Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1957 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 25
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Monday Evening, May 27, 1957, Josephine Lowmon Must Have Fine Nutrition For Health and Good Looks The food we cat is more Important to us than we realize. We sometimes forget that our *kin is a part of our body, not something which we wear and care for as we would some'Ouler garment. It Is true that our skin is constantly sloughing off dead cells, hut we do not shed our outer coating all at one tjtne. We can lubricate our skin and put all of the creams imaginable on It. hut our epidermis is dependent on our blood stream for food, just as the rest of our body is. Actually the food we eat is so much more important to us than we realize. There in no real beauty or health without adequate nutrition. Many of the diseases whic! harass man have been found to he deficiency maladies, to say nothing of those minor hazards such a fatigue which can dull our days and put a damper on enthusiastic living. Correlation Anemia which makes us tired and «ometimeK breathless is correlated with an inadequate supply of red blood corpuscles, or cell.'!, with a resulting srrinllcr-than-nor- mal amount of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the tis- •ues. Our body works so hard lo overcome disease and even to make up for our abuse. It does the must ama/ing things! It docs stem thai. we could give it at least I he weapon of fine nutrition to work with. AND, fine nutrition Is so «!iny lo Ret. (low fortunate we are to live where Uie elements of proper rat- Ing are available. This is not true all over the world. You know, or should know by now, what you need for a well-balanced diet. The? trouble i« that you probably do not take It seriously and therefore wonder why you are tired, why you are not as good looking as yon would like lo be. 1 have long held the theory that women will not work for health until they four they rrmy lono It, bill, that they will work for good looks. You have lo do the saint: tiling;; lo achieve either. The best beauty routine you could have would \ic. to out as scientifically as poimi- lilo—and this Is not dreary. Thn food can be exciting and the re- Kullx In beauty ami even In In- creimcd perjionalil.y arc a modern adventure. You iini just plain old-fniilili.ned If you do not lake advantage of what In known today about scientific eating. Tomorrow: "Knl rrolelns, Krull, Cut Fain for (food NulrlLloii." Uleleam.'d by The Kegl/ilur and Trillium .Syndicate, Ill.'iV) STATE OPEN DAIIY 1 P. M. NOW FOUR ATTRACTIONS Well, the Grown-Ups Don't Know It All UKBANA, III. — The literary likes and dislikes of a two or three- year-old may differ greatly from what adults think he should like. Large, clear and colorful pictures 01 something the child knows and understands rate much higher than the "cute" books that more sophisticated adults tastes sometimes dictate. So says Quccnie Mills, University of Illinois child development and family relations .specialist, who reports that the best books contain pictures of animals with an accompanying .sentence or two, so tho child can hear about and HOC the action at the Hume time. J,an;<;, life-like renderings are favored over smaller and more stylized pictures. The pictures should be uncluttered so the child can understand the action easily, she .said. HAVE TIIKIR DAY lUOHMO.N'IJ, Kn«luntl (UP) — Kdward Chapman, u lawyer and Kdward Chapman, an actor and no relation, each .tank a liole-in- «nc—-on UK; .sixth und eighth holes of the same golf course Saturday. ACCHJ'TS IIOOKIKR I'OST MMM-IMM.S, Temi. (Ul'> — Tho Rev. Frederick P. Lomwi lod;jy resinned MS ch;i|>liiin of Uie Iluplisl. llosjjil.a-1 hore uPfocUvo July .'U to u similar HuKlill.nl, pout ul Wislborn HIc, Ind. Uranium, the raw material of atomic energy, appears in tiny quantities in the human body. 4-H News The Club AlI-American of Washington Girls 4-H Township, Carroll County, met Wednesday in the Deer Creek school building. The meeting was called to order by president, Christina Forgey. Flag pledges were led by Suzanne Stephens and Marcia Meek, Bonnie Beck was in charge of group singing. Twenty-seven members and one adult leader answered roll call by naming something they would like for their next birthday. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Nancy Chapman. Sandra Sidenbender, Health and Safety Leader, reported on "Sleep, Rest, and Relaxation." Cheryl Wilson demonstrated a craft project. "Putting in Different Zippers" was demonstrated by Nancy Downham. on by ler, Bonnie Beck, ser, Ruby Dillon, Kyi'.on. Recreation and Chapman and Brcnda A group demonstration "Rolled Biscuits" was' given Lois Sidenbendcr, Sandra Mil- Carolyn Slus- and Dorinda refreshments •were -then enjoyed and the meeting was adjourned.