalnsj kricl AJ.I lonlaine, W Jara da ( tils; la, ika, rwifaagnl Topaa, palaa, hoaliMll arhra l anla Waaaer. I auil.a, I kailealoei Kltaa, Miner, lio,atooi la - aaua,i,iS".a. ha" T'k; Mai J I - raar, DeuUi, aw york; Alias - h - hal - - - . . - Mtfh Raan,a Calharlsa. Warn, haw Orlnak Ja. Hri Jai (I'M fluUnrs. Liraqavil. Ja. Ikhr llaaaoa. Mrcbos, Molil'. S - lir aj ban, mH Near Vara, I . IVti, HartK), ,i"B, Naa tml. - fwhr (a ItoKkkaa, Kaaerr, N.'" V irB,k Ikhr I oaaal, laaia, Ne Vork. a. Krhr yUnrt, Miller, a fork, 1 4a. iVkr Hrarwlla, Kaa. New fcadlotj, S K Mo..r - T, a - M, - I"', I "' I . . REMOVAL. - A. DEWALD REMOVED to No, 44 N.T1IIRU St., below Arch. nihlWw. cr.L, na'cOltllU Ctrmm aura. .1 WM. t li! ScbTT'S. N'o. fi ttuulh THIRTEENTH m. Just think of it; ; jnhlfrSt v ti uiirl'V w.ui .1 rr.arhM.ri,ll renneal inal ail J . orders lor 'hia M 1 l.K B1SCI IT be Bent as earl; a I1TNEY PREMIUM FIcOl.K. - lTO Mil, ol tin auperior bmnd, receiveil aince the opening i mtion, lor anle by c'a I.EB CLOTHIER. Family a I ri S lwr..a.SB. L'.flL .at rl . la I ea - lt IMBROIIiF.KIFS, LACES sn VEILS. - JtlHN . llllililNS k CO.. S9 WILLIAM Street, NEW YORK, have received per si earner America, a large assortment of KM U HlllUE R I ES , consisting of s rrrtz, chimizetti, ROHKS,CAP,ac..e. ' V EUJ, irigreul variety." mhlVtt run fVbK rilMPANIKS. CI.UHS. Ac Commit - 1 tees appointed to get up Bulla are requested In cull and examine the splendid .ml varied aHsortinent of FANCY NOTE PAPEHS, sut'al.le for - s' Cir - . now on band al FOSTER M Job and ranoy Printing Office, No. till South FOURTH S reel, opposite the Indian Uiieen Hotel, which will he furnished at extremely low price. mhli - lt' MOURNING MOUSSELINES, lI CTM. - We I1 w ill open to - alay . Cnse of nenlatylea Moiiruiug M ussrlmes de I jatrie. at only lilt eta. per Iiirn - BLACK Al. PACHAS, HOMUAINK FINISII. 1 1,. Alanchas have evert aaseurniice of a hue BoilllsaZllie, at hjalt .'he cost; Mol RNINll TE1I.S, Collar and Cuff, M,,u,1'l,,'J"fcHl(,a3'' Cl PhiUvlrlpliia Family Minimin Store, H South Second street, mhlS - lt ith ah ve - t:heaiiut. CM ALL PROFITS AND qUICK SAl.ES. - We D hove received ihe greatest bergain to be l.,und in the niarkel. and all there ia. eases "jthe celebrated lJil, (JI.OTIIS. c. ihe laeart Fantilt Shirluit ever udentl lu this or any other market, at .'.c. .... a , .oi i I ar To secure a nargain ui incwv aiaaia, a,,, iietrytocallearlr. . . UKt I.A1. a r.o, i.i't - Jntl pa. moile le I jnuea. Spring aliades, 13 e. 1I01, striped sin! figured do. do. l - ic. to " neat figured .hi., blues, greens and lirowna, I R. ISO " chnngeelile, plaid and Mripeal Linen Lustres, Innn IHf to She LINENH H1KU EYE DIAPERS, inn p. Irish Shirting Linens, Irom ac. to 7r. Li'U.i l n l c .... ...... pn lull Sch aiul UM - reased then fnciullea lor tke realllar auaila da. livery to meet Hie incrraiaeai demand which the low price this year must uilurnlly pr.atuce, i na to enable them lo insure neire en. ire Bitisl.icU'ai lo those favorin ua w nh Hirir ButOHiage. Cards, with piK - e, Ac, will U ditrilmteal in a few days. l. B. KI.RSIIOT A CO., Otlice, llrotul atreet. Arch, and nihlS eodlt'r I si wharf above Will iw. ltelawme. Ofin HI'SHELS CLOVER SEKH - A1 .. Tnn v oUU thy mil llrrlianl tiniaa S e l, f ,r sale at Hi N. E. cor. ui SOUTH anl WATER Sta. mhl3l' CIIAS. ATKINSON. C'OM REWARD. - WAS STOLEN fio.u the ajTewVI hmiae oi Mrs. Connelly, alam! $'A In cih ami three I end piimeannd a pmr i phud pints. The Hurt is BiippoaM - d to he a vom.g mnii. aluait live feel 7 inriica high, dark hmr, full hire, high cl irt had on a blur, cloth rap. hlsrk dreHae.stl and plrinf pnita. Tlie nUivs reward will l pm.t lor Ihe apprehe .sion ol Ihe Unci. inhli - ll K AN ADJOUR N EH MEETING of ihe Jf i - STATE L'Ol.M llaol feuu'a, l. II, A. .H., v. xVmll lr held Till (Thursday) EVENING, VfT March 71 o'ebark. at the H ill of Ex - aeilineiil n.Al,ra r" .. leriw r - ,, mhlMf JNO C.tilLI., S. C. 8. HONESTY. INDUSTRY ANDSOIIHIK - TY. - A Stalin Meeting of SPIHIT'OF ' A tll'.M II,, 1S. H the u. li. A. .11.. will he hell THIS iThuralni I EVENING, ill EA GLE HALL