The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 9, 1903 · Page 2
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 2

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1903
Page 2
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THE INDIANAPOLIS XBVS, SATT7BDAT, ifAT f, 1003. A lL:DUCTIOri of! F ... .. UElinillG SAID - CANOEING AS A . SPORT HAS BECOME A : . POPULAR PASTIME AMONG INDIAN APOLITANS a - - ) t1 1 GATES VAUTED To Cm. Ojt Car.ncJ TruIU. j V - ' a - . a T ' A Caloi - cLs !. - " nC.. - erclv....r. ..Oa.fl7tea j . Clr - !.t., iim j I :':: iVi. - a. ............ IS. j!j ; ff'i A;r cc;.........'. lc. SI D a ccfa I Gtl Cig I'lurrs. ....... IjC.JI.A3 a dot? t All 2;i It utJ Ccns; f irst - . j ' Class Qm:$. ' ' ! c - 1 ... j Witness Testified that Gates Said He Could be of Great Service. i Thelats in Webb's (Trustee) Brookside Park addition are going; not 10 very many left now. More than half were snappe - up like anash. However, there are good chances .still left for every lot is a bargain' but in a few days ; there won't be, for all will be gone. t I . ., i ' - L : - .' I - . LLEE Pennsylvania and Chlo ' M0C S3 ' " i STOOD NEAR BOOKWALTER ! . .. ' I: V V S ' - I " - t 1 . t - It .. , Sweeping Contracts Cone Into by the ..: - ' - - N e Council Investigation. Committee . Under Taggart Administration. k ' A : "" """V r a r j ) ! ! ) ' V ( - .. J ; T .. a . T . . 3 ' at.. a - ' ' r . i ... y . t - - - - - asson's Matchless Shoe w - r , From Values, i Ladies' ici kid Sliofs, turn of .'wrlt u,r, Uct or button, con j iidrd ?plendi! vatues CI Q7 Nat fH). to - night.;.. - wlDl J. - f i ' . f ' ' . ' LadlM' patent leather S!io. fof ' dre wear, light - weight, a" $.V value; to - nieht ti 07 , for ... .51.0 H. P. Wasson Co. ACCEPTS THE PRESIDENCY. The; Rev. Albert J. Brown will Co to . Wilmington Colltgo In Ohio. The Ilsv. Albert J. Ilrown. of thC rirst Friends church, has accepted the presidency of Wilmington College, WJI mine - ton, O , and will leave IndUnapolle August 1. Wilmington Is Quaker Institution somewhat itka Lariham College, at Richmond. . Mr. iirown hi'Wm with tha First Priemla' church for Hva year. Itefor - that time h w'ss suieiinlrndetit of tha Irvtmrton hi hoo. to which ha cam after 1 rem hlng for sum lima in th Friends th'trvh at Went Newton. j lit is a sra.hia.te of HtanMrd Vnlver - ally. t - lus of lu2. In Hi - J ha rook a master le?re m hnt Inst li utlon. il m.1 - tuit.l lrxllnna t'tata l'iilvrrlty Ihrra f'trn, - la hU unlvrrnlty Mr ha waa V''on as a nr.niji aiul original tuoVnt. rpi - ttl atiitty waa hl.tofy an.J pllt - Icnl an. nodal iu - n - . Ilia olj horn U le Moaanl county. tht htata. )ia auc - Jiunva lntliaiik. aa iTllont of W l'mlnton. i TU nm KrnO churrh Wi not yt a.a ttvl m. tuci - Mcur to ir. Ilrown. ' ' PARRY HELPS A UNION. Cujjy Man Subscribes to Entertain ment Fund of Switchmen, I. M. Tarry haa auh - rtb1 a) to tha fund bHt!)r ralant to antrrtaln th National AwoUtlon of Bwttchmrn diirliur thlr annual oirivrntlon th wk of Mir If. . 1 li a.l'i rt;'tlor 1 twll - vj by aonta a thv ilr. rrry la trynir to nvaka r"iu Hh ort!ni J Nr, Mr. Tarry, h - nrvfr. l'MitK th!. 11a saya ha haa - alc.i.of gan!att laNir aa a rlaaa. i l l li u ha Una autrrilM, t. - ntrrtatn - riiit fu"la txforf. Ha aaM: 1 onlv ob - l - t to .rna of h rnifthla that organ U - ! InUir rr - orta to." t:zd gut Tl:?rt,a many a flirrner'i wife aits oa tha J crxh in tlie crowing shadow of sum - i it even in , knowing - to the fall what it i to (eel tireU out ; aa if thlre waa not anctlier ounce of ei.ort left In hftr. Cat i je knows bow wo J her alutn - tcr at ill t - e ani lvow refrehr,l tSs tuormr will l.ixi her. That's tire t:re!ne of a healthy TfotuuL Rut It'a another 4 ft - ' 7 f - :l tirri out. f ' ' Vv) L . . . . . - . - . if.ioc uri ' y '. . ys a. ta j rfour..l V 1 . - . - r.ce