- The next meeting will be held Juno 5, in the Deer Crack school building. The Washington Workers 4-H club met Wednesday evening at the Washington township' school with Unda Leffert leading the opening pledges. Judy Shaft offered devotions. Roll call was answered with a favorite singer. Connie Shaff read the secretary's report, and Polly Ann Landers Man to Wed Someone Else After 14-year Engagement Dear Ann: I need some good advice in a hurry. I was engaged to a man for 14 years. The subject of marriage was raised now and then but he always had some logical excuse. He encouraged me to keep working and "save for our future." Somehow, the years got away from me. Last summer he started to correspond with a divorced woman. She came to town for a few visits but I was too dumb to know what they were up friends tried to wise to. A me up, few but love is blind and I refused to believe what was so obvious to everyone else. It's official now. They're going to be married in a church ceremony next month. I'm humiliated and ashamed, I'm also very burned up. Here's the question: Shall I sue him for breach ot promise? He has plenty o£ money and maybe I ought to get a little something for my trouble. Please advise me.—JILTED. I'm no lawyer, but I DO give advice. Stay out of court. You were a pri/.e boob to let this man string you for 14 years. Why make it a matter of public record and advertise it? Assuming you could wring some cash out ot the guy, would it be worth it to launder your soiled linen in public? Whi'.e slinging mud on the former Homco you couldn't avoid getting plenty on into life. Forget you ever know this man—and hope everyone else docs. yourself. Put your energies making a new ing sessions. Everyone in the family is on edge because of her temperament. Last night she stated flatly, when informed we couldn't afford to buy her a new semi-formal for the Junior Prom, that she would not go at all rather than wear an "old dress." Can you drill some sense in this child's head? Please try.—C.M.P. a mama's boy that he made a nervous wreck out of me. I'd like to" use my maiden name again, and forget I ever knew this punk. My friends tell me it's not the proper thing to do. Some say it's immoral to try to pass myself off been back to my maiden name, would it be all right to use MY first name instead of HIS, like Mrs. Betty Brown? Please give me some ad- vise.—P.O.Q. You failed to mention an important detail. Do you have childen? I[ so, you don't want to go around calling yourself Miss Smith, no as a "maiden" when I've married. If I don't change I can't straighten out this Ward- j matter how much you dislike your robe Wackey Wilma in one letter— a magician I'm not, but there's a word to her sponsor—YOU: Get back in the driver's seat ex-husband. If you perfectly have no all right children, it's to use your before this 14-year-old girl drives ] case, you loony. Put a ban on all bor- first maiden name if you wish. In any rowing at once and let her know you mean business. Devote an evening to her clothes closet. Have however you can drop his name and use your own (Mrs. Betty Brown). CONFIDENTIALLY: M.A.K.: her try on everything she owns, j You-aren't "off your rocker." You and decide together what is "too meed someone to talk to. Every- imall" etc. Be fair. Kids do out- 1 one does. Have a visit with your grow things, and don't insist she wear things that don't fit. If she'd rather stay home from the Prom than go in an "old dress," say nothing. When the word gets around (and it always does) her clothes problems will be reduced considerably, because no one will ask her to go anyplace. Dear Ann: I'm about to be divorce from a man who was such Ramer, the treasurer's account. Kalhy Ream gave a talk on "How to Judge," and Marlin Zollman submitted the health and] Dear Ann: Our daughter, 14, safety report. Demonstrations; reads your column religiously, were as follows: Linda ThomnsI'Maybc it YOU say something it on "A Pillow Case;" Marshalwill help. I'm exhausted. Shaff, "Two Ways to Prepare Toss Salad;" Julia Cabiness, "Tuna Fi.sh Casserole." Tho following meetings were scheduled: local judging and meeting, June 5; work meeting for clothing, Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.; baking rind food prupnru- tlon Thursday, flefroshmcnla ware sewed ing at the close o[ the meet- The girl refuses the outfit Iwiue within a week. Clothes are her whole life, and in order lo keep up the "style show" ulie borrows from ail her friends. She has plenty of her own things to wenr but it's variety she craves, so she finds excuses: "This is too small, thai. It out of style" etc. These: aren't just discussions now, Ann, they are screaming and yell- TOOAY—"Thoy Rodo West" and "3 Hours To Kill" TUES. and WED. Opon 1 p.m.