The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1952 · Page 3
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1952
Page 3
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uj t; i t f atURPAY, - MARCH 15, 1952 COURIER - lucQpening Sessions In Miami 4 r 661 I 0 - i: i yrs. Libby Davis Assumes Leadership ; Of UBSOT; Fraternity, Sorority Change Name to Alpha Chi Pi Omega qt Session By JOHN A. DIAZ MIAMI. Fla. A dance at the National Palace in Port aU prince Haiti, wound up the seventh meeting of the - L'nitt Beauty School Owners and Teachers, and their affiliated sorority and fraternity which held sessions here last it i' 41 : X. . AX', . i i. ti - '"' V'T uri - i I - .: N. ' ' ' . ,L:3I - V r " ' : s - - " zy " M , : n, ,.,,,.. . . - f "v " " " J 1 1 n 3 pro Is i B c Lvc M jit i ICS ts. L - ' i ; I 1 1 wee ' prjpr, winding up their busi - our of Haiti, the convention: - 1. changed the name of the frtternily and the sorority Alpha Phi Omega to Alpha Chi Pi Omega at the re - auest ofan6thei: Greek - letter orgwiization which haa been holdbiC the same name for twfnly - five years. ?pl(ced Detroit and Can - ids - tt ihe 1953 convention. X 7( hose Chattatfooge, Tenns Mr - ' - ihh' Dvis as president if VBOT. " 4. Sf - lecied 31 rs. Fannie Pul - jn of Nashville as national hsilMis of the beauticians so - rorilyJ 5. MH - ed Ievi Chappell of Grefni!le. Miss, as national prfsWent of the fraternity. FORTY - FOUB states were represented at the session with a total of 152 delegates in attendance. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, who founded the VBCOT Greek - letter organization, was the convention's principal speaker. A hair style demonstration and a fashion show were held in conjunction with the confab. The delegates were greeted upon their arrival in Haiti by Presi - ' dent aijid Mrs. Paul E. Magloire. The tour to Haiti was planned by Mrs. "Venice T. Spraggs, Washington, D. C. During their' stay in Miami the delegates heard lectures on the art of beauty culture, visited the Gulfstream Race Track, attended a beach picnic and barbecue, and a tropical party at the Hotel Marv Elizabeth ballroom. . , : j it i? Ml 4L - T J tone Granf Prexies Answer Courier Feel OjmftegiMftfioini I Ii4l RMins4 Delegates fo ihe United Beaufy vention are shown in Miami, Fla., la; t Thursday, shortly b - riaiTI - DOUna Schooj Owners and Teachers Asso - fore boarding their plane for Portjau - Prince, Haiti. The elation and Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority and Fraternity con - . party, in charge of Mrs. Marjorie Stewart Joyner, 5607 Wa - bash Avenue, Chicago, III., held the second part of its national convention in the Haitian capital. First sessions of the con clave were held in Miami. ' pyo Supreme Court Decisions, Effect Of NAACP Equal Education Campaign Within Next Five Years Object of Study During .the recent board meeting of the United Negro College Fund the Courier submitted, to the college presidents visiting Pittsburgh this question : j In view of the recent Su - j': " pirn Court decision, on high - j charter granted by the State of er education, and the current j Alabama, uhich provides for an N'.VACP campaign for equal ed - ! educational institution from ncatioMl opportunities on oth - which no one shall be debarred trkteh, what effects will these i because of race or color is a ft"s have on your institution : contract between the State of (hin the next five years? j Alabama and Talladega College. r - epuesjiave oeen receivea irom Bennett College prexy, Dr. Da - ; en insmuuons. These opm - vnd IB. Jones, expects that insti - Spos provide a representative sam - ;tution will be onen to vomc wo - ple of the thinking of the heads .men of all races within the next of private colleges benefiting from five years. ! the fund - raising activities of the; " j UNCF. . - On the other hand, Lincoln Uni - The replies ranged from those, versitv at Oxford. Pa., sees the uhich indicated sweeping changes NAACP campaign and Supreme in the offkfg to those which ex - jCourt rulings having little effect pect no appreciable change to;0n that schooL Dr. Horace M. come to the schools they head, iBond commented, "Lincoln Uni - within the next few years. Perhaps the sharpest observa tion came from A. D. Beittel, pres - versity has always admitted white students, and for the - first time in our history, we are making 1 kient of Talladega College, Talla - ; positive plans ! to recruit white dega, Ala. Istudents . . . we have had at Dr. Beittel stated. " We are convinced that we should move rspidly as possible in the direction of a completely integrated institution. We have the endorsement of the board of trustees, faculty and students f Talladega to move in this direction. We have : had a few Caucasian students from time to time . . . but we expect' to Iincreave the numbers We have w Caucasian student from Ala - ka. II . Li J ri. If least 122 white graduates, - and al - jmost ever' class for the last sev - jenty years has had at least one. "Lincoln has been exposed to the competition of other institutions in some degree for eighty - six years, and for the last thirty years since World War L practically all institutions in our nelgborhood have accepted Negro students freely." t AMEs Invite - I Truman. Five Others io Chi CHARLESTON". ; S." C, Six of America's most outstanding leaders, including President Truman, have been invited to address the General Conference of the AME Church in Chicago next May. Others are Dr. Raloh Buriche. Wal ter ReuuW, Senator EveiettT.M. Dirksen (R - . m.), Dr. Ralph Sock - man and retired U. S. Judge J. Waties Waring. The Bishops Council sent the invitations from its meeting here. - v DottcrGoughndisf D' i! J Afl! New v e ected oif cars