aviioonl .f V f t ln the ear Nl f ' now tlit she li a stopped r - .ovir r !vu!. t. ti:e.l wotimn feel more acctely tho a ir x Kvlk - tl tl.roibt! rerve. ' i "iV - '.',n, lmnv!r?v!s cf fhoujAnda cf t '. :u. 1; ive liex - a tv..K4.e well by tlie use of 1 i. i , - r. - ' l'ao::te JYesciiptuTii. It s rr ;...irtr, ur;ts meAkeuir j i:::'.4 - .u!:. - .tioa ar.vl uloera - a : I c - .rrr f - r::.? we.tncsa. c i t i r W t ri 1:1 lilrnr.p - xf.;rr ati c!fv't't.i i . d : i r ti an - l ts . k.." vr; - vcj ! ' - 1 !. v n r('l. AMi:iMll irt. I ' - . I'"' "I (H t lr. - t iic lunrrt t w. til - rt - i u v ' - 't n; ! h n. I 1 - 1 :t ret ' r - - i - i i i' ' I tv o r. 1 h'l 1 n 1 "IT i.u I'ifl rrt ,v. aovi ttwHs;M t 1 i f;a J. ! n t t nc r! y I i : f ":. r I h.' iliVrjfrf ip'Vn ' ' ' I i' ;! n " r4 or? cf C. ra I - r - v'lvileai - w mwn. . i : r. 1 v. - ;';:il J i :! iry C"a " T: I.': - i IVi:,r A!dr, ' i r ;.. ' tcn t of $r.rr to pny - i :. r .. ,' er.l 21 one - . t - ; : t t: t. - 'lt In . - - fr emers, ' : i i r iV. vo' vu..; " 1 in .. . ... - - . 'v . J r X a . a w v aw i wj a Tfca" Oty Council committee. lnret!rt - Jns the iloard of fubtlc Worlca. wct Into wejln; rontrarts last night. Mr. Noel had FYM Fuehrira; on the atand tha entire; again, and .hrousht out - tha overtur'a that had txn mad to him by IlJrty Gta. lookir - ar to tha adralnalon of datfH to the aweeplnif firm aa a silent partner. ' Mr. Fuelling, with II. Fumaa and othera. 31d. the city aweeplna; up to this year, except la !'. when Grayea ft Jona g - ot tha cortract. This year the Marlon Couitty Construction Com parry, in which Harry Gatea la the ail at partner, got tha contract. Mr. Fuehrlna; teatlfled that last year, before the blddir.e; on tha weeping contract, John Kurwi told hint that Harry Gates wanted to ae Furnas and Fuehrlng. , Told Him Not to MincL , "Wa went to ae htm." aatd Ftiehrtna;. "and ha aald h wanted to make arrangement to go In with ua on tba sweeping contract, He aald he wanted to go Into pur' company aa aaecTet partner, taking tht place of Charlei Ptuckroeyer. Ha aald ha thought he could do ua lota of good toe - caure h thought he had Dominated Book - waiter and had helped to elect h,lml He aald ba" would hava had a place on the Hoard of Works but tha mayor thought the newspapers would talk too much, o Gates afj the mayor told him not to rnlnd that If ha wanted anything to ak for it and he would get It. Gates aald if ba wr In our - om jny ha could see that w got the entire aWplng appropriation, ajid more, if wa ataadad It. ' i - 'uehiing aald he pointed out to Gates that he anJ Furnas might swindle him undr such an arrangamant.' but Gate Fattnd him on, tha back, aad aald: ."My rlend, 1 trust you with everything, and you need truat ma with nothing. What mora can Z do?" ''."Gates told Wi," said Fuehring. "that he waa going to the IlufTalo bowling tournament with Xfookwalter that week, and ha 'Wanted to - k now ur ajiawr ao he could talk tha matter over with liook waiter on tha trip.", , i . Fuehrtng aald he told Gates that what ha wanted could not be done, and Fur - naa thouthC so. too. Ha aald Gate wanted to take a one - fourth interest in the romj.any and - waa wllHng to put tha money in. 11a said there waa no aug - geation that be knew of that Gates ahould be jaii a salary, of (3.aj a year or any nei amouuL Furnas did not ear In bis hearing, .he aald. that he would rather pay Oatea a fixed amount. Fuehring aald he never went with Gataa to seer Alfred MMdleton. Logston's broth - er - ln - Uw. He did not know Mlddleton at that tuna, bat Furnas bad alaca pointed hln o jt. Ia and Kumaa. he aald. . were not conxldering taking Mlddleton in aa a partner. He said he could not do that anJ lKk Ptuckmayer In tha facf. ; He said he and Furnas would have : kept Ptuckrn)er with J hem If they ha. got the contract thla year. ,.' Thought