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I 4 Part VIFriday, October 18, 1985 Cos Angeles Slimes MOVIE REVIEW "THE FUNNIEST FRENCH FILM SINCE 'LA CAGE AUX FOLLE8'" T'ItoIwc8 I -KEVIN THOMAS, L.A, TIMES I SAT. A SUN. 'HOLCROFT: OUT-OF-KILTER THRILLER HHa MV NFUJ PADTNPO 1332 2nd St. 394-9741 Haven't you waited PEE-WEE HERMAN iri FROM WARNER BROS, rfifffr lES NOW AT THESE SAN DIEGO THEATRES long enough? A See "Cocoon." fffi VNs, i' i i CAMINO CINEMA 2' 53 El Camino Real Oceanslde 433-9144 CENTURY TWIN 54th 4 El Cajon 882-7690 SOUTH BAY DRIVE-IN 2170 Coronado Ave Imperial Beach 423-2727 VALLEY DRIVE-IN 3840 Mission Avenue Oceanslde 767 "56 U. 1011 AMC SANTEE VILLAGE 8 9625 Mission Gorge Rd.

Sonlee 562-7910 Pacific CLAIREMONT THEATRES 4140 Clolramont Meso Blvd. 274-0901 UA CHULA VISTA 6 320 Third Avenue Chulo Vista 428-7600 S5EEI BQ' liS NOW PLAYING ALHAMBRA El Ray 818282-8404 CERRITOS Alondio 924-5232 LA MIRADA MALL Lo Mlrodo 714994-2400 LOS ANGELES Fairfax 653-3117 WESTWOOD UA Coronal 475-9441 Oolly 12 30 300030 00 10 30 CM REDONDO REACH South Boy Clnemo 370-6396 ARCADIA eARDEN DROVE Sonlo Anllo Clnemo Waslbrook 818445-6200 714830-4401 Anthony Andrews, Victoria Tennant in "Holcroft Covenant." CHICK THIATRI OltlCTOlll OR CALL FOR SHOWIIMII By MICHAEL WILMINGTON There's a dark flush about "The Holcroft Covenant" (San Diego area theaters) once it begins to hit its stride: a kind of mad, sleek glitter that sucks you right back to memories of the classic paranoid political thriller "The Manchurian Candidate" with which director John Frankenhei-mcr and co-scenarist George Axel-rod made their splash more than two decades ago. Like "The Manchurian Candidate," "Holcroft" presents a plot of mad complexity and contrivance in a hard-edged way; lunatic events roll by with a crispness that suggests acid etching a nightmare on glass. The movie takes place in a modern, recognizable world yet everything in it seems to be slightly out of kilter, the emotions bleached out. The characters are evil puppets, masked and deep in deadly crisscrossing power games; and there's a vein of perverse, amoral deadpan humor that weaves through the whole fabric like a blood-red thread.

Midway through, when Fran-kenheimer comes up with a Berlin sequence of murderous pursuit in the sexual underground, shot through with echoes of Welles and Visconti, you get the impression he's home free: He's found a vein of pure craziness that will match the "Manchurian's." But, despite it and one harrowing neo-fascist soliloquy from Anthony Andrews, this second film is the more ordinary. Maybe it's the villains: Nazis, mixed with terrorists. Or maybe it's the premise: a fortune of stolen Third Reich funds (and 40 years' interest) created through a pact of three conspirators, now to be dispensed by their children. One, New AAROlMN MAllNu MONOAV frAJ SATURDAY 1ST 2 PERFORMANCES (Cwimi Dorm. HoHywooil fKilc ind Pirimount Monfn Only) CINERAMA DOME LA MIRADA FMeaerana al UMkadaBM.

