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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 3

The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 3

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

tfV out Uo much money yo wtil soon hav none left to paj. It would, be money In your pocket to 1 thought tn what we arc off srlna. lnveatlrata and the money aarerJ we offer. Usual prica. il Our rHoe.

Malt i .,.150 toe Laxative Brorao OAilnln M.v!Se Extract of arsanartila i 5c $1 ft. Ire and Wine 44 So it Srup of ypopliosi ihltea j. 11 ElUlr Olery Compound AWiio $1.3 guart bottle Kentackr whiiky Sic Immediate Headsche Cure jj.d.... ...100 '11 FLNKHAM 8 COMPOUND il pRECRIPTIONS pXrK THEATER PHAexMACT. 4 i 5 I i 1 WASTED FKMA iKLtil "WANTE Tlb I talnro.

17; i WANTO XurH girl Meridlan. WaK1EI Im Walkef Cracker Jxat acbe'Cure 4 Maid About MifaI N. Meridian rtf refcrerfse. 447 ANTED A girt for general tit 8. Meridian.

jj IV ANTED Wbj tflrt; gent! hausrajfek, 2e: rouiitoi x. ANTE1 Experienced gtrt fgood wi 1 fennei'lvanta. IS 1 Wanted giw the utiti pniu 1 choking at night. 4 tliat r'ANTEI inlng room gVi GEORGE a rm A 9 Till A REerTAlTtANT. 8.

t. XNTEZ Clrt or mlddi kxlt for bouework. ia Capital av4. KAKTEX HAlr on. ladl Nra fnarf lor i rrw.

VARIX. W. WaMmrU. frj VANTE3 Tw dtnlnx roopt n. iWJrt 7 4 N.

Pwuiylvtnl.irocy 7 U'A KTKI White 1H for lirmmt hourtwork; IVANTBD A rood ook; fNh orn tr work. JKi J. rnMfif" Vounjr rtrt IW N. 4ir e.T? VTANTED Ormtn cook ad rron4fit1ri; KANTED cook or! old ewra you KnockrV I want If tbc Utter ur WANTED A rood rrl for rraeral botCwork to ro Jtund. Addrw (OT K.

WANTED Girl to. do rertonU houevork; iOrmn yiWgiitd. tU 8. 5w fwiqr w. VAKTEO Olrt to do llrbt hmiwwork Btoooe.

ramliy of two. Inquire TZW. Qoryli t. ANTED rlrl of (cara4 bouM i work irrnc rrquireo. ii Aawji i ANTED Brtrht xown Ia4y work; rkr Nw.

ANTED Erpfrleno Crein 1rl tvW rn ri' ikovottrorc; A at. VrANTED aw younr fth osn art alct to lra Mwapapr atLrtchjnr. ddraaa U. Nw. ff.

i ANTED OIrt aaalataat JUookkeepefi Wut yqoled. At I ears Newa WlMTVIteTaltflMM tnattraaaT wire prras. QOvtoid) 21 Munrhuretti 4 i niWTKrvNMl aklt a4rt Lir eeneral bTbse aork; must bring refereijctai Cail U.joew umoer) wnio ww it 't WiVrrn Fttriwwi ahtrt 'waist ooea. ore i i Steady work. THE EXCEJrOR 8 rIRT MFC.

71 W. Pearl. WANTED Women to tnske overaJlae rants and shirts: staady erBployinrtjt at factory. 12 Ap jtf at Amos. Xii N.

aad 14 N. salaslDDl St. if, 1 WANTED Three rlrts with factprr'ea (lertenra. to learn trade: rood ixatftto; steady. Addreas 1 rare Nwa.

wanted in ctentral loan compant. room 7. Talbott Block. 10 Pannsyl reals, far loans on watchea. diamonds, blcycl eta.

WANTED Ladles' and rrs In 1 home: to KKO. 1 ltn broke Aiad. tC3t; or i cquntry. A I WANTED One lady la eranf dty. to manare branch office.

Liberal Inducements to rlrht party MRS. NETTIE pUmrr sti. Baa Francisco. Cat. i VAN TED Pee our barraln piano sale.

8iUar pianos to learn on for H0. and tap; IS down and (1 per week payments. WVU'U rKR HON 12 and N. Fannaylvanla. ii 'i TO PW CENT VlfiCOXHT tS MTCSC i AND CHllAREN 8 BCTTON nOOaLt NEERMANFv A i i fNEW) MAtt8ACHUPrrrT8 AV8.

WAjyTED ft i tf 4 HTPARATTt mtrRTSi BLACK AND AT THE I w. Washington: WAJCTlii That the altamatlv aowadara. Iffoo 3 wAirrnD 'WANTED Florida 3 4 A NTE Tieh wiingo. WANTED Ali drugglsta reooBiroend i Knocker. WANTL1V To buy moat aaarkf ddress II, care News.

WANTED Cash paid for household goods. iU W. Washington. WANTED Ta loan tnaoey oa ajuahirs. 41 Washington, st.

ANTED Teeth, It; crowna. tt. IsELLEI'A Dentist. 8. Illinois.

WANTED Old gold and WARD. 11 N. Meridian. silver caah, WANTED Nothing like CiroopA. LBest UiS on earth for that ocuyh.

4 WANTEjD Ta buy gunieiy and tneat markrt. I Address care News. 4 i WANTED Lady romn mate: all wees, veniturs. 44 N. Illinois st I WANTEDBoardlng week, day ortneaL, lur nrvnea rooms.

441 N. Illinois st. 1 a i WANTED To rent or bur an Uiwight piano; waw pnw. miutw x. care Tew.

i WANTED Equitable Building nd Loan sociation toca. (Uid xi virgima av. WANTED Will let balf of to coupl; 1 WANTED To firur on repairing your plumb inc. 4, ARNOLD iU, Indiana aA. 'pbea i WANTEI To rent.

Hav desirable tenant for North Bid property. W. OAKES, M4lt aet WANTED Collars and euffa. iho: stanoasd work, PROGRESS LALKDRV. Tatephoa AN TEI IN DIANA CENTAL E.

Ohl st.u epos irom. a. m.tU rAJTTEi reat here bought artd eoldW. HUtSCHUAN. New Jersey WANTtiD Incubator; must be cheap and In oa oroer.

aaresa. Slating cloe. to X. are Ncwa. i A NT KD Ts rent cottage; i tnodern; rt ma; wlU pay AT.

OAKl WANTEDA rood rental nroirrty. a hoot SUO: southeast preterred Addreaw a Kwa i. WANTED Ftr riaier 4 bualneM' cards for 1 1 mi i x' 1, Iklann i WANTED Night enokinae by middle are white woman i understands pastry. Address care A NTE1V To be gruo suked. go ia plax of tockbolder la aAT of cotr.nan bow forming; on hre, to A3 ask, A drees A 1 ear Newa.

Wivrrn Widow wishes to rant JioteA la rountry town would buy furnJabed preferred, or would managa hotel tqr owner; Ad dress S. care ewa. WANTED Printer, real oelat sgetit. ngrato er," Itwrer, or any buslnsss. occupy 1e etratile cffVca In the heart of bustle, l'UNRT FIERCE.

I N. Meridian. WA NTED Tou to soe our $50 Nnos; alao far UTi. UO. for onwn mnq per wea 4 IT irlil mmlt.

tirstvu a 4.11 at one, irt ad 1M N. Va NTED Pupils to take lewaotW iln craytja. ra. pastel arm viit th REX PORTRAfT 42i Xi, if? hp NewO'ork st. 1 WANTED Painter or pbotograptjef to ocfuiJr ItVn raaTl the beart of Unmes: ligW front, raar and overhead; Mnr? water: natural gaa.

(SSNRT ft I'lLRCK. N. Mertdtaa. )'r 1 WA VTED TOUT8 sh Store the Ts orlus place for atyllsh ood'd pojtiw artoea. CL 44.

and Massachusetts avt, Wtshlngtcn 1S4 W. WasfclMtoa as4 and 10 Indiana it. 1 WANTEDA Ma wUllnf Jto ''B' Ii and act as usa um iniN VIU aersr thd ioane by wrigare and pay good salary an. Interest, or win give aim a per wopta. If prefers, will giv 4slrd in a ood paying: twaineea.

Address: 2, car WANTED i lit ''f i TheV most go nd th lofriclwill tKem out tn a sbort tlm medium weight cheviot suits at clay worsted ul. md clay. wort4 il 'i at is 1 caseimer swrts, former $1r Krgatns in shirts andrderwr ft Vm WASHINGTON. THE GLOBE, i i jf AUED MISC BLLA.EOl 5. AVTEI Mr.

ilnen to repair: also 1 ulVs clothing of all kinds, very cheap. 12 Markt room 11 A NTED To rent down st Irs. ur.furnishri mom. on South Side, by Idow Answer or.r. 441 Eu( it.

