The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England on October 25, 1845 · 5
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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England · 5

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1845
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T. taurc to resign office to Lis disgust at Marbhal Z lEiips arrogant conduct, and the indulgence ex-. , ,. to him by the Court, j i.r Archbishop of Cologne, Baron Dboshe-Vis-died on the 19th inst., at Munster, in V,.tphalia. He was born in 1773, and raised to the Cologne in 1835. To this 'Prelate, whose dif- feinces with the Prussian Government have excited THEJ&10RNING POST, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1845. MONEY MAUKET AND CIT1 NEIiS. City, Friday Evening. The reaction of the markets upon each other, adversely or the contrary, appears just now to be the principal thing to which capitalists are looking, and this they do with no ordinary solicitude. The letters received this morning from the country advised a more satisfactory state of affairs, which are described as much less disturbed than they had been, and the jch attention, his coadjutor since 1842 Johx de ! orders to sell stock and railway shares were not by su Archbishop of Iconium, succeeds. means so urSent- Consols for the account were k inn instant, savs the Presse the marnaere it i j u vi. u '-. me "irtgc m the dav an express was received from Pans with wMn his Serene Highness Prince Cha&LES of unfavourable quotations from the Bourse. Owing to 4 i vi:-Ph U.IWSTHAI. and her Highness the Duchess the gloomy accounts from hence, and influenced in a . ; im.MBERG, was solemnised at Carlsruhe, in certain degree perhaps by the recent news from I Africa, the Three per Cent. Rentes fell yesterday, ac-1 cording to our report, from 82f. 70c. to 8 If., the price IVi - struct the following from the Drbats, which of the previous da v. iug organ of the French Government has, for In the face of such a decline a fall in this market : months past, watched with extreme interest f ? Per cenV was not so important as some might voMr - , , . . T, have been disposed to anticipate. Consols receded to -i nun emenU. savings, and doings of the bmperor t,.., i., f u u j v ,10LA8 . ' about that extent, having at one time been done at The Emperor of Russia arm ed at Milan on the 17th j 9J for the account, and many other descriptions of at eight in the- evening, in the uniform of colonel sfck w;ere materially lower; but, as the report above (hi Auttriau cavalry regiment which bears his name. cited with respect to the operations of the Bourse is . . ; ht went to the Emprt.s, he visited Field-Marshal j not confirmed by some other correspondence contained !her"MChv!ef of the Austlrian forces. the journals, 'h is possible that the dealers here l,mbardy, but the Marshal was not at home. The u,. u .iu. r- c a r, who wished to preset a strict incognito, I ha'e. been &eUr on imperfect information. An ; away. desiring that the Marshal should not e rung paper (the Standard of this evening), in its jlstoroeo, samg tnat he well knew that there course intelligence ot yesterday (Ihursday), states ,,.,.ai ukvw wi. wuonei at muan. iut jem- mat me market rallied at the oneninsr. and that, thp ' Wh"; f3? 'Kudder! tl iV perfeCtly , Threes at one time reached S2f. 80c. but towards the u uuted with the sudden resolution of the Emperor to f tu m , , , , , . i,.,hf,in.hw arr vni t pi, u-a Close or me market became depressed, and were last j, r than she at first intended. She arrived ' cailea at 82f. I with the Grand Duchess Olga.and was received H7f. 60c. "We E faimeM wi.iw.-cu, wc vj cuuukc iceroy and 1 to account lor the discrepancy noticed, but 5,.VMh- 31 a" Public esta-1 difficulty will no doubt be set 'right bv the publi tin ScaU Theatre. When she C . tions of me morning. Consols, after going down, 60c, the Five per Cents, being are not this evening in a situation the ublica- ll'. ITUM tb ih. ntre tlu- audience aDDlsud.-d .r i sLuieu, 10 if ior tnc account, were clone at a -1. The " - w,'rli .ofn.i. V,V, TlrifPS at tflP f Ifsf nf thp TTiarL-ot n-Dl-o Qfil -. 7 Sgjanst which country he is greatly irri- money, and 97 to for account ; Bank Stock 206 to 7 ; i . - ; :r;H has excited his discontent I Three per Cent. Reduced QQls to -1; Three-and-a- tue t!"'y' -ur wmcu nave given Quarter ner Pent Vm out to 3 Fxeh.. .... :, th( late events in the Caucasus, and n, ' t0 - ' 'XCht -'quer-bills 40s and CerinaB iwueei. agaiusi me itoman uatnones , imcigu iuuus uie trausacuons were ex- ; . . liieretore, he would not pass through tremelv limited. Hardly anything was doing, but m (oar hj the alley of the Inn and the Lake of nominally prices closed heavily. Brazilian 78 to 80 .:. !::;; r..r..-n hi, part, has had his mind so much ?? t0 ,! T 5 Five per Cent. Spanish 26 to ; Three per . : nv th religious movements and liberal tendencies Cent, ditto 37 to : Passive Q to i d rnianv, that he expected to meet at Shares have in some fpw instances hepn stntinnnrv tammt and assassins, and took every j in price, with here and there an indication of amend- ; J?S,hi3 h0tf rdr1 :me,lt- but the shock inflicted by the Paris news on ... 101 tour different roads. Throughout i.i , , , ,, , , , , . m not once recognised. Tin- Emperor ' he. stock mai"ket caused much general depression, left Milan on the 18th lor Genoa, where i This was more particularly the case after the nen " tvmg ana wueen ot baramm, conclusion ol the regular Business ot the clay. Kugbv rt ol Prussia, tin-Emprcs's brother. Their and Huntingdon to prem. : Manchester and V . J"r o ,"i'aL,; U3"L-" ,l I Southampton 21 to f prem. : Kastrick s Direct Lon- i by her journey. She had intended to e 1 . ana -iar!tnester par to J prem.: Remingtons - Qi uoi to Naples, because a sea voyage "is i ditto s to $ prem. : London, Hounslow. and estern, . l v.. .i.k u... .k. . v- . i J tt; i . . t n it i m -.. ma uraui, uui mi' emperor is saia to oe i j uis. ; iL,asi j.iucoin z to 7 prem. : Liverpool anci ieeas i, to 1 prem. ; Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle, it, irum his unwillingness to traverse the Roman . tm eh 'in: of his differences with the Papal Court. : n feared that this vovage by sea, at this season nii injuriously affect the health of the Eni-h h by Russian steamer, which has just come 0 in thi purt of Genoa, that their Majesties . ... : b rakrmo. It is believed that the Emperor a it .tay m-i than a month with the Empress, and m Li- rttum he will visit the Emperor of Austria i-Biu I ttunl Nesselrode quitted the Emperor on the Kvd v n: 10 the- Austrian capital, whence he wiU K juit. and there, as it is said, remain two or mucin 1'roni our Correspondent.) .;- Tl.urday. Half-past Four. A great deal of sen-i j- in 11 m-ated at the Bourse this afternoon bv the 1 of the Preeureur du Roi of Paris and the .. :;.i- niurniug visited, at sis o'clock and until -ocral "courtiers" in railway promises. - and tipers ol all sorts have been seized at their .iop Ttir Boure has opened with some firmness .: ; r I lit- for the end of the month at 82f. 90c. .. I :v, !