714994-2400 nightmare). Sometimes you feel that Frankenheimer should still be shooting in black and white, that color muddies his jagged, hard, angular compositions. You also wonder if the super-conventional movie-making styles of the '80s don't inhibit him a little. After 23 years, another film in this vein from Frankenheimer and Axelrod (even adapted from Robert Lud-lum, rather than Richard Condon) should go farther, cut deeper. PACIFIC 4 Bjin.

ri Martin uccfaaaa a AFTER ROURSIR) VwtatSaauL 12:302:304:36 18990-4 140 6:30 6:40 10:48 Dojby Stereo AnwW Scttwaiflnagger COtUIAMOjlll 1D03O05)0 7.00 W0 .11:00 OeJoy Stereo RIMO WlUAMSi TM LAKEWOOD CENTER Jana FondaAnna Bancroft Faculty 81. CantMd. ACMSOf 9ODIP0-I1I Lakaanod 12:30 2:30 4:38 831-9880 6:40 6:4510:50 Swim VM LA MIRADA Darby Stereo In Mlrada Hal AOMS Of GOOIPQ-III 12:30 2:38 4:35 6:35 6:46 10:45 PACIFIC 4 Michael Caine WXatOfT COVENANTIR) 12:35 2:55 5: 15 7:45 WXI6 LAKEWOOD itraTcD txnn atarao CCR I til RIMO WliiAMV TM ADVENTURE DEOIMIPO-lll 1:00 3:30 tM 6:36 11M York architect Noel Holcroft (Michael Caine), chary of the memory of his SS dad, soon discovers that shadowy forces bent on seduction, murder or world conquest hover over the $40 billion like evil flies over a sugary swamp. Is Caine believable as a Manhattan architect? Even one with a Cockney fixation? It doesn't matter, because Caine performances have become axiomatic: No matter what the movie, he's always good. Good, too, are Victoria Tennant and Anthony Andrews as a remarkable pair of ambivalent allies or enemies, and Bernard Hepton in a Noel Cowardish turn as a secret agent.

And "The Holcroft Covenant" is good, though it lacks "The Manchurian Candidate's" topicality and panache. There's nothing to match "The Manchurian Candidate's" startling opener (the clashing, fragmented Korean brainwashing LA MIRADA ko wmjami: tm ADVENTURE DIORHIPO-ll) 12:30 3:00 5:30 10:36 PACIFIC 4 RIMO WliUMS: IN ADVENTURE KOMSIFO-Ill 12:45 3: 5:40 6:0010:28 LAKEWOOD pruTcB Dony stereo btll I til Steven SoMwg FraMdU BACK TO TM FUTURE IPO) 12:30. 2:50. 5: 10. 7:45.

W05 LA MIRADA Walt Dlaney's 1 iirciiinnn PACIFIC 4 468-3401 iDVtKTUel SttWHIPO-U) 12:30 3:00 5:30 8K 10:36 Advance Tickett On Sale Oally HOLLYWOOD icm. PACIFIC imcRon covinantiri Hoaywd.BI.W. 12:30 3:00 5:30 Calwonga 8:00 10:25 a 12:48 464-4111 Lottery TlckaU on Sale Dally HOLLYWOOD owe PACIFIC ro tm futuriifo) FarkWial 12:35 2:555:18 rMuoTriiaatre 7:4010:15 Sptclll Showlno 12:25 HTURN 0( UVMO MAD(R) Lottary TlckaU on Sale OaUy HOLLYWOOD usa(rj PACIFIC 12:30. 4:45.

8 06 FwUng at No One Undar 17 AHowed RweTriiaatra BAY of TM MAO 2:406:5511:10 Lottery TlckaU On Sale Daily PARAMOUNT DllyS1ae Staohen King's stva muiTi 1OO.3.5:00 rai jgumT at NATTY OANN(PO) 1:15 3:35 5:55 rcStcn ItHICn TM JOURMY Of NATTY OANN(PG) 100.3:20.6:40.6:00. LlKFWOOn LA MIRADA FflliTAUA Stephen Klng'e StVER BuUn(R) 12:30 2:35 4:35 6:35 6:35 10:40 NORTHRIDGE CINEMAS Dotjy Stereo Jane Fonda THE HOLCROFT COVENANT A Universal release. Producers Edie and Ely Landau. Director John Frankenheimer. Script George Axelrod, Edward Anhalt, John Hopkins.

Music Stanislas. Camera Gerry Fisher. Editor Ralph Sheldon. With Michael Caine, Anthony Andrews, Victoria Tennant, Mario Adorf, Michel Lonsdale Running time: 1 hour, 52 minutes. MPAA-rated: (Those younger than 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian.) rFHTFH BTVASMN KAIRJ bhiitu 2:35.6:50.