WANTKLx (3.000 at 7 ir cent Improv rl estate worth W.M'. No commlnlun Ad drr 1. carg Nr. WANTED Kll Toorai or of au' for tbr adulta; nun central, mrth. Addri lmmHtlatly.

rare Nw VANTED Lot on Dlivtr or Alabama In Morton Place. tate lowest caah prtc. P. CHAMBERS. 1110 8tvnon FVrmfr5 front In prlvite family: central rent reaaonahl t.y man and wlf.

Adrtre car Nwn WANTED By rmtlrnian. room and board In a private mualral family, tat termar ref wbom. Addra 2. cara Nt wa WANTED Wajfon. cloard.

with door front and rear; alao aundlnc office dek. V. TTLER A gw Meridian at. W'ANTEIH By thre ladlea. four or fle un furnlahedl room for houwkepln ntrJly located.

A. M. ADAMSvJlrntai HrfteK ANTED Bee CENTRAL LOAN roMPAXT room 7. Talbott Block. Peunyl anla.

for loans on watchea. dlam.wda. hlcyl etc, WANTED To LeT An elerant ulte of iDwtnwnu: sm block from Bat unfurnlahed; low rent. J. O.

VOSH AGENCY. W. Market at. "WANTED Ownera of rental property to list It with me. I hve no vacant, and ran i cure tenant! for you.

J. O. VOS3 AGSNCl, cure tenant! for you W. Market at. WANTED Residence central; about 17.000: will assume so ana Incumbrance, balance In smaller rental property, free.

P. L. CHAMBER. 1110 Stevenson. WANTED Rock clear.

WANTED Tlsh mlnro. fA fjTED Barber at jOC VTrainla ave. WANTED Oood sarber at 11 N. Illinois st. WANTED Drur clerk.

112 E. Washington t. WANET Barber, Talbott ave. and Tweoty eecond at. A TED Oood Oerraan barber at once.

t70 VI rfl nla "ave. WANTED Hair cuttlnr. Vlrrtnla are. 10c; shave 6c. 154 WANTED Oood barber.

Waahinrton at. (New) No. C2S E. WANTED Experienced barber at once. Mi W.

Thirtieth st. WANTED Boys ever sixteen rears of are. PARRT MTO. CO. WANTED aTo bur desks and office furniture.

g. Waahinrton. WANTED First class carriafe painters. PARK I Mru. X1.

WANTED Ionre bed makera. M. CLUNK, 1401 8. Meridian St. WANTED Oood barber with tools for Satur day.

In Indlana aea. WANTED Metal pattern maker. KINNEY BROH.i W. Market WANTED Saturday and KEPNER, Ki N. West BL Sunday.

WANTED For bad colda go to the drug Mors ana ask lor Kola Knocteer. WANTED To rent furnished barber shop; 117. Address it care News, WANTED Old bats made new or In style. HAND. HaUer.

47 Virginia avo. WANTED Whit man dairy that worked with, gKlMadison ate. WANTED EveAone knows It is the best system. EMPLOYMENT 10 N. IlUnots.

WANTED Bright young man to learn newe paper aaetcmng. jonraaa as, care isewa. WANTED Oood chance for Investors; up. Open short' tint only. Addrassj 24, oar WANTED Young man with fair education to take up the study of law.

Address l. u. cars yews. "WANTED 10 men to lodge, lncludlar break IOq, MISSION, Maryland stv near Stat Mouse. WANTED Press feeder.

Inquire at the INDI ANAPOLIS PRINTING COMPANY. 41 Vir ginia avs, i WANTED A' few reliable. wde awakt men to nustte lor new ntsrpna. Aoaress l. WANT ED Oobd short order cook and waiter? Ai fci VV naUillUItUU BBS, WANTEDBroall sums of money to loan; 114 and tip ward, at low rata.

NEIE8 a K.13 ER, Indiana Trurt. ij WANTED Bright boy of about sixteen years for omce. Address with reference In own writing. oar News. WANTED The general contractors will meet Friday.

February p. at isullders' Excnange, am are lavlted. WANTED Bolt makers. Oood piece work pricee paid. Address THE OHIO FALLS CAR MFW.

jerreraonviiia, ina. WANTED Several young men. to act as. sub Ject lor traveUng hrpnotlsL Call. Z17 N.

Il linois, tet ween ana a. sacuruay, tb. WANTWTV ae CENTRAL LOAN COM PANY, bom T. Talbott Block. 101 Pann Ira nla, for loans oa watch, diamonds, bh cycle.

tJe. WANTE 43reTnen In very town tn Indi ana ot taide Indlanapnlla. to sell and deliver cigars deaierm. Address EO. N.

JOSS. ro. XX7 Indiana WAN' ED Salesmen for etgars; 112S a mouth and expenses; old arm; experience unneces. sary Inducements to customers. C.

BISHOP A Bt. WV NTED Mea to learn drafting and engia 'ring. training by experienced trrnanieai enrineer. Term easy. tor par tteulars.

INDIANAPOLIS BUSINESS UNI VEKSITTi When BUUaing. WANTED Men to learn barber trade; two months required: rermenr took two rear: time saved by constant practice; Instructions and lectures. Tools presented. '( catalorua mailed free. 1 MOLE SYSTEM UARBEK BCHOOT.8.' CMcsre or Cincinnati.

rtTTJATIOy WAjrTTT riorld SITUATION WANTED By lady as cook. Ut HUnoM t. SITUATION WANTED I rl; general work; wag, 1 r. t. SITUATION WANTED Experienced" man girl; car reference.

tOVj N. ITeiaware, room it. SITUATION WANTED Colored man: rood reference; coachman, sr. butler; wages IS. 141 lCv DeUwara, room SITUATION WANTED Oerman girl nur or light, or housekeeping.

Address cars ruewa. SJTUATI "ltN WANTED Night cooking'; mid die aged whit woman; and en land pastry. Addrea L' car wew. SITUATION WANTED A attendant: In doe I tor. oefitiat omco or paocosrapa gauery.

Addresa car wewa. 8 ITCAT10N WANTED By competent and experienced lady bookkeeper and cashier. Addreos n. car rews. SITUATION WANTED Lady two.

years'' kpertenc: good stenographer. rscommenda tlaoa.Addrea llww News. SITUATION WANTED Sew very rtteap; children cloth, a specialty: good dress making. Address Z.I ear news. I SITUATION WANTED Experienced German girt for seoooa wora.

piain srsinx; rwfereac. Addrea 4. ear New. SITUATION WANTED By 1 xpenonced nur: car for aick and do light housework. Refareoce.

Addresa a. care iw. SITUATION WANTED Eipertenced German girl; general notwework or cooklns; out washing: Addrea car fewa. SITUATION WANTED An erperWoced dressmaker will sew a few week for 11 per day wetil her busy season. Add re car tsewa.

SITUATION WANTED By compneot Ger tnaa girl; ear of elderly lady or: aeooad work: rood, ssauntisss Addres I News, SITUATION. WANTED By a practical engta et and elect rlciaa Cuteen years' experience; either gaa or steam ancin. References. Ad dress Wk rot W. Washington, Ia.

WAJSTED AGEJPrS. AOENT8 "WANTED Canv Udta gaatlensen; good things 419 ava. "i Maasachusetu AGENTS WANTED Ladle or rentkrmen to canvas and take order Tor Rex Portrait Co, Call W. New Toe at. AGENTS WANTED Mea or women, with or without experience, to work lagitlmat life Insurance ta a legitimate way la any part of tn rood contract to peons who win work, JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE.

9ft Lorn ber Building. AUENT8 WANTED reat Cuba book AU about Cuba, Spain and war. Great tcU ment. Every on buys It. One arenu sold X7 la on oay; anotner auaoe su tn one hour.

Nearly 40 Pare: auunilncent lllustratkMa. prorrapba. etc Low price. Guarantee snort liberal terms. JTrelght paid.

Twenty tays credit. Outnt free. Bend six two cent stamp to pay posts re THE, BIBLE HOUSE. Dearborn nicaxv. STORAGE.

STORAGE Of all kinds, at CHARLES SHOVEK S. n. naoaan st. STORAGE Packing and axlng. S.

P. HAM 1LTU.N. it a. Aiaoaua. raoof iss.

epecjai STORAGE 4ND rv'j W. kutu. i rea. n. vnwanu, Kir.

117 8. Pennaylranla, 'PTU U4X WK STORE. PACK AND AIL STORAGE Beat located storage room ta th city; central weu uibicv. wnna tmw t3f rt af aaaachusett good stored six snonth ha led free Of charge. 1 ORN STORAGE AND TUANSFSR CU 211 i A FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS.

FOK SALE V'u rid Seal. for sale" Ter.rh Musi' box; 30 tunc sheets 4 W. yoR A LE Grocery I. rare Nfwi at: A Mr FOR HALE Lante Rhode I'and at coffee miil: rher.p. KH fiALE aid Btve.

Uaaeachuetta ave. neap. 441 FOR SALE Alr.iort new OrlKgR ur.rljht tilano. E. Ohio.

