Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1957
Page 2
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Two Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS WMAQ <»77 3 8 C ur W Bht T ' me 'WSAL (1230) SATURDAY EVENING C:00 News »:l5 Monitor *:30 News 6:45 Monitor Sports News Bellairs Bellatrs Nawa Music News Mystery 7:00 News . 7:15 Monitor 7:30 Weather 7:45 Monitor State Hospital Sport* Sport Thrllla Son. Justice News Maury Magi» Parron Farron Nowa Barn Danes Barn Dance Barn Dance 8:00 News 8:15 Monitor 8:30 News 8:45 Monitor Garden Garden Bandstand USA Bandstand USA Workshop Workshop Cloakroom Cloakroom 9:00 News »:15 Pulpit 9:30 Chan 9:45 .Chan Barn Dance PartjNewa-Sporta Bar Danco PartyEandS'tand USA Hayloft Party Bandstand USA Hayloft Party Bandstand USA News Barn Dance Have you Heard Barn Dane* Ear on Chicago Meet Polka Ear on Chicago Meet Folka 10:00 Daddy-O 10:15 Daddy-O 10:30 News 10:45 Monitor Renfro Valley Rer.fro Valley Renfro Valley Ren fro Valley News Sacred Noti Town Crier . Weitzel Barn Danco Barn Dance Barn Dance Barn Dance News Night Watch Night Watch Watch SUNDAY MUKN1NG SATURDAY EVENING TV Programs 8:00 News 8:15 ArtotL.lvln 8:30 Barnhous« 8:45 Barnhouse Neva Roundup •fehang. Times Church or kit Church or Air £JbiP Class Biblo Class Church Church 9:00 News 9:15 Pulpit 9:30 Prophecy &:<5 Prophecy Music In Air Music in A.ir Music In Air Music in Air News Learning Josh Brady JnsV Brady Brown Brown Browp Church Church Church 10:00 News 10:15 Ch'gTImea 10:30 News 10:«5 New World News . Music in Air Music in Air Music in Air Josh Brady Josh lirudy Pet Tune Josh Brady Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle News Music in Air Music In Atr Church 11 -00 Monitor News 11-15 Monitor KJS!/ Brady 11:30 Eternal LiffhtJosh Brady • 11:45 Eternal LdghfSmith Progress Strings Wings ot Song Winers ot Sonj? Church Church Church Travel Talk SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 News 12.15 Monitor 12:30 Lutheran 32:45 Jl/uther.'in Best in Music Best in Muslo Beat in Muslo Bost in Alusic NUWA Frank A Ernest Soul Cllnlo Soul Clinlo News Forward M'ch Lorn bard o Gombardo 1:00 News 1:15 Monitor 1:30 Catholic 1:45 Catholic THA TBA fir. News Hr. Ma! Celialra 2:00 News 2:16 Monitor 2:30 Monitor 2:15 Monitor •Winpa-tloallng Healing-Wings Truth Herald Truth Horald X J ] ay ball PlaybaU BsLbtsba.il BasGbn.ll Mai BelJulra Mai Bellalra Mai Bellair Mai Bellaira Had to Class Radio Clasa VI»Ion Vision 3:00 Newiv Mai Bellalra »:15 MoMtor Mai Bellalra 8:30 Your Money MaJ Bellaira 8:45 Monitor Mai Bellalra Basoball Baseball fiii.Httba.1l Baseball rtevival Hour Jlovlval Hour Jlevlva? Hour Revival Hour 4:00 News 4:15 Monitor 4:30 Nows 4:45 Monitor 13 an o hall Baseball .Dane ball Baseball News Bellalns BeUalrs Bellairs LiKhr. Life LtKht Lire Unshackled Unshackled 6:00 News 5:15 Connldino 6?30 News 6:45 Moot Press Bu/ioball Dane ball Scoreboard Mai Eollalra Gunsinoke Gunsmoke SUNDAY EVENING TJiuator NOWH Theater Headlines Ho '.i of JDeclfllon Hillman Hour of Decision Sporta 6:00 News 6:16 Monitor 6:30 Newa 6:15 Monitor Jack Bonny Jack Benny Mai liellulra Mai Bellalra Vesper« Moody Moody 7: (j 0 Now» 7:J5 Monitor 7:30 Newn 7:45 Monitor By PeopU By People S o r ft r, ad o Serenade- Nowa Mai' Eollalra M. Miller Sport* 8:00 News 8:15 Monitor 8:30 NOWH 8:15 Monitor Prophecy Prophecy Luth. Vespers /..nth. VesporH Decision Decision Brotherhood Brotherhood News Mai Bellalra Sports News Sounding Brd Church 01 God Church of God Now» Sport* Concert Concert I*:')0 City Des fl:lf> City Dea 6:80 DeOalon 9:45 Decision P'aco Nation Nation Quiet Hour Quiet Hour Kftvlv..i Time Revival Time 10:00 Nown 10:ir» Welk 10:30 Welk 30:45 Motcn Concert Concert Methodist Hou Laymen NowH-Sporta Melody Mill Mil tile Mimic Nowa Christian ScL Ave Maria Avo Maria MONDAY MORNING 8:00 Drlar W»w« 8:15 Chlcu- ^ulllnKJim Conway 8:30 Chica Callln«GnM Count 8:45 Harr* New» Brudy Hreakfiutt Club Crorkfaivt Club Broakfam Club Uroakfn»t Club 'J:<lQ KOWH 0:16 Hiindntiin4 9:30 UamlHtitnd 9.