Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1846 · Page 2
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, January 13, 1846
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rtXLIC LEDGER c O" - . AM) DAILY TKANSCRIPT. FH1LAPLLT1UA, TUESDAY - , JAN ,13. "Pi buc Chabities Gotham, like Quekerdel - pbia, owarsrooally dealt jn abuse of public cba - . riliee. Our Guard College k quite a dark po "in eta - history. " But spot qoite as dark am visible iattaM of rmr neighbor. Nobody can deny jU ..ImimhU administration of our hospital. aoir almshouse and out prison, ofar as the comfort of the inmate is concerned. If peculation toinstuuet fill it pocket, it never doe 6 at the expense of the prisoner or pauper. Tbe pauper and the prisoner are well fed, clothed, lodged and attended, though peculation may make the people pay roundly for what they get, and sometime for what they do not They always get enough, though tbe people nay be charped with emr than enough. But in Gotham, the system la Afferent. There peculation, like a two - edged sword, ruts both ways at once, cheating the prisoner and pauper, and the public to boot. - Soma ihii am. some dozen or mora of helo lea children in the almshouse of Gotham, were rendered blind by an infectious ophthalmia, or mfUmraetioo, caused by shameful neglect in the administration of the institution. Recently one of the aldermen has proved that the present in - maiea of this institution have been fiirnithcd ., - . . , if m i . .1. .r .1. . 1 I wiia paieonoiie tee.; tur. viiumva, ui iuv wu vt Aldermen, the equivalent of our Select Council, shows that, in a bill paid for 1G00 pounds of seep, 300 pounds were deficient! That, in aa invoice of twenty chests of tea, everyhet had been marked up from one to three poand in weight, and marked W four pounds la tare ; aa expedient through which the people paid for about 120 pound of tea never in the chests, and consequently never delivered to tbe almshouse! That, in ah invoice of twenty , hogsheads of molasses, about 23 gallons were mitMHf from each, making 500 gallons deficient, yet paid for ! That the tea for which 24 cents per pound had been paid, was old and poisonous, part of a cargo which had been stored there for years, not worth 13 cents. So says the journal from which we" copy these details. It adds that the wonder now ceases, why the alms - bouse of New York costs fJOO.OOO annually, and why the proportion of death in (Lit greater by 75 per cent than in any similar institution ia tbe Union. And truly the wonder does oease ! Deaths are so numerous in the almshouse of New York, because the inmate are poisoned for the benefit of tbe managers! We would here ark why this poisonous tea is worth even 13 oents, or anything t And why hs sale is permit ted? We do not know that damaged tea is used in any of the manufacturing arts; and if not, its sale could ouly be fur food, and as such, it or ought to be an indictable offence. Honest feT - low are these, who grow rich by cheating the poet' ' ' PmriTMs Looking I' p. Three uieruLers of the U. t. senate Mesars. Cameron, Nile and Vesteott were once journeymen printers. PffJLAwm Montr - - Well, suppose they were! Franklin, who was also a journeyman printer, " looked xp" before either of them. The - " tooling '' oont aula in becoming qualiliedto be a good journeyman printer, rather than in any change - el - profession or employment thereafter. There are doaeus of members of the V. 8. Senate who were once nothing but latrytrt! and we'll bet a big apple that no one ever duly qualified to be a ouraeyman printer ever hitched that head to that paragraph. ' Faox Mexico. A messenger from Mr. Sli - . dell, our Minister at Mexico, arrived at Wash ington with advices, on Saturday evening, from Vera Crux, ia a vessel which led on the l'Xb ulL The purport of the intelligence be brings has not yet puMkly traniedr - ' - f 'Taa Jfoaioiis.'The Jacksonville Journal say the Governor of Illinois has refused to permit the State militia to execute the warrant ;.. ik T I. C - I.L, c - ..:.: it PWIIIW MJV Vt.l, V J.IWI,, ,U VUUMICIlClllllg l . 3. coin, until demanded by tbe President of the . United State. A writer iu tbe St. Louis Reporter asserts that the Elder have beea guilty of hiarh treason aninst the United Slates, in en tering into a league with tbe Indian tribe against this government, at the suggestion of jtngiuu agents now in jxauvoo, ana loaiiaeu project of emigrating to California or Oregon . was suggested by the British Government, to which they bare bound Ibeniwlves. He say there ia abundant evidence to warrant the ar - . , reel and elimination, at - Thc - Twclve. en a charge of high treason as well as counterfeiting v ,: - l - . , , . t . ., . , Instead of decreasing, it would appear that exeitement is on the increase at tbe City of the (Stints. A a great many families are divided vyvm tuv iuujwi VI QUin VI9UI, IUQ tVIIS ha endowed them (tliey say) with tbe privilege of casting off their legitimate wives, and taking others to themselves. Crime haa exnerienced little of no abatement. Eau JpxocCHrEgj. DrMolt, of New York, San tha Eau Bmrrkitri hi.b Mr f;llar,lot spoke of a performing such wonders in arresting bleeding, ia a humbug. He says, when In England, he knew the inventor of the water, 1 charlatan. He was anxious to introduce tbe water in the United States, and even proposed aa agency to Dr. M., who politely declined the efler.Ia the experimenu Dr. M. aawwith it, - tb Sow of fclood was arreated by tbe application of lint aad a compress. ihi iHiaoKKcs. Lie inteuigence baa been received from tbe Cberokees. No further murders have been committed. Tbe Advocate yet palliates the murder of Starr and Rider, and censures Gen. Arbuckle for his course. It denies that there is any intention of disturbing tbe Indians who are out oa a prairie excursion, and safety beyond the limit of the nation. The In - telligeaeer uyi the Cherokee near Fort Smith are going backnot to the Nation, but among the Choctaw. 7 Late raoai ILtvARA.' - Havana dates to the 24th alt. have beea received at New Orleana. The news from Havana ia not of considerable importance. The Captain General of tbe Island has yielded to the desires manifested by the Municipality of Puerto Principe, that be should 19th ult. in a war steamship for Nuevitas. Tbe Spanish line of battle ship El Sotttranc arrived st Havana on the morning of the 23d, ia thirty - eight days' passage from Cadiz, Sbejbad 00 board one hundred and eighteen men for tbe Spanish navy of Cuba. The railroad from Nuevitaa was about being commenced at last aceouuts,and it is expected ' to be resly shortly ss far as Santa Catalina, I'.'imikk was very dull as tbe hoi 1 Jays sp - m . - ji' li' - 'l, ami, as miBloiiiary, Many persons were i' - aring tlie city to rpeud their Christmas ia the country. 5' 1 rrc n IIobcebit ahd MuaoaXi At New (.ir'i - aiiK, on the 1st instant, a maa, named Otis nio' l, ilicJ sikldt'nly, and was buried, having ro,i:c to his ili Hlh, it was said, by being run cut lya ilrny. The next day Henry Leach KnJ Cft - 'r e Ci ujbcll wre arrested oa upi - i - : i i f ! v - .'f cii - vd the tnan' death, aa no - t - Lh.'ttu of (nit h nn aiv J nt aa tbey s ! ,1 !i I I iii - j w iiii. Iwk, wl'n arrested, J - ' '1 ij - Ii, Mime h - tters and other papera to Arnold, and a gold watch, which .it d a the properly of the deceased. . . i; 1 w Ix.i 3 iii v ,'! gated by tie police. i STAtrsTica or the Coal Rxoiohs. The hut a umber of the PottsvUle Journal ia filled with coal statistics and (be cenous of the town ia the coal regions, from whieh we gather the following facts: ' v i J ' "'. , - ; The lowa of Pottsville had, at ln - e - ginning of the' present . year, a total population of 5,224, aa increase of 87 in five years. Tbe rate of increase haa not beea so great ia PottsvUle aa it ha beea in some ,of the neighboring mining towns, but it has assumed more the character of a business place. . Tbe number of licensed hotel ho decreased to 13 since 1S35, when, with a populalioa of 3117, the num ber of luvch house was 20. Tbe number of storas, dwcUing!, office and shops in Potuville is 1060. There are ia the borough 13 churches, of which seven sre English,' tWe Welah,' and three German. There are also a Friend meeting - bouse, and an Africaa church. There are nine public school ia the borough. Tbe number of pupil taught in these schools average about 703. There ia also a public school for colored children, the number of pupil ranging from 35 to 43. The following is a recapitulation of the population: . Potttrille, S, MioJIeport, Mmfrrvil'e, Newcastle, Paltrrion, Port Carbon. 