FOR KALE The best cure on earth drus Vlvta KiJd Knocker. FOR SALE Walker's Cracker Jack Headache Cure at all druggists. FOR 6 ALE Top delivery or feed wagon; top rmgry yre Shelby st. FOR PALE 00 pairs fine ladles shoe. 50c on dollar.

2t04 Northwetern ave. FOR SALE A complete drug stock; cheap. J. N. NAVIN.

11 N. Illinois st. FOR SALE A larsre soda fountain: cheap. J. NAVIN.

1 N. Illinois rt FOR SALE Cfmona for coURhs. croup, asth ma. sure throaa and sore lunrk FOR SALE One Emerson, rosewood case, pl ano: a baryaln. 10 Dnrman st.

FOR 8ALs Vah paper. "FN NINO HAM. JlJ Indiana ave. Marlowe Buildms. FOR SALE Unredeemed bicycles and house hold articles.

E. Waahinrton. FOR SALE Gold spectacles, from at OPTICIAN LAMP'S. Denlson House. FOR SALE Small grocery and meat mar fcet; cheap.

Inquire 74 S. Meridian at. FOR SALp Tour family grocers SCHRA DER'B grocery. a2 and 457 Virginia ave. FOR RALE Collars and cuffs.

Hc; standard work. PROORES3 LAUNDRY. Telephone lftl. FOR SALE First class drug atoie; also good grocery. WITH AM.

11 Lombard Building FOR SALE Shelving, count rea, tables and linoleums. MISFIT PARI 15 N. Illinois street. FOR SALE 1.600 pairs custont made pants to close out at i 'pair TAYLOR A SCHNEIDER, 44 Circle. FOR SALE Ladles' cloaks at wholesale prices: cash or peymenta.

O. J. CONRAD, (old) 70 7t Masaachuaetta ave. FOR SALE Gent's flie welt, sewed snoes in French enamel or box calf: latest shape, fl 4A. at KIBTNER'S US 8.

Illinois. FOR BALE Oood. South wlch hay presa, near. ly new; size lAxM; In good condition: price ILio. WHEELER Oreenneld FOR SALE INDIANA WALL PAPER and S4 Virginia ave.

Wall paper in all grades, at any price. FOR SALE Buggy and wagon wheels. 11 each. Buggy cushions. TSc.

Shafts tl. Buggy tops, 5. A Li SMITH, new IV H. Illinois. FOR SALE Two chair barber shop: doing good business: will sell on easy terms reasons for selling.

Address 1, care News. FOR SALE To loan to 1 10. 000 on hand; no delay; lowest possible rates on real estate. We buy first mortgags paper. ELCH A RD 51 Clrcie.

FOR SALE Department store; comprising principally groceries and shoes; everything In flrst claas condition and dolrig a large cash business; terms to salt purchaser. Owner will quit on account of poor health. (New) Ha 444 W. Washington st, FOR SALE Twenty flve barber chairs, Arch make: price new fog. cherry wood, plot a covers; splendid conditions now In Denlson nd Bates House shops: for sal at tU each.

A big barraln. Bold singly or all together. Call at ones. Both shops are being refitted with new and special design chairs by BARBER SUPPLY 4T Monument Place. FOR SALE KNEE PANTS AND BOTS WAISTS.


Arbuckla, Lion or Jersey coffee 1 bar any. kind soap. I Vgr i lb Piel's rump starph1 quart 1 In. Cream baking powder 1 lb. packace Pancake flour 1 lb.

package rolled oats 4 lb. Imperial tea lb, best ground pepper 1 can corn, peas or 1 lb. California prunes 1 boxes parlor matches "We Just a represented, and roods, fuarantetd. 80CWELL (New number) 444 E. Washington and 111 Massachusetts corner Alabama st FOR SALE no.


READ CARaTFULLT. I te for California ham, i 7c for breakfast baccn, lo for comb honey. lBc for country butter. Cc tor all kinds dried trait. Uc for 1 doxen egga.

1 Me for choice of 1 lb. Maraaalbo. Java. Ouad amala. Golden Santo or Oolden Rio coffee.

lOe for 1 can yellow California peaciies. lc for 1 lb. Ic for 1 washing odV; 6 HOES. SHOES. SHOES.

hav a limited quanUty ot ladies' and men' rubbers to doe at So for ladies noua slipper. "ISo for babies shoes. TSc for ladle' ahoee. fSc for men's worklrur shoe. offer cholo ot any ladles' or gent' (4 shoes In our store for $2.

i Cnolo of any $3 shoes tor o. Choice of any H.B0 ahoea for 1L25. Choice of 10 felt boot, now IL All order delivered free, 8 tore open even ings. Sand us your mail and telephone order 23WL FOR SALE to for 1 To. butter crackers.

10c for 1 qt Jr apple, peach or plum batter. 10c for 1 ghiss Jar curraat Jelly. toe for 1 gallon California pealed pi peaches. TVrQ for I doxen dlU pickle. sco for gai: Queen ollvea.

Be for three mackerel. 20c or 1 do, new Holland herring. for 2 lbs, creamery butter. 25c for 2f fresh corn meal. Be for 1 lb, bakir Trading stamps given with all purchases.

Bo for 1 doaea. sour pickles. 10c for 1 can salmon. 15c for 1 box smoked berrirg, TVe for 1 can mustard sardines. 10c for lb, can.

Bart lett pears. 12Hc for 1 2 lb, can green gar or erg Plums m.airup. THE PFAFFLTN OROCKRT CO 'Phone 471. Corner Illinois and Ohio sts. FXSR sale NO' DULL TIMES HERE.

Business is what we make tt We make ours fcrisk. We never let a day go by without offering an Inducement. TO DAI OFFER tl for IS lbs. beat granulated aurar. Iw for 1 lb, pa ok age Javanese coffee.

Reru. lar price Kc per lb. This week 10c Wheat I on the boom. Tea will itnT by laying in a llttl flour at our prices. rt per mm.

patent rtoiler Procesa Four, $4 per riour. THESE ARE BARGAINS, te per lb large else California prune te ner lb. large slxe stiver orunea. i 1 Sc per lb. Golden Gate apricots 1 tc lr lb, large CallfornU peaches loc pr can, ts oies peacnes, JLlr per desen lc per can Cailxornla table pear.

ILlol per doaen. per id. large aise silver prune. le per can green gag plums. $1 peri doaea.

I Wc par can err pluma. SI per dozen Vic per can good tl per dosen' 20c per gai. can, reaches gtve ner th. California nama. small slxe 4Vrc per package Premium rolled oats.

10c for ots, bean a to for 2 qtaJ boinlny. fAe per gai. golden sirup. 26o for 11 bars Kirk Cabinet soap. ae per lb.

can Royal or Dr. Price Baklnx Powder. TVjb for No, 1 fat shor'mskereL "guc per do. Holland herrtng. 4c per lb.

rood connsn. Be per lb, cream cod fish. 12He" per sweet dairy butter. Uc per lb. best Jersey butler.

14o per lb. best Elgin creamery butter. COURT HOUSE GROCERY. Tel. MIL SOt Waahington and i K.

Ala. st. THESg jLtUL BARGAINS. .10 1C IOo 8c 10c ..........50 Be I THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2,5. 1898.

FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE Viar.o. bedt v. enth FfR SAKE 1. MM jcrxKl I 1st i 'a OTH pIXS, 20i, relatre FtR PALE JJi t.el courhes.

STONE. 131 W. Vmshlr.pftf.n JAS. I SALE Wiin huuirie. i nn.1 ni 1 ne.

Jersey iw fheap 'S WaniTict 'ti. l.ri pair' mens shoes. worth 1 Ji. REEDER'S. :32 W.

Washington ft FOR ALE ioo bulneii cards for Srtc. untH March 1. only. Printer. N.

Iel aware. 1 FOR SALE Cigar and fruit Mand. cheap reat; best location in cttv. Address S2S N. Capltoi.

FOR 8ALE Cook stcvea. warranted perfect bakers. S0 BORN A CO C31 Massachusetts ave. FOR SALE Fine for hhtchlcg. Cocke MAXWELLS POULTRY I 'ARM.

13 Auburn a vs. FOR SALE Chlckerlng square planS; C'j octaves, in good condition: ut a bargain. 151S Stoughtnn at. FOR SALE Fine dental work at EAR HARTS DENTAL PARLORS. iCS E.

Washington st. FOR SALE Smoked spectacles and eye giasees from Z'x up. at UNTIO'S, 9: N. Peansylvanla st. FOR "ALE Rooming house, ten ru mn; centrally located: sell cheao; have ether business.

Address S. rare News. FOR SALE See CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY, room 7. Talbott Block. ICS N.

Pennsylvania, for leans on watches, diamonds, bicycles, etc. FOR SALE Square pianos; cheap: learn on: 130, 130, $40 and up; on 15 down and 11 per week at special sale. Now on. 121 and 130 N. Pennsylvania.

FOR SALE Household goods at private sale: must be sold. Party leaving the city. Parlor att. bedroom set. carpets, everything sold cheap; call Friday and Saturday, 1134 S.

