Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1957
Page 6
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liogansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Saturday Evening, June 29, 195T. NOW IS THE TIME! LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES A SMML HOUSE PLANNING BUREAU DESIGN NO. A-450 DESIGN A-450. Everything in this hip roof house has been planned for, as evidenced by the lavatory and closet at the rear entry. The utility room has a storage closet, sink and cabinets. A built-in oven and range are in the kitchen. The electric or gas Incinerator placed in the heater room is readily accessible. The large bedrooms have wardrobe type closets. The simple construction calls far natural stone, casement type windows, wide horizontal aiding and colorful asphalt shingles. Floor area is 1568. square feet, cubage is 18,032 cubic feet. For further information about DESIGN A-450, write the Small Bouse Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. In Canada, the Small House Planning Bureau of Canada, St. John, New Brunswick. Sound Control Also Vital for Air Cooling CLEVELAND, Ohio—Today's air conditioning engineer must pay attention to the problem of "sound control" as well as the other problems of controlling temperature, humidity, motion and quality of indoor air. This is what Warren Blazier, The Coleman Company, Inc., Wichita, Kansas, told 200 engineers attending the Second Annual Technical Conference of the National Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Association in Cleveland. "Customer satisfaction is no longer gained strictly upon the relationship between BTU's comfort and cost," he said, "but is conditioned more, and more by a diminishing tolerance for the noise associated with manufactured •weather." Blazier credited current architectural residential design trends toward open planning end compact "living-machine" type housing as being at the lop of the list of factors which have created a need for better noise control in air conditioning. "Healing and air conditioning appliances are now found in closets, alcoves and utility rooms in the mids 1 . or adjacent to most sensitive living areas," he stated. "System noise is commonly shot right at Die easterner from straight through air returns and short stub- duct outlets." But, because space is at a premium this architectural trend is one which the Industry must accept, he said. It ha.s no other alternative but to find ways to tit Its air conditioning products into the space assigned and engineer into them the ingredients for c|uiot,< unobstrusive performance. Blnzier said that a second contributing . factor to the problem was the producing of more and •more compact equipment to fit the few square feet of space grudgingly assigned to it by the architect or builder. One result of this Ircmi to compactness has been to raise the speed of smaller size blowers In order to obtain the necessary performance. "Increase in the blower speed may be one way to get performance in a compact unit, but it's hardly the way to do • it quietly," he said. "In my opinion," staled Blazier, "the most acute noise problem in residential heating or cooling installations today is a result of the commonly used, cost-saving, through-the-wall short return air duct. Even potentially quiet equip- ment is severely penalized in installations of this type." "The industry needs a 'noise criterion' which will reasonably predict the range of householder reaction," Blazier advocated. "It cannot be the same as that developed for commercial application because the attitude and environment of the home occupant is different and his reaction to system noise much more critical,!' he said. Blazier stated that a set of "annoyance contours" have been recently proposed which are believed to describe the "level and shape of audio frequency spectrum" which produces a known potential annoyance level. These contours are the result of combining the 'decibel"—the "phon"—and the 'sone"—as well as another useful concept called tho "speech interference" level into a composite description of how the human race reacts to noise. Lawns Need Special Care In Summer Hot summer months, with blazing sun and infrequent rain, call for special care of lawns and gardens. With proper assistance, a healthy garden or lawn can withstand the rigors of the "dog days." High mowing, deep watering and weed watching will save the day for the well kept lawn. Make sure your grass in watered, and not just sprinkled. Daily sprinkling fails to give thirsty plants the deep- down moisture they need. Roots crowd toward the surface to absorb the scant moisture left there by sprinkling. Soaking the lawn by leaving the hose or sprinkler on each area for 30 minutes or an hour gives the water a chance to penetrate all the way to the bottom of the root structure. Deep soaking lasts longer than surface moisture, which evaporates easily. Once a week soaking for the lawn, as opposed to daily sprinkling, also saves on your water bill. I According to C. Wj Stuart & (Company, one of the country's leading landscape and nursery firms, the beginning of hot weather is also the time to start waging war against crab grass. Pull it upright with a rake, and cut the crab grass short with a mower. Be careful to catch and burn all seeding staiks, so that they cannot take root again. Incidentally, here's a note for next year: Good seed planted thickly in the late Sign of Success Why do men ask for wood paneling in their offices when they start to make money? A leading psychologist says that wood.