Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 41
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 41

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 41
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Tuesday Evening, December 3, 1957. Leasing Company Offers Many Items to Industry CHICAGO (UP) — For rent—a telephone system, a chemical plant, a technical library, hundreds of stainless steel beer kegs. These are just a few of the assortment of items leased today by industry in a trend away from outright ownership. William R. Heins, head of the nation's largest leasing company, predicts that within the next 10 or Rochester The Fulton County Homo Demonstration Evaluation Council nnet in the First Presbyterian Church Monday for a meeting of County officers and all club presidents and' vice presidents. The county president, Mrs. D. G. Dudgeon, presided over the bu- '15 years most major American sines.s meeting which opened with manufacturers will' be operating! all singing "America-The Beauti- their plants almost entirely with leased equipment. ful," followed by the pledge to the American flag . and Christian Heins, president of United States tla §. after which the club Creed Leasing Corp.. said the rising TOS § lven ln umson popularity of industrial leasing is Mrs. Robert McLochlm read the based on two factors. "First," he said, "it means that a company doesn't have to lay out its own working capital fo.. equipment. "Secondly, in an era of rapid technological advance, leasing is a NEW CHEVY STYLE FRESH, LIVELY secretary's report, and the treasurer's report was given by Mrs. Everett Gragg. The president talked on the Council lessons, Special Interest lessons and the Craft .school, stressing the value of each group. In response to the roll call of hedge against obsolescence. At the: b each . c lub president gave a end of a short-term lease a user me of her dut) , s activities . can get the latest piece of equip-! -^ Carl Herrold read the pos . ment on another lease. i ^ Une up of activ jtjes and goals It's up to the leasing company, t() be reac h e d in 1958. he said, to get its muney out of At [j, e noon j, oljr a delicious din- the equipment, either through sub- ner was serv ed in the church din- sequent rental or sale. Heins said his own firm leases not only standard equipment but "specially designed, custom-tailored automation equipment." "For example," he said, "we leased a chemical plant to one firm built precisely to the company's specifications." Heins said manufacturers once believed they should rent their real estate and own their own equipment. But he said inustrial real estate hols its value over the long haul, while equipment depreciates and wears out. "It suddenly occurred to many companies that they ought to own what is stable an rent the items that wear ing room by ladies of the church. The tables. were decorated with Christmas center pieces, of greenery and lighted red tapers. Place favors were white decorated Christmas bells placed 0:1 red napkins. The "Lord's Prayer" was prayed in unison preceding the dinner. A grab bag was a feature-of the afternoons entertainment. Mrs. Robert Shaffer presided at the piano and led in singing of Christmas carols. 1958 year books and supplies were given out to each president, '.o take to her club, at the close of the meeting. Saturday in Fulton circuit court Betty Jean Rynearson filed di- Tho side and rear treatment of the Biscaync four-door sedan points up the complete job of rcatyling on the 1958 Chevrolets. Note the broad, flat rear deck lid, the graceful gull-wing sweep of the rear fender line and the full-length molding that marks the latest development in Sculp- turamic styling. The Biscayne series is in the middle price range of the 1958 Chevrolet line. Press Search For Terrorists In Indonesia Nine Killed In Attempt To Slay President Sukarno •JAKARTA, Indonesia (UP)—Security agents pressed an island- wide manhunt today foi Ihe terrorists whose bombs killed nine persons and wounded 155 others Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seventeen Sukarno to the ground and shield-1 Joseph Finfrock ed the president's body with his : D 0 ^' r0 f Fmm own when the first grenade ex-!* 6 '" 65 „., , pioded. jPennsy Railroad There was no official guess for 1 Joseph Finfrock, 320 Marthe reasons underlying the assas-ikct street, has retired from the sination attempt against Sukarno. ; phia najlroad fler 52 Indonesia recently had been i not hurt. At the same time, the Indonesian government carried out threatened retaliatory measures against the Dutch for t he refusal of The Netherlands to surrender the Dutch-held territory of West Irian —a!so known _ as Dutch New Guinea. Sukarno himself escaped uninjured in the attempt on his life Saturday night at the Tjikini ele. plagued by a series of military- civilian rebellions against the Su- karno government. Only the "home island" of Java is under firm control. Sukarno, an avowed neutralist, h?3-been pushing a program for what he