Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1957 · Page 32
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 32

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1957
Page 32
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Banana Boat Proves Escape Hatch for Happy Wanderer Dear Ann: I went wilh the fellow who lived across the street all through high school. Although our romance was rocky I always figured everything would turn out all right. My parents never cared for him or his famtty. They tried to break us up but failed. I felt this boy needed, a strong person to lean against and I was it. My father said he'd never amount to anything because 'he had trouble holding jobs, but I knew he was having a difficult time finding himself. Four months ago he decided to work his way to Central America on a banana boat. He promised to write once a week and said when TODAY - "SUM CARTER" and "Escapade In Jopan" OPEN 1 P. M.—50e 'TIL 6 WED.&THURS. ONLY 2 FEATURES THEIR UPS BURNED TOGETHER ALLISON • BRAZZI IN "PORBtDDEN INTERLUDE" And JUST HOW GREAT WAS HE? ©RE/VT IVLXVIM £AN JAGGER • KEENAN WYNN • JULIE LONDOU JOANNE GILBERT M ED WYNN .» mss mat SUN—"Tim« limit" & -"Sop Girl" he got the wanderlust out of his system he'd come back and we'd be married. I haven't had so much as a postcard from him and he's been gone 123 days. Do you think maybe; something has happened to him.! Please tell me the truth — even! if it hurts. — LONESOME If you're asking me if I think he has been bitten by a tarantula, the answer is no. You would have I heard from his family ( across the I street yet!) if some ill fortune had befallen young Lochinvar. Four months is a long time when you're looking for a letter every day. My advice is to forget about Banana-Boat-Bill. If he's capable of dealing out such shabby treatment, be'happy you aren't married to the heel. * * # Dear Ann: Our 10-year-old son is not exactly a problem but I'm concerned about his great love to wander. He always lets us know where he's off to, and enjoys taking a pal or two, so- we don't worry about him. -He likes to investigate the lowlands by the river or the territory by the hills. He's happiest when he's on a bike trip or a hike in the woods. My brother was a reamer and he never did .settle down. Do you think this boy could be like his uncle? I say he is. My husband says it isn't possible to inherit such a trait What is your opinion? j .. NOMAD'S MOM If-your son admirers his uncle he may be imitating him, but the love to roam cannot be inherited. Don't frel- — maybe the boy will grow up to be Secretary of State one day. * * * Dear Ann: I'm a high school teacher and think I know something about unmarried pregnant girls from "on-the-spot" observation. I disagree heartily with your advice to Sheila in which you insist that her cousin who "got into trouble" should be included in Sheila's social activities. No doubt the reason the girl is being sent to Sheila's home is because she would not be accepted by her own friends. Why then, do you think Sheila's friends should accept her? . I hardly think it's fair to expect Sheila to try to change the habits and thinking of the. community. One reason girls behave themselves is/because they fear social censure. Why do. you then feel that everything should 'be overlooked and the girl treated as it there were actually no stigma attachd to her condition? — A TEACHER -over-themtrAShei The greatest Teacher of all preached love and forgiveness. To treat this unfortunate girl with kindness does not put an endorsement on what she,has done. No one knows better than she about the "stigma." She need not be reminded that her behavior was not or.ly wrong, but foolish. Shunning the cousin will teach her nothing. Being treated like a decent human being will help her to -hang on to what little diginity she may have left. ' ' * * « CONFJID'EOT'I'AL/LY: TROUBLED 32: Tell him either — or — and mean it, for a change. He'll keep you dangling in mid-air as long as you behave as if you like the altitude up there. It! * * NEW BRIDE: Anyone who can read can cook. Quit crying and stick to the simple recipes. (P.S. After 19 years I burned the roast last night. Feel bet'er?) ALL SHOOK UP: Why don't you shake yourself up a new girlfriend who will be more than a bar-stool Josephine Lowingn * Famous Actress Is Alert To New Ideas in Make-Up ENDS TONIGHT- PAT BOONE IN "APRIL LOVE" Box OfHce Opens at 5:30 AS