The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 7
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MONDAY^ 4, 1931 HTA'THEVILLK, (AUK.) COURIKtt NttWS PAGE FtVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word'for Oral inse rtlo.ii and one cent ft KO rd /or e ach subsequent tertion. No advertisement taken lor less lUan 50c. Count the worda «"d send Hie casli, I'hone 306 FOB SALE FOB SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this lull, bee us aoout plan. Marilyn lliucncry. ac-ft f OR SALE—Rowdcn and Ul'Li cot- ion sccu. Wclcli Foster at the C.rand Leader. 2 1-OIt SALE—2 good work inulfs 1 good milk cow. Cash or credit A. Conw.iy or Hatch Doan at Harris Uarn. -1P-K rOU KENT FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingran builduie. See P.irklmrsl. Coin IHiny. 3C-T —^ I OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahero by RUTH DEWEY GROVES , IIKGIN lli:iti: TODAY IIOIIIUON. .r.TCIlT In love »llb TUMMV M1I.!|II\, dll- rci^^ri. he !• vlnniiliiK lo i-luvc 11 lib fcrr knU-»uicr, lUi:M! E\ p i:ui:'i-r. JJrrjJ uud hcT "k'.nnG" kljoar Tommr end (nkc lifiu Intu the cuntifr.v l\hrre *hc ur^i-K lijut n> i-iitillnue In rulk-Rt- aii:l not br<<nk lliv tu-ar(uC liix niliil, .lilts. UUKl'- >1A\, uio In IliKniclM- lilni, |-'tillInj: In riim:iir« uLni, !li:r)l Jt-l.v stfr. !renr, (•nrnKi'U rtl lo JUli'ii mid ni lu her ie lon^ nnll, Mtt I'ii.huLali e clniieiiiml. 'l\iiiini}- cues tKhln lc unj U MiriirlM-J t Next Uny vrllh jLtit liu Dull J!iT«l mill ht-r KDnt; lir.^irli. Ono of tho lin.v.i, hlllis 11^1 ny fruiJt lirr, coi'^ I ivalrr iLUd JH I'nrrli'il out l lldp. '1'hfr •rnti'li frniLtli'al tlicn lli-ryl *crit '{'mum) A\I l to Ktinri.. ulUi :i tiuriLrn. NJiu n-jt nnil hcli>K liloi drln^ Ai llir , the the • lu. WAN'l'ED WAH'i'BIJ—MarKcl, any quauiuy. Marnyii l CIK-IV, 210 o. ruuiih SV. ac WANTED — Faintly washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora yjzeii, 2207 iath at. TF POULTRY WANTED — Morkiil uriccs paid at C. L. Benneu Co. Fted Co. 21U N. KaUroad St., w«l ol courthouse, J. JS. Fisner, i'lionc 61. 24C-TF :iuj tlirn ih WANTED-Ambitious, reliable man at once. Permanent jiosition with rapid advancement. Honesty es- senlial. Car necessary. Write fully. Box "D", Courier News. LARGE NATIONALLY KNOWN MANUFACTURER will start you in business lor yourself. We furnish nearly everything. Many make $50 lo $75 weekly profits. Steady ic- i:cat business. Wrile quickly. G. C. HEBEKLING COMPANY, Dept, 27, Bloomington, 111. 4C-K7 TEKSONAL CARS WASHED, Greased. Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished, 50c each OCb. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-KO STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blylhcville Cutton Oil Company The Annual- Meeting ot the directors and stockhoidcrs o! the above company will b2 held Thursday, June 9t!i at 10:30 A. M. in the oilicES of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls B'.dg., Memphis, Tenn. - . • . 