Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1957
Page 5
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Saturday Evening, June 29, 1957. Close EKettsville Auto License Bureau; Townspeople Protest ELLETTSVILLE (UP) — Angry residents of this Monroe County town considered, a protest march on the Indiana Statehouse today was ordered to go out of business Saturday. Playground Built For Utah School NEW YORK—The world's first fairyland playground and park with facilities for those who will never grow up—menially—will be ready for full-scale use Ihis summer at the entrance lo the Utah Hale Training School at American Fork, 25 miles from Salt Lake City. Townspeople charged "politics"! The s i x -and-one-half-acre play- was responsible for Ihe order from ground and park, dotted with fa- Slate Molor Vehicles Commis- m iliar nursery-book characters and sioner Roberl McMahan. Me- L rea l train with 2,500 feet ot track, Mahan said "no comment" to the, ; s the idea of Dr. Vernon H. Hous- pohlics charge when questioned byj. oni superintendent of the school, United Press at Indianapolis. He who believes "his kids" have a "right to happiness" even though "they may be an economic Joss to society." Steelways, official publication of American Iron and Sleel Institute, said Dr. Houston's hope was translated into reality by 30 volunteer workers from a nearby steel mill who donated 20,000 man-hours and talenl lo Ihe conslruclion of the unique playground, aided by planl equipmenl loaned by the steel com Indianapo! added that the ElletlsviUe office "didn't follow the law in running their branch." Protesting residents charged the branch was closed to favor Mrs. Ruby Ryan, manager of the Hio.in.ingtPii bran,:!i ir> thi 1 Monroe County scat and daughter-in- law of Fritz Ryan, an ElletlsviUe man who heads the personnel True Life Adventures WEAVER'S WOES office of the State Highway parlment. De- Ryan pany. McMahan admitted that was one of "about half a dozen"! Thc publication said that the persons who recommended the stale a i[ 0 cated $20,000 for supplies branch he closed, "hut he wasn't the only one." MeMahan said the Ellettsville branch often did not require property tax receipts to be shown by applicants for license plates as required by law. He said "they" were afraid the applicants would Ho to Bloominglon and buy their licenses. Some townspeople said they may| organize a group to protest in person to Governor Handley. McMahan said three other branches were ordered to close— at Pine Village, at Silver Lake and at Carlisle. He said all wore closed "because (heir business or their facilities didn't justify their exislancc." KllcUsville branch took in $3,080.30 last year and the other three took in 53,000 or less, McMahan said. Manager of the Ellettsville branch is Charles II. May. May didn't know you were looking for said he offered to resign if Ihe branch was not closed. MeMahan said "I can tell you frankly that there arc some others (branches) that if they don't straighten up and operate according to the law they will be closed, too." Mayflower II Sails For New York City NEWPORT. U.I. (UP) and additional funds were contributed by parents and civic groups. In fact, last Christmas the workers in various steel plant departments collected over $800 for the cause. Dr. Houston and his construction crew cherish a hope that otlv ers will come to see the park, let their children use it and thus grasp more fully the problems of the mentally retarded. Picketing by Wife Proves Effective; Husband Surrenders SOUTH BEND (UP)-A trucker who was picketed by his wife and three children because of alleged lailure lo make support payments gave himself up to authorities here Thursday, but contended "I Robert T. Marvin had been the object of a search since .June 7 on a probate court order t'j take him into custody. . Tuesday night, Marvin picketed trangcd Mishawaka with a sign whicn read ED IN THE ©ATHBRINa OF STKINSS A.NP STRAWS TO WEAVE INTO ITS HSST. A. ROBIN SOMETIMES &BTS GO TAN<SL_EG> UP THAT IT BECOMES TEMPORARILY Greyhound Signs Consent Decree in U.S. Antitrust Case CHICAGO (UP) - The Greyhound Corp. charged by the government with conspiring with General Motors lo gain a monopoly, :ias agreed lo slop certain alleged objeclionable practices. Greyhound, Hie world's largesl inter-city bus firm, signed a consent decree Thursday afternoon in an unusual Fecloral Court aclion about 10 minutes after the charges were filed. The bus firm denied the government's ohar»e- of aiiout 12 viola- j.cn? of the Sfierman Anlilrusl Act, hut agreed to stop Ihe practices, leneral Motors'nHA named as a oonspir?;or hut not