alter ahirli, llrntber lick, of Eule Connril, will dalivera l - uirc. Munl. - rsol the Or - Oer.ailll alBO lilt' DaUKIIlers oi A.iier.r.i, re in v. ico to iihi r r r..inr.ii u, ii. n. attend. It" I). CALIKiHl.MA. - ASEI.ECT PARTY ' ia loriiiing hi priK - cl to the Isold Hrarion "b the Mall Steaiiiiera, direct, t.i uiiinlwr not more than aeyen pereniia, will go lolly rrg miieil and riuippel: will arnre nt San Franc laro in Ji lo 411 da Irom New York. Two inure win. teal to cmii - Slrte the parly. The whole expense lor implements, 'elite, Ac. Ac, with pnas'ige in steamers, t) l. Ad - rras, with rclureaice, U..A 4 US Post (linen, 1'hll.i - drlplna. mhlVafr V I'acIUcMISIS'i xsb aiiricuitut: artArA RAI. AHMK'lATION hurr tnkeu the Sec n.d a (',1,,,. wnh Stite K - HW.s.of the A No. I Ibirk WAHWICK. Capt.Wli.cox. ami will bhiIoii theikh of March for Ihe li - hi Heal taki.x with them 'me I ear's arnvisHms, all ncrceiry nnpleinmits, leaita, r.. and is prrtertlt mulu' llor sr - l.cti .. pr.ihta. Shares JO. Peremsof g.xil ch racier wishing lo loin can idilnin tlie daislitution ami all uereaaary lu - furuiauou, by calling at Uie oihra oi the C.H'ip iiijr. IS. II. .al OSr.l .1 eaa mhli - ll'r SJ S.uili Front atreet. Kc7iea F74met EVl'.K. - A li.nteiiaa.irt - . : 0 - .1 . II - .1 ,,r mm! sre - .. """i,, VrTRK A SON, mhli - lt 14 North tneavuid etreet, vomer aiaies nnny. f I A RRISON", imOTHF.RSfc COlANUFAO - 11 TURIN" CHEMISTS, OlBce, No. 431 Smth lnm,groi .eras. Pyr, digue. Ileal Iron Lnin r liuiv I rHTeva, i n tu. . ... pure Psrlor While Lead, Alnm, ground ana in crye - Extrs Ground " " Copperas, . Iul, No. I " ' Pyroligneam Acid, Red iMd, led Elinor, IJitiarge, iron'.oi. Orange Minernl, Maalic Uiark, Sugui of l.en.1. ISletalhe Fire Proof pint. METALLIC FIRE - I'KOOF PAINT. Thlaexlraonlinary substance is found in Ohio, In a Iratuinol rock if hnaiiifiwrnntHiii. Whent leu I rom the n.iiie, II resemble in appearanca the finest mdigo, and lias aUiut ths eaHiaiateney of cold tallow, but on ex posure to the almospliere, lu a short tune it turns to lute or atone. It principal ingredient are silica, alumina, and protoxide of iron, which, ill tlie opinion of aricnt.hc men, satisfactorily account toy it fire - proof nature the two former aubetaucea, being nou - eotidiiclnre, and th latter acting aa a cemeui, lo mnu me wuoie aogoinar, ax, I mala a iirmla iliir.IJa a - aliit. :. ' a rail I. . - I. - .a for UBS 11 IB mixra won L.iuaeaai vii, aia. np.iiraa uiary eaini ao woou, kc. It hanlenagradu - lly and ueeomra nre - proai. it ia partiouinriy nii - Srn AVrtram tt,.ini,it nToiir Hotels, in want of I aide for route of Iniihlinga, ateambi! and ear - decka, khih Via can be'S ifiJil w lib th beit nVuti and I railnaid brnlge. lencee. Ae. A narf called with this ...rLL'".. :. HrtiZZl l,v Del '"""W srtickiaeaiiinltocmeVif slate, al vaat aavin of ex - 1 ili. VM L HIRST. I pene. II makes Ihe most durable cuvermg iron - mhlA - fA W tojwni. rntk , wnlnCT and as it ia euecapuble of a "LHlR SALE Two good and rK,ee'nnd - hui I R,(n pohsh hae been used lo great advantage by coach Coal Yard, High Bridge, foot of BROWN Street, .. ..f I...UI n.,.l Silver W ATt'll r Sa ad .1 - kl It V.rl.rf.oir Ihio. cver.i.l (HI N. SECON ) PTTciir. of O.iarry. All gmali warm - ilel to lie what Uiey te ld lor. linlilS - npU'rJ O. CON II AO. WATCIIES. - Oold .ml Silver, of recent Importation. Also, Watr'b iuiikera' Tads aud i.Ateruals. at the lowest intrket puce. Uuiar a,, uivited Ui exauilue the, Bi.uiviieu w eaauun pAlR ft (,() inhl'mhTTr I II Chesniit stiecl : 111 A MOM) POINTED GOLD PENS. - - Ths beslaasurtioeot for a .le ,y JOHN C. FA Mil A CO., mhlS - mhJl'r 1 1. Clnsuul street. If'KJ NKW Pi (No FOKTE WAIlKltomf. rVVr - Yl'.'a Siaiih SI XTH S rent. The euhacrilarf I I T I 'hnvmg eomplclcd hia new W ir. - r.,.ii, i now pnapeireal to mrplr the public, from hi 1 1 irge ., cl aplemlul aaaorlment, a very snperi ir liHtrmneiu, wi'h all Ihe iiHHl. rn i ntroycrneiiis, with or wilh.ail ;h ir.m frnmes, I'l volume, awectuers, evennesa 'f tone, duiahihtr and Rnisli. iinaurpis - id br on), fa thaw wi.hiiig very auperior lusteiiinciil, he wont I reeorn - mendthe irrm fwnes. He thanks Ihe public l..r pre - VKaiafavors, si d hia ponnoeui, irom ni. i - iniiiie - . of giving in the lulure entire ntniiri ioii. I'l'. iee.d and examine. V,A.!M,, V".''o,Kl mhli - lin 99 S. Sixth a'reet, Phili. I..TI1H1IWI 1 1 " . ' , . " Hour lleuier, m norm r am anwua. 