1f56 SOUTH No One under 17AlkMd Facelty N. Del Ane DAY Of TM DfAD(R) 634-9281 12:30. 4:45. :06 Anna Bancroft PartkMa TaiK AOMS Of OOOIfO-ll) 818993-1711 12:40 2:45 4 50 7lKO011ffil LA MIRADA coxoonipo-ii) 12:304:456:55 TEEN W0UIPG) 2:50 Stephen Kino's LAKEWOOD CENTER SOUTH si vat BUUITIII 12:30 2:25 4:26 8:158:20.10:25 "OBTHRIDGE dcs-CINEMAS rum wiiuMfc rw ADVENTURE KGTS(FO-11) 12: GATEWAY Fwy. 6 at Mlcnaal Caine Vatly VIM NOLOMfT COVENANTIR) 921-1771 1:153:305:48 6.O0 10.15 LAKEWOOD CENTER SOUTH Martin Scorsese's AFTER NOURS(R) 12:45 2:45 4:45 6:45 8:4510:45 Htm St.

Jessica LangeEd Harris ItajNand SWfJT 463-3263 12:30 3:00 5:30 .8:00 .10:30 WORLD B't'1" fncaaim MM I Of DRAOON(R) Oooar I. mcT aKHrr(R 469-8866 i. OMMUNSIFO) Opana DaHy At Noon noTUDinec Jett i IiIUCHIKS JAOOED fJMI(R) GATEWAY 12:35 2:85 5: 15 7:30 9:4 Jeff Bridges JAOGO BKMl I ihtuH efif mm 3: 18 5:30 7:45 WK CARRIAGE SU. Oorbv Stereo ni Ooraaiaa Jane FondaAnne Bancroft 805488-6726 AOMS Of OOOIPO-ll) 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30 8:36 10:36 ST. EURO! EM (I) 12:30.

4:40. 850 METRO 474-7866 6ATEWAY Dcy Strea JWTfT DMAMilPO-13) 1fl0 320 5:35 7:55 Kr.26 CARRIAGE SOsteven Spielberg PresanU wan soBeairo-ii) SSii SlavanSplaRiarg CINEMAS Praaanu BACK TO TM fVrUHlPO) 2:50 .5:10. 7:46 KR'DSE CD.AD.PO, UHtMAS 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30.6:40.10:40 BACK TO TM fUTWIlPO 2:40 6:50 011)10 IS WO 3: 15 5:30 7:45 10:00 GATEWAY Dolby SUree CARRIAGE SIW. LengeEd Hants JWHT DtiAMSIPO-ll) 55:55.8:15.10:35 Steven Spwberg Preaantt BACK TO TM FUTURIP6) 12:30 4:35 .6: RIAL efNMIPGI 2:35.6:40. CARRIAGE S().

pudtyiri MAN Wrm OM RED WOllPGj CINEMAS SIVER DUUfTIRI 12:30 2: 6:30 6:30 10:30 GATEWAY pie wart mo ADVENTUMIPGI CARRIAGE SO- better off diadipoi 12:45 2:45 4:45 6:45 8:4510:45 12:304:358:46 U. EXTRA TTJrRESTtlAllPO 2286:3010:36 TOPANGA Topanga 4 Victory 818883-3300 Stephen King's SR. VII 8UIUT(R) 12:50 2:50 4:50 6:50 6:5010:50 RE6ENCY 1 DcySr, 2t0S Brmd Bl Sttvan SpWbarg praaanu 818246-6363 RAO TO Ftmif (FOI 12:45 .3: 15 .5:45. 6: 15. h48 RE6ENCY 2 Drys 232 trand 81.

Jetl BrMgaa 818246-7130 MOOtV ED06JR) 12:30 3fl) 5:30 8M W.30 ROXY Dofty Stereo 417 N. brand Arnold Sctwarzanaggar 818243-6393 (OMMAtMIRI 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30 6:30 EAGLE ROCK mchael caine EagHHockPlan ROUtOn COVBUKTII) 254-9101 12:30. 2:50. WW" COMMERCE wiuams: tm VffilZ ADVENTURI BIORBIPO IJJ Gooendi 8). 12:30 4:50 9 05 TOPANGA Dolby Stereo Walt (Hsnev'e DESPERATELY SIEIMO 726-8022 CAPRI 0cy Stereo VMMlGMra.