4C-K6-3 New Sunimtr Hotels Planned MT. WASHINGTON. (UP)— Ken- England's highest summer rc- Eort—that atop C293-foot lit. Washington—is to be enlarged this year. A new hole! which will double the capacity of the two present hotels will be erected in the fall by Henry N. Tuague. who has taken over the summit, properties and also the 61-year-old Ml. Washington cog railway, oldest cog railway in the world. .NOW to ox WITH TIII: STOUV ClIAl'TKIl V IT seemed a^cs lo lleiy! that she waited for help bul In reality it was tun more ih:m -ft minium before Ibe officer relumed, followed by a physician in a new cmii-e. Without thought of ilauuisc to the upholstery Beryl buirleilly took a seat In it. Her hair had dried but her iKithing suit Biill held considerable moisture. Just when ami where she bad discarded her bench robe she did not remember. The doctor wcu; as oblivious to possible datnayc to his properly as she. "Which way?" lie csknl tersely. "First turn to the right." He drove with the fullest exercise of his right to speed ivhile Beryl sal beside him in silenl {rralitudc that he knew no timidity. But little was required of them when they readied the scene of the accident. Tommy hail brought An^ie round ami except that he was SM'i'critiy from the effects o.' submersion be was no worse for his experience. The doctor ordered him la!;eu home ami put to bed. Hoiyl suggested Hint site send a check to the doctor for bis medical services and Hi'ijl sighed. U scorned th:it Tommy VV.TS [i I ways on hand lo t\t:>.\£ huv biK inomtMilH, but they WI.MO nuvor harmonious Vi'lni a I'ity. As she helped [he boys il-o lunch bprenil she frequently ••^olo surreptitious glances at T')ii:m\'s bark and wished ho'd ho i.i'jro friendly, ll \vaa nucli n nice l.:u-k :unl— "Ucryl Uorden, you flight to lio ashamed of yomseU," :-b' thought llerecly, "roiling a ; tl.rlll over n man's back. And jTutmny isn't even n mnu—he's only sflMiy kid." # * * !IK resolved to Ignore, him, nrni did \\liilc slio loolidl after Ai.fiio. |Tki-y'»l niblu-fl him well it ml rtuui ! uran»Hl him In Iho vnrloua as- smud lirach wraps they Ind a 1 ' Uicsn. lie uns htrcteliCMl oul 1 on warm Mind "lo dry." an | i<dd him. And he was (o Ho ! uiitl lie- "was brittle." Tlio durior ; Klyt'ii him i,oinGlliiii£ for ilio l i:i ; ii!i> of him ho wasn't b;u : s'.:Hi a had time oven tinman ! -A.-.-:.'! fed. ln>fi»re the others ato Beryl :-a!<l if> him n,ii!cUy; "You don't mind. | dj y.r.i. old man? You know 1 ;ialo • tu Impose npLisi you but' U would he a Piinme to deny llic others, I wouldn't it? I'll kce[i you c ( and i;ive my share lo Tommy." j Tlie spirit of FacrluYe Hutiwl tile's in Angio'.H broast. "Don't yun 'do anything of the hind; you ent j it yourself," ho protested. "(Sucsa I you brought enough for hlui too, ! and I'm no cry baby." "Thal'a rU;hl; you'ro uot," Hcryl answered, with a pat on his flhoiil- tltr. "You're n veal man, Angle." . Slic offorril him r\ drink of water enough water in his lungs then tojlhe story to tc!l her. Maybe ho'd; hut he made n face and shook hi* head. Tlitn, havinc done all sho could for Angle, she found herself utiahle to keep her mind off Tommy. He was taking no part In tho preparations for lunch, but still sat, spinning liia pebbles, Slio Euessed lhat bo wus thinking ot Irene, nnu ajjaln slie resolved not lo give him another thought. Hut presently sho ivcsit over lo hi;n and offer ul him a tamhvk'l]. Toniniy, unlllic Angle, felt, no call lo martyrdom, lie took ttie sandwich with a brief, "Thanks." ]leryl sat down beside him, Sim haled herself for Iho weakness hue suppose, 1 ' 3/JC //cgan, n/f youVe a !:cro <mJ /'»[ ,7 /ool." lio!