as a defendant. A sepirale anlilm^ s p jt charging Woman Passenger Killed in Crash INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — A woman passenger was killed Friday when a cab collided wilh an aulo- mobile at a city slreet ialersec- tion. Future Homemokers To Meet at Purdue LAFAYETTE (UP (-About 300 delegate from throughout the na- lion, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and this Virgin Islands will attend the 1957 national meeting -ot the Future ,'Homamakers ol America at Purdue University next week. The five-day conference will begin July 1. The national organization is made up of pupils studying homemaking in the secondary schools. of the United States and the terri-! lories. About 500,000 members are enrolled in its more than 10,000 chapters. "Today's Teenagers-Tomorrow's Homamakers" wiU be the theme of toe .meeting. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Five 'DRAGSTRIP GIRL" AT DRIVE-IN Rochester Victor Smith, Rochester realtor, has moved his office from 426 Jefferson street lo the Cabana cottage on the North Shore of Lake Mani- lou. The local Social Security office, Chamber of Commerce to study off-street parking and report to the Board through Attorney George R. Landgrave. The Chamber Committee will make its report, with recommend, ations, and the matter will 139 considered by the city council. Hoi rods and teenagers featured in "DragsMp Girl" at Hie Logans' port Drive-In plus a new Rock 'n Roll film, "Rack All Night!" by a vote of 4-2 denied Carr's appeal of Van Trumps' decision. Because the board had not adopted rules of procedure govern- in charge of field representative, | in rcap pii ca <j on tor a permit, Carr Jack 3. Wmebrcnner, will open on again appea i ed lo the board and Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. rf.ji j T.... _, T . li-llcl UUCU '" Wednesday beginning next Tuesday. The first half of the year the office was open on Tuesdays and Fridays. Mrs. George Baum, R. R. 2, Rochester, is attending the first Leadership Training Institute for club executives in session at Indiana University this week. Thc Institute is sponsored by the Indiana Federation of Club. At another meeting of the Rochester Board of Zoning Appeals, Ray 27 ntois ''- ' an rilies said she was Ihrown through Ihe rear window of Ihe cab by (tic impaol and her head slruck a curb. The cab was struck by a car operated by Morris Herbsl, 37, Roseville, Mich. Cab driver Milo Prim, 38, told police a steady drirale made visi- bilily difficult. lsion ng. The consent signed i Mk"LU| The Trailer court case firsl was .submitted lo the appeal board Jasl month after Carl Van Trump, building commissioner, denied Carr's request for a permit lo set up Ihe cowl. A public hearing was conducted on Mey 20 by the board, in which bo'.h proponents and opponen'.s .farm near here during Iho pasliwere allowed lo present their HUNT TURKEY KILLERS COLUMBUS (UP) — Authorities GM with monopoly' in Ihc manu- b .el|ev e a pack of dogs is respon- facture of inter-city buses is pend-< slbe for llle deatl1 °f ab «"' 1W .turkeys on the Herschel Whipker nol permit James Carr, R. R. 1, to establish a trailer court west of the Citizens Cemetery, was reversed and a vole of 4-1 wa.s taken lo allow Carr lo proceed to set up Ihe court. The decision ballot. was reached by a secre-t "Robert Marvin does not support (his children. | Mrs. Marvin revealed she lo.st — The her job in a bank here shortly Mayflower II faced the mosl clif- after the picketing incident, ficull task of Us Irans - oceanic voyage today in trying lo mod a .strict New York reception timetable. The 02-foot replica ship was scheduled to depart from its third purl of call, Newport, tills morning on the final leg of a trip thai has been alternately '.wo weeks u . ,, , - _ late and two hours early. Highway 41 Crash The Mayflower II, due to slar' «j|| s Q 7 Hurt in a huge land-sen-air reception , viNCTNWS" "UP. at New York Monday morning,'... ,.vi;, hS UPI ' will be lowed the 124 - mile dis-! W : 1 . yn , e! ,,^' !l ,' a! , ns - ',"• Vincents, lance wilh scheduled off - shore slops designed only to keep the ship on the reception limelabli. 