termed "a guided democracy," which would bring the into the government has met with strong criticisms from the strong Moslem parties. The main street of Deerfield, Mass.. has been called "the most beautiful in America." Uranium 235 sold for about $11,350 a pound during parts of 1956. years of service. Finfrock, who has been a freight engincmen since 1923, first began working for the railroad in 1903 as a laborer in Bradford, Ohio. Except for several short periods from 1905 to 1908 he has worked con- tinously for the railroad since that time. He transferred to the Logansport division in 1909 as a freight- fireman and held that position until he was promoted to his present job in 1923. Finfrock made his last (rip Friday, on his regular run between Ridgevillo and Logar.sport. Ha plans to spend the winter in Flor- _, , , ., -, ... jlOilLLlJUClJ "i(i ">* «'•'••"'"••' riage of their daughter, Virginia I Hittle and son, Clymers; and Mai- vey and family, Kay, Karen, a™! mentary se hool. He called on the auie an rent me uenis •• •- . -r,, M r»h r ergusuu unu uau 6 ..^.i, «•• — -•a wear out," Heins said. "As a vorce proceedings agains •r°s«P% hester . M r. and Mrs. Robert En- result, leasing has begun to sweep, Poison. The plaintm -*as Jag(j an(J family| pml . and Mr «iei . kert, Culver. The 'Mt. Zion club will meet . _ Thursday in the home of Mrs. Al- Naming UbjBCt bert Eshelman, for a covered dish May HoVG Been dinner at 12 o'clock. Members are: R uss Sputnik 'I ivn-ninrinH 1-n hrinff tflhlp Rprvirrv " L. to Noel D. Lewis, son of Mr.jcolm Young of Butler University, j Gary, Rochester and Frank Hiland Mrs. E. A. Lewis. Ft. Wayne. Indianapolis. The couple will be married Dec. 28, in the St. Joseph church, Rochester, at 10 a.m. Miss Reed is a graduate of the Rochester high school and of Ball State Teachers College, and is on the teaching staff at Rudisill school, Ft. Wayne. Mr. Lewis is a graduate of Central Catholic high school, Ft. Wayne, and Bail State Teachers College. He is at present music supervisor of the schools in Montpelier, Indiana. Chief of Police and Mrs. Estil Bemenderfer entertained at a Thanksgiving 'dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bemenderfer and family Rensselaer; Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brubaker, Jr., and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Ned Bemenderfer and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ferguson and daughter, all of Ro- American industry." reminded to bring table service, grab bag gift and mental health gifts. Following the custom of 40 years, the six sisters and .brother of Mrs. Albert Eisert gathered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eisert, route 2, Rochester to enjoy their annual Thanksgiving get-to-gether. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. He:iry Henderson, Mrs. Harry Underhill and children, Sherry, Janice, Rhonie and Sue; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kimball, Margaret Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ostheimer and daughter, Kalhy, Lafayette; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Pharis, Mrs. Homana Key, Logansport; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wasson, Kewanna; Mr. and Mrs. Eu- •••',, f,.,:,,;** nrAm- p- 1 B™n&c emu miniij, * "", "— S0 n, js.ewanna; mr ana mrs. ILU;«ranted a restrammg order a ^ ^^ ^^ , . _ 1 anmct Hie defendant by tne court. ,.,_._ -n !„ •».,«!,.«.. T-T;II A;». ° _ _,.,, .' _. WINSEN, Germany (UP)—Police reported .today that a flaming object that plunged into a marsh near this northwest German city may have been the Soviet Sputnik I rocket. nation bo remain calm in a nationwide broadcast and then sped out of Jakarta under armed escort, apparently for the summer presidential palace at Bogor. A tight censorship was clamped on the manhunt. But it was reported that several suspect? were taken into custody immediately j after the attemped assassination. Sukarno had gone to the school with two of his children who attend classes there for ceremonies in connection with the third anni- Search officials reported back to^versary of its opening. Winsen police station that there was evidence the object, which buried itself in the mud when it fell Sunday, was metallic. However, a Moscow planetarium official said today that the carrier rocket of the first satellite was still circling the earth. He added that he expected it to fall some time this week — perhaps even Tuesday. In 1956, 31,100 oil wells were completed in the XT. S. iiit;ii*.tiii jiiuuuuji i • 4-i-U AT nHinfr nv inP COUTt " 1JVl *".«• u* ...„-- — ^ gene niJi\.ci t ctnu aun. ium, j-i- \_unj jjict-tu iji LI it y, M. He said rental payments usually, gainst the aetenaani^t^ Jean E1]en Hnkert| Ft> Robe rt E. Lee was made a Con are 100 per cent, tax deductible -Next ountidy "• Iie ___ _ . ,, i"nnc» \ir—«~. n/r« n«^i R/r..