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Madison, Wisconsin
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MISSES' CLOAKS, LADIES' CLOAKS, -cd a nr. i irnn PLUSH CLOAKS, CLOTH CLOAKS, rn EH Boston Herald: For the benefit of oar readers, we print Is parallel columns, extracts from two letter written bv Mn. Grace Thistle Watson, of Ontario Center. a lady la this crty, at aa interval of about three months: jiv is, Nohln)r totervwts m. and I bT tost ail mtl tioo.

Mrdt-spondeDcyi" mo great i bat li contain no brishloeu. Acn and Mun Mia nte wttt misery. SteMPlessnew maaea th Dlcbui a dread. Sometimea I atr. bttnirrr, but the sight of food oes'roys my appetite.

Jdy back acnes tr October 10. oioie but my friends can real ss tbe w.nderful chanire that I have ezDwieoced In tbe last few weeks. I have been rescued from deitn of wtakne nJ restore to lrtect tealth and strength. MT sleep is aa grace ful and restful as- a hild's I am so bun(rry t-l meal time that tbe ribiy. bl tbe raint- prad to neck, shiul di-rn, and base ot mj brain.

butcher says that my trade Is worth more than usd to b. "Th trribia aches "1 real myself trowing wraker, more nerrou- uid nains bava left me. aud las able to eodur and I tr4 wlla over. ratlfrue, djr by dy. A 1 Krnsascronirer evrry sallow.

rruh and Kfckh day. Eufr.furceand nipexton baareplaod bitioo nave returned. My irood nealih shorn p'a n)y in my clear com piexion. 'AH this I owe to PUie'a thry Compound. It has done mom for nir i) an I Muld expect ary ftu-iiu areiiCVi anil to it I tl-fe all the creiit of ny res'oration 1 1 strtiptli, hftith aad cheerf nine." 14 ln cHetLr and beitnru tint tttai was ence so I am afraid that I am 1 oi ok my owniorT lhT 'Claim do wem i undrrataixi irycas.

ai'd 1 a- utt If 1 tiII -v nnd relief. I frr that I bat (ro crazy with tbi rrlbio affliction." FUliNlSHKD KOOMS. VDVKRTISEMENIS UNDER THIS HEAD. per u-onih ioadtafce, aid Wrst Washington I avenue. Parlor and bed-rnim for rrmlemen and wife.

117 utb Muiler. 1 8 uih Bailor. orth Hamilton. 4 Si3 Virm Wh rgton I HOUSES FOlt KKNT. ADVERTISEMENTS UNDER THH HEAD, i.4vinr strtMeand number.

atsS da. per nfouta in aOvaiir. line WVst Wilson. Too IIu-sat S3 and $10 per month. Enquire FarHte Smith.

i FPU SALE. A DVETtTTSEMENTa UNDER THIS HEAD, A. sffi etc. t-r inooin in aavance. Houiw.

824 N. Itamilton. Fnouire M. H. Ashley.

St. and "nl Mff 9 pr'fm G1HLS WANTED. ADVFRTISEMEXTd UNDER THIS HEAD, tiring street and nutuner, at 25 eta par m. nth Lnadviuce. )TU6 Bouth Blair street.

KOCh)lS WITH BOAUL). A DVERTISEMENTS UNDER THIS HEAD ilciii per month in a tvanre. Mrs 8 M. Bixoy. 17 Jiouth FairchUd.

University are. TABLH BOA UP. DVERTISEMEXTS UNDER THIS DEAD, i -t nroth in adrance. 4441 West Main. i ALFORD SlGiLliiirf.

GOODS CALLED DELIVERED In any part of the city. Orders by Express or Mailj SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. ALFOUD 10t) State Street, Madison, Wis. 145 novlAJlr FOll SALE. Choice Lake Lots.

Prices low and terms easy. Madison Manu-lacturing re-plat one block from University. Inquire nf J. W. If ndann nr K.


OFFICE over 23 North Pinckney street. RESIDENCE, 301 West aymer, corner cf Henry. CAILS rBOMJ TLT 1TTE5DED, IT OB MGCT. Sortliwestern EYE and EAR Infirmary. r-.

