Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1891
Page 7
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SIMMONS T SYMPTOMS OB LTVEK DISFASK* Loss of appetite; bad breath; badtastoln the mouth ; tongue coated; pain undertha shoulder-blade ; In the back or side — often mistaken for rheumatism; sour stomach with flatulency and water-brash- Indigestion: bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, with dull, heavy sensation; restlessness, with sensation of having left sometning undone which ought to have- been done; fullness after eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling! yellow appearance nf slain and eyes; dizziness, etc. Not all, out always some of these indl, cate want of action or tae Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do no hurra and, has never been known to fall to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator —AST EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOR Malaria, Eowcl Complaints. Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIANS OPINION. " I have been practicing medicine for twenty vears and have never been able to put up .1 vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly nnd effectually move the Livei- to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative poweis of the system. L. M. HINTON, si. D., Washington, Ark. ONLY Kas our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J.H.Zeilh £ Ch.. Philadelphia, Pa. c. the debilitated, whether from excess of work or mind or body, driuk or exposure in Malarial Regions, will f Ind Tint's Pills the most venial restorative ever offered the suffering Invalid. Try Them Fairly AviRoronsborty. pnre blood, strong oervcx and a cheerful mind will result, SOLD EVERYWHEKE. KIIIIR littlo fortunMhnvrbfciimadow Win-* for u", bv Ainm Piifre, Aiintln, oxaa, ami Jno. lionn, Toliido, Ohio. ifrcut. Olhrn.nreiloinpflswell. Whj ou? Sumo rimi over e&OO.OO a onth. You fnnOo the work and llvs me, whprever you B re, Even bc- rmro ennlly cBrnlnc from if 5 to #lUadjiy,AN«tvd. Westiowyou hour and ntfir: you, tftti work In upara time orall tin- lime. Hip money tor worker*. FnlliM-* unknown- ninonfr them, NUW.aiidwfiiidflrful.l'frtlruIiirafree. it 0 x t*S4»Portland,Maine fflODQ.OO i year Is betnpmsOcty John R, Go<xl« 1 in,Vnjy 1 X.Y.,at work for ua. Header, you mny net mukc as much, but we can teach youQukkly how to rani from *6 to $10 u day ot the Kurt, nntf nior* an you go on. Both •exca.'aU *pc«. 3» any part of tttl votir time,or Bjjflro mamenta only to tlio work. All >H MOW. Great pay StliK for *verr worker. IV* start you, furcfahfnff everrth!n(c- EASILY, 81'EEDILY learned. I'AlcriCL'LAKS FltEE. Addrewat ODcfl, ST1.NSJJN A CO., KIKTLAM1, IU1.NK- PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR G^IRATORS. FRESCmiC CHURCHES.' ..M RESIDERCES. 1C. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & GO;, 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL DECt:y i TU.J mny look !iki. poclrj 1 , hut i* Only demonstrates IKIIT ^rvilv iJie c>v 5Iuy be tJc'ivivrt*. Th: 1 var is NOJiii-times Deceived hy t.<<* cry of "just as ijwxl 5 * '» !iitc''s to r clso ii.'iow ticir VferiltScK*.- Tou will thon mourn In vain iltc Joss ot your good Moa«y, for there i« no other J'ou£h reusfcdy its good as tho "-.:oaa,rin or that Trill cure a !i it.1 speedily ;iad pcrmnneatly. oold'by B. F. Keesliug acd D.E Pryot'. . "HOW D'E DO?" Some answer cboerily, because iney are welt nntlf-uU of iifc. OLbers suiTcrlnf: from NEItV- OBS PEOIIj'ITY, etc., answer cloonilly. STRONG AS SAMSON. Wonderful Feats of a Ninety-Shr.-> Pound Georgia Girl. With On<> ITiiml She Overpowers Six Men —A Pugilist Discoralltcil—Scientist* vim! L,aym«:n Unable to Understand Her, CAftLOS OF PORTUGAL. The Young Man Who Occupies Braganza's Shaky Throno. Miss Mattie Lee Price, who is giving exhibitions in this city, is one of those mysterious - phenomena with which nature, 1 now •a.nd then puzzles the world, s:iys a New York- ller- nki writer. That a girl not yet out of her teens, frii.il, and weighing 1 only 00 pounds, should, unaided, accomplish feats that under ordinary (.'irumstan- ccs would require the MISS MATTIE LEE PRICE. strength o f a horse, seems incredible, but .such convincing demonstrations of the fact, I am about to relate were furnished to me as to preclude all possibility of optical illusion. That there are facts, there cannot be a shadow of a doubt. That these