-r ( uu. at ll"f. 75c: but thev have both i c.: s.'t ciiV mid n"f- 60c. In 1 ail way shares there d inn b husiucss done, and the principal railroads cpf.11 I In general, the Bourse has displayed more iii.i. liur.iig tni- lai four days. i, rui kspAV, OCTOBER 2'i 2 3 to 3 prem. : London and Birmingham Extension 1 to prem. ; South Midland 3 to 4 prem. ; South and Midlands Junction dis. to par : Derby, Uttoxe-ter, and Stafford par to prem. : Madrid and Valencia I to j dis. : Oxford and Worcester 4 to o prem. j Boulogne and Amiens 3 to 4 prem. ; Louvaine and Jemeppe I5 to dis. ; Worcester and South Wales dis. to prem. ; Leeds and Carlisle par to prem. j Leeds and Liverpool to 1 prem. ; Welsh Midland I to l prem. ; South Wales 2 to i prem. : North Staffordshire 3 to I j Cambrian i to prem. : Ceylon 1 to I prem. The heavy fall in the IJirect Manchester lines was ascribed to a report which acquired general currency, but in which there may be no truth, of both companies having resolved not' to go to Parliament next session. At Messrs. Lamond and Co"s auction sale of railway shares, in the Hall of Commerce, Londonderry and Enniskillen were knocked down at 50s. (paid 50s.) : Norwich Direct 15s. (paid 20s.) : Taw Vale 40s. (paid 40s.) ; Bridgewater and Minehead 42s. (paid 42s.): New Boss, Carlow. and Kilkenny 22s. (paid 22s.) : Northern and Southern Connecting 43s. (paid 52s. kl.) j Worcester, Hereford, Boss, and Gloucester 51s. (paid 42s.); Beading and Beigate 37s. to 40s. (paid 42s.) ; Beading, Guildford, and Beigate 37s. to 3s. (paid 42s.) Bugby, Derby, and Manchester 58s. (paid 52s. 6d.) : South" Union.' Manchester, and Potteries 47s. to 49s. (paid 42s.): Southampton. Manchester, and Oxford 4ls. (paid 42s.) ; London, Bristol, and South Wales 36s. (paid 42s.) : Bugby and Huntingdon 49s. 6d. (paid 40s.) ; Bas-trick's London and Manchester 116s. (paid 105s.) : London and South Essex 45s. (paid 52s. (id.) : Vale of Neath 60s. (paid 40s.): Boston, Stamford, and Birmingham 52s. Od. (paid 22s.) ; Bugby, Warwick, and Worcester 40s. (paid 42s.) ; Demerara 70s. (paid 50s.) ; Jamaica Junction 60s. (paid 20s.) ; Jamaica South Midland 50s. (paid 20s.) ; Jamaica. Kingston, and North Midland 26s. 6d. (paid 20s.): ditto (Extension) 26s. 6d (paid 20s.): Leeds J and Liverpool Direct 80s. (paid 52s. 6d.) ; Irish North I Midland 27s. 6d. (paid 27s. 6d.) ; London, Houns low, and estern 3bs. bd. (paid 40s.) ; London and Windsor 20s. to 24s. (paid 20s.) : Perth and Inverness 46s. 6rL (paid 50s.) ; Great Western of Bengal Tt t. -. iL , is. tpam t neimsiorci ana isurv JVs. (nam 01 imercst thaT we find 111 the '. 27s. (id.) ; Giand Trunk 42s. (paid 42s.) ; Worcester. - tin lolluwpig extract from the Ev del Shrewsbury, and Crewe 48s. (paid 27s. 6d.) : Harwich, Eastern Counties, 18s. (paid 2-. St. Ires Junction tui trom Gibraltar which positively 1 s- 6d. (paid 20s.): Cornwall and Central Devon rrived thither, whose j -13s. tpaia os. nu.) : runs and &t. Uuentin 3is. of Dean 46s. (paid 27s. 6d.) : 6d. (naid 20s.) : - rr.,,t .!..,, ft 1 JLeK ana m.ausneia os. naia : Aewnort. I . mcV itK in . Hereford. and Ahororavonnv 4fa lrA afte . L lp w r lltt H2(. 90e 82f. 80c . ! 1 PHIS . lOBf. 50c H7f 75c 117f. 60c. A 'I ..: Mtil. lt:i (19 if. 994f. ..ul 41. .: a Hall 55J1. .... 65f .... tm. !'i".t : '.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'. mi .... K-WLWAYS. i.i. ur .iU ........ . 585f. .... ..r- UuB, ht 355f. .... . 1 12101 1205f. jadKnad lu3-f. 1020f. H..-.T. 84 7f. 50c ..cant: Aviai.on 10121. 50c 1015f. nr. m . Lai, . 1. x div 280f. 277f. 50c. L rUv.k C70f. .... 667f. 50c ' ' 800f. 790f. ' - m3 Travs 505f. .... 507f. 50c ', 'ii md Habrnuck .... 520f. ua xuA Tsti 200f. .... : :. Umdon, .Jin- month, monev, 25f. 5"ic : - a-..i:ili.. ffl,JjJ..y. 2-5f . 4'2ic mIii iiun. Madiid extend to the 17th in- ' 1 bivi Mtii a u ' Mrafn envoys have run omecrf ui all the depots of the emi-1 ( paid 40s.): Chepstow and Forest : , . "'df to ioiu the army (paid 42s.) ;' Essex and Suffolk 30s. r J A ! Callao, Lima, and Pacific Coast 21s. rememoerea tnat Mehemet Ah organised ; nxeter. jjorehester, and Wevmouth 35s. (paid 42s.) j growing offthe authority of the ' Belgian Eastern Junction 45s. (paid 50s.) : Ipswich, European officers who emigrated I nnrl Vn, in. ac v- c 11 1 ,.t.. i .., --i-Noiwicn, and Yarmouth 40s. (paid 40s.) : Norfolk Extension 40s. (paid 40s.): Buckinghamshire 65s. J PUh her mother and sister, went to the 1 aid4 f? ; Great ftf8 and ?9sV (Pai 40s;) 5 VfitL 1 1 Great Southern and H estern Extension from Temple-" 10th, on a huntuur nartv. Mr. J. jaiwl. ui. at. M: 5 . A-icifagu, ana ouiuuiuii i:cs. tpaiu 01s. oa.) : ei .uajestys private hecretary, is Isle ot Liy, U lsbeach, and Lincolnshire 56s. (paid . Aymards Fans and Strasbourg 45s. (paid 45s.) oa iiipntible with a seat in the Senate. Aymard's ' - No transactions according to Dartmouth. Torbay, and Exeter 41s. 6d. (paid 42s.) ; i-xeUigc- on London 3, f. j GreaT Welsh Central 50s. (paid 42s.) j Somersetshire AXu 1)1" 'i i n i Midland 58s. (paid 52s. 6d.) ; Lincoln, and Wain- '. K ii "..,. .1 neet Harbour and Boston 61s. fnaid 52s. 6d 1 v planted than is re- -oi uiampion, nanoury, ana Cheltenham b4s. (paid ption, and 1ms on an average j 40s.) : Newrv, Bainbridge. and Belfast 50s. (paid r'koning those which are 55s.) ; York and Lancaster 58s. (paid 52s. 6d.) ; ' TteXtr' are not wholly I Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Cette (Esplcta) 39s. 6d. derable railway projects brought forward in France. The decision on the Paris and Strasburg line is fixed to take place November 25. Their proceedings have most likely been accelerated by what has taken place within the last ten days in London. They must feel that, unless they grant their concessions quickly, there will be little chance of their obtaining the capital required for the works. The returns of the liabilities and assets of the Bank of England for the week ended the 18th instant, published in the Gazette of this evening, show, as compared wirh those published this day week, an average increase in the note circulation of 1,222,223., the difference between 21,031,220. and 22,253,443.; and an average decrease of 390,369. in the stock of bullion and gold and silver coin, the difference between 14,580,654. and 14,190,285., the latter being the aggregate average amount held in the two departments, as presented by the returns for the second period. We take no notice of seven day, or Bank post bills. The foreign exchanges ruled more in favour of this country, and were quoted as follows : Amsterdam 12 9 to I ; ditto (short) 12 6 to 7 ; Botterdam 12 91 to I ; Antwerp 25 97 to 26 2 ; Hamburgh 13 12 to 13 12 ; Frankfort 12H to ; Paris 25 90 to 2i ; ditto (short) 25 62 to 7i ; Marseilles 26 2 to 7 ; Genoa 25 92 to 7; Vienna 10 4 to ; Trieste 10 4 to 5; Leghorn 30 62 i to 7 ; Naples 40 to i; Palermo 1201 ; Messina 120i ; Madrid 36 to 1 ; Cadiz 36 ; Lisbon 53 to ; Oporto 0Jj tO fi BRISTOL STOCK EXCHANGE. Oct. 24. Three o'Clock. Bristol and Exeter New, 10 5 ; Bristol and South Wales Junction, 2J ; Great Western, 146; Manchester and Southampton, 2 (2. 8s. 9d.) ; North Devon, 2J (2i.6s.3d.) ; South Devon , 34 ; South Midland, 4 prem.; South Wales, 5J ; Vale of Neath, 3J (21. 8s. 9d., Si. lis. 3d., 3. 8s. 9d.), 31 I ; Cork and Waterford (1. lis. 3d.), 1. BANK OF ENGLAND. (From the Gazette of last night.) An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap 32, for the Week ending on Saturday, the 18th day of October, 1845. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. N'otes issued . . .27,778,9.'j3 Government Debt ..11,015,100 Other Securities 2,984,900 Gold Coin and Bullion 1,018,447 Silver Bullion l,760,o08 .27,778,955 27,778,955 Dated the --'3d dav of October. 1845. M. Marshall, Chief Cashier. BA.NX tSG DEPARTMENT. Proprietors' Capital 14.553.000 Government Secu- 11 Public Deposits (in-cludingKxchequer, Savings Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, and DividendAccounts ) Other Deposits Seven Dav and other Bills 4,488,419 9,X3.-,)1 1,123,813 nties including Dead Weieht An num) 13 Other Securities Notes Gold and Silver Coil .203,138 ,019,529 .525,510 411,330 33,189,507 33,189,507 Dated the 23d dav of October. 1845. M. Marshall, Chief Cashier. PROMISSORY NOTES. An Account of the average aggregate amount of Promissory Notes payable to bearer on demand which have been in circulation by the Banks in Scotland, by the Bank of Ireland, and by all other Banks in Ireland, during the four weeks ending Oct. 11 , 184-5, pursuant to the Act 4th and oth Victoria, cap. 50 : SCOTLAND. Chartered, Private, and Joint Stock Banks 3,428,074 IRELAND. Bank of Ireland Private and Joint Stock Banks . . . 3,907,025 2,926,265 Total 10,261,364 H. L. Wick h am. Stamps and Taxes, October 24, 184-5. at i.u J.oi v..w. tc-s.j : irinir, iteaums. unci Jianisrtoke -'! th, 'Pri will certainly fall 1 104s- (Paicl '05s.) ; Lame, Belfast, and Bally- j ''".P ' jiena 4"s- (paid 42s.): Italian and Austrian - iiu piuc ui potatoes Has risen m$. (paid 60s.): Scottish Midland Extension' - V ' the quantity exported, and 40s. (paid 30s.); St. Laurence and Atlantic 60s. ' y -ued vciKby whkhSortat (P 80s.) ; Oxford, Gosport, Portsmouth, and Sonth- j t"""nua irom the 1st of rsovember this a"j'-"" tpaiu tm.) ; cast inuian 10s. 10 ins. . ' ' : X pt. mbt r. Ih4(i. (naid 5s. 1 : Surrev Grand Junction 22s. to 25s. fid. Th.. If....: .r J... '. a ,,. rut vi im uau contains i a, ' f r,Pr'- um the Minister of the Interior . ifeat chattltll the Lrencral state of - oi grci dispel the fears which were M4iv- to the articles of subsistence. iiiuiLjpai articles must very . .. ; ! elasses during the winter. The ..:r., a ::: : u! ." mtmi 51 (paid 27s. fid.); Central of Spain 36s. (paid 40s.) Jersey 30s. (paid 27s. fid.) ; Great Luxembourg 32s. (paid 40s.): Maldon, AVitham, and Braintree 15s. (paid 20s.) Great Eastern and Western 60s. (jiaid 50s.): Sheffield and Macclesfield 50s. (paid 42s.): Lyons and Avignon 41s. (paid 40s.) ; Dutch Rhenish ho therefore Thc luestion of the gauges is a question of the . " ' i v ir. K.;.j snd aclvaiitfla.i tr. m. greatest importance to me west or .neianu, ana one destiubd to the encouragement of which will be strongly contested in the ensuing session " giving fod and other assistance to of Parliament. The circumstance of the Great I -' '-tablishnients. His Ma- Western Company having completed their eommuni-1 "" hstTibuXmA?! cation to Exeter, 'makes it probable that the whole of! -..-;.,. 'i"i.,'- VifetorsT Brussels the district below that city will adopt the broad' "-' a member ol the Chamber of IU- ""JIU l.l H.xrw.r .1, tin phc candidates were M.Leon ing a line of railroad from London to Falmouth upon r TT"? BrusJs' the principle of the narrow gauge. An alliance has ":-; ZlSrbeenugk by the latter companies, but hitherto ,:;; " M. Cans obtained l',017 without success, and the narrow gauge has therefore ' ' 1 ''2l) ; lost votes. 45 : total, 1,591. been thrown upon its own resources. An amalgama-1 HE HAGUE, Oct. 21. tion of the broad gauge lines is, we understand, in ' NHTKKEtANUb. 1 contemplation, which will secure for the metropolis -j nisi ..Miie iuonuis oi tne i.n month tho shnrtpsi imp. ol communication raure. J nere are, nowever, as we are unormeci, comjianies organised for the express purpose of form- t ol 'the me period of 1844 liicrcastiij Decrease ltsl.r). in 1815. I - V.7.!J.M l(fc,S3J(,a 1 - ' sis $aj&a 074 I li,")! I,17i a53,16S,r , '"-'.eisi.i-j smm W,mMi 44,648111 472.1CL50 1 without the possibility of a Parliamentary opjiosition being engaged in between them. Keturas of gross receipts from railway traffic for one week : .l Si ,017.96 ;;12,I1-J,45i337,iy4,134 Eastern Counties... r'yy.96;,634 Edinburgh & (Jlasg. (jlasgow, Paisley, and Ayr ! GrandJ unction, with Livrp. & Munch Gravesend & Roches. I Great North of Eng. . Great Western 1 London & Birming. London & South W. London & Blackwall London & Brighton :r;,277,r)0 t J!" Chuuibii r 1 London Brighton ' ir,2 ";1,uNtf "'ILVKNT London and Croydon . , ' - W ilbam John Law, Esq , at v M, m. ,!" town of Nottingham, Tuesday, T1Jf FJench GoV 7,252 Manchester & Leeds :j,310 Manchester & Birm. Midland, with Brist. 1 ,988 and Birmingham Newcastle & Carlisle 15,378 Newcastlc&Darhugt. 206 Norfolk no ret Paris and Rouen . . 20,137 Paris and Orleans.. 22,636 I Sheffield and Manch. 7,262 S. Eastern & Dover 940 York and North 5,686 Midland, with no ret Leeds and Selby 7.193 4,437 18,271 1 ,675 2,887 no ret 6,342 7,098 1,196 7.707 ,512 ernment appear to be now aoou: to adjudicate very speedily on several of th pgnsi- LORD ASHLEY'S FREE TRADE LETTER. TO THE EDITOR OF THE MORNING POST. Sir Lord Ashley tells his constituents" The sudden repeal of these laws would be destructive ; the gradual abolition of them would be less injurious. You have at this moment the power to offer such terms." But why not have the manliness to state what terms, and with whom ? Surely not with the contemptible League, who have been kicked bv Sunderland, Clitheroe, and every constituency they have dared intrude on. The working of the present Bill having hitherto given the small farmer the advantage of the highest priee after harvest, and the poor man the lowest at Christmas, I believe to be as near perfection as possible ; and, agreeing with Lord John Russell, that we cannot compete with ' the wretched ploughs, and wretched horses, used by people unacquainted with the wants of a civilised state," I recommend its being strenuously adhered to ; and, if we lose it, not to be humbugged by any fixed duty, but at once manfully make up our minds to a free trade mind you, in everything which would reduce the rent of good land one-half, and the heavy clay altogether. The poor then would be thrown on the Income-tax, making those who have amassed large fortunes by swelting the very existence out of them contribute to their support. Now this is a state of things I, for one, by no means contemplate with dismay, believing our ancestors to have enjoyed more real satisfaction when living amongst their own honest, joyful people, 011 good roast beef and ale, than is to be found, with very few exceptions, in any locality now-a-days. Of course the party bringing such about will, at the same time, provide for the dividends being paid I have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, Hampton, Middlesex, Oct. 24. Charles Woon. RAILWAYS IN INDIA. Railways were proposed at each of the Presidencies, and with the greatest hopes of success. The utility of one from Bombay to Bengal will become manifest from the fact that the mid-mnthly mails of the 24th of July were conveyed in a steamer from Aden to Bombay, and thence sent express to Calcutta, where