Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1957
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, June 29, 1957. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Sevet NOW IS THE TIME! LI VI NO CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES Plan Your Remodeling The best plans for remodeling a house include careful thought a bout orientation. Just as when you plan a new house, there are proper places for picture windows and terraces, covered porches, root overhangs, a garage or carport, a fence or latticework—even trees and shrubs. The right location for such improvements can add comfort, economy of operation and lasting value to your house. While it is not practicable to turn an existing house, on its foundation, many of the advantages that might be obtained by such drastic orientation are possible through the right planning of additions or alterations. Aside from making the most of a view—distant or garden variety —orientation can be used to combat prevailing winds and to control the hot summer sun as well as to capture desirable breezes and the. warmth ot the winter sun. This is largely a matter of study ing the compass directions in rela tion to your lot. Here is what you can do about the way those directions affect your house: -NORTHEAST—Sun exposure Is short. Best solution is shading by walls, latticework, high lenees or low trees. Awnings help. EAST—Exposure is intense. Tall and medium trees are needed. Other solutions (in their order ol effectiveness) are a porch or verandah, awnings, reflective screens, roof overhang. SOUTHEAST—A proper roof overhang is the best solution. Others are reflective screens and awnings. Avoid ground slabs, such as paved terraces, that reflect the heat against walls. This is a good side oi the house for Jargc windows. SOUTHWEST—Both tall and medium trees are needed. Provide shade by an attached garage or carport, a porch, awnintjs, reflective screens, Avoid paved areas here. WEST—Sun exposure is short but strong. Walls, latticework, high Sow Pansies in Summer, You'll Wear 'Em in Spring In addition to being one of the garden's most brilliantly colored and easily grown flowers, the summer-planted pansy offers you a chance to be the first in your neighborhood with fresh flowers next spring. Now is the time to plant seed for that early spring harvest of beauty. Pansies are generally classed as annual flowers, but they really are biennial. They lie dormant through the winter, with little care; in a cold 'frame or sheltered place. The plants will hold their green leaves all winter and bloom, as soon as the earliest spring flowers are out. If grown in the shade, with laded flowers removed promptly, they will bloom all summer. It is easy to start a flat or two of these lovely flowers each year. Seed may be sown as late as August 15 in soil prepared by mixing a third sharp sand, a third peat moss, and a third sifted top soil. Cover the surface with a half-inch layer of sphagnum moss, and broadcast the seed in this, with a little moss to cover them. Keep moist until the seeds germinate. The moss will prevent damp- Ing-off, a fungus-disease which is dangerous in hot weather. Let the plants grow out in the open until fall. Then if you have a cold frame put the flat in it and cover with leaves lor the winter. Lacking a cold frame, set the flat in a protected corner, and cover. It li better to transplant the seedlings, setting them seven to eight inches apart in additional flats, but if you sowed thinly, this can be skipped and the plants left to winter in the original flat. When the garden soil has been prepared in the spring, move the plants to a portion of the border which Is on the shady side of a building. They may not grow as VIOU. jtasty Poles March Silently On Poznan Day Thousands of Catholics Observe First Anniversary of Uprising munists convention which they attended in Chicago. The Monticello club was presented a citation for a 20 per cent increase in membership at the state meeting. Rev. Estel Eckart announces that he and his family will leave Monon, where they have made their home for several years while he has served the Monon Pilgrim Holiness church, after the last Sunday in August. The Eckarts will go to Richmond, Against Com-.' In(J ' ana ' where he will become pastor of the First Pilgrim Holi- POZNAN, Poland (UP)—Thousands of Catholic Poles marched in silence through the streets of Poznan Friday on the first anniversary of the Poznan uprising that shook the Communist world. It was a mute tribute to the 75 men, t* women and