Sure-leal and Medical diseate of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Yif ijf treated. 8 pec tada adjusted Aitiltcial Eyes Inserted. r. C. ABiLY.

MADISON. WIS. K. H. La FotxsTTa, BaacsL A.

Uirth, QiiasRT E. Ron, A. O. ZraacaHAjr. UFollette, Harper, Roa Zimmerman, LAWYERS.

i Omen: Vilas Block, over Capital City Bank, MADISON, WIS 880jy17dwte uuuU mm She Will Appear In "Clover" at toe Opera House To-Nfght. A rumor, which started in Chicago, that Lily Poet, the-well-known artiste of the McCsuli company, has withdrawn from the organization, has reached this city, and Is denied by the manager. Miss Poet is at the Park with other members cf the company, and will so ap pear to night. The report of Mies Poet's withdrawal has also been circu lated in Milwaukee, where the company i billed to appear, and ia also denied. The rumor was started by some party with the intention cf injuring the com Mbs Post will positively appear this evenitg.

GOT. HOARD'S PLANS. HE IT ILL GO EAST IN JAN DART. A Three Blontbr Lee ttirinar Tear Ar- ranged For. On the night cf Jan.

5, immediately after the inauguration cf Gov. Peck. Gov. Beard will depart fcr the east on a dairy If during tour that will be about three months in durstitn. He hss en gagements in New York, Massachusetts, liaine, Ohio, Cans da and otter parts of the country.

His work in; this line, which wasdrrpped when be went into tha executive office, will be taken up again almost where it was laid down? Gqv. Hoard eays the independence of action, the freedom cf restraioing official cares and the return to his life work with the dairymen ct America is a great pleasure. The news cf bis defeat had barely flashed 6ver the wires eastward before demands upon him began to nsh back, until the work before him prom ises to be unending. Tbere is no probability that he will be through with his engagements in time to participate in the farmers' institutes of Wisconsin, and he will be greatly missed by the agriculturists and dairy men of this state. 2IJENNEECII0R CONCEST.

Participants in the Entertainment of Tbi Organization. The Madison llooanerchor is practicing for its grand concert Thanksgiving evening. The first tenors of the chor are II. Baumgaertner, Frank Blied, Max Gaertner. John Grimm, George Ueyer, August Ntetert, F.

Pesher and John Vitense. The second tenors are Adam Blind, W. A. Grove, Carl Haus- mann, Carl Kirstena, E. O.

Kney, F. Krehl, Wm. Krueger, Wmi Sauthoff Ernst Schneider, C. HJSteinmetz and W. J.

Wirfca. The first bass singers are Jao. Essex, Guatav FindorfT, Her man Gtertner, Godenschwager, I W. Joachim, Wm. Luebkmann and August Scheibel.

The second bass sing ers are Chas. Elver, Frank Hackel, Frank Kessenich, C. Lorenz, Wm. Muel ler, C. Preesentln, Peter Schaus, Wm.

Scheibel, C. Span gen berg and Carl Wehrmann The Maetmercbor will be assisted by tbe following ladies: Antoinette Abel, Meta Breckheimer, Minnie Drives, Al- benine Elver, Ottillie Elverj Mrs. H. Gaartner, Anna Goldenberger, Delia Grove, Heiliger, Emma fleyer, Louise Ueyer, Anna Hoevler, Minnie Hoevler, Theresa Hoveler, Katie Jung mann, Mary Jucgniann, Tillie Krsten, Jennie Kieyter, Julia Kleyter, Bertha Kney, N. Konrad, Amanda Lim- hagen, Tillie Meng, Agnes Mueller, Emma Dora Nelson, Augusta later Julia Nietert, Katie Nienaber, Tillie Pellage, Anna Scbafer, Tillie Pchafer, Katie Schaus, Johanna Schei bel, Martha Schtebel, Josie Schloegel- milch, PhUeta Schluodt, Anna Schmed- emann, Amanda Schneider, Lucy Soelch, Josephine Steinla, Euailie Studemann, Mrs Herfurth-Vaas, Julia Walwer, Nora Winden, Anna Zrank.