^ pio-in u^,. rrt^n^oto rmnafai itmji id mfii for the year in which, they are i school building Base. r , • v • ' ^orliPfltori with ceremonies start-' Mrs. Wendell Duzenbury will en- made while .equipment which is.dedicated• ^ £™ house in terta m the Pleasant Valley Com- ^A^^J^Zf™ ectfon will be held'rom then on munity club, for their annual over the life of the equipment. "This isn't exactly tax-saving," Heins said. "It's more like tax postponement. But anything that even postpones part of a company's current outlay means more cash in the operations." till for current DE-DEE-DUi^ CHICAGO (UP)—The Diaper Service Institute reported today that Chicago babies use B3 diapers a week on the average, while babies in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Anaheim, Calif., get along with only 71. The institute offered no explanation. Colrain, Mass., is the site of the spection until 5 p.m. Woodlawn hospital new: Admissions: Cloyd Zuck, R.R. I, Kewanna; Mrs. Ralph Gordon, '..vlacy; Mrs. Mary Hauser, R.R. 2, Kewanna; Mrs. Gertrude Doud, R.R. 1, Logansport; Harvey Stirling, Akron. . Dismissals: Mitchell. Manr.s, R.R. 2,'Akron; 'Gail'Law, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Law, R.R. 1. Mentone: Gary "Paul, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paul, Akron; Francis Cave, HH7 Elm street, Mrs. Martha Smith, 602Vb Madison street. The Zimmerman BrrOthera a'm- Christmas party Wednesday. A carry-in dinner will be served at the noon hour. Members are requested to bring a 50c gift for the grab bag. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Frank Gustafson concluded a three day visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Justus, Sunday, and returned to their home in Grand Rapids, Mich. Mrs. Mary Scroxton was also aj Sunday dinner guest. Mrs. Ralph Hittle, route 3, Rochester, had as her Thanksgiving day guests Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hittle* and family, Mr. ar.d Mrs. Wayne; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Har-federate general June 14, 1861. A crowd estimated in the hundreds pressed around Sukarno as he left the building. Suddenly, the gunshot rang out—it was believed to be the signal for the bomb throwers. Four grenades arched through the air in quick succession to explode into the suddenly panicked crowd. Shrapnel ripped through the densely packed crowd. The assailants escaped in the confusion. Three of the injured were presidential guards. A witness told reporters one of the aides pushed PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE Rayon ana Orion Blankets Save More Than 50% Reg. $10.95 6" Nylon Binding, 72x90" In Colors Yellow, Blue and Rose bulance took Mrs,-Martha Smith James Hittle and daughters, Mr. from the Woodlawn --hospital' to land Mrs. Donald Rock and lamily, her home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shotts and ... - Mr and Mrs. Lyle.M. Reed, 301 family, Gerald Hittle, all of Ro- first school in the United States to j East 14th street, announce the en-1 Chester; Mrs. Gladys Personett of fly the American flag. Igagement and approaching; mar-'Argos; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond See the Wonderful New Cars for 1958 at the Logansport Auto Show Then Come in and Let Us give you f/iekeysfo iheNewCar ^/ of Your Choke & SEE YOU AT THE CHEVROLET EXHIRIT at the Logansport Auto Show National Guard Armory December 5, 6, 7, 8 Thursday & Friday 7:00 to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 1 to 1 0 p.m. with ci convenient LOW-COST EASIER TO HANDLE . . /CHOOSE YOUR OWN INSURANCE AGENT . . . LOW BANK RATES ... FINANCE YOUR NEXT CAR HERE The Farmers & Merchants State Bank Logansport, Indiana Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 1 902 55 Years of Uninterrupted Service to This Community 1 957 The (ncoftiparoble New Bo/ Air (mpcjla Sport Coupe! ABISCAYNE 4-Doot Sedan—like all new Chevy models, the Biscayne is .lower and longer with gracefully flowing lines. • CORVETTE America's only sports car is even sportier! New styling inside and out makes it more appealing than ever. YEAR'S FINEST PERFORMANCE! Once Chevy puts the show on the road you discover what really fine performance is all about. Rough roads were never smoother, with Full Coil suspension at all four wheels. (You can even have a real air ride as an extra-cost option!) There's a comfortable feeling of solidity with a new integrated body-frame design. And pure pleasure in a power lineup' that offers the latest edition of the most famous 6 ever built along with a revolutionary new V8 engine, development. Stop by and browse for a while at the Chevrolet Exhibit. Then let your Chevrolet dealer put the show on the road for you. CAST OF II Your choice in 4 new Series: Bel Air, Biscayne, Delray, 5 models in the Station Wagon Series, plus the dashing new Corvette. Luxurious new Impala models are featured in the Bel Air Series. A RADICAL NEW V8 that even looks different! You can bet this new Turbo- Thrust is livelier, too. Only Jronchised Chevrolet dealers display this famous trademark See Your Local Authorized Chevrolet Dealer

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