Olive street. FOR SALE We have special facilities to do the best enameling and nickeling of ulcyclee In the city. MUELLER A WATSON, (new) 107 Massachusetts ave. jA gents for Cleveland olcycles. FOR SALE Trade or Lease: Hominy and corn goods mills: fully equipped on Belt rail road and W.

Washington Indianapolis, Ind. Extra inducements to suitable parties D. A. LEMON, 105 N. Illinois Indiana polls.

Ind. FOR SALE 1173. GEORGE J. HAMMEL 110 411 MASSACHUSETTS 4W 4U N. Alabama.

WE DO NOT SELL INTOXICATING i LIQUORS. Be for 1 can Polk's best tomatoes. Be for 1 can sugar corn. Ec for 1 can peas or baked' beans. 10c for 1 can table peaches.

10c for 1 can fine raspberries. Above goods are below wholesale cost. tSe fbr 1 bs. fresh dairy buttec Ac fbr 1 lb. fresh butter crackers.

10c for I lb. comb honey. I5c for I lbs. best pure lard. rtsc per lb.

sugar cured hams. Sc for 2 lbs. fresh rolled oats. to for 1 I lb. box American oata 15c for I packages Friends oat.

Ec for 1 lb, California dried apricotai Bo for 1 lb. California prunes. Be for 1 lb. California dried peaches. 10c for atl package coffee.

10c tor 1 Lb. fresh roasted Rio coffee. We are giving away free to cur customers fine Haviland china. 8oe display in our new windows. RED FRONT, 'PHONE 755.

FREE NOTICE. NOTICE CImona contains no opiates; 1 pur. ly vegetable. Children lev it. KOTICE tII" Toa eed a plumber call oa J.

ahnulu, lis lnoiana ave. tuone NOTICE Dyeing and cleaning. BMITITS DYE WORKS. No. 101 N.

Pennsylvania st. NOTICE See Toops for elevator gates and fire doors, 1403 N. Pennsylvania. Tel. LVti.

NOTICE quit business February 28. All clothing and bls leas than osL MISFIT bls les N. llllnol. ARLJ3B hT PARLOR. SB NOTICE CHARLES H.

MUELLER, expert watchmaker: absolutely no srueaa work here, zi Virginia ave. NOTICE Wanted: Ruslnes men to use th T. C. A. EMPLOYMENT DEPART MENT In securing male help.

Telephone 1414. NOTICE 8HEPHERDSON HOUSE $1 and ilzs per day. special weekly rate. MRS. E.

SHE PHERDSON. Proprietre. Directly soutn or union station. NOTICE Hot air furnaces, with combination raa burners, for buratnr raa and other ltiel at the same time. JOSEPH OARDNER.

19 Kentucky ave. ieuepnone zs. NOTICE Balance ot stock of book from 317 Massachusetts ave. is now on sals at Ward' cut rat book room. 121 8.

Illinois under Grand Hotel. Thousands of standard works at lea than costs of binding for. next ten days. NOTICE The annual reception to the mem ber and friend of the Fourth Presbyterian church, by the board of deacon wis be given on Saturday evening, February Zf, from I to 10 clock. at th church parlor.

No rpeclal Invitation have been isrued. and every member and friend of the congregation I cordially Invited to be present. These annual reception, have proved vary enjoyable tn th past, and no Sort win be spared to assure a pleasant time and good fellowship to every on. NOTICE ELECTION OF CHURCH TRUSTEES: Notice is hereby given that the Brat lection for trustee of the North Park Chris tian church, of the city of Indianapolis, will be held In Poole's Hall. Illinois and Thirtieth sts.

Indianapolis, Ind. Said Pool' Hail being the place off worship of said North Park Ctrl at Ian cnurcn. Tn member ot said church will imi In said Poole's HaJl. at t. on Thursday, March 10.

18 and then and ttur proceed to Hect, by ballot, three trustees for said North Park Christian church. February SB. UM. NOTICE TO HALLECK IB. FINCH, was left Benton county, Indiana: "fta years ago.

Ton at hereby atTurtod that thrr is aa action now pending' ta th Benton Circuit Court of Beaton county, Indiana; wherein Addle M. Allen and George Allen are plaintiffs, and Charles Finch at 4. ax defendant, asking th partition of th reat estat described In said complaint, Sled in Mid causa, belonging to said Halleck E. Finch, and that th same heard and passed upon by th court at to April term of th Benton Circuit, to he held In th court house ta Fowler. Benton county.

Indiana. and commencing on th second Monday of April, IBS. And (hat unless ssjd Finch appear to said action th said court Is asked to dclar him dead, and to administer upon bis said property In Benton county. Indiana, accordingly. Witness th hand of th clerk of th Benton Circuit Court, and th seal cf said eoart attached hereto this ttth day of January, 139S.

ALONZO D. SLEEPER, i Clerk Benton Circuit Court, 1 BY ANNA SLEKl'ER. Dep. SATJNDERSON A HALL. Attorney fr Petitioners.

FOR TRADE. FOR TRADE Piano or organ for carpenter Addresa 54. care News FOR TRADE Farms anywhere for city property. EL6TUN St WILSON. 19 Circle.

FOR TRADE Gent's bicycle for lady's bicycle: D. SHOTER. 534. E. Washington st.

FOR TRADE Andrews st. for and assume Incumbrance, A CO. rental MICK FOR TRADE Don't forget the number for trades In real estate. EL3TUN A W1LSOX, 29 Circle. FOR TRADE Beautiful Rambler bicycle, for good driving horse and buggy.

Addresa 14. care Newa. FOR TRADE Oood vacant lot. Clear, for equity In city property. ELS TUN tt WILSON.

29 Circle, i FOR TRADE South Side rental property anj cash for business property on E. Washington t. MICK A CO. FOR TRADE Farm forty acres. Madison county, for Indianapolis property.

Address care News.1 FOR TRADE Three story. businesa block. near center of; business. What have your MICK A E. Market.

FOR TRADE 1.000 sore of fine corn land. All cleared and In cnltlvatlon for manufacturing plant, ELSTUN A WILSON. 2 Circle. FOR TRADE A3). 000 cash anj two good, clear farm for good business properly: centrally located, ia city.

ELSTUN A WILSON. 29 Circle st. FOR TRADE On N. Meridian residence. near new Twenty second: will trade, for irood.

vacant lot on Improved property. MICK A HI E. Market, FOR TRADE Come and tell us what you have; will work hard to find what you want. Headquarters for Irvlngton property. EI.8TUN A WII SON.

29 Circle. FOR TRADE Baw mi 11 on switch: new boiler: all in good' condition: now running; wtll trade for equity la this city or' will put In rood, new dweltitu; for elevatr r. Well locate. V. J.

LOWRT. FOR TRADE An elegant. twelve room. strictly modern N. Meridian st.

residence, choicest part of: tbe street; right new and burhly Will take half or more In good property. MICK A CO US E. Market. FOR TRADE Fine suburban bom with IV acre of ground and cash for good farm of If acre near good countr seot. Prcp rrty of the National Publishing Oompony, for good equity.

Seven room house, clear, and large lot fer good, cheap stock farm eighty or mora acre. Cash for small property near Woodruff Piece, Buggy and. harness for stere optiron outfit. Can match almost any trade, ELSTUN A WILSON. 29 Circle st.

w. at In sell are can W. to well FOR SALE HEAL ESTATE. REAL ESTATE Indiana Trust Co. REAL ESTATE A aaf rTv it REAL ESTATE Inaurance.

WOOD. Baldwin. EDSO.V REAL ESTATE INDIANA TRUST CO real estate. buys REAL ESTATE WonirufT Vlrsro liTi W. H.

HI BBARIi.j) Hartford Itlrx 'i REAL ESTATE Private money to loan. per cent. C. SAYLF.S. E.

Market. REAL ESTATE Cottage. N. Mut hold by the lm of March. IVlaware.

"all HAL ESTATE N. rldlan st. lt lSx297 feyt. E. E.

Markft. REAL ESTAT Delaware, neat tae. W. E. STEVENSON.

12 E. Market REAL ESTATE If jou need a plumber cll cn J. ARNOLD. Ml Indiana ave. 'Phon 4.J.

REAL ESTATE aM loans. OEt'KOE iU'LF, second floor moke Ull.llllt. REAL ESTATE M.gSO Ncrth Indianapolis; five room cottage. W. E.

STEVENS E. Market st. REAL ESTATE Nice lot In Wext Indiana polls r.n car line. Cement walks. A bargain.

T.lfintiAn. 111C REAL ESTATE Choice We Indlanapr.lls lot: 110 down and 15 per month. MICK A lis E. Market KEAL ESTATE If you desire estate let us gire you a real our terms. tr A.i CO.

REAL ESTATE Money to loan cn real estate security. GEORGE WOLF, second floor. Lemcke Bnlldlng. REAL ESTATE Five lots and six room house In Irvlngton, at your own price. ELSTUN A WILSON.