'ARM INE, CRIMSON, BLUE, and s great vane. I y, UM jt mUed with Llna VtyofPINK PAPERS, for klowws, leaves, Tip, with brush, the same as Sprays, Cnpa, Hearts and Wire, for Bale at I mm, tin, xinK, canvass, pnper, k luhlA - at J. O. TAITE'B, r - ecmid si., bel. Dock. I ally and breirinra hre - pral. It T?OR SALE A new fivs, horae power BrnAl" A ENGINE, and a aeconu - naJio lour - norao niiaiiiQ Apply l JOIf:NbON'SMhiiSuop,lU4 BROWN Pl,, rnna. FOR SALE. A BARGAlN - Tvvn . ets of second - hand Fire Proof JjOOKS. J by feet, hsve lieen in uae but a short time. Inquire at the Carpeiiter Shop, TENTH St., bov Brown, Weet side, uihli - at FJR SALE A srn.ll MORTGAGE of tn, well lecured, at s discount. Also, several Ground ... 1 al the nfflcn nf the al,acri. I o, . SST . TARKISO.N; BROS., A Co:; - " faSrioTIN.. MAfcH.m r'off r7 WKI mhlS - oaim . 'I Z I KSIAY, march 14m. at rigeone, lor s nanri' i SEVENTH St., to wilneas torrva wonoer - i a. aecureu, aa a "at.n.. nent in Animal Magnetiim. The poclor I Kent aud Mortgage, Apply to . m - cssesof disease with hn subject. He alao I fiSZX Thlalnik It for disease, Ac. Inatniction given in I . rnhlUt Wo. 1S4 North Thirteenth et. sod cahiiR - t Hiaker. sp bere, mil milE COPARTNERSHIP. closing buaineas, nn - 1 der the firm of C. CLARK A CO., waa dissolved on the n day ol Januar All accounts sre pari and all bill agauuU Ihi mhli - at TISf Or" I.ETTERSREMAIN1NOIN BLOOD'S Ll DESPATCH OFFICE, ) South SIXTH St., March 14, !. EXTENSI VE CAIl IMAGE F.STAII - 'I .UllMliNT II A '. A A R. N I NTH and - I.EOHIill S' reels, opj la.t" the Museum. - Private Sailea Daily. Public ft lea ev,,r SATURDAY, The entire business of Ibis I diaie for rash. Tha at'ek of Cir.nges and lUruea on hand la teller, din lie the largest i i th' eita. whia - n.yr ALFRED M. AeHKN ESS. Anefr. 0a CAN An Y IlltlUS Ml) r fj DOGS FOR HALE. Cunarr Hirda, either sin - laor in pairs, at s7 CROWN Street, aly, re VfraaV mhH at - . RTSMEN, ATTENU. - TlM - rewill he a i i.mnrrn ii.ns ia ruijiittau nn at iihii - GUN. in POPLAR St rest, weet ai Eleventh. Other sports may lis expected. mhlt r, vm. ny mnmai ninaeTii. j - . Brim - rMriiKrn, A I l r;,"li t There will he a line lo ui.nmoo i vi.nataa,, i J rilling I l.a 1 HAltn, in oome on on mn.v - lirm will be pod hi hum I TU - DAY, March I'M h, al 1'ige.aia, for a Daihle Har - Ll,r.rar.ii .j..,rtnn, I ret Ullll. BIIO a jvinira lor a I uin o, r illy lauilAra, as WILLIAM T. CLARK. the laAa?ARrVrTO HOTEL, and other sp irt may ha iiHlueed boat of unprincipled men to sot forth purioue mixturea, and to give currency to their ruav tniins, altera the mm of Wild Cherry, thinking to borrow a name from that already eaubliahed. A valu your uvea, seiear iacm. rome are EVENING. March Wth, for the BENEFIT OF an a ., called "haliamt," "t'karry Pseiersl," Wild ( iarf Tnr," l - iiM a Wild t'ktrn" - Wild ' ,,. oV - ...iT. Xl'.lA I'iim Hall m..A - Knat of nlhara. Who. in aoeie WBV. attach IhS nnme of S lid CAerry. No one ever thought of uaing tk.a nama, for an article of their own Until it had bft - conie istoblixlied end known as wlonging to one nf the rrentest remolir ever discovered for the beiiehl Of the human family. That remedy is br. Fvaynt't Cempeaaaf Syrup if Wtid C'Arrry, the original and only genuine. Jiinsn. e, it ia put up in ears bottlrt. covered with a beautiful wrapper, jateel engraving) with the portrait of La. Swatkx Ihrreon, also his signature. Principal Ottice, corner of Eiaata and Baci Sueeta. t MARRIKD, Oa Tneaday evrsing, ISO. mat., by Ihs lev. H. IfiTrrallek, Mr. J(F.PH HAMMLK Is MualtA..NAU ItlKNIItATEIl, beU af liaa Banil'SS ' Oa lha ISih aaat. Be tha Rav. Oa. A. DsiBaaraw, Mr. JAMES Mrtl)TIMiaaSAliAHW.TLRNE,BoiliIDlaw I (hi ibe ,au a ran., sy isa aav. inuim onira, nr. - " ' n . JCBTK EB.MAKV uaa MariAM iJherHea. I