-OSc Til 6 Addod Fun At Night 1 - WESTERNS - 2 ROX Y An ALL! AHCS Artists Allied Praiontt "Canyon RIvor" Slurring Gooryo STERLING COlffH HAYDEN GRAY ARROWS DUST TECHNICOLOR MON. and TUES. ONLY USED RECONDITIONED SINGER Unconditioned and Electrified by Eloc. Hy. With Hy. Parh "USE OUR IAY-AWAY" FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION ONLY (HP IBB «•*« ' RONAID REAGAN' .lU."" 1 ' *"* MJIS'IIIM/ ACQtUMQlAhCIUM AAll DISNEY'S WAIT DISHPfS Plus Color Cartoon Thuri.: "Fantaijla" and "LfMleit Outlaw" Ask for a Free Home Demonstration on the Famous Electro-Grand Sewing Machine CALL 6313 TODAY • Round Hohliin • llulll-ln Unlit • Snii|i.Oul Horn • I'orwcircl und Itfivnrt* • Automatic Darrmr • Wcilkinq Pnmura Toot • Full S!u S.wlnti H.ail LOOK AT THESE FEATURES! * Full-Spool Bobbin •% Sowi Over Pint and Heavy or Flno Fabric! •fa Now Motor •£ Now Knoo Control •fa Noodio Spring Covor for Embroidering, Darning, Monogram- mlng and Buttonholing. •fa Choice of Cabinet finith. Som» slightly damaged. 49 ONLY $5.00 DOWN Per Week 'RESERVES ONE LIBERAL TRADE-fN For Your Old Machine, Ro- gardlois of Condition! PHONE 6313 ELECTRO HYGIENESALESCORP. Logansport, Ind. Phone 6313 Show Starrs At Dusk Galas Opon Half Hour Earlier TL ESDAY-WGDNESDAY "THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS" (Color - First Run) Jamas Stewart - Jimmy Botoi THURSDAY-r-RIDAY 'THE'BUWNINGWLLS" (Color) Tnli Huntor - Natalia Wood doctor and things will look much brighter. ( Ann Landers will be happy to Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Twenty-five Pacific Gcle Sinks Raft; Crew Rescued SANTIAGO, Chile (UP)—Hurricane winds sank the battered trans-Pacific raft Tahiti Nui Sunday. Its five-man crew had drifted nearly 6,000 miles from Tahiti in an effort to prove South Pacific islanders once settled the coast of Chile. The crew of four Frenchmen and one Chilean was safe aboard the Chilean frigate Baquedano, which answered the raft's distress signals last Sunday and took the bamboo craft in tow. The Tahiti Nui broke its tow cable and went down 240 miles from Chile's mid-Pacific Juan Fernandez Island. The expedition's leader,- French scientist Eric do Biss- ohops, had hoped to repair the raft there and finish (lie voyage to Chile's main port of Valparaiso. TJie raft left Tahiti last Nov. 8, reversing '.he route of Thor Hcy- erdahl's Kon-Tiki. Both raft voyages were made in efforts to determine whether Polynesians originated in Soulli America or sailed Uicre from the Pacific islands. Garcia Pala-cios, who handled publicity for the expedition here, told United Press: "After seven months on tho high seas covering more than 6,000 miles at Uie mercy of the winds and the ocean currents it has been proved the trip could have been completed if it had been attempted in a more propitious season. "My friend's raft was sunk by one of the worst tempests recorded on the South Pacific, wher« winter is now well advanced." EASY JOB GLOVERSV1LLE, N. Y.—Firemen turned on the shower to put blaze in the home of Mr. Mrs. Albert Javarone. A out and shower curtain had caught fire when Mrs. Javarone threw a pan of burning grease into the bathtub. help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper anc! enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope). Field Enterprises, Inc. FINAL TONIGHT Opon 7:00-10:00 P.M. CHILDREN FREE 2 FEATURES 2 BUGS BUNNY Cartoon TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY $ BUCK NIGHTS $ BRING A WHOILE'CAWLOAiD FOR ONE DOLLAR CUMtKMBU MM MVIULL £. HHII MM , the se v fen ye,a r itch ONfiiv^ScOPE COI.il* by Dlkuni . 'Coma Early and lot tho kiddios onjoy our playground. Watch for or big Memorial Day Program Now Playing Thru Wednesday LOVE AND WAR IN FRENCH INDO- GENE BARRY ANGIE DICKINSON NAT "KING" COLE Opon Sunday 1 p. m. Wook-Days 5 p. m. • •• Going to the "500", picnicking, golfing? Whatever your plans for Decoration Day MUM. have plenty of attractive, comfortable wearables to add to your enjoyment. Wo hcivo pants In all lonrjths from shorts to ylacky end tops li> all stylos, thriftily pricud. Como pick thorn and put thorn together for summur play. Icte:^ "V COOL SHIRTS In strlpoa, checks, pfold» and dh 1 . Tk I solids. 'T 'and up SHORTS All Lengths. $1 and up £V Matching Shirt and Slnck Sot Bro Topi All Colon AH Slzas $1

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