1.M7 fehay kill Hivea, Tamaqaa, - Oiwlgabnrg, - t.Wll Tascarora, ' t,tli - ens n 418 Total. m tnur. Deduct Or wigabarg, rmeirore, Llewellca, 14,0 i..i.i - . ,s 1 1 nv it,. u and depending on the Coal Region. There are also several collierjr establishments or town, numbering upward of 800 persona each. - I ne population 01 isonuyiiLiii county was in t uao n,W4 itou - W7Ht mo . ' - " ; - - v '' w.ti7i - By adtling the population of Mount Carbon, 500, to 11,036, it will be observed, that the population of these towns alone is equal to one - half of tbe whole population of Schuylkill county in 1610, and ouly about 6,000 less than the population of the county in 1830. Tht Coal Trttt for 1815. The following is the official quautity of coal seut to market from the different region ia 1845, compared with iwi: ; feanyttiM. .. IMS. IHI4. InensMd? Railroad, . 8),il7 441,401 3;6,0U Canal, asjSJ , WS.443 decreata. 1,063,TM 431,OM) W,4l) I7M,40I lo.tioo Wl,7t Mt,963 St, lft,44 e.149) Uhiah, Larkawnna, Wilkesbarre, Pinegrmre, Shawikin, S77l sst,nus 114, MM 34, ate 13,097 l,)l,lt Inereaaa in 1813, 390,UIUj Tke ScliBylki.l Reaina still aniiilaiui the ptMitun she has held sine It'll, ia furnuhing asore laan one half lbs sapply of Anihiaeii I'nil scat lo maiket. Biaee the Inula conunenoed in UtiU ap 10 the baxia - aiac of 1816, the lapplr from all suarces amwmeit to , - 13,4670)1 tons. Of ibu qoantiljr Iha Schuylkill region ramished 7W,7 " Allother regain only ,U7t558 In favor of the Schuylkill region, l,31",lji " During the hut rear our vnunir fur - auhrd - 1,I3I,71 All other counties, only , 8et),9t " laeeaainfavor ofSchajIki leounly, 811,770 " Within tlie last live years the coal trade has more than doubled. Iu 1840, 8txi,414 tous were sent to market, and in tbe"year just past the num ber was 2,021,074 too. Pntnu s.Sln i Ik Cut ButimM Tikt Bom ber of Engines aniagtd in Iha Coal bwincss of the Potuville region ap lo Iha beginning of IMS, was . 41 Anref ate Horae Power, IJ78 There wore built during Iha year IMS, in rousmie, ixmiery purpusex, 17 Aggregate Hirae Power, 3 - 0 Do iuMiarrarille, 10 Aggregate Hoik Power, . 36U " ia .Making the total number of stationary Engines engaged iu the trade 68, with an aggregate power of 2018 horses 27 of which, with an aggregate power of 7 10 horses, having beea added during tbe last year. There were also five other Engine bulii ia Fotlsvill iurmf tbe rear, with an aggregate power of 23.) horses, lor other purposes. They were turned out as follow : Engine Home power ByMearr Debaven, Mineraville, . 10 3G0 Hatwoial t fender, PuliaTille, 10 30 E. W. M'CinnU, do 13 ' ' " ' i3 " "7i The aame eslabliahmeuta liave no lea than teen Engiue now in the course of construc tion, and tnere are Iwo or three buildimt at Tort Carbon. j , - Th$ Coat Trad for 1816. Amount of Coal transported over the PhiladelDhia and Keadinff Railroad for the week ending on Thursday evening last WW - ' ToTaL - rorlCathoa, . . 317 ftj 3347 03 PotUTllle, . , V.tttont ,!lll BchuylkiU llavea . 3.445 W 3,144 1) PurtCliaKM, . . 400 07 . SMI V7 "r."' '. " 10rlW 19 I0.3M 1 IxroaiAUT AaatT. A genteelly dressed young man, who gave hi aame as Albion Floyd, wa arrested oa Saturday, in Baltimore, on suxpicion of being the perpetrator of several extensive robberie in Baltimore and Washing - Ion cities, and elsewhere. Upon bis person were found a large and valuable diamond ring, and a variety of jewelry which was stolen from Lieut - Win D. Porter, of the Navy, while boarding at the United Steles Hotel,. Washington ; a lady' gold watch and chain, the property of the wife of Mr. Fuller, of Fuller' Hotel, Washington ; a valuable gold lever bunting watch, with heavy gold guard, identified by Mr. G. D. Clark, of Baltimore, a being the one he sold to Mr Hurlbert, who was recently robbed 01 u and soma jewelry at uaraum'a Hotel ; to gether with a large variety of jewetryy (rjch aa gold pencil cases, breast - pins, rings, hair fins, necklaces, ace in bis trunks were also found a variety of jewelry of every description ; several gold watches ; an olive cloth overcoat, . marked on the loop of the collar, " Col. J, W. Webb ;" a lady's portfolio, with tbe name of Mis Woodbury on it, and a package of letter directed to her, together with a variety of clothing. A female passing by the name of Mrs. Clark, who arrived in Baltimore in company with Floyd, was likewise arrested on suspicion of being connected with him ia the robberie. Tke article were subsequently identified by the owner. Justice Gray deeming the evidence against Mrs. Clark insufficient to warrant ber detention, ordered ber lobe discharged. Floyd waa remanded for a further examination. Tlie rogaa was arrested on Saturday, about 3 oV - lork, 'Squire Gray sent information hy Ulegrtpk to Washington, and tbe wituease came to Baltimore by tbe five o'clock train. In tbe course of the examiiialiou, tbe magistrate referred lo the quickness with which witnesses were col lected in this esse, as another evidence of the value of tbe Telegraph ia overtaking rogues, aa be hiuiself bad bad several rases before biiu, wbeie rogues running by Railroad from Washington were collared by tbe constable oa landing from the car al Baltimore, owing to the information sent by telegraph between the two cilia. ; - . - ' . '. Fugitive raost Jistk t Aaacrrzo. W. W. Carwell wa arrested in New York on Sun - dav. charced with alealin? at amhezxlinr fnim his employer, G. W. Aspiuwall, merchant, of niiaaeipuia, on tue iota' day 01 .November, 1815, the sum of ISQ0 and over in bank bills. The young man was committed to prison to await a requisition from Governor Sbunk. M AKorAcnraEsoy Boeroa - The Boston Mercantile Journal publirhr statistical table of tlie manufacturing eslablishinenu of that eily, from which, it nppenrs the capital iuvesied in nitttiiifacmrmg is ( - 1,057,1 10, giving employirienl to H - 'il fenialeii, and 5,1(10 mules. The gross value of nuiiiiiiactiire for I lie hw yew amount lol'J,7(W(SH. . . . Texas as a State. The following Circular to Collectors of ihe'Custoou has been issued by the Secretary of the Treasury : ' Tieascst DaTAaTjnwT, iv - ; January 9, 1846. " You are hereby instructed that all vessels of the United State and their cargoes arriving ia your eollectioa district from any port ia the Stele of Texaa, oa and after the 31st day of December, 1845, the date ol tbe act "to establish a collection district ia tbe State of Texas, and for other purposes," are to be placed oa a similar fooling without reference lo the dale of their clearance from port in (aid State, with reuse Is and their cargoes arriving from any ether district or . port in tbe United Slates; and so as lo vessels of the United State departing from your uratrivi wiia mervuanuise ta lureigit K' v im, manufacture, or production, for the State of lexaawun respect to coastwise tmnsporuuioo fur benefit of drawback. - Vessels and their ear - goes arriving in aay port in the State of Texas, either from a foreign port or a port in any other Suite or Territory pf tbe United Stales, are to be placed 00 a similar footing with vessels and their oargoea arriving at porta in any of tbe Slate of the Union. R - J.Wahxi, Secretary of tbe Treasury. Late moat the rcinic - A letter from aa officer of the U. S. ship Savannah, ia the Pac - cific. ilated at Macallan oa tbe 