YOUVE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE. ..SINGING ...BRAWLING ...ROMANCING! M-G-M presents PRESLEY 'in CINEMASCOPE co-starring JUDY TYLER MICKEY SHAUGHNESSY DEAN JONES JENNIFER HOLDEN An Avon Production companion? (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Scnc Begin. Work on Atomic Ship QUIITCY. Mass. (UP) — Adm. Jerauld Wright, commander of the | U.S. and NATO Atlantic fleets, j today hailed the start of construction on the world's first atomic- powered surface ship as a milestone in national defense and nu- for firing Tuesday, the Vanguard i Wednesday, an Atlas Thursday and a Thor on Friday. In the jar- Tuesday Evening, December S, 1957. Newsmen Gathering in Florida for 'Launching 7 CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UP> |may not go off JS scheduled on —The "bird watchers society" of Thursday. There have been pub- newsmen and photographers bc-'lished reports from California, gan gathering on the beaches in!where the Atlas is manufactured force today to chock reports the;by Convair, that the huge inter- guided missile test center (would • continental ballistics missile was put on its biggest display-of rocket! damaged during a hold-down lest launchings this week. |of its engines here last Wednes- Unofficia! reports indicated at least four missiles, including the Vanguard satellite - launcher rocket, were being readied on the launching'pads. The reports listed a Snark ready Max Factor says few women realize that a face should be made up from the profile view also, Today I am bringing you some make-up tricks which Marlene Dietrich uses. When Tasked Max Factor, Hollywood expert, to give me some of the.se he said, "This wonderful woman is alert every mom- clear development. Wright made the remarks in a speech at the keel-laying of the cruiser Long Beach at-Fore River Shipyard. He said the United States leads ihe world "in the field of atomic power and added "may we share with our friends the information which will give them added strength." Collective defense, Wright said. I is the "cornerstone of ou. - national, policy." gon of the missile center, such day. The Atlas, developed here under an Air Force contract, has been tested twice before and each time had to be destroyed at a comparatively low altitude because^of malfunctioning of some of its parts. The Thor is another Air Force ballistics missile in the intermedi- rockels are called "birds", and I ate range class. It was launched the corps of spectators "bird | successfully for the first time only watchers." . | recently. The Thor is the Air The Snark, however, is not a • Force counterpart of the Army's rocket. It is a 5,003-mile range !3,flOO-mile Jupiter which also has pilotless plane with & rocket booster for takeoff and a ramjet engine for flight. It has been tested successfully numerous limes and is been tested successfully here. to my attention; All of us are conscious of the way we look front view and most of us consider the back view. Mr. Factor said that few women realize that a face should be made up from the pro- them to her in care of this news-! pos jfl 0 n would feel that they know paper a.nd enclose a stamped sell-In a ii. p 0 r instance, not long ago ent for new ideas that will help!f i]e v ; ew as we n, j £ you s t u dy he" .improve herself in every way. ^••li'e grasps suggestions gratefully where many women in her _:— ..... ~r -- • uteieaseu oy ine itegisier Her eyebrows end at the correct| and T , ibune Synd j ca t c , 1957) addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Winamac Gl at German Camp AUGSBURG, Germany (AHTNC) —Army Specialist Third Class Anthony Kalva, son of Mr. and Mrs. ''rank Kalva, Route 4. Winamac, Ind., is a member of the Battery C bowling team in Ihe nth Airborne Division's 320th Artillery in Germany. Specialist Kalva is a cannoneer in the battery. He entered the Army in December 1955, received basic training at Fort Craffee, Ark., and arrived overseas in February 1936. The 22-year-old soldier is a 1953 graduate of North Judson High School. In civiclian life, he was a farmer. SILENCE IS GOLDEN TAZEWELL, Tenn. (UP)—Cleo Young, 30, told Judge D. L. Hutson he couldn't pay a $500 fine because it would deprive him of money and "I just can't do without whisky." "Let's see how you do without it now," replied the judge, adding a 60-day jail term to the sentence. she came into the salon for some make-up, and knowing ihat there are