The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 16, 1898 · Page 8
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 8

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
Page 8
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t . . . . - . j , . i' ; I IN DI ANAPOLIS NEWS; WEDNESDAY ' NOVEMBER 10, ; i - 1 1 A - THE IIIDDLE OF THE WEEK v WXDJrKSDAT QIOTATIOXS OX TUB " - .1 GREAT CERE JltS. . Jlffalillrt Opfaloa Live Stork, mad . provisions TraaeXotes Com - ' Ben) UnMplU Whole - . ;:: . - v f" A ,Nw Tork exportlng - flrm ys: ,W ! believe" tb demand tor wheat is large! r - Cue W tht Indifference to galea.' wbicb has potv - Mfd the farmeri In buying countries. Th alow accumulation and nearness or winter, which - wiii Close fnanv tnrrirn twrts. ooints Jto continued takings, ur.ies iDrttea advance and bring an Increase In home offerings in Europe.'' Haw to Dress aad' Ship Poultry. '. (Chleao Trade Bulletin. ' - ; ' in the first place, poultry should be. - well fed and well watered, and then kept from eighteen to twenty - four hours without food before killing. Stock dresses out brighter when well watered and adds . to the appearance, Fulrop Injure the a'ppearanca anlarj liable to sour, and '' hen thla doerx occur, correspondingly lnwer price must be accepted than ob - fain - able for - choice flock. , Never kill poultry by wringing the neck. - . To Dress Chlckenr - Klll by bleeding In tho mouth or opening the Telns of the nock; bang by, the feet until properly Ned. Leave head and feet on and do not nmom tha intestines nor crop, bcaiaea chickens sell 'best to home trade, and rT - p.ce OTl "T.J " enhermsjiner of dres nrmUl do lf prop - er eiecuteo. 'or scaiaing tuj. gaia to have been eliminated. The stock water should be as near the boiling point loaned In the market this morning at 1 "per as possible, without boiling: pick the legs .cent. Interest, being the first time it has. dry before scalding: hold by the bead and loaned without, a premium for some time. ZZL .n i - ul nd lift ob and down Inhere was rather havy llquidat'on in Fed - leg and Immerse d lirt op " etil Steel preierred. but the stock was three times; If the head Is immerse , . ,eU ljkken bjr a wlth pronijnent Bos - turns the color of the comb ana vye" ton connections. Commission" houses' th jvh m. shrunken aDDearance, which business seems to be - j some what lighter leads buyers to think the fowl haa been sick; the feathers and Tm leaaner. should then be removed Immediately very cleaaly, an,d without breaking the rkin; then - plump? by dipping ten seconds In water nearly or quite boiling hot. and then: Immediately Into cold water; hint in a cool place until the , animal 'liat Is entirely out of the body. To dry . . . . . i , Mri ahould VK - m cnumri. - r be done While the cmcnens a - re "''""l do not wait and let me poaics icr. " ' Dry - plcklng Is much more easily done ' ' While the bodlew are warm. Be careful V and do not break and tear the skin. " , . ' jo press eTurkeys - - Ob8erve the, same . instructions a as given for ' preparing chickens, but always dry pick. Dressed turkeys, when dry picked. , always sell - .best and command better prices than seized lots, as the appearance Is brighter and more attractive. Endeavor to market ail old and heavy gobblers be - t fore January J, as after the holidays the r . demand Is for small fat hen turkeys U. - only, old Toms being sold at a discount - ' to earners. . ' Ducks an! Geese Should be scalded'ln . 'tbe.same itlt p erafure of water as for T j other kinds or poultry, bnt It requires .more time for the water to penetrate . and loosen - the leathers. &oroe parues - . 'advise, after scalding, to wrap them In a J ;i.;nket for the purpose of steaming, but tbey must not be left in this' condition 'long enough' to. cook the flesh. Do not undertake uAdry - pick geese and ducks Just before kUllng for the purpose' of .saving the feathers, as It causae the skin to become very much inflamed, and . Is a great Injury to the sale. Do not pick the feathers off the head; - leave the feathers on for two or three Inchea on ;thft neck. Do not singe the bodies for 'the purpose of removing any dom - n or .,halrs the heat from the flame will give - i them an oEy and - u neigh tly appearance. After they are picked clean, they should .be held In scalding water, about t,en seconds 'for the purpose of plumping, and - then rinsed oft In clean, cold water. Fat, theavy stock is always preferred. Pefore packing and shipping, - ' poultry - "should be thoroughly dry and cold, but not frosen; the animal heat shouM be ,cntire!y out of the' body. Pack in boxes or barrels;. boxes holding 100 to &X) pounds jsre preferable, and pack - snugly. - - ! Straighten out the body and legs, so . ithat they will not arrive very much bent i ' and twisted out of shape. Fill the - paek - " ages as full as possible to prevent mov - . , lng about on the way. Barrels answer - . ' better for chickens and ducks than for turkeys of geese. When convenient. t kavoia putting more man one Kind in a package, mark kind and weight of each s oesctlptlon on the package and mark J shipping directions plainly on the cover. I " - v. i - I 1 ' " Grala Xotea. - , (By A. W. Thomson's Wire. v ' Chicago, November . 18. Wheat Liver pool, dull and Td lower - for the dav: ! Paris, 6light!y Tower; Amsterdam being . i cenumi aown uuda Festh; ihi cen times lower. Some private cables mentioned favorable conditions In Argentine. and Broomhall gave the" Australian prospects unchanged. Weather has been, fine tor delivery, primary receipts being more man last year, me rsorth - i . wen markets, where large deliveries are J - " being made, declined most, cash wheat I .in Minneapolis being auoted "sick. . . Caih business Is a liberal character, was j again reported, authorities varying as to wnetner two or rour nunnmi tnousand : ' bushels from this point. The clearances ; for the day m - ere 43i,000. Speculation has been, email, and market has .maintained j .Itself remarkably, the Dec - ember being j Ina slightly congested condition, as evi - I oeiK - ed by me premium etlil maintained over the May. A scalping market Is ap - prrnenaea ior me present. " . . . - - Corn steady early, receipts being small, j ; s'thoiigh weather good. - Acceptances irom ine country were also reported ! light,' but cables were "vfH lower. The , lnujoaiions seam to. he for smaller re - celpUitha latter part of this and the i; - early part of next month' and a - decrease i in stocRi. enippers were reported offer r lrg better figures than yesterday, and - mere was new bull blood in & membef rrrentiy returnea rrom. JapHn. and who "also turned his attentAn to oats. The result in both these cereals was a firm marxei ana sompad"ance. ; ' j I fBy a D. Wearer 4 Co'a Wlrel'j ' Closing Liverpool cable: Wheat Soot uncharged, futures 'jA lower; corn i rj'i uncnaugeo. iu(ures lower. - f - ISnvimhall cable reads: "Australian 5;wrrtp frospects remain unchanged, .and there is little chartering. Cargoes are quirt and unchanged. .Parcels are - 3d lower: corn auiet. New York is sending the bear news on wheat to - day. A message says: "Rus - stsn wneat otrering cheaper." New York: December price easy at n ' - - - Closing cables: Paris Wheat 5S10 centimes lower, floor 3nV35 renttmes lower. . - Antwerp Wheat K' centimes lower. .h!engo: The. Northwest has been sel.irg wheat of late. Dagg - ett. Logan and Wears all apparently having selling - ordu at CVc. The - buying Ivis been by i sa:pers. New York lags, only 7c over - '.. KaTmers In Nehraska. holding grain' so J close very little being moved. . They gen - . erally assert that they will make no sales 'until next spring uniews prices go - higher. They declare 4hey hav all the money, tney require to cmrpt them iorouKa tne winter, and can stand it. ; , - .. . ' 1 . Primary Markets. I . ' v I Prlrt ary market receipts of wheat - were - t a 6W.y; bushels, against l.39iS bushels ,' ! the corresponding day of last year. Minneapolis received aSl cars of wheat r. - and Duluth SOS car, a total of L0S9 cars. S against 7tS cars the co ere ponding day of T - SL - Lijulsr Receipts Wheat 72.