Ira tha aVH F.B., Bv Uaa Hrt . Uanere Ueey, Mr. ANTH0NT UlMltaMIEKIa Mas SAKAH MdJUKhEr, BdUi of rkilall a, v r.l. iiif . maun mn. ,,,, auw MERCANTILE SECTlb.N. No. lrtrl, which occasion the following splendid i hae been eiigageoi - sjr. A. ti. inus, ine laviniu. Vnra ni. Mr. A. Afnrshv. the celebrated Ba lad '.a" I Singer; the Washington LJniiilctte, the lonoralilee i"" ClubTand Mr. J. H. Miller'e Band of Ethiopian Min - I atrels, will uppear ami ang a nuinbei of Uivil iuokl namiren noiiRB, iiicrs, c, In addition to tb - h.V.. a SBletitlirl GOTU Ll - 'T Win be presented to that Section of Cadets which shall purchase the greatest number of ticket. Mr. Koehersverxer will sreaide et e trend action Piano Forte from the manufactory (if Mr. C. Mayer. Price of admission, 12j cent. Ticket tn be had at the door en the evening of the Concert. Door open st fi: perfnrmsnce to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. TVS. Ross. J. W. McAllister. P. A. Keller, Tho. S. Y'oeom, Win. 8. Jones, J. S. Downie, H. O. Ever - eat, J. C. Shnrlork, F. II. McCallsimd 8. D. Carter, Committee of Arrangements. IS, B. For particulars, see programme. mhlS - lt rVrr t'RANKLIN lNSTITUTFrf.ECTURET - yjt Friday 16th, on Astronomy , Prof. J. F.Fmzer, Bt 7 O'CIOC. I . m. DIED, A See a llrrecbir illaoa, is lha abrk year af Bar aga, Mel. AMU UrKNinUf. aaltaflaa laaa JoBa Mc Kaiaht. liar traaal sa acialaacaa srs raspecllally iavMBisrlaag ksr foarrsl, froaa bar laa, reaalataa, Derrat's C'oart, aaTTwdrUin, aar Lcaabar. Una snarseos. si 4 e'rtork, itAeat fan kar salKa.l Ua Taraaaf avaaiag. ISU. iaaL, WILLIAM, asa ef laaaaga W. asal alar baa UraS". aas yasra sal I I saMlba. Tha raaal.vas sas nanaa aa uaa naiiy ara laaaaa usi.y mwnm w Elarcalk. sa gndsv aArnaws, HHB haa si I 'l I mhlMnr INTERESTING SPEECHES mn he ex - 5 pecteil at theAnia - slavery Meeting. TO - MOR - mv EVENING. (Fridav.l at Mt. Vernon HalL TWELFTH St., below Butuaiwotd. mhlS - lt' ry - FIRST WARD, N. L. - the DEMOCRA - II 7 TIC CITIZENS nf the Ward will meet at the honae f MR. FK ANC1S MILLER, on THIS tinnrvrrayr r.vr,iii.iu,si 7 v chick, on nuaiuese preparatory to the Election. mhli - lt rT - r7T A MEETING of the DEMOCRATIC TJpUIjIm'JnEOaS tftim!teiy&.hflA at Hoh t,Junl?,S.wit rTHE PORTRAITS executed by MeCLEES A 1 G EH MON anil bold the nperionty in the puhlie mind. Thoee Who ocaire in ooiain a reaiiy une iie - ness, should not fall to visit our rooms, si the 8. E. eoeTolCHESN UTaitd EIGHTH St. ml. 14 r SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Th best acieiitine and mechanical paper sublished in this country. Subscriptions received anff single numbers for anient the Arcade Periodical aud Newapepei .Depot, al ; N.'i. US and "A ARCADE. STOKES BROTHER, Agent fnf Philadelphia. mhlj - gw' GUEllREOT"FF.S. Tli people still keep 1eoming lo A. WILLIAMS, to get one of his beautiful Daguerreotypes made without that dark hade. These pictures will never fae, and wU ' l way keep ineir urilliaiKry. nia r.enua, nvv wonw, a "M ' tween tilth and 11th, nuth ide. Daguerreotype Stock of all kinds, for sale at th loweat price. - mhlS - it r TVAGUERREOTY PES. Splendid Daguerreotypes i are daily Uken, without reference to weather, al pari' TL.vbvT'S Waahuirton Gal errrUM North SECOND Street, N, W. corner of Callowhill. The Gallery ia constantly erowded to obtain th.e superior likeneases, which srs taken by the "new priH - eaa" in a few sccouUs of time, and artistically Lnish.d for one dollar. mhli - Jtr AddfeTJvv8' cemetery, Ma HafUH vTLANE. Bunal Lota for aale in thu beruiliful ground, each lot as I hy le feet, pries tie, parable l pei tDoutha A member nf the Order, or not, desiring a Iot rrlav obtain 11 at tne nine tn uie iriir,,, v, ";,lAUcoTner of SIXTH and HAINES 8u..wy evening, from 7 to 1 W&'nuvTml awM.r. mhli - tap r JNW. M. PUNTON, jecretary. SaMPHINE OR PINE OIU which gives. mori j litkt snd soils th wit ust thn the JeaMefd jlij - reas every uny. iiub.,.., ruvii, wnaca ours arwnuaiii, joa Mrs Mi SaSraw Mra I arse Mra M ( BayasMhaM SaBBIKf Mrs J (srry Um B LBraaaasM CwniarerMiaaF Daras Mra Mall rallaas Mas E Fshsa Miaa E f.raaaa. Mrs rinaaaea Mns klrsal Mas L class Mrs CorallMraMAI - lJoaaana Mrs rtaaraaMaab LaUaaM Mary Kan Mra E I Miaa S MhsE UwrsscsMas t.i Malaiaa Mrs Dr MmrsMraaO MrlleaaaM Mnal o'SraaMwaMJ Odala Mra A o'IMaaellMiaal lo'Kaaa MaaMJ frealas Mrs E tUraaaajat aaaas Mr Oaakill tbyaa. VartWaA vti Lalla Mirkaal M OJtaaa 1 CBaaabrasWrUray KoM I nrsTi ruin's Liar. A Masks, Magrsal. 