always new ideas buzzing, she asked if there were anything she cc.uld do to improve her every day appearance." Because eye lining has become so popular, Max Factor advised her to carry the line which is marked along the upper eyelash roots down along the rim as it leaves Hie lashes to go down into the corners of the eyes. Whe.n the line is continued on top of the lid to the inside corners, it is entirely too visible and artificial looking for the lashes are missing or so sparse^ in this location that only the. line shows. Even though Miss Dietrich has been given an honorary membership in the Make-up Artists' Association because she is so clever wilh make-up, she accepted, this suggestion enthusiastically. Mr. Factor called another thing DR. 0. L. BRAUN FOOT AHME'NTS Reg. Podiatrist Foot Specialist Office: 314 North St. ' LOGANSPORT, PHONE 3330 Wednesdays & Friday! 9 to 4 place so that they will be seen to taper gracefully from the side. Eyes are lined and mascara applied ao that those who are looking at her profile will be intrigued. Lbs are arched enough to enhance thij profile as well as the front view. Of course we should also took at our coiffure from the side. Miss Dietrich feels that the eyes are the focal point in every face and is never seen without makeup. However, this is applied so artfully that the effect is natural but enchanting. All women can profit by learning more about the art of make-up. Tomorrow: "Doing Good is Fine, new Air Force combat group. The Vanguard is ,3 72°foot long OIL RIG KILLS HAUTE tUP) — Gene 38, Shelburn died in a Monday night from in, three-stage rocket developed by J une ? sustained . earllcr . whcn hc 0 L_ . - .. ' _ J /i^iirrli* Ki,- (Wv' in ^ cmtinor rrtnp the Navy. Reports indicated that scientists will attempt to put into caught his foot in a spinner rope on an oil rig near Youngslovvn. rig and a building ftu.eiiusi-a v> ni aiitriijut. uu uuu juiu " . , orbit around the earth wilh theism™ wasjmashed against the Vanguard a test satellite measuring 6.4 inches in diameter and weighing almost four .pounds. Informed sources said the Atlas Marine's profile you will see that , but D(m , t Ne ]ect Your Home „ she has taken this tip to heart..! m/»ioo=«ri >•» T\,« 1?™;^,,,. (Released by The Register Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrassed by loose lalso teeth slipping, dropping or wobbling when vou rut. talk or laufjh. Ju;;t sprinkle a llulc FASTEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives n remarkable sense ot added comfort ] and security by holding platen rr.oro j (irmly. No Bummy, caoey. pasty taste or feelmu. It's alhiillne (non-acid), i Oet FASTEETH at any drug counter. ROXY Now—2 Features 3ScTil6 WESTERN THRIUS Clark Gable "THETAU. MEN" Fun At Night- Open 1 p. m. "Lefs Be Happy" •with VERA ELLEN TOMORROW-FOR 5 DAYS ONLY WARDS' At m^mm ^HMI mmm m^^ ^^™ »^^— ^^^ mi •• I Do My Shopping BRUMBAUGH' Tke Best in Men's Wear MOHLMAN'S Platinum engagement ring $800 Weddingring $260 for its unusual features- that make it far juperfoi to ordinary channel settings. Delicate little beads between the diamonds make them more secure - yet do not interrupt the brilliance. The sides of the rings are smooth - with no indentations or breaks. If you like the channel njounting, you'll love this pairl Prices include Federal tax Illustrttions slightly *nlarged give your family the gift of safe driving throughout the New Year NYLON RIVERSIDE SUPER DELUXE BLACKWALL TUBE-TYPE TIRES 95 6.70- IS fof pric. 25.45 mounted fr«» Top quoliry nylon cord body resists bruises end ruptures, chief cause .of blow-outs. Multi- row, safti-siped, cold rubber tread for long mileage, car control. *plus excise tax and trade-in tire GUARANTEED NATION-WIDE USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMANS 309 FOPXTti STKSET *QUntTY ft* VHt OWMfK CCKnHff RIVERSIDE DELUXE BLACKWALL 6.70- 75 TUBE-TYPE LISTS AT $20 14.45 Strong Super Rayon cord "body. Quality equal to. new cor tires. Cold rubber non-skid tread gives longer mileage. $2 down, terms. *plus excise tax and trade-in lire SALE 10 45 *WITH TRADE-IN o-V fits mo«t pop. cart WINTER KING STANDARD BATTERIES Fully equal to many national brand batteries priced at up to $6 more. Delivered to ut every 2 weeks. Factory fresh ... fully charged . i: Guaranteed 30 months .;; 72 vofr baHerwf oho fat* prind ot tow at... 14.45 INSTALLED FREE

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