(T0 bush - , . elf; corn 5S.(Xtt buKhels. outs 4,(X bush els. 2?nipments vy hmt lS.iVO busheav . corn DUfucis, oats Si.iWushel!i. - - - Toledo Reoriins Wheat 3S,Ws bunheU. rom 72.210 bushels. oxt.5.t0 boghela. Ph.rtnents Wheat 12 - ftW rniBheLs orn . - 74.''0 bushels, oajts 2.l bushels. CT.irago: Receipts Whvat .3XI bush - 'e's,. corn 44o.C bushels, ots 4 - i.,6v'4 bush - : eis.'" Shipments Wheat lt'.TwiO - bushels, corn fol.Kl bushels, oats 2C1'. bushels. KNrnia?e r?ctpts it I'lii.Mf.i . Vh - - ,t .Zy? oars, corn 3W cars, oat ISJ - cans hofs 4I.0iV head. ' - - tiawha - rerelved S.0i0 hogs and Kansas r - City hogs. - Imports of m - heat' and. flour - wort: - - Wneat bushels, four 2.s5 park - gvs. equivaJent to 27.f43 bushvla waeat. . ' Brakers' tioaatp. . 1 . (py L W. - L - u: s' Wire 1 ..' - - ' New Tork. Novefnber 36. Some of the bullish feM2g whjch characterized the market last week seems '.to have evap - , crated since Saturday..' The - profffslonal element bellevea Out a reaction Is due, and the "market may become unsettled, lowing to th doubts In regard to the Issue . of the negotiation which' are now ;be!ngj carried on la' Part between - , this icouhtry and Spain. There was also soma jinclinatloa to believe that the renewed iactivlty la speculation will cause, In the near future, a decided upward movement In mowy rates. That soma upward movement will take piaca Is shown by the fact that where, as llit week, six months'' money was o ft e red at 2 per cent - , fa's per cent, is now bid freely, and banks re trying to place tne:r loans at per Ir - enC. on the whole. However, at t ODenlnr. ; the sreuure 'to ie!l was not Ivery gftzi. but it was sufficient to bring prices 'somewhat lower than they were yesterday. Pressure to sell was especially noticeable jn N. ,P. common, of which stock one house sold 15.a0 shares. This selling was thought to indicate that the .differences supposed to exist in the directorate have not been settled, and there was some doubt as to whether a dividend would be declared on the common siock. 1 The strongest stocks on the list were Oma I fca and Northwestern, both of which were idv;aneei on rumors ot increased aivKimus. There ems 'also some buying of North - Western preferred, which reached the highest price at which it has sold for some yearn. There can; however, be no Increase In the dividend of this stock untll - the common stock nas received 7 per tt. After that the. preferred" stock is en'ltled to en addi.tionJ - 3.per cent, to be followed by an additional 3 per cent - on the common stock, and after these dividends have been paid the stocks share and share alike. There was lees activity in K. C, P. & O. than there was yesterday, and rather more pressure - to sell; The - room 'still continues akeptical In regard to the rumored deal between the Chicago & Alton and K. C, P. At Cj but the best information is to the' effect that the deal i will go through. London houses did littlol or! nothing until after the first half - hour. I aftjer which they were heavy buyers. Their purchases were particularly noticeable ini Northern Psclric wu somewhat heavy; T per cent of the ehort tatertM whcn txlntg Uet week ,3. j than for some time, but brokers report that there are plenty of bujtng ortiers; In the market at prices slig;fcr below current iClTT WHOLESALE QIOTATI0315. ' 1 I i e - Carre t Qaetatloas ea Tarloaa Coaamodltlea. Dry Good a. , I Bleached' Cotton Androscogrla. ' M inches. te; Blackstone. W inches, fcc; Cabot. U Inches. c; Dwigai AncDor, II inches. Sc; Clover, M Inches.. 4c; Llwlgbt ' Anchor, 41 Inches. Scj' Dwight Anchor. 45 inches,' 10c; Diamond Field, 24 Inches, 4c: Farwell. 4 Inches, 8c: First Call, M Inches, ac; Glen, dftlt XX, M Inches, le; Lonsdale, M Inches, to; .Masonville, M inchea. Sc; New fork mills. II faichea, 8'4jc; Lonadale Cambric, - No. I, Ic; Perverell, - 1 - 4. lZc; .Pepperell. - 4. 15c; Sea lahuid. No. t. v,c; Sea Island: No. L M to - bes. Ic: Utk - a, - 4. lie: Utlca. 10 - 4, 10c. Ginghams Amoskeag, 4c; Bates. Ac: Ever rt. clasaica, bVsc; Lanfcaater, - 4c; Norman die 4ress styles, 4c; Msncbester SLapies, 4c; - Toll du Nordev 8c; "Warwick. 6c. Colored Cambrics Edwards, 2c; Slater. td Usneaaee. 2c; Concords, Vc; Warren. lliiesla Enxllsh C 4c: EnclUh" A A. 10c r nrlih A, c; EcglUh B, ic; Victory O, 4c . ' i i - . - - ; Xlcklnrs Amoskeag AC A, IHc Cordis ACE, 10c; . Conestoga BF, U"4c; - . Hamilton stout awnlnga, fcc; Lenox fancy bookfold. 18c; Diamond bookold, nc; Oakland AF, Ic; IV ar - ren bookfuid. iiVo, Lenox XX. 18c; Thora - dyka. tc. , Cttton DurkTallstsee. 7 onncea. $0 Inches, r,e: Tallasaee,:! ounoea, 10 Inches. c; TaU laaaoe. 10 ouncss. He; Savage, IS ounoea. M inches. izvtct Shirtings, Checks and Cheviots Amoskesg, c; Economic 6c; New South. 6&c; Rotunda, 4a ;. Amoskesg plaid - Excelsior, Vc; Amos - keap strips cheviots. (Vkc; Edinburg. Cc; Everett Chambray stripes. 7e. Brown Cottons Atlantic A. 26 Inches, Use; Atlantic U. M inches, 4c: Atlantic P. 3 Inchea, 4c; American Mills. M inches. lo; Armory shlrtlns. U Inchea, 4c; Armory, 21 Inches. 4c; Comet. M Inches. 4c: Constitution. W Inches, 4ie; Boot C it Inches. IVc; Boot FT, U inches.' sc; XX, U mcbea. set Buck's Head, St Inches. 4ic; Sea Island. M Inches. lc; Rousebold Superior. SI inches, 4c; Long Branch, 14 Inches. lc; Status Liberty. M Inches. 4V01 PeriDerell. 8 - 4. 12c: PeD. perelL S - 4. Uc: Pepperell. 10 - 4, l&c; CUca C. Ic: UticaT - 47lJ'tc; uiic. 10 - 4. i8cl rrtnts Allen fancy. 4c: . American Indira. c; American sklrtinrs, Sc; Merrlmae shirt - inss, lc; Arnold long cloth B, 7kc; Arnold Ions cl.Hh C ic; Berwick fancy, Sc; Berlin sous a. sc; - lenia tnree - fourths Turkey reds, sc; Berlin three - fourths XXXX Turkey reds. Ic; ; Cochso fancies, 4c; Cocbeo madders. Ic: Portemouih rcbes, 4c; Harmony fancies. Sine; alancbester fancies, so; . Pacifle Par - thiatta. . 4c; . Parinc mournings. lc; 81mp - son roourninjra. 2c; Venus oil .blue and areen. 6c: Windsor fsnrlea. 1U t Brown Drill Boot. M inchea. act Darling - 1 ion. ao incnea. bw - iiw rht - so itrhM x: tyi " - , auoaws,. aw incaes. sa. ; i' .. - '" ProvlsloBS. Kihxan Co.' Price List: - Sugar - cured - Hams 'Indiana.' !W lbs. av erage,, ss - sc: lo ids average. c; 10 lbs aver - ae, Hc; i'Reliable," M lbs a vera ire. r5c; 15 lbs average. u,c; 10 Iba - sverare. 10c - California Hams "Reliable." I to 8 lbs av - crsitfl. 6c: 10 to li lbs, bo; 12 to 14 lbs, 64 c. Breakfast Bacon (clear) Reliable," lHic: Ieerlss," llcr "Lily," to 7 lbs average. Mr?; 10; to 12 lbs average. gc; ( lbs average. Barrow. 8ic liacnn - KTlear sides, about SO to SO lbs average, 7vc; SO to 0 lbs avers se. 7c; 20 to 30 lbs sveraa - e, 7Sc; clear bellies. 2i to SO lbs average, 4Vc; 18 to 22 lbs averace. rc: 14 to 16 lbs average. 7ic; clear backs, 20 to 25 lbs - average. 7c; 14 to 18 lbs average, 7c; t to J ids averare, - "c: rrencn backs. ic; Antwerp backs. I to 1 lbs average (boneless), Ic; Bitches. 10 to 12 iba average, bc; In dry salt, fcc less. . Shnulders RellsMe." 18 to 20 lbs sverage, Ic: is lbs a ve r, tc; 10 to 12 lbs average, 7c. Dried Beef Hams - rRegular sets, llc; out - sldeej 10V,c; Inaidea, JJc; knuckles, 13c. ' Lar "Indiana" brand. In tierces, fie; Reliable," in tierces. tSc; kettle rendered, Tc Pickled Pork Fancy boneless pig pork.i per rni - :?o ina, j4.e; twan. clear. 114. ii; family, lit .501 - saddle; $11.00; short clear, lit;; rump, I10 50J short cuts. "Vallejr - ' brand, 110.50. Sausage, Etc. Una, 7c; bulk. SO - lb pails, Freth Fork Loins: Phort cut, 14 to 20' lbs. Tc; M to U lbs, 7 to I lbs. 7e; 4 to U.a, it; cottage hama.)6c; skinned ahonlders. ioi ham - butut or pnrk roasts. 