they arrived thirty-six hours before those sent by the steamer direct from Aden. Amongst the miscellaneous items of intelligence, we mav mention the establishment of a new bank at Bombay, which is called the Commercial Bank, and the incorporation by an Act of the Legislative of the Assam Company for the cultivation of tea. The arrival of the Hindostan steamer on the 3rd, with Mr. Simms, Mr. Stephenson, and the railway surveyors who accompanied him, has given new life to the railway proceedings. Nothing can exceed the earnest anxiety of the Governor-General upon the subject. All is bustle and activity. A commission, consisting of Colonel W. N. Forbes, Colonel Cheape, Captain Green, and Captain Goodwyn, with two civilians, and two mercantile men, has been alreadv decided upon, and will, in all probability, appear in Government orders in the next Gazette. It is presumed that Mr. Simms will be joined with this commission, and that Mr. Stephenson will attend its proceedings as the managing director of the Railway Company, whose objects of inquiry and investigation are in many points similar, and in all of equal interest to all parties. Commissions in India are in some degree better than they are in England, but whatever delays may attend the usual proceedings of such bodies, we have nothing to apprehend of that nature on the present occasion. The engincei officers have already been actively engaged in obtaining such information as they conceived could be of service to the cause, and among other valuable results may be especially mentioned the decision to which these gentlemen have come in regard to the practicability and ease with which the line c an be carried across the hilly range, after leaving the alluvial plains of Bcugal a point on which opinions were expressed very confidently to the contrary, until the correct levels were taken by the engineer officers in charge of that portion of the road. I am not conversant with the details or technical terms sufficiently to give the particulars, but it appears to be regarded as a point of considerable consequence by the officers who surveyed the ground, and by those interested in the railway, as removing any doubts which might have previously existed in regard to the engineering obstacles to be encountered. Times ('or respondent. His Excellency M. Dedel had an interview with Lord Aberdeen yesterday at the Foreign OrSce. The Right Hon. H. L. Cony" had an interview with the Chancellor of the Exchequer yesterday at his official residence in Downing-street. The Secession from thk Chvuch. The Church and Slate Gazette of yesterday savs : " The Rev. Frederick Robert Neave, M.A., of Oriel College, is said to have resigned his living preparatory to his jeinine the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Neave is the convert alluded to, without name, in the Morning Post of Tuesday." Risk in the Pkice or Bread." Yesterday a further advance of a halfpenny in the 41b. loaf took place at the west-end of the metropolis and in the vicinitv of Clare-market. There has been no advance on the best bread. Customs. Mr. R. T. Troughton, the principal inspector of the gauging department at the port of London, has, we understand, been despatched to Scotland for the purpose of making a special inspection and examination of the mode in which the gauging department is conducted by the officers of the Customs' revenue in that portion of the kingdom, which it is expected, in many instances, is but imperfectly understood by those parties, especially'in the more remote ports and places along the coast. This gentleman, who has had a great deal of experience in the department ofwhichheis the senior officer, and who is much esteemed for his correct knowledge of the business, and his kind and gentlemanly conduct in his official capacity, has previously made a short tour on a similar errand ; and it is mentioned as being not at all improbable that it will be found advisable, for the better security of the revenue in that important branch of the department, at some future period to make the office of Inspector-General of the Gauffincr Tie! nt ot tne umtec ivmgaom an established and pci Dartme ' n'.n .pr-.T.t-i;i'' I pcrma- BER MAJESTY, ke. (Frm the Court Cirtulmr.) Windsor, Friday. The Queen and Prince Albert took their accustomed early-walk this morning. Her Majesty and his Royal Highness again walked out in the afternoon. The Queen Dowager went in a carriage to attend the early morning service in St. George's Chapel Royal. The Viscountess Barrington and the Earl of Denbigh were in waiting on her Majesty. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent arrived from Frogmore House and visited her Majesty and the Queen Dowager. The Royal Duchess took leave of the Queen Dowager. The Prince of Wales, the Princes Royal, and the Princess Alice were taken their usual exercise this morning. Their Royal Highnesses were again taken out in the afternoon The Queen Dowager left the Castle at a quarter past three o'clock for town, the Queen accompanying her august visitor to the bottom of the grand staircase, and his Royal Highness Prince Albert handing her to her carriage. The Marquis of Exeter, the Earls of Jersey and Hardwieke, the Hon. Captain Nelson Hood, Colonels Bowles, Grey, and Bouverie were in waiting in the Grand Hall. The Queen Dowager was attended by the Viscountess Barrington (Lady in Waiting) and the Earl of Denbigh (Master of the Horse). The royal dinner party this evening will include her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, Lady Anna Maria Dawson, Baroness de Spaeth, and Col. Sir George Couper. The band of the Grenadier Guards attended during dinner. Her Majesty's private band afterwards attended in the Castle. THE QUEEN DOWAGER. Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, attended by the Viscountess Barrington and the Earl of Denbigh, arrived at her residence, Marlborough House, at half-past five o'clock yesterday afternoon, in a carriage and four, frcm Windsor Castle. Her Majesty and suite leave town to-day for Witiev Court. J Her Royal Highness the Duchess Ida of Saxe Weimar, accompanied by Prince Edward, and the Princesses Anna and Amelia, have arrived at Ghent, where they honoured the theatre with their presence on the 19th. The citizens of Ghent received the illustrious family with the greatest enthusiasm, and all who had the honour of approaching them were happy to renew their testimonies of affection and respect. The Crown Princess of Hanover is now quite recovered, and takes her daily airings as usual, generally accompanied by her mother, the Duchess of Altenberg. A letter from Florence states that the family of Prince Jerome Buonaparte had just been afflicted with a most cruel misfortune. The Prince de Montfort, the eldest son of the ex-King of Westphalia, and brother to the Prince who came to Paris this year, has been suddenly struck with mental alienation. He held in the army of the King of Wirtemberg, his uncle, the rank of colonel, and it was at Stuttgard that the malady declared itself. He has been removed from Germany to Florence to his family, but there is not, it is said, much hope of cure. The Duke and Duchess of Beaufort and Lady Blanche Somerset arrived in town yesterday from Badminton. Their Graces will leave