RIMO WUIAMS: TM 818960-2667AOVBITUM KOH5IPO-I3I 12:30 3:00 5:30 8:00 10:36 TM JOURMY Of NATTV OANNIPO) 12:30 2:25 4:20 6:20 6:25 :30 SUSANIPG-13 2:50.7:10.11:15 "AN INVENTIVE ODDBALL GEM! 'Better Off Dead' marks the audacious debut of writer-director Savage Steve Holland, a 25-year-old with a nutty visual imagination. He is a gifted comic director." LOS ANGELES TIMES, Patrick Goldstein "'Better Off Dead' may be the most off-beat movie of the year and it's certainly among the funniest." NEWHOUSE NEWSPAPERS, Richard Froedman "Very fresh, funny and innovative." NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Alan Carter COMMERCE MVAsnN usairi 12:30 4:35 6:46 No One Under 17 AHowed DAY Of TM NAD 2:35 6:40.10:45 CAPRI SWEET DRIAMSIPO-ll) AMERICANA Van Mm 4 ADVENTURI MCtKIPe-11) PartMnte 12:30 4:40 8:56 618893-6441 TM MAVfMT (BIP9-I1) 2:457.06 11XM EAGLE ROCK 1:103:406:10 6:40.11:00 3:00 .5:30. 6D0 COMMERCE NATIONAL LAMPOON'S EUROPEAN VACATtONIPG-lJ) 1:15 .600 .10:50 SKVERADOtPO-U AMERICANA CAPRI Mlcheal Calna WXCIOfT COVENANTIR) 1fl0. 3:25. 5:50.

8: 15. 10:35 siva BuuntRi 12:40 4:25 6:15 FRJDAV TM I1TR PART Vi A MW MGMtMCIR) 2:356:20 EAGLE ROCK Mtia LangaEd Harris 5WHT BMAMtlFO-111 12:45. 3.05 ..7:45 .1005 EAGLE ROCK rim wilum ADVENTURE RtGt(F-Ul NTAFE PRINGS MONTCLAIR 4377 Hen 714624-9696 Stcphsn Khw'i smvB BuuniR) 12:30 2:30 4:36 6:30 6:3010:30 BETTER OFF DEAD(PG) 12:30 4:40 8:56 OOTCNAIPO-lli 6:40. 10:45 an Talagrapli Rd. et fiunn 946-6849 C1MT1 HASTINGS N.

RoMnid. SPRINGS "TSJRffl. EMERALD FORISIIR 155:45 10:26 MONTCLAIR oysiw Jessica LangeEd Harris SWEET tttUMSIPO-IIl 12: 5:30 6l 10:36 Open 8 P.M. Bargain let Hr. Dolby Stereo AMERICANA 12:30 4:35 TM LAST STAFffiGHTERlPO) 2:406:45 AMERICANA better on diad(po) 12:454:456:36 JOKNMf, DAN0FR0(H1V(P0-I 2:50 6:4610:36 AMERICANA mvasmnusair) 12:50.4:55.9:05 No One Under 17 Allowed DAY Of TM DEAD 2:55 11:05 618796-7111 imi of ootire-m 5:40 01R2g WHITTIER UAiNflir al Bargain Prtcesmt MAXi(PO) 2:406:45 MONTCLAIR PEE WETS M6 ADVENTURIIPO) 12:40 4:50 06 HaOrv CMMLMSIPGI 692-0077 12:30.6:35 JUST ONE Of TM CUYSIPe-llj 4:35.1035 lottery TlckaU On Sale COLORADO DdbyStarae KSeECInda SWHTtMAMSIFO-II) 818796-9704 1.30 3:35 606 8:1810:30 YEAR Of TM DRAOONIRI 225.6:36.10:45 ami REVOLUTIONARY CINE-H SOUND AT DRIVE-INS BELOW.

Your AM Cor RodK) Is your speotei (If no AM Cor Rodio wnK ignition accessory position -bring your own AM Ponotue) GBBD mm HI-WAY 39 IHcluel Caine BeadiBS Fan. NOiCtOTT COVENANTIB) 714891-3693 FMSTUTER VINELAND Michael Came VMlend NOLCROfT COVENANTIR) No. el Wy. fMSTARTER 818961-9262 SwapMaetEvery CantMIe No One Under 17 Allowed E. of Snitveoe DAY Of TM MAD (70-8677 MVtUOei VSA(R) WINNETKA KSOOWtnnMU Arnold Sctiwarienegoer 8.