4 I Hseak laa Mara - RT f MiaVlkHXal IBarbaUw I rallaa. L Ollsy DaaM ' CsanllMrJ W CaaraafAlfra H Caniar laaas Csaraa.l arter (rata. J naa A ( rial to (ha laaaaTM. lass lal Mkaaal larwaaa Baa. tala.aiTaaralJ'iaaaaa T P rsrralarW W I Koala Mr E Eawar falty Was llarima P T Harlky .larww. E IMroy E llsrat Haiiry I Hay A W.iw II aba Mta u Hasoigtsr D Irviaa baaaiaal pasaaa C i u.aaaaaa O ft . P laaaaraleeU. auraiir Milrball DrAW Morraa MrO Masai Mass aa 1 1 raaar rr RaiparMlaaJ apansun aa laaatarMiaaMA lilaaUyMaaAM iTtenapaMl Ma laraaa sars WaMa. Mra Walak Mra W.lay Men M Williaan Meal ,w takes Mrs nsaaaa sar r HhsmMonre asrtklsa. llHlK A A Taora J oat T MuaeB Jatnk Mellaa I MtMsaan J oka Naaaais A Masln Johs U lhaaall Hagh (1'ILarrs Mr OearBaJaaarl S Paaasora L Kaall.n, Laaas fnara laaas Kak - I.S Mr KKkanVaw W KKkirlaaa U LTTEKS. iTrrarUaaa L VI Vararaaals Mr V S W altar M M Warasr asail f Walaisia. TBOS Wabhar Mr Walliag M W WBa laa KoM Wbihag O W.llkaana Dl W.laa. WU ZaUara M irt i be expected. N. B. The nteamht Kxpres leave A ren Street wnan ail.n ciora.anu win aiy ai ins wharf) end lbs Cars leave Eleventh and Market al half past one, siad return st uuie in the evening. sihis - or .. .uunuurr, lt SHOW BEEP ! Th" subscriber will et. f"T sale "n PATUKIIA Y flltlftNING . . u - . - .. ia.L - . L... a. ....I .k. "."Iieil, mm lon.a, , i,.n. t - .rf.iii,. aa ajea North writ corner nf N I N TH and M A R K ET Si met, two splendid BEEP CATTLE. ( fed luChes - ia a,.unla. I, Mr. (feorre UirilerwiHal. and believed to be superior to any thing exhibited for Nne lime back in Ihe Philadelphia Market. They will he sold at prices to correspond with Ihe time, olhctenily low to enable all lorera of good beef tn indulge themselves. mhl - 3t DANIEL WILLIAMS, I m Mfl.e'l a aa a a,,a . - in. a,, ..,. It?T - laega leave hi inform hia friend and thepub - II IU lie in general, tbnt he will eip - ae f ir rile at huStnll. No, land HIGH S'reet .Mirket, nb ve roiid, on FRIDAY nu.1 SATURDAY next, lfitr and nth Inatant, the Beef of twelve verr aupenir Steers, fed by Josliu Jetrnea, nf New town - I.AIIirjl' LIST. HasekaMkert IVefM,K .OatawMtaMiMeOrnanA Mra HariaaMra ElartMiaaS lllrtl Man Asa IWalaasrMala M IsaSMwr MraC (iaf.M, - E Jaekaaa M.aa (.bur Mas (aaaVas MraaJCllraerlr M.1 Monnav's. on the ISth of M arch. Ihefnllowiii nomi - nalion were unanimously niaae : Assrseor, r.iwooq lisinesi Assislsiit Assesanra, Win. Dongherty and I., uernan J juoge rnomss lmvie : inspecior, a. ny ; uonaunie, aonn mc.uajvon. r.ieciion iY, the 16th met. mhl - ll - A. E. lmhcrl on FK1UAI snza Baa faaarml, fraaa k. aaraaa,' issilisra, M yHU alresLsbm ranos, au raaa si n cp - a. s ,MU HLnSI SOUL SOULS,, SMMX SSB If I - a.... .. L.i.a ... - ,. Baarrt Boklaa, aaaa li yrsra. I FT Zi f" AgU - UhMUUB A I IU lIVtVCA Ita hna7rks hai.lyaf lavHaal to aHsral kia fWaaral.aa I k3 'Election nn FRIDAY, lh 1111, Xrasay snaaaass, mm aa,s raw., aaa ernes, ana aw wiaai a aw saaca, Karlkaaaa aarwar a Jwupar aoa Walaat r..a. t Oa WaakxwJay, Mk waL, AAA AH wab M aakai I. Eratav, Jr.. a laa fcik yasr s Bar aga. Her eelanara sa Siaeda an oaawi nan, avnaa m anaa mw lUllg. - Vrlvki. Tke body of Taotass W. rTnyes, of J - i;hrfr; Md., we found last week near Alex - ,,.. a., lie wa fossai l the tow - path of th snl mi b his thrtaUrst, eaanmsaicing just behind sad a 1 t ie ha I 'W the rigid ear, aad eaadnuj ia front, sad a . w.i'k ariit nf itself tn laeve penal a red death, waa , .ed a i n the heck of his neck, lie aad heed to V. ... i f" n to at i end the Lnasguratioa. That b v : a ,v.otal of hi path, and cruelly mudereal, t r e ;are to I but little dibt. Ti t rAiiiT Uoats 1'ir the trausrortaUna of pss - vi . s to I'n La - ' ii'g will erruiinenc rsnninf na th i of ti.e