London this morning for Newmarket. Viscount and Viscountess Barrington will have the honour of entertaining the Noble Duke and Duchess during the race week. Lord and Lady De Saumarez have arrived at the Bedford Hotel, Brighton, from Dover. The Lady Adeliza Manners is to lay the foundation stone of the new church of Woolsthorpe", Lincolnshire, on Thursday next, the 30th inst. The Chancellor of the Exchequer arrived in town yesterday morning from his seat, Betchworth, Surrey. The anniversary of the natal day of the Hon. George Parker, eldest son of Viscount" and Viscountess Parker, was celebrated at Sherborne Castle, on Mondav last. The Right Hon. C. W. W. Wynn, M.P., has of late greatly improved in health, and was able to attend the review of the Montgomeryshire Cavalry last week, under the command of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn. Bart., M.P. His Excellency Baron Dedel returned to Wilton-crescent on Thursday from a visit to the Earl and Countess of Clarendon at the Grove. Don Cesar de Bazan is the subject of the new opera composed by Mr. Wallace for production at Drury-lane Theatre, in which Mr. Henry Phillips is to make his first appearance this season. Dieppe, Oct. 23. M. Thiers and Count Walewski were among a large number of passengers, who landed here latt night from the General Steam Navigation Company's steamer Magnet, from Brighton. A very handsome monument has just been erected in the church of Goathurst, Somersetshire, near to the family vault of Halswell, to the memory of the late Lieut. M. Kemcys Tynte, of the 4th Dragoon Guards, (unfortunately killed in March last by a fall from his horse) as a testimony of their regard, by Colonel Chatterton, K.H., and the officers of that regiment. New University Movement. We hear that an influential body of noblemen and gentlemen, among whom are Lords Ashley, Saudon, aiad R. Grosvenor j Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. ; Messrs. Gladstone, Glynne, Vernon Smith, M.P., and others, are about to memorialise the authorities of Oxford and Cambridge, suggesting additional departments to the existing colleges, or the foundation of new collegiate bodies, to provide increased facilities of University education on a more economical scale than has hitherto prevailed. Church and State Gazette. The Rev. John Edward Jackson, M.A., curate of Farley Hungerford, Somerset, has been presented bv Jesus College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Leigh Delamere, Wilts, void by the death of the Rev. John Lewis Bythesea, who held the incumbency sixty years. The consecration of the parish church of Woodford, near Salisbury, which has been rebuilt, has been fixed for Thursday next, the 30th inst. The Lord Bishop of Salisbury and the Very Rev. the Dean of Sarum have en gaged to preach on the occasion . In deference to the letter of the Bishop of Exeter, the Rev. Subdean Stephens, and the Rev. H. Twysden, of Charlton, have xequested their names to be withdrawn from the provisional committee of the Dartmouth, Torbay, and Exeter Railwav. Plymouth Journal. Manchester Athex.eum Soibee. (From our Correspondent). The annual soiree, or literary meeting of the members and friends of tins institution, was held on ' Thursday evening in the Free-trade Hall, Peter-street, in this town. The interest manifested by the people of this j localitv was. perhaps, greater than on anv former occasion. Tickets were issued for 3,600 persons, but the demand far exceeded that number ; and on the day before the meeting as much as three guineas was offered for tickets which originally cost 7s. 6d. The directors had provided ample ac-commodatien for the company, and the attraction offered was of a high character. The great lion of the day was to have been Mr. Charles Dickens, and, next to him," M. Eu gene Sue and M.Thiers, who was in the neighbourhood,' but from various causes those gentlemen were absent. Mr. I Sergeant Talfourd was announced to take the chair on the occasion, and addressed the meeting for nearly fifty minutes on the advantages of such institutions, and on the progress made bv that of Manchester. Mr. Mark Philips, Mr. F. Stone, Mr. Douglas Jcrrdd, Mr. M. Gibson, and Mr. Cob-den, also delivered speeches on the occasion. Christ's Hospital. The annual dinner of gentle-men who have been educated in Christ's Hospital took place j on Thursday, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Edward VI., the founder of the institution. About one hundred gentlemen sat down in the large room nf the Lon- I don Tavern to a sumptuous entertainment. G. Cornell, Esq., presided. Christ's Hospital Estates. It is said that the circumstances connected with the turning out of Mr. Foster, of Potterhanworth, from the farm which he occupied under the Governors of Christ's Hospital, are about to be made 1 public, and that they will reflect no credit upon a libera 1 1 alderman who, it is affirmed, is at the bottom of it. Lancashire Chronicle. Early Arrivals. During the past week several; large flocks of those well-known winter visitants, the fieldfare-and the redwing have been seen in the neighbourhood! of W oolwich, .particularly in the marshes between Plum-; stead and Entti. Ihese birds ordinarily visit us in November, and their early arrival this autumn proves that the winter must have already set in with considerable severity I in Norway and Lapland, the birds never quitting their summer quarters till the frosts have deprived them of a ! supply of their ordinary f00d. Several flocks of golden i plover, lapwings, and a few snipes, have also been seen, appearances which serve to remind us that winter is not far distant. Chinese Filtering. The waters of the Wangho and Yang-tse-kiang are highly surcharged with mud, the former containing one-seventeenth part, and the latter one- 1 ninety-sixth of earth This renders them both unpleasant and unwholesome to dnnk . and t0 it possibly be attri-buted a portion ol the sickness we sustained. The Chinese have adopted a very simple remedy for this evil, one far : simpler and equally efficacious with our filter, but which, 1 unfortunately, was not discovered until we were leaving the river, but which it will behove any one who may chance to visit muddy streams to remember. Into about a quart of water they throw a small pinch of alum, leaving it to stand a few minutes; it becomes as clear as crystal, a considerable sediment being found at the bottom. Not even the poorest fisherman but is always provided with a small portion for this necessary purpose. Cwminaham's Service ' in China. The Weather. -The continuous fine weather in the metropolis for nearly a fortnight was somewhat inter-' rupted yesterday morning by the general prevalence of a 1 dense fog, the nrst ot the season, which had the effect of 1 retarding, till nearly noon, the transit of the river steamers, particularly those above bridge. Sir John Franklin's Expedition. The expedition to the North Pole, consisting of the Erebus and the Terror, Captain Crozier, under the command of Captain Sir ! John Franklin, was spoken by the Enterprise, Martin,! master, arrived at Peterhead, lying at an iceberg, in lat. 73 12 N., Ion. G2 W., on the 28th of July. 1 SPOUTING. PROGRAMME OF THE NEWMARKET HOUGHTON MEETING. The horses to which an asterisk is