The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 2, 1909 · Page 15
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 15

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1909
Page 15
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t a V r" - ij sm,smi swsss w i ! mi mmm i i i" "' .., : i. . - i THE INDIANAPOLIS . NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1909. 13 POSTAL EXPENSES WILL BE REDUCED Mora Economical Administration is Planned by Taftand Hitchcock. CONFERENCE; AT BEVERLY President and Cabinet Members Arranging for Important Reforrrv Franking System Costly. EEVEKLT, Mass., Srtember 2. President Taft and Postmaster - General Hitchcock are 'planning & more economical administration of the poatofflce department. The postmaster - genet al has been more or less crltcised Bince be assumed ofJlce for alleged neglect of the powtal s - rvlcs through too much attention to politics. It appear from the comprehensive plans Mr. Hitchcock has outlined to tt e President that hes has been hard at work fcome time on detaU for a wid - siread reform, and It ouht to bo said the President not oniy Is heattlly In accord with , thes "pia r.n - 't the postmaster - general, - but la perfectly satisfied with tne. rnnnner In which the latter haa conducted the affairs of his department. Deficit of Twenty Million Dollars. As a result of the reforms which Mr. Hitchcock In planning he believe that within a few years at least the United fcttes postoflhe department, one of the bicjr"st buMnr - sges in the world, conducted Ut year at a loss of i.0,ii.uiO. will be t' lf - su;uiiiiiriir, if nut. Indeed, profitable. The pottnnMer - general has summoned to WsshlnkUon from every section of the country, tho experts 'In the registry end of the powtal service who have been on vacation, and they are hard at work, going Into every detail of this branch with a view to eugiit - stln;? economy and reform wherever practicable. " The deficit last year In the registry bureau was about J3.wO.CKA I'ostmaster - tJeneral Hitchcock 4 ambitious to cut this down at leant one - half In the next fiscal year. Money Order Experts to Confer. A similar conference of money order eVperte " rrM In Vnhlntrtfn orn. V lit - n lno ueia.uii nl tlial bureau will be gone Into fully, with a. similar 'object of economy and reform in view. The postmaster - general proioses la this way to get into close touch with postal service employe!" In every cart of the country and avail himself of their experience In 'Improving the service at lets than Ha pri - Hont - cowt. . in connection with the money order bureau one reform that Is under consideration Is the abolition of the money - order advice that is sent with every money order; advising the postmaHfer of the city or town in which the order is payable " that the order has been drawn. Involving Great Expense. This Is regarded as practically; useless. It Involves great exponse. In a. city like New York, for Illustration, there - are about fifty branch offices, at any, one of Gains 30 Pound 3 In 30 Day Remarkable Result of the New Tissue Builder Protone, In Many Cases , of Run - Down Men and Women. Prove It Yourself by Pending Coupon Below For , . A 60c Package, Free. "Py George, I never saw anything like the effects of that new treatment. Pro - tone, .for the building up of weight and lost n - rve force. It acted more like a miraclfl than a medicine. said a well known gentleman yesterday in Fpeaking of the revolution that had taken place l - .t his condition. "I began to think that thT? was nothing on earth that could make in fat. I tried tonics, digestives, heavy eating, diets, milk, beer, and al - moft everything else you could think of. which a money order may b cashed. But one "advice" 1 sent out with each order tor New York, and that goes to the general .poatomce. regardless of the branch ft which the order may be presented and paid. The postmaster - general will return to Washington In a day or two, and at the tegtnnlng of the week will start on a trip went to visit the big cities and Inspect the postomces with a view to their betterment. Mr. Hitchcock will meet the President In Arizona and Journey with him as far as Kl Paso to he present at the meeting between President Taft and President Diaz, of Mexico. - One of the chief reasons for the deficit In the registry bureau Is the franking privilege, which is the subject of considerable abuse, and It Is possible that the whole system of franking may come under tnvetlgation and be made the' subject of drastic reform. - .. Itinerary of