Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1957 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 29
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Hontfay TCverftag, Way RIP KIRBY KT-THE BUTLERS' CLUB. VcRV SUBTLY, GARPINER. I EMPLOY THE PCWER'OF'SUGGESTION, SLYLY INRUENCIN6 HIS SUBCONSCIOUS MINCV.. HOW ARE YOU' COINS' ABOUT TRYIN& TO 6ET'*iff. KI(?BY TO TAKE A'WESTERN VACATION, PESMONP? /)?• 7»E EXPLORERS' CLUB. FOR SOME. TIME. . THE /MORE J. THAT'S AMUSINS, RIP. HOW \ PRETEND NOT LONS- HAS PESMONP BEEN /TO NOTICE, THE IMPULSING IN ___ ... ^X/MORE OBVIOUS MICKEY FINN THEN YOU THINK PHIL sfvES? NOT HAVING PLAVEP WILL JUST PLAY GOLF \ FOR SO LONG, HE WOULDN'T BV HIMSELF DOWN THERE,) WANT ANYBOD/TO SEE MICKEV -SIMPIY HITTING/ HOW TERRIBLE HE IS! PRACTICE SHOTS ? Vim IS EVERYONE \ THE ONE ON THE LEp FOLLOWING THEM?) IS MORTIMER MINWORE WHO ARE THEY ?X THE BILLIONAIRE —AN P ' THE OTHER IS PHILIP FINN, WHO WROTE THAT BOOK, *A6J ON SATURW7 HE'S THE AtTRACTION-A GREAT PLAYER! I-IWISHWE S/ WE CAN'T, PHIL! DIPN'T HAVE THIS N THERE ARE THREE CROWD FOUOWIN' ) SLOW FOURSOMES US.MINTy! LET'S \ AHEAP OF US SO -AH-SPEEPUP-ANP) WE'LL JUST HAVE LEAVE 'EM BEHIND I TO TAKE OUR TIME! AFTER THIS HOLE!, KERRY DRAKE Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Tweniy-ntof VOLrt-L DO NOTHIN6? THIS IS NOT THE SORT OF BRACELETS VOU'RE ACCUSTOMED TO GETTING FROM . MEN. IS IT ? I..I'M SORRY IT TURNEP OUT THIS WAY, CHARM .'.. YOU SEE.. DOWN INSIDE ..I WANTED TO MARRY YOU.'.. EVEN AFTER I SUSPECTED WHAT VDU WE!RE.. I GUESS I THOUSHT YOU'D CHANGE...' MISS JONES,EXCEPT PROP THAT GUN.' you-you- VOU OLPMAN/ -I'U- REX MORGAN, M. D. HAVING HOSPITALIZE?' WITH A ANKLE, PR." REX MOKGAM INDUCES P(J. KEITH CAVELL TO TAKE OVEE BIS PEACTtCg./ JUNE HAS USTEP THE PATIENTS ALPHABETICALLY AND 'OU CAN BRIEF ME, KEX/ I'LL RUM THROUGH _ "WE-'- FINE, MEANWHILE/ AT THE OFFICE, REX'S FAVOKtTCi FATIEWT-QU/ZZES JUNE GAL5.' ; I'M 5UEE IDI/LU UKE PR: CAVELLy WELL, HE'S ABOUT REX'S ASE— B»T LOOKS OLDER BECAUSE OF HIS VANPYKE EMMY LOU "Your new tux is terrific, Alvin—how long'il it be 'til yoi save up enough for the pants?" GRIN AND BEAR IT "That's a Treasury official explaining the national budget, dear! . NOT tome iponior announcing o iabulaui now quiz show! " Oriental Version Of Barbecue Sauce NEW YORK— A Chinese restjiu- 1....1. in New York. Hang far Lou (House of the Apricot Hlossom) h;is a new bartjccnu sau<.'« ftii iparcribs. Mix G lablespuons pure After Every Meal Chew refreshing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Helps keep teeth clean—" •ids digestion.. maple syrup wilh l'/i tablespoon: salt, 'i tablespoons Chinese Iloisin sauce, I'.'i tablespoons soya sauce 1 tablespoon sherry ami a toucl of HaHic or Rarlic powder. Tin Hoi.sin sauee is available In moa suiiermarkeUs. Marinate ribs In sanee 2 la 3 hours. Uroil under mc'dium hen for tlic first half hour, then umloi ]ow lurat for 1 hour, Servo plain or with a sweet-sour sauee. A LONG LIFE MARTIN, S. D. - 'J'hc U. S. Fish ami Wildlife Service reported that a mallard duck banded at the La Creek refu^o near here in Novam- j?r, IMO, evaded gunfire for 1« years before being shot down near Sulhcr.land, Neb., late in Novcm- iur, l'J55. The service believes tlie cluck was at least 17 years old. Get some today. B.UZ SAWYER ' THE PERFECT PUCE, MY WILY FRiEND, TO HAVE 1 ONE OF YOUR Off THROATS SUP A KNIFE I WTO MY BftCK. 6REETWSS, MY PEAR ZGFWM WELCOME TO 1HE PRIVACY OF- M.Y YACHT. NOW, WHY WOULPJ DO THAT TO MY VALUABLE BUSINESS ASSOCIATE? r YOU'PPO ANYTHING, YOU PIOUS FRAUP, I.TO AVOID PAYING ME THE MONEY OUR AGREEMENT CALLS FOR. BUT I WARN YOU, ALEX! I TOOK \.^NOT SO CAKE TO HAVE WITNESSES SEE WE fFAST, MY BOARD THIS RUSTY TUB OF YOURS. OWR MAN! IF I'M PElAVED TOO LON6...BUT / ...HWM...SO ^COME, LET'S HftVE THE MOMEY.O/ IT'S KNOWN VOU'RE ON MY YACHT. Wrinkles are for prunes...but not for Bailey's TROPI-TEX Summer Suits. MARY WORTH HER FOOT RAM5 DOWN THE BRAKE PEDAL-'THE CAR 5WERVE5• • • A TIRE EXPLODES-- • AND•.. !! fe^; . A:^: LITTLE ABNER NANCY i SPIKE-—A NEW KID LIVES THERE- GO OVER AND TELL HIM WHO'S BOSS AROUND /— HERE ^ J HEY—DO YOU KNOW WHO'S BOSS ON DIS CUTIES STRICTLY BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT OFFICE i "Peiisio! 1 ] plan? What pension plan?" STRICTLY RICHTER "My ox-boy friend took it hard, didn't he?' *)H:T. KIM) rrATUiitn MNinrATC. w. i»opt.u maiai "There'll be a slight pause — until we can separate the sponsor from the announcer." DOTTY DRIPPLE RONNIE AGAIN,TAFFY? ARE NOU GOING STEAPY? GRANDMA THATOL-TREE is ...AN' TH' LOW BLANCHES MAKE IT EASY FOR TH' KIDS T' FILL EVERY f~i WELL, EXPECT I'D BETTER PREPARE FOR EVENTUALITIES] , i- lHs.lt!' REALLY LOADED ' .-..,-n. WITHNICEGREEN ^,~ APPLES THIS YEAR. r WOULD LIKE YOUR GIANT ECONOMY SIZE BOTTLE O' INDIGESTION TABLETS.//

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