facts are mysterious is equally certain. Scientists, physicians, journalists and laymen kave all in turn been puzzled by this girl's power, and she herself says that it is even inexplicable to herself. All she has to do, she says, to accomplish her feats is to concentrate her mind on whatever she desires to perform and supplement the application of her hands with a strong determination to succeed. Miss Price gave me three private seances, one on the parquet floor, another In the basement where the dressing-rooms are located and another at my own residence. Some of the implements I myself supplied, and I am positive that deception was impossible. I will simply here record the facts as I found them, leaving their solution to scientists better versed in physics and metaphysics, or to those necromancers for whom nothing seems impossible. A feat that Miss Price performs with comparative ease is lifting three men aggregating some 600 pounds in weight. YTlml; the ITriliuppy Klit£ Look* Like— Worried liv Republican)! and I.liss;itls- HtMl Monarchist*—The Knd of I!ls l'i»\ver Very Xcar. King Carlos of Portugal is in His twenty-eighth year, and his wife, Queen Amclie, whose birthday, by a strange coincidence, fulls on September 28, the same as that of her husband, is two years younger. Although the Portuguese are proverbially a dark-haired, swarthy race, the king is a blonde. This is due to a strain of German blood. His paternal grandfather, the consort of Queen Maria II., was Ferdinand, prince of Saxe-Coburg. His mother, Qneun Pin, was a daughter of King Victor Emmanuel of Italy, Queen Amclie is a daughter of the Comte de Paris, the liourbon pretender to the throne of France. They were married May 22, 188(5, and the heir to the throne, Don Luis Filippe, Duke of Braganza, will celebrate his fourth birthday March 21, next. King Carlos succeeded his father, the late King Luis I., who, like his older broths;-, died at a comparatively early age. October 10, ISS'J. The king is thus described by a correspondent writing from Paris during his visit there as Prince of Braganza a short time before his marriage: "The young Due de Bragauza carries himself with wonderful grace. Brought up by his mother, the Queen Maria Pia, he seemed to take lessons as* from an elder sister. His conversational powers are great. He speaks French as a Parisian, and as a painter in water colors he could exhibit in competition with COPTHlt'i-IT "\Yorn-out, "run-down," feeble women, need Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It builds them up. It's a powerful, restorative tonic, or strength-giver —free from jilcoliol and injurious drugs. 'The entire system is renewed and invigorated. It improves digestion, enriches the blood, dispels aches and pains, gives refreshing sleep, and restores flesh and strength. As a soothing nervine, it allays p.nd subdues hysteria, spasms, and all the nervous symptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organic disease. It's the only guaranteed medicine for women. Ifc does what is promised —or it asks nothing. It gives 'satisfaction, in every case, or the money paid for it is refunded. That's the way its makers prove their faith in it. Contains no alcohol to inebriate ; no syrup or sugar to derange digestion; a legitimate •medicine, not a beverage. Purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the syRf.om. SCOTT WIKE'S SPLURGE. ingi, eiiTH'r oy counting ana entering therein as present, e;,c. That is to say, if the speaker directs the clerk to make up the house journa. properly, and the majority of the house sustains him in so doing, he shall be punished therefor. Does Mr. Wike really expect that the legislatures oi three-fourths of the states arc; going to vote for any such foolishness? It is almost as absurd as his proposition that Meaile and Lee, Johnston and Grant should hiy down their arms for a time to await the conclusions of the national convention which lie. wished held at Louisville. About 1 !>:>() Scott Wike will be du again. Whnt folly in the way of a resolution will he hatch out then?