6c: tender - lo!ns.14Hc: spare ribs, Vc: trtmmlnga, 6c; horka tc: air 1 1 bones, 4c; shoulder bones, 2 c; .all t5onea. 4c ; Coffki. ' Fletcher A Co." Price List: " 1 Pm4ted meats: ' uirr - Cured Hams 10 lbs average. Hie: 12 to 14 libs averase. She; 15 lba average. bc; m id to ids, average, j. Breakfast Bacon - English cured. Primrose I brand; t to lbs aversice. HVc: sucar - cured. Prlmrtiae brand. 4 to 8 'lbs sverage, 11c; sumr - curedj Uoosier brarxi. & to 10 lba average. It'mc; 10 to 12 iba aversKe. 8Hc; lbs versge.. nar - - row. Ic; Eng)lft - cured bacon bellies, S to t avers. ;. 10 to 12. Sc. f hoyldera Surar - cured. - Primrose brand, t ta 1 aversre, fc: 10 to 14 average, .Sc tvacore i - iear sioes, iosiih averaxe. Trie; H to M lbs avawase. 1c; backa, light average. - 7,c; U to pi lbs aversare. 7c; Jo to SO lbs average. 7c; bellies. 10 to" 42 lbs. fancy aver - aire. Mc; 14 to tt lbs averajra. 7c: SO to S lbs aurraee, "c; 15 to SO lbs average. ic: f.ttches. ic; In. dry salt. 4c less than moke. . Groceries. '. Indianapolis wholesale suxar prices - .Domi noes. S.Uo: cut loaf. 6 - SSc; powdered. S.7cs XXXX powdered, .3c: standard granulated, s.Sc; fine granulated. toe: extra fine granu isted, ji.Vc; iars granulated, t.&4c; cubes, Voi mold A. i tZc; diamond A. 6 JSc: con - fectlorara' A. l.Soc; Columbia A Keystone A. - &.0c; S Windsor A American A. S.Oiic; S Rldxevood A Oester.niar - A. S.OOc; 4 Pboenia A waromit A. aiKmnlre A Franklin B, 4.S: Ideal Golden. Ex. C Keystone B, 4.S1C.;, - . Winils.r Ex C - Aroerlcan B. 4.75o! S KVItewood Kx. jj Centennial B, 4 Sc; 9 Tello Ex. California B. 43c: 10 Yellow C rramkiln Ex. C. 4o6c: 11 Yellow Keystone t'x. C. 4.JOc; U r41os - Vmerlcan Ex. C. 4 44c: U Yellow Centennial Ex. C, 4.44c; 14 Yellow Call ferula Ex. C, 4 - Sic; lii Yellow. 4.SSc; If Y - eiiow; 4.1Ac - - " - :'.' Ulsce! aceous Crooerlee KeW Orlesjis Mo. lasaes - OsIr to prima. SiSS - c: choice. S$t5o. rirupaieaiuma. n pec; cnoice. s. - 'Stoc; sor - Shum. z&c: em atruiv bbls. lie - Ksllon: hatf - tbla..Mc saikia. VtnrKar Mailt (4 - srain teat bbla. uc salloa. - iv Heans Haad - clckad. l.iill:i. Kice Carvllaa. nJc; Japan. 4J Sc. Lak Salt li car - loads. 75c; in a mail lots. Sic Starch Pearr. . f6lNc: Champioa Gloss. I and i - lb. packarea. 4Suc: corn. 1 - IBl parkases. 4 - 5 iSc Candy Slick. Vjc; common p - .lrf - d. 6fc - Xew Ptckiea i4 - lQ.barrla, S&0; Le Inbarrela, K.bO; l.: 4a talf - bar reis. S3. 7a: 0(ln oalf - barrels. SX. OatmesV - UarrelSj B - HM Oats Barrels, it 10. : ! . - ' CTovar Secdfw - vturUis prcea. from SX.SS. la S17j. per busbel. according to grades. - Tfea - otky - e4. seiilng prioej from StSi to ll.Si per buahel.: Selling fancy Kentucky blue crass from SI JJ tl SL4&; extra Viean Kentucky blue trass. Uioejl.00: red totv - from 75c to Mc pee iHisnei - irc nam c - raas. iiksi.i: ERriiah tilue rrasa. Sfrcfrn.SO: red and EnilWi Cl - vr aeel. SJipiJ ri; A!r ke clover seed. S4.fefcuH.7i.; AJfalf clow seed. $4.0094.7. . . i ttwtter. - Eaa aa Poaltry. - i .Toultry HensL , 5Vc: spnn cfalckens. Sc: turaeya. orer - 10 lba - 7HN under 10 lbs.. c; wra lurseys. sc. . . jLeadlaat Drigt svaa Oils. ' Alcohol. f t 151 : asaloeUaa. Kx3c; gum rametHv, 4(saise. - arum. .4c. - bromide - pot - ah. k - lic; cochineal. "tf55c; chloroform, tj'ff - TCM, Cvfppexks, barrels, 7,jvc; cream tar - Ur. pure. SOVCIScr Indigo. tStJJOc - Uoorice, Calsb.. genuine. Qmk; magnesia, earb.. I - os.. SQluci murpbina, P. tt W.. par ex.. ti.3o0 t (t; inadiV - r. lKlc; oil. cantor, par ira).. II. LI QIAii c'.I. barttmot, per lb.. 11. TS; opium. 14.00 I. a; quinine. I'. V per 28tc baj - am copttba. S0CS0c; aoa. eajtlla, FY.. 129 ICo; a - xla. ovcaro.. 4wr; aalta. Rpaoorir Voc; ulpbur. flour. iMc; saltpeter. I&moi turpentine. K&iK?: ljrnrtne. 16ri7ci lOdld potaa - alum. Will. to; bromide potaeelum. t:QK chiorate puiah. borax. fglOci clnchon - Ua. aS2ic; cartvillc acid. XJJ2a. Otla I.lnm - - d. 1j30c per rai. ; coal oil, I4ai teat. T614C. tank. 40c: beat etralta. (Oct Lab rador. West Vlrnlala. lubrlratlnc. ei mlDere'. 40c: iard oi;t. winter atralned. In Ixir - rel. too per gaL; half - barrala; la per gaL extra. Frvlta mm Vse tables, Bellinc pi icea. Lemona U.004JS 60 a box. - Oraosea 3.i0 a box. Cabbe 06 ittc a barrel.' ! Potatoea ll.U a barrel; 4 to a buabal. ! Unlona tl.ii a barreh 4094SO a buabaU Bpantab Onions fl.Z& a crate. - 1 Hcbey New, I415c 1 - lb. cups. j Oretn fJeana toe a buabai box. 1 ' ' Peaches California. 11.26 - per box. ' Appiea II. tofc 1.00 tor poor; good. .6O4J.00; fancy. I3.2i03 o a barrel. . Celery l&4)2uc a biiirb. Celery Kanojr; ai40c. Peara - Ktojj 11.00 a bushel; W.Ooaj.M per bar rel. ' "Blue Damaoo Plums 7&flS5c one - bait, buaha! era I a. Orapea Concords. 14e for S - lb. baskets. Grapes Delaware. tOtfttc. White Crapes 12flSc for Hb. baskets. Qnlncea Tic a buahel; I? 00 a barrel. Sweet Potatoes Genuine Jersey i, t!W bar - pel: Baltimore - Jerseys. tl.tS. Cranberries M.W barrel; tlOO buahal box. leathsr. Selltns; prices i Harness leather, 33$36o 'sola leather, oak. t7C30o; hemlock, 24I6c: sklrt - inc. r4lc; alnle strap. XQile; city kip, 9 lie: French kip, sOe&Sl.U; city calf. Oc0 tl.10; French calf; tLsOwLas. Paekaire Coffees. City prices on pack a re coffees are as follows: Arioea. $10.15: Uon. $9.15: Jersey, $J.U; Caracas, ti.15; EHJIworth. 110.15: King lie. $10.15: Cordova. $10.15: Mail Pouch. $.&. Jobbtns; Prices in Floor. ' Bprlng patents, $t.7S495.00; winter patents, $4 Oo4.25; straight grades. $3.6O3.70; - extra fancy grades. 11. lamuy, Bides and Tallow. Hides No. 1 a. s. bides. SKc: No. I s. bides. 7e; No. 1 calf. 10c; No. t caU. Iicj N. 1 taiiow. Ic; No. 1 tallow, tc , WaoL The following prices are paid for wagon lota: Good, unwashed, IS J? 20c; burry and I cotted. uatc: tub - waahad. seao. THE XI VE STOCK MARKET. Cattle Doll Hows Active Sheep and Lambs Active. . Indianapolis Union Stock Yards. Nov. l - Cattle Receipts 1.000 head. Shipments 500 head. The general cattle market continues very, dull, and a rather weaker tendency In prices for, all except the beat slick fat. Export and shipping' cattle wo quote: Good to' prime steers, 1.360 lbs. and Upward I 4 75S5 20 Fair to medium steers, 1,330 lbs. and upward Good to choice L1S0 to 1,300 lb, eteers Fair to medium 1,150 to 1.300 lb. steers '. ....v.... Medium to good 900 to 1.100 lb. steers 4 45(54 70 : U 4 3S24 fO r. 4 25S4 60 4 0OS4 35 Good to choice feeding steers. 4 ISfp 4 15 Fair to medium feeding ateers. 2 00 4 00 Common to good sfockers X 00 S 90 . Butchers' cattle we quote: Good to choice ihelfers. ........ Fair to medium heifers Common light heifers Good to choice cows Fair to medium tows Common old cows............... Veal calves - Hsaw calves .8 85 4 50 8 3 75 2 75 3 25j if y"ri 3 75 ? 2 2 15 kSCS. 3 000 5 to w ' v a i Prime to fancy export bulls. . , S 60 3 7$ Good to choice butcher bulls.. 3 003 3 65 Common to fair bulls 2 B0 2 90 Good to choice cows and calves 35 0050 00 Common to medium - cows and ; - . i calves 15 00$30 00 Hogs Receipts 1.100 head. Shipments 8.000 head. The bog market was aatlve, with packers; the principal buyers, and stead v prices. compared with yesterday. : We ciuote; - I Good to choice medium and heavy S3 42 Mixed and heavy packing .... 3 25 - 53 35 Good to choice lightweights .. 3 203 35 Common lightweights .. 3 003 15 Pigs 2 003 15 Roughs ...... .'..: 2 75(g3 15 I . bneep - Keceipis . ow nraa. enip I fair. The Sheep and lamb market Sheep Receipts - 300 head. Shipments was active, with steady ' prices, compared with yesterday, we Quote: - Sheep Receipts, 600 head. Shipments, fair. The' sheeD and lamb market was active, with fully steady to strong prices. Good to choice lambs ....14 75 - 55 25 Good to choice sheep 3 7&S4 00 Common sheep 2 OOSI Bucks, per head.... 2 0064 00 . Cblcaa - o Live Stock Market. . ' Chlcagd November 16. Hog - Estlmat - ed receipts to - day 42.000 head; left over 3.841 head. The market was steady to strong; light 3.10S3. 