pom nvuth, th Uarrisbarf l'&ioa raaar aj. a. Balaraar arat, ITiB tosl si I a'elaek. P. M p., landMal. Eritar, aV., Wa, K S - raaarw areaat. X laUaacira M W.lBwrkia, UaL, aa Wadaaaaay aaaeaiag, Mtk bat., ISAAC WALKAVEN.Ia Uw lat yaar of km aaw. . Hia raaaliraa sa friaaaia ara raawriially iaaitos aa affwal kk tW - aaaal, sa gratoy, Knk IaaL, At t.'ttoek. P. M., Irani Baa law na). Srara, ka Tlura abwet. art a aaa Caw aaa ( - karri aia. I In, WaAnaaaay aaoria, HlkaaaL, 11 ail XI A WILSON, la - hat ar al l aarlaa T. W.laoa. ... i . ... . r.. j hu a - li . ' - lavlaaa aa Tk Psaa District feai. YaaterrKy being tha day I . tha ferarai, trw a. kikafa raaebwea, ha. Iw fiaesi sulk lied by the Attorney lienersl fsr the trial of the de. I (Ti - seaAar) ailaraa, at 'eiw. ' (w. IBS aft Bial,, snsr a SSVSI mass,, BS.ana.vat siav MAM. Hsr frwaS. as Iktaa of lha auaRy, likawwa tke Coi.aihta tfaiaa, IniaarMars al leaafawaaea, Ma, W, srs raapanfally asanwl Is at - Ira bar tabanx, naaa Bar Ists eaa.aaara, Ka. It Jalavrw sL, ann Wna. Bvaasavsw (frataf) sal rang, al Ms'casck, walBsw tsrUa Asscseor - THOMAS J. HEM PHIL Aw - - nt aW - ms - jvvlS. Wli Judge THOMAS RONEY. . lnpertrrr ALFRED T. JONES, , Constable JACOB P. WOLFE. mhl SIXTiTVfARD.SPRINCl GARDEN. Aa lAOUl smone, aim, awii.wantu, usiigerou aualilirs,,at COH KLIJ B nliuiaeiory. nhlS - tr W. CORFIEU), 874 N. Jd, alwvsN'ibl, of Texas, and U E. SiMONDS, of New Orleaiis, Ageille ana Alloriieya l.n - uae prewwmnvaaa w a - j - - "... . . uin.aa lrialaluraof Texas aeased March anth, 1K4A, of claims sgamst the late Repnblis of Texas, including Bonus, Promiasm - y Notes, Ae. Orhrea, No.S St. Charles t. New Orleans, and at the City oi Austin, leias. Abrara Mr B Inaay t N trtvwsingJnk (sryastar J C (sraarAC Cl Clifl Haary t IMaaall JoBa lana J 0 rsayMni Oilhnpw inaa MiaaJt HarhrrtT M OI'.NTLCMEN'S LIST. n.rtla Mr r Morrsa S C Oar Joka llalkiwall a a, Hwkatkss lllaraawSOl girhis M Kakiawia Mr KaalMaa BwM A r I kiackarar t ihahra Q A aaiaj IVIwsnl baarwall Owa naakrMra J sakuVusyiat TIB WWNIENTJ,SSARSAPARILLA - Th0 Id XJ and Youiif Doctor', b4h kinds. Tn get th Holla floss Kirk Jobs Kaigbl Joaaph KraXtCbaa laaiaaaMr Lake Mr T 'LawaC O HaeraOe H Mrtnilly Mr MrCraal Wa MeOarlic Usal Mnl Mr hTlriss That Hfwm Dr C A rmrkla Hack ISaadyJokaa CHILI'S A CO No. 1 Leilgnr Building, below Cbesaui. i per ooiiie. cr.i , THIRD St mnis - im fendnnt ekanred wiih allewa frawrf. i ,1... i,..... Biw iwia a - K, the raaa waa called an, tart Mr. Herd being eaeaged m the In - al of s civil eanaa. whira may weia inaaa day, the a bore pvosevmiioa - 1 ' " I 7 Adi' - unifd Mt - ciiuc t the DEMOCRATIC MryUVa .A - ,k. y.aik. Atf.tHl taanll tvsa katlrl sat th. 1. 1 J Aafe - Jia " .IIJF Cia - irt rr umi stii v - w sa .anrv Ilouse of COI H. YOUNG, Ward Honae. corner nf rVh.iTlliill EIGHTH and CALLOWHILL Streets, on THIS(Tlinrsriay) EVEN ING, Ihe ISth inat., at 1 o'c lock, ou btuuaes prrperaUrry tn the Spring Elee - iuu.i iir..a n i , rrew. mhlA - lf I - E. SIMON US, of lb. above Irm, b) bow la Phi ladelphia, end will remain until the 19th turn., whea he will proceed to New York. . He mayhe f.mnd al the !w Otfice of J. w. - Mervin. rj., no. iw iat ImiWMUta. FIFTH Street, near Chesnul, sahlMl rrHK cf.I 1 FOWi tlOll. WM. H. ENOARD.See. JrfaaavwaeM Ceswarer - The Bnaari r wr.u w this MMantstinu have al length seen red tk. pnasibre nf as set of AseeenWy, exavaptina the ejosiukjo? th Cemetery ftrwa taxaiine) snd sieeotins, snd pmhibit - nax "a 1 o'H ov aarewasinrmrgn me aame. it brill be recollected thai a SrnriKr hill paaeed the lavals. tar annas yeara sine, hot was not accented br ika members of the cor ran at ion, ta conseouence of a proviso betng assted lo tt. - whirk was partial ia it operations. The art irk Irk lass sst bca rw.aaei aa wilboul leerecnrvsn referred to and ia the oi urinal bill aa prepare) and eem ap by the ssuisgers. Tar Cfr Oeiag - The new cloel at (he eupnla of Ui Corporal ics, Hall, st Thirteenth and Sprint Osr - dretreet. I sow rang. Ths striling apparatus hs. been rearolaied, and the hoore are rrarularly aud correctly siruck o a thsy Uuspir. Twasar