18th of Novem ber, givea the latest intelligence from the Pa cific The letter states that " the Savannah lea Honolulu for Maxatlan on tbe 14th October, and made the passage in 36 days, experiencing all kind of weather, from gale to calm. The impression previous to our arrival was, that we should have some difficulty with Mexico, but we find every thing pacific, and not even a rumor of War. Nations, like individuals, reflect and talk a great while before they go lo blow. War is gelling out ol fashion. Wa shall probably remain here forty or fifty days, and then sail for Callao, on our way home, where we expect to arrive in May or June. The Portsmouth, Com. Montgomery, sailed on the 18th up the gulf. The Levant, Com. Page, is in sight from Oahu. We are looking fur the Warren every day. Our cruise ha beea any thing but a pleasant one. Several priucipal officer have tieen on tbe au k list, but have all recovered. Wa aae wore down with long continued service, and are extremely anxious to retara to tbe United Slnles, having beea cruising from port lo port in tha Pacific two long years, t H. B. M. Iineof battleship Collin wood, arrived at Honolulu, Sept. 21st.' Tm Dais or Got Qnxa Bars." Thora was a tiine in the reign of tjueen Elisabeth when rasa and brandy were sold by the oanee by apMherariea, a a medicine j and a leaapooeful waa eonaidcTcd a dose by all Ike regular physicians. ' - Meant. Charles J. Peterson was eowniitled to jailja Barmlable, lart week, for the murder cT Wm. Amoa, aa India of the dutriet of Marabpee. . A Hurts . Tke G oaken Republican aotiers a vary defer exploit of a young lady, by iha aaust of Wilvai, spending a few cays al Iha knaae of Jaraea dwartwnut, ia the tows of Deerprk, whoducorrrtd a deer In the meadow a few roda from ike hoora, seized the gun of Mr. S, and taking deliberate aim, shot the deer throng h, and bit one of Ha leg. She then reloaded the piece, followed ap the wounded snimal and ahot it twite more the third Mieeerdcd In dcapalehiiig it. ' - A riSKox threw upon the tlage a wreath fur Miss I - ee, at Boston, on Thursday night, which was thrown bark in eonsequeuce of having a eard attacked lo it bearing on on aide a gentlemia' name, and on the other llieae word" Oh, that thy head night fie na moment lay npon this trembling arm." - Fiat Tbe store of Messrs. D. A A Collins, of Br aanoa, was deatroyed hy tre oa tht amrnmg of IheSI iariaat. 14.01)0 poanda of wool, asmngthe stock of the store, were enmuraed, and tha whole Iota of Meiers Collins is animated nt I3,700, oa which ihey had an inraranee of il5O0. A New Caxdidat. Th Nukvills Republieaa aomiiiates and advoeaies th elai rs of tha Hoa. John J. Crittenden, Senator (rem Kentucky, aa a candidate rut Iks 1'reaideocy la A CoxaiTTU of the Convent!) of the Pmtertent Episcopal Church, in Virginia, have petitioned ta General Assembly of that Slat for a law enabling religious bodiea 10 hold and Irwtamit properly. JtaaaoAD Accmarrr - Th Charleston Courier of the 6k liulant aaya, that aa tke Railroad ears were ea their way from Charlettna lo Columbia, about two miles below Orangeburg, at i Pi M , on tha 34th art., Mr. Kdward Doyle, in endeavoring In ptaa from one ear lo another, accidentally fell, when tha whole traia aaand oyer him, crashing bo h his legs aad la - Bicting oiher injuries, from whieh he died next anna. AanTMta Raujioao The Camber land Civilian tales that Capt. James Hasgkey snd H. R. Haxel - hurst, Faq , kave omuaeled In make a railroad fur tbe Lanaconing and George's Creek Coal and I ma Company, which it to tnters'Ct the Maryland Mining Cbiirpany'i road, then the Mount Savaga road, and then the Baltimore 'and Ohio Railroad. This road will be 91 nuie ia length. - Bhif BuiLDiaa. There have beea forty - five ves sels launched in New York daring the past year J measuring 2137 toot j fourteen vetNl srt oa iha stocks measuring 8001 Ions. Ia Baltimore, last rear. nearly 90 yewcla were baiiL - : Tax Lou 01 BoAaa tbe Belle Ziti. The pat - sengers oa board lha Bell Zaae have publiaked a eard in the New Orleana papers, ia which Ihey express the npinaui thai about aixty - iv peraoas perished by th unking of that bout There were ana on hundred and tweaty - lr pet torn oa board st the rime of the accident, aad of that number sixty - fnar reached the shore, foar of whom ware 'rosea to death. " Daaaicx Babxwsu, of Lang don, N. H , oa Wed - aetday went Into tha Woodt wilh a two bora team, aad wa returning, seakd on Ike lop of hi load, when he wts thrown forward, with tome portion of the wood, and fell under the sled, hia body inside, and both his leg caught at and above the knee. Tha rcma were wound round kirn, so that ha eon Id not proceed, and hors he renstiaed, screaming for help, am only tamngh th rest of tke day, bat through th bitter eold sight, until seven o'clock the next mora - int. seventeen hours. His limbs arere terribly frozen, and hM face, bat ae boats broken. He died from kit injuries. Fxoxxa to DaATaMist Angaria ghamway, a young lady of Laporte, la., who kas not been in ker right mind (or soaae tiros, escaped from her koese some time since, aad was found frozen to destk. Familt Pomona. A family was ssriowlypoiaoa. edal Burlington, N. S., recently, in con requeue of steaming for a eold with twsmp sumach. N ew FtrtMCATioxt. irartt tflKt Puritan Dirmee Wiley A Putnam bay pabliaked Ike Jeru'alem Sinner Saved, the Pharisee sad the Pablieaa, th Trini ty aad a Christian, Aa., a.c, by John Banyan, wilh a Lifeoftheaatheat by Rev. James Hamilton. They form the first number of a aeries of cheep religiose publication, art kandt mtly primed, and bonod ia cloth. Zieber A Co. hav received thi volume . Utturu as cat Suglir feeu, by Wm. Haxlitt, No. 36 of the Library of choir reading. Aa rxeaUeart work, like all of Maxim's eriiiciama. Zieber fc Co. Tatat't JtrvmUm Dtlireedtkei Bob It Poem of Godfrey of Bslloixne, or tha Recovery of Jtraialeat, Irarulalcd by Fan fax, haa beea pabluhed by Wiley A Patnam, formmg No. 48 and 4 of the Library of choice reading, foreign series. It u the Cm Aaaeri - caa, from tbe seventh London edition, repriated from th original lotto of IU00. There i aa iuirodacka - y etaay by Leigh Hani, and lha live of Tstso and Fairfax, by Charles Knight. Zieber A Co. - Art MtLrt, or the Broken Pledge, by Wax. Carle - Ion. No. 1 of Duaegaa't Fireskla Library. Zieber A Co. 1 TUAmirkem Jmmtalef Ike Molint Stumai - The Janaary aumuer of ikis valnabl jian - nal ha last beea paUihM by Lea A Blaaehard. It soalaifls all the latent ditooverie and iamroyemeats ia tke medical art. Fova Ftarr Rate SToame, h Th Dollar News paper" for tha) week contains foar capital stories : ' Life," aa original awry by hi are Kvwgreea ) El len Craigh, lb Broke Hoar led," by Mrs. Ana 8 Stephens; "Tha Lost Child," a thrilling story of frouuer life j and " Th wrung Box," aa uiteretiing and bum aBccung tela. Th Letters from Washina ton, Uanitbarg, New York, Baltimore, Ae., are fail of matter of importim imeruM, ' Tke doings of Coa - grett ar highly sxaiting, and will probably so eon - Uuaa until after w kave aawa of th reeepUoa of the President' Message ia Eughuid, when it may be even mora exerting thaa ever. The 44 Neartntper" eon - lain, betides theae, sn aWaet of tha Covernor' Mramgs, lUe and impnrteiM News frt m Mexion, Rs riewsnf sll the Markets. Ulinrialt, all iha New of the Week, and lha awalquaniam of Poetry and Mis - eetlajiesn reading. To be had at the enantcr of Iks Ledger attic ihi aflcraooa, al 9 o'tlcek pries thrte acata, bt wrapper or withtait. . LOCAL AFFAIR. JteMtrwt On Wednesday alghl th umbrella aad parasol Mors of Asehe A Peaces, No. US Market street, was robbed of t30V Tke moaey waa takes ftora the desk. Bo far tl ha not beea aaoer1aUed that Iks robberi took any thing cue. Th atove etubluk - meal above thai of A. A F. was entered and a small sum af moaey tskaa fresa th aesk. The robber or robbers cfected aa aalrane by way of tbe roof through th trap - door, aad Ikea broke th fasleaingt of taa