19 Circle. REAL ESTATE Choice Haughvllle lots. Sheffield $160. Easy payments. MICK A 118 E.

Markft. REAL ESTATE Business property. Massachusetts rent $140; price "$1,500. MICK A llfi E. Market.

KEAL ESTATE 5 and 4 per cent, not.ey to loan; loans made same day. METER A KISER. 306 Inclana Trust. REAL ESTATE Lot. north side Spann near Spruce.

3x135; all Improvements paid. Easy terms. SPANN CO. REAL ESTATE Elesjnt, ten room house and two acres of. ground in Irvlngton; cheap for cash.

ELSTUN WILSON. REAL ESTATE Property of all kinds. HENRY F. FAY. removed to IVi southeast cor rer Washington and Meridian.

REAL. ESTATE Eight room house, 'stable; irood lot In Ruckle for $300. J. G. Mc CULLOUGH.

162 E. Market st. REAL ESTATE We have some imperial bargains In vacant lots, north and northeast. SPANN A 14S E. Market.

REAL ESTATE Business Investment. DehC ware at. property, south of New York st. W. E.

STEVENSON, E. Market st. REAL ESTATE $500 Lot. Keystone south of Ohio: est front. 32x120; all improve ments paid, Easy terms.

SPANN A CO. REAL ESTATE No. 29 Tacoraa must sell In next few dan. What will vou a iva lor itT tum ft WiiJON. Circle.

REAL ESTATE W. Merrill rent 1420 annually; price see us. A big bargain. M. 8CHNEIDHR A SON, 21 Virginia ave.

REAL ESTATE If you want a barcain In home. $750 to SS.OOO; any direction; cash or monthly payments, rail. HANN 323 Lemcke. REAL ESTATE New Jersey Mom lot, with asphalt roadw. cement walks, gai.

ewer and water all pa for, at $2,750. SPANN at tu REAL ESTATE Alabama st. resident, nice location; might take smaller residence in 'ri eacnange, v. Hi. MtVL3U.i li.

aiar kat i KEAL ESTATE California St. cottag wanted; we have cash customer for Cali fornia st, cottage. W. E. BTEVENSON, E.

Market st. REAL ESTATE Down town ctmer; Just th place for modern flat bulldingr will rent rrom top to bottom. W. E. BTEVENSON, E.

Market St. REAL ESTATE Thousands of acre unimproved timber lands and farms at low prices; title guaranteed; writ me, BOHLCKE. aiaiaen, mo. REAL ESTATE $1,000,000 to loan, at 6 and per cent; money now ready; see us before yoli renew your loan METER A KISER, SOS inaiana itust, REAL ESTATE Owner of rental property iw it witn me. i nave no vacant, and can se cure tenants I or you.

J. U. vusa AtiENCx, v. anarxet st. REAL ESTATE A splendid Investment In Noble sc: rent 1S52 per annum: price $8.00.

A great bargain. A. METZGER Odd Fellows Block. REAL ESTATE Two atory dwelling, Dela ware, south new Nineteenth; nine rroms In good oondlUon; large lot; cheap at 14.500. Eaay terms.

SPANN CO. REAL ESTATE Lot. east front; Morton Piao; Central south Twenty first 40x179; all Improvements paid. 12.080. SPANN A CO 148 B.

Market. REAL ESTATE Wanted: To buy equities for cash; business or residence properties; North Side preferred. Owners only nsed Ad drrsa S2. car New. REAL ESTATE We have an elegant, new, up to date residence, north part alty, to sell.

Worth the money. Call and see las. W. E. BTEVENSON.

E. Market st. 1 REAL ESTATE Talbott eight room resldencer bath. Will exchange for tm dwelling or sell at decided bargain. W.

E. 8TEVENSON, E. Market St. REAL ESTATE To loan 200 to $10,000 on hand; delay; lowest poanibl rates on real estate. We buy.

first mortgage paper. WELCH A WARD, (2 Circle. REAL ESTATE One of the finest reaidenoe properties In th city; might take other wejl located city property in part exchange. W. E.

STEVENSONi E. Market St. REAL ESTATE New. modern, two story house; Morton Place; nine rooms: oak fin ish; furnace and bath; a special bargain at $500. SPANN A COi.

148 IE. Market. REAL ESTATE A first class fruit farm: very aesiranie; must aoaa soon at sacrifice. Will take some trade; four miles of city. CHAS.

T. BOTER, 11 Baldwin Block. REAL ESTATE Modern reridenc. Morton Place. Alabama, south Twenty first st.

eight rooms: turnace and bath; bargain at $6,200. SPANN. A 14 B. Market, REAL ESTATE New, two story houee. Hoyl near Linden; five larg rootna: pan try; both gases, stable: city water; sewnr connection; cheap at $1,930.

SPANN A CO. REAL ESTATE Elegant, twelve room resi denc In W. Michigan lot E2Ux120: street Improvement paid; cost 1H.C0O; will sell nt onee, to raise money, for 13.SO0. A. METZGER AGENCY.

REAL ESTATE Big bargain: Lot 25 feet front: new third between Col lege and Broadway; street Improved, cement walks, sewer all paid. Price $700. Owner. 2105 Broadway. REAL ESTATEBrirfcrrflat, ntone front, Chl" cago.

tiiorougniy moeern; renting jx month: will exchange for Indianapolis real itate and take some Incumbrance, w. e. BTEVENSON, I REAL ESTATE The choicest vacant lots on N. Alabama 44x150: south of Home w)th! asphalt roadway; gas. sewer and water, $2,850: a few rood Iota left, with fine trees.

SPANN A CO. i REAL ESTATE Lot. east front, Delaware, south new TCineteenth, 40xIj6: gas. sewer. and water connections: asphalt street: all Improvements paid, $2,300.

Easy term. SPANN CO. REAL ESTATE Modern residence. Morton Place, ten rooms, furnace and bath, east front: corner lot. 45x179; room for double ten ment tn rear; both streets Improved, a bargain at $6,000.

BPAXN A CO. REAL ESTATE Business house In E. Wash ington near Liberty, pays 10 per cent, on the investment; price $4,000 on easy terms; most be sold at once. A. METZGER AGENCY.

Odd Fellows Block. REAL ESTATE House, new. Central east front: eight rooms, nail. bath, furnace. pantry, electricity, furnace.

large garret, full basement: veranda, back porch; novel stairway. Address 8 1. care News. REAL ESTATE Cheapest nnj best bargain on Meridian near lwenty second: nine room resiaeoce, ioi iu. irei; oam.

inis nrnnertv can be boucht. If sold Immediately. away under value. Must have money. W.

E. BTEVENSON. Jaaraet st. REAL ESTATE On of the finest and best built residences in Jiorton jiace, east front. Alabama nest location; ten rooms.

new. thoroughly modern; hardwood floors. A great bargain. Must be sold. A METZGER AGENCY, Odd Fellows Building REAL ESTATE Brick residence twelve rooms: Drettiest part of Madison west front: two verandas, both gases; well end cistern: nice, front yari: parties must This property is a good paying lnves ment.

GIBBS A 15 N. Alabama REAL ESTATEN. Pennsvlvsnla at. residence, corner; south old Twelfth eight rooms, bath, furnace, hardwood finish, thoroughly tf sold quick will give decided bargain. Can less' bouse for $40 month.

Room for another residence on sld street. Don't miss this opportunity. STEVENSON, E. Market st REAL INSTATE front. Morris iou, on Central reduced to these lots 44x155: street paved: gas.

sewer and water all nald for. at this price: In the choicest part the city, within walking die 1 lance of the business center; easy terms; the best and cheapest varknt lots now on tbe market. SPANN A CO. REAL ESTATE A Modem north; fine lorattinn; oonter hall: parlor, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, down stairs: hardwood floors and beauttful cabinet mantels, pantries, four bedrooms, attic, ath, furnace, chandeliers and electric bells: at price not beat In the city. Owner ioi.t selL E.

STEVFNSrtN. E. Market st. REAL ESTATE Pv owner, a modem, eight ronm cottace. with hard wc xl finish: drs all openings: both rases: furnace, grates, cabinet mantels, driven well, cistern.

cellar. Large closets on a very desirable Improved street north; south of new Twentieth st. Purchasers cac save agtnt's commission. Address 2. care News.

5 FOR SALE REAL ESTATE. REAL ESTATE Lot. S. East at. Inquire HI MiascurL REAL ESTATE We have customer for weil located business block.

W. E. STEVENSON, E. Market st REAL ESTATE Rustnena property wanted: worth ICO.Oon to 1U5.C0. See W.


AUCTION CARTER A VETTER, General Auctioneers. 50t E. Washington. At cnON T. J.

SEMAN3. Real Estate and Oeneral Auctioneer. 107 W. Ohio. AUCTION G.

W. McCURDT. real estate and fc eneral auctioneer, tia W. Washington. Al'CTION Land and stock sale by Artbelle and J.

A. Farrow, lVfc miles east of Green castle. 2S3 acres of the best Putnam county land; all In cultivation; splendid improvements. This and a large amount of personal property will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Tuesday, March IS, at residence on said farm.