President's Trip. The official Itinerary of President Taft a swing around tha circle haa been discussed by the New York Central railroad, which ia managing the tour, and the flrpt copies have be;n received t tha executive offices. It Is a twenty - page record of all the stop the President wtu make on the Journey. According to th itinerary, the President will cover 1Z.7S9 miles. Twenty - two railroads will be pressed Into service Of these the Southern Pacific will haul the i - reaiuCTii rnues, me XMew York Cen tral .l,t - . and the Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe 977 miles. The road that will carry him on the shortest haul is the Maricopa & Phoenix, with only thirty - five mllea to Its credit. The longest jump on the presidential trip will rw 7ti miles, between Dallas. Tex., and St. Luts. Mo., and the next will be that between Portland, Ore., and Sacramento, (.'a 1., October t, 6C miles. The highest altitude of any point glveri In the Itinerary IS Grand canyon. - Colo.. feet above sea. level. The personnel of the party Is given as follows: The President, Captain Archibald W. Butts. U. 8. A.; assistant Secretary ' Wendel W. Mischler, Charles C. Wagner. Dr. J. J. Richardson, Arthur Brooks (messenger). Jamea S. Ploan, Jr.. i,ucien. C. Wheeler. Gerrit C. Ford, as1tant to the vice - president of the New York Central lines, and rrpre - sentatives of th press associations. The secretaries of state, war. Interior. - commerce and labor. . oostmaster - general and - John Hays Hammond will accompany tha president on parts or the trip. ; j Making Safe the Way. A secret service officer has left here to go over In advance the entire route that is to be covered by the President. This Illustrates the care that la being taken to protect the President against any contingency. It Is believed the duty of the officer Is to visit the nolle In each of the places that the President la scheduled to stop, Inquire Into their arrangements, see that plans are being made to have the presidential party looked after as much for their comfort as for their safety. Inspect the hotels, look over the plans of the reception committee.' designate the places that must be roped off when the President arrives and generally give an eye to every detail In order that the machine may move smoothly when the day arrives. The officer has full authority to make any changes In police arrangements that he thinks necessary or desirable,, and to this extent supersedes for the time being the police chief In the city where he orders changes mad. . - FIRE AND WAtER DAMAGE : fTHREE - STORY DWELLING Stubborn Blaze Is Discovered In the Attic of an Apartment ' ' ' '; House. - There was plenty of excitement at a neighborhood fire., at' 1U and 113, West North street shortly before noon,, to - day, when a large three - story double frame house caught fire In the attic. The two sides were occupied by the families of Mrs. Emma Hagerty and John Westfleld. respectively. Even the firemen were unable to ascertain In which side of the structure the fire started. When the fire was discovered the entire top of the building was a mass of flames and the occupants thought the'r homes were doomed to destruction. ; Neighbors assisted In . carrying valuables Into the street, while the firemen got busy. Because of the hight of the building the firemen had to use ladders. rieveral water lines were used and after the fire was out tho' occupants found their furniture on the second and third floors soaked. The houne was damaged to the extent of about $2,000. with an additional los of about $W0 on the furnishings.. The building is owned by V. E. Sickles. BILLS FOR PLAYGROUNDS. Suit will be Brought if School ..Board Refuses to Pay. At a special meeting of the board of school commissioners tomorrow Harry D. Tutcwller, president of the playground commission, will present bills for the In debtedness Incurred In the playground work last month, and for which there was no appropriation, legai proceedings will be brought immediately if the bills are not allowed by the board. The board appropriated Jl.lilM for the work during July, but refused to assist It further. Mr. Tutewller contends that the board has no other alternative than to pay bills Incurred In the actual conduct of playgrounds authorized by the boarn. If the bills are refused, two of the di rectors who asslHtedr in the work will file suit HEalnBt the hoard to collect their salaries for August. The salaries of the directors for the month amounted to about ji.odo. ny Han or Womaa Who is Thin Can Recover , Normal Wnht