TtJESI IT iTOPICa. Gossip Gathered From Various Sources For Oar Headers, It is eight weeks ago last Saturday night since there has been a fire in the city. To-day has been much like Indian summer, with clear skies and mellow atmosphere. The Nordstrom trial ia in progress at the circuit court. A vigorous fight is being made to clear the defendant.

"The Prince and Pauper" will be the attraction at the Fuller Opera house Thursday evening. McCarthy's "Mia haps' follows on Saturday. Mrs. Taylor, divorced wife cf ex Gov. Taylor, was stricken with paralysis, Sat urday, and in a serious condition at tbe residence cf her daughter, Mrs, I.

M. 'I Chief cf Police Adamson and his' fel low officers have kindly taken the bur den of official businees off the shoulders of Sheriff Vernon, in his affliction. The Madison star-wearer have the right kind of hearts. Thnrsdsy eveninj the Platterille lec tore coaree will open with a concert In which the First Regiment orchestra, Mi3 Alice Regan and tbe iterpiaa quartet, of this city, will participate. This is a compliment to Madison talent and one which whica will prove remunerative to the Plattevilie peopls in more ways than one.

THE OPEBA TO NIGHT. A Big Uo as 9 Promised for the McCanll Cora pa a j. The largest audience of the season is anticipated at the Fuller Opera house tonight, whan the celebrated McCauIl Opera company will present the tnnefcl opera ''Clover" for the first time ia this city. The sale cf seats has been unusually large, bet there are soma desirable ones left, and those who have not yet secured tickets should not stay away be cause cf the presumption that every one has been taken. English Spavin Liniment removes all hard, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses.

Save $50. "Warranted the moat wonderful Blemish Cure ever known. Sold by Lwis drc gfata. 1 Hiram a Yeteran TeacherDrops Dead HE TAUGHT IN FITCH BURG. While Speaklag to E.

W. Palmer Be Saddealy Ceases and Expires In an Instant. Hiram Heistand, a well known school teacher and a veteran of the late un-pleasantness on tbe union side, died suddenly at tbe home of E. W. Palmer, cf the town of Fitchbnrg, last evening.

He had keen engaged to teach in the Palmer district this winter, and school opened yesterday morning. Mr. Heistand was to board at Mr. Palmer's, and went there after school apparently in ss good health a var. While conversing with Mr.

Palmer respecting the merits cf a school ok he held in his hand be suddenly stopped speakiog, gasped, and was dead in less than two minutes. Mr. Hiestand lived with his family on State atreet. He was born in Diyton.O., Msy 17, 182..3 During the wsr he'wss sergesnt of company D. Both Wisconsin infantry, enlisting at Milwaukee Ort.

6, 18A3, and bing discharged at Madison Oct. 23, If 65. He was a member of C. Washburn pier, G. A.

and was respected by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, 15 year-old daughter and 7-year-old son to mourn his loss. The gentleman has tacght 1C4 terms of school in Iowa, Minnesota and Wis consin. Tbe Grand Army comrades are requested to meet at the post hall, at 1:30 to-morrow, to take charge of tbe funeral, which will occur at the residence of the family of the deceased, 226 State street. COULDN'T PL BALL Comments on the Strength of the Uni- Football Team.

"Alvin Kletzfch, of the Republican house, has returned from Minneapolis," rays The Milwaukee Sentinel, "where he acted as umpire in tbe game of football played there 8aturdsy between the teams from the university of Wisconsin and the university of in which tbe Wisconsin students were gk rioully trounced. Speaking of the game yesterday Mr. Stettach saidt The Madison boys were not in it. The team that they have got is charged very much from that of last year, and the boys show a lack of practice and familiarity with the game. They went out to Whitewater and defeated the team there by a score of 102 to 0, and this had tbe effect of making them think that they were invincible.