1 . jetorc Judge John P. Barnes in the "home of her c;-- U.S. District Court here. A com- husband's parents in pany spokesman said the bus firm signed Ihe agreement lo avoid Uie expense of "a long jiial and litigation." Viclor R. Hansen, assislant U.S. attorney, said "Greyhound, in conjunction with General Molors, has secured offoelive control of tho inler-cily bus passenger business." "The judgment ur.lered loday is designed lo restore to oUier bus his trucking job operating companies and lo liie in- bus riding public Ihe benefits of competition," Hansc'.n said. He said Greyhound has been a monopoly for years, and has forced competitors out of business. In 1955, the company controlled 65 per cent of the inter-cily bus traffic handled by major national car- Iwo weeks. Full-grown, ur- 1 views. Following [he hearing the sklanl hosle.ss. another public hearing was held this week wi'.h proponents and opponents again being heard by the board. Should those leading the batUe against trailer court continue to oppose the project, '.hey will have lo request the Fulton Circuit to over-rule the board's decision. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Miller had as their recent guests, their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Miller and daughters of Hammond. Miss Elaine Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, accompanied her grandmother, Mrs. Amy Wilson, Kewanna, to Minneapolis, Minn., where they were in attendance at the wedding of Mrs. Wilson's neice, Miss Mary Ann Murphy, June 28. Mr. and Mrs. Gales Thompson and family entertained Mr. Clifford Dickey and family of Fort Worth, Texas. The Guild Alumni of the First Baptist church will meet Monday evening al 7:3(1 o'clock, in the home of Mrs. Joe Ewing. Mrs. RO.SCOO Pontius -will be the as- "Thcy lo!d me lhat Ihe picketing had nothing In do wii'i me losing my jol> but J'm sure lhal it did," she said. Marvin lost shortly before the pickeling cidenl. . keys are valued al about $1,000. i board met in- executive session andi A lc,sson on Japan, will be pre- sentee! by Mrs. Hugh Miller. The Womcns Union of the First Baptist church will meet in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carruthers, R. R. 1, at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Peru Guy Lavon Wood.*, 37, Peru insurance agent was placed on pro- Ask Doctors Report i Oriental Flue Cases CHICAGO (UP) - The Journal of the American Medical Assn. urged today that all physicians report any suspected cases of Oriental influenza immediately lo their local health departments. Influenza oulbreaks arc expected in this country, spread by travelers reluming from Far Eastern counlries where epidemics have broken oiif, Die Journal stated. Local health departments will investigate the cases and hove lists of laboratories that ars equipped for diagnosing influenza, the Journal said. The U.S. Public Health Service has followed the sweep of epidemics in the Far Eastern countries, and has set up an extensive program for tracing and preventing outbreaks in the United Slates. The disease, the Journal slated, is caused by a r.ew form of Type A inson in South Bend Thursday on two embezzeimenl coun'.s. Woods previously had entered a plea of "no contest" to embezzling $1(5.21 on July 8, 1955 and $41.90 on May 14, 1955 from the' Peru Trust Co., where he formerly was manager of the insurance department. Woods now ha.s a lawsuit pending in Miami circuit court, agains! fever, general tiredness, m.uscle aches and running nose. It lasls three to five days, with an attack rate as high as '.9 per cent, although mortality rates have been less than 1 per 1,000. Road Construction Bids Set July 23 INDIANAPOLIS lUP) — Tlia the bank in which he seeks to re-1Indiana Slate Highway nop;n",- cover funds he claims are due:nient today amioiiiKvd bids will him as his share of bu.sine.ss he obtained from the bank by terms of a contract wilh the Institution. Employes of the Public Works Dcpartmenl petitioned the Board Of Works Friday for a wage in- crca.se. The request was placed on file. The employes ask for 30 cents an hour increase for all .special equipment operations which necessitates special skill. The Board of Works also asked the Traffic Committee of the be opened on !0 road cons;ruction projects July 23. The longest stretch of roadsvork iiM'olv-os 6.5 miios on U.S. 223 from DiscaLiir to the Ohio slate lini-. Other projects listed by the department included 3.7 miie.s of Ind. 1 ;iear tin- Woils-Allen co'.mty line; 1.5 miles on Iwl. -127 in Auburn; 1.5 miles of U.S. 27 ,11 IV- cal.ur; S.8 miles of Ind. G7 from Albany to Redkty and thrce-lcn'.hs of a mile on In<i. 20 in West Lafayet.le. Aircraft Massed To Honor Twining WASHINGTON (UP) — The greatest peaculime aerial review in history wa.s assembled today lo honor Gen. Nalhan p\ Twining in coromonics al nearby Andrews Air Force Base. Twining's four-year lour as Air Force chief of .staff onds Sunday, He will become chairman of Uie Joint Ohiofs of Slaff AUK. 1">. lie will rocoive an Oak Leaf Cluster wncn two auto'" L ' S ' « ncar killed mobiles collided Polite said Jack