Half cash and half In six months. AUCTION Sale of merchant tailors' clothes. at No. IOC N. Pennsylvania commencing Saturday, 2Sth day of February, at 10 a.

tn. The entire stock of Egan A merchant tailor goods, consisting In part of worsteds, cheviots, casslmeres in ladles' snd gentlemen's suttlne. coat and trousers terns. This Is a flrst claas stock Imported and domestic tailoring goods; and Well worth your time to attend Goods wtll be sold at private sale and auction. M.

SOLOMON, Auctioneer A UCTION SALE OF FURNITURE. CAR PETS. STOVES. ETC. I will sell on to mor row (Saturday) morning at o'clock, at ray room.

No. Z45 vv Washington elegant oak bedroom suites, with fine cheval dresser, with French plate mirror icoat $35). extra choice oak folding bed, with mirror front (coat tS5) splendid marble top bedroom suite, a variety of rockers, large wardrobes, cupboards, ana safes, extension tables, dlning chalrs, double lounges, sociables, card table, extra fin "Garland" cook stove. No. (cost 40), No, 1 cook stove, with reservoir and warminr oven: com blnation dresser and washstand; all wool car.

pets, oak bedsteads, mattresses, bedspring. comforts, lace curtains, heating stoves, socla hies, bowls and pitchers, slop stands and a great many other articles. U. W. McCUR DY.

Auctioneer, AUCTION Sale. Handwrnie furniture at auo (ion. we win sen at auction at (near) fc. Market Monday, Febrjary 28. at 9 o'clock a.

the complete furnishings of a ten room house, consisting of six bed room suite; being bird's eye maple, oak and cherry; magnificent sideboard, dlnlng tahle chairs, elegant folding bed. oak writing desk, and bookcase combined, oak center tables, rocker In great variety: pictures, easels, carpets, nearly all new, chairs, pier mirror, stoves, refrigera tor, curtains. draperies, bedding, range. kitchen utensils, and many other articles too numerous to mention. Above goods are nn, and were moved to present location from large Pennsylvania st.

residence one month ago chance of your life to get good good at your own price. Sale, or ah ne. Owner leaving. STROUSE A LEWIS, Auctioneers. 21 Ingails iUOCK.

BUSINESS CUASCE. BUSINESS CHANCE Good raying office bust ness for sale, $100. STOUT a HOUTUN, W. BUSINESS' CHANCE Factory property rent ing for $100 per year tor sale. $2,000.

Easy terms. Telephone 1118. BUSINESS CHANCE Wanted: Partner. either sex. with little money; larg stock on hand.

Address 2. care News. BUSINESS CHANCE $4,500 equity In profit able manufacturing business for $2,500. This Is a snap for some on with casn. Address it 2.

car New. BUSINESS CHANCE Parties with 125 to $300 looking for good investments that will pay large return. Open tor snort tiro only. Ad dress z. car ews.

BUSINESS CHANCE Wanud: Hustler with 1,200 capital to take half Interest and man are business: profit last year, a good thing for right party. Addrea car New. BUSINESS CHANCE Hav a flrst claas down town grocery and meat market for sale: reasonable rent and doing 'a good busl nex; old. established stand. Address 47.

car News, BUSINESS CHANCE For Meat market ini Greenfield. a population of 4.500 people, with but four market; doing a cash business of' 2200 per week, Pric $854). Slaught er house, etc. Addresa 14. care New.

BUSINESS CHANCE If you desire to engage In any business or enterprise, perhaps wa have something that will suit. If you wish to el: your business at a fair price, we caa nnd a Durchaser. Interest of purchaser, aa well a seller, consulted. P. L.

CHAMBERS. 1120 Stevenson, BUSINESS CHANCE For Sale: An' estab lished business, In fine paying a handsome return upon Investment; excelled opportunity for party having moderate capital to Invest. Reason for selling, owner live in anotner city ana can not giv it ni per sonal attention. Address or can on ANDREWS. 42 W.

Washington st. FOR SALE HORSES AND VEHICLES FOR SALE Florida Seal, FOR SALE Fir good work hoi O. D. BHOVEB, 534 E. Washington St.

FOK SALE Robes, blankets, harness; cheap. Wit VANDERPOOL, tl Meridian st. FOR SALE For line hand mad, ham, CHARLES E. SAULCY, 124 E. Waahington street.

I FOR, BALE! Nearly new dairy wagt.n cheao: or will trade for a good horse.) Addresa 2, care Newa FOR SALE Get your price' for your wagon and carriage repair and repainting and rubber tire at JOHN GUEDELHOEFKR'8, 210 Kentucky ave. FOR SALE Buggies, surreys, phaetons, road waron and delivery wagon: largest stock In the city. WHALEBONE QUGGY 198 8. Meridian st. FOR SALE Fin phheton or buggy horse; gelding: seven year old: 15 hand; free driver; sound; kind; good saddler; price right.

15 N. Alabama. FOR SALE Landaus, broughams, rockaways, four and six passenger; our own make; strictly prime, ROBBIN3 A 22 E. Georgia. Hears always in stock.

FOR SALE Insure your stock with th Mutual Live Stock Insurance Association cf Indiana at less than half what yon hav been paying. Call room 20. When Building. FOR SALE We hav so ins surreys on hand; two dry. open and tap delivery wagons; also on new, two seated carriage; repairing and repainting cheap at Wi and 801 E.

Market. PCHWENKLE A PRANOE. FOR SALE Two low down milk wagon: four top delivery wagon: two open wagon; one furniture wagon: two double deck peddler wagons: all second band, at JOHN GUHDEL HOEFER'S. 210 Kentucky ave. TO LET OFFICES AND STORES.

TO LET Desk room. IS Talbott Block. TO LET See list. Indiana Trust Co. TO LET Desk room.

4 Talbott Building. TO LET Nice light office desk room; chwtp. 323 Lemcke. TO LET Offices and rooms. 114 E.

Washing ton st. AD. HERETH. TO LET Corner store room, down town; suit able for any business. Auaress at car News.

TO LET Store room. 17 Virginia near Washington low rant. jr. aaiixa. T7H E.

Market. TO LET Physician's offices, tnree rooms, heat, hot water, ground floor, best location. 20 E. Ohio it. F.

8AYLES. TO LET Desirable office. low rent; modern conveniences; In the neart ot business ilt RY D. PIERCE. 20 N.

Meridian. TO LET Store room on Washington between Meridian and Illinois sts. A. METZ OER AGENCY; Odd Fellows Hall. TO LET Store room: suitable for general stock of merchandise or clothing: town of 1.200 inhabitants.

J. L. PEER. Dana. Ind.

TO LET Factory buildings recently used by Ben Hur bicycle, on Garden between Meridian and Illinois. Will let half or all. H. C. IONO.

TO LET Fine double or single stores and basements. N. Illinois between T. M. A.

and Sentinel Rulldlngs; rear entrance for goods. J. M. WINTERS. TO LET Large, long painter's room; In the heuro of business; light In front, rear and overhead; wster closet; running water; natural gas, HENRY D.

PIERCE. 20 N. Me rtdlan. TO LET Three story building. W.

Washlng ton suitable for mercantile business of any kind. Will lease three to five year. Good location. Terms reasonable. Address 52.

care News. TO LET Fine, large, three story brick build' lng: suitable for mercantile or manufactures: slae 35x10 'e can give lorur tease; lo ratlon near market house. For particulars see H. McMORROW. Thorpe Block.

BUILDING ASD LOAV ASSOCIATION. Ul'ILCttNO AND LOAN If you have Idle money and want better than 9 per cent, for It, call on HOVET. 24 When Block. BUILDING AND LOAN The Aetna Association has money to loan on long or short time. HOWARD KIM secretary.

E. Market. BUILDING AND LOAN Money to loan: a large sum of home funds left in our cere to be leaned in turns of tifcO to and upward at lowest rates of Interest; can furnish money same day you apply. Pay hack whs a ru please. We offer far better terms than bcitdlnj associations.

A. METZGER AGENCY Odd Fellows Block. LITlDING AND LOAN The reroipta of tit GERMAN AMERICAN BUILDING ASSOCIATION for the past alx months vrere 1147. J7. earnings.

assets. $715,000. Prompt loana at reduced no premiums: no menu rershlp fees; per cert, paid oa prepaid, and per cmt. on paid up stock. G.

W. BROWNi Secretary ALBERT SAHM. Treasurer. Corner Delaware and Ohio. FI5A5CIAL.

FINANCIAL First mortgage paper bought soio. Braa.n cva, FINANCIAL Money to loan lit any amount. J. G. McCULLOUCH.

162 Market. FINANCIAL Real estate loan. MK REDITU NlgHOLSON. tot Stevenson Bnlldlng. FIN ANCIAL Mortgage loans, lowest rata.

HORACE McKAT. N. Pennsvlvaata, FINANCIAL Loan oa farms and city prop a. tvrms reasons pie, haan. xa iemcxe.