—Chicago Tribune. AN INTELLIGENT PUG. A Chicago Do£ That Knows Store Than a Good Many IMen. A really intelligentpugdogis indeed a rarity, but a pug owned by E. R. Walsh, of the Union News Co., is a remarkable canine, says the Chicago Evening Post, lie answers to the name of Toby and he can do almost anything but talk. He sleeps at the foot of his master's bed, and in the morning he jumps up, Mim •i>-i>t [OUR MEW J&cclttttive Method*. Sttvvevm Uniform* EKim JtfJEUJTCAZr CO. t Bu£falo, N.Y. Learn "WHAT AILS YOU?" ARABIAN . OM of tte BEST MEDICINES ever - — FOR - PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Extemallyand Internally. It h safe >nd certain in Its action . For Burns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earache, Deafness, Rheumatism, Fains in Side, Back, or' Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Prices; cts. and to at all druggists. I. MORGAN A SONS, Proprietors, .:-.• PROVIDENCE, R. I. rsiDB SUPPLIED b 7 ROSS GORDON, LaFkybtte, Ind. For ealebj-B. F Keeslinp UTTTSS THREE MEN WITH OPES- ILA-N"DS. First, one man is placed on the chair, another is seated on his la.p and a third placed astraddle of the middle man. The chair is then tilted backward, thus throwing the entire weight on the chair and leaving only the toes of the first man touching the floor, while the feet of the others are in the air. Miss Price then applies her open hands to the sides of the chair at a poini opposite the seat, and after stroking them for a few seconds, as though feeling for tin rightspot, she says, mildly: "All right!' and the 000 pounds of humanity are lifted in the air and sometimes sent sprawling pell mell on the floor. And this is done by a girl weighing less than one-sixth of the weight she lifts. She once lifted in Jim Gerry's museum. Fort Wayne, Ind., three men whose weight aggregated TfiG pounds. I next saw Miss Price hold the chair at arms' length, placing her open hands under the seat. Two strong men were given the most available positions about the chair, and she resisted their combined efforts to force it down, although both their faces were made to assume the hue of the head of the national bird in their attempts to down the little woman. Then, placing her hands on the top of the seat, she pushed the chair down despite the two men's efforts to prevent her. Miss Price then took my cane and told me to apply one end to my right breast and grasp the middle of it firmly with both hands. Standing on one foot and applying her open hand to the other end of the cane, she told me to push as hard as I could, saying J could not budge her. Although 1 am not a politician and have not much of a pull, I lay claim to considerable push. I brought it all into play, but to my dismay I could not push her off that foot. While performing in Philadelphia some time ago Miss Price had pitted against her in this feat "Fatty" Langtry, the pugilist, who . was a member of the Quaker City Athletic club, and weighs SOS pounds. It was ludicrous to see the hercules who could have lifted the girl in the air with one hand fail in his efforts to push her off one foot. The Needle'a Eye. The above name is given to the subterraneous passage on .the coast 'of Banffshire, 150 yards long from sea to sea, but through which a man can with difficulty creep. At the north end of the Needle's Eye there is a cave 20 feet Hgh, 30 broad and 150 feet long. The whole of this passage and cave is supported by immense columns -ot ruck, making a grand scene which has a surprising effect on one who has crept through the narrow passage. CABLOS, KTK8 OF PORTUGAL. the greatest artists. In appearance the duke is blonde; his eyes are dreamy and his smile is that of his maternal grandfather, Victor Emmanuel. The other evening I saw him at the Mhieton club, seated between the Duehesse de la Rochefoucauld and the Comtessc de Pourtales. Yesterday he was invited to Chantilly and at the dinner given by the Due d'Aumale all the princesses appeared in deep mourning out of respect to the young prince, who has just lost his grandfather. Before returning to his country the Due de Braganza will make the tour of the European courts— on dit, to choose the future queen of Portugal." King Carlos has had a troubled reign so far. He fell sick last year and for some weeks his life was despaired of. During his illness the troubles with England over Portugal's African possessions reached a crisis and created a ferment in Portugal that for a tune threatened the existence of the monarchy. It can hardly be said to be entirely settled yet. Major Serpa Pinto, the officer whose resistance to the English pretensions was the immediate cause of the trouble, was elected to the chamber and became the leader of a vigorous colonial policy, which cannot fail to renew the trouble with England. 