Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 24
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Twenty-four Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Grass Root Republicans May Air Gripes With Ike WASHINGTON (UP)—The next march on Washington will be by grass roots Republicans who are somewhat unhappy with the Eisenhower administration. Advance notices suggest they may be unhappy enough to tell President Eisenhower all about it. Whether the assembly gives the administration 'a piece of its mind or the incident ends happily in the warmth of the Eisenhower smile remains to be seen. However that may be, the grass rooters are due here next week, some hundreds of them representing the 48 states. The White House sponsors the. meeting, in a way. ft grow out of a conference between Kiscnhower and-chairman Meade Alcorn of the Republican National Commit.ce. Handpickecl For Job Alcorn was hanclpicked for that job .by Eisenhower and was elected Jan. 22 as a modern Republican committee administrator. There followed meetings between Alcorn and congressional Republicans in which the new chairman was told thaj the Eisenhower administration was in serious trouble with' the voters. The chairman hustled to the While House to talk it over. He subsequently received from Kisen- Stackhousc, ]22.'i Smcad street; Mrs. Ilobart F. bower a letter which, the United iShanks and daughter, route 2, Gal- 1'ress was informed, slated blunt- Ivcslon; Mrs. Stanley Huddieston 614Vz West Linden avenue, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cody, 10 Wheatland avenue, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, 1808 Johnson street; Mrs. Martha Davis, route 1, Walton; Paul Hipsher, 108 West Linden avenue; Ralph Wiseley, 1017 North Sixth street; James Maddock, Burnettsville; Mrs. Eldora Chumney, route 2, Walton; Mrs. Bertha Denny, Peru. Dismissed: Daniel Creamer, McHenry, 111.; Dewey Reeser, route 6; Mrs. Gertrude Albright, route 4; Miss Ida Stanton, 1301 George street; Master Michael Waddups, route 2; Mrs. Jimmy Hoffman and daughter, route 2, Winamac; Mrs. Nuuert Eudy and daughter, Winamac; Mrs. Nicholas Quagiio and daughter, 1G21'/ Z East Broadway; baby Paul Davis, 2C01 Stadium Drive; Charles Weser, 2225 Spear slreet; Mrs. Jeanne Spring, 618 West Market street; Loren Allen, 228 Barren street; Master Stanley Braden, route 3; Master Ronald arid Miss Judith Henderson, route :i; Donald R. Strong, route 5; Phillip Schodrof, 9J8 West Melbourne avenue; Mi.ss Janet Goodrich, Royal Center; Mrs. Marietta Plotncr, C2 Seventeenth street; Mrs. Maude ly that tho people should have the greatest and most w/ective voice in determining party policy. There folli/wed regional meetings in five cities: Omaha, Nob.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Louisville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio, and Trent/on, N..J. It ii; the grass roots participants in those meetings who are to come here next week. A digest of their gripes and cheers and opinions is being prepared, the United Press was informed, tor presentation hi Kkenhower. The presentation will be made by Alcorn, escorted by Sen. Andrew f. Schoeppel (R-Kan.) and Rep. Itichard M. Sirnpwm (It-Pa.). Nfifuri; TV .Speeches The regional meetings were held, for the most part, before •Kisenht/wer's two recent TV HpofcliiM defending his hit; spcnd- iiiK budget. One thing Iho big While House pi/wwow may show is whether those Hpeedics have had any effect on (lie placo It really <:<>unt.'i—the gnis'i rools, and particularly Ida /topuMican gra.iK roots. The five regional meoting« were Honed In the press. Participants talked frankly, swnethncK angrily, ! Ki.-erihowei 1 administration poll- li'.