FINANCIAL Loan. bslldlng association Bl'ocst purche" NEWTON TODD, Ingalla FINANCIAL To Loan: A larg Sim; lowest rat and expense, NEWTON TODD, la FINANCIAL Small sums tn loan: IM and upward; low rates. METER A KISER. tut iiwiM rust. FINANCIAL Barge amount of money to loan tP11' low rat, DYER A BASS MANN.

21 Circle t. FINANCIAL Money loaned. Lowest, terms oa giitage larms and Indianapo lsf property. JOHN a IIANN. Ml Imck.

FINANCIAL Loans on farma; $100 and up ward; home fund: lowest rates; no delay. A. METZGF.R. Odd Fellows Block. FINANCIAL Mortgage loans.

per promptly made; larg amounts Lar cent. CHAS. T. BOYKR. II Baldwin Block.

FINANCIAL Loans: sums of ISO and over. City property and farma. E. COFFIN A E. Market st.

FINANCIAL Money to loan oa personal property and household goods. J. ERTEL. room 1 41 Lombard Building. 94ft E.

Waahlag ton st. FINANCIAL Il.000.00e to loaa at and par oenai money now ready; see us cero you renew, your loaa. METER A KISER. la dlanal Trust. FINANCIAL To loan $M0 to $10,00 on hand; not delay; lowest poaatbl rat on real 1 tate We buy first mortgage psper.

WELCH A circle FINANCIAL Mone nmmsll furnished aa Improved Indianapolis real estate; no loans J7" 91.000. Apply direct to 8. WARBURTON. 1002 Majestle Building. FtNANCIAL Mony la sums to ult, without Atl aea a a.

aa, AW. dayjiou apply? CAM hand gT our raies Taa I ay a. portion each year If roadesire a M.yrkCroo1a CHAsf W.RSUCH. 1 1 aavnrj loaned saianea. peapie holding permanent position, with responst ble onccrn.

upon their own name. Easy payments. COMMERCIAL CREDIT ASSO room 7, If N. Pennsylvania st. FIKANCIAL Money to loan; a larg sum of home funda i.r le.

k.n. t. 1 In suras of $100 to It 00 and upward at lowest raise 01 intersi: caa rurnlsa money sam day l7lJHXv''' ray oaea when you pleas. MrrmJER AGENCT. Odd Fellow Block.

FINANCIAL We loan money oa furniturl pianos, horses, vehicles and warehouse re celjiu at lowest rates; without removal; pay m11 arranged oa the monthly InstaUment piaa. CaU and get our rate. CAPITAL CTTT LOAN i 2Vj W. Washington, room S. FINANCIAL I am prepared xo loaa money bhkiioki gooo.

pianos, organa. bicycida, horsea, buggies, diamonds and watches. I also advance money to ealaried people on their Individual notes, CaU and see me before going elsewhere, and get rates. J. M.

MILLER, suo cessorto Boyd A Miller. Baldwin Block. FINANCIAL AETNA MORTGAGE LOAN COMPANY, 'LOANS ON BAST PAYMENTS. Strictly private, a new. easy, payment plan.

'I a iAE.irr x. rKUj Ul 1 FOR EVERT DOLLAR PAlfl. We Joan on household good, piano, horses. ouagHss eic. iei our rate ana save money.

201 LEMCKE BUILDING. FINANCIAL MONEY! LOANED! ARE TOTJ IN NEED OF MONEY? loaa yon any amount you may need, at any tlm. on th sam day that you apply. Oa nuvBtuuui, ruttNiTUKC rlANOa. OROAN81 HORSES AND WAGONS.

BICYCLES, SEWING MACHINES OR ANT VALUABLE SECURITY. Too caa pay back any amount yon wish at any xima, ana reouc in cost ot loan, Small, short tlm loan a specialty. Strictly confidential and rate reasonabf. EAST MARKET BT. MORTGAGE LOAN 1 4.

Phoenix Block. Northwest corner of Market and Delaware sts. FINANCIAL" MONIT! HOW TO GET TT. mak loana of aay 1, larg or small, oa household goods, planoa, organ, horses, vehicles and ware house recelpta. at lowest rates, for any length of time desired, without removal or publicity.

Also on watch aad diamond, valuables, and to salaried peopl on thlr personal notes without ladormnt or collateral. Payment caa be mad weekly, monthly, or to suit your convenience. No charges taken out la advance. If yoa need a loan, pleas' call oa ua. Th transaction Is purely basin.

ana aeciaeaiy mor agreeacie prtvat borrowing. DD IANA MORTGAGE LOAN CO Established 17. Room A Lombard' Bui Id Inf. if st jb. waauartoa st, i TO LET TO LET List.

1 Clrcl: TO LET Metxger' Arney, TO LET SPANN A St Ev Market. TO LET See list. E. COFFIN A CU TO LET Be Mat TRUST CO. TO LET Cottage; $4.

Rear of 100C E. Ohio at. TO LET Part of house, 124 E. Sixteenth at, TO LET Insurano, EDSON T. WOOD, tS TO LET House, nin xooms; modern.

1722 N. i ennayivania. TO LET Three room Jiouae; plenty gas. In uuire osaav 1 TO LET 4124 N. Illlnola, tight rooms.

Call oni soor no nn. TO LET Fin dwelling, north about. new. ana moaern. uimk'.

TO LET lx room house, ta food repair: pantry; 114. sun rt. rrno st. TO LET Bee list at 9 E. Market, ground noor.

tUHKOoitr AffKL, 1 TO LET Collar and cuffs. 14: standard PROGRESS Tvlapbon nn. i i TO LET House, six rooms, bath furnace 1 gratea; gases; tit, 120 Dixon st. Call at 122 1 TO LET Deslrabl cotuge, our room: sta ble: no. lis Udell 17.

ELDER. 1 InraJis Block, TO LET Th first floor of 824 (new) N. Illi nois st. six rooms: all la rood order: bath: Pot a gaaea. TO LET Flvs room house, 27 8.

McLean West Indianapolis, la good repair; $8. E. WAGNER. St W. Washington.

TO LET After March an tight room, nod era aquse in central ava Excellent location. inquire) at 430 seventeenth st. IO LET Down town snodera: all eoavenle ncesi newly papered: (new) 130 W. Walnut, Apply 4b B. Meridian st.

OWNER. TO LET Modern houses; Itul and 106 N. Meridian In nrst clasa coodltlon. J. a.

CRUEEj Agent. 154 E. Market st. TO LET SvM room house; bath: 1 modern; beat location. New Nov 124 W.

Eleven ta st. C. F. 8AYLE8, A sent, 135 E. Markef.

TO LET 9 N. Delaware, eleven rooms; modem; good location for a nrst clasa phy sician. C. E. COFFIN, 15 E.

Market I TO LET 440 S. Alabama, near South: alx roomat newly papered and painted; nataral gaa, wen. cistern: orAfl 1 cv. TO LET See CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY.

room 7. Talbott Block. N. Pennsylvania. for loana on watches, diamonds, bicycle, etc.

I TO LET An elegant suite of apartments: on block jfrom Bate House: unfurnished; lew rent. J.IO. VOSS AGENCY. W. Market st.

TO LET New house, Pratt; first house east of Pennaylvanla; height bath. fer I I nace 'datarn, laundry. Inquire K9 r. Penn I rIua avery conysnienc. (New) si vi sylvanla.

1 wa sV TO LET Owner of rental property, to list ft I TO LET Th first floor of fc (nw ini with me. I have no vacant, and' can secure I nni. six rooms; all la good orders bath; tenant for you. J. VOSS AGENCT, 9 W.

I Market st. TO LET Wanted: Iauned lately. modern dwelling," eight or ten rooota, north, well I worth $35 or $30. Flrst claas teaaaUF. T.

'Mo I WHIRTER. 122 E. Market FOR SALE OR TRADE. FOR SALE OR TRADE First class grocery and meat market. No trash.

Ad Irs 24 27. ear News. FOR 8ALE OR TRADE Horse power hay to aoodord ArSr I 7 order. Apply el I pre ruu circle; an st 70T lliaron St. FOR SALE OR TRADE Washington at cor ner 10a 1 uaeoo rsrs.

auuw oaer. uiquir IK E. Tentn st. FOR BALE OR TRADE Stove furni ture tor wagons; ouggy lux iaay ptcycia, 1 a w. FOR SALE OB TRADE A giouety doing a good boat no: tostetner wita store room ana Wring room.

No agent. Addrea 15., car gews. iR BALE OR TRADE A rood river bottom. rain and stock, farm: good fecres; good lnt, 1 pro vemenls; clear. Address OVVNERj Veeders I burg, ino, w.

uwjup FOR8ALE OR TRADEbry rood, notions aad furnishing goods stock, with fixtures: all nice, clean, salable goods. Will take rood city real estste in w. Bii.rusu, E. Market at, FOR SALE OR TRADE Lara department tor, consisting principally of groceries and shoes; wtll take ona fcalf real estate, and bai aac la caah: store Is ta flrst claas running order. N.