door leading into iha stores. . Twa or lata other stares ta lha neighborhood were enicead lha asms Bight, hat aothing slolea At eaa mora ua attempt was made, bat tha party being aw warmly re. eatvadai iha outpost, they retired ia disgust. Wa lea' a ikal a short lima at act several asore ta tat ama vtoinity were an tared. - This state of things demand the special vutilaac of the walchatea aad other of th sight police, ; Man a Daring Satarday night the book atort of Mr. Wiack. No, 15 Arcade, waa entered tkroutk theeallar way, and robbed bf aboat $10 worth ofi oooaa ana a large camname lamp. : The Cau a SamaW JVaUisat.Tha Supreme Court yatterday rendered judgment oa th ceruorari sued out byltmuel Naihan lo tha tjaarter geaiiontof Ihiacoamy, where, it will b recollected, Mr. Na - Ihaaa wuoaargud witk deserting hia alleged wire and chiMves. and wa ordered to pay tea eiillsrt a week - fur their amnteaanc. ThaaaH wa htought ia th nam of tha Com isy wealth, and the care was heard be fort Jadg faraona. Judge Kennedy delivered th npintoa 0 th Supreme Court, oaaskiiig tha proceed met af Ike Quarter Semions oa several groaada. Antneg other pnini, it wu decided that, Under the Coastitutkm, p single Jadg of lk Cwnmna Fleas enaM hot hold a Court of Uaaner Sessions j that iha eompiainl la this osMahoald kave beea ineti. rated by aad ia tha aame of lha Ouardtaas of lha 1'oor, before twu Maaiatratea, and that it should hav beea oorameaeed by a wsrrsal of stixare A great deal of labor and le irulnf war expended In th pro - Km and determination of Una ease, bat, although It ended in leaving tha parties ia th poeiima Ihey stood ia at iiteommencement, its diteuMloa haa not beea la vein, at important principles of law, kiiherte mack debated, have beea anally loll led by the high - est authority of lb State. ORgea Molar A rente and enthtuiattie meeting was held al th Chins Mateera last evening; Tha following orhcert yrer ehosen r President, Robert Tyler, 1 - ..) Vie Presidenta, Col. Thomas Burton, Major Joba Mark land, Col. Tbomss B. Florence, M. Stoever, 11 via Blytha, Paul B. Goddard, Thorn W. DuCeM aad Ds, Bunting. A apirilcJ aadrara was delivered by the Preeidaat oa takiag th chair. A aeries id ratotuiKma werttbea rderrd by Mr Wm. A. Kiualoa, aiier a few rtanarka, and adopted with the mnat perfect unanimity. They claim Oregon st righilally hetoniipg to this country, and inaut that the rihl should be maintained al all hanrda. Snevehe were also detiverrd by Joha A. CoHlns, Od. Flivenee, Col Jack and Calvin Blytka. A rcao - luiion was offered by Col. Jack, eallinc npoa lb EtvernnMnt to ra - reet and fortify Fort Mercer al ed Bank, oa tha De'awar river, for the protection of the city, and adop ad by the meeting A reaola - tkm wa also named, authorising iha Prefidenl lo enawne another aareiing, m easa it should be deemed aeeestary, ia ennsequence of the newt expected by tha next ateamsbip. . Tht Amarr JVr. The ravage of this diteasa are rapidly deereairing in oar city, resulting nrobanly from tke precautions generally taken of revaeeiaa - lion by lata who wnnld otharwam hav beea ex - pnted to lha emnagion. It evident thai exagxe - rated rrpoitf of Ha ravagm have bara spread abrued in the aarnmudinai enuniry, whkk are have ao doubt kave deterred aaanyef lha farmera IVraa eoming to market wilh their produce. One of the (rat questions transmitted lo the etty by the telegraph yesterday was sruirma inquiry whether the disease wu still nuring m the eily, in which the reply was relumed teat but It death had occurred from this disease during the past week. Tht Lsn irraaf. - The principal charge against William McMullen, arrested snd safely lodged in prison through Ik exertkuia of th SooUiwark oftoera, on Saturday night. an aviiK and battery, with intern 10 kill, a Mr. Burr, oa tha Sad of November last. This occurred oat Carpenter street, near tha Native Hixe house, and tha weapon used apoa the occasion was the iron bar of a balk window, with which hs iiiflicied a brutal blow upoa the head of Mr. Barr. Ineddittoa to these, tmeer Kelly and Mr. Nicholas Carsoa hav each bulged a rjompuunl against kirn for kateniMhwl whil they wen attempting hi arrest, and Mr. Washington Gampher sue for aa aaaatll eumraitted apoa hia persua oa New Year's day. Ha it a Ian detained by twu pi neearea mated by th Court of Uaaiier faasiima, one of whieh at sndevstaod to b ft drawing a knife npoa Aktoresaa Fletcher, when ha attempted 10 arrest him for being prominent in a (r rim ia Shippea atreet, near Eighth, oa a Sanday afierimiie, about iwo annnlkt aince. The (am indi - VHtual ha participated ia so many oalr area foe a few month back, that every Aider maa ia Moyaaaenaing hat charges pending against him anna their docket. Joha Bears, one of ike twopwannseharged wi'h participation iu lha saaaall upoa Samael Cairaied, out - aide of the pritna gales during the absence of tha cnV errs witk MeMsllea, kas beea admiued lo bail, the evidence not being vary clear aa to hia participation, laiatgh h arss ia company wilh the gang who perpetrated the outrage. The other, Chariot Meek in, haa beea fully enmmiited to answer th charge at Court. He la aU detained by proceaee baaed by lb Court of llaarter "eaaioM fur previous offences. Tat fhn'n Hmm Sum geatlcmaa eeeuieeted wilh the Moyameaeirg Soap Soeialy ware going through Bedford siuei yesterday, for um parpoae of dumbatln tick ei fur thaj anasle to lha aaoat de - servtna;, whea thair aileiuiua was attracted bv tha complaint of a amntaa who bad beea aharaefully abused by her brute of a haaband. Ret bead was bleeding from a wound indicted by him, and the staled that tor the hat week ah had beea turned la 10 from home to sleep for foar of failing a victim to kit drankea fury. The ceatlemea entered tha hoaaa. and endeavored 10 reason with tke ama oa the impro. 1.1 1 t 1 ... ... piiciy man rmuuci, dot ae woom not listen so maaL and vowed he would do at he pi eased, and threatened Wi revent e himre'f upon hi wife f eornplaining of ha eonducl. He then proceeded to take down the clock for the puriHuc of otedcintr it to obtaia bm rum, ana swing n was saeicss u reatoa, tbe gentle - I aiea proceeded u Indg a eomlalnt before AlttermakT r irieaer. wao ioob rmaance or u affair. The maa ia named MeLoaghlin, aad be wif is lb aa ther of thru children, who, a well aa her, are subject lo l) ill treaunent of tkau iaebriate father. Tht Mufarat Tii.frr Yaarerday saoraiag, Ike telegraph waa pat mirpsratma betweea the termiBu tUMExehint and the battery, atauoaed at Lam - bertvUla, N 1. That point was ehotea for th pur - pot of nurdiog it eitisens, as well as those of New Hope, (ituated immediately opposite, oa laePean - aylvaaia aid of the Deta war river.) aa opportaaiiy of witacating iu oeeratiarjt. It will remain at Lanv bertviUa antil ihia eveaing, whea Jha necessary preparations forii removal u Botnervill will take plac. From the lauer aoiat H is hwl abort distance to Newark, which place will probably be reached before the end of the week. The telegraph wa sot in operation laa evening, owing to tha faotlhaltb appa rates at Lambertville i italkoned ia the bank at that place, whieh it woald not be exactly proper to keep opsa after dark and admit a erowd. Firiing a fst, Robert Carnc wa on Ratarday Bight robbed of hi poeket book, containing about tuiy dollars, wkile la a cab or whea leavingTt. Su. picioa attached to lb driver, aaaaed Brace, who was arretted and committed. After being put Into the wateh - boue hit stable was searched, snd lha pocket book, without the contents, was found ander the seat of hit cab. Vine then the money, or the grealer portina of it, ha beea recovered from mote to whom ka had lent or paid it. AjKt - Swtury Mstawg - A meeting of tke friends of th abolition uf slavery was held last evening ia tha County Court Hoeee. Oa mooon of Wm. 8. Mullen, John Sckoleteld was called to the ehair, and Wm. Mulleaaad J. Lindsey appointed feeretariea. - A series of resolution a, presenied by Tkoma