Gates waa in Company. Fuehring aald that when the Marion County Construction Company bid on and got the contract thla year he suspected that Gatea waa in the company. Fuehrtng had sold his equipment to George Belbert. who bid for tha Marlon County Construction Company. Whan he asked Belbert for hta money, Hubert told him to wait until the neat Friday at 8 o'clock, when hla "moneyed man would be home. Just to see If his suspicion was correct. Fuehring had Furnas call up Harry Gatea. He got the reply that Gatea waa out of tha t - lty, and wofald be borne the neat Friday at S o'clock. Mr. Noel got from the wltneaa a maaa of matertul relating - to the method of letting sweeping contracts In tha paat. the amount of work that can be dona by on st agon, tit prices In each year, etc. Thla Information, he aald. he propoa - ed to use later on. Mr. Fuehrtng aald that In IKS Oraree and Jouea got the contract away from htm and Furnas by underbidding them, but In 1K9 he and Furoe got It back. He aid be always felt that the Tasrgart administration made a mistake In letting them hava the contract that year, for they were practically fined out of the bual - !. 'Tagxart wanted Graves and Jones to have the contract, ha aald. He aatd the f, nea in were asseased notwithstanding tha fact that. In that year tha city got the bt sweeping it has eret had before or since. He and Furuaa loat mouey that jrear. LetxStuckmeyr Bid It In. In 19n0 and l?01 he and Furnas got the contract by letting. Charlee Btuckmeyer. a friend of the administration, bid It in. They were not afraid of heavy fines while Ptuckmeyer held the contract. 1 The arrangement with Btuckmeyer was that ha waa to bid In the .contract if he could gat It at lVcenta. and Fur naa and Fuehrtng would do the work for IT cents, giving Stuckmeyer profit of av cent and a quarter. Stuckmeyera profit from thla ouroe. ha said, was .i or a year. Ptuckmeyer earned hla money, the wlt - neaa vli. by watching everything closely, making the reports to the board, watching tha hands, drawing tha money, etc. . Fuehrtr.g said a part of the profit ef the contracore. consltd of ftften cent a man for day laborere. Th city allowed the contractor 11 36 a man. and thy hired their labor for XI Out of this proflt. however, they had to buy toola for tha men.. On hla third of the work ha had about forty - of the men. making a profit In this way of'$l.. a year. Mr. Noel figures that the profit on the hoie contract from thla aource waa about H0. ehrlug aald the cemt raxtors docked their men for rainy la. aa no aweping aa rtne. He eal I the contractors drew o money for raloy' daya, anJ o got no prof. I from this source. He a:mnte.t. rowvcr. that he dt not know what tUe re vr J avowed on this point; that Stuck - mtr had always made the settlements, lie eaid btuikmcvfr tuid never given him anything tor rainy day, and that if Muckmever drew any money, h did wrong. . Had an Easy Tm. lie aatd 'the contractor had an , eaay time the two years that Stuckmcyer had t!. contract, tiwush the work waa not iou nearly aa wed as In lSS.' Frvm Mr. Fhrtng. Mr. Noel got Irt - foimt :on. te be wsed later. . that a aide w?r of theuklrul usej by Grave anQ Jr.u.n r.J bv tr.c Mrioi Counir fan. C.Mnrau . - ,' from i:y - fivl i. vijr - l.v' grtde tji:area In a nlsht: I a v'en.alic fr.i r of th k'nd ucl ;, l;.rr.ri!:e u.!iJ Kurikaa sweeps fraa ll'J l. p. Mjiidr. J!r, f uerirlr.c Ktl:Vd that t, 17 cents tl'. - ix l ;oul i - T - .t rflt tn th sweep - . !: ci - .ntr. - tit. iro!u;!li the day laror. ie tul t: - .at la i2 he mavle tiJiSSO ' pi - .'t h;s t - n wagons tn the syrlnk'lng fec - tmct. l!: Tw - ?tt lst year fri - ra ' ; - !! .:ng wre lii:.w. Th proflta la - J n.. '.ed n via - 't tcr l;lmeif vr fu brotb - Itr, f s - rt wrn one of them d v a - vtAv - ii l..n;c.r. when he was allowed 3 ".r. "ievrir.s. on crt - f