eeaaiar. BVk kbttaaL Mas BLfZAIETV T. yocno. Mre ariasai sag sesaausBtaeaa at iaaalfalf aarrlwl Is snaag ha hm arsl. akniTaanwarl alWasoaa, wrlaaat lartkar wlaw, fraai a ai, aa ara M s. a. sraoka, earaar of M artel sas I his nraaaa, tsaaoaa, al I s'rloek, ar mi Sw Paainl si ths asal si Markat strawl. si sairpaatlwsoVloik. I ana s aia aaak, aaa a.a virruwo, bbi soaa yaar as Bar "Hb arlaHraa aad traawl anil PVlavaraeaa IAra. Sa M. I. O. 1 O. raawrkaOeVr to faneea, aea raafwrlrmlly aarns to Ulead hwral,raaa Ms bss m l aia, (I iiaiab n a, Una (Tkaraaarl s a.i..wl.aan. I OBUuu,aaou,viaoiNIA tal'AKE, aaagMsr ai atari aaat Mary Jars MrUa.,.11, 14 m.Om ao I San. 1 ba fraaA, aaS nlali,. o( (a. fcaul, ara n.aatlhiUy hrrlkal Is aeawa Bar naarral, ba kav paaaaw eeawmea, laa. It SrrarS TwaiTk aaraaa, sfcwrs kwWB. to ssmisb UnAarl ansrassa. Use eraara, a "boat narSar astu. g Oa rha nkk kal.,sl Bar law ri alwjaiii.. Is Carabtrv lkwrsakla. aaaarCsaa.r Mra. ELIZA.KTM UoLiTIEM. ariSs M Iks . Jaaa i. balataaa, si IBa Saa rasa a Baa aa, (V - y - SE('( IND WARD, N. L. - DEMOCRATIC LKJ - ricnr.r. . . Aaaraeor r ajeite I'lermwi. ..... A as .slant a Eil ward Bitf&ivluua, Jotut Lw Lc4eev - 'Wj'l'.ywo. . , . I .. . . L Inspretor Janie B. Steven ori, , C....I.I.W(iMr It Uratfa. ' Elecmm a FRIDAY, htlh insf .. at th Bird - hv Ilnnd Tavern, FOUHTH St., near Callowhill. II - F1FST WARD.N. L. - kt arneetuigoftha DEMOCRATIC CITIZENS ef lb Ward. Ill 1 on MolHiav evemng, r rn. am a, wi saw nrajs. as Mr. Fr.nrhAIiller,ia Cnllowhill Breat, bebiw Se - eraid, the following aorauaatamis ware eiiainovmsiy eg reed upon u be aupporlnl al liaBprlllg Elictioai a. - ...i.a.i P, ,aa A iniliniatfir ( asisuiiila Ooorrc r . (n uoinaa, nooen iiyaBsr. bir n muH . sung, lid 8. Beiaenua. . iiaBca - tor J,4an F. FenneV. it. ) taistaUe Joha Manabrld, ' . Wa T. raavnnraii, gaoia, . Aasislnuls J Tax Collector Jwhre lieniel Inspector J.I taiatslale Joi F.LEBRATED raREN0lXKI9T, O. S. IVLER - calleu reeterdayal H. H. LAUGH - UN'S Sonbenm Gallery, 1 MARKET Street, to have a dMuerreoty pe portrait of himaelf taken. In a few minute he wa presented with one by that never failing artist, which he not only prraaamneea the very Lnst,bul.lhe new life - jipresive snd sruslieal pic - lure ever maeu in nim,lH aiar iin rao - acia ,a ia to he pnt immediately into the bands of sn engraver snd publislied m hia new Phreiurbaieal works. Every persi drsinaua nf having a gal, clear, brilliant, beautiful and Brlislieal unguerrcX) pe of Ihe nisei vea, nf Ibett frienda ual ahould jm by all means and gel I.AIHrtll'li.,01 jiimnnari 1 oirees, ao utae hj he a highly recominemled a aa artist, mblt - lt "'AIJFORN1A GOLD'WASIIER. Sim Iktsg Vy Arte. Person desagnlng to piirchaa GOLD WASHERS for California, ar hereby uil.rrwied that a Aetr Afar ina, ronar acted atom philoaopkieal pnnciplea. will lie oneriu to the public in s lew days, ospnhlc of waatung and retnmg frnra saw I Iw - . MarfA rariw.aala. tollhiNll ihe lwabt hw Of r.a.1. and with the lenat Boas,Ma Ub - n - andeiBoaar towaleriiiihepnrtol the laborer. This Gold Washer cau I. worked by hand, andawne ten or mm el ths by horse power I Inereny rennni aeweraa bushrla nf earth each day, and obuauuK as ueand dollam worth of g Id. Dne aolm GUMPERT WINE OF WILD CHERRY - I warranted free from opium or other narcotics. nd eawtsiii all th active properties nf Ihe Wild Cherry, in a pure, concentrated and moat agreeable lorm, (t Ibe cure of ell disease arising from debility 1 1 a relaxed stats of the system. S"l I in large suart I outre. With the worda " GUMPERTS WINE OF WIIJJ CHERRY, PbUad.,'' blown in the glaaa, and iha written siriiatereOM the ouleade label. Hold lalO Norik Sl - U )NI) Strret - tdoors slarve Rare: Nra.g Snath Third at recti corner nf Second end Poplsri enr - tter ol sixia aaa ureca, ana n mm ana rwaia. ll' VpHrTATTENTIoN of cviourraers and dealers js 1 aartieularv mvited to ROSS' EXCE1 JtlOR IN K. aa article which, though only recently introduced, ia better bked aad mora aalnaiils than any other in tb yrmrket. For gale, whole - ale, by ZEIUER, No. I THIRD Street, below Clieenut, and