But it ia evident that they must have had a very easy team to play against at Whitewater, I think I could have taken six of the members of the Milwaukee Football club and beaten either cf the elevens that played at Minneapolis. COLLEEN BAWS. Cast of Characters for the Presentation of This Drama, The following is the cast of characters for "Tbe Colleen Bawn" performance at the opera boose, the evening of Nov. 24, for tbe benefit of the Fuller Johnson Be'ief association Eily Connor Ml Minnie Gill Arme C'butn Hht Dmi Htwtly Mrs Creg-an, Miss Alice Cucmlng- atn Sbeelaa Mia viand Kaibl en Miua KalU-McO -rmick I'ancy Mann Ly Dili Myi a NaOoppaieen J. I.

Pureed Ky rl Da ly. O. Donovan Father Turn Nienlmu M-. Onrriiran B. J.

Hatlirn BrtiOVvioore Water Hyland Hardresa F.Donovan (Jh cairo Market. raiCAk.Kov.18-Q!oe.--Wheat steady: cash, 89 seller December. 88 Corn steady; cah, 504c; seller December, 49 eic; aeler May.Wo. 0l rarj: cash, seller December, 41c; seUer May, 4lc. Mess pork duil; cash, apfler January 10 87H10 90; seller May, 11 77 11.776.

LArd dull; cash. 5.00; Seller January, a.0Hd 810; seller Rye steady; 6CV3. Barley quiet: Flax seed. Arm; 1 St. Prime timothy seed easy; 1.20.

Whisky 1.14. Cauie: Receipts, 16.000; market steady; steers, 4.a5. 8- Hogs: Reoelpta, 40.000; market activa and low er; rouah and common, S.50&3.60; beary pack ets. 3 70a8.90; light. Bbeep: hrceipts, 5,000: la better demand ard market steady; natives, 4.00&4.80; aesterns, 4.00 lambs, 4.5003.25.

Xilwaokee Market. atrtWACKKK. Nor. 18. Wheat easier; No.

spricu cash. seller December, SSic; No. 1 northern. 3c. Corn steady; Ka t.

caih, 84a Oais quiet; No. whltn. cash, 4546a Tenia School at tbe Business College to-morrow maht. I MARRIED. BTJTTERTIELD Madison, No.

18, by Iier. W. A. Mcatee, Meina Butter- field to Mtas Janet Davisoa. both of tbe town of Burke, Dan county.

Wis. Fuller Opera House. Thursday Evening, Nov. 20. UETTJBK ENGAGEMENT! Dajmu.

faoHaux'v Production ot Mark Twain's story, THE PltlHGE THE. PAUPER! Draaaattaad by Mra. Askt Pag BicBaanaoji. Elsie Leslie aaa th Com plete Original New York Company PRIOSSt ParqMtte and Vrmm Circia, nswrved 1 Tare fetowa la Baionetr. 73 tetbui seats ia Bakxxy a 19 as First taesalional Church and Society of Madison.

SEASON OF 1890 AND 1891. The first entertainment will be a on FiilDaY ETCS1SO, OV. SI, 1890, by tbe Rer. Robt. Hclotire of Chicago.

Subject: "The Pnnny Side of 8c Idlers' Life," followed by a GRAND CONCERT, DEC. 5, I BYTHK WEBER CO CERT CO. TiORERT BrjBDETTE. Dec 9. MR.

MRS. Ml- EK. Jan. 18, 1891. liON.

B. G. HORR Feb. 10, 1891. LOTUo NCEBT March 17.

four Ticket', which are transferable. fLOC; v'inxe admisesinn. 50 cents -ach. For sale at OuM.NU dt bUJLMich aad at tha door. AMHBW Peru re your tickets early, aa only a limited numi-r or teamtn tickets wiu be onorea.

145inoTl4aim Ffuller Opera House. TUESDAY. XOV. 18 THE FA8HI0NABLE EVENT I i I Sceo al FiKiremeDt of tbe Famous Pioneer Mutdcal Organization, M'CATJLL I OPERA CO. i i Sixty People Cir-Ioid Sppciil Scenery! Pres xting Von Suppe'a Masterpiece, CLOVER i THE FEIXC1PALS ARE.

