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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 23
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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 23

Dayton Daily Newsi
Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

"fT- S-ll MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,. 1956 THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS PAGE 23 THE GIRLS BETTY FAIRFAX Ey Folder lit Qualified I'hnrmiHtst at Htlrlity Have your doctor plume your I'rexcription. tree flelirery. "1 I Sfc( opportunity to date tell yuur girl friend you will go only if she doesn't interrupt you every time you want to say something. She may not realize she monopolizes the conversation.

Having told her, if she agrees to the date and unconsciously breaks- into your sentence, you can ask her pleasantly to allow you to finish. This is a bad habit for her to get into. Woman In 3(Ts Feels Her Life Is Fruitless, Needs Interest tJFiJglitj Prescriptions FOUR CONVENIENT IIHAlHIVS II EAR MISS FAIRFAX: What does one do when she begins to wonder, "just what nave I ac 201 S. Main MI-M831 33 Main 1:731 S.lrm I t)it 2.Wt ar II, IU WW 1 1 77 ADVERTISEMENT "No secret but a fact ing with new people, and you would have a sense of accomplishment in helping others. If you still continue to be depressed, in spite of keeping yourself busy, I suggest you check with your physician.

rn 1 1 shed in won't let me finish a sentence, when we are on a date. If I start to say'soniething she interrupts me and goes on with the sentence. This makes me feel stupid, and I end up saying hardly anything all evening. We don't date very often, and I like her at other times. I my 3 0 i''M' years?" Rarrirxr lh of life! fart I have a wonderful fam ily, home and a JJEAR MISS FAIRFAX: My girl don't want to hurt her so what friend and I like to go places should I do? We wouldn't be altogether, and this summer we were! lowed to date separately, allowed to start dating as long as TEEN-AGER, we double dated.

My girl friend! THE NEXT TIME you have an reasonably good incom to How true that some Ucu ol lile seem like secrets! Then, one dav, learn that women like Mrs. Hersh-field follow the proper method of me I seem be groping I 1 for I I ething. be something. I can't say Miss falrfax Elva Lee Neal Is Bride Of Charles Robert Bostic my school days were especially happy. I was an average student SUZ-ANNfrSchool-Of DANCE 39-11 PARK OAK WOOD REGISTRATION 3 to 6 p.

in. Mon. thru Fri. TAP BALLET MODERN TOE I SI STU'T si ir. 10 "HUSH" but not popular.

I had girl friends, and was a pal to the fellows, but hat was about it. I had very few dates until I started going dad Ittscuei with the man who ii now my hus douching with lounr'ain vnnee, using an elective vet sate solution, like zonite. roviTB is an eft fane rmirute that washes way germs and odor -causing waste and is harmless to tissues' Benefit irom Mrs. Hershheld's experience, and welcome the "peace ol mind" and daintiness zosite gives vou alter monthly periods and other times. It any abnormal condition exists, see vou doctor.

Use zoNrrt as directed, as olten as needec. Costs pennies per douche. band. I married too young but never regretted it. Our love has grown deeper with the years.

I believe a eu'atdearofmy JSGR. HARRY J. ANSBURY read the marriage lines Sept. 1 at 2:30 p.m. when Miss Elva Lee Neal of Harvard blvd.

became the bride of Charles Robert Bostic of Rustic rd. The double ring ceremony was performed in Corpus Christ church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Neal of Whitley City, Mr.

and Mrs. James Langdale Bostic of Springfield, are th bridegroom's parents. Phone OX-6911 trouble is the lack of self-confi dence and desiring a special friend. I have never done anything com pletejust half way. We moved in a new neighbor-1 hood.

I thought at last I had found that special friend, but someone else moved in and now hi l.r- 1 t4A' 1 it is those two, or a triangle, with Our Ialernity Shop is much lamer in the new Thai's The bride was escorted to the altar by her brother-in-law, Michael D. Chandler. She wore a ballerina length dress of Chantilly lace and nylon tulle over satin. The strapless bodice was covered by a fitted jacket designed with a Mandarin collar and the bouffant skirt as designed in tiers of lace and tulle. A coronet of pearls held the bride's veil of imported silk illusion.

