Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on May 28, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 8

Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 8
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Tuesday Evening, May M, 1457. Josephine Lowmgn Eat Proteins, Fruits, Cut Fats for Good Nutrition Proteins have become more and more Important for good nutrition. Yesterday I wrote about nutrition and the terrific effect it can have on your looks, your health, your 1 personality and your happiness— and this is an understatement. What is known now about nutrition and the part it plays in our lives, and what they are learning every day are two of the most exciting things on the modern scene. I wish that they had known 10 years ago what they know now! I would expect to be as young at 70 as I am at my age, which is quite a bit less than that. My only comfort is that I have taken advantage of what they knew, while they researched and 1 lived. Actually the tenets of good nutrition are quite simple, as outlined by the government of The United States during the war. The emphasis in certain matters has changed some. Proteins Proteins seem more and more Important. The protein foods are meat, milk, eggs, Hsh, fowl, cheese, plus more important vegetable proteins. Of course for some time now vitamins have been dramatically emphasized, and . with good reason. You will get a lot of your essential vitamins in your protein foods, in whole grain products, in citrus fruits and fruit Resist the Heat uices and in your fresh fruits and egetables. The yellow arid green eafy vegetables are highlighted and are beauty and health measures. The trend also is to cut fats low ,. , , . , T ivuuu better get on the day shift, he average diet has too much. In!f, , act you will have to resort to un- ' ' , , , usual measures if you eat a low-! Apparently the bartender feels fat diet. You will have to broil, so friendly toward your wife that he's willing to give her the shirt off his back. When she agrees, however, to bring il back, washed and ironed, I think it's lime you stayed home nights and knocked off this cozy friendship. lake or boil rather than fry foods. You will have to substitute fresh ruit for rich pastry, as a habit. You will learn to ccok your vege- ables without water or cook them dry—meaning that you do not pour all the vitamins down the sink, with the water you pour off. I will bet that you don't want o be so extreme that you can never enjoy a gourmet's meal—with oveiy sauces and whatever. I enow I am not so extreme. BUT as a general habit in your daily iving you and I will receive great lenefRs from taking to our menus .ome of the things they now know about nurtrition. Tomorrow: "These Tricks for he Tall Girl Be - emphasize {eight." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1057) U!4 • 34k Simply styled sundress for the half-size figure that's wonderfully cool. A well fitting jacket for. cover-up is provided, if you wish. No. W& is in sizes MVa, 16'«. 1RV4, 2014, 22'/4, W/t. Size Iflti. dress, 35 bust, 4% yards of 35-inch; jackel, 1% yards. For Ihis pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring !t Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book 9 w ^^^^^^^^^^^^B JMj^^^^^ Sh.w Starll At Duilc «> Op«n Half Hour !arR*r WEDNESDAY "THE SPIRIT Of ST. LOUIS" (Color . Pint Run) J«m«s SUwart - Jimmy Ia1«s THURSDAY-FRIDAY THE BURNING HHLS" (Color) Tab Hunl.r . Nolalk Wo.4 Ann Landers Man Suspicious When He Has To Iron Bartender's Shirts Dear Ann: I have a problem Lhal may not sound serious to you but it's breaking up my marriage. ladies, mind you) have a habit of taking off their shoes the minute they get into the house. They I work nights and my wife romp around in stocking feet, no spends a lot of time in the neigh-! matter who is present, to my opin- borhood bar because she gets I ion this is uncouth and pla-m vul- lonesome. I think the bartender! gar. No well-bred girl in our day is a special friend of hers, but I; ever look off her shoes m the can't prove anything. i presence of others. Lately she's been bringing home My daughters tell me I'm "out is sport shirts to launder. She of it" and that the girk today re- his sport can't iron very welj so she asked me if I would do this for her. I learned how to be 'a presser in the Navy and do a real good job. Last week I got 'to thinking they are both making a chump out of me. I told my wife I thought this was a pretty personal chore for a married woman. She said I was being childish and accused me also of being jealous. We got into an argument and I refused to do any more ironing. She's been mad at me ever since. What do you think?