45." mixed $3.15150. heavy I3.45ffr3.60, rough J3.20r3.30. ' Yorkers 33.40f3.424 - Cattle Receipts 400 head; cows and heifers 33.493.60. Texas steers 32.75434.00. Westerns 33.3064.&0, stockers and feeders J3.40g3.50. ' Live Stock at Cincinnati. Cincinnati, 0.. November 16. Hogs - Fair; peiect snippers 13.313.40, common 23.00W3.20. Cattle Strong; fair, to good shippers 4.404 - 8i. eommon S2.902i3.25. Sheep Dull, lower; extras 33.85&4.00. common sj.1yrrj.3u. bamos - duii. lower: extras - ta.10ra6.25, common to fair 34.00 4.60. . , ' CHICAGO GRAIX A5D PROTISIOXS. Activity "Disappeared and Tradlaar was Llxht Quotations. - Chicago. November 16. Wheat to - day fell Into the condition of lethargy which was marked last week. The activity of the past few days, entirely disappeared and trading for the roost part was composed of small scalping operations. " A distinctly easier feeling prevailed at the opening. May starting c lower at t&i 65c, and December c lower at 654 66c. Liverpool followed closely the decline here yesterday and cables came d lower. Paris also showed a small decline. Northwest receipts were again heavy. 1 Minneapolis and Duluth report ing 1,039 cars, compared with 769 a year ago. Chicago receipts were 194 cars. Weather West was still favorable for movement of wheat to country markets. New York reported, that foreigners were doing practically, nothing. Moderate buying against "puts" and an improved demand from shortfc resulted In a slurht stiffening 01 prices - later in the session. LMay advancing' to 65Te. It reacted again to Crc.'" December advanced to' 1 Cttm was very dull, but firm. Cables were lower, but receipts were very .small In spite of good 'shipping weather. May opened a shade lower at XktXsVsc, and advanced to S3c, easing off later to mc Receipts were 222 cars. Oats were low on a slow demand. Re ceipts were 201 cars.' May opened a shade lower at 24rp2tc, advanced to . Provisions .were dull1 and easy. . There was some selling of lard and ribs by packers. The hog market was steady. January pork opened 2Vc lower at declined to JS - 77H and reacted to S8.S0 j January lard unchanged at 4 - Soo. January ribs opened at 4.41Vi4JOc and neia at 4.47 ' 1 1 Qnotatloas. fBy L. W. Louis's Wlrs. Ooen - High - Low - i lng." est est. Closing Not . 16. Nov. 13. 6Ss - o6 K 6"H - WH Wlieat Dec May .... May .... ..... May S2H 3lt4 - 4 32H 23M 33VS 33 - H 33?i 24 24 24S 20 - , 24 24i 24 - 4 25 24 - t4 24 . 7 73 ; 8 So 4 SO 4 85 ... 7 70 aaj S S j. 4 77 ... 4 65 7 S2 8 92 4 SS .4 93 7 70 S 77 4 77 4 85 4 44 4 47 7 82 8 92 4 K5 4 92 Jan ... ... Jan ,Ribs JVc ... Jan ... - 4 49 4 45 .. 4 47 - 50.4 55 4 42 4 42 4 52 - 55 4 47 - 50 Clcsln? cash market": Wheat Wc. corn 31c. oats 24Vje, pork $7.82, lard 4.85c. ' - ladlaaapolls Grata Market. - Wheat Weak; No. 2 red 6S0. No. 3 red 435 67c, November. 6ic, wagon S7c Corri S'eady; No. 1 white 32c. No. 3 white (one color) SJ'ia No. 4 white 2Mic No. 2 ' a - hite mixed 32c. No. 3 white mixed 32V.C. No. .4 white mixed 2&4c. No. 2 yellow 32ijc, No. 3 yellow 37V No. 4 yellow tc; No. 2 mixenl 32Hc. No. 3 mixed .'4c ear 32V - c, (Above pri'oes for old com.) ! Oats Stesdy; No. 2 white 2Sc. No. 3 whits Tixtc. No. 2' mixed 26c, No. 3 mixed S - sc ' .... Hay No. 1 timothy $7.50. No. Z timothy 96.57.00. '.. .,' ..... Inspections: Wheat No. t re4 4 car. No. 2 red 5 cars; total 9 cars. Corn No. 4 white 8 cars. No. 4 mixed 6 cars, ear 1 car, na established grade 1 oar; total 1 cars. Oats No. S mixed 1 car. No. 8 mixed 8 cars, rejected 1 carj total 18 cars. ifew TerU Provisions. ' New York. November 1. Butter Receipts 8.9U packages: flrm Western creamery Qic, Elglns S4jC factory U"1i4Hc. ' Obe"e Kecetpts 4.32 pack - , sjres; steady; large white cV small do c. large colored V4c. - small colored 9Vc. Western 23tc Plax sit t'hleago. ' Chicago. November '18. Flax Cash Northwest IL01H. May 1.004, December 9CHc. Pats lid Calls. Chicago. November 18. December Wheat Put 66I40; oalla 67Hc 67c May Corn - - Puts 33c; calls 3Sc. Other Grain Markets. Baltimore Cash 71c. December T2o. Minneapolis December 6ic, May 644c Duluth December 63Tac. May 63"tjC. . New York December T4Nc, May 71V4c St. Ixu is December "0c. May 69c. Toledo December 71',c. May TOc. r ladlaaa OIL . Montpeller, Ind.. November 18. Indiana . oil 73c a barrel. 1 ; . STOCKS MOJTET ASD BOXDS. Market was Slnsa - lsb at ' Opening: Later Improvemeat. New York, November 16 Tne movement of the market was.alugglsh at the opening, and there was no marked tendency to advance, although many stocks showed small gains over yester - day'a closel Sugar, opened off . and immediately rose hk. tuid Atchison preferred, . after losing a, promptly recovered a. Changes otherwise were not significant. Stop orders were covered In a number of shares shortly after the opening, which precipitated marked weakness all . around. Offerings of the Northern Pacific stocks were very "large, and they lost lVs and lhi; Sugar and Metropolitan lost over 2 points. Many other stocks lost a point. Toward' 11 o'clock heavy buying of Omaha and Northwest lifted them 1 and 3 per cent., respectively, and checked the decline elsewhere. Improvements of a substantial character followed in the other grangers, specialties and some of the Southern group. i The rally In prices tempted the traders to take profits, and the market eased off again. The offerings, however, were light and steadiness developed. International paper was exceptionally strong, and advanced 3 points. Sales of stocks to noon 272.229 shares. . Bonds dropped Steadily, on moderate dealings, which were mainly in the active issues. - . Money." ""."' Money on call nominally 2tf24 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 3(24 : per cent. Sterling . exchange steady, with actual business in bankers' bills at i 4S3S4S5 for demand and at WHSSl; for sixty days; posted rates 4S3ii4A6Vs; commercial bills 4Sli'?4Sl4. .Silver certificates 60g 614. Bar silver .. Mexican 'dellars 47V. Bonds. j ' Government bonds easier; Ss'lOSli, new 4a registered 126. coupon 121. 4s 110, coupon 112, 2ds 98V4, 5s registered 111, I coupon 112, Pacific 6s of '99 1024 - ..toelts. fBy L. W. Louis's Wlrs.1 Open - High - Low - Cloe - J lng. est. . est, mg. Atchison .... 15V4 16V.15? - 164 Atchison pfd . 42 44 41 44Vi Amer. Tobacco ..,..1404 .141V4 1384 139 C, B. & Q....... - ...118'4 119 1184 1194 G.. C.. C. & St. L. 41 41 41 , 41 Canada Southern... 64 54 04 54 Chicago - Gas ........105V4 - i05T4 ' 105T Ches. & Ohio........ 23 23 - j 22 224 Leather Pfd ......... 6714 674 j 67 .: 674 General Electric. J... 82 2 : 4 82 884 Jersey Central 89 fO i Kansas & Texas pfd 344 344 1 3 - i 344 354 61 . 94 37 41 75 1174 1374 85 .37 16 10T54 Lead 35 354 - 354 Louisville & Nash..; 60 Manhattan Con...... 94 j 61 59 93 36 404 75T 954 37 41 754 Missouri Pacific. ..j... 37 Northern Pacific..1... .41 Northern Pacific nd 75 New York .centrafin 117 117 .Northwestern .135 . S4 .37 135 6 .84 384 374 16 16' 108 1074 Omaha . Pacific Mall . .... Reading .... .... 16 Rock Island 107 South. Ry., pref.... 374 : - .'.1214 123 114 122 38 374 38 Sugar Refinery . St. Paul Tennessee Coal Union Pacific .. U. Pacific, pref. Western Union ..1.124 1134. 1124 113 ..i.. 30 :31 30 - 314 34 3o . 34 35 ,L. MV 64 67 ' 6i 1 Sals, 282.900 shares. Indianapolis Clearings. 1 Knv Ifi Kn 0 Clearings ,$1.48.614 80 31,113.591 42 .Balances 1 , 274,119 18 122,540 23 Cleanings In Other Cities. Clearlnga at the larger cities yesterday were: New York ....... .... ......3240.800.402 Chicago ..1 ............... 20.691,624 Boston ...J.... 25,071,497 Philadelphia ...... ,.t : . - . 15,495,661 St. Louis .L. .......... .j... 6,979.268 faltlmore .t, 3,689,805 New York exchange sold yesterday as follows: - Chicago. 