-.'i iinrl polidiB. Tho Alcorn- Srhoeppel - Simpson report will <:h;ill<.'ru:<: Klnonhowwr on federal aid to schools if UiK ruKlonnl trend of thlnklnj/ Is properly rcfleclexl. The United Press w»« told federal »<:hnol aid was tho «orcHt »pol of iill. There VIM; n wild but nr»t unl- venial beef again;;!, foreign aid. The Iniidc'st laments at tho regional meeting! wore- Haiti to In- vdlve palrwiagir ,-,ml Ui c wily the White llou;ii! handle)) It. Hospital Notes MKIVroillAf. .Horn: To Mr. and Mm. Jflrry Curb, runic :i. Delphi, a ilnughlnr; lo Mr. and Mm. Hoberl. Cniven, V.I'm Jcffi'ivitiii nlrcc?!.. a win; In Mr. and Mm. f.anrel Hoover, route I, Flora, n dniijihlcr. AdmlHcd: Mn.Mler Howard Corno, 1111 Klxlirciilli nlrciil; Mm. Kllxa- l>clh fJrcllli, littl Kiial. linJadway; Mi.'is Darin liiirlilmrl, route H; Nur- niaii Hill, \m. Twrnly-'iecoml ntreet. DI.'iiiil.'iniMl: MI/iH Virginia Mc- Oiiirn, m Went Hldiiirdvllle nlruol; I'liul Scllli'inyre, M«| Liberty direct; Mni. liyrcl /linmwmun, IVIY Cliflmi aveiiiie; Mini: Allw Alirxandcr, rwilii (I, Hu/ihvllli!; Mm. l.iinrcl Hoover mill daiiKhl.er, route I, Kluni; (Vjiliim Tccl, Kuynl (,'C.MI- Icr; (icoi-Ko Kn)/I(>, VM WiiMl Mol- liiiiirm! iiveniic; Milton Sliinrl., .TIM Humphrey nifi.'iil; 1'iilrimr Kiliel- linnicr, luilll Wd.il Waliaiih avciiiie; Wllliniri (Jaiihii. Mil Went Mullioiirnu nvniuiu; Minn Kdllh Limlcy. Kloni; Mr.i. (iencvu .lohnnun, 121 l,nck- wiintl nlreiil; Mm. Clurald Kluni and ilaiig)ilcr, Ofiindwi; Mr. Jtwfrpli I'anneler mill HUH, y.l'.'i I'itinl Ottawa HI reel. and daughter, 1U01 Trcun street. Highest town in Europe i.s Saint- Vc-ran at 6,093 feet in the French Alps. IS ANNIE DOOMED? Subject: Annie, u St. Bernard, Charge: killing six sheep near Kenlon, 0. Plea: innocent. Sentence: death. Remarks: local Animal Protective Association will appeal tile casu. Town of 10,000 hit turly divided over the verdict. Owner is Pfc. Genu Perkins, a paratrooper stalloned al Augsburg, Germany. End of report. (International.) TOO FAST ON 1>IIAW NORTH FRANKLIN, Conn. (UP) —James Lamb, 21, was recovering lottay from a lug wound he said lie received while pro-cticing fast draws with a revolver "like Wyatt Earp." Walton Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cook visited Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webster and son of! Plymouth. Rev. Tom Swantner of the Methodist church attended the annual church conference at Wabash. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Purcell and Mrs. Bob Shanks and daughter spent the weekend with relatives at Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Reid and daughter, and Mike, Anita and Randall Rush are spending a few days at their cottage near Buffalo. Members of Walton Chapter 184 OES have been invited to attend a reception for Worthy Grand Patron, Willard M. Avery, on June 1 at 4 p.m. at Knightstown. Bunco club met Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Hilda Kile. Pri/.es were won by Mrs. Mattie Mae Saylor and Mrs. Virginia Guckien. Refreshments were served. Attending were: Mrs. Martha Davis, Mrs. Mor- lenu Remley and son, Mrs, Wilma Rhodes, Mrs. Patsy Ramer, Mrs. Roberta Turner and daughter, Mrs. Joyce Graham, Mrs. Patsy Saylor and Mrs. Joyce Beechy. Mrs. Ella Crockett entertained at a birthday dinner honoring Alma Frohmuth, Mrs. Myrle Williams! and Mrs. Stella Lybrook. Present were Miss Edith Lybrook, Mrs. Esta Xelscr., Mrs. Jessie Shaffer, Mrs. Etta .'Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Otto I-linklc. Alma Frohmuth is slaying at the home of Mrs. Ann Pesh of Camdon. Mrs. Laura Marshall is a medical patient at St. Joseph hosital in Kokomn, The "500" mile race was the thome of the party hold by the D and 0 club at the home of Mrs. Florence O'Blenis; "500" was play- 2d. Winners were Jimmy Daywalt (Maxi'ne Bruner), Troy Ruttman (Edith ,Ramer); Elmer _George (Hope Hyman) Pat O'Connor (Mabel Scott); Jimmy Reece (Donna Shedron); Ed Elisian' (Catherine Conn); Johnny Boyd -(Mae .Beckley); Freddie Agabashian (Bess Widner); Eddie Sachs (Marie Turner); .Jimmy Bryan (Mary Fais); and Al Keller (Ercie Cotterman). All appointments were in keeping with the race theme and refreshments of checkerboard cake, ice cream and coffee were served. Fourteen members o£ the Pet and Hobby club presented a Mother's Day program in the Neal home. They gave each 'lady a May basket . containing fruit. They were accompanied by Mrs. Pat Patterson, Mrs. Russel •Price, Mrs. Wilmer Burrows, Mrs. Mildred Goldberry and daughter, and Sandra" Frushour. . Meeting of the Pet and Hobby club conjoined that of the Farm Bureau. A Mother's Day program of songs, poems, dialogues, and piano solos was presented. • Mary Carey presided at the club ST. JOHKI'll'K (irini: 'Co Mr. mid IWrsi. 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