-15 HandHtunjl Ads Rlue-Shlno Arthur Godfrey Arthu; Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey M.v True Story M^ Tru" Story Nown Girl Marrlfci 10:00 Nown 10:15 -fiundutanit 10:30 IlandnUnd 10:45 liandHtani] lllmi-Xhlno Khio-Hhlnu NOWH Mnlodloa A-rti.ti Godfrey Arthu Godfrey rciolno-Jonh Ho Mlllor Whinnering Stn. Jack Paar NOWH IVTartl. . Crane 11 uQ Nowf 11:15 flnltman 11:30 Holtman 1 ' :45 Duchenn Worn. World Worn. World Queen Queen Wendy Warron UackOTaKO Wlf« HC-ITI Trent Gal Huml.iy KOWM Martha Gran* Marketf Wouther Woriln Ufjcorcl Hhop Carroll Co Carroll Oo. MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 NOWH 12.-U Morryrlela 12:30 Murryflold 12-45 Mcrryflnld Nora Drake Mn Perkins NOWH Hoatl of I,lfo Noontime Nevm Market: Ulnnerboll Dlnnorboll 1:UO NOWH IIuitptnuHU 1:75 Confc.'j.'ilon« End Mm Burton 1:30 Worn. In line. .Strike It itlch ' :1"j Dr. Gentry ISntcrtitlninorit Newrj Co. lilxtonHlon Farm Corner Farm Corner Marltol.H 1'lay Hull Play I.lall 2:00 NOWH 2:15 Miitlnne 2:30 Hill Top 2:15 Tup Vouri iloufio I'urty Ifoinie I'arty Or. MaJano [jucity Ljidlon Nowa .fade Paar THA 6:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 Channel 4 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 6 10:45—Channel 8 Stories Oakley Sheehan People Funny Buccaneers Billy Graham LaRosa Gleason Galaxy Susanna • Welk SRO Playhouse Jubilee Gobel Gunsmoke Adventure Lone Wolf TEA Frontier Dr. Showcase Movies Late Show Hoedown SUNDAT EVENING 6:00—Channel 4 You Asked Cowboys Lassie Theater Film Circus Boy Benny Steve Allen Sullivan Ted Mack Playhouse GE Theater Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 4 6:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 6 ' • Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:15—Channel 8 StJNDAY 12:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 6 12:30—Char.nel 6 Channel 8 1:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 2:00—Channel 8 Channel 4 2:15—Channel 6 2:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:00 Channel 8 Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel (5 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 5:30—Channel 4 Channel G Channel 8 Late Show! 10:30—Channel 4 I Channel B AFTERNOON i 10:45—Channel 8 Life Heckle-Jeckle Industry Roberts Wild Bill 11:00—Channel 6 ll:15-Channel 4 Hitchcock Wallace Loretta Young ?64,000 Behind Badge Cochise My Line? Detective Theater News Soldiers 1U Playhouse Premiere Hed Top News MONDAT AFTERNOON 12:00—.Channel 6 Matinee] Channel 8 Sunday Fix: 12:15—Channel B Vista' . Channel 8 Shlpmales 12:30—Channel 6 Cartoons News Zoo Parade Big Picture First Show Twisted Cross Face Nation Naws Medical Hor. See It Now Eddie Arnold I Am Law Patti Page Dr. Hudson Weather Roy' Hogprs Dr. Christian You Are There Bridge Falls Under Train Channel 8 1:00—Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:00-^Channel 4 Channel 6 _ Channel 8 2T30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 8 Channel 6 3:15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:45—Channel 6 4:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 4:15—Channel 8 4:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home Club 60 World Turns Miss Brooks. IU Tenn. Ernie House Parly Film NATO Council To See Atomic Arms Cut Plans U. S., Britain, France And Canada Complete Blueprint For Nuclear Disarmament , LONDON (UP) — The United Stales,. Britain, France and Canada Friday completed a blueprint •for nuclear disarmament and immediately sought approval from their other Western Allies. Harold E. Stassen of the United States and Jules Mooh of France flew to Paris bo present the plan Saturday to an extraordinary ses-. slon of