by agent m aU perls of Us city. Agents Wauled f. adjoining Vrwna. - mBia - wa.r OLD DR. JACOB TOW NSEND'S COMPOUND 8YB UP OF SARHAPARILLV esji be Paired ( the wholesale and relail egent, T B. Pb rEttbOiN, w CHr (J T aireet, one n.r ssara 1 una. ai a, a.u. ... k.,lllM liar IL I r KT Jm , wa - a riav, ' . . ., . This t. ten oaaalit, Ilea beet nae. icinc ia tb wovkL Italsn improve wiihaie, and wiu never oriir aboil. bUt SlWSyS SlVeS Sa..a. - .ea. aiaig - tcarp SPRINO. The epprnach nf Sprinx Is a I way st - Inadasl by rvsarded eircalatioa nf the hlooai. Uae nreoriMW of which is known by s feeluag of laiaraur rf,.,cl .nation to attend to our uanai avocst.ons. "xa (lUSLKLL'S RESTORATIVE PILLS ia now Ika Family Medicine, and the only certain cure for disease axlauaj froaa Imparities eg lha Baood. Try nUAIfgl birvt,' Ihousend bui llMaiaarwl ah.llarB WOT IB Of Id. wulbrgiveu whan reauly loranje. Traa mM - h.neeaa I p,,ce H ronU a box f eontamrrif gl PUls,ltobe hod pwita,! - " rmm erw a - - a - . gwg, I VU1 W tM ' mm Ship, Cheater county j w 111. jonea, in no. u... .10.1 n, iiiiilier, of Cheater county, Pa., and Daniel Thompson, of New Castle county, Del. nil celehnved. a fsnner.aiid feeder, of CaK ! fl. IJDRAEF, U marl A llllh Hi. Afarket. nhowa SccO', ' " Prire. to ami the limes, mhlil - Si' NEWJRhSEY A1H:AD. - Thcufc"r,bef will expose f.rr sale, on FRIDAY and 8A - TI.'nnAY. M irch With Mid Ins Stall. Nos, JS snrl 4 1 MARKET Street, between Filth nni Sixth, the M EAT of three superior CATTLE, fed hy Thoma NcwMd.of Sprimfteld biwnohip. - tui county. New Jersey, lielieved by com judges tn be the la - el offered thia aeaeon. The p ihlic are in - . vi ted to parish of Um luscious beef, at modcrala FN. B. Two cattle will be cut "Kosher." Our Hebrew friend ar invited to partake of this flue li. nihlS - W AlA.vir.l, CAUIa. SHOW MUTTON. CHESTER COUV - TY AGAINST THE WORLD. - Thesjh. rriher he leave to inform their friniJi slid the public in reueral. that ther will ex nihil at their Stalk No.. 4 aid ny CALLOWHILL Street Mnrket, nn FRIDAY, the Inth, nnd on SA - I KI1A Y. the nin ineleni, an m ine luiieai ana seat heep that have ever been offered for sale in tha mir - et and at srirei to anil the limes. Sin ill favor) thankfully received and Urge ones in proporti m. avii.iiini mar.rao, - nhis - st DAVID UHER, Eag., HENRY MYERS. I iTTl ft" tTRI.AWARR AND - rill - OVuial AdAINHT THE WORI.ri' The Rtteation of the lover e of rmd Mutton leriy ine anesi ami nest aia in riuemarxet. They 1 1 1 , 1 - ' Sre Ot Insraaalne nk'n mm Daarwr.. iarBrais,nna were raised by ttnmeei Gjmldin, of Oley township, end 1 Hirer ma. posed on ths J sad a 1 " is re nested lo fortf SHEEP evsr exposed for a. la sre nf lha Samlhd iwn snd bat Majm - Keybokl, nf UlHei Delswars, in bra ted and heat stiles. They will be eip m.iT. CHAHLES 8CHNECK. Nos. NEW MARKET, SECOND St reel, net wren Pun) snd Lotnbard, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY next, . the lain obhi I7is nisi, au moan wno ore an arms as lasts th beet meat ocTered this Benson. willenss givessscaU. CIlAKLES SCIINECIU ., CliAHI.h.M 1. r - Ulrn. mniT - oi r t r OR rALK A Sorrel M mnr., ia natfi TaiTahigh, and annuel; a flrai - ratefnmilr Horae, T0 , aCQ - VU sera t KlRriS StaUo, in SPRING GAR - , DENSt - aSlarrelth. ahl - Tt ' i - FOR SALE. Juat in trora Bucks casratr, C1ira Krixbt bay HOhHK, 7 yenraoid, I hand a - S3 - .,igli warranted iu every reeperli remnrkahly dneile, and Inat the animal ftt lainny uae were nmt - r.., ... .ia in aWiwaiiar are aanrecla Leal. Asslr st 4WAl.NUT8tree,any tiraeoHweeo Una snd He - ., tarday, ITth kn1t H o'clork, A. M. mhl4 - Tt . jfv PHIUD'A HORSE AND CARRIAOR fljrn BAZAAR, eaamer of NINTH and GEORGK aiC2A.H,rela, hetvren Cheennl aivd Walnrit. AUCTION SALES OP HORSES, CAR KI AGES, SATURDAY MORN IN & - aericAiiaT al IM a'eloe preeaiely. Pnirteel eauaV oaes every sale ay. No paaMpanejaaaat oa aeomnt nt th w - "ner. r "1 - 11 arl.lla. Aa.. si snvsts aaa. Csmajr race, Ten aa uag. . . Out - eVxrV asiss attended kiiuMW . gaj'fjur - tT AiafsUkPllAaliaKiiJ .ll

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