5c premium; St. Louis, loc discount Did. parjasked. Pensions fori Indlanlans. Special to The Indianapolis News. Washington, D. CLi November 16. Pen sions have been granted to Indlanlans as follows: " V Original John C.i Newton., Indlahapo - . I lis. 16. i Additional Jeremiah Painter. Algiers. $6 to JS; Thomas Carey. Star City. IS to $3. Restoration and Additional Lsaac H. McKlnney (deceased), Shelburn, iS to $12. Increase George - Flora. Mitchell. J17 to $24; Michael Mclntlre. Lebanon. $12 to $17. Reissue Benjamin F.. Crow, j West Lebanon. $S to - $16. . ; ' Original Widows, Etc. Margarette E. Acoam, Bedford, . $8; minor of Samuel Evans, Rockville, $14; Emellne Miller, Russiavllte, $. . ! . ru '' He Deeame Iasane. I . . 1 Special to The Indianapolis News.) prazll, Ind., November 16. Two years ago the explosion of a gun drove the breech pin into Edward Hill's brain. By a difficult surgical operation" the pin was removed, and Hill apparently recovered. List . night he was seized - with a severe pain In the heed, and in a short time was violently Insane.' He is not expected to live. :'. . - - - ' - ' ' . O 11 . - . I ; Oa a Fnrloagh,' . . I Special to The Indianapolis News "Dlllsboro. Ind.. November 16. Private Joseph Baker of Company L, One - hun - dfpd - and - slxtleth Indiana Volunteers, Is home on a thirty days' furlough for a visit to his parents, in the village of Pate. He has been sick In the hospital at! Newport News, - Ya.. for seven weeks. ' o - ! Rival Claims Settled. . Special to The Isdiariapoits News. Plymouth, Ind.. j November - J6. Last night the City Council' settled the claims of! attorney Hess and 'attorney Shunk to the offlce or city attorney, by declaring the rosltion vacant; and electing - ex - Mayor Johnson to the vacancy. , As Easy Solatloa. I London Tit - Bits. J Teacher (to new girl) Now. Dolly, ril give you a - sum. Supposing that your father owed the butcner tio. Us and 24l' 7. 2s to the bootmaker; 14 and 9d to the 1 milkman, anaaji, u3 ana to tne coal merchant ' ; - Dolly (confidently) We should move. I o The Art of Silence.' . I ' ' Chicago .'Record.! "How queer! Somebody has written a book on 'How to Listen to Music'" What's queer about that?". "Why. what the world needs is a book on I "How to Let Otter - People Listen to Music.' " LMOX STOCK YARDS. R. R. Shtei A Co.'s Aati - Trast Live Stock Market Report. Indianapolis. Ind.. November 14. ISM. Vl had heavy receipts. Market siow - on He tits and mediums; and strong on heavies; aiito V ax - erages sold at V. - '1 - ! o $3.W. and 10" to rw averages sold at' 12.574. to (3.42 - ,. - Lights. 1 to lSaaYerace. sold at H.'i5 to 3.Ji. t - ud us ur niediams and heavies; can uae all that come. The best ho. - ra are what we want. Got el - ht doubW foe Squire Co.. ot tOtrtn. and had .orders for fifteen; Will boy boss weighed in Boston. You can save on through billing, qu're i Co. want their hogs .weighed bers.wia Boston.. , , EXCURSION SEASON ENDIN Bin B18I5KS9 HAS BEE D65B WITl CHEAP EXt VRSIO.tS. Some R'oaisa AVenld Like - to Have Them PtoppedJ However Ceneral Ri llroad Hews, Xetes asd Per - , soaals Vandal 1m Report. The cheap excursion season is about at an end for this yearl The Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton win. run Its last ex curslon next Sunday, and the Big. Four the Sunday following. It is estimated by railroad men that these two roads bava bandied. on the. tl excursions to and from Cincinnati this year about 30.000 passen gers, a fewer number than they handle a year ago. This does not take Into con slderatlon the special excursions. The managers of the railroads expect to do away with these cheap excursions next year. - Tha Lake Erie A. Western had a. good many Sunday excursions into, this city, and while the figures are not yet obtainable, the officers think tha road ha handled as many passengers into this city as the other two lines have taken out of it. The, Pennsylvania has also done a good business between Louievllla. Madison and Indianapolis and the Indiana, Decatur & Western is far ahead of last year on the number of passengers catnea. - - ;. - Coneernlag Railroad Slew. B. S. WJnchell will retire December X .from the "Frisco line to become passen ger traffic manager of the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf. John Chesbrough Is being considered as his successor on the 'Frljco, but no appointment has yet been made. ' ,. ; , S. ,B. F. Morse, general passenger agent of the Southern Pacific, after a month a visit to relatives at Cincinnati and Co lumbus, left Tuesday night for his head Quarters, at New Orleans. ; W. F. Peabody, formerly of the Balti more & Ohio Southwestern, accompanied by A. II. McLeod, traffic manager of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, is mak lng a flyiflg trip through Mexico. J. C. Bland, assistant chief engineer of the Pennsylvania lines. - arrived in the city yesterday afternoon on bis bridge inspection. . - . ... A. E. Stillwell; president of the Kan sas City. Pittsburg & Gulf, has taken a trip over the Lima Northern, and this has given rise to the - report that he is one of a syndicate tliat Is about to pur chase that road. Robert Mullane has resigned his posi tion in the office of the assistant general ireigni agent ot the Big Four at Cin cinnatL to take a Dlace with th fhidah racung company at umana. , - P. H. Llgett has been appointed Joint passenger and ticket agent for the Lake Shore' and the Lake vErle. & Western at 1 1. 'v ayne. . President Woodford, of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, left Tuesday night ror nis neaaquarters m New York. R. B. F. Pelrce, general manager of the Indiana. Decatur & Western and re ceiver of the Clover Leaf, was at his onice a snort, time Tuesday afternoon. He looks pale and weak, but is no longer In danger, and In a short time will be back to his good health. Mr. Pelrce re ceived a hearty .welcome from the railroad men, who heard he was able to be at his office, land his telephone "was busy the greater part of the afternoon. M. E. Ingalls, president of the Big Four, has gojne to New York, where he will remain about two weeks. . He was" called there to take part in the reorganization of the Joint Traffic Association. John W. Riley, superintendent of the Peoria & Eastern, has been taken from the sanatorium - to his home, and has so far recovered that he will be at his office In a short time. Russell Harding has Assumed his duties as vice - president and general manager or tne cotton welt. President Rouse, ofthe Missouri. Kansas & Texas, is in Texas, inspecting the lines In that State. Fred P. Morris; son of the' late J. S. Morris, formerly superintendent of the Pennsylvania, did Tuesday at Tiffin, O. W. H. Fisher, general passenger and ticket agent, of 1 the Hocking Valley, Is making an inspection of the road and Ml'1,1" the dlfferentjlcket agents William, - Herr, clerk to the purchasing agent of the Hocking Valley, has been granted a three months' leave of absence. - J. M. Eckma n has resigned as clerk In the bureau of inspection, and will join his brother In Porto Rico. I - C. C. Stelnmetx, having been transferred to other duties, William Haver - camp has been placed In charge of the Vandalla shops at Brazil. Conductor John Browning; of the. Mc - non. who was hurt aeveral weeks ago. took, out his train again. George W. Boyd assistant general pas - senger agent of the Pennsylvania line, east of Pittsburg, is visiting the Important points oh the lines and consulting with the different agents. . - - S. C Davis, chief clerk to Division Freight Agent Davis, the Pennsylvania lines, has returned from a hunting trip. William GarstangT superintendent of motlvei power on the Big Four, Is'In Chicago, attending a meeting of tao executive committee of the Master Mechanics' Association. 