the 15-natton Permanent) c pf /^-J D :*.,„. ouncil 1 of NATO. ier varovesioe Kites Stassan was reported confident! For Packard Infant he could present it formally to; PERUU, Ind — Graveside rites Russia in the five-power U.N. dis-| for ba by Vearl Dean Packard, son armament subcommittee meeting o£ V earl and Annona (Zartman) Four Drivers Fined In Local J.P. Court Four drivers were fined traffic charges, two for improper passing, in justice of the peace court here Friday evening. Ronald Pritchard, IB, route 3, Delphi, arrested Tuesday by State Trooper Dale Douglass for speeding, was fined $1 and costs. The same fine was levied on Edward Cornelius, 28, 11 South Clay street, Peru, who was arrestu:! WedneS' day by Trooper John Gaylor for improper passing. Harold Conklin, 19, of 724 West Melbourne avenue, arrested Tuesday by Gaylor, was fined $5 and costs for improper passing. Ernest McKim, 32, of Corydon, Ind., arrested late Friday by Trooper Richard Keyes' for exceeding the truck speed limit, was fined $1 and costs. - . Winamac Mr. and Mrs. James Burrows were at Logansport, Wednesday where he entered Saint Joseph Hospital for treatment. The Women's Benefit association wilt meet Thursday evening, July 2, at the home of Mrs. Bertha Lebo. A daughter, Kathleen Joyce, was born to Pfc. and Mrs. Charles Needham June 27, at Saint Joseph hospital, Logansport. Mrs. Needham is the former Miss Joyce Widup and he is with the army in Korea. Robert Johnson who has been quite ill at his Jiome on North Market St. is slightly improved. Mrs. Opal Reed, bride elect of Mr. Muj-ney Conley of Detroit, Mich., was guest of honor at a cotton shower held Thursday at the home ot Mrs. Forrest Goble at Culver. Those attending ware Mesdames Henry Roe. .Nathan Ryan, Carl Hall, Raymond Peters, /lobert Connor, Thomas Smith, here next week. [Packard, 690 Monroe, who died at , Daniel Neff, J, E. Pettijon, Ralph ' The nuclear weapons apparently,birth Thursday at Dukes hospital, represents the'last major parts of | w ju be held.at 10 a.m. Saturday pieee-by-piece "first-step" disarmament plan Stassen started laying before the subcommittee last week. The previous major points dealt with reduction of troops and mothballing of conventional arms. Authoritative, sources said the nuclear part of the plan will main- Matinee tain the Western position that a Payof Crosby Bright Day Queen Storm Movietime Edge Of Night Romances Movie Chapel Door Cartoons .Stu Erwin Cartoon!) Churchman Mickey Mouse Early Show Chuckwagon [Inilroad .hrough gravel train plunged a bridge into a slough i County PERU, Ind.— Slate police report- Friday. The bridge was weakened ed two one-vehicle traffic acci- by flood water. : dents In Miami county late Thurs : The engineer and fireman werci fla y anc ' cal 'ly Friday, one of which but neither W asj hlocked 'raffle on U.S. 24 east of cut and bruised liurt seriously. I here. The engine and one car cleared! Tll o highway was blocked aboul the bridge before U collapsed. The caboose and about five other cars 1 a.m. Friday when a tractor- trailer rig driven by Lcroy Throw- •emained on the other side of thei er of I '' ane City, Fla., skidded on >ridse. The ravine into which the train ilunged was about 25 feet deep. The train was eastbnund, mov- ng slowly along Ihe rails cheek- ng for washouts and repairing es whore heavy rains and lood waters had damaged the racks. : ire Damages Boxcar Df Pennsylvania Train Logansporl firemen were called ) Clymors at 8:40 p.m. Fridny 'hen two cars of a Pennsylvania ailroad freight caught fire and •ere put off on Ihe siding there. the wet pavement and jackknifed as it headed west. Damage to the rig was estimated at $250. Ronald Edwin Warnock, 33, Converse, was charged with .reckless driving by Trooper Ward Gillan afler he lost control of his car as he headed cast on state road 21 south of here laic