- suggests prestige, thus satisfies vanity. But, he says, that men, like women, when they finally "arrive" want the dignity -which they derive from the subtle atmosphere o£ well-being which natural wood gives to a room. Some of this effect is achieved through proper exploitation of texture, grain and coloring, especially in such expressive woods as Douglas fir. Man Missed Man didn't invent wood, but it's a 'mightly good thing that nature did because it is one o( man's few renewable resources. Famed Architect Frank Lloyd Wright says, "The best friend on earth of man is the tree." Probably the greatest possible use for trees is to make lumber for houses and to provide paper for books, newspapers and magazines. More than four out of every five houses are built of wood, and framed with such rugged and long-lasting dimension lumber as Douglas fir. SALE! HOUSE PAINT REG. $6.35 GAUON American Marlotta $4.65 High Grad. Whit. HYMANS' STORE HOME OF UONOIL Paint, Wallpap.r, Radio, TV 530 N, CleoH Phono 4423 or 21683 VETERANS! HOME OWNERSHIP CAN NOW BE YOURS! U S. STEEL HOMES Make it possible with only 2% down. Approximately $300 closing cost. 4Vi% Interest on balance. F. H. A. loans also available. WAYNE MYERS STEEL BUILDING SALES, Inc. R. F. D. 1-Vi Mi. North on Old Royal Cantor Pike DIAL 2397 HERE'S HOW... MAKI A BACK YARD ROLLER COASTER A fcacfc yard roller coaster provides many hburi of play. time enjoyment for the youngster. First make the center platform starting with the two end frames. Use 2 by 4-inch lumber. The center Bide boards attaching the end frames and the trim for the top are made of 1 by 4-inch lumber. The top in made of 1 by 12-inch lumber. Assemble with 8-penny rustproof naila. The Tamp il mada of 1 by 12-inch lumber with 1 by 4-inch lumber centered alone the edges of the 1 by 12. Construct the ramp in 6 or 8.foot section* BO that when not in use, the parts can be easily stored. Use cluatu at the joints to hold tho sections together. The braces are made of 2 by 4-inch lumber as shown. Make the car to the dimensions shown. Use a jig or coping saw to out out the wheels. HOME OWNERS' dealers. This is simply poured between joists of the attic floor, as shown in the sketch, spread out to the depth of the joists with a gra- den rake, and smoothed with a QUESTION BOX IE liece of board. BRAC.K HittoMJ Umbtr Miiwfiictimfi AnoclitlM Spring is the best crab grass killer. year 'round In addition to water, plants and shrubs need extra cultivation during hot months. This helps keep water in the soil. These nitrates cannot be formed in the ground at high temperatures. The intense heat may last for long periods during the summer, starving the plants. Tho mulch keeps them cool and moist/ The hot months are also a good time to cut back dead stalks and Aftic Now Cheapest Way to Enlarge House Lucky is the homeowner who has an attic. It provides the cheapest way to enlarge a house. Extra rooms can be finished off in an attic for a fraction of the cost of building an addition. Youngsters are enthusiastic! about their own rooms in an at- ,ic. Roll-away cavities under the low part of a roof slope make it easy to clear the deck for a big play space in the middle of the attic. Beds, toy boxes, even book shelves can be mounted on smooth rolling casters to slide into their proper places out of the way. Building a boy's room oE this type can be an economical, easy and satisfying project for the home handyman. Various popular , , . . . ,, , , .. . i materials simplify the job. Stub branches from plank tha need this u b t shou i der heignt for rt*«afmemr W it rtmi*- ciinnimnnm- * . .... treatment. Without such impediments to sap their vitality, they will be better able to withstand the rigors of the sun and heat. As summer goes on, be sure you don't let your garden run down. Keep tall flowers well staked and cut out all dead stalks. Keep edges trimmed and stir the soil on the surface for weed preveniion. Give plants which are ready to bloom plenty of food. A little extra effort during hot fruits of a long spring's labors. Read the Classified Ads the bed. a.man, can be paneled in knotty western pine boards and given a natural finish to keep them both serviceable and attractive. For a complete den effect the entire ceiling can be paneled, or for a bedroom touch the ceiling can be covered with predecorated wallboard. With the carpentry finished, a mother will go. right ahead with final touches, curtains, bedspread, pictures and rugs. The boy moving his bed in this picture goes /or line browns and greens and tougli enough to stand a boy's shoes on FOR GOOD ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION & REPAIR CALL Dale L. Isaacs 231 W. Ottawa FAMILY ROOM... •U- i in WESTERN PINE Glowing warmth of the Wcntcrn Pines can be built right Into your home »o cnnily. Any room in the house—kitchen, bedroom, bath., living room, ployroom—or any part of it. A new way of Hfe liei