Ftumier COMMANDOIR 818349-6806 AVENoaw ANOajR) Swap Meet Every Sat. 6 Sun. HI-WAY 39 Jeff JAOOO EDOilR) BfTTER Off BUDIPOj WINNETKA Stephen Klng'e JetlBrl SAVER BULUTi IK STUDIO Steven Splalbara Preeentt teiavsaa BAa TO TM fVTURI(Pe) N. Mitotan REMO W111AMS: TM 396-8250 ADVBfnjtE DMM(PO-ll) BEVERLY NUS COP R' JAGGED EDGi(R) StVER BUUiTjR) HI-WAY 39 REMO WIUAMS: TM WVENTURE 86NSPe-ll) BfVASION USA(Rj Swap Meet Every Sal 6 Sun. Swap Meet Every Sel, WINNETKA WATCH FOR I10PENM0 wrm AtwmoNAi scrkns HI-WAT 3S i.soomesipo; ORIMUNS PO TORRANCE Torrance M.

WetHawthn 316-3556 VINELAND Arnold Scnwarzensggar COMMANDOIR AVENGMG ANGfLIR) Swap Meet Every Sal. Sun. i. G4eOSTBUSTERSP0 IB SCBKIfPO-ll) REAL tSRWIPe) WINNETKA WATCH fOR REOPEMNO wrm ADornoNAi screens MM Stiiwarzeneggar el Knott CONMANSOIR) 714821-4070 AVBMMNO ANOfl 111 WINNETKA WATCH FOR RIOPEMNO Wm ADOmONAl SCREENS VERMONT Vermont COMMANDO 8. Artsela AlfWMNO AJHB.tR 323-4055 Swap Meet Every Sal A Sun.

BUENA PARK Stephen Kino's SEVER BUUIT(R) No One Under 17 Allowed DAY Of TM DEAD VINELAND SUven Spielberg presenU RACK TO TM FUTURIIPG) PEI WH'S BMJ ADVENTURI(PG) Swap Meet Every Sal, Sun. EDGEWOOD SanSwn Fwy I. WIMD SCNCI(PO-lll E. 805 Fwy. 2.

REAL GfNfUS(PG) 818338-1186 3. MY SCKNCE PROHa(PG) WINNETKA WATCH FOR REOPEMNO wrm ADDrnoNAi screens BUENA PARK Steven Spielberg PreaenU BACK TO TM fUTUREIPG) TBN WOUjpQi VERMONT Stephen Klnpe SAVER BULUTIR) REMO WIUAMS: IM ADVBirUREIPO-ISI Swap Meet Every Sal Sun. 2 MNNUYSg, T0 mvHw Sapulveail RIMO WIUAMS: TM 8T8786-3500A8VENTURE BE04NS(P0-II) ORANGE NhcheX Santa An. Fwy. MCtCT COVENANTIR) atChapmn fBKSTARTERjR) 714634-9361 Swap Meet Sat.

8 Sun. VAN NUYS JeffBrldgae; JAOOB E0I(R) BETTER Off DIAP(POi i VERMONT No One Under 17 Allowed DAY Of TM DEAD BARIiOwfaST MOOD PART B(R) Swap Meet Every Sal 4 Sun. ORANGE Paranawrrt Michael Calna 8 WMtWr NOLCtOn COVENANTIR) 692-7581 FBHSTARTER(R) VftftjV Steven rjuMuerg PreaenU BACK TO TM fUTURI(PO) MVASKM USAIB Swap Meet Set 4 Sun. VAN NUYS No Oris Under 17 AHowed DAY Of TM DEAD MVASION IISA(R) 1 a JeriBrlooaa larzarmeoer SFPIIIVFDl ANAHEIM LlfMn No. JAOOED KKHfl) SvjuI.