Thursday. The car went off on the left side of the highway, hitting a utility pole and skidding another 120 feet. Damage to Die .1953 model car was estimated at $451). Monon Pastor Accepts Richmond Church Post 3:00 NOWH S:lD Goodwin 8:30 C.tJ'jdwIn 3:15 qociilwlii Woman View* NOW/I Jim Conway Lombardo Oolo cou/il Miiniu Talin A Drnak Mimic 4:<)!) N'swa 4:1& Jim Mllln 4:.T> Sportn 4:46 Jim Mill* J'aul Glbnon I'nul (HIiBon HhnppInK Naw/i J^ilka Party KOWH ••"•I Stllwlll through the floor and starting the l:l)lt Nowa r.:is We,] ;u B:SO Wo<] Howard Bpnrta Maimzln* Now« Bpnrta Mnwn Wo I It Mimlo KlIWM Tuno Timo Want Ad» U RThoro Wtmilrirn HEPORT THEFT Harold Unwell, 112 Heall street, Fridny reported to city police that two fender skirts were stolen from his I DOT model car while it was parked in the lot behind the State theater the previous evening. MRS. HODGES DIES PERU, Ind. — Mrs. Charles Hodges, mother of Mrs. Sam Yike of Peru, died Thursday evening at her homo in Bedford, according l» word received here. fire from wheels. RAILROADER IHKS PERU, Ind. — George C. Hostel- er, 110, Detroit, a retired Wabusli railroad telegrapher, died at noon Friday at the Waliosh Employes- hospital, where he had been a patient for three months. The body was removed to the Allen funeral homo. halt in tests must be accompanied by a halt in production of nuclear weapons materials. The subcommittee Friday dis- cuissed the Soviet-proposed control posts to be set up to supervise a two-to-three-year hate in nuclear tests. at Mount Hope cemetery. Surviving with the parents are two brothers and three sisters, James, Gary, Doris, Carol and Sue, all at home. The body is at the Eikenberry mortuary, and the Rev. C. F. Golden of Denver will officiate at the te'f, the Misses Auda Sue Fisher, Reed, Lynetle Neff, Janice Roe and Margaret Goble. Those sending gifts bill unable to attend were Mrs. Ray Stolp, Mrs. Ida Hiatt, Mrs. Charles Skillen, Mrs. daughter. Frances Ellen. Wreck Kills Woman, Injures Man Badly NEW CASTLE, Ind. (UP) -A traffic accident on Ind. 234 aboul four miles west of here Friday killed Hattie Runyon, GO, Shirley, land critically injured hor lius- Stassen suggested the present i|j an( ] conference work'out the details ofj The accident, involving one au- such posts and Soviet delegate •• ^mobile and two trucks, occurred Valerian Zorm agreed. - wllen llle R UnyO n vehicle, driven by Mrs. Berth Huff, 31, Chnr- lottesvllle, apparently failed to slop at Uie intersection of Ml. Lawn Rd. Miami County Native Expires In Methodist Home At Warren, Ind. I'JSKU, Ind.—Miss Bertha Harris, 78, a native of Miami county, dieci early Friday at the Methodist Memorial Home at Warren, where 1 sho. had resided for the past two and one-half years. Her death followed an illness of one year. Born AUK, 20, 18711, near PHW Paw in northern Miami county, to Mr., and Mrs. J. B. Harris, she was employed for ahoul 12 years in Ihe Dukes hospital office under Miss Ethel Ewing, and later worked for 10 yunrs in the Rensselner hospital •ifflce. Survivors aru five sisters, Mrs. 15. S. McClain of here, Mrs. George Li. Eikenberry of route 3, Mrs. Ettu Hemphill of flcnssclacr, Miss .Jessie Harris nt Wabush, and Mrs. John G. Miller, Red Bluff, Calif.; and a brother, Lyman Harris, Michigan City. Friends may call at the Method-! si Home and final rites will be in ho chapel there at IO:.'iO a.m. Sun- lay, with burial in the Paw Paw cemetery. church in Richmond following the last Sunday In August, he has an- nounc.'ud. Jluv. Kckart, who has served Ihd Monon church for several years, is accepting the Richmond pastorate to enable him lit use a .scholarship to continue his studies at Butler University, Indianapolis. The Statue of Liberty was erected in 1IIIIH. Read the Classified Ads School Consolidation Committees Planned PERU, Ind.