by the Rmarks.blo .New Treatment, Protone but without result. I had been thin for y - Hrs. and bvgnn to think it was natural for me to lj that way. Finally 1 rt - ad about tha remarkable proorsses brought 8iout by the use or l'rotone. fo I de cfdrl to try it inysflf. Well, when 1 look at my sell in t!u mirror now, I think it 1 somebody rise. I have put on just thirty pounds during the last month, and "never icit stronger or more 'rervy In My lire. I'vototte lh a powerful inducer of nutrl tion, lticrc:ei ccil - growth, makes perf. - ot the assiM!l;.'2lt,n - of foxI. Increases tht liumi'r or ilvi orp; soles, ami s a peo - ssary result builx up muscles ana s.hd. jie:iiuy iieu acui rouinis out the nsuro. r or women who can never appear stylish In anything thev wwr because of tie(r thinness, tlas rrmark'thte treatment iimv prove a revelation. It is a bewutv maker as well us a form builder and nerve Mrensthener. It will cost - , you nothing to prove the remarKu.'iie cr:,cts of tins treatment. It Is arsouio:v nun - injurious to th most ;. - Mcate svstem. The Protone Company. Ki Protone building. Wtrolt. Mich - , will !end to any one who send name and address a free fr - i - packagw of protone, with full Instructions, to prove that it tlocs the work. They will also send you their book on wry ion .Are. mm." free of charge, giving .facts which will protwihly astonish on. Send coupon below today with your name anl auiress. . FREE PROTONE COUPON. Tht - - ou - Mn is s - - ! tor a tx c pav k - tLgm tail chances prrpaM), ,ef troun, tf - rvmarkW so. - it'.rie Owoory tor bui'd - 1iiT xip tHo t gelhef tlh our lrr Ihj. k tilin why you in thin, it ,nt uh t,m c - i'ts In filvtr or stamina lo h. - lp ctr i.h an jerking. aJ as jen - " of R 'i fii. ' The l'rotn "o . K W Proton Bld. Iftr.It. Mich. Nams Street C'lfv .. - - . ?tatp FOR CONFEDERATE'DEAD., Monument In Greenlawn Cemetery will be Begun Soon. ThVVan Amrlnge Granite Company, of Boston, which has the contract with the government to ert a monument In Greenlawn cemetery In honor of the Con federate dead buried there, . expects to erect the monument within the next few weeks. A representative of the company was In the city a day or two ago selecting the spot on wmcn me monument is to be located. It is understood the monument will be placed In the center of the west side of the cemetery, which was the original Greenlawn burying ground." A survey of the cemetery was made by Harvey It. , Fa tout.' of this city, in l.. when it was decided where the Confeder ate soldiers had been buried. The monu ment will be of granite, will cost Jo.uOO and will bear' a bronie tablet on - which will eppear the name of every Confederate soldier burled In the cemetery. - EMPLOYED CHILD LABOR., Charges Filed Against President of Capital City Brewing Company. Three more violation of the child labor law have been brought to the at tt ntion of the courts by the serving of warrants yesterday against Charles Krauss. president of the Capital City Brewing Company, for the .employment of three boys under sixteen years of age hi the - bottling works of the brewers - . without having riled certificates - of their ages and places of birth, signed by the parents or guardians. . The affidavits were signed by David F. Specs, chief deputy Inspector of the de partment of Inspection of Indiana, and were tor the employing or v llliam Jonas, Frank Kline and Daniel Scanlon at the plant of the brewing company. Con - HaKe J. T. Jeffries sers - ed the papers and the cases will be trjjed lnj Justice of the Peafe Hutchinson's court on Sep tember 13. . . .. STRAW HATS' FATE IN DOUBT Mayor Has Not Granted Indulgence Until October 1. ' Mayor Bookwalter fully expected to Issue a proclamation yesterday extend ing the. period for wearing straw hats until October J. but the chilly autumnal blasts caused him to change his mind. But. as one of those pictorial members of the medical fraternity asserts; "There is hope." - A' proclamation may follow later. . - - "if It beconvps warmer, I may Issue an automatic extension." said the mayor. "so that It wall be - effete to wear straw hat until September - 15. as the weather r - erm'ts. or until the last straw hat. the I ill for which I Just received today, is too black to b presentable." .Aci.oii:r.g to thdicta of - fashion, the straw hat should have gone Into retire - meat yesterday. 