Earle, wera aooptra. epeecbes were aavd ay Messrs Ear e, Ciaiias. Raukia and Caveader. Brterhsr'IAtlUMaiA Tha eaaa hmtarm Alderman Erety, of tha Northern Liberties, ia which Clsus Winters wts charted wilh a violation of the taw, la relation lo the performance of worldly boaineee on the Sabbath day, Wat yraterday decided by judgment against ike defendant. Caeca of thia character have 01 tale beea frequently bronrkl before Maxulraie, aad eonaiderabl intereat ia manifested as legards uwm ia every instance. d Oa Sunday. In ronseauenee of the eolli ion of som cur oa tha Colombia Railroad, three miles above the inclined plane, oaa of tbe engineer! au aa arm oroxea. A. Bedim Kuem Md Tha bodies af three of th Blea drownrd ia the Brajatywine by tbe upuettiag of a boat oa Thanday evening, were recovered with grapnel ta Saturday, by Ike exertion of their friends. Aawereu'r rttmty Caurratfaa. Thit body aset ye terday for the Burnae of telectinc deleaalea to re present the County in the State Convention to be held at Harrtaborg oa the 4th of March next, to no - minata a candidate for Canal Cornmistiuoer. The Convention organized by tha election of Jtmet Good - .m t . . i it j . n D .... v. ., itwrnwi w . CWWWW SHU D. mw, www Prctidenla. tad LewiaSnell and TTtl Nell, eVereta - lies A grneral aominailoa of candidates was mae, ami Ike Convtwiou , adjourned to awet on Monday next. 1 The City Delegates met for tha tame purpose mm eveaing, and organised by tbe election of Fraaei Copper aa President, wilh other ofltcera, and edjoara - ad to meet oa Monday. Fi'rtTr alarm of i mat evening, little after o'clock, was canard by anm alight damage dime to lb beck part of a etor and dwelling oa the east side f Second sir eel, above Cheviot. Tat eery Canst Wt understand that tha exhibition of that admirable woik of art, which reeom - aieaeed yastetdiy, will close early oa Wednesday afternoon aexl. Persona called at Ike Masonic Hall fur a weak after Ha former exhikiiioa, to aa it. They amy now have aa cpportautiy to day and part of u asorrow to (ratify their eurkauty. Taa figara is certainly u (dmirabl production ra art. ' - Carta eWtel Tkaatrt - The Two Fakirs kss produced a tenaaikm amongst oar play goers. Th tpo'ogetie part it eplrndnlly givea by Mr. Crummlea, while Ihe two magician ar nt perfect ratera - blauce. Herr Alexander and the Fakir of Ave seem to appear ia their own proper person. The tricks of eouniratiou are admirably manured. Tbe Cheanut treet ppertio be ea the blah road to eococes.' Taa Fan RaAoma Knoa opened at lha North - weat corner of Third and Cbranw eta , at Ihe Country Newspaper Adveriiring Afeweynf. V. B. Palmer, aflbfdr 10 ihe paUi an opportunity of seeing a iasb - saad Hfinrnt jMtwrt, of raamining and anlreting as mrdiuiw f advrrliing auch a circulate in Ihe aeva - ral distrieia of country from which trade amy he attracted le ihia auirkei, and of tubaenbina for the beat Onifresiioiial, Legiawiiv and ether jjoarnal la lha ljuiusd rlala - Paaaneai Pocat - a Sace Coat. A mrg aatorl - merit of Ikit aaoat beautiful and fathionablt ferment, (rot aa by gonea, the ornnnator of ih Premium Saek,)kH jaat beea gniahed al the Old Stand, No. UO Uarket atreet. All Ihe lowa hay beea trying to imitate thit Coat, but the correct Premium style cannot be found elsewhere. Every purchaser al No. SOU receive the fall worth of hi money, end it well tad kajtdaoawly alted. it It thit principle of butinead which hat gtvea a. the targest rua of eusKaa ia tha any ; and doing a hrger cash baaiaem thaa aay other, wt trt anaHed la amka ear good better aad ell them cheaper by 10 to IS per cent. : ' A Cabb. Sianor Vito Viti. kithlv Rallered With tke targ aumbsr of vttiterv to raw hat eoileetieav asterday, begs to return hi aiacera thanks to 1 a lite and gentlemen who honored him witk their preeeeca, and it aalieted that hia sxerihaM to pleat tha pnbtie will be duly appreciated. Sigwa - VIA brga to aay that the Hall will be open during to - day fw visiters, snd that tha sale will commence punctually ai t o cioct iota evening. , .. Exthisivb SAtas or Wiaiaa Xutib - - Great bargains are to be had at Bennett A Co. 'a Philadelphia Hall of Faakioa, IW Market street. Th whole of thi building (foar stories) ia occupied for the grand display of their new style Cloaks, Hack and Over - a att idreaa, frock and Business Cuata, Panta, Vests, Aa. . This stock hi aaaarted by judges to be at least Iv times larger thaa any in the city. Alan, better eat and made, and will be add st great sserinee, a Ih proprietors hav determined to clot eat their winter stock. Cask buyers will do trot) to call na BanatTT A Co , in Market atreet, betweea Fifth and Sixth tueats. . . rr"A lafre stock of Fashionably amde Clothing, atTsbraeiag all artiriea ia Ih line, will be offered for ale thai day, at MS Cheanut street, al unusually low nraees. The subscriber 1 desirous of Bukina room fiar a spring stock, aouaecjacatly will aell any of but Winter Clothing, al prtoaa which will please those who like to buy at A net ma. Call and axamina tha stock aad deter ml ua 1 tbe proper eoaiss to parte. Put ay R MrNslixa, 106 Cheanut aireet, ; ' Pitat ! Fills ! I Pitta ! ! ! - Dr. Jackson's Pile Em - broceiloB km rained a reputation never before errual - led by anv uieilieuie. It never fails. Persons tlflicted Witk the Pilot can he Cured in a f"W days and with very little tronb'e, byea'Ungal Na 6 South Third atreet, Philsd., and otiiaintug a bottle. . ; iKruaMAToBT goat Thboat, oa Qnmtr, it an acale, and sometimes highly dauigeroaa complaint, and sboald b aueaded to iu Ike early stag of th malady, aa the alighleal delay hi oflea anaud d with aerioas eontraaeaces. - Wntkt't fadiaa Fra - ataMt fills, of the North Americaa College of Health, are th nest mrdleia la lb www fur in cure or aa intammatory tore throat, because they not only rturre fra the body those humors which are th cause of every detcrlptioa of inltammatloa snd awelltnc. bat way sun alt area, ana may ne admiaietere witanat a atntaem's delay. For a grown pe ratal, from four to eight of said Vegetable Pills should ho taken Bight and morning, antil the urgent symptoms have abated, after which thrte or foar Fills, la tea one la twenty - four hour, will, ia a short time, make a perfect cure. . : It ebon Id alto be reatembeved that a man, by th name of wm. M. tfoear, wao sell mertteine aurrn in to bt Indian Fills, al lha eorner ol Race and Front street, it not an agent of mine, neither eaa 1 guaranty as genuine any that hs hat for axle. - Tht emlf lertmty s - oa) iiiipssisiaa, it at parraatt fmm prepis ef nilimuk4 (Aaractrr, or at ihe Orrica no toenerai irepot, no. lav ataee rattana. 4 Wn.Lisa Wtwnv. Married Oa the 8th intt.. bv th Rev. Job L. Grant. Mr Joaara K. Wuxuaa to Mir Euxa MtTtinots,hoih ofihiseity. e On the llth Intl.. by th Rev. A. D. Gillette, Joan W. Ouvsa, of thai eiiy, to Babab C , daeghurr of ta late ivaoca Joacs, 04 ramalxvuie, Vhester eoanly, Pa. Oa Sunday, llth inst., by tke Rev. Jos. H. Ksnnard, Mr. Wat F - Mxvaaa to ttorau, oauthter ef AMer ama John Apple, all of ihe Nnnhera Liberties. ' " DlesU ' .' On Monday morning, Mabi Pots, aged 48 years, wueot rtm. rote. Tbe friends of th family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, oa Wednesday afternoon, al o'clock, from ber husband' resideoee, Bishop street, nesow Meen, aenringion. . tht lbs Uth inst Mrs. Maet LvRra, sged 4S years. Her friends and aoqnainianrea are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to - morrow (Wednesday) morning, at 10 o'clock, from ker bite residence, Oak street, West Philadelphia, betweea Market aad Che - net tit. a Oa Monday mrminr, Wh inst , Wa. W. Woon, of apoplexy, m Ihe ItH year of hit are. Hut Mends, and those of the family, are revpeet - fully invited to attend hit funeral, from hit bit residence, No. IH7 Cheanut atreet. aa Thanday afternoon, at ii o'clock, without further en Ice r Oa ihe 10th inst., Roaxay Hill, aged to yian. Hat friends end aequaintaneea are retpsetfully