Barraugh, 27, Oaklown, and hi.s wife Lucille, 17, were injured, the husband seriously, llu was taken lo Good Samaritan Hospital here. Williams tried to pass a car and track on a slight grade, ignoring a yellow line, police sa,id, and his car slruck the fia prough automobile hcad-nn. Williams died a few ners. Under the decree, Caryhound agreed lo "n.se its best e-ft'orl." lo buy efjuipmonl and supplies from other firm.s. 11 also promised nol to buy buses or ot.hur equipment from firms which own :i per cenl or more of Greyhound slock. Thc government charged G'M once owned a "s u b « I a n lial amount" of the bus firm's slock, but has since sold ll. Greyhound also was ordered not mimitus later of a fractured skull. | l ° divide or allocate operaling ler- 1 rilorias wilh olhcr bus companies, i .and'not lo reslriol oilier linos from Nature has carved _ hundreds ofi using its terminal fa'tiliiics. bridgo.s and arches in Utah and Arizona, but Rainbow Bridge in _. . . , , ,. . ..,,'• dwarfs them all. Rising 309 feel lo a Distinguished Service Meda ., Kr . lt , ( . tll ; arching . span o[ 27!i a ceremony before the aerial f(jcl] it is a , mo ,. t ,, road en0( , B)l lo j frame Urn United Stales Capitol, says the National Geographic Mag- The Air Force rrwi-ssed 272 air-1 crafl ranging from old World War I Jennies lo Iho latest in juts lo participate in Uie flyover. Mayor of Portland Cleared of Perjury PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)—Portland Mayor Terry 0. Schrunk was found innocent of perjury Friday by a jury of nine women and three men after slightly more •than Uv<> hours deliberations. Schrunk had been accused ol porjuirng himself to the Multno- mnh County grand jury in denying thai he nccoplcd a bribe from the operalor <r! an after* • hours dub in Portland when he was sheriff in 1955. The (lucrnc also direclod Grcy- 'hour.d In make available lo Ihe public all ils pale-nts .relating lo bus design and manufacture, to enter.Ute competitive markel for buses and fuel, and lo relinquish control ovor resold buses a^nd a differential. 1 ) on lire and gasoline. Car Dives in Lake, Motorist Drowned WADASII (UP)—Russell Manas, 2f>, Silver Lake, drowned i:i Bull Lake today when his autornonilc ran off Ind. 1!> north of here uml plunjicd inlo the water, landing on j its ti>;>. | Stale Polite said the accident I had no connection with the Indiana floods. They said Manns was driving fast when the accident occurred. REGULAR *9* 5 WESTINGHOUSE BROILER-GRID ATTACHMENT NOW ONLY H I'M IH<' SAI.K M KSTATK) Nolli-ii IK liiM'i'liy ulvi'll Hull DIP llll<Urrt.lv,Mi!(l will ofli-r III,! I'-llnu- ln« rli-ncrflip'l n:;, I milnlii Kllunlp 111 CHUM I'muily, I,M||IU,II Lm Niniihi.i- V, ,in Hi ,,f SnlifllvlnliMi In Tin,urns '|S ThuMlpni'll 1 !, Ailillll.,11 u, thn ('itv nt l.i>i.viiiiMiMiri. fur Mil" mi ilin i sin iliiv nl .lii'y. lil.'ii, mill from tiny tu liny lln-i'i" lilKlifMl uml' ln>'»l Milcii.i,' MH'|,J,.I','I to llln luxi-n for I!ir,7. ilin- In !!!:,« juicl niil,j,-i i I,, ruinn LO lhi> Cimn C'lr<-llll l.'ioirl. (•iinnnxnluti in tin ruriilnhuil lit limn nf il<-ilvi-ry f,r lliM-il. lnili'il mid Hlicni-il HI l.iiKli"K|inrl. ilinlliiMit, Llils ^Klh duy n t .huti' ] 3;.7. .MnrKiir«t I'Miy, Ailnihthilrii! t -!x •if HiM-lliii 1'iMirl 1'uwaiill Jinliilf llllllH A. llllllh. • BROILS! • GRILLSI • FRIES! • TOASTS! WESTINGHOUSE ROASTER-OVEN • U»en no more current than your eiectne irooi, • Roonts, bakeR, aiews, ulearrut, canelj • Cookij full mealc for 2 to 20.'| ON LY • Choice of Confection Colors.] • Plugs in anj^rhere. yoa am M trjt WcSti nghouSC 203-205 Fifth S». BRIGGS fLICTRIC CO. wisrriNGHOusi COMPUTE LiNt Dial 4401 ''^T:?^ - -^^ «««. ™": V 4 W"^"^ S S5S3 •>} <~"v j, l i* Save now to qualify for a full six months' earnings Did you shore in the more tlwin $148,0(10 ennungs paid lo our savers for the first half.of 1957? If not, by saving with us now, you're eligible lo- receive six full months' earnings iioxl December 31. Ruuli/.c full earning power—nn iibove-nvcrnKo 3% per nnntim— on growth accounts us well as lump sum investments. Benefit from reduced operating costs. Our snvcrs receive all profits ot the associntion after payment of operating expenses and required reserve allocations. Safety for savings is insured up to $10,000 by Uie FSLIC, a U. S. government agency. Funds are conveniently accessible, Give your accumulated funds the benefit of full earning power. Bring them to First Federal now to receive a full six months' return next December. No safer placo for your savings Rwtfl AMD LOAN 314 Fourth itr»»t—Loganiport ASSOCIATION

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