<l hire under. I wasn't EO far leave t!ic youug lady, Miss Uorilcn. a\vay but I had to flo soi'.io rliving! —l;o remembered tbe name—out to find liira. -Miss Eordei:," lio! ot it entirely, turr.cil to Dei'yl, "brought liim In." riillE otlicer shook his Iteail at waited with Hcryl nulll the car v.-as brought. "But I but there was a twinkle In his i oughtn't lo,' J ho told her. "Uncle eyes "Jirt tho fame." ho added. | Ccorsc Js probably having a fit out "i ought to give you ft ticket for there now. I didn't stop to toll him what I was leaving for. He cnn'L handle [he beat and lisli, too." . IlBryl ^vas too sbuken by Audio's narrow cheapo to fcol like Idling Tommy lo swim hnck to his uncle. Seeing that her selt-sufUciency was KADIO AIDS CRLME DRIVE KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)—Radio station KGPE—"Keep Good Policemen Employed"—was in operation tortny a.s Kansas City officials continued their drive on criminals. The station, installed only recently, no\v broadcasts ix>lice bulletins to -to cruising squad cars and 10 sub-stations. liaviiig lhat three-legged ouuiibiis 0:1 tlic road." "It'a not so hot." Beryl agreed, "to look at, but it's a genuine Early American antique, A family relic, you know. Sir Walter Kaleigh gave It to Pochahonias. . . ." Si:e paused, Pigmy was whispering Bil)il;iiilly: "Caulain John Smith, Captain lie gave her his nr.tne and address. | J O J IE Smith" Tommy sniffed when the doctor, j « u rtne3n . t mntfor. 1 ' the officer a nice looking you us man. had left I broke in. "I've beard of both of them. "A check! Yon mean a post- office money order." "WEiat's the difference?" Ueiy] retorted, and llieu: "Say, tmw are we going to get home?" She looked at Tommy blankly. Tommy decided It v;as ;i good time tu give her a piece of i ! * ^ r = s seldom sho had n chance tn bin mind. I s 't beside Tommy nowadays, and "You wouldn't get into so much | if she covered her action with a trouble if you'd let other people's' affairs alone," ho mi hi bluntly. "Well," Rcryl bridled. ''Sure, making kidnapers out of lhe : c-a). Pigi:iy Lristkd. . "V.'hcre2" cballoui;cd. "Mayho it wn-. In school," officer grinned. Piciny was plainly distressed. "Here comes a guy who'll leH "A\v shucks" be said, "and I been you," Tommy ansvrered, eyeing Iho wriiuin' io bi an officer." approach of the motorcycle officer, i "\\"e!l f dial's sure caUin* us "I'd have been hero sooner, explained with a firm look he dumb," tho olUccr coniracnfed for Then li» liei'air.o serious. "JJoi\ IJeryl, "if somebody hadn't turned I you going tn get this hoy home? 1 ' 1 all the lunatics loose today. Well, he demanded of Beryl. l these kids is interfering iviih their p natural lives," he Declared. "Why j don't yon let "cm nlonc to play "H'mpl!." Beryl snorted, "I'm leaching them a spirit of brotherhood that's a whole: lot iiioro important than marbles." "Yc-i, and yo:i nearly ict one of '0:11 clrowu. V/hat would you have wherc's the kid?' Angic spoke up with a touch of pride. "I'm all right," he declared. He was beginning to like the special attention he wns receiving. "How'rt it happen?" the officer inquired. It him. "A sea klUy got him." -What's that?" "A whirlpool or ^valors p^uJ without the spout or somelhir.s like that," Tonnny explained. "They're hard to swim out of Sf you lose your head. The kid bore had Rot out in clear water and the kitty vcis bringing him back to shore hut U. i7fls loo far for him. f saw him £<> jiaiva and xuesecd he had "We'll