within the reach of your telephone. Call ui right now, or stop by. We'll happily help you with ideas and estimate* without obligation; rCUSSII- •^ UIUYU ». rnir »wr , HIHTH t jRIE AVE. ID 6 AN 5 PORT. IN PI AN A SEE CLOSSON FFRST Colorful Granules Give Roofing Coat of Rock Millions of rock granules ar embedded into the surface of asphalt shingles. The granules are both functional and decorative. The opaque granules give the surface of the roofing a tough coat of rock which seals in the heavy oils of the asphalt and reduces the wearing effect of rain, snow, and 'ce. For appearance, the granules are given color through a special ceramic process. The result is a wide range of colors available in asphal! Q—Concrete spilled and hardened on slate flagstones while we were building a patio. How can the concrete be removed? A—jVIix a ten percent solution of muriatic acid, or hydrochloric acid with water. Wear rubber gloves and apply with a cloth. Rinse well wilh a garden hose. The acid is obtainable from most drug stores. Q_We're tiling a basement floor and find there are some shallow areas here and there which must be filled to give an even surface. What can we use for this? A—Professional tile installers often mix linoleum paste with plaster of Paris. Mix a small amount at a time into a putty-like substance and apply with a wide-bladed putty knife. Let the mixture dry thor oughly before putting tiles down. It will provide a firm base for the tiles which will not crack or crumble under ordinary usage. Q—We plan to install an attic fan. How can we judge the size we'll need?' A—By the number of cubic feet of air space in your home. Get an accurate estimate of this and take it to your dealer. He'll sell you a fan the proper size. Q—When our home was built, a two-inch layer of insulation was installed in the attic floor. Is this enough to give us tho maximum benefits of insulation? If not, can we install more insulation ourselves? A—Authorities on home confort agree that at least four inches of mineral wool insulation should be installed in ceilings for winter comfort and heating economy, and six inches if the house is air conditioned in summer. You can ofo- children pushing against it if aikundek brought hunderds of Ger- piece of fencing with half-inch- square holes is tacked over the lower inside area of the screen. PROTECT SCREEN DOOR The screen in a screen door won't be bulged out by young PIONEER DAYS SET JASPER (UP)—A special weeklong celebration termed "Pioneer German Days" will be held here July 1-6 in honor of the late Rev. Joseph Kundek. a pioneer Indiana priest who was instrumental in founding the towns of Ferdinand, St. Meinard and Celcstine. Father man Roman Catholic families to Perry, S[>encer and Dubois counties in the 1830s ajid l»40s. SCAL THE MASONRY OF YOUR HOME While ft ti wet! LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 shingles, from light pastels to deep; tain pouring wool—mineral wool tones and blends. _ I in bags—from building material CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone (High testing in calcium and magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE eSHMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVrNG CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 Plastic Latex SEMENTKOAT For All Masonry Surface*! Interior — Exterior PlMtic Latex Stmentleoit IB tiu Utwt and moit advucMi develop, ment for the painting of masonry surfioM and ubxtot ihlngta that bu mr bmn formuliUd. It tqu outctandlng staling and covering qualitlm. HenliU lolling and bu exceptional re- •tiUnco to weather. Drl*i quickly. •mwduwt !• » aerylle fUt lilex palnl for Interior and ntterlor tnr< facei. ComM hi ID rignlar colon. U Intermit colon. ISn color unl.) Logansport Paint & Wallpaper Co. 322 Broadway Dial 3637 Say! Mr. Home Handyman South Side lumber Company has a complete stock of Quality Material to make your Do-lt-Yourself Job easier. [heck these materials for a home project BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY PANELING You can add now beauty fo your homo'l In terior wilh Ihii beautiful wood OT — ONLY rr. INSULATION Koop lioat out in iummor and ftjlt down futl bitd in winter, A monoy laving 'M mint for every homo. Ai low a* *^*» iq. ft. SAKRETE Juit add wafer and go to work. Handy for imatf ropoir job*, rf* 1 *B r Per 90 Ib, concrete mix 4* I .03 boa CEILING TILE Covar coiling cracJu wflti fMs low coif fniufaf- ad toiling — Wliitp and colon, | f\ Sq, 12x12 white. I At 1 pi. SCREEN WIRE A complete line of screen wire, material, galvanized, aluminum, bronze and Kaiser aluminum shade screen, PAINT WHITE HOUSE PAINT SPECIAL per gallon FOLDING DOORS Don't lo»o valuable *poco in your hom» with a swinging door. Imfail a modornfald Spt-ca* mattor door. Sfart Al ................ ... PEG BOARD Maionlto pogboard will koep all your tooli In ordar. Eaty to install and man/ ^*A QP uiot. *U4 ihcot, , ...... ,,,.., Y**^^ WINDOW VALANCE Popular pafforru band lowed from K Inch plywood, to you can make your own valance, OQ*» ^ n JU * C pj ( POWER TOOLS FOR RENT Your Do-lf-Yourssrf lobs will be much easier to do . SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ave. Phono 2319

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