—Chairman u:ul com- milleea tc circulate petitions on school consolidation of the nortli- ci'n Miiimi county townships, Allen, Perry, Union, Richloncl and Jefferson, lire being named. The petitions will be circulate; in all five townships for a com plele canvass of all rcRistcrcc voters. At least .10 signatures mus he obtained In each township, aftei which the petitions will be filed with the respective trustees. Township legal officers will Uiei: accept (lie resolution, or call foi n referendum. HOT DOG COUNT CHICAG-O—More than seven billion hot dogs were consumed by Americans last year, the National Live Stock Producer reports. That's an average of 42 bol. dogs per person. It's 525,484 miles of hot dogs linked end to end. Open Wednesday Afternoon 221! S. Third St., LoKiinsiiort 2855 Saturday Evening, June 29, 1957. bly held at Indiana University. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Green of Rensselacr have announced the engagement of their daughter, Doris Iler.e of Winamac, to Edward Puchalski, Jr., of Winaniac, son of Mr. nd Mrs. Edward Puchalski of Chicago. An early fall wedding is planned. Mrs. Richard A. Bowers and daughter Pamela of Agate Beach, Ore., came Monday for a visit in the home of her parent. Mr. and Mrs. George Collins. Another daughter of the Collins' and her family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Senseney and daughters. Beverly and Donna, were to leave their home at Long Beach. Calif.. Friday for as visit in the Collins home. Mr. Collins, who has been confined to Carneal hospital for two weeks is somewhat improved. Robert Ra:cr, fourteen-year-old son of Roy R-alcr of the Ripley vicinity, was painfully injured when he became ill and fell from the tracior he was riding wilh hi.s- father. Hi.s right arm was broken between the elbow and shoulder and he was cul and bruised. He was treated at Carneal hospital and taken lo his home. Miss Donna Konrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Uearick. was raduated from SI. Elizabeth hos- .,,. pital's school'of nursing, al Lafa_ _'"j|yelte Sunday. June 23. Her parents attended graduation exercises. Zanger has return- after Ihree week:; in Slarke Memorial hospilul at Knox, where slic liad been a pa- lienl for rev! and trealment because of a hean condition. She is improving. The Older of Rainbow for Girls meet 2. al Craigmile was named grand rep< •cscntnlive lo Arizona at Grand Assembly lasi week. There were If teen members and the sponsors Mrs Francis Wckly and Mrs. Del- n , _. ... . , . vie Ma-stersoj) attended the Assem-iKeod the ClaSSiried AdS SllVF on Pressing Billsl FamousWestinghouse Open Handle STEAM or DRY IRON Exc/us/ve! WIDER STEAM PATH Dampons fOHtor, ir<ww bettor. Extra vents in tho soloplHtamnkothe difference. They "•\ put more steam over u widor area. Got yours today and uturt uaving on preHeing billul Only $16.95 BRIGGS ELECTRIC CO. Westiiighousc Qomplota Lino 203-205 5th St. Dial 440! you CAN BE SURE. UNLIMITED AMOUNTS-in Multiples of '1,000 Thrift Certificates EARN GUARANTEED INTEREST Highest Legal Rate of Interest that can be paid by any BANK in the State of Indiana. Interest Begins On Day of Deposit t THE EARN GUARANTEED INTEREST FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK, Logansport Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 1902 55 Years of Uninterrupted Service To This Community—™ 1957 See this beautiful Frigidaire in this weeks FAMILY WEEKLY MAGAZINE in The Press Sunday, June 30th. Giant "TNT" Sale REFRIGERATOR ACTING UP? TRADE-IN TIME HERE'S THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN SAVE 140 ON THIS "T. N.T." SPECIAL FRIGIDAIRE FOOD FREEZER-REFRIGERATOR Two Door—2 in 1 combina- tion with now in-a-door ice ojector and smart now ihoar look—Slook, squaro, ologant —and dosignod to fit-in, blond-in, build-in any kilchon: Reg. 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