prefixed are now at N ewmarket. MONDAY. A Handicap Sweepstakes of 25 sov. each, for three-year-olds and upwards. D.M. A Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each ; three-year-olds, 7st 71b j four, 8st. 31b. ; five, and upwards, 8st. 81b. The'wiuner to be sold for 350 sov. Criterion Course. The Cambridgeshire Stakes of 25 sov. each, 10 ft , and 5 only if declared, with 100 added. The winner of the Great INDIA AND CHINA. The first of the bi-monthly mails, with dates from Bombay of September 15, Calcutta, September 8. and China, July 10, has arrived. In future mail will be regularly dispatched; in the middle of each month from Bombay, to be conveyed by steam-boat to Aden, whence they will be conveyed, together with the mail from Calcutta, by steam-boat to Suez. (From the Bombay Times of Sept. 15.) We now commence the first of our bi-monthly sum- Yorkshire Handicap, the Doncaster St Leger or Cud ma,nes : nd we feel satisfied that both our home readers or the Cesarewitch Stakes, 71bs - or any two of these j"1 oufsel7ei Wl11 derive much advantage from the increased stakes, lOlbs. extra. Cambridgeshire Course (11 Subs frelu1eQCy of communication. The intelligence to be con - 43 of whom pay b sov. each. " '' veyl on the present occasion, though extending over but r c n.- on. t- , , a bno' sPace of time, is of varied interest, and no inconsider- vvii,vf, u u.; -uiscoru, aged, st. 'Jib.; me (Jure, able mDortanrn Tho nvl,; v.' o" -it . T ' -"-v. vsu iw ".UOHIUIC, UL1 LUC OCULil 5 vrs' 8st 121h T orhr Vvr7 7q k in k Td ! l""Lr unaer mm UWWSUi. has proved utterly fruitless. LIP, S r'I LOto.?,V- iSt-9ub-; tBlshPf Rom- and the troops, after suffering a gwd deal from sickness fords Cob, 5 yrs, 8st. 61b ; Trueboy, 5 yrs, 8st. 51b.; have been recalled to Hydlrabal The 4 Benl Eu ley, 0 vrs, 8st. ; Semise 7st. I lib. j Mentor, 3 vrs ixample, 4 yrs, 7st. 91b . , , , '..-lit , , " ""cojluj wasuii in upper ocinae. m , "tJ '.A. 'Cr,S3T Bombay Native Infantry are about to return to the ' f'' A 37itrm-' den,T- Sif C:NaPi's system of taxation has The 25th Preai- proved Ksnoir 4 vrs 7sr Qlh -V,, 11.. ; , ., . "uTe Lochinvar,5yYs7st.81b.: Lightning. 4 Vrs. 7st. Slh' .PS ffiT'r c an.d Warbeck 4 vrs 7st 81K . r Mli i i T ttl i , fwiuaue w aoousn tne duties on vvarpeciv yTSj 7t. Mb Little John, 4 yrs, 7st. lib. ; Re- some articles. The letter of Colonel Outram to General W fraction, 3 yrs, ,st.olb. ; The Baron (including lOlbs. extra), .Napier caued a great sensation a : Kurrachee and Sir 3 yrs, st. 31b ; Nottingham 3 yrs, 7st. 41b. ; Iromaster, Charles at once dispatched an inZnant ! &J:m& 3 P 7it- 41b'; Rowena, the Governor General asUng KZTSSS 3 ft 2 b St Ly"ilh78tAJ Mb82EliS' I r ! With thi!f reqUMt Hen7 fiSNSt under! 7 I ou r. il HoPf' 3 7,st- 21b-: Titmouse, 3 yrs, itood, very properly refused to comply. Iled ver' 4 ' a2-J Wolf-dog, 3 yrs, 7st. I The Punjaub is ia a condition of great anarchy owing to 7rt'm sf SV"'7-'2 Vudle' 3 tm success which ha attended the bXm iti ? pK &i&il$-2?a& 21b: ( Caen. J 7t.; 1 Peshwra Singh, and the complete impotence of the S 3.?S!T2L0fF,V rl. m- ; Lhe Con- f Government. British intervention ia now confidently looked naught Ranger, 3 yrs, 7st becundus, Annandale, 3 yr, 6st iuw. ; wiwiru lu . mill ic is limcu r T.n frtnppiTu rt-ha . tyrs, osi. lio; 'Wee Pet. O vrs. bst. lllh of restoring th oo.mirr ili;, c .' Longitude. 3 vrs. fist, lllh w a't i irk u". Tua" i: 7:"v S rT'-S'VSW" nSW V iLf VrT . 7 V ' V .nL 'i, - fc auucipacea couision witn tne tt.uzzilbashe .n o wirt, vrs. bst. : "Comrade. 1 vrs fic Qlh Pht- hio Kmn (V-.. . j tu , j-. , v . n r oi v . t - o nJ v., ' . j iui kuuaKi; oinuu. j. ue usual uimcuitv nos oeen 4 yrs, bst. 91b . ; 'gis, -1 vrs bst. 91b. ; Lady Wil- experienced by the Dost in collecting the revenues, and he o vrs, bst. 91b. : Laird o Cockmn. Srrs ftjf OIK .;tK.-.. i ' . mi, 4 yrs, 6st.91b.; Fitzallen. 3 vrs bW 91 , Dea salis, dair. Ele Irfi 'iJ :q Uari,i.late faint Brush), 3 yrs, 6st. at Agra about the 20th October, and leave that place early 71b.; Flattery ,3 yrs 6at .lib. ; c. by Slane, out of Cob web, in November, with the Commander-in-Chief on bis 6 yrs, bst. 71b. : Mv Marv finclutlinff 71h fTtmi n,arA th. v. ;..k r- a ... ,. . yrs, bst. 71b. ; -Alice (half-bred), 4 yrs, 6st. 61b. ; have been caused this season in Bengal by the Croton Oil, 4 yrs, 6st.6ib. ; 'Hartshorn, 5 yrs, 6st. inundations of the Hooghly. Mr. Montgomery Martin bib.; Clumsy, 3 yrs, 6st. 61b. ; Venus, 3 yrs, 6st. 41b. ; the treasurer and member of Council in Hong-kong has Mongrel, 3 yrs, 6st. 21b. ; Best Bower, 4 yrs, 6st. 21b. ; resigned his appointment and come round to Bombay H.vent, 3 yrs, 6st. 21b. ; Remorse, 3 yrs, 6st. ; Kesheng, I with the view of proceeding home overland He leaves 3 yrs, ost. 121b. ; colt by Elis, out of Mopsa,3 yrs, 5st 111b. ; by to-day's steamer, and his object, it appears Prairie 3 yrs ost. 91b. ; Stamp, 4 yrs, 5st. 91b. ; Jenny is to urge the expediency of commencing nego-Wren 3 yrs, ost. 61b. ; Lyons, 3 yrs, 5st. 41b. ; Devil's j tiations with the Chinese for the establishment of a Dust 3 yrs, 4st. 91b. ; Jet, 3 yrs, 4st. 91b. ; f. by Velocipede, I British settlement on the island of Chusan, which, according out of Amaryllis, 3 yrs, 4st. 61b. to the terms of the treaty of Nankin, will shortly have to A Sweepstakes of 300 sov. each, h. ft., 8st. 71b. T. Y.C. ' De giyen up, and which the French are known to be most Lord Glasgow's f. by Velocipede, out of Miss Whip, and f. ! desirous of obtaining, as soon as our forces are withdrawn, by Retriever, out of Emilia; Mr. Herbert's f. by Elis, out 1 A newbank, to be called the Commercial Bank, is about of Tesane, and f. by Elis, out of Antler's dam. ' to be established in Bombay. The monsoon has been Match, 200.. h. ft., D.M. Duke of Beaufort's Cantain hiert0 unfavourable for agricultural purposes, and a very Phoebus, Sst. 71b., agst Lord Glasgow's c. by Bay Middle- l,nl denciency of was at one time apprehended, ton, out of Miss Whip 8st " Mr. Chapman, the projector of the Great Indian Peninsular Match 300 h ft a P nunjf j n i , Railway, has arrived in the Presidency, and is about shortly Of aiK ' Vt An H 77Dwe .BeQford,3 atley, to commence his investigations. ' 9st. 41b., agst Lord G. Bentinck s Miss Elis, 6st 121b S Match, 100., h. ft., D.M. Lord G. Bentinck's Refrac-I SCINDE. tion, Sst. 71b., agst Duke of Bedford's -Prologue, Sst. 41b. I 0ur latest dates from Scinde are Sukkur the 3lst ult. Tuesday. i nyueraoau tne .ja, ana ttie 1th inst l he intel ligence possesses a good deal of interest. We alluded in our lasi lo tne expedition to tvusmore, under MajorCorsellis, and the utter absence of visible results by which it had been dis- A Handicap Plate of 100 sov. , for three-year-olds and upwards. D.I. .1. 