children who died in rioting against Poland's Stalinist leaders—rioting which led in time to rebellion in Hungary. Riots in'this West Poland industrial city touched off a train of events which saw the return to power of Communist leader or garage, and awnings. Glass area should be kept to a minimum. MOUTHWliST—Little sunshading is needed. NOHT11—A good side of a house for a cool kitchen and laundry. and Gives Individuality To Each Home in Giant Subdivision A California builder of more than 30,000 home has come up with an entirely new approach to the problem of giving individuality of appearance to each houso in a giant subdivision. The firm, Bollenbaeher & Kelton, of Los Angeles, avoids indiscriminate use of sharps co.ors and widely varying roof pilches, cpn- ccntrating instead on. quiet restraint in developments that lit the terrain. "We study the terrain and work Discover Earthquake Proof Frame Schools Less Costly in West When the last disastrous quake lad died after the costly Long Beach earthquake of 1933, much to the surprise of many building ex- fences, or low trees give good portSi frame school buildings were shade. Other devices here are a {standing ^ ^ schools have been preponderantly in frame design; probably as many as 00 percent are framed in wood and built of wood. What started out to be a'matter of public safely, because wood framed structures better withsand the shocks of earthquakes, has now become a matter of preference. California school authorities now find they like frame school buildings for other reasons than safety, jThey are far less costly than buildings of concrete and masonry, which means more facilities in each school for less money, or even more school rooms in the same school for the same money a smaller masonry structure would cost. Frame schools are more attractive, look less like institutions. They are more easily remodeled, and less the victims of obsolescence. The West Coast Lumber- Test Layout Of Kitchen You can make a simple test to check on the efficiency of your kitchen layout. The test was devised by efficiency engineers who ing frW prison of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynsky. There were reports, but no confirmation, that the Catholic pri- Panslcs like these, sown now, will give you a gardening beat iWladyslaw Gomulka and the free- on your neighbors next spring. fast at first as plants in lull sun, but they will soon catch up, and the rest of the summer they will surprise you. In hot -weather, the flowers will not grow to giant size, and the plants will become "leggy," with long stems. I* cut back severely, pnd given a dose of plant food, new growth and more abundant flowers will result. Aside from the novelty of pansies in the summer, attractive color effects may be obtained by planting named varieties of pansies. Violas may be grown the same way. Their flowers grow almost as large as the pansies in the summer, and are more numerous. Dark blue, yellow and white flowers will make a bed or border which wilt cool you off in the hottest weather. rector, presiding. Installed were the following: L. Dick Eastwood, Monon Aerie, district director; James K. Duncan, Monon Aerie, district chairman; Herrick H. Benjamin, Monon Aerie, district viee chairman; Emma'.e himself might lead the pro-1 mitt Stoll, Winamac Aerie, district home Saturday from a week's trip to California. She flew American Airlines to Oceanside where she spent a week with'Dr. and Mrs. James Meyers, Mrs. Meyers being the former Helen Roberts. Ruby Elaine Gross of East Monticello has filed divorce proceedings in White circuit court through Attorney Lewis Bellinger against Charles E. Gross. She asks custody of the minor children and judgment of $10,000. Married Sept. 18, 1949, the couple separated June 25, 1D57. Miss Carolyn Holder of Monticello, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Holder, attended the national convention of The'ta Sigma Phi, the national professional fraternity for women, in journalism, at the Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, last w.eek from Wednes^ of the day until Sunday. Eagles lodge held Wednesday! Mrs. Mildred Lads was a gra- night, June 26, at Ransselaer, in- ; ckms hostess to the Mothers Study stalliition of district officers was Club at her country home Tuesday held with Carl Kreiger, zone di- 1 evening, with 13 members and one ness church. Some time ago Rev. Eckart was awarded a scholarship to continue his study for a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He will do his work for this at Butler