s - xam! nation by I !:. iv iil fr.i. ".c t ttila itenlal that he I jr,t oirr er - r:r.k'.ln c - ir tractors had been i ; - i a c.nMii;ti.Mi to r.v price ari j the '. tru - te. Mr. lithm tried to brtr.g j r.i - t t:i.;t Nh.iiic Ki - n hrinff. for thirty , j. jr In th ;. rtnk!lr't butmwt and for j:r '.. in ti 5;c!nkhnr husi - r. - - .. t - 5 l.wfH r.rij ted ont of both bul - ucscs he hud Mtiercess in tus heart aad F v a. - , - . - ' THE 1XDIANAPOLX3 CANOE CLUB'S HOME. '. '. et . . v . ) ' " " - t ! f - .. " r - s ' ON THE RIVER ANY AFTERNOON., waa relieving himself by saying things to Injure Logsdon. Hut Fuehring said he entertained no feeling except one of kindness for Pjogsdon. Mr. Ketchara atao made much of tha fact that when Kennington made his corrupt' proposals to Fuehring. Fuehring did not go to Logsdon and tell him that Kennington waa Implying that Iosrsdon waa a "damn - ecouudrel"; and that Fuehring did not tell Kennington that he waa a "damn acoundrel." or to "go to h I." ' The wltneaa aald he did not consider it hla business to do this. Because They Were Corrupt. He had turned down the proposals, ha said, because they were , corrupt, and he thought his duty ended there. If a man Intended to do work for city officers.; he aald. ha must keep Quiet. lie finally admitted that at one time be did say something strong to Kennington. "but." he said, with a glance at the lady etenographer. "I would rather not repeat It here." Fuehring denied having a conversation on the street car with Lee Fulmer, and aaylng to him that he had no dealings with Kennlnsrton thla year because : he considered Kennington tricky. Tha commlttee'a ruling that It would take hearsay teattmony at Its discretion In private did not operate, to exclude anything laat night. No objection waa raised to any question. j Before the opening of I the session the committee and the attorneys talked informally of tha scop of - the investigation. Mr. Logsdon'e attorneys were inclined to think that the sweeping contracts were not properly under - Investigation, but Chairman ynne thought they were. Mr. Noel aaid th committee being a standing committee on investigation and Impeachment, had the power to Investigate anything It wished without special Instruction from the. Council. He aatd that later on he expected to go into aome matters that had nothing W hatever to do with Iogadon. The committee will meet again next Monday night. . COLLECTED ON RAINY DAYS. It Appears that Contractor Were Paid - rfor Day Men All Season. The record In the Board of Works office ahow that certain sweeping contractors collected pay from the city for day laborer and tea ma practically every day during the aweeptng ' season. This necessarily shows that the city' paid for day I men on rainy days as on ah other. From one to four men were always paid for on Sunday. - the explanation being that these, men were ' employed ia the streets about tha market house, aa market closed too late on Saturday nights to allow the .atreets to be cleaned before Sunday. - This same system prevail un - - Qon to several launches and row boats der the Marlon County Construction Company's contract. The record ahow that Stuckmtyer collected for day labor - era as follows: March. 4 days: April. 29 days; May. 51 tSaya; June, 90 days: July. SI days: August: SI days; September. days: October. 20 day; November, ; 23 days. BIG FLOW OF OIL STRUCK. New WeJI of Ohio and Indiana Company In Randolph County.' The Ohio & Indiana Oil - Company, which has Its Indiana office In Indiana - ? vwvif. mil mjinv trw - fc ftilee in t ha rltw 1. 1 , V. V. 1 .tl - 1 . ... v,xiitu tuiviuTi - 1.41 . 1 . 