'Travelers who have recently visited. Portugal report the country as being literally honeycombed with republican organizations, which have more or less of a footing in the army. The revolution in Brazil, a former Portuguese colony, is said to have exerted a.strong influence in Portugal. Dom Pedro, the deposed Brazilian emperor, is a cousin of the king, and his daughter is married to an Orleanist prince, the Comte d'Eu. The queen's father, the Comte de Paris, is reported to have telegraphed his daughter during the recent military revolt in Oporto that she should not hesitate to leave Portugal promptly in case the trouble should grow serious. The Orleans family have been accustomed to that kind of thing since 1S4S, when King Louis Philippe fled from Paris with no baggage but a small valise and an umbrella, and they seem to take it as a matter of course. The house of Braganza sceins to have an uneasy seat on the throne of Portugal. A Monster Block of Granite. The Eockland (Me.) Opinion claims that the granite shaft quarried by the Bodwell Granite Co., in Vinalhaven, is the largest mass of stone ever quarried upon the face of the earth, and that if erected it will be the highest, largest and heaviest single piece of stone now standing, or that ever stood, so far as there is any record. It considerably exceeds in length any of the Egyptian obelisks, the tallest of which was brought to Alexandria from Heliopolis by Emperor Constantino and subsequently taken to Rome, where it now stands. This gigantic monument of faded grandeur, as it now stands, is 105 feet high. The Vinalhaven shaft will be 115 feet high,-10 feet square at the base and. weighs 850 tons. It is understood that.if Gen. Grant's remains, are removed to Washington, Maine will offer ;he Vinalhaven . shaft as her share towards a monster monument to the great commander. O., March 14.—The lamp chimney works of J. Evans Lippencott with their entire contents and six freight cars, loaded with lamp chimneys, were totally destroyed by fire. The oss is 550,000; insurance, $35,000. Another I'cpp lit >i Political Comet on • Periodical Visl . There are comets which about every thirty years su-eep from the remote depths of space into the field of human vision, blaze for a brief time in the sky, and then puss away into distance and obscurity. They seern to answer no good purpose. The most they do is to scare a few timid, superstitious people. There are some men who seem, like these comets, to tnove in about thirty- year orbits, :ind to burst forth upon the notice of their fellow-mortals much after the fashion of these comets—making a momentary sensation but accomplishing nothing. There is one of these individuals'who is an ISlinoisan. IIis name is Scott Wike. 11 e represents the Twelfth congressional district, made up of the counties of Adaras. Brown. Calhoun. Cass, Greene, .lersey. Pike and Scott. As they are nil heavily democratic, it follows that Mr. Wike belongs to that political faith, lie first blazed upon the public eye in February, 1SG3, when he, being a representative of the county of Pike i:i the Illinois house, reported from the committee on federal relations the notorious armistice resolutions designing to cheer rebels and discourage loyal men. The following elegant extracts regarding the government are made from these resolutions: Subverting the con.stitutiou. state and federal, invudir.g the reserved rights of the people and the sovoreiKnty of the stutes, and. if. sanctioned, destructive oC the union, establishing upon the common ruins of the liberties of the people and Hie sovetelgnty of the states a consolidated military despotism. And ive hereby solemnly declare that no American citizen can. without the crime of infidelity to his country's constitutions and the allegiance -which he bears to each, sanction such usurpation. * * * A Ir.iud both legal and moral has bean perpetrated upon the brave sons of Illinois. * * * We believe Hie 'urtlier prosecution of the present war cannot resnlt in the restoration of the union and the preservation of the constitution unless the president's emancipation proclamation is withdrawn. * » * We condemn and denounce the tlafrrant and monstrous usurpation of tlie administration and encroachments of abolitionism—We mernoralize congress, the administration anil the executives aud legislatures of the several states to take such immediate action as shall secure an armi.stice for such a length of time as may be necessary for the people to meet in convention. Having reported and voted for these resolutions, Mr. Wike shot oitt of public view not to be heard of again until February 23. 