7 ZIU and aged 9st' 71b' The tinguished ; and remarked that, judging from an order said be sol for 300 Last 1 & SS?mS "'f.P1". the junction of the whole of the 18th Native Infantry at that place, there Fifty Sov., for two years old, a feather ; tour, Sst. 91b. ; five, 9st. 31b. ; six winner, with his engagements, to fhrnr. miloc nf Tl P Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each ; three years old, st. 101b.; draw the troops without doing something. It soon after-four, 8st 41b ; five and upwards, 8st. 81b. The winner , wards appeared, hewever, either that Sir Charles had very to be sold for 80 sov Last half of Ab.M. suddenly and mysteriously changed his intentions, or that Sweepstakes of 10 sov each, for two years old; colts, superior authority had interposed to check his proceed-Ti M winner to be sold for 200 ings ; for thus mandate was hastily withdrawn, and; instead T' n I ' c i oa x. , : ef the expedition being reinforced, a summons was dis- 1 he Criterion Stakes of 30 sov. each, 20 ft., for two years patched from Kurrachee on the 11th ult. for its immediate old; colts, Sst. ilb.; hlhes, 8st. olb. ; a winner of the recall. We are not aware of the date of the first order July, Clearwell, or Prendergast Stakes, Tibs., of two of and are unable, therefore, to offer any decided opinion those stakes 91bs. extra ; all other winners 21bs. extra, as to whether this singular procedure is to be attri-The second to save his stake. From the Turn of the buted to mere Napierian caprice, or, as is more generally Lands in. supposed, to an unraistakeable expression of disapnr .ba- Colonel Anson s Shelford, Lord G. Bentinck's Dawdle, i tion, on the part of the Governor-General, of the fruitless Ennui (21bs. extra), Princess Alice (21bs. extra), and I if not objectless, movement to the frontier The latter so-Green Pea (21bs. extra) ; Mr. Bouverie's -Science, Lord i lution of the question is, it must be confessed, eminently Chesterfield s -Arkwnght C21bs. extra), Mr. T. Dawson's probable. When the troops of Kusmore received the direc-Gnmston and Brother to Sir Henry, Mr. I. Day's The , tions to retrograde, they wore suffering severely from sick-Crown Prince, Mr. Dnnkald's -Coraehus, Mr. W. Ed- ness, upwards of a hundred fa fourth of their entire numhur l R -' a the by Elis, out of Cestus ; Mr. Greville's -Polka and -Deer- cnrr.-rl sinro th Mtnhli.hnn.nt f Ri-itwh c,,r.r ... chase (21bs. extra) ; Mr. Gully's Marine (dead) and Velleda j 1 Scinde. It turns out that the frontier at Ku.imore is totally Sir J . Hawiey's -Regina, Mr. Herbert's c. by Venison, out undefined, and that neither the Scinde authorities nor of Pet, and c. by Wintonian, out of Zebra; Mr. Hook's , anv one under their control is able to trace a boundary -Buttress, Mr. Howe's c. by The Saddler, dam by Ishmael ; I line. The offence of the Seikhs, therefore, in crossing Lord Lonsdale's -Joy (21bs. extra), Mr. Marson's c. by Dul- this imaginary border, is thus reduced to the merest cimer, out of Milliner, and -Pawnbroker ; Mr. G. H. Moore's I trifle. As to the Muzzarees and other tribes requiring Amazon, Mr. J . U Brum s -Sir latton, Lord Oxford s c. to be checked, it appears to be all nonsense ; they are trouble-by Elis, out of Miss Julia ; Mr: Osbaldeston's f. by Stock-1 some, no doubt, but then thev are not worse now than port, out of the Mountain Sylph's dam ; Mr. Ramsbottom's usual. There have been disturbances also at ShahDOor into 1, and, on being dis-ted resistance. Thev rht hilt hcfp Ti-not.fl r,.i tho IXIUu.,'.. v ii v-v- . uoucu morning oy some Jvnyneries, wnen one wis killed, one . n . & , , . , . , , brought in wounded, and the third made good his retreat." Match, oO, h. ft., bst. 41b. each, last half of Ab. M. Mr. It appears that some arrangements are under discussion Greville's -Motilla agst Duke ol Bedford's -Black Cat. for effecting an exchange of territory with Meer Ali Moorad Match, 100, h. ft., 8st. 41b. each, T.Y.C. Sir W. W. The good folks in Upper Scinde seem to have suffered a ood V ynn's Anna Bullen agst Mr. Shelly's -Blanchie. , deal from heat in the early part of August ; and, though Wednesday. there were few cases of fever, cholera was flying about, A Handicap Plate of oO sov. for three-year-olds and up-' and two native officers and seven men of the Bundel-wards. A.F. khund cavalry had been cut off bv it at Khyra-ke-Ghur- A Subscription Plate of oO sov. ; twa-y ear-olds, 6st. 71b. ; ree, while it had also made its appearance at Khanghur, three, Sst. 101b. T Y.C. I Larkhanna, and the surrounding districts. Dr. Kirk and A Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each ; three-year-olds, 7st. 71b. ; 1 Lieutenant Fitzgerald, who had been deputed in search four, Sst. 21b. ; five and upwards, 8st. 81b. ; the winner to ! of a sanitarium, returned about this time, having succeeded be sold for 150 sov. T.Y.C. in discovering a place well suited for the purpose, situated A Handicap Sweepstakes of 30 sov. each, 10 ft. for three- on the summit of a well shaded hill, about 3,000 feet above year-olds, last mile aad a distance of B.C. i the level of the sea. It was said that a portion of the 2d Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each; three-year-olds, 7st. 6lb. ; Bengal European Regiment would be detached ia order to four, Sst. 41b.; five and upwards, Sst. 111b.; the winner j test the salubrity of this spot, and as a correspondent, whose to be sold for 300. D.M. ,' letter is dated Sukkur. the 31st of Auirust menrmrw that Sst. 51b., against Duke of Bedford's -Prologue, 8st. 71b. ture of the corps lor Kurrachee, the report may in all likeli- Match, 150 h. ft., T.Y.C. Mr. Carr's The Altered One. eitihtv men were intended to be left behind, on the dpnar- TiivasDAY. hood be true. Three hundred of trie Eunmeans left Sukkur ouDscnpuoii tianuicap riare ot ou sov., tor tniee-year-olda on tne bth, in the steamer apier, on their way to Kotree. and upwards. D.I. Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each, for two-year -olds, 7st. ; three, Sst. 121b. ; the winner to be sold for SO sov. T.Y.C. Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each, for three-year-olds, 7st. 41b. ; four, Sst. 41b.; five and upwards, Sst. 111b.; mares and geldings allowed 31bs. ; the winner to be sold for 250 sov. A.F. A Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 sov. each, 10 ft., for two-year-olds. D.M. The Glasgow Stakes of 109 sov. each, h. ft., for two-year -old colts, Sst. 71b. The last three quarters of R. M. Lord Albemarle's -Radulphus, Colonel Anson's -Bor- fhese and Shelford, Duke of Bedford's Paragon, Lord G. lentiuck's Sombrero, Binnacle, and Spanish Jack ; Lord Chesterfield's -Arkwright, Mr. J. Day's Cambaules. Lord The remainder were to have proceeded on the 31st, in the Satellite, Conqueror, and As-yria, but the last named vssel having grounded on her way up. it was found advisable to dispatch the Conqueror to render her assistance, and their departure was thus delayed. It was expected, however, that they would be able to start on the following day. The Europeans have lost thirty-two men during the period of their stay at Sukkur, inclusive of those carried off by cholera. The number of sick, on leaving, was about forty, and, for the conveyance of these, Jumpties, intended to be towed by the steam-boats, had been fitted up. The whole of the men were to disembark at Kotree, opposite Hyderabad, and march down to Kurrachee, at which place they will be stationed during the " sickly season," wnicn usually proves so fatal to turopean lite in Upper Exeter's -by Colwick out of Mecca, Mr. Ford's -Ignis Scinde. Thev were to leave behind them their own esta-Fatuus, Lord Glasgow's -by Retriever, dam by St. Patrick; , blishments, and take up Bombay camp equipage and car-Mr. Greville's -Motilla, Mr. Hesseltine's Grand Seignor, riage at Kotree, which is considered a good arrangement, Mr. Jaques's Spur, Mr. A. Johnstone s Grimston, Mr. I inasmuch as the pay of the Bengal followers would not Newton's -Prospect. Mr. Ongley's Mount Pleasant, Mr. have admitted of their living at Kurrachee with our ex-Osbaldeston's by The Saddler, out of Martingale's dam ; pensive bazaar prices in that place. Sukkur is said to be Colonel Peel's Elnathan, Mr. Phillimore's -Oxberry ; Mr. healthier, or rather less unhealthy, than usual this vear ; VVatts's by Melbourne, or H. Platoff, out of Cara; Mr. and our letters intimate that the sickness which was p'reva-Wreford's Wooden Wall, Lord Miltown's Thurum-pogue lent at the beginning of August had, by the close of that (dead). (month, almost entirely subsided. It was hoped the station Match, 100, h. ft., T.Y.C. Colonel Peel's -Garry Owen, was destined to enjoy the novelty of one season's exemption 8st. 71b., agst Mr. Pratt's -Secundus, 6st. 71b. I from disease ; and the waters 'of the inundation so pro- FRIDAY. lific a source of sickness having been to a certain exteDt The Audley End Stakes of 30 sov., for three-year-olds and confined by hmuls, there seemed some reason for the upwards. A.E.C. j expectation thus entertained. The river, by the last The Nursery Stakes of 25 sov. each, for two-year-olds. ' accounts, had had its final use, and was rapidly sub-D.M. siding. The troops in Scinde are now looking forward anx- A Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each for two-year-olds; colts, 1 iously to the publication of the Annual Relief, when they ex-8st. 71b. ; fillies, 8st. 51b. ; the winner to be sold for 50 sov. pect to return to India. The 25th Native Infantry have, First half of Ab. M. we hear, been making preparations for their departure from A Handicap Sweepstakes of 20 sov. each, for three-year- Kurrachee to Bombay, which it is expected will take place olds and upwards. l.Y.C. I about the present date. With respect to the officers ot this sweepstakes ot 10 sov. each; for three-year-olds, ist. 91b. four, Sst. 31b. ; five and upwards, 8st. Sib. ; the winner to be sold for 400 sov. if demanded. First half of Ab.M. Match. 100, h. ft, T. Y. C Mr. G. Khm's c. bv regimen: who hold staff appointments, we may mention that Capuiin ll. W. Precdy, Collector, and Lieutenant E. C. ' Marston, Superintendent of Police at Kurrachee, retain their offices ; Major F. Jackson, Commandant, and Lieute- Dulcimer, out of Milliner, Sst. 21b., against Mr. Gregory's i nant G. Mayor, Adjutant of the Belooch corps, vacate these Le Chourincur, Sst. 71b. (pays forfeit). situations, and accompany their regiment to the Presi- Match, 150, h. ft., Sst. 71b. each. First half of Ab. M. 1 dency; as also do Captain F. W. Follett, Brigade Major at Lord Glasgow's c. by Retriever, dam by St. Patrick, 1 Kurrachee, and Lieutenant It. Phayre, Deputy-Assistant against Mr. Payne's Collingwood. Quartermaster-General. A great outcry has been raised SATURDAY. against the Governor by the Company's officers, owing to Match, 200, h. ft., T. M. M. Duke of Bedford's Oakley, ! his having given a number of appointments to officers of the Sst. 101b., receives 60 sov. forfeit from Mr. Gilford's Nix- ! Queen's army. Indeed a report was in circulation at Kur- my-Dolly, Tat. 101b. racfaee to the effect, that no more staff situations were to be conferred on the former ; in proof of which a correspondent remarks '- An officer of the 86th has been lately appointed Deputy Judge-Advocate in the Civil Department: language, and the customs of the natives, are not required in administering justice to them." Major-General Hunter, who commands at Sukkur, is to be relieved, it is said, by Maior-General Considine, a Queen's officer; and it is aauea 2 that her Majesty s lUtb root will prooaDly lono 3 cold season. The latter arrangement, however, DERBY RACES. Thursday. The Chatsworth Plate of 50 sov., added to a Sweepstakes of 5 sov. each. The second horse to receive 10 sov. out of the stake, and the third to save his stake. One mile and three-quarters. (5 Subs.) Mr. W. S. Standish's Little Hampton, 4 yrs (Francis) 1 Mr. E. Peel's General Nott, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b Mr. A. Johnstone's Sir Henry, 3 vrs, 7st. 21b Mr Giumt's Isahel. fi'vrs. Sst. 91h 4 doubtful The Maiden Plate of 30 sov., added to a Sweepstakes of THE PUNJAUB. 5 sov. each. Heats, two miles. (10 Subs.) Our accounts from Lahore, which extend to tne -Jtn ult. , Mr. Shepherd's b. f. by Glaucus (H. Bradley) 0 1 1 J present a dismal picture of anarcny and commouu... Mr. Johnstou s br. t. Obscurity, 4 yrs, Sst. 31b. . . 0 3 the ppears The rebellion of Prince Peshora Singh progresses apace, the 3 I numerical strength of his adherents increasing daily ; while 0 0 ! other insurrectionary movemeuus w j. iwuumto, uaucu-r 0 0 have also taken place, which the Government is utterly 0 dr I powerless to subdue. The Minister has done his best to 0 dr persuade the unwilling troops to march against the rebels, dr but numbers of them nave already joined the standards of Mr. J. Osborne's b. g. Bedale, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b 0 Mr. Dockeray's b. f. Alkali, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b 1 Mr. Collins's br. c. Mainstay, 4 yrs, 8st. 51b 0 Mr. Kitton's br. m. Beggar Giil, 5 yrs, 8st. 111b. 3 Mr. Barton's b. f. Reliance, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b 0 vr, r'-;t.v,i,.'D , r Rn rl 7.t 71K 9 The Innkeeper's Plate ot oU sov. Two miles. (8 suos.j : -"j " "ff" . 7 prevty oovious Mr. W. S. Standish's ch. c. Little Hampton . .(Francis) 1 that, unless the oourse ol affairs be speeddy arrested by Bri- Lord Caledon's Auld Lang Svne, 5 yrs, 9st. 111b tish intervention, nothing can prevent the dismemberment Hon. F. Ongley's ch. g. Roderick, 6 yrs, Sst. 131b 3 of the country. Rajah Golaub Singh has prudently with- Count Batthvany's br. c. Master Stepney, 3 yrs, 7st. 1 lib. 4 drawn from the capital, and proceeded to Jumboo. The Ladies' Purse of 25 sov., added to a Sweepstakes of The tidings last sent home comprised an intimation ot 2 sov. each. The winner to be sold for 120. if demanded, i the submission of the people of Kheirabad to Prince &c. Heats, one mile. (i auos.; xuvi oiugu. xms suomwsion, however, was but tem- Mr. T. Dawson's br. f. Kiss-me-quick ( Cartwright) 0 1 I porary , and at the first convenient opportunity they retracted z mm allegiance. The Prince punished their treachery 3 with terrible seventy-first inflicting great intfOn thas 0 fort and village with his artillery, and then wemng. mfa 0 i the place at the head of a strong force, aB6pu$ieg 'nearly 0 l the whole of the inhabitant tr. rlnnthill .sinon after this achievement he is said to have quitted'cA-ttoek, leaving Mr M Hi-tin's h. f. Trifle. 4 yrs, 8st. 41b Mr. Dockeray's b. f. Alkali, 3 yrs, 7st. 111b. Mr. E. Peel's ch. f. Frances, 3 yrs, 7st. 111b. Mr. T. Moult's b. m. Shrew, 4 yrs, 8st. 41b. . Mr. Taylor's Th Queen, aged, 9st. 91b. . . . Mr Armstrong's Advice, 4 yrs, 9st Match, 50 sov., mile and a half. 6 yn Trumps ill iih ' ParKvcs s T.r. i --veded to take posstsskm 01 divers other plin the neigh ps, tut. mo. bvn-h. c. a. -v. .j this .ment be cor-

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