She carried a prayer book arrangement of white orchids, roses and stephanotis. Lace Types Havcl'crsonality, History; Discover Characteristics Before Using ttX) the bride-lo-be who Is picking out lace for a wedding gown: A You're very, right in assuming that each lace has a personality Of its own and you should choose lace with this in mind. Most laces are named for the regions where they originated and each has its own characteristics and history. Alencon originated in Alencon, Fiance, and is distinguished by a fine net background featuring a heavy thread which outlines the design. It wean and washes well, and is used to trim lingerie, blouses and dresses.

Chantilly lace originated inthe city of that name in France. Its ipider fine, exquisite patterns outlined in heavier thread make it perfect for use in bridal and evening gowns. Valenciennes or Val lace is also from France and is used for edging or insertion and comes in various widths. It's widely used as trim on baby dresses, lingerie, blouses and such. The fourth principal type of lace is Guipure, a heavy lace available in all-over dress fabric width or as an edging.

It's made by embroidering a design on the fabric, then dissolving it so that only the design remains. D. West Alexandria. Polish Is Too Thick BUY an expensive brand of fingernail polish. However, I can never use the complete bottle because of the tendency of the polish In the bottom to thicken.

Isn't there some way lo thin the polish so II of it can be used? R. Dayton. Silverfish Invade Attic J)ECEN'TLY, I brought some dishes down from my attic. They had been packed for IS months. The boxes had silverfish in them.

Can anyone tell. me how the silverfish got into the attic. and how I can get rid of these pests? FAITHFUL READER, Clayton. Attending the bride were her sister, Ann Neal as maid of honor, and Mary Licbhard as bridesmaids. They wore ballerina length MRS.

CHARLES ROBERT BOSTIC bridegroom's host man. John Mc-Cullough served as usher. A reception at the, home of the bride immediately followed the ceremony. After a wedding trip to Niagara Falls and Canada, the couple will make their home on Rustic rd. gowns of shrimp-colored crystalette accented with velvet trim and carried mums in the shrimp color and IVot only do we have young, unusual idea in dresses now we carry a selection of separates too including chic new tops many different ekirts torreadors and pedal puthers.

Velvets corduroys transition cottons, failles many other fabrics. white. liffjl V' 'turn hit hi -h vAu Robert P. Vienhage was the my being the last consulted until all arrangements are made, etc. Am I jealous or is it self-pity.

DISSATISFIED. THE AVERAGE PERSON who reaches the age of looking back feels he has accomplished little. That you are rearing a fine family should give you the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing something worth while to the world, but you feel a lack of interest and contact outside your family group. It takes year to turn an acquaintance or a friend into a very special friend. What you seem to want is a woman to talk with.

That a neighbor may be friendly to other would not prevent her from being cordial to you, too. You are asking for undivided attention, and I don't think you are going to find it outside your family group. You need to get away from home, and the too, some of the time. Even If it were but for a few hours in a day you should have someone reliable, in the neighborhood perhaps, look after your pre-school child. You might be able to make arrangements with another mother, with a small child, that you will watch hers for an equal amount of time each week on a specified day in order that she too could get away.

Then go to the Volunteer Service bureau and find out how you might be useful in those hours. You would be meeting and work Choose front the linest MACHINELESS ELEAXOR ROOSEVELT COLD WAVES $195 if or MACHINE et nd Htirrul liuar.ntr Inrludinc shampoo Reg. $10 to $25 A Transition rayon acetate in plaid uitb the rtmotabli ribbed knit trim, grey or brown. 10-16 12-93 Maternity Shop third floor People. Believe What They Read About U.

N. NONE HIGHER rtnr.t Uccntrt brautlrtans Special solutions lor problem aalr No salts talk. Nothing extra. Every on gets the very best. Any satiated advertised wove, you wish regardless ef whet It costs elsewhere.