University in Indianapolis and has accepted the Richmond pastorate in order to be closer to Indianapolis. At a meeting of District cession or take part in the religious rites at the Church of St. Vojczek, several miles from the heart of the city. The streets were decked with flags and garlands for today's religious ceremonies led by the members of the Catholic hierarchy in the silent parade from St. Dominions Church, near the town hall, at St. Vojczek. The route of the procession leads past Red Army Square where the rebellion started. Today was not a public holiday in Poznan, but workers were Riven permission to attend both the state and church ceremonies this morning. Few were expected to return to work in the afternoon. Polish authorities banned the sale of liquor in hopes of preventing outbreaks of trouble. Nightclubs and "inappropriate" movies also were 'dosed. Monticello with it," says Itay J. Swaner, manager of the firm. "In Sun Diego, \va are building 3,000 houses in a bare valley surrounded by stark hills. So we have chosen an earth- brown for our asphalt shingle color, and a moderately steep pitch for the main roof lines." For variety and interest, Swaner .says, Hi different exteriors arc used for 10 basic floor plans. .Some 80 percent of the roof styles have the same high pilch. They include gable styles, hip roofs, and louvered Scotch-hipped rools. The variety of roof shapes gives each house its individualized look. The total effect of the Bollenbacher rich restraint and a quality ol un- men's Association reports that the interest in schools designed in wood | is spreading across the country from California. The lumbcrr group points out that this.follows the pattern of spread of the contemporary home design which was first developed in California and along Die West Coast and has since became a national movement. Kelton development is obstrustvc substantiality. The high- pitched roofs have an advantage of an air-washed attic, which helps keep the houses cooler in hot San Diego summers. Another important contribution to living comfort is made by u thick layer ol mineral wool insulation laid in blankets between the attic floor joists. Approached from the nillx around the sub-division, the houses, with their subdued earth tones of asphalt shingles, seem to fit naturally into the rugged countryside, and harrnoni/u softly with the of lawns and landscaping. Peru Two new doctors in Miami county will become members of Dukes hospital's associate medical staff on July 1. They are Dr. Robert K. Myers of Chili and Dr. P. W. Snyder, who will open an office in the Sengar- Mavrick building on July 1. The hospital board unanimously approved a recommendation of the medical staff of the new doctors' appointmL-nts, this week. The board also approved bills and payroll, discussed the purchase of a new x-ray machine, repair of the dumb waiter and studied applications for the position of administrator. Attorney Russell Wildman of Peru and Attorney Burl Ewer of Marion, have been hired by the Oak Hill School Corporation school board to assist on the consolidation program. Hubert DuBois, principal of the cello Business and professional J Woman's club, Mrs. Laura Spoor appointed standing committee chairmen at a meeting Wednesday night at the home of Mrs B. B; Shaw. The committee chairmen, who will serve one year, are Jo Mow. rer, program; Isabel t>iatt, finance; Jeanctte McClintic, membership; Lillian Schuler, career advancement; Phyllis nisser, health and safely; and Loretta Cross, international relations. Also, Esther Cottrcll, public af- studied the number of steps' taken) noAsn /|^ e ^^erjirst^ official^acts jby typical housewives in ing their kitchen chores. To make the test, draw kitchen plan on a sheet of paper, along with the measurements between appliances. Then draw a triangle from the refrigerator to the sink, to the range, and then back to the refrigerator. Add the dimension. 1 ; of the three sides of this triangle. The total -should be less than 22 feet. A total of more than 22 feet means a great deal of walking. There are three basic "work centers" in the kitchen: a food storage and mixing area with the refrigerator at its center; a preparation and cleanup area around the sink; a cooking and serving center aroilnd the stove. In efficient kitchens, all tools, supplies and utensils arc stored at or near the work areas where they are used. Generally, about six square feet of shelf space Is needed for each member of the family, plus 12 square feet for general .storage. A family of five requires at least 42 square feel of wall cabinet shelf space. An average family also needs about seven linear feel of shelf space In base cabinets. Incidentally. , efficiency experts secretary; William Vehnekamp, Monticello Aerie, district treasurer. William Vehnekamp was presented with a pin for having his Aerie over the quota in the preceding year during his term as president, also an award for the Aerie. Plans were discussed lor a district attendance award trophy. All Aeries in 'the district were presented at the meeting. The next district meeting will be held at Monticello July 22.