-OI<J BRN. There are more important things to be ironed out in your home than the bartender's shirts. First, and foremdK 1 , your wife has no business lul»'tig around bars at TJie trend also is 10 cm IBIS mw n - hL w she , s THAT ]onosome , n the diet. We need some fat but b , M t on lhe da snifl On Parade! Dear Ann: My young sister-in- law has been in the family only eight months and she's managed to get on the outs with everybody. I'm the.only one she speaks to, at present. move their shoes at dances. Is this true, Mrs. Landers? Please may I have your views along with some advice?—BORN 20 YEARS TOO SOON*. I'm afraid you're a real' closet case on this one, Mom, so give up. You're looking defee't in deface. True, in OUR day^ a lady didn't remove her shoes in company. But we wore silk hose and dainty slippers. -Have you noticed what these kids are currently wearing on their fee'.? The wool sox weigh two pounds apiece, and they are jammed into loafers with broken backs. There was a lime when we used to sing about "Flat-Foot Floogie with a Floy Floy" but no one knew who she was. Today the kids bare their souls and think nothing of it. Personally, I don't think it's anything to get into a lather about, Copyright 1957 Field Enterprises, Inc. Young and Gay Says Bathing Suits Should Be Selected To Add Confidence NEW YORK CUP)—A woman should buy a bathing suit with psychology as well as swimming in mind, say deigner Roe Marie Roid. A great aunt is coming to this 1 "When I talk about psychology, country, for a visit next month.: everybody thinks I mean a .suit to I'm planning a big family dinner catch a man," said Miss Reid. in her honor. My mother-in-law wants nothing to do with this sister-in-law. I'm afraid she may refuse lo come if she lear-ns the girl will be there. How can I have a family dinner and not include everyone? 1 want ,lo do the right thing yet I'd feel terrible if the relatives had a blow-up in my home. I'm making out the guest list now and I'm terribly torn. My husband said to write to you and get some advise. —TWBOM'A. The party is in your home. In- !viti> everyone. Since you've had no trouble with your si.stcr-in-law, why exclude her? Don't become involved in the family battles. The Any youngster will be delighted have this cute toy soldier parading across' his or her bed I Ap- plique the designs to blocky, sew the blocks together with colorful strips between, and preslo — an eye-catching quill-top is completed. Pallcrn No. 244!) contains pattern pieces; material requirements; sewing directions. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and lhe PATTERN NUMBER lo ANNE CABOT, Pharos. Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Slrcot, Chicago 6, Illinois. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet ilems and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! "Well, Uiat is a byproduct. .But I mean a woman should choose a isuit which gives her confidence on .the beach. It should have ovuning dress appeal." Part of the confidence apparently comes from cover-up. For Miss Reid is just one of several manufacturers this season slrcssing more, ' rather Chan less, on the 'figure at the beach. The Amerjcan woman doesn't want the bold suit anyway, said the designer in an interview. For two reasons. She is inherently a modest soul. And the man likos her that way. "This is why the bikini never Jiad a chance here," said Miss Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nln« BT TRACT ADRIAN A/f R. JOHN, fabulous fashion designer, created this hat •"•«• as one of a collection devoted to debutantes and young career girls and priced right to fit into their budgets. The one pictured is a very alluring member of this group. It is a pale lavender straw cloche that is gaily trimmed with Impressionist pink rose petals. A velvet band and a velvet bow are other detaite. University Is Studying Visual Cliches in Art "This country never has wor- ,,, , . .. • jiuu ct i;uuiiu£ HULL:, £tiju IvllfiA •d.p omol" who works ovcrtmne Rckl a suit (|esj , Q 2fl making the guest list 'compatible" usually winds up pleasing no one —not even herself. Give everyone a chance to ac-i I.QI, eopl or refuse. II could be that wh '' shipped nudity t don't think ;he warring factions will declare an armistice at Ihis parly, which would be a real service to one and all. 1 it ever will. T , somc men ^ W(J mnfej sujts Dear Ann: 1 am the mother of »wo teenage girls. They are leading me a merry cha.se. No matter what I say, they inform me 'Ji'nt I'm living in lhe dark "ages," am nol "hep 1 and that <I. don't "dig" anything. The current problem Is not a serious one, but it illustrates what I'm up against. These girls (who Trn .struggling I" bring up as OPEN 1 P.M.