9 aiay? TO) TT: r r - i Tliese.arjjain On' Sale ; - - From - : - : 9 to 1 il MainFloor RIBBOX REMNANTS, taffeU, satins and fancies, desirable, colors and lengths, up to 50c qualities, yard , Qc PURE LINEN LACES, edges and insertions, up to 8c qualities . (limit 12 yards) . ....... .20 CAMiBRIC EMBROIDERY FLOUNCING, for corset covers, muslin wear, etc., 18 inches wide, 25c quality .......14c CHILDREN'S SCHOOL UMBRELLAS, black serge, fancy or plain handles, 1.00 quality. .. .39c HOSE FOR LADIES, plain black, double sole and toe, 15c quality .".7c VESTS FOR MISSES, white gauze, low neck, sleeveless, all sizes, 15c quality . 3C ARMOUR'S TOrLET SOAP, jumbo cake, Oatmeal, Turkish Bath or Buttermilk. 5c cake .: - 2V4c HANDKERCHIEFS FOR LADIES, MISSES AND CHILDREN, white or colored borders, hemstitched, 6c quality ...2c (to PACKER'S TAR SOAP ladles only) .12c WORSTED SUITINGS, - 36 Inches wide, broken check and plaid ; effects In light colorings, desirable for skirts and misses' dresses, 50c qualitK 1 9C UMBRELLAS FOR LADIES, black, half silk, piece dye, taffeta covers, tape edge, Princess boxwood handle, regular $L3J) quality, ex. tra special .79c EXTRA SPECIAL Sale of Silk Remnants (Front Table, Main Floor Annex.) Dress lengths, waist lengths, lengths ' suitable for children's, dresses and short lengths for trimmings and fancy work, in foulards, fancy suitings, taffetas, wash silks, pongees i and failles, the . season's most stylish weaves, silks that sold off the bolt at 39c, 59c, 75c, 85c, $1.00 and $1.25, on sale at, a yard. ....... - 37C, 25c and 10c Third Floor WINDOW SHADES, all colors, slightly soiled. 30 and 36 - inch widths, full length, up to 60c quality .... ................ . 19c AXMINSTER RUGS, 27x54 inches, high - class oriental patterns, , $1.75 quality 98c GRENADINE CURTAINS, snow - flake grounds with colored cross stripes, $1.00 quality - ......... 79c COUCH COVERS, full size, oriental tapestry, neatly fringed, $1.00 . quality .69 c TAPESTRY PILLOW SLIPS. 20x 20 Inches,' made of good grade oriental iapestry, ready for cushion, 25c quality 19c DOOR PANELS, beautiful Irish Point and Battenberg, $1.25 quality .C9c BRUSSEL RUGS, 84x10 feet, choice line of desirable pat - - terns, $14.50 quality $9.98 CURTAIN SWISS, white only, neat figures and coin dots, 15c qual - "y 9c Basement COMFORT PRINTS,' hundreds of pretty figures, scroll and floral effects 7c quality ........... 4Hc GINGHAMS, apron and dress styles, large variety - of patterns, per yard ...4c CREAM DO MET FLANNEL (limit of 10 yards to a buyer), per yard .,..v..................3V4c EXTRA HEAVY UNBLEACHED MUSLIN, yard wide (20 yards $100) 5C Basement Annex COFFEE, our H. & R. special ' (2 pounds 25c), a pound.. ..12Hc TANGLE - FOOT FLY PAPER 4 double sheets, 5c INDIANAPOLIS SCHOOL TABLETS .. .4 for IOC ENVELOPES, good stock, well gummed, thrre sizes to 6e!ect from 53 for rc EVAPORATED MILK, 5c size 8 for 2."C Second Floor APRONS, of white lawn, ruffle all around, 15c quality.. 8c FOR TWELVE WASH SKIRTS LADIES' of white Hnene. $1.50 quality ..; C9c TWELVE WASH COAT SUITS FOR LADIES, sold up to $5.00, while they Jaat $1.18 WAISTS FOR LADIES, of wY.te lawn and batistes, sold up to ; $2.00, while they, last ;...49c GIRLS' WHITE WASH DRESSES, of lawns, embroidery trimmed, sold up to $4.00, for ...98c TWENTY WASH DRESSES FOR LADIES. ,cf percales and llnenes, sold up to $5.00, while they last ...... .. - . $1.39 i TWENTY - FIVE JAP SILK AND NET WAISTS, sold up to $4.00, While they last 9Sc TjEN RAINCOATS FOR f)ld up to $15.00, while they - " last f. $3.9 S TWENTY TAILORED 'WALKINH - SXIRTS. for ladles, of panama cloth, sold up to $5.00, while tbey last t$1.0S rtieseWill Be , On Sale the Entire Bay Sale of White Porcelain . 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Rugs and Draperies tThlrd Floor.r . 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Invisible. 5c qual - ityp........... '..'.. aiic SATIN SKIN FACE POW - DE 15r , WOODBURY'S FACIAL SOAP T 15C DrI GRAVES' - TOOTH POWDEJl OR PASTE, 25c size.. ...2 for 25c? GOLD HEADED COLLAR PINR. 18 in a package, 15c quality. .. oc GIRDLE FOUNDATIONS. 