1 vim 11 Indiana lc!es. The. new well Is two miles northeast of Parker . City, in Randolph county. It was irillevl tn' 'Wed need ay and shot yesterday with 153 quarts of .nitroglycerin. The ehc - l. rent the oil fifteen feet over the liO - foot derrick ani after spraying oil thirty feet high fr some time the well was put under control acd beran Cowing at a rate of 130 barrei a day. The new weiU has been ru:nie - l the "Adam Keever N. 5." It Is In the sovth end of th eorcojitiy' lAx - aer Randolph county tract, whi.e th thirty - four otlier wefis m this tract are along the northern line. This, is taken to Indicate that the company has found - a big resorvtr cf oil which extends trrider a.l of the Randolph ctwjnty tract. Th earn company has extensive leas - In other I mi: ana and Ohio countiew. Charles I. Dnnry, the Indiana manager, and other Indiana j.i stockholders saw the w?I shot. CAIIOEIilG WILL BE A POPULAR FAD The Women Are Taking to the Sport as a Pleasant Pastime. CANOE CLUB'S ARRANGEMENT An Additional Floating Dock Haa Been Launched to Meet the General Demand. That canoeing la a coming fad. not only among men but women. Is evident from the success &hat haa attended the Canoe Club, since its organisation three - yeara ago. The flats of fashion fix the fade and in some mysterious manner fha canoeing fad ha slipped in. ' In many part of the country (and it 1 not Improbable that Indianapolis wllf follow suit), canoeing Is dividing the honors with golf as a leading outdoor sport with both aexea. This water sport has developed Into a, craze among the member of the Canoe Club, whose home, a structure of architectural beauty, lies opposite the main entrance to Riverside Park. Easy of access,' and with a stretch of water which abounds in fine scenery for many miles, this club is taking Its place among, the foremost country clubs of the country. The demand for canoe is smother Indication of the popularity of the pleasant sport of canoeing. A floating covered dock used as a canoe house with facilities for fifty canoe, was found inadequate, and this week the club launched another dock coating SI. 100 with facilities for 100 more canoes. Nearly all the spaces have been asked for, showing that the club's fleet this year will exceed 100 canoes, in addl - AVhen TIrexI Out Take Ilorsford'a Acid Phosphate. It vitalises the nerves, assists the digestion, refreshes and Invigorates the entire body. A ,Tonlc that . permanently benefit. Women Are Interested. This sport among women la encouraged by the club. Already the women are taking part in the discussions over the respective merits of the canvas and cedar canoes, the difference between the decked and open canoes, ami the double and single paddles. Canoeing' especially appeals to women, because they are able' to present an attractive appearance when dressed appropriately for the pastime. If she can learn to get ' Into a canoe gracefully and handle a paddle adlen - tlficaMy sho Is the master of the sport. She acquires an ease while mastering these requisites. The sport is a safe lone as It ha been shown that all accldients have been due to gross care'.essnesi or recklessness. Canoeing is within reach of the city home and ' the person who enjoys indulgence in this pastime can r usually find an hour or two every day during. the - warm monua w taae vp me sport. - The type of the canoe that Is most popular, where It is a question of its use by women, although ther Is a tendency to ttii; - . na distinction between the caoo I uss - d by women and that by men. Is from Mxseen to twenty ii m le - usjio. wenni from forty to sixty pounds, and ciu. eouipped with paddlea. from to JTS - iTh Idea In desisturg is the least possible weight compatible with the neceaaary strength. The canvas canoe Is favored by nearly all the iovers of the sport - in Indiana polls. Th canvaa is stretched over a light and strong framework and la painted and polished until the cloth is as hard as flint. j . - River Broad and Deep. The stretch of water at the disposal of the members of the Canoe