-SOc TJl 6 HEH.D OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added Fun Wed. Night 4 - ATTRACTIONS - 4 Ronald Reagan in "HEUCATS OF NAVY" "DAVY CROCKETT AND RIVER PIRATES" "MAN OF SPACE" Color Cartoon Thurs. Disney's "Fantasia" and "littlest Outlaw" daring. But they hastily add they don't want Uieir wives wearing them. Modesty .prevails, even though Miss Reid said figures are steadily improving. "We women are growing taller, but we're staying slimmer," she said. ROX Y 4n ALL' A HC F T tg •} Artists Allied Prn*nU "Canyon Riv»r" Starring! Montgomery TUES. and WED. Opsn 1 p.m.-35c Til 6 Added Fun At Night « 2 - WESTERNS - 2 | I STIRLING COLHN HAYDEN GRAY ARROWS DUST TECHNICOLOR COIOI *MN« AN«t« NAT 'KIM* 1 BARRY- DICKINSON • COLE TUES. and WED. LAST DAYS Buck Nile! TODAY and WED. -2 FEATURES 2- ' TH€ WESTIBH ROU GAMI CUftKCAMI MM MVSSIU. RT RYAN MONROE TOM EWELL PLUS COLORED CARTOON Watch for our big Memorial Dtiy Program. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J.— Tine root of the painter's inspirp- lion in U>e world of "visual cliches" is -the object of a research study conducted with teenagers at Hulfe'ers University. The youngsters, ranging im age from 12 lo 15, are students of Samuel G. Wciner, an assistant art professor at the university, who is conducting the project for the Peoples Art Center of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The topic is "Visual Cliches and Stereotypes in the Art of Children." Weiner, an artist who has taught in the field for 10 years, said artistic cHches—fixed expression forms —are gradually eliminated from the child's realm through exercises and criticism. ,."He is, if he responds, capable of expressing himself in a more varied and personal way,'" Weiner said, "he professor said elimination o£ !>he "cliches" calls for re-education of the subject iti his misconception thai art is primarily a skill rather Uian fooling and thinking. This is easier with teen-agers, who have limi'lod realms of experience. '"Visual cliches al their worst represent one of tihe strongest lypos of intellectual and emotional conformity," Weiner suid. "This loads lo insensilivity. for H usurps the individual's right to create his own world." A work of art is more than a "picture," Weiner emphasized; il: is a symbolic exhibition of a per-: son's own attitude toward liimselfj and society. . , [ Weiner said his research project, which tries to help the students achieve "honest and vigorous expression," is aimed at determining 'how other persons than proven artists can learn to express themselves artistically. WE ARE CLOSED WED. AFTERNOON and ALL DAY THURSDAY VACATION SPECIALS ON SAL« WEDNESDAY, 9 to 12 ONLYI Ladies 1st Quality "PICTURESQUE' NYLON HOSE • 51-15 Seam,les» • Full Fashioned 69 Pair Drest Sheers—Nationally advertised in Life'1.35 pair. New Summer Shades. Sizes 816 to 11. Ladies Poplin-Denim-Tattersall SHORTS 88 • D buckle trims • Zipper closures • Sizes 10 to 18. Black, White and 4 Pastel colon, plus grey or blue denim. "CHIX" GAUZE DIAPERS 2-66 If Pet-fact 3.75 Dozen Size 20x40. Tiny imperfections will not effect wearing quality. Dozen Famous Make Heavy Bath Towels • If perfect would sell for $1 • BeautifolJDobby Borders • 22x44—Heavy Quality. • Fashion pastel colors. 48 Jr. Boys' 59c Play Boxer Shorts Lightweight—Washable I Beautiful summer shades t Durable Boxer Play,Shorts I All first quality. 3 to 8 size 2~ $ 1 Our Big End of Month. . . CLEARANCE WEDNESDAY... FRIDAY... SATURDAY Clean sweep of Odds and Ends. .Your once a mcnth opportunity to Shop and Save in all departments. MID-SEASON HATS Values to $7.95 Out they gol Final clearance of all odds and ends of fate spring hats. COTTON BLOUSES Values to $4.98 Clearance of all counter mussed blouses Short sleeves. Long sleeves and Sleeveless. COTTON SKIRTS Regular $5.98 Value Special purchase of Printed and Solid color Cotton Skirts. MID-SEASON DRESSES Regular $10.98 and $12.98 <R"F Reduced'from our regular stock of Better *D f Dresses. Others at $11 and $14. gj CLASSIC JACKETS Regular $17.95 Farrrous Rosecrest wool plaid jackets at this low price. LINED SUITS Regular $29.95 to $35 Fully lined Rayon Crepe and wool suits. J9 ^^^B • Most all sizes. OMi^^ LONG COATS Values to $25 Out they gol Rayon and linen long spring coats.. White and colors. SHORTY COATS Values to $39.95 Special purchase-and reductions of regular stock. GABARDINE SHORTS Regular $2.98 $ ardins Boy bliorts. KNI-HI NYLON HOSE If Perfect $1.35 88* Full fashionsd knee-hi nylon hose. Ir regulars of 1.35 range. NYLON TRICOT SLIPS Regular $5.95 .95 Front and back shadow panel opaque Nylon Slip by "Miss Youth Form" while only, , Long - Wool - Spring COATS " ]/ - PRICE to $59.95 Values (~^™*Q% ^ya^vvt/erv ^^p /"^Uf^i in

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