1S91. with the exception of a brief reappearance last year when he voted for St. Louis and against Chicago in selecting the site for the world's fair. Last Monday, having completed his orbit, he offered a resolution less wicked and more amusing than the one of 18(13. It is a proposition to amend the constitution so as to punish Speaker Reed—instead .of President Lincoln —for various crimes and usurpations committed while suppressing democratic filibustering, consisting chiefly in directing the.clerk to put down cer- • tain democrats who would not answer when their names were called, as "present but not voting." These .are extracts from Wike's preamble, which it will be seen have the ring of other days: The arbitrary anil tyrannical action of the presiding officer of the nouse and his politico! associates on the floor * * * These arbitrary, unlawful and unconstitutional acts were done in pursuance of a plan concocted by the leaders of a party justovertbrown by an overwhelming majority of the people at the polls, and in the closing hours of their power, * * * all of these unlawful and unworthy official acts malting it apparent and patent that the injury threatened to the liberties of the people and tq constitutional free government by the arbitrary and unlawful action of the chair may bo- come calamitous and Irreparable. Then comes the farcial proposition for a constitutional amendment: Resolved. That the committee on the judiciary be and is hereby Instructed to report to the house-forthwith a Joint resolution tor the action of congress submitting for ratification un amendment to the constitution providing a plan for the impeachment and removal from office, with suitable penalties, or for the trial, either upon indiclment or information. In the courts of the district of Columbia, or the supreme court of. the United States, of the speaker or presiding officer of the house of representatives, or the presr ident or presiding officer of the senate, who shall . wil fully falsify or falsely make up, alter, or cii an ire, or cause or permit thu same to.be'done by. the clerk of the body over which the p.irty offending may preside, or by any other person, thi- journal of its proceed- TOBY WALSH. runs to the kitchen, where he fetches sufficient kindling to start the fire, and then arouses the servant girl by scratching at the door of her room. Later on he arouses the family and goes out after the morning paper, which he brings in and laj's at his master's plate. If a message is to be sent to- Mr. Walsh it is tied to Toby's collar and he is told to go to the office. It is in the Union depot on the west side, and he never fails to get there with the jote. He can tell time, and barks at the hours regularly. Ee can puff at a pipe or a cigar, but cannot be induced to touch a cigarette. • Mr. Walsh has been offered as high as $4-,500 for Toby, but he would not part with him at anv price. R Yany< 1 ^ —Customer (reading- a newspaper)— "Here I see 1 am referred to in the paper again." Landlord—"Indeed? What do they say about you?" Customer (reading aloud)—"At the close of last week Berlin numbered 1,573,421 inhab Hants! I am one of the lot.r~Scborer' Familienblatt ADWAY'S READY RELIEF. The most certain^ and safe Pam« Remedy in the world that instantly J stops the most excruciating pams it is truly the srreat CONQUEROR OF and has done more good - than known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACK-, ACHE, PAIN IK THE CHEST OR. SIDES.'H EADACHE, TOOTHACHE^ OR ANY OTHER .EXTERNAL^' PAIN, a few applications rubbed on J by the hand act like magic, causing, the pain to instantly stop. ' For COLDS, BRONCHITIS,PNEU,^ MONIA CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM,- NEU-3x KALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA",? PAINS IN TH E SMALL OF BACK* • etc., more extended applications are^ necessary to effect, a cure. "> 5 ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS ' IN BOWELS OR STOMACH,, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOM- 4 ACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING,'^ HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, ?| SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEAD-*: ACHE, DIARRHCEA, 'COLIC, * F L A T U L E N 0 Y, F A I N.T I N G, J SPELLS are relieved instantly and* quickly cured by taking internally a half to a teaspoonful of Ready Belief"" in half a tumbler of water. WITH RADVVAFS PILLS THERE^ IS NO BETTER CERE ORPREVEN-' TlVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. l*r«'<- 5Or, pn- iMiittr. Sold by <liugglits Any "R. R. R." or any •'READY RELIEF" .without the nameRA.DVV.VF, isa COUNTERFEIT; We should like to give a new chimney for every one that breaks in use. We sell to the .wholesal dealer; he to the retail dealer and he to you. It is a little awkward to guarantee our chimneys a :hree removes from you. We'll give you this hint Not-one in a hundred break: from heat; there is..almost no risk in guaranteeing them. Talk with your dealer about it. It would be a. good advertisement fo-r him. 'Pearl top'and'pearl glass/ our trade-marks—tough glass Pittsburg. GEO. A. MACBETH & Co. GOLD MEDAL, PA3IS, 1878. f. BAKER A Co Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess of oil lias been removed, is Absolutely Pure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It lias more than three times the'strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as forpersons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. R ADWAY'S PILLS, The Great Liver and Stomach Remedy For the cure of ail disorders of the STOMACH, LIVER, BOWELS, KIDNEYS, BLADDER, NERVOUS, DISEASES, LOSS of APPETITE, HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, COSMVE NESS, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS FEVER, INFLAMMATION °f the BOWELS, PILES, and all derangements of the Internal Viscera- Purely Vegetable, containing no mercury, minerals, or DELETERIOUS DRUGS. PERFECT DIGESTION will be accomplished by taking RADWAY'S PILLS. Byso doing Dyspepsia, S1CKHEADACH, FOULSTOMACHE, BILIOUSNESS, will be avoided- and the food that is eaten contribute Its , nourishing,'properties to the support <jf the natural waste of the body Price 25c-per box. SOLD BY ALL DRCCISTS. JOSEPH filLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PAWS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. F chle!ie«ter>> Enrll.h Diamond Br»<. ENNYROYAL PILLS * _ . arc, dwayn rclUble. LADIES wit j Dmggidl for CMchufer « JfnalifA Dht-f- nond Brand in K*d »nd Gold , ftcslod with btao ribbon. mo other* •ts and-imttationt. Ai Drug. Rtunp* for _pmrticulare, tottootii*!* uid C for L.*.1 Ic*," in letter, by tetarm I«.OOO Trt . Sold trr xll IxxsjU Dniegliu. Kur rf;tie by B. and t »rx v riilitH' il i»e ffnrnvtl fit ourNKWHncof work, ljly, by those of outi k ' i>r old, mid In thulr S,^liiT(!Vftr(ti(?y)ivi'. Any bc M-yrJc, K«sy to Icflrti t-vtTvililiiff. We «imt you. Xo ri s k. You c«n devotv tn.-iiH-ins, i.r nil your l!)in- lo llic work. This in KIL i'lvi'd-tiiHl lirtnptM-ondvrftil succor torvcn- worker. rf fuming from Srii lo K-5W |wrwwkflnd til'vi'urd*, ft ura link' cspcrirncf. We am ftjmi* yon ili««m nd tcncti you KttKK. No npncvto n plain boro. 1-uH KU1SK. ' Jo W inMtjor SptflatB STOCKS. ROMOS, >V- J A ' -' A-M O PRCVi'SIOXS ? 11 : ; i. ••: ..•'i^ciirm wiio !;;ivo h.'i.! if-n c;*i,- .;. .i , i * rr.oniljtrs ol ihe {rtilMuro ; ofird ».,,- r- r.n.J Siftok'Kxchanffo.' -Who.do usine>.-» • 'y on Commission. Refer to ilHnoii iusi and Savings Bans,-Chicago. C. A. WHYLAND A CO. * O .Paomc A.VG. - Ch/OQgro. Ills. We send fre j of charge our Daily Market Report Qd Circular on applicntion, 'ntercst allowed on monthly b.'ilanc^i, I CURE RUPTURE THE GEKTLEHAK'S FRIEKD. Onr Malydor Perfection SyrinRC tree with sycrj Ooule. Prevents stricture. Cures monorrlioe* ACd Gleet hi 1 to 4 cinyo- Ask your Druegiai ior It. fient to any address for 81.OO. A.,iareflt ""W.YDOR BAfJWF'e eO..I.AWCASTER.a DR. HORDE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured J 0.001 Rnpturen in IB Toon. "I suffered with a flouhle ruptnre 5 years. T-onr Ifloo-^ trie Trusii cured ma In 3% months, J.G.Tmuor " Sept 24, '90. -.- • ~ Clmttanoog»i:T«nc. "Tobr £l**ct-1o Truss cured my rnntnra after'miffflrlnir: 15 joarfl. SInsi-A. BOOOHTT." Abseeoti; N. 3, Oot 8, '80. "Iain ccmfl sonnd and well by wearing yoiir Electric Truss. B. HARVSI." Davis City, Io\r». AUK, 17, '90. The only rvnwtiie Elwrrlo Tt-ufM and-JfaU O*Mbli*^. InthcWrtrM. <I<K-p*rfllll»i«*N»t^Ml hilobscntrre^Bttir- , DR. HORNE, INVENTOR. ISO WABASH AVE,, CHIC* -

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