Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio on April 13, 1954 · 19
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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio · 19

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1954
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DAYTON DAILY NE 1 APRIL FAMOUS QUOTES Talk to a man about himself and he will listen for hour. Radio-Tele vis ion S M T W T F S 1 2 1 4 5 4 7 I 13 11 12 U 14 IS H U IS It 20 21 2221 24 2S 24 27 21 2t 39 SECOND SECTION TUESDAY, Al'ML 13, 195 1 PAGE lfJ 1 . ' '.:,V'W k r " 1 r r v. IT?? 4 ..I X 4 ;i? -r' Ciy Suburban WS I r !w '"w,'"3f . v aMfc . . I yv.vf ::::;f;::::;t:;?sV' . :-::..: .v. . r u.i;i:::::;:if:sx'v:V': ... -.--I Vl A V- J v Awvn vrr apm.v. mnwmis .pufttv cwk hi kpmxc! "In spring a young man's fancy . . ." miglit turn to find durin? an egg hunt Tuesday morninj on tlie I'ni- different. Like ball jrames and liand-lioldins: for U. P. Payne, liere pictured ajraint a backdrop of apple blop-Kaster eggs as witness young (II months) Thomas versity of Dayton campus. Then again, a young man's Students Alice Huberts and Ronnie Kehl. Or take it sums on the university campus. Staff .Photos by Dob Francis Murphy making and preparing to munch his fancy might just turn to thoughts of something entirely from Junior Armand Martino a pretty girl like Sally Tamaska. 10 From Townships Appointed To Recreation Liaison Group Christ Taught In Last Days Dr. Grcsham "With only four days 1o live Jesus ehohc to spend his time teaching." Dr. Terry E. Grcsham, president of Bethany college, and j can't be made by early next German, Jefferson, a) lie And Miami Fail To Submit Names Ten persons Tuesday were named by Montgomery county commissioners to the township liaison body of the newly created county recreation advisory committee. Four townships German, Jefferson, Wayne and Miami didn't submit recommendations, to the proposed 14-member board. Commissioner Forest D. Lightner said he would get in touch with town ship trustees and see if selections noon-day Holy Week speaker at Central Evangelical and Reformed church, told his audience Tuesday. Speaking on "Life's Deadlines," Dr. Grcsham continued: "In quiet confidence He faced the awful deadline of cruel death. He taught the people to distinguish between taxes and Caesar and self-dedication to God. He gave them the Kprvpt nf life in one Command' ment which is the summary of all! of 43:53 Momingside dr.; Morai in i and thn Pmnhptst 'Thou I John T. Elrod of 2832 Glads ihalt love the Lord thy God with nil thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.' "We live in a world crowded with deadlines. A child cannot wait to grow up; he cannot take atleqtmte time to get a good education; he cannot wait to achieve miceess, yet he loathes to die. The constant deadlines of life keep people anxious. "A wise old editor saw a cub re porter nervously attempting to write an important news story just ahead of press time," Dr. Grcsham commented. "The reporter's fingers shook violently and he could rot punch the typewriter keys. The editor said in gentle sympathy. 'Take it easy, son, you have two minutes.' "Threescore and 10 are about two minutes in the light of all a man could do in a lifetime. Let him learn to handle the deadlines by lucid thought, consecrated love and intelligent action. There is always time to teach and learn." Dr. Gresham will also speak at 12:10 p. m. services Wednesday and Thursday. CAP CHAPLAINS WILL MEET HERE NEXT WEEK Appiuximately lull Ciwl Air Patrol chaplains from six states will gather at Wright-Patterson Air Force base next Monday and Tuesday for the first annual regional chaplains" conference, base officials announced Tuesday. Chaplains from Illinois, Indiana. Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin will attend the gathering which opens wilh a banquet at 6 p. m. Monday. Chaplain John T. Evans Jr. will welcome the group on behalf of ihe base chaplain, and the air chaplain for the Air Materiel Command, Col. Leonard Habctz, will be principal speaker. Purpose of the conference is to plan a more effective program for the coming year with emphasis on programs for persons in the nation's armed services. Plan Board Urges City Take Complete Subdivision Control wee. Commissioner Harry Kiefabcr said the townships have gone along to date with recommenda tions to the liaison group, so he ; and other commissioners wanted "to give those who didn't submit their recommendations every opportunity to do so." Named to the township body were: Mad River Ray -Dunninton Moraine- Gladstone St.: Randolph-Gene Cultire of Englcwood; Clay Burdctt Powell of Erookville Publicity, Shampoo Sales May Be Aim Of Polio Vaccine Opponent Cite Advanlaires Of Unified Authority Over 3-Mile. Area i The City Plan Board recommended Monday night the i city take over complete jurisdiction for subdivision control! I in the three-mile area around Dayton, effective July 1. The recommendation, which hast ... . . .. the ai.oroval of counlv engineers !"""" """" i n-; Dr. Andlauer s Abortion Trial Is Postponed The abortion trial. of Dr. Carl ,E. Andlauer, 33, of 1317 N. Main 'si., was postponed a "second time i Monday from April 19 to May 2-1. Original trial date was scheduled fort by the city and county and to the Citv Commission for action. I " "m'1 " '-" '" " ". At prcM-nt. the county ever- of M ,M" ,C'VIPW ,0lhl, ' cies control in the three-mile TIIULE- Centralization, making) area, nllhoiicli the citv has the : f i"'e convenient for developers; riuht of review. j and engineers. Taking over of the responsibility ; I'OI K A more efleclive pro- i. o Would anyone spread propaganda its intended purpose. Vaccines: nearly a year and that he dropped by the city would mean hiring two gram for in, pedum of improve-! T)A 1)os,pon(,,11(,n, was granl(lll that might influence parents to 'have only filled countless ceme-j out; to enter World War I. .men lo handle the inspection woik. ; menls result iruj in a higher Mand-;by o.mmon Pleas Judge Charles gamble with polio by failing to take teries with innocent victims killed '; In spite of Miller's agreement on City Planning Director Robert ai d of performance. L(lp MU,S n, (h(, mille, t of And. advantage of a vaccine that most! prematurely by fraudulent injec- use of the word "research" he still j A. Flynn said approval of the )ec-i City engineer and planners will, ;tuer's attorneys, Mason Douglass, authorities believe to be the best'tions." i refers to himself in some of hisiommendation would mean: : meet later this month to review; Albert. Scharrer and lien Horn! hope for a cure for the dread chs-! pampnieis as -researcn cnemist. j usl-ihhi union m siiouiimuh ,1(,SH:n Hm construction require-. They said Scharrer had just come ease? j ri-t Mil I VIV FX-WITE now1 Mrs. Rose said that when she; standards can be applied through-) mf.nis that .will be required in the; ;,-,)' ii1(. cal, arui tunt o mmd r.. pc r,t avl v Divio 'MSI saw .Miller in torai Ua010S;uui me urimn aieti. u so, wnyr . m, c "Duon II. Miller," 60-year-old ex- ,r ai1 that Miller had shown no:last year he showed her a largf Daytonian is charged by federal inclination lo campaign against rw,m at Duon. Inc., containing authorities in Florida with mailing : soft &vnks 0r medical practices thousands of pamphlets. She said 1 before thev w ere divorced in 1946 ihp ' sncnved hpr "hundreds of Third of a Scrie$ !and he Jfft for Florida some six ! hilars .Sn checks, money orders ;upPk liter imid casn 11'om persons wanting She did recall that he was ev.i copies of the pamphlets or making TWO - A single agency libelous" pamphlets about Dr. Also, Madison-Emerson Roth of ! Jnas Salk's vaccine. Miller has tremely outspoken and that in his I contributions Trotwood: Butler-Byron Morton! oc"en ,n irounie oeiore. wny ls ne business dealings he would some-of Vandalia; Washington-Sher-)fiehtinK a11 vaccines, pasteurized times write "very insulting" let- wood Snvder Sr.; Harrison-Paul H,,u sul1 U"M' iters. I Mrs. Rose said that for most of THE MAN" who was known here 'the years of their marriage she as Donald H. Miller and who has had believed that Miller was a distributed thousands of the pam-j doctor, or that rather he lacked phiets knocking the work of Dr. only three months of obtaining his Salk of the University of Pitts-! medical degree from Northwestern (l. 1. 