230 W. Washington at. '4 1 Gs FTNANCIAIj Money to loan: BO commlsalosi ebarged. Ingalla Block. FINANCIAL Paw a and chattel loan.

W1L or. ever coort Hous grocery. FINANCIAL Loana oa jewelry. ckxAioc and ether vsanaolea. t7 W.

Washington. FINANCIAL 130 and upward oa Indianapolis property. SPANN A B. Market, FLVANCIAL Money oa farm 'and city property: term reasonable. THOS.

DAT A 2Z5 13 Lemcke. FINANCIAL Money tnaa. oHSXRY FAT, removed to 1 so th east comer Waab tngtoa and Meridian. FINANCIAL A larg amount of prfvat tunda. FLORKA 8 E1D EN STICKER, rooens ana a.

rn SL Deia FINANCIAL Money kol loan la aay amount: on reaJ estate; no "delay; mortcag note pongnt. r. u. CHAMPERS. VC stevensow.

FINANCIAL Money loaned la sum to suit at loweet rate: privet money; get irur rate. McLNTOSH A SON. Market FINANCTAL Ftv arid t.nee cMt. wionav Improved real estate In this city, with prtv eg ox prepaymaabi A.nn m. vu, s.

Market. FINANCIAL Money to loan ea laaianapolis real estate, (anna, business property I rounty, towns and coOaterala. UNION TRUST COMPANY. FINANCIAL I and par osttt. noay to loaa; Plenty of aad ean fix your an same day application la mad, MEYER A K3SEH, ftd Indiana Trust.

FINANCIAL Money loaned to aalarted pre. without indorsement or collateral: bsl nes trietly. confidential. MERCANTILE DISCOUNT room A i Lombard Building. 24 "4 E.

Washington st. i FINANCIAL A LONG FELT WANT TrTTJED." Thar I now av plao la Indianapolis where you caa obtain a temporary loaa at a very moderate coat. Loans oa household good. Piano, office fixtures, store receipt. eti.

Money advanced to people (both la die and gentlamen) oa their Individual notes; no publicity; get ethers' rates, see la. 1HB rcurLfrs loan CO 9B4 Bin Bulldlns. FINANCIAL A NEW PLaATV. oa turnltarW planoa. va hIct' without removal, on, the boUdlns; In fifty small, equal weekly laatallmenta, thus allowing you niiy wetas in wmcn to pay ai your toaa.

S1.29 I th weekly payment of a to loan: other amounts la Ilk proportion, Interest per cent, a year. PERSONAL PROPERTY SAVINGS AND Ro a iJt2 Bulfdinl UWi. Waah at. Room ismoara Building. 4H wasw.

st. FIN ANCXAL MONK TO LOAN. $5. $10. $20.

850. ana up. 1 FURNTTT'RE. PIANOS. ORGANS.

HORSES AND WAGONS. lowest rates, and th day yoa ask for ft. Wrwill a gladly make you small load aa a larg cn. We giv. yoa your own tlm la which to pay th money Tour loaa may be paid la full or In part AT ANY TT3CE and any part paid reduces the cost of carrying th toaa.

Th property left ta rove poesessioa. and yoa hay th as of both property aad money. You can get full amount yoa ask for. NO CHARGE TAKEN OUT IN ADVANCE." Business strictly privat. Call aad a for borrowinr.

SECURITY MORTGAGE LOAN Room ttl second floor) Indiana Trust Build" Ing (old Vanca Block), earner Waab Hwtes and Virginia ava i 1.ja.NCl A LOAN I TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS if sao lunii ot rt HA Rt. 130. $60. $109. ijoa.

or any amount oa FURNTTt 'R K. PIANO8. ORGANS, HORSES AND WAGONR, at rates which honest people raa afford 1 to pay. th property to remalala your nd 1st orbed poseeeaion. EVERYBODY WHO WANTS MONET tAUj AU Rati US.

A we are just as nappy to mak yoa a HO loaa. a on for flad, We will rlv yoa plenty of tlm to pay th money back. Id fact, yoa caa mak th payments to suit yourself. Every payment mad reduce th coat of carrying th loan. giv yoa th full amount money you ask for: no charge take out ta advanc.

The trans ctionl Is sur to be private. Don't fail ta a lua aad get our rate. 1 INDLANAPOLTS MORTOAGR i i LOAN COMPANY. Room 10. 97 g.

Market FINANCIAU I'. LOANS Loana mad oa easy pay MONET wests oa furniture, planoa, LOANS organs, wars noose receipts MONET horsea, wagons, etc Prop LOANS erty to remain la your owa MONET posesssion. Lowest posslbl LOAN3 rate. No charge takta MONEY out la advance. Tou LOANS reive the full amount MONET ask for.

hav th pa LOANS of the property snd also 'SONET" th mony. Payment mad LOANS' monthly, or to suit MONET your convenience. laoan LOANS mad th same day yoa MONET for It. Private OJBW. LOANS Business confldentiaL MO.VET also advanc money LOANS watches, dlamonda, Jewcrly MONET bicycles, etc.

LOANS CENTRAL LOAN CO. MONET Room 7 and Talbott Block, LOANS 108 N. PennsttvanlA at VONET TO LET ROOMS. TO LET Florida Seat TO LET list INDIANA TRUST CO. TO LET Four anfurnlahd rooms, tl E.

St. Clair LET Unfurnlahed rooaia $17 Capitol are. North. TO LET Furnlabed rooms. Tio cp.

N.Wet street TO LET Furnished front alcov ruont LT7 E. St. Jo. TO LET Furnished roam; bath, til Capitol av N. TO LET Furnished rooms IS W.

Market Room 11 TO LET Rooms $1 np; both, gases 235 N. Delaware TO LET Five rooms and bath. 324 BU teenth rt. TO LET On larg room, with board. 424 N.

HUnol t. i TO LET Six elegant room laoulr 211 Jf ferson ave. TO' LET Deslrabl furnished rooms; cheap. 21vN. TO LET Furnished.

front rooms IL50 Old) ITS N. East TO LET Sle plng rucm. 114 E. Waahlngtoa St. AD.

HERETH. TO LET Two fornlshed room; house keeping." New W9 N. Noble. '10 LET Housekeeping and lodging room. X20 Capitol N.

TO LET Sleeping rooms, too st. AD. HERETH. U4 E. WasUlng TO LET Three unfurnished room; keeping.

21t E. Wlnat house TO LET For light housekeeping; yerythui furnished. 1U N. Capltr4 TO LET CImona is a throat tonic, a poi tlv relief for hoarseness. TO LET On nicely furnished room.

liefer noe required. 409 N. Illlnola TO LET Nicely furnished room; modern; pti vate: $.. N. New Jersey.

TO LET Elegant front room: down stairs; reference. N. New Jersey. jo LET Two upper floor. 42 llllnol.

ftj $3 WELCH A WABD. 52 Circle TO LETPumished rooms, wlta bath. Bid 0. Meridian. Railroad men preferred.

TO LET Rooms In Athon. Flats. 134 New Tors, Modem. Llrht house keeplrr TO LET 17 B. Illinois st.

with or without UP stalr WELCH A WARD. 51 Clrcl to LET Two unfurnished rmt with at THE MILTON. No. 36 K. Pratt at.

TO LET Two nicely furnished room, with bath, 917 N. Alabama st (new TO LET Collar and cuffs. lre; standard rmAinr.ns j'lUX, to LET Furnished rooms: everything Am both gases. rr 1 Furnished front room: board If de sired: reference given and required. lt N.

Pennsylvania suits of aoartm rUs: oa black from Hi un.arowrw low rent? J. tVt QSS AGENCY. W. Market st. TO LET Nice, large convenient suit fur nlsbed room, oa ground floor, for light northeast corner Alabama and Ohio.

Trn I CENTRAL" LOAN COM. PAN Y. room Talbott Block, joa N. Pena sylvaBia. for loans, oa watchea, diamons.

hi cyele. etc TOlLET "Beautiful front lcov room; new tan fumuhed or unTarnlshed si rooms: board If desired bath: bota gaaea; modern. New V. pnnsvvsnli TO: ET MI jCXLLAIJEOrS TO LET Twenty two acre, with houae, near city. I W.

Ohio. TOI ET Tro acre of ground northwest with dwell irr Ave rooms an i lrj: barn, A. JCETZGER AGENCY, Odd el lowa Halt. TO LET Manufacturing locato. cent ai.

on long lase: 'IB street front Xeet fronting on railroad. J. CEL'oE, 14 Market 1 TO LET Desirable rocm la the heart of buslnees; water ckaet and running wlr lust put in: newly papered: abounJant lixht in front and rear. nd by ky lirht overhead. HENRY PIFFiCE.

JO N. M'tMiss. rwim 11. FGl D. FOUND fcrrUin p'mter 's: liver and wcita spotted Eili'LRiJ K.Ei'Ni.L3.

jtui A western ave..

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