10c quality Sc ikie 'Ffr - r - IV, V Ml!, Hii, RWJr DANGER FROM A DAIRY. What May Happen When Transmis sible Disease is Near. The devastation which, may be caused by u dairyman who sells milk from a dairy when one of his family is afflicted with a transmissible disease will be em phasized in th Tuesday evening session of tho market milk and butter men ofthe state, who hold their convention In the supreme court room next Tuesday and Wednesday. The subject will be treated by Dr. W. A. Kvans, health commissioner of Chicago, who has led In the ritfht In that city apalnst impure miiK. An Indiana dairyman. Herman Schrader, of Lake county, will be used as an example. Schrader was recently nnea on com - Mulnt of the stat board of hettlth be cause he failed to observe the state laws concernlns - sanitary dairy conditions. Schrader s salea m umoapo win De useti by lr. Kvans in his explanation of 1kw nitlk spreads disease. Schrader. according to H. K. Barnard, chief of the food and drug department of the slate board of health, supplied milk to a number of. families in Chicago. An enidfrnie of typhoidJever broke out In the district where Schrader dealt, - and an examination by Ir. Evana revealed that thlrtv of the casea wore In families sup - pllt - d' with milk by him. I)r. Evana then visited Schrader's dairy and found that he had tvphoid fever in hia family, and that the infection l ad spread to the milk which he had been delivering to his customers without pasteurizing. The delegates to the convention will inspect thoroughly a special exhibit of sanitary dairy machinery and fixtures which will be on exhibit at the fair ground, placed there on special invitation of the statboardofhealth. WORK BEHIND SCHEDULE! Mayor Urges Greater Speed In City Hall Construction. At a meeting in ld - offlce, yesterday afternoon. Mayor Bookwalter Instructed tn i.nntractors on - the city hall building to get busy, and catch up with the ar ranged schedule, lnlesa a greater degree of activity Is shown. It Is understood' the building will not ba under roof by January 1. as the contract provides. Those attending the meeting were Ku - bush A Hunter, the architects; representatives of the Wcstlake Construction Company, general contractors; A. - Todd, Tt - presenUne Georgw M. Brill, the con - ciiltinc svniyineer emnlove.i bv the city. i nd representatives of G - Ittenbach & i The - work la . aov Vxo ad one - half weeks behind the schedule, and the blame was laid on the stone - contractors. Ths mayor gave the contractors to understand that he wished ths work pushed faster in the future than it has been. EDWARD H. SCHRADER DEAD Was Well Known Merchant on the South Side. Edward II. Schrader, awell - known mer chant of the south side, died last night at 8:40 o'clock at his home, 848 Fletcher avenue. He Is survived by a widow and two brothers. Christian A. and Charles H. Schrader. He was a members of the Second Church of Christ Scientist and a reader will conduct the funeral services at 2 p. m. Saturday. Logan lodge of Masons will conduct the services at the grave. The burial will be at Crown Hill cemetery. i Mr. Schrader had been In ill health for several years but for the last three years his condition appeured to have Improved. The cabse of death was a stroke of apoplexy received Monday night, from which time until death he remained unconscious. , He was born In this city on July 27, ISTo. and had been in tne retail grocery business at Jvtt Virginia avenue with bis brother Charles since 1SS9. The business was established In 1S64 by their father, who died In IXC ... . i THAT COOK BOOK GOT WHEN YOU you MARRIED SPENCER HOUSE REMODELING HoteL will . Noj be Closed fcr Work, However. . The remodellrjs of the Spencer house, in South Illinois street, will be begun within the next jten days, and the house will not be closed, as was stated recently. The service will continue while - the remodeling is going on and Improved service will be given atter the remodeling has been completed, according to F. C. Gardner, president of the State Hotel Con pany. which took over the Spencer house, yesterday, from Henry V. Lawrence, by whom; j It haa been operated. Improvements ito be made at the Spencer house, according to Mr. Gardner, will - ost J100,OX ami fifty new rooms will be added. - There will be new furnishings throughout the house. The officers of the State Hotel Company, aside from Mr. Gardner, are Henry M. Rood. vice - president and manaper, and V. A. Atkins, secretary and treasurer. The building known as the Spencer house Is owned by V. IL Coleman. THERE IS A LAWSUIT OVER PAGE NO. 23 IN IT.. ' . , GIFT OF LICENSE CLERK Are you married? Was the ceremony performed In Indianapolis within the last year? If you answer In the affirmative there is one of your wedding gifts that Is not yet paid for. But there is no cause for unusual embarrassment, for there are 5,144 persons In the' same boat. Tou remember, when the license was obtained, a little blue book was given to you with the compliments of County Clerk Leonard M. QullL Yes. "The Bridfe's Favorite Receipts." And in the front of It was a note to the bride In greeting, telling all about the leaving of the old home for the new and