—Herrick H. Benjamin, district vice chairman. Seven year old Ronald Haskins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haskins of Edgewater Court, was dismissed Saturday from'Whjle County Memorial Hospital where the lad was a patient since the Thursday before for treatment and observation. guest, Mrs. Lela Lods being present. A delicious dessert course was served at 7:30 o'clock, the tables centered with sweetpeas and snapdragons from the lovely flower garden at the Lods home. Mrs. Cecile Sullivan presided at the meeting in the absence of the president, Mrs. Ruby Fauber. Discussion on the roll call response proved interesting with all participating. The July meeting will be with Mrs. Faye Risser. Mrs. Lods, a former active member of the club, is now employed as nurse's aide at the White County Memorial Hospital. Court Sets Aside One Conviction in Arthur Miller Case WASHINGTON (UP)—A federal judge Friday reaffirmed one of his contempt c-f Congress findings against playwright Arthur Miller, but set aside a second count. Miller bad been convicted by Arthur Lawrie, a patient at St.; Judge Charles F. M^eLaughlin May Vincent Hospital at Indianapolis 131 on two counts, where he submitted to surgery, I Today McLauRhlin set aside the was brought home today and willlguilty verdict o.n the second couat be taken on lo Mayo's at Roches- on the basis of a recent Supreme ter, Minn., for further treatment. Art holds a position as an- inspector at Bryan's. Mrs. Dick Gosman who submitted to surgery Thursday afternoon at White County Memorial Hospital is reported doing satisfactorily. She is a patient in room 3(1. Mrs. Harold Alkire and Mrs. Lewis Dellinger motored to Syracuse Friday to accompany home their daughters, Carmie and Shirley, who have been attending the Smith - Alldredge Union Twirling Camp this week. Both young women, who will be sophomores this fairs; Julia McCauig legis'ation' ! '«". are talented baton twirlers Marilyn Moss, public relations! ----•••-'-'-•'-'•"'• "•—' Merdith Cochran, national security ; ' Serving on the president's special committee will be Noreen Lawson, flowers, cards and gifts, and Esther Helms, parliamentarian. The club's Ihrec delegates, Mrs. Spoor, Mrs. Josephine Mowrer, and Mrs. Dorlha Straley, report- on- the 39th annual BPW state The lumbermen report that a | have found tliat too many cahincls large share a! their production of durable Douglas fir lumber, as well us west coast hemlock and western red cedar lumber is going into school construction throughout the nation. Laminated beams and arches of [ir, man-made in west coast factories, form the frame for huge auditoriums, gymnasiums and all-purpose buildings, they say. Restraining Order Would Halt Sunday Auto Sales Closing INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—An Indianapolis judge laile Thursday is- suod a restraining order which would stop enforcement- of the Sunday closing law for automobile .salesmen and companies. Superior Court Judge John M. Ryan issued the order on' petition by the Clarke Auto Co. here. It specifically restrains Attorney General Edwin K. Sleors, State Police Supl. Harold Si Zeis, Prosecutor John G. Tinder, Sheriff Robert A. O'Neal and Police Chief Frank Mueller from interfering with Sunday sales. Ryan sot Sopl. \ for a hearing on the order. The Sunday closing low, passed by the 1957 Legislature, |>rovidos a fine of not more tlian $100 and a jail term of not more than 10 days for violators. The second offense would be punishable by a maximum fine of $500 and 30 days in jail., can be as bad as too few. If you have over-abundant shelf space, you may store things not really needed. CHAIU SEAT WOVKN Plastic clothesline in white or colors makes an ideal textured seat for a chair. The clothesline is laced from front to back across the sent, then woven From side to side. Ends are tacked to underside of rungs. Read the Classified Ads BALL EASES PAINTING A sponge rubber ball fitted over the handle of a paint