1 f . ...K ' . . Thesiiuu't". ueveioiiei' vl me ijuu at-; university at cnicago. Ifino frieoc tliio anennnt nf "Whv 1 ! . . , in the; " -; v,ne said mat at tne time 01 me C. Taube of 2121 Rector av. ; Jack son Carl Oldfather of Farmers-ville, and Perry Milford Ater of Brookville. Tliis group will offer suggestions to the county recreation committee! because, as Lightner said, are the people who live She said he appeared unwor- rietl about the soft drink industry's possible retaliatory measures and Unit he said the publicity he'd get from his campaign against soft drinks would ' sell more shampoo than ever, Clwrgcs Filed In Shooting three-mile area, review i requirements wii jfrom those now the county. FOOTSTEPS TO EASTER townships and know what's needed jam fi-htinS Plio" in an earl' cir- most," A. E. Sum, director of the county plan board, announced maps of county-owner property for use by the recreation committee have been completed. FTC agreement to drop research fivim tho title nf their firm in 1!M3 Eight months before my daugh-she discovcrpd Miuer had attended the University of Nebraska for County 0. K.'s Parking Ban Montgomery county commissioners Tuesday approved a resolution by Sheriff Bernard L. Kei-ter to restrict parking between 8 a. m. and 4 p. m. on the east side of Philadelphia dr., from Fairview high school to Sicbenthaler av. Present iv parking is restricted on the west side of Philadelphia dr. from Hillcrest av. to Sicbenthaler a v. Also Tuesday, commissioners accepted three bids to construct two bridges at an estimated cost of $-12,937 on Diamond Mill rd. in Randolph tp. A contract will be let at 10 a. m. next Tuesday. One bridge will be built one-half mile south of Route 49 and the other one-quarter mile north of Route 49. 4 Men Sentenced In Driving Cases Cecil Dawson, 49, of 439 Edge- wood av.. was sentenced to 20 days, fined $200 and deprived of his driving rights for two years by Municipal Judge Maurice A. Russell on a drunken driving charge Tuesday morning. A six-month term was given to Lester Baker, 28, of 207 Maple St., along with a $250 fine and loss of driving rights for three years by Judge Russell Monday. John Englcka, 35, of 8 N. Robert blvd. received three months, was fined $200 and also had his license suspended three years. Both workhouse terms were made "subject to further order of the court," leaving the way open for a reduction in sentence if Judge Russell sees fit. In anolher drunk driving case, Robert T. Randolph, 37, of 1743 Sharon av. received three weekends, was fined' $130 and ordered not to drive for a year.. ter was born, our 'quack' M. D advised my wife to drink 'Cokes' j to offset morning nausea. My blood boiled. So I got this "egotistical nincompoop' on the phone gave him a tongue lashing and fired him." Since then. Miller has struck out at vaccination In general along with refined flour and sugar, gamma globulin, soft drinks, pasteurized milk and other items, contending that he can stamp otit polio by diet alone. He sells the pamphlets In large lots and solicits funds to carry on his campaigns. The National Better Business Summit co. Drops Test 'i-Dr. mfT'Mni'? Amil n(.!Pi John D.' Port'erficld, stale health! Paralysis to issue a memorandum Hirermr toH.iv announced Summit;10 personnel county has "reluctantly" with drawn from the polio vaccine field Esther Eileen Sheley, fiery. 