Invited to attend hit funeral, from the reatdoaeeof Joba Henry, No. 198 North Ninth street, above Willow, ihi afternoon, at i o'clock. a) Oa th li h inst , Emma CABrttrrxa, daughter of Jiatiah P. and Margaret W. Wftite, aged 4 years, 4 atmttbt snd Kt days The friends of Ih family are respectfully invited to attend her fanersl, tUs afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from No. SI Logan treet, without further notice. Oa lha lh insL. of brant fever, Etna Artov kbttb. aged I year, y mmiha and IS days, daurkter of P and A Kairtx. The friend of th family ar Invited to attend her funeral, from ker father' residence, corner of Noble aad New Market eteeeU, this afternova, al 3j o'clock, witaoui lunner aouee. a , Oa th llth mat. of typhoid fever, in Ih 41th year of hat age, Joaara Cisee - flia fiienda, and Ihuee of the fsmity, ar reapeet - fally Invited to attend kit funeral, from hit late residence, Baltimore House, eorner of Dock and Front atreet, on Wednesday after nooa, at I o'clock, aril bout lurtaer notice to proceed to nionom m cemetery.v . ua Saturday, lutk mat., of dropry, u. UotXEasaaa, aged a years. I New York and Ballinor paper will please eopy.l The frisnds and aronaintances of tha family are reapeetfally invited to attend hi faneral, frorn kit late residence, eorner of North Fifth and Jefferson streets, Keasuujtoa. this afteraooa, at t o'clock, without further notice 10 proceed to Moaamcnt Cemetery. im ia ixia mat., mr. UATBAauiB holt, aged to yeara. The relatives and friends of lha family tre invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her husband, Samuel Holt. No. t Shippea street, to amrrow afternoon, al t oVtoek, without further notice. rrjf TKMPERANCK J. M. CARPKNTKR, IA3 Esq .will Lseturg ta th REV. MR. 11 1 U - GINft" CHURCH, FIPTH Street, below Carpenter, THIS (Tieadsy) EVENINO, at 7 o'clock. Seau free! A eolleectioa will be take. - ja!3 - lt r5a SONS OF TEMPERANCE, JEFFERSON IU DIVISION. No. 43 Th Members of " Jefferson Division. No. 4.1," will meet THift EVE - IL'IMA - I A,.,.uu t .L. ti. 1, ..r U .r AMENDING ROAD and SECOND Street, ja!3 (VTSaai GRAND LODGE OF PENNSYLVANIA. X3 I - O. of O. F A Special Meeting of 'ihe GRAND LODOE will be held oa WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jaa. 14th, at 64 o'clock, at the Hall, cuaua r itia aircat. ny oroer or ine m. v. u. ra. jal3 - tt WM, CURTIS, Grand See'ry. rrm I O of O. F A Slated Meelirur of liN l3 WARREN LODGE, No 19t of the I. O. of O F. Will be held THIS (Taeedavi EVENINO. at half past o'clock, al their N EW Ha Ll 8 THIRD atreet. miur u. JLBUSHj.fee ry. N. B To adopt the Conetliatioa. . j13 lie (Y"5 O. A. BHOWNSON will deliver the third IkJ? and lat Lecture on ihe Characteristics of Mo dern 80 levy. THIS EVENING, at lha PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM, al?i o'clock. Tickets IS cents, so oa uuu si ins eoor. lau - u ry - c? - LIBERTY MEETING. A Meeting of tke LIBERTY ASSOCIATION will be held cari RKSON HALL. CHERRY Street, above Sixth, THIS EVENING, the 13th last., al 7 o'clock. Th public of both texet are respeotfully Inviied. lie rr - T WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, return our Lk3 grateful thank to tha FIRE COMPANIES 1 in panienlar th Independence, Lafayette, Friendship and Globe, for their prompt assistance in extia - gniahinr th Sre na oar premiers, ia George al , below Fourth (jal3 - ) EXl - EYA WILKINSON. nea BIKING SUN GRAND CHAPTER OF X3 PENNSYLVANIA. .Colored People,) Union Hail, South 8EVENTU St, below Lombard. The Grand Officers elected and installed tor Ike enaaing year are u follows : Conip Winery Cronieaa, M. E 0 H. P. David Wslsrs, - D. O. H. P. Peter Armertoa, ' M. E.G. K. .. David Jacobs, . - M. E. U. S. . ., Root. Brown, ' G. Trramrer. Rich'dDavai. . . 0. Seerettry. Rev. Edward Johruvm, G. Chaplain. D.niel Marry, . . G. Marshal. Samael Bayard, . G. O II. Lemuel Jones, G. P. 8. Jonathan Lopeman, . 6.R.A.C. Randolph Stokot, G. Guard. The Regular Meetings sre held oa th Third Mint - day ia Fobraary, May, August and November. It ry - ssus TALENT EXTRAORDINARY, POIN - U3 DEXTER 8 HENSON, from Richnsrmd, Va (aladonlyUyeartold,) will deliver hit third aad iWlb Ieiaret at Ike Churrh la JULlANNA Street, above Wood, TO - MORHOW (Wednesday) EVENINO, at 1 o'elock. Subject .Temperance and Pulitica veraut Temperunce. la order thai th lecture aay b proatabte to the Leetarer, the price of admiatiua will be I cent child rea half price The proeaedt will h exelnsiva - lyjtppropiiated lo aid him ia hit ttudic at th Rich - aaowi College, of which he ka foraerly been a Scholar. Ticket can be kid of Dr. Tkomti Cooke, 3 Nor th Fifth meet; Hit era Ward, Second at, above Arch; C, F. Folwell, ti North Fifth st . and al U.t door of the Churrh on tha evening of Ihe leetnr. jal3 - lt pr - Hh'BHEW B .4 IX. N OTIC B. - F Ol' RTH IU ANNIVERSARY HEBREW BENEVOLENT BALL, al ih MUSICAL FUND HALL, ' Oa WEDNESDAY EVENING. Jaa. tie. The Maruurers uf the HEBREW BEMCVol.F.NT BALL will meet on ihe Kveninrt of THLHsUAY, IMh; SATUHDAY, I7ih MONDAY, IVth; and TUESDAY, aoth, from 8 to IU o'clock, al ihe Com - aniiie Room, hack of the Syoarogaa, ia CliKRat Y JMrect, above Third, for Ih en.ivsay to aoawannrsa of Ladiu' Timrrai aim on Wrdnedny morning, list hist , ai the Ml'sICAL FUND HALL. ' ' ' Cemaget will tat dowa heads West and take ap ewmkawl. y JaU - Uli rfemna LAW ACADFMY OF FHILADELaTHIA. U3 - WM A. POKTER.Eaq will deliver a Ue - ture neiore tnu mmw iicanemy of roiiaueipam, on WKDNKhDAV EVEN! NO, 14ih iusL, st o'elock, ia the Room formerly occupied by iheftirrein Court, K. eoraor of SI XTH sad CHEcUM UT mroe. Subject "Th Practice of the law pertaining 1 Sheriff1 Office." Metnbert of th Bar, Students, he, art partitularly invuod to be present. 1 - ' EDWARO SHIPFEN, jalS - tt - A . ' - ChairmaaofOtimmiiire. i ' SftrMmnt Agrmle." tveaa. 4.RAND DECORAIION BALLTo he 1L given by Ike HUMANE ENGINE COMPANY, at tha Large Salooa of the PHILADEU PHI A MUSEUM, oa MONDAY EVENINU, th d Of Fcbrasry. - i ' Tickets 10 b bad of any of tbe Managers. : jalj - ti - . F. BOLEY. Jr., Floor Manager. - lyca MESMERISM Doat forget to gn, THIS Uj EVENING, at T o'clock. to Dh.SVTTOrrS MESMERIC HALL, 183 S. SEVENTH St., lo wh - arm some wonderful experiments m ANIMAL JV10 - KET1SM. Admittance free. The Doctor examine ease of diteea witk ha subject. He alto Magna. axe for Disease, Burgioal Operatlont, Extracting Teeth, Ae. I attract ione given to Magnetiasa. Tha sabjeet wtll read Ihe tneat prmt with ker aye perfectly bandaged. Private parties aoeomuandalod tbrrauih Ih dav. A eotleetiem will ha taken ap. )al3 - li Part af PklldelpbJa CLEARED, f Barque Falrmoant, Boyd, Harbadoea: brig Fairy, Tkoaaw, Dcmarara; aehra Delaware, Baher, Providence; Jaa A Samael, Somen, New York; Lreurrae, WiUetts, do. ' ARRIVED, r Schr Viola, Fitzgerald from Cape Saa Bias, Dee. 14th. and Corn Island, 18tk. Schr Edgar Lslnf. Jonas, Pttth Arnboy. day. , Schr Angelina, Miller, New York, 3 dayt. , OAMEB' CANALLIVO SHOVELS, fi salt by ... ... , MICHAEL V. BAKER, t Jt3 - 3t ' " ' HIS Market atreet. STRAW PAPER 1000 ream In atort, and ha ml wholesale and retail; alto, Medium and Crown Wrapping Paper, by F. A. SERVER A CO, ' Jal3 - 3t - ' and 10 Franklin Plac.' VACCINATlONVaccinsamltar, nraal'y rem me Case, having Mfaed through Hmly aiiM vto - einsliuns - lh subjects Being sll healthy Infanta. - L. C.GUNN, 1 , 'JalMt .'