1 The Vandalla In September. Volney T. Malott, receiver of the Vandalla. has .filed In the TTnlted Rraras Court his report for the month - of Sep - k 1 sr' . - tember. There haa been a steadv In crease In thjB earnings of the road since Mr. Malott took charge, and Septembea was no exception. ;The figures show: Cash on hand Aug. 31, 1898...,. $218,366 19 Receipts during Sept., 5 1898.,... " 806,223 76 $1,024,589 95 Disbursements 188.... during Sept, 786.804 19 Balance on hand Sept 30. 1898 ' $237,785 76 Keceipts ov. 14. 1S96, to Sept. - - - 30, ISO .$15,520,383 01 disbursements rov. 14, 1S96, to Sept. 30, 1898 ," 15,282,597 25 Balance - In part the report continues $237,755 76 The result, of the Terre. Haute & Indi - anapolls Railroad Company of the oper atlons for the month oi September, after charging Interest on Its own bonds, pro portion ot - taxes, rentals of leased lines and the keeping of all obligations; ex cept advancing the difference between the rentals and the amount required to pay interest, on some of. the bonds of leased lines, is shown below: t Profit operating T. H. & I. R. R. $47,624 50 Two - sevenths profit operating SU 1 L.. V. & T. H. R. R 6.933 04 Profit (operating T. H. & L. R. R, I 7 .204 89 Prqflt .operating T. H. &. P. R. R. j 1.604 08 $63.266 51 Less loss operating I. railway ; & L.' M. 4 73 Profit to T. H. & I R. H. Co. for month September .$62.441 78 Profit to T. H. & I. R. R. Co for twenty - two months and seventeen days .. .$260,247 03 WUcoaala Central Affairs. Milwaukee. Wis.. November 16. The receivers of the Wisconsin Central line have made application to judge Jenkins for permission to issue a second "series "of receivet s certificates to the amount of n.OuO.OOO at S per cent., payable five years from March 1, 1S99. The court has taken the matter under' advisement. The receivers ar? desirous of securing new equipments for the road. The $2,000,000 issue of certificates outstanding fall due to - day, but the court granted an order extending the payment for two years on payment of a bonus of 1 per cent - Up to this time the certfneates have been drawing 5 per cent., but from to - day they will bear 6 per cent. No opposition was raised to the old certificates, but Mark T. Cox. of the Central Car Company, objected strongly ta the new issue. The Chicago A Alios DeaL ' Chicago. November 18. President Black - stone, of the Chicago & Alton road, that the controlling Interest of the road of which. he is president has been bougtit or contracted for by .the Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf company', or by any other financial concern. " New Tork. November 16. Little authentic news can be learned regarding the progress of the negotiations for the pur chase by the Kansas Cty, Pittsburg & Gulf Railroad Company of a controlling Interest in the Chicago' Alton railroad. President A. E. Stillwell, of the Kansas City road, who has been In this .city for the last week, said that be could give out no information at present concerning the projected transaction. It Is report?! that a cash option on the control of th Alton stock, with - , ample protection to talnorlty holders, has for some time be?h In possesion of the Illinois - Trust and Savings t Bank, and ' that on this bptlon being offered to the Kansas City. Pittsburg & Gulf, the leading Interestk - 'ln thit company organised a syndicate f)r taking up the option, the subscribers to the syndicate .said to . be the Kansas City. Pacific 4k Oulf. or Its financial backers. $15,000,000; Drexel : CoM of Philadelphia. $10,000,000: the IlUnoIs Trust and Savings oaua, u,'w.?jv, ana several smaller subscribers.! $S.0OO.OOO. : The carrying through of the reported deal would - give the Kanas City. Pittsburg eV Gulf road an outlet to Cbleago. Not a few well - Informed men down - town, however! express the opmlen that the control of the Alton stock will not be secure! by the Kansas CI ty, Pittsburg A Qui! railroad.: Wabash Chan are Special to The of Taroaa - b. Roate. Bndlanapxrils Kews.1 - Wabash. Ind., " November 14. The def inite announcement of Sheldon C. Rey nolds, director of the Wabash railroad, that the company Iwill, In the spring, assuredly begin thi construction ot the cut - off between Toledo and Montpeller. O., uniting the , Toledo and Detroit divisions. s accepted as a decision on the part - of the , company to turn all Its through i traffic from tne Toledo to the Detroit illne.. making the latter its through route, not only for business designed for the Wabash Buffalo division, but for - connecting lines running south of Lake Erie. This traffic Is now sent over the Toledo line, but with the building of the cut - off It can be sent to Toledo by way of, Montpeller. All of the Important through freight and passenger trains which formerly ran via the Toledo line, are now sent over: the Eel River division, which, in effect, haa become the main stem, while the present main line has degenerated into a branch, j October Baslness In Indianapolis. Trains and cars arriving and departing from Indianapolis Union station during the month of October, 1898: Big Four Lines Trains. X"ars. Peoria & Eastern 345 242 701 344 11V 436 3) ro St Louis division. Chicago division Indianapolis division Pennsylvania Lines ' Indianapolis & Vincennea. Ixwjlsille division Indianapolis division Vandalla Indiana. Decatur & Western 231 Cin., Ham. & Dayton.. 3ri9 Lake Erie & Western......... 173 Monon 184 Total .J.3,874 2258 22.4 Total for 1857 .3.S06. J Ill IS f .' Santa Fe la jSan. Francisco. San Francisco, Cal - , November 16. The State harbor commissioners have granted to the Atchison; Topeka & Santa ,Fe railway a Slip - near the Main - street wharf as a freight terminaL - The appli cation for that dock " was made by A - Payson, in behalf of the San Francisco A San Joaquin Valley railroad. It Is asserted that the Santa Fe com pany proposes to transfer Its freight cars on barges from its terminal at Poiat Richmond. It Is understood that the op tion obtained some . time ago by the Valley road on the Chl - a basin property will be abandoned. The Santa Ke company also contemplates establishing a passenger ' ferry service across the bay. Railway Rivalry Idaho. Portland. Ore.. November 16. Tne Northern Pacific and the. Oregon Railway and Navigation Company are locating lines In the Nea Perce country, Idaho. Appearances' Indicate a lively contest between the two companies. It looks as if there - will be plenty o railroad - building the North Pacific coast States this season. The Northern Pacific is the ag - . gressor. The navigation company is sup posed to be backed by the Union Pacific and the Great Northern, and the contest promises to be a lively, ope. Railroad of ficers are extremely reticent, but the sur veying gangs are doing a great deal of talking, and are supposed to be' well in formed. . Michigan Central aad Lake Shore. The rumor Is again started that the 'office of the Michigan Central and Lake Shore are to be consolidated at common points, and that it is on the cards that the board of oncers on the. Michigan Central are to be shifted. ; It is also . asserted that the Michigan Central offices are to be moved from Detroit to Chicago. Within the last . . . v. I Detroit and Toledo have been consolidated. the Michigan Central taking one - third and the Lake Shore two - thirds of the em ployes. ' . - . - ''..' . - The Black Diamond Road. Special to The Indianapolis News. ' - Crown Point, 'Ind., November 16. Geo. W. Fisher, county surveyor, has received ord from Albert E. Boone, chief of con - - Btructlon of the proposed Black Diamond railroad, that the survey of the extension from Greenfield, Ind., to this city, .and thence to Chicago via Hammond, will be commenced . - in this county aa soon, as the Kankakee marsh freezes over to make it passable for the surveying corps. . . . 