brush makes painting less tiring by providing a larger, pliable grip. Hole is cut in the ball with a sharp, pointed knife. Converse-Jackson township highj school, was recently selected asj superintendent ot the Oak Hill' School Corporation, lOGANSPORT'S COMPUTE AWrVJNG CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 2218 ami this Is the [ittli year they have attended this camp for advanced instruction. They each have several pupils. Mrs. Bessie Dicks or West Lafayette is spending the weekend with her sister Mrs. Lillian Westfall and both will attend the Smorgasbord Saturday evening. Miss Eileen Briney, who is on vacation from the accounting office of Alcoa at Lafnyeltc, arrived Court ruling in a similar case. Miller has not been sentenced yet. But affirmation of one o.f the Iwo findings still makes him subject to a maximum penalty of CROSSWORD PUZZLE *"•««• ««*••**«•• ACROSS 1—Argument 8—Characteristic 13—Awakened 14—Lift 15—Pronoun 1C—Hurried 17—Leased 18—HOB 19—Depressions 20—Malloo 22—Finish en 23—33xcjnmatlon 26—Satisfaction CPU 27—Resort 28—Forsaken 29—Dress stono with hammer 30—Part of Jeff 31—PonsesHlvfi pronoun S2— Stripping: Si—Teat solution (abbr.) 35—Attractive 30—Pltchoa 37—Made weary 38—AnRer 39—Law violation* <1—Collection or facts 42—Paid notice 44—Assistant* 45—Miser 47—Bards 45— AKrecment (Pi.) DOWN 1—Obstruct 2—Ancor 3—Conjunction <—K.trly New England settler 5—ICmp'oymont (PI.) RO E L(- ' AV V E S Is ?E 1 M 1- A SlE Air Tig = • LiL t_ 1 T E S 1 ATlO S E to I KJ £ N' 1 A Kl 0 S E R E 1 N 5 T 1 o 0 E a S A V A G E K 1 D S T A g B A L 1 M * J 0 S I I R S e T £ ? A ». E " 1 L 1 D i E S = V = t S A <-, A S 1 O D A T A 1 * f A T t 0 N A t A|GE >! A A I 5 r f> = | E RS RO A L T E AD " 6—Number 7—Man's nickname 8—Inclination* 3—K:mes 30—Hivcr tsjhndj 11—Burnt: nmko Into 12—Spread for drying 17—I?«ck clown IS—Docks 10—Obtaintd from JO— Kent 21— Conspiracies •a— Think 2< — Suspend* :<!—Joins 27—Pollnh 30—Place for nufokeeplnr of KOodn 32—Imprisonment 3J—I'rloks painfully 3D--S!iootlnc itar 37—Stny 39—HoadRnar 40— Spanish for "rlv«r" 41— Thrpc-to«d sloths Mdll 'octor of JVntal Surgery (ablir.) <5—yv ronllncnt dihhr.) if— Indefinite artlclo $1,000 fine and one year in jail. MeLaughlin acted after' hearing arguments Thursday on a motion for acquiU.nl of Miller. Defense 1 counsel Joseph L. Itatih Jr. argued that the Supreme Court's June 17 docision laying down new rules for congressional investigators required setting aside the original Miller verdict. Miller, playwrig.hl husband of actress Marilyn Monroe, had refused •to tell a subcommittee of the House Committee on Un-American Activities the names of persons he had seen at a Communist meet- i:iR. The Supreme Court's June 17 | ruling in the John T. Watkins caso requires a committee to acquaint a reluctant witness with the scope of its inquiry ;ind how its question* relate to it. Today McLaughLm reaffirmed the view he expressed May 31 that the matter under inquiry— ! misuse of American passports by Communist, conspirators — was known to Miller when he appeared before the .subcommittee last year. Phono 3887 Sth & Market Logamport Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Ave. Peru Ind. Home improvement begins with and cornlort begins with MuefferClinurfml Batter living, greater comfort—that's the target of notion-wide Operation Home Improvement. What better start than heating modernization? Replace your creaking old plant with sleek, automatic Mueller Climatrol — first rrame and last word In dependable, quality heating. There's a style, a size and a budget plan that fits right in with your needs. See Your Mueller Dealer Today Baker Specialty & Supply Co., Inc. To Complete the picture . . . Ornamental railings add a "finishing touch" of distinction to your home .... Chooso from many graceful deiigni. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna St. Dj a | 5157 i I RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Waterproof your Basement! Gold Bond Hydro-Ch»ck is « com* pletety new type of masonry paint. It's made with latex. ..guaranteed to prevent water leaking or iceping through masonry w&fjj, Hydro-Check is easy to use loo. Jim open the can, mix thoroughly and brush it on. Because of Hydro* Check's exclusive Jatcx formula, it Hows on quickly, easily, over new or previously painted masonry. $*e w today for complete information. Gold Bond Hydro-Check Latex Paint Money Back Guarantee SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ave. Phon. 231*

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