So. el Mlchaal Caine COMMANDOIR) AVENGMG ANGEL BIwaMeFwy. BETTER Off MADPS 714679-9850 SwapMeetEverySet.ASun. Victory fXXCROrT COVENANTIR 818786-6520 FBtfSTARTER BASELINE Mlchaal Calna 28639 BeeeM fmCRCfT COVBUHTIRI 714862-8136 fBHSTARTBt PICKWICK ANAHEIM RIMO WIUAMS: TM AOVBITUtf MOBISIPO-1) mvbly amis COPIR FIESTA REMO WIUAMS: TM ADVENTURE KGMS(PG-IS) StVER BUUniB) Alameda Arnold Schwarzenegger W. el Victory COMMANDOIR) U- Ud4 1 Oil E33 Swap Meet Every Set.

4 Sun. Stephen Kino's BEL AIR 818842-5723 AVBKHJW ANOEWR StVER BUUfTIR SB. F-Wivtt IEEE ama BFTfta oaf BUI Pill ANAHEIM werw sccno(po-ii REALOMISIPO warn unri 714822-0473 SwapMeet Every Wed. Sun. FIESTA No One Under 17 Allowed DAY Of IM NAD BfVASION USA(R) Swap Meet Every Set.

4 Sun. "1 Vantwe Fwv Mlcheel Calna THapnono Ex. NOLCROfT COVENANTIR) 808644-5595 FMESTARTErr) Swap Meet Every Set. 4 Sun. Start Laughing At A San Diego Theatre Near Yon BdvA Harbor M.

PfE WGT'S dSchw. Diane CMMANDOIR) 714875-2545 AVDKHN6 AN 714871-1862 MviirruHPS 101 ROSECRANS UWMirta. lekewood Bt Michael Cekie et Hoaecrena NOtaOfT COVENANTIR) 634-4181 fflCESTARTER(R) Arnold Schwarzenegger COMMANDOIR AVfJaSSeB ANOft(R) Swep Meet Every Set 4 Sun. L08 ALTOS MrChnl Cihm N. 8.0.

Fwy. INXCROtT COVENANT Rl So. el Mat 81 DAY Of TM DEAD 714884-0403 MVASKM IHA(R) 101 421-1 FKtESTARTER(R) 1-8831 PARKWAY TRIPLEX 1286 Fletcher PKwy El Cajon 449-7800 SOUTH BAY DRIVE-IN 2170 Coronado Ave. Imperial Beach 423-2727 ROSECRANStrnoM Schwarzenegger COMMANDOIR) AIBWIeB ANGE(R) rerzensooer Stephen Klng'e SAVER BUUiT(R) No One Undar 17 Allowed DAY Of TM DEAD Swep Meet Every Sat. 4 Sun.

AMC FASHION VALLEY 4 Fashion Volley Center West of Nordstrom's 291-4404 AMC WIEGAND PLAZA 6 220 North El Camino Real Encinltas 942-5544 Mann OCEANSIDE 8 El Camino Real at Hwy 78 Oceanslde 439-7008 Mann PLAZA BONITA 6 Plaza Bonita Shopping Mall 1-805 at Sweetwater 479-MANN Mann RANCH0 BERNARDO 6 11740 Bernardo Plaza Court Roncho Bernardo 485-8641 Mann SPORTS ARENA 6 3350 Sports Arena Blvd. 223-5333 Mann UNIVERSITY TOWNE CENTER 4525 La Jolla Village Drive La Jolla 452-7766 UA 8 MOVIES Del Norte Plaza Escondldo 745-4470 COLLEGE THEATRE El Cajon Blvd. at 63rd 286-1455 COMMANDOIR) AVBeQ4MG ANGA(R) Ml. VtriHUH 1.OO0NKSIPO 1. ORiMUNS PB 1 SNOSTMnriRS PS LOS ALTOS ROSECRANS Stephen King's StVER BUilT(l) No One Under 17 Allowed DAY Of TM MAD SKY VIEW Carload BergalnPrloeslll 1250 So.

Omard Steven Spielberg PreaenU 805486-1212 BAa TO TM FlftuRI(PO) MVAHON USA(R) Stephen King's SAVER BUUiT(k) NoOne Under 17 Allowed DAY Of TM KID S.D. 1018 TRI CITY Cirload Bargain Prlceenl Badlands H. Steven Spletberg E. Mtn. View PreeenU 714889-2025 BACK TO TM FUTURIIPO) SKY VIEW LAKEWOOD Carson 8.


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