. ' No. ISoath Fifth Street. CHURCH OF THE EPIPHAN YFor sal or to let, PEW No. 31 Eaat Avenue, with Iv setts. Apply to Col. W. P. SMITH, No. 1M0 South ia nnn iviH,Td invft KUUU MORTOAOat, m 0 ROUND stavaisjsV, saiririv eu. a; NTHONYP. k S. It. MORRIS, jal3 - tmh1r v an r linen street. ?OH SALE - A good FIRE HitOV CH I. of a ffliaaitnr site; it can at teen at N. 8 L.ODGB ALLEY, below Eighth nreet. Call between It snd lO'eincB. jalS - tte EW HAMS, SHOULDERS AND SMOKED BEEF A superior article, eily smoked, last re - " """'I a.ssvvHtrMsitj dPSaAV tammEMV BEEP A Mperieir arUcle, ciljr mnkt jo.t ro reiving from s aaUBBauB raipciBBjx. una nar amiirj or J. H. MICHENER A CO. JalSlte IS South Water tueet Ci Asu't I r.K;, BAMHMAar.Hts e., wishina to ) get a rood MORTICING MACHINE, will and them for ml to MARKET Street, Iw door above Sixth, Snath aide, up stairs. jal3 - si IURSIFURS!! FURS! ! ' AtM D COHEN, 1 of 1401 Sooth SECOND Street, bitrnd ebwrar his basincM for thit seance, be off era for ihia month to toll his trdradit assortment of FANCY FURS, he - low coat, lilt Bttomauiu it the handeoasrsl. aad moat complete of any m the city tke workaamahip it ua - rivalled. jalilw TRICK YARD FIXTURES FOR BALK. A A) rare chance for those wishing to eommenea the butirsrm, It being a rood location, and requiring bat a email capital, at ther ire a number of cash customers who hay of th preeent owner. To any one who anderttandt Ihe boat neat It trill yield a peotl of laivaouart ayearoa i,uuu,ouv or nricxt. AQuraaa BRICK YARD, Lrdrer omca, statin where aa interview may be had, will meet with attention MU3 DISSOLUTION Th Conartneraklp exialiiig be, ween ROBERT DUNLEVY A GEORGE G. njiuE1 r r a. i . ttr at.M . i .lu day beea ditsolved, and GEORGE 0. DOWF.LL will ennirme and snttle the basinet of lb tale arm, ai us vnwivii rwree - Fhilad. Jan. 10, lhl. jal3 N OT1CE Ihe PARTNEHrtHIP horeiofora ex tatinr bet amen JAMES C. 8LAUGHT and JAMES 0 SMITH, tradint? under lha irm of SLAUGHT A f MITH, Coal Dealers, of iha City of ruiiaueipam, win expire, oy na owa umiiaitna, oa in i Jie aay ot January, inaiani. iAMKB U. St.At'HHT, JAMES D. SMITH. Philadelphia, Jaa. 10, IMS j!3 - 4l DANCING SCHOOLED. L. CARPENTER'S rVhonl for Jdiet and Ynanr Mast era THIS AFTERNOON al the ASSEMBLY BUILDING. from 1 till o'clock te the LA RUB ROOM, alto Givaie learauw lor xenim ana ueaiiemea every oraiaat Gentlemen's Scbmd every airht En trance na GEORGE Street, N. B - Second Omillina Ferry Monday. Jaa. IBih. PAUL DAVIS. Ike ex eUenl leader, i engaged fur Ike season, wilh a spicanw nana. ' jaia - n SELLING OFF AT COST Tha tsbacriuer, bavin ermelnded to diteontlime basinets, at bis oM ttend, Northwest earner of SECOND and FINESut, ay tae lat aay of reoraarv, woufct reapeetfaiiy iniorm aw suatomera ana ine puoiw generally, IBM Be will dispose of bit Stock, mtia4ittg of Aaaariean, Enelirh and French Clotaa, Caaaiaierea, Cataineta, Veatinrt, Blsakeu, Flannela, Marseille (Juilts, Irish Linsns, rtarnsiey Ntaetiraxa, Uamast Taut Lin taw, napkins, ueiainea, tasamerea, rtir. ae , at cost. jal3 - 17te WILLIAM J. SAVAGE. fnflfs REWARD DARING ROBBERY AND OUTRAGE. The aliove reward will be paid for the recovery of th bandar which aa rathleasly torn from the eyes of Jsaitce, la Ih stenea of th member of the Select tat Coasatna preae Coait nrila. oa Thanday evenlnr laat. Bv this act, Ih eity ecalee an loat their balance, that the petitioa of anont intny uMivianaia, wao asiea w ta easpenatna nf ih ordinance which made Second street, betweea Market and Cheanut, a stand for market wagoa, whea puusee ia is one acale, outweigaed rsasosMtra of nearly en thrmaand eitixena, which waa pat ia tha other. If the bands re it ant recovered prior to th second Taeedav ia October next, the ealy alter native of ih people will b to plae la Council more waieruai aervanH, wao will replace ma aanaaga. and guard aint lb repeti'loa of the outrage jl J - l TIE CELEBRATED BOSTON TEA, PAMILY and BROWN BREAD BAKERY haa been re moved from No. 141 North Tenth street lo No. t MORGAN SveeC wber the sabscriber will thank. fully receive ill nrdert in their line. Also, the genuine Boston Bmwa Bretd, manufactured by no ether baker in tkm eitv. . The auhscribsr would my, ia recuminrnHing hit superior bread to ths public, thai ke only wubet them to five it a trial and it will le - eoamieild heeu. Fersunt by leaving their address at ue anove ptaee, will be served at tkelr reatdenoe. )al3 - t DAVID HENRY FI8K CO, rrtAlLORrV TRIMMINGS SELLING OFF Th JL asbarriber, wiahing to dispose of hi alack af TAILORS' TRIMMINGS, woald Inform Merchant Tailora, Country Merchanta and others, thai h has oa hand an assortment of Goods, among which ar But lone, Psteat Thread, Bewinr Silk, Padding, Can - vaas, Baekrams, Serge, Brown Hollands, Bindings, Tapes, Hooka and Eyes, Neellra, Hdkfa Scarfs, Cravat, Shins, Under Shirt. Drawers, Sutpendert, Ae., all of which will be sold below t, ia order lo retire irominc DUSIIKtS. S. U JAUH9UH, lal3 - 3ty No 4 South Eighth street. BLANCHE VERNON, THE ACTRESS) Br I. A. Smite. .''" Prica 111 rrtiia " - .' - .? It oflea happens thai, parchalng a book, the reader throws ii dowa wilh a oehaw '. before he haa rot through half - a - duzea pates. I th above sweet novelette we eaa insure la pahli (gslnat Ikis dis - appointment, for though the author is yrmng, he kas wrought spa fiction rem irkabls both for beaaty and n - aisiuinere. , jiliKtiEeB, 8, uo, i Broadway, and G. B. ZIEBER A CO., I Ledrer BuiWiog, jail Itlr Third street, below CheenM. - riWK STAFF OK LIFE. IMPORTANT TO J. FAM1IJES C. C.EDWARDS, j South SE COND Street, I door below Shippen,haa oa hand a fresh supply of superior Whit Wheat Faauly ruoUK : eomnrltirur aa assortment of all the best brands from New York and Pennsylvania. Deliver. d lo aay pari of Ike eily wuooel charge for porter - are, jauuaivr VMBKOlDKREU ROBES, UKKwel UFF8, for Fj Bella, Partiee, Ae - J. D EVANd, No. 8 North SECOND Street, has reduced the prices of th balance of kiaeiorkof KuHnotdered Kooet n V igarea Kva - mng urete stuns. Mi3 - xn)r T7ANCY HRf3 8ILK8. - J. D. EVANS, No. 8 JP North SECOND Sueet, kas reduced Ik price of th balance of hi Stock uf Fail and Winter FANCY PREoS BILKS. . ' ALSO. - Wide Chameleon Satin da Chine and Heleneans, of saperior eoanbinaiiona and shades, for Ladies' Pro - awaade lts (Jtoasa, as al xnr PARIS CASHMERE D'ECCWE AND MOUSSE - UNI - a DE LAINE. J. D. EVANS, No. North SECOND Street, has REDUCED the prices of tha balance of hut stock 04 rail ana winter styles iaa - awra d'Ectaae and Moossejinea aa Lai no. )13 Mir WIDE BLACK AND BLUB BLACK LYONS SILK VELVETS. J. D. EVAN It, 8 North SECOND Street, has oa hand, Wide Biaeh and Blu Black Lyon SIUC VELVETS, of medium and very superior quality, 1 and I yards wide, for Mantillas, niiawls, Ae. As. t jl3 - tlr - rpUE ORIGIN OF LiKK! L JL A POPULAR TREATISE ea tub PHILOSOPHY AND PHYSIOLOGY "" REPRODUCTION IN H.ANT3 AND ANIMALS, at na. boujcx, Leetarer oa "The Oririn of Lire," F email Dis. Single (Sopite, price II. ' The Trade eupplied by U. ZIKUfcB CO., ' litl7)r ,. .UdPwB"ildu,e'' ' THIRD Straat, btkrwlMeatU. rjVJ BUIl,DKR3. - iVI,(X10 BRICRd FOR SALE, X eonaisiing of all kinds, Prast Siretchera, Psvara, Cosnuvm, Hard and Soft linrka. Thoy arc aa ax - eellent article. To those desirous of commencing their aaiKiinrs eariy, litis ua rare oaaaoe, at mere are nut few Bricks ia Market Any peraoa stUrsaiiug BRICK, totnjer arnea, will aaesa wiia aiieniioa. . ai - vi LACh, BLl'K BLACK AND MlU.UKRKV r aKilCH IHKRIIXOriS 1. KVAINS, No. 8 North SECOND Street, haa roccived a further enmity rX " Paturle, XAimn Co " celebrated r EbNCH MEILNOLS.of the foUowinf very deairabte BLl'K BLACK. hurl DL'D DV " niVil4ir.a,i PLACK9. t jetS - slyf Alao, ill lha ekoies shades Mode eotari. " ' WINTER SHAWLS AND 8CARFS. - J. D. EVANS, No. 8 North SECOND Street, has REDUCED tke PRICES of tke entire balance af buv - WINTF.R8HAWI.8and SCARFS. , : . ; Brockt Loag Outwit, rich designs, . Terkerri .. do do i - Broche Soaare Shawls, do ;' Terkerri do - - - - 'do r - 1":J ' - v.. irpera do kirn color ; French Blanket Square Shawls, high colors. - : Do ,. do , ,, accond mourning,. Enflith Blanket do , ' . , very neat barred. . Do do Mode eraort. ' Brock Soatfs, rick deaignt, Camol't Hair qmlHy." Terkerri do do Bilk Cashmere Sctrft, high eotora, Plaid. Do do . Scarlet eeutr and plaid end. Si k Velvet do sll eludes ml3tt,r Fancy ool'd Silk do wbh Velvet stripe. ' BLACK DRESS BILKS J. D. EVANS, No. 8 . North SECOND Stieel. has always rm hand a la rare aad ftmtplet aaarjrtmeml of BLACK DRESet SI LAS, of every kind and width, and guarantied of Ihe very best attanfactsr imported into this eoueJry, 87 Inch Black aad Blu Black Satin Striped Acinar a. ato , no oo l lain av Do V, ' . do ' " do ' Satlu Stripe Hrhnta V ' " "', " . ' ; Do .' . dJ .'do ' PlalB.' 