1 - . .1 - ' - - .;. ; m - Santa Fe San Francisco Termtnns. Ban Francisco, CaL, November 16. The Santa Fe has secured terminal facilities in this city. The company will have the en tire block bounded by Spear, Main, Harri son and Bryant streets, in addition icy a number or water iota adjoining, wane the purchase of the property has' not wen finally .consummated, negotiations Have reiched .the i point where the deal is almost an accomplished fact. ' . Railroad Xotes. The Indiana, Decatur & Wesstern shops have so mucn work uiat the force of meh has been Increased. j - The Pennsylvania haa .decided to order 2,000 more freight cars, making - a total of i.OOO ordered this year. : . I Navigation has closed" on" the lakes, and the freight and passenger agents have been notified to that effect. ' i The Canadian Pacific, has ordered twelve special compound engines from a manufactory In the United States. . The receivers of - the Wisconsin Central have made application for permission to issue $1,000,000 In certificates. Part of the money is to be used In the purchase of new equipment. . . j The board - of managers of the ' Union Railway Company held its monthly meet ing at - .the Lnlon station this afternoon and discussed the question of Improve - ments on tha Belt next vear. , imp 9 V .... .... .. ' I Louis, the Wisronslnt Central am) the Chicago Great Western are working with brokers, and a cifeting of passenger men ha been calied to investigate. The trains are bringing In large crowds of people to - day. and the streets an thronged with strangers. The ; reduced rates on account of the Flower . Mission' and" the meeting of, the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellow is the cause. . New Tork" dispatches say - that the owner of the Kansas City, Pitts bur &. Gulf have consummated a deal wkertby Uiey become the owners of the Chicago fc A - lton road, and will take charge of that property the first of the yearv - As soon aa both roads are Out of the hands of receivers, the Baltimore & Ohio, it is asserted, will absorb the Wheeling & Lake Erie. This arrangement will let the Baltimore & Ohio into Toledo and give it direct connection with the Michigan, tines. - ; . Ifi understood that the Wab.tsh wl - l. within slxtyldays, purchase of the Grind Trunk the division between Wlndsir and Buffalo through Ontario. - for $4.0.00i). The Wabaeh has been using this dlviuljn for some time, and haa been doing a rushing business, and when the lease was made rt was with the understanding that a purchase would follow if the business Justified rt - ' - : ' 1 ' 0 i , A Flae Residence Sold.' . I Special to The Indianapolis News. ; Wabash, Ind., November 16. Cspt. Alexander Hess, Clerk of the Supreme Court., whose term expires about December L to - day closed a deal for the handsome residence of Capt. A. M, Atkinson, which Is one of the largest and finest homes In - Wabash, and which cost $25,000,' Captain Hess will, move into the residence March L when he return from Indianapolis. . - . WORK ON THE RIYER PARK A.X ATTRACTIVE CTCXJE PATH WTTH t 5PE.XSIOK BRIDGES. Worst os This aad the Park: Raaas, ' Together wltk Cleaallaess at the Wooded Land, Attracts At - teattoa The Plaas. . r The new park land, aton White river Is beginning to look like a park in some large spots. f Much "cleaneoV - up" ground loo as though . It were ready for the picnic - party and the dance.' Gradually the effect of the work of the park forces is seen, but it will take a great deal of labor to make a large showing la the great park. Things which attract the attention now are the clean appearance of the wooded j lands and the work on the bicycle naihl and roads. Two thirty - foot roads are be - lng made now. One leads from the Meyers road, west of the park, around the terrace to what Is known as ths w..t,... 1. . ed stretch half al mile long. At the north aaifcw aatvaisa WOVU sWSV. Vat M, SUSP saw - sss v ww ehd of the Watt I woods a narrow bayou begins and extends, like the segment of a drci. thronrh tha Watt and Richard - son lands to the south end of tha Richi ardaon land, where it rejoins the river. Only In high water Is this bay 00 filled. When It la filled, part of the Watt - Richardson land la an Island of nearly twenty acres. This Island is now trimmed and cleared and looks inviting. Tha! park superintendent's plans for a dam . provide for enough back - water to keep this bayou always Ailed, and thus a perma nent island will be made. It will be reached by numerous rustic bridges and one large bridge for vehicles. ; The bicycle path is discernible nke a streak of white along the foot of 'The Terrace." "The Terrace" is the high ground along tha west side of the nark land, extending .from end to end, and furnishing a suggestion of the west bank of a primeval river bed. in spots, par - tlcuUrlv at the north end. this terrace is unusually high, and mimics mountain ranges. All who have examined it have pronounced It a particularly picturesque feature of tha park, presenting a beauti ful contour. . Cycle Path Coarse. It is along the foot of this terrace that the cycle path Is being built. When spring opens,, this eight - foot path will be completed from end to end. and ready for the wheelmen In addition to this, two suspension bridges, each eight feet wide, similar to the one built over Fall creek, for the Mlllersvilla cycle path, will be thrown across the river, for the, use of cyclists and pedestrians only. One of these bridges will crosa the river be low Thirtieth street and the other will connect the canat tow - path with the park system, north of the Country Club. By this connection the canal tow - path may be followed to the north end of Riverside Park, where the river may be crossed on a hfgh . cable suspension bridge, and the return trip made along the foot of the terrace to the Crawfords - vllle road. - The Board of Public' Work will soon advertise for bids for the making of the driveway - north of the Craw fords viHe road along the east bank of the. river to Thirtieth street, and thence north along the west bank to the north end of the park. The1 board proposes to have this driveway made of gravel, pumped from the river, lb wiii begin at tne crawtoras - vllle road, east of the Emmerich grove. will run along tha east side of the grove to the north line or tne grove, men to the river bank, and proceed continuously along the river bank, crossing at Thirtieth street. The road is to run around the Emmerich rrove. because Superin tendent Power la loath to harm a single tree In this spot, where nature nas oeen two generations in making:, magnificent specimens of forestry. 1 ne coniraci ior pumping thla graver will be let this month, and work done as rapidly .as possible. , - Besldes this work, the board will proceed with plan for making the Craw - fordsville road higher. It. too, will be made with gravel pumped from the mer and Fall creek. - The Park Dam. Th nark superintendent haa complet ed his elevations; and general plans for the dam whicn is to - make White river. through the park, like a lake. The su - nerintendenf plan call for an eight et am JocatedJ about V't east of the Crawfordsville road bridge nvpr the river. iThe dam will be made of concrete and - Aill furnish a backwater sufficient to glvs the river an average depth of five feet for two miles and a half, also supplying water - ror ine oayous and lagoons thaR will be made. The water will have a width sufficient for small sailing, craft., ; f Workmen are pow making the foundation for the driyeway north of Crooked Run. - This driveway - will lead to the north line of theparkv , The making of the parte ha led the administration to decide on a large an nexation scheme. All of Riverside Park and tha land west of the river aa far south aa Hauahvllle will be Included In the territory to be annexed. There are several pieces of property which are desirable to complete the park, which the owners would not sell on the same terms as the rest of the land, and these will be taken by condemnation proceedings. The