Post, Chauocev Aicott, Aooie Mypr, WUuara BlaiMlelt, Josephine Knapp, W. Rocneater, tie, Harry Kittpnburg, Cora H-n'lron. t'bas. Uungen, MathUJa Cotueily, Freifrear. PRICES: PaTqartte and drens circle, reserved ...1 00 Tnree rows in oalixny.

reeerved 75 seats In .60 UalU-ry, V5 Lower boxes, seating five 7 60 oer boxes, seating fo'ir 00 Balconr boxes, sewiaa five 5 0J balcony boxes, ceatiog four 00 Box office open Monday at 9 o'clock. SHAKESPEARE! CAPITAL CITY LECTURE COURSE. iProf. JOHN C. FREEMAN, A Reply to Ignatius Donnelly, Not.

18 Course tlckt. $1. Ttckets for sate at J. K. Mos ley and W.

W. Pullard Co, Lecture, Dr. Davidson, Dec. 2d, FOR SALE $1,200 Will bay a Good 7-Room House In tha Second Ward on very easy terma i A lanre list of Vacant Lots in Good Localities. at prices ranging from $1C0 to $10,007, on terms to suit purchasers, A Few Good Houses (or Sale or Rent.


B. VAN BLYKE. M. E. FULLKB, Vir Preeldftnl President.

srr xrtt i B. STEVENi. F. F. PROUD FIT.


James S. Smith W'tl receive Pupils In c'aswsof 00 each i ciana or i nreevi 8.00 each In lUu-ses cf two 10.00 each Term 20 hour leaons. two a week. Btudlo 24 Eaat Mifflin front room. Sd floor.

BRITTINGHAM HIX0N, Xj DMC DE "JEl Successors to Vroman Mason, OFFICE. 22 CARROLL STREET. 0 yuulr THIS CITY, AT STORE. IT CONTAINS See and Pric Them FIRST NAT10NA AI 1 Return of tha State TJiiif crsity Foot B1I Eleven. THEY ABE BADLY USED UP.

Defeated by the MIneoU UnlTersltr Team fcj a Score of 63 to 0 A Fund to Improte Them. The foot-ball team returned from Minneapolis with banners trailing in the mad. The mien cf any of them on the hilt today would have given away the reeult, thoogh ft were net before known. They hare no relish for daacuaeing the game. The score was 63 to 0 in favor of the Minneapolis men.

The men from the Flour City ere very jubilant orer their fcreat victcry. It give thera the championship cf the northwest. It peaks well for the athletic enterprise cf this neighboring college, and -forcibly hows all Madison students that they are wanting in giving their eleven proper support. The athletic idea is fact gain ing strength here, but it is not yet by any means what it ought to be. The students cf the University cf Minnesota contribute liberally to suppwt their team, They pay a first-class trainer an ad need salary to get tbeir men in trim and keep them up to high water mark.

Report rays that any asseesment made upon the Btodents for the support of their team is heartily endorsed, whereas here little cr no encenrsgement is given to the eleven, beyond a-jcheejr or two when they make a good play. Recog nincg this fact, the students here have thrown oft their lethargy, and have al ready raised 150 for the eleven, provid ed they defeat the Lake Forest team ia the coming content. The Minneapolis men are superior only in the fact that they are in better training. At the end cf the first half of the game the score stood 20 to 0 in favcr of Minnesota, and then the struggle was not to get shut oat, but strive as they would Madison couli not register a sirgle point which they couli claim aa their own. David son and Sumner came back a little the worse for wear.

They were obliged to let substitutes take their places before game was ended. The Beloit tennis men seem to lack (hat great faculty cf the human species which is designated as memory. Ihey won the tournament at Beloit a short time since, and, carried awsy by their victory, they are now dressing them selves in borrowed robes by claiming the tournament played last term. This, as a matter cf fact, is not true. uni varsities won both doubles and singles lact term.