22- ; year-old waitress held for the slay-i jing of Bartender Anthony Spagnolaj I at Longo'x Spaghetti house, was ; i formally charged with first-degree; Miller advertises reprints of his' murder Tuesday morning in Mu- Whiskev or Polio pamphlets, a : nicipal Court. , four-page tract, at four cents eaclv According lo William P. Keane.' for 1000 copies or more, or five 'assistant city attorney, Miss Sheley j cents each for less flian 1000 slated for arraignment Friday. copies, lie claims this is the ac-j The girl was arrested last Friday tual cost of printing, wrapping and .at the restaurant after Spagnola,! mailing. j son-in-law of Tommy Ixmgo, the! Just how far-reaching an effect j restaurant owner, was shot fatally! Miller's pamphlets have had is im-j while working there. In a signed possible to determine. But he has 'confession, she gave little or no bombarded Parent Teacher associ-! reason for killing 1he 27-year-old ations with anti-soft drink litera-i bartender. j ture and succeeded in having soft ! She is being held in county jail j drink machines removed fromiw'moul D0"d. ; J some Florida schools. His "Whis-! " j key or Polio" pamphlet caused the National Foundation for Infantile NEW YORK, April 13. (.IV. The field personnel and chapter Aavy transport wen. J. 11. chairmen "to counteract any mis- returning 12.S0 enlisted men and ie reaction" riuriiiL' the!2il officers of the 43th Division 15X Kt'turiiiiig Bureau, Inc., of New York has this to say of one of Miller's pamphlets trials scheduled this spring The county said the late delivery date of the vaccine, due to ! arrive here April 26, would make reading: "Fake Vaccine May Kill Your Child Send 3-Cent Stamp for Details": "This circular attacks the principle of vaccination indiscriminately, whether for smallpox, diph theria or polio. Millions of healthy serum Americans, who have not only sur-j vived smallpox vaccination but are also aware that universal adoption it difficult to test students alter school is dismissed for the summer vacation. Summit was one of three Ohio counties scheduled to test the effectiveness of the new Salk polio annual March of Dimes campaign; from Korea, is due to icach New 0f 1952, (York Saturday., j CHRIST'S LAST TUESDAY "And there were Creeks that came up to worship at the feast." John 12:20 'erhaiix this ihi.s Christ's fullest day , . , That lues-day i7joi they heard Hun my . . . The time had eomc irhen'Son of Man . . . Must curry vul ! is Father's plan . . . He anjued then inth Pharisees . . . Cave to Greek converts Ik ai en's kryx . . . Denoumid the Scribes, foretold the woe . . Jerusalem irould some day know . . . And said that one who gains reward . . . Must be the servant of his Lord. - Juhen C. liver. rlynn said the (ae yxm(, l0 obtain a deposition not differ much from a defense witness, being applied by Assistant County Prosecutor Fred M. Keir objected lo the post-'ponement because of the pos sibility of losing one or more slate witnesses who might move, become ill or become unavailable for other reasons'. AVDI.AILU'S attorneys also j filed Monday a motion for the court to older the return of the j osteopath's patient record cards, jand 1932 and 1!I53 patient: record books. The items were taken by (investigating officers who obtained n search warrant through Municipal Court, the attorneys said, i A hearing to consider the mo-itinii was set for !l:30 a. m. Thursday.. ' j The osteopath is accused of perJ forming a criminal ahnrtion on a ! 27-year-old Da ton ...View woman I who died less than a week after j the alleged abortion was performed. DNi iisHon Set I The Central YMCA film forum i will show the film, "Is Fighting ; Communism Periling Civil Rights." i at 7:13 p. m. Wednesday. Irvin iZipperstein, Dayton attorney, will lead a discussion on the film sub- j jeer at the meeting sponsored by the Y's Men's club. wsr tiu eu:hs ruihx imitov c.iuh v Touring Students Visiting United Nations o - THREE counties renf-. IU WAl.TEIt KYBEt'K Lhtiltf Sacs Staff U'ti'fr NEW YORK, April 13.