congratulating her on her happiness. Just like the other notes she received. Of course, you remember it. Well. Page 23 haa never been paid for. This fact was made known today In Justice of the Peace Stout's court, when the GUseo company brought suit against the Grand Laundry Company for $Ua. in payment for a page of advertising in 2,733 cook books which had been given out with marriage licenses issued in Marlon county during the year ending June 30. Complaint and Defense. Tua" complaint alleges that . when the Indiana Publishing Company started to publish the cook book. It obtained a written contract from the Grand Laundry Company, a corporation composed . of William D. Pratt, Homer E. Slone. Thomas 11. Slone and Solon E. Burke, for placing an ad in the book, and that It was to be the only laundry firm represented In the book. The charge was to be cents for each copy given out by the county clerk to those applying for man - lag - licenses living In Indianapolis. The signed statement of Leonard M. Quijl and his clerk. William E. Bemer. Bhows that in the year ending June 30r 1909.' 2,733 licenses were Issued, of which 2,572 were residents of Indianapolis. There was then due 1128.60. The defense says ths book was represented as! being an embossed book with not less than three hundred pages, and that the paper waa to be of fine quality. It avers that the Glisco company succeeded the Indiana Publishing Company, and that the book Is not embossed. Is of an Inferior quality of paper, has less than one - half the number of names of advertisers that were to be represented, and "is not an attractive piece of workmanship as would likely be retained by a housewife." For these reasons payment has been refused. - Waiting for Governor. Because the members of the tuberculosis hospital commission were anabl to Governor Marshall today to ascertain what date would be suitable fdr Mm to attend the ceremonies at the laying of the corner stone at - 4 he tuberculosis hospital, near Koeki - llle, aetlon on selecting a date was postponed. It is the wish of the commission that tl Oovsrnor attend the ceremonies, aa he has not yet visited the site of tha institution. The Qovttrnor will be asked te make a short address on the occasion. NO ADMISSION ON SUNDAY. State Fair Not Open to the Public Until Monday. The entire membership of the . slate board of agriculture, which, has charge of the state fair, reported for their annual duty today, and at once began sorting admission tickets and attending to the wants of the exhibitors at the state fair ground, which was opened to exhibitors today. . . t . The ground will not be thrown 'open to the public until Monday morning. "Not one will be admitted Sunday," said Secretary Charles Downing, "but I fear we will have the ssme clamor for admission, that we always have on the Sunday preceding the. fair.' It apparently makes no difference how great trouble we take to let it be known that the ground will not be open on that day, there ere always about five thousand people who think that the order does not apply to them, and line up at the gates to be let - In. However, no person who Is not an exhibitor st the fair or an official will be admitted until Monday morning." J ACTS LIKE MAGIC TIRED, ACHING FEET Instantly Relieved and Tenderness Quickly Cared. Johnson's Foot Soap Relieves and Prevents Excessive Perspiration. Dissolves Corns and Callouses, Soothes and Heals Bunions and all Inflammations. Buy a cake today and delight your eole. LARGE CAKE, 2Sc. Msney bsek If ast tsasfJel. WILBl'R A. WELCH. Sele Distributer, 90S Flatlrea BaUdlag, X. T. - FOR HI" mm Cm., Wash, mmd IU. sts. Waddell Walterbeose, Del. aa 2fw Meow. Wash. ao4 Pesuk. mm Verk stfc iTTleW..K ... r.Vrmmmmm. Weber Dro Wash, mud ILL . Henry St J P pusMsi w a aaw0 Ferger Drag to.. Wash aaa lit. sta, ana iraniw Ding. E. W. Stocky. Illiasls aa 4 OhU st. C W. Elcaredt. 111. aod Jacksea PW. TT New Tork Btere. L. S. Ayr A Ce. Mas. U. Block C. MEN K'dner iroub.s ths oilnd. diicountn id j AND lessens ambuiun. tauu. - , "for and cnttrtu;n,i .a srs cut of ord. r or d i. - .. i. For good results us Dr. Kilmers :i,i - Root, ths great kidney remedy. At cr - - . - Clsls. fcanii)e bottle br mail free, a o pamphlet. Address. Dr. Kilmer Si Co.. T - ' - uf hamton. N. Y. . TOE OF hiiiiL' J.. CURES V0:.IiTS ILLS ftVsvaftt COUT and IKOICtSTJ' - U i Atkyour Physician LrcDTO - raGnT , yV W Nw ' ' W ' " - .A ,YDIA E. FCiKILMi'S J.YDIAE Vbgetab! !s CcmpourJ A Vcaan' Remedy for Women. H'j NEWS Enn:3 ADS A ft'

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