It in the know. Let us prove this Is fEXEVA. Sept. subject lic opinion. Newspapers try to of the World Federation of PHONE FU-57U attract attention and often write I HI 1 i.

tMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMOMMMM 1 tA United Nations associations con for the most part about things that VAI OneMciell it costs to give the most beautiful YALE 3 Biauty Salon permanent wave ever created. 131 IUIB Kmr Flfts SI. -Second Floor, IIS Canbr Bldf. Oaytoa'a Onlf Ono-PrK- Beauty Saloa ference last week was Public Opinion and the U. N.

Lord Attlee, Prof. Bokhari of the are sensational but little resemble the kind of information people should have in order to make up their minds as to whether their government is following an intel U. and I were the three ligent policy in world affairs. People would believe said Attlee. whatever they saw in print in the paper they are accustomed to reading, and frequently very erroneous ideas would be spread of the speak s-i-J ers, and our speeches were of course folio by a question period.

abroad. How, then, were you to Mr. Koosevelt correct misinformation, and. create valid public opinion on a firm All of these questions are of deep interest to th eU, N. associations.

Many of them do not enjoy adv anced communications systems "the fairest of them Prof. Bokhari gave us a most Interesting talk covering the tilings he felt might come before the U.N. in the next few years and what the function of the U. N. itself, through its public information service, must be in informing the public.

He insisted it was not their function to persuade or propagandizeonly to give Information asked, and to tell the facts that were of general interest and that the public should know about. That Is, of course, a good way to Inform the public, but how far does the U. N. really reach the mass of the public in any case? Lord Attlee remarked that it was difficult to tell what formed pub in their countries. This is especially true in areas of the world where there are no radios, no TV, and where newspapers are controlled or subsidized by the government.

How do you reach those people and give them any basis on which to form public opinion? Because of the general concern about these matters, I heard a -umber of people say that they had found the morning session a very constructive one. Rogers lingerie SAY GOODBYE! TO Njlon tricot lingerie so fahionaMy designed with only i the nio-t exquisite imported and domestic lace trims or new delicate lace appliques and insertion. From the flowing designs of the new Umpire cut Haiti goHiis lo the ingenious new slim lips and petticoats IJogers Iia designed, practically, a new elegance in lingerie. Lingerie Hirrt floor 9 Summer Bugs! Garbage Odors! 9 Garbage Cans! NOW! for only $1100 a is i fx i MONTH! No Monty Down YOU CAN 5) Fits titlly Rmlil applies ndir your toward pur resent link thiu Crlnd irry. Alio tutn- thing rinds, undid lor lomi, nliry, liplit tanks ita.

Opiritil No Mm ilttntly, no audit! Itlelintly Tit Fomoui U.S. GARBAGE DISPOSER FOR 1 FULL YEAR No fflsfoffo-Hon Cfiorgti nwi'grn Meet Mm Maune Ham pie fashion and Mcrthan-d i Couindi at Hulls' from 12. VI tionn till 9iiD Moo-Jay from 'J; II till )) p. pi. I utnlaf.

The petticoat uilh four flat kick pleatt for a slim sheath line touched uitb rich ecru late appliques in a rne ftouer motif, White or sparkling Champagne, small, medium, large in The slip tailored to smooth ilimness the front and uaitt detp back shaped of late and tricot the six imb hem uitb late detailing. White, 2 to 42 6.9) Sheer tricot drapci float elegantly on this empire uattz goun appliijittd uitb embroidered flouen time Pink or Sitter Blue thes 2 to Bands of delicate imported lace in a nightdress of lately simpli-tity an empire design uilh gathered skirt. Peai It Mitt and Sitter Green, jM 8.0) No Obligation! It No Deposit? HOME OWNERS ONLY FREE Home Demonstration ORegon 9386 OPEN SUNDAY U. S. Srerhege Olipotel net n.

oiiit Oayteo 4, Ohio AeHtlmoi FlMto M4 nio Ml I lormonoa remal io. DAM annnrM rnooe tv 4 -A.

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