- Two Keller ing Staled To Address Group Charles F. Kettering, research consultant to the General Motors Corp,, will address the Columbia University Engineering center's Fgleston Award dinner in New York Wednesday, The half-hour talk will be carried on WIIIO-Iladio at 10:30 p. rm Awards will go to Walter II. Sammis, president of the Edison Electric institute, and Frank Ayer, copper executive. of this technique has virtually eradicatcld this once prevalent disease from the United States, will be astounded to read Miller's statement that AM. firmed their confidence in the; Dayton students lost from then safely of the vaccine. Dr. Porter-j , ' , Washington eauirht up with i the 200 others in the Dayton Junior field said. Montgomery and Rich land counties will proceed as pianneu, hwmi.r inc necessy BU , Jn timp Q b(n,jn an lUSimcni to prowue we icqiunu . ! Council on World Affairs this morn- 'No vaccine has or can achieve! three injections. WARM SPRINGS, Ga., April 13. f)Medieal science's long hope for victory over polio may soon Young Democrats To Hear Hopefuls All Democratic candidates for the State Senate there are five of them-and the 11 Democratic can- dHlates for representative to the General Assembly have been in-j become a reality, say two veterans viced to take part in e panel discussion Wednesday night at a meeting of the Montgomery County Young Democratic club at Democratic headquarters. Each member of the panel will be asked to outline what legislation he would most like to see passed if elected. Frank Short, club secretary will be moderator. At the May primaries two are to he nominated for tire Senate and five for the House. Tivo Say Polio Victory May Be Near Reality death of President Franklin l-lioosevclt, founder of the fouihla-tion. O'Connor said the medical pro- in the front line or the DatUCjiessioti has high nopes me vaccine against the crippling disease, soon to be given a nation-wide test The good news came yesterday wil eliminate paralytic (who. from Basil O'Connor, head of the National Foundation for Infantile-Paralysis, and Dr. Robert L. Bennett, the foundation's medical director. ltoth spoke at (he dedication of Roosevelt hall as a unit of the Georgia Warm Springs foundation. The ceremony was held on the ninth anniversary of the The vaccine on which O'Con nor and Dr. Heniielt pin their hopes Was developed by I)r, Jonas E. Salk and his associates at the University of Pittsburgh. O'Connor and Dr. Bennett concurred in saying the facilities of the Warm Springs foundation will be turned against other diseases after polio is conquered. study of Ihe United Nations. David llolman, a Fairview High senior, and Dick Helper of Roosevelt High, were buying souvenirs at. Union Station in the Capitol City when their train pulled out a few minutes ahead of schedule. They caught a later tram ano rrrived at 7 a. m. in New York. High I'. N. officials are explaining to the Dayton youngsters the tciicriil function of the U. N. Following those talks, tlicy will sit hi on a number of committee meetings, Yesterday they heard a State Department sixkesman outline our foreign policy and visited embassies in Washington. Their special interest is the conflict between nationalism and colonialism in Africa. They heard that the United States believes, that the current effort to enforce a very strict policy of racial segregation in South Africa repre- lYAUti'.-Mv'! ii t , - i ill- 's . UUUvhv ".i A. " ; h ' VCv2;f .."; I DAYTON AREA STUDENTS VIEW V, N. (JENERAL ASSEMBLY Start Busy Day in New York, Attend Committee Sessions. Al Witcphoto. "It was Ihe slickest propaganda I've heard," said one of the students in the group that visited the tilush Russian embassy still gents "an attempt to turn" the clock back and cannot succeed." At the Liberian embassy one of the groups of Dayton students learned that the free cnmiry of Liberia had modeled its government after that .of the United States. Jack McCracken of Wilbur Wright High school, questioned the first secretary of the embassy about Liberia's refusal to permit whites to own proerly. "It just doesn't seem fair," Jack said. THE SECRETARY said it might decorated wun me eiauni,oe uun-mings that date hack to (Van f. V ,.,.,.l o,..,ln!i V hilt It K.'iVS. M",f ill MIUirMi-n mim Hi' necessary to keep the whites from I never braid questions ca leii 1 taking over the country. I neatly."

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