exact boundaries of the territoey to be annexed have not been, designated yet. The city haa bought 80,000 young trees, a. cart of which have been delivered. tThey Uftve been planted' on the top of the there they will be trajnsplanted to other parts of the rark. particularly along roadways. The Coart - IIoase Park. 1 The county1 commissioner, say that men will be at work with the Court House Park within ten day. They are receiving bids and Informing' the bidders that work must be begun as soon as the contract Is awarded.. INDETERMINATE LAW. Governor Mosat'i Jfotlce to Jadges - Who Are Igaorlaa - It. . After hearing report, last evening. concerning the fal)ure of Judge to - en - 1 Z7k2 &nT - Governor Mount prepared the - fblldwlns; letter to all concerned: . "At a joint conference held thf day between the board of control of the Indi ana State prison and the prison commit tee of the Board of State Charities, it was found, upon Investigation, that. since the passage of the Indeterminate sentence law. there have been eighty - six committals to the Indiana State prison, contrary to the provision of said law.: - A part of these sentences have been rendered since the Supreme Court declared the indeterminate sentence law constitutional. An opinion rendered by the AttorpeysGeneral, which bar the 'men fiom parole - who are not sentenced under the provisions of the Indeterminate sentence law; works a great narasnip to men thus sentenced by soma of the judges of courts of tms btate. f "I desire to urge upon Judges. iwh( are thus sentencing men contrary to! the pro - 'Pesspites Poverty Toll dirC i visioom 01 1 tne indeterminate sentmca ia percaner tne law snouH b complied wjith. "to the end tha ail men be treated eouaiiv befora th L accotdlnr tb law. . . 'JAMES A - MOUNT. - HAS TO PAY THE FEE. Sapresse Coart Declsloa'Ia C at E. (.' lacwrporatlaa. Case. - . I A Kilre - afl cdrporatlco must pay the fee for - flltg its article of incorporation - It It perat4s a road in this State, wheth - er artiilea of Incorporation are flld or rt. Thfc Supreme Court atarmed1 tha judgment aWealed from b'r the Chicago A Eawern Indiana Railroad Company; by - - which it wis required to pay. $.5S7.S0 t the Rate oi Indiana as a fee for Cing its artle of ron - solicJatlon. This allroai ' corawllidatji wUh tha ChkAgo IndiafHa. Coal toad. Article of Incorporation wera tiled Jn IUIhois In lS94andi copies wera . sent jto IaJiana to be filed. When - thwT Hl''lt,r farTW1 ,t!' wcmld b ,1 $23,00 he siated that he did not have the r moneir. aa4 took the papers - - awsy wlthit fting. , Suit was brought !2 JTt lhe mor.ey. on ' - the theory thai the articles had ben ftled. but the cofcrts decided In favor of the - rmurrrou. iif tne meantime, the law was j changed, arid a new suit was berun. This I t,n ih lability - f the railroad' was as - 'r. l? W on that the con - I BViirBDra - l Wm rTVT a asm saa s4aaa aa J Indlaia railroad, and th Stata wonThi law uhder t - hlch the suit was prosecuief; I WM mtroaurea into tne Legislature Just I before) the close of the session In 1. I and psed I by th Oovj th Houses and was signed nor on the same day It was 1 introduced. 1. Xairtaa - e la Valaable. . An Insolvent single man may give - hi - r cronert v to a woman for mamrtnc him. ! If she knei nothmg of his indebtedness; and the co eyance was In good - faftru - i it can not set aside by his creditors. , Rush Whlt of Indianapolis, agreed to estate to his present wifa give hps n If she Srouli marry - him. She consented, j they ifere led. and a deed tar tha ! property w made. He - waa then in - ' solvent, a hi creditors tried tty have the deed to s wife st aside as fraudu - lent, but th Circuit Court refused to set I it aside. Supreme Court to - day af - - I firmed! the riage is a udgment, saying that mar - aluable consideration, . and - the wife top a a purchase. : Hla - hirst Cowris Reeov. The Buprerne Court to - day handed down the following opinions: 1S.409J Daniel W. Marmon vs Rush White I et at Marion 8. C ACrmed. Monks! J. 13,6181 Chi dago & Eastern Indiana Rail road Company State ex reL W. A, Ketcham. Aitorney - GeneraL Marlon S. C Affirmed.! Howard. J. 18.7351 Em.tnuel Burnett et au'"vs. Har riett Merritn et aL Clinton C - C. peal dismissed by appellant and leave given to wttsdraw record. The Appellate Court decided the follow ing cases: 2.7. John Rau. surviving partner, vs. Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Com pany. I Gran I C. C Reversed. Robinson. J - 2.561. lEttaU. Mann vs. Ida D. Barkley. Marlotf S. CI Affirmed. Black. J. 2,597. Pho?rilx Insurance Company, etc.. vs. jane Moffltu Marlon C C. . Re versed.) Comstock. J.' The "nayorfs Zoological Collectloa. ' Mayor TaJgJrt Is working to. obtain the nucleus ef an animal collection; Ke mid this monnlng he waa assured a num ber of Idx Muirrel from Tennessee. He ha also beeii asemreri by a friersl.Iii Col orado (hat at present of some bears will be made to Ihe city by spring, for the formation of! a bear garden. One of the bears promliod is huge grizx'y. A friend pf tha mayor. In South - America. ha prdmlsedjto obtain a number of. mon keys, and. perhaps, some of the savaja arrtmals of trial country, and a - friend in Montana, has said he would try to obtain some ahtleref specleo for the park, but particularly deer. "With a ptart of this kind." sfciJd this mayor, 'the city may rea sonably) expert tome of It lyer of xoology xo congrlbute either monty or anf - mala" tcj jnak a respectable , g - Koiea. If we hav only a few bears, and deer, arxl squlrrek, let pm bo content until, Ire th , course bf time, we have & garden that will bo credits We. Every cltlxer can help ust In this adventure, and, I hope. 111." ( - - LV Th rhavor Isay many Inquire haA been made of rim for the use of the p - irk for Sunday - sdhool picnics and soc?ty cutlrtgs. "I htppo the park will betne useful fi - .r this purpowe next spring,", n said. "We halve provided marry toots where ebclete - 4 could picnic, and they wi.1 all be welcom. ' - . - 1 MJHIonJi of dillars have been lost by iri - trusting teeshlps Sthe settlement of estates and trus tor .minors or dependents to tndl viduals.' How often the loss of - an estaie. the dishonesty or Incompetency through of an executor or guardian. Is noted lnahf" press, anjl how Uften suretleaar9 a'.led onj to make good their bonds for flefauiar.x Why (take such. risk. th"ea.whea authorizes a company to do thU officials. the Sum work and hedgw It about with the strong est legal restrx nts that can be dvUd? In selectiig Thi Union Trust Company a executor that .will or .trustee, you have a servar.t be permanent and financially re - sponsible to a large amount. Iu trust funds ara kept separate from it own, and It business is cpnducted with the greatest care and expedition. . Persons leaving their estates I It its cire can make terms In ad vance arid know what aa admlaitftrarion . . ' . 1 " ' - mm ...... G.. 'T!s2,C. n l Office i Xos. 119 aad 123 (Cosspaay's Bail t lag) fcast Market Street. A. rSETCHEK. Ct, SAFES DEPOSIT VAULT Xas. East Washlantoa St, CAbeoluiie safety against firs and.bur - f. . lar. Poilcsmart day and xuga oa guaxj. ; Contains jovsr 2L.o safss. Rent! $5 to $45 Per Year. JOUX B. TABltUIOTO.t .'. ..Uaaagev Indiana Trust' Company Offlces - IXDIAirA TRIST Bt'ILDI.XG. Capital $1,0C0,CCC - - - Surplus ... I CO, ceo Receives and atxecutes trusts of every charactsr Irom courts, corporations ani Individual Act 's administrator, guardian. . a - . slgnee. Tec(fiver. trustee, aett - collection cf rents, in - r Atterda o the vestment 4f fund .and ths - who's rrir. agement c f esta es, real ani pers - OFFICER St " ' J. P. Freasel. Frealdeat. Frederlrik Faihaley. tat Vfce - Preit. E. G. Cotaellnta, Secoad Vlce - Preal - . deat. John A. iBtitUr, Secretary. r. - : ' h "mi XJ0 I 'TT - - i "It ' I

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