'uV " Pa . dw ' do Satin Snipe Orosd'Av '" ''. . aieriqu. . .: "' . Do Vi ' .i Plaia d Do ; "' do " do SjtinStrrpe PoaH toa ! ' i - ,' fi SOI. 'V,. Do i ' do V Flaia do 18 and Bkaek and Blae Black Pnull De Born, Ptair. Do - - oo do to Batut Stripe and Flgura. Do . do do Oiot DeSwuee, Plain. Da . . V . tVt : Ai Rick Damaaan Flxure. Do do Grus d Switre, Hair Stripes. Do ' do ' do Black liatian Manlass. . Black Matleoni Lastrtngs. ' do very. . aoal Ptgar. Hlaek India Sencaewe. Black Grrai Oram, Rich Lustra. Baachnff aelebrated Black Gros Da Rkiaeevaiy Width, for Dresses, Cardinals, Mantillas, A e. Aa. ALSO, Black aad Biue Black Sail Tarnaa, for Dreese. Do do IndiaBstias, do ... M. 17 and 38 Inch Rich Watered Black Poult De Sola, for Dreaaea, Mantillas, Cardinals, A jatHWir DIAMOND FtUNTED liUUV rKKH. M - N - , NKTT CALDWELL, No. 110 CHEANUT ' Street,' hav received a very lerre asanttmrnl of. ftwr FsMMadGOIiDlK, WOowor Bilver Holders, various use, to which ihey iavile inapecihm. , Wu warrant every Fea In give Mtifaciioa to lha ' pa re haw. Arraaxemeata kave beta mad lo supply . . lha Irada al tbe lowest prieeaof lbs manufacturer. Orders promptly executed. jaU - lmt , rrussu's Jerusalem delivered. Trans.. , X lalcd by Fairfax, (Wiley A Pulnam'a Library ) 1 Part IM. FriceSncenlt. Jaal published and for sale at No. 3 LEDGER BUILDING, THIRD Street, be low Chreaat. A Leu Haxlltt't Ietares oa ine Englisa rneis, so eemt. Art Maraire, or tha Broken Pledge, by Car Hon, a 18 eentt. Sisndard Drama um, 13J rent. Faxlo, I'J) otnia - i ; . . , la iy of Lyons, ceme. , : , Richelieu, I'll cent. ' i Th Wife, lii amis. , Th Hoaey - Moun. Wi eeiav. - - rVrhool for emiMtaL U( eetiat, Murray, 14) eaala. . . ' Th ibovo eight Play neatly bound for 81. - Th Stranger, 191 cent. - V. Grandfather Whilehead,.ltf. v ' , . . Richard III, lit eowe ' The Dream at Sea, l'J eenlt . Mitehcll't New Maa of Orecun. Texas and Califor nia, 73 eenla. uiteirs lavi g Age, no. or, r.'j cents. Trealii oa lha Teeth, by Root. Arthur, 50 eeuta. , rVrihnear'a Kjitnneer'aand Meckuica' Cumpanioe. 91.13) and 81.40. 1 aa Engineer' rail awoa. a new eoiiioa. 7j eent. - ' Slo let aboat Horse. 13 eenlt. - Ths Knotty Love letter. I'.'l, 13, 18 and 23 cents. ' rVaigt, by Edward Cnates Pinkaey. tUcenu. The letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell. Complete, in 4 part, each AO oent. . Btaneha Varnna, the Acireas, ) nentr Van Court t ueteetor for January, I'J) eenlt. ' Hague' Hotnacnpe for Janaary, sj eeaia. .a - - Grandfather Wklichead, a Flay, I'J) emu. Arcnw and taa trad aaoetled at Putdataer' aneea. 1 Wtthallaew and eheaa works at aooa aa sawed, by a.. jftituitva a ijo., ieurer imiiuing, Third stresl, below Cbaanat, JatS iNaflr Arams rnvllsrsars Pictorial BiM. ; Ti obtain a pound of the superior. TEAR antd by Ihe Pekia Tea Company ia worth a walk from on end of Ihe eily to tha other, - Th PEK1N TEA COMPANY. Nn. 30 SOUTH SECOND Street, between Market and Ckeaaat, an ' a,aestionMy sen ike Beet Tea imparled into um mar. km. That tkay sail them .. . . . , - . - VHivtrrji ; thaa aay other eamMishraeai, Is t fsct provca to . , . A THOUSAND INSTANCES - . - tiaca tuxt bavb oraasa Taaia axoaa. Dealer, Housekeeper a, and (very body using tea, la towa or etmalrv. are invited to aall. aim if atey doat wish to bay, al least to obtain a little pamphlet kept oa their enanier. entitled - ittnit la Tea D mix - era." aad therefrom learn a little useful information ea th aabieet. Tke pamphlet khof course, givea averts. ialS - tanSr rgr No. 30 South SECOND Street, at ths place. SCARPA'S Oil, FOR THE CURB OF DEAFNESS, andthk discharge of matter FROM THE EARS! W cm th following highly Important intelligence from a newspaper pruned ia Loekport,N. Y. Merer. Murray A Boa are member pf the Society of Friends, and ar well kwrwa la Ike baaiaem eutnv mniiy. w The undersigned, agents for Lock port, from per. aortal know ledge of ita good effect, eaa reooaunend th above artiel wtthoat heaitaiiua W have eold wilhia the last year a Bool 878 worth j and to moat eaeee It baa pnrved beaeflcwL On caaa of rwefte fuart Manding, (th wif of Jeptha Babeock. ef So - mcrtel,) ka beea entirely eared by ita ate. If thnee UTtetetted will call nans, wo 'will ray bef them what evidence w hav of It remedial qualiliea, and ; then thsy eaa best Jadg whether tout u or not. . . J. MobxaT A 8o.M ' - For sal by DR. D JAYNE, 8 Stmtirrhird (treet,' and B. B. OUMPERT. tM North Second atreet, Pbx ltdelphm. : jal - llHr TIE GENTLEMAN who hat furnlahed th following eertihcal (Mr. R. W. Evaat) ia well know throughout oar emanma'ty as sn extensive : manufacturer of Varnuhee, snd u a peraia of high reapectability. : PaiLAPxtraiA, Jan. 8th, t84. . - Mb t. DtTTXSSt cVienu time tine I ptrrehaaed at tha Drug Stiwe of Mr Hobenaaek, eorner of Hecnml . and Coatee atreet, a bottle of your " DETTEB ER'd MAGIC HAIR OIL, - ' ma with the expectation that it woald real ore ary Wet hair, but for th purpose nf preserving what I had left, as I had king rine givea '. ap to idea of getting a new crop, having tried other preparation After uelug your Oil I waa mnat agreeably aurprited to find my bead covertd urith a grow.h of new hair, which kas since continued to grow finely. It ia alao superior lo any article I hay ever used for removing dandruff. Yoa amy auk wkat aae of this aa vna think proper. R. W. Evas, Corner Poplar and From ate DETTERER'S HAIR OIL ia eold at 83 CHE - NUTStreeEaatraTHIRDStreet - preefSivlM , eenlt ial3 - tirnT - .Hr TIB CITY DESPATCH FOST enntlnaet to take LETTERS. SMALL PARCELS, Ae., lony part . . of th City, and all th Diairicta, except Keruung - , ' toa and rpriiir Garden DtHtety tmte tack aViy. ' Stnfle letters, 3 cents, payable on delivery. PAID STAMPS sre for sal at the oAce. for 83 es. per dnxen, each of which secures Ihe delivery of a letter or email parcel to any part of Northern Liber - . , ties, Boeth wark, Mayaatenidiig or the eity. D.O.f lK)D ACO, - al34lvM4 Omi!,48R - Thlrdat..arwWiritrdHank. ' A NEAT CHRISTMAS OR NKW YEARH 'V PRESENT FOR A liADY. THE LADIES' WORK - TABLE BOOK, ooaTAima ' CLEAR AND PRACTICAL INSTRUCTIONS IN FLAIN AND FANCY NEEDLEWORK, ' . EtaaaoroaaT, txiTTiae, aaTTiae axd clomitT. - , With aauserou Bngreviaga, illaatretiv of the varl - ' - as tlilche ra those aaeful and fashionahle employ - ; meaet. Price M eenlt, aeatly bound, or 7 cent extra tilt. For mle by ZIEBER A CO., I Ledrer Bailding, ' THIRD eVrart. MowCbeawat )H - t)l44r ' HO WILL SUFFER from that painful disease, Liver CoamUint. when immediate relief, af not - a poli WIST iliive eore, may be effected bv Ihe timely use of . 1UTARS BALSAM, for proof of which read Ike following I . . : rf Wevford, N. r,Af 7,18y. . Dear Sir la tk year llt, 1 waa ao aeversly at - - tacked with Liver Complaint, at to be entirely aneWe ao attend to my basuwaa. I onsuliad with the beat of vhysiciant ia oar place, bet they gave me ao relief. In the winter of lbt'J, I procured a bottle of W13TAR - S BALSAM OF WILD C1IKRRY. , aadheiorel bad tied aae naif of it, 1 wa aWelo re - ubm my baaiiKt as usual. I kavn, mac that lime, uaed two buttlet of the Wild Cherry Btleaia, and . have beea entirely free from pais ; and, with tha aa - ' eeptioa of a bad cold ia February Ian, have enjoyed - kcuer health tha I aver aid b - tore. Wiluauj C. Pott an. i Ws are well acquainted wilh Mr William C. P - H - . ter, know that ha waa alllieitd ia the m inner ke de - - sen bet, aad that hat atatemenl it entitled lo fail eredit. rVoTT A Waldsok, . ... Merchairt.' ". Nooa geaaine nlet airned I Bmia. - rar,Lfr.niva ,".., Jal3 - ll N. B. eotaer Ckmual and F Um at. it ' " r y i BJt , t

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