have to go into a huddle on that," IJeryl answered. They finally worked it out that the officer should send a mechanic io put a new lire on Beryl's car and drive H to the bench. It wasn't until he'd left them lhat he real- was Tommy who answered j izcd (bo suggostion had come from iV.o yoimj lady. This was goiiig (o keep him from going off duly in iime tu £ct n. hot roast duck dinner. HnL a hnli-drowaed kid ij a half- drnwnrd kid. 11-2 could have: made the young feHer \viiti her boof it to Iho nearest telephone, though. Well, the l.idlc?, (?od b!c.=a 'em . . . ho ?miir:l over the I3iou:jht of 0:10 3:i p:irtiriilar, and thought aliout a .sli::hliy nlf-rod version He- was looking at her willi the unvcIi-Titing sEernness of youlb in the judsJiient scat, but her answering jtlcuice caused him to turn asvciy hi embarrassment. Into her c*l?nr griy eye.-; bad crept a £o£t- :icss that was echoed in her low voice as she said: "1 don't know," with a tihnnlicity that disconcerted hiii]. "You arc ;v sre::l help ?o:n limos. Tommy." Fhe added gently. Tommy realized that somehow ho hnd 11;uh'ed his chance to lecture her. "You'd better Rive thf-so kid 1 souieiliing to cat." lie pyirfih a:ul ?at down to ai:;i:3e liini.^eK hy iliotjn;; pL'bbK-s over iha w:;tcr, H !ir.,i alv.ays bi-c:i likrV.lnt. he told himself recentliiily. V^i* ~i nvwhere ' *li.iarrcl he wouldn't suspect her real feelings, she told herself. "1 suppose," she began, "that yn:i think you're a hero aiul Tin a fool. Well, you'll be a hero, all right, .n the eyes of Annie's parents, but don't Ibink yon did any more tlmu Tjiyonc who co:i]i! swim would have done. As n matter ot fact what you did wasn't so much, aside from Us importance. You're a good swimmer and you know it. A kid in Annie's condition couldn't hamper you much." Tommy turned and looked nt her. "Give me another sandwich," ho said placidly, "and don't talk so much." jumped to her feet mid turned her back OH him. An an.^ry rclcrC oit her slic saw the absurdity o! giving in- lorance [o H. Tommy liad no for lier whatever she di<l or said. Tears of humiliation smarted 10- velcase Ijeijiud lier eyelids sl:c hold tislitly lo'.veml (or n few Eccoiula while slio \voiidercil which would tnera tho most or tcl! tho least — to fiive hiui the samhvich or to ignore his request for it. Slie hadn't inaiio up her mind IK- fore one oC ti:e boys "l/ook! Here *uoueo yuur car, Mis? Ucryl." K» EATON AND SON Phone 700 Main & 5th SI. When its present ten-year program of improvements is completed, Sweden wttl have one of the best highway systems in Eiuol>e. BE SURE YOU'RE Uf "" ND HIS FRIKNDS HKACE Ul', I WO IT -»WU'T.... I'LL \ ] CMU-ARS OJT OF POCIiET AMD LET ME If ~ro ee VWOQTULESS.... IT'S Courier News Want WASH TUI511S T -WE 62«SJflLO? Trie COY Ai ftilWlES OF BaoDN. TWMrD EOT FOQ\\ WE HftKlASBlLV. » UNRATED H32S £6AP,5QLJ1RE.S, M ROOM ' 15 l.ia!-i"f, AlRV AfiD f.' -~ IF OB"JliCf-fO MUSIC, FACT, -f 15 SQ KEEP A PEMPUt-UM CLOCK "BREAkT ^r^ iEKCEP-r'Fc.TC'-TriE SPOGK By'Martiij BOOTS AM) I1ER BUDDIES WILLIE IS 1'UACTICAL Kio STEEUC tHA" I SAHiE ... GEE... IT -M(XX-DNT BE GISMT Foa ,Vv£ To QUIT COLD KJO\W, SIMCE &TOCE L A see FOR HOMvE... L DOMT \WAMT ~K> GET UP WITH THAT FELLA ASAlt-J H ; -, S'>-..-, WEV F-^E \Jf.hffi. .OI'H '^:ATI\-'-- ir—••"—iS-'-'^i.^f' / / 2'4?ji • *^ •^*T?^i' ^£3

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