Club extend from the Riverside Park dam. near Km - richsville, to Broad Ripple, a distance of about ten miles. For four mile above the dam the river la broad and deep and the banks are covered In' summer with a luxurious foliage from a network of trees and vines. Islands, varying - la else from a few - feet to several acres, mark the rlyer'a surface. High bluff at different points mark its course. . The roost delightful canoe excursion 'Indulged In by members cf the club is a trip to Broad Ripple and return.. The. up trip Is made by way of the canal. Canoes are carried from the river to the canal at the Golden Hill springs, a distance of a few "block north of the clubhouse. At this point th river and canal are not more than fifty feet apart. At Broad Ripple the canoe are carried from the canal into the river, and 7 the delightful trip down the winding stream follows. No more beautiful trio can be found than this one. The round trip requires about five hours. Canoeing has made the Canoe Club a success. The club owns, free of Incumbrance, one of the finest country clubhouses In the "West. The structure cost about (10,000, and with the bathhouses and boathouse. the property is estimated to be worth S3.000 In excess of this amount. The membership Is nearly 900. The golf link In Riverside Park, Just across the river. Is one of the chief attractions for the club - member. . Bathing Is another srpoft greatly enjoyed. There 1 a toboggan chute, 130 feet In length from an elevation of fifty - seven feet, that proved one of the attractions for Riverside Park last summer. Frequently hundreds of people would assemble on the bank opposite the clubhouse to watch the bathers come down the chute with lightning speed and tumble Into the clear water with a splash that would bide them from view. The members of the Canoe Club declare their venture a great success. TL;TTT?TO)jO)W. , Tf f TIT) n I ' FT) (TT) W 0 T !) r? " AXx" j : i Dont put off coming to see us a moment longer. Come out to - morrow to the addition. To see these lots means to buy them, and when you buy you are acquiring one of the best bits of real estate in .the city; a truly splendid investment. Think of the terms, only . $1 0 Casli and $3. 50' per MoBtln POSITIVELY NO INTEREST , Without cramping your Cninces a particle, yoa can brcome the. owner of a piece of property which Trill be - bound to increase in value year by year. Only three miles from the Monument; Gve - minute ; street car service; squareJy in the direction of the city's growth, a perfect, location and a. beautiful place for a home, The early part of the week work on the factory x site of the Marietta Glass Works Will start. Just across the Belt from Brook - side Park, this concern will be located. . From 800 to 1,200 men . . will be employed.. Here's a . chance for the employes. Only about ten das ago this sale was started, and already Considerably f more than half the lots are sold; so don't hold back, but come at once to see us, else you may be too late, and if you are you' 11 . surely regret it. ''' ' ' - :. ; ; ' ' - . ' : ' I ...COME AT ONCE... WE and 12 Baldwin Blocll s Mew ?hone 4198. A Representative of Webb O Co., Will beat This Addition - ' From 91A. M. Till 2 P. H. Sunday. LINDSAY SUGGESTS GRAY. Oldsmobile No noise, no odor, ' no danger. Will go 100 mllea on one charge of gasoline, costing ' 4.c. More Oldsmobtles - . used than all other automobiles combined. Why not buy a machine that will go out over country roads, apd get back? i? Hopes' . Or. Every Tongue." Scientifically distilled; naturally aged; best and safest for all uses mow all over the world and o1d "by leading dealers everywhere. BIRN1IEIM BROS,, Dlatlllwr. - Loulawllle, Fa - Kr. FISHER AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, State Agents The Former Senator Does Not Think Cleveland will be