Several students, on the plea of pos sessing weak eyes, claim that they re quire the afternoon for study. They as Bert that their organs of viiion refuse to properly fill their functions except in the blessed light of day, and therefore can not drill. However, Col. Cole is not to be cheated out of his prey in this way. He fooled the boys by organizing anight squad, which drills for aa hour every Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Foot ball lights hitherto excused from drill will be obliged to practice the art of handling a musket and striding in true military fashion on Wednesday even ings. Prof. Jastrow will perform some pey cholrgical experiments for the benefit cf bis classes next Saturday morning. The History and Political association of Cornell offers $50 for the best essay oa the subject cf "Electoral Corruption, Its Causes, Extent and Remedy." The essay is not to exceed 5,000 words and must be ia the hands cf the committee by May 15, 1831. Several students here have signified their intention cf entering the race.

A U. W. battalion band is being organised. It will consist of about fifteen members. It is two years since the military strains of a student band floated over the campus.

A polo team is being organized in the university. Prof. Lh-Leitz, of Wotalar, Germany, is locking over the univeriity field. COUNTY BOARD. A Few Miser Details Attended to at This Session.

All the members of the county board, except Messrs. Esoer, Fitzgibbons and Minch, were present at this morning's session. Mr. Dora presented the petition of Ada F. Bird, accompanied by the affidavits cf Ira W.

Bird and J. Gregory, that a tax deed be made out by the county for the transfer of certain lots la Sun Prat-ris to Mica Bird. Bird bought the tax certificate, through Ira Bird, but in soms unaccountable manner they were lost, and she asks that a deed be issued on th a record. The matter was referred to a special committee, consisting cf Meesxa. Acgeli, Netherwood and Estce.

Sheriff, jailer and clerk cf court claims were allowed as follows: RaJph C. Vernon, SI expense S5 KalUC Verna.iUeri 5 ss it ii. Homb, Orputjr 39 VI Cfeartr Hart, dput aOenfT 0 79 K. iL Oocnr. opuy 44 45 Hot sleUl.

deputy nnerff JattU O'Uoubl, C9tk ot cuurt 103 Ci Thompson, ek-ixity HtvsrtS 1 J. B. fcooO. deputy aaeriiX J5 Some tax certificates, erroneously issued against property of August order, cf tha town of DeeTfield, were ordered canceled. The north 'half cf a section was described instead of the weet half.

The clerk was ordered to purchase even copies of the forthcoming Dane county atlas. For Sale, Uttla BUI and Black Hell are for sale. Black Nell weighs 800 cr SK pounds and iakiadt aa a kitten; easy as a rocking chtr to ride. Either one of them drive tingle or doube; safe for women or children. Uttla Bill is bay, and nice look, teg; safe, kind and trusty.

Bath young, 5 cr years old. Who will I waxt to aelL 8. Howabx, 933 Jenifer street. Itoa cured In SO minutea by Woolf ord's gto Himlilk SoUby mLm I I III -A. I a.t say a word about our Department.

0) 111 Most people nowadays want Good Goods, but it is not every one who knows where the Best can be had. What we buy in Clothing is only of the Very Best Make, and what we MAKE OURSELVES, 9 which is a LARGE PART ot our MEN'S SUITS, are the Best Garments, both in Quality, Trimming, and Fit, to be found in this section. We use only the Very Best ot Trimmings, and employ High-Grade Tailors. A man that wants a Good Suit does not hackle over a dollar or so in price, but he DOES WANT A GOOD ARTICLE and a GOOD FIT, FAST COLOR AND HONEST WEAR. THIS WE CAN GIVE YOU.

Our Cheviots at $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00 are Fine. You can have Single or Double-Breasted Sack, or Three-Button Cutaway Frock. Of course, we have a Large Assortment of Cassimeres and Worsteds in both Sacks and Frocks; BUT YOU BETTER COME IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Yes, we have Suits as low as $5.00, but we advise you to purchase something better, BECAUSE IT PAYS TO DO SO. THE FINEST DISPLAY EVER SEEN IN Probablyj we better Tailoring NIP DRUG AND GROCERY It is Chock Full of the Handsomest Line of Cloths to be found anywhere.

We are never happier than when we take a measure for a Suit, and our customer is never happier than when he puts the Suit on. BEAUTIFUL BISQUE, PI AfJ AND Elegant Brass and Silver Hanging and Stand lOAWMLEI CLOTHMG CO LAMPS. Don'tBuy Until You los hzsg Aim us julxb nr. 1 A.

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