Nominated. WjBHINGTON, May 9. Ex - Senator William Lindsay, of Kentucky, a close friend of G rover Cleveland, Is in the city. When asked regarding Cleveland's candidacy. Senator Lindsay said: "If the Democrats could elect anybody, Mr. Cleveland would be the man. but I do not expect to 'see him at the bead of the ticket. I witnessed the gi tit demonstration for him In St. Louis the other day, and know how greatly the ovation pleas ed him. Mr. Cleveland has had the re - ij markable experience of living to see all' the obloquy put ?upon .him removed. Ills greatness is appreciated - tty - Ca.T by the whole country. ; - "l should like to see the Democrats sagacious enough to pick out as strong a man In 1904 as George: Gray, of' Delaware, He would probably be beaten, but he would emerge from the battle with honor, and the party would be In good condition for the next contest. If the Democrats could get together on a sensible platform, eschewing the - .heresies which have wrecked the organisation, they wonld prove themselves worthy of a party that has had a glorious history and which may yet guide the destinies of the nation." . NOT SPENDING THE MONEY. George Benton May be Heir to Rich Estate, but It's Far Away. George R. Benton, room clerk at the Spencer House, ha received a letter from hla father In Brownstown. informing him that he may be an heir to a large New York city estate. - comprising a part of Harlem. Central Park and the East river water front. The heir of twenty - three original holders are being sought out by attorneys that offer to proceed with an agreement of one - fourth of all they obtain. Benton' great - great - great - great - grand - father was named Vermllya and was one of th original twenty - three. Benton is interested, but nt exceedingly hopeful. President Roosevelt Is one of the heirs, i A Guaranteed Core for Pile. j Itchlna.; Blind. FBeedin - or Protrwdlng Pi lea. Your drujrri.t wlil refund your money If FAZO OI.NTii.KNr I alia to cur yoa. W ceata. THE WEDDING RINGS made by us are all of one piece cf solid gold arid contain - no solder' and are superior to ail others. Diamond Solitaires From $25 to $850.00 'Wedding Present of Solid Silver, Fin Cut Glass and Brlc - a - Brac. Clocks, etc. Prices reasonable, quality the best. C Wasblegtoai trt ' ' GoilvloCrl SI BIOS Stand for Everything Satisfactory. Parlor and Bedroom Suites Iron and Brass Beds Mattresses of Our Own Manufacture 205 - 207 E. Washington SL Satk Fhsaes 1223. Csseslt Crt Bess. Hessbers Hercaaats Asseeltttea. Positively Cursxf at ifour Homo. I completely remove every t pot and blemish - t ' . 1 . , i i '"" e ucc n renaerinr the ski clear. SmoOih and steaKhy. Consuiuuion free. Write lor Book. "OHN M. WOODBURY 0. I. 1 Mat Street, fate. 10,000 'iklEBIGAH BEAHTV' hose nmim VERY HEAVY, STRONG PLANTS. ALL ROSE BUSHES IN DOZEN LOTS OR MORE, PLANTED BY US FREE OF CHARGE CRIMSON RATBLERS, QUEEN, LA FRANCE, AND MANY OTHER VARIETIES j jM JM OUR SPECIAL S5.00 COLLECTION QF 12 VERY LARGE AMERICAN EEAUTY, TO "WHICH .WE ADD A PREMIUM OF 3 GOLDEN GATES, 3 GOLDEN GLOVS AND 12 GLADIOLUSES, PACKED,' BY EXPRESS PREPAID TO ANY EXPRESS OFFICE. ADDRESS CaftRKLE a GOLlPAfJV ) 141 flOHTII CCLAWAflC 6TI1EET f BLOOD POIGOTJ - . - - .. U the worst diseaa on earth, yet th easiest to cor WHEN YOU KNOW WHiT TO IX). - slaoy ha. ptropies. xjxm on th asia. Bores In (he mouth, ulcer., ailing hair fccme rains, catarrh; don't know It ta BLChjD fOISOJf. Take iiotanlc P.IotkI Balm. It 1 a Sraatee cure. II. W per large bottle. H. J. Mader, - corner Washington sad Pcansylvaoia streeta InUns1" lad. To Your Home For a i i i i imm'jr - Tsr - ' wrrr s U R U1MP Payments RECORDS or 5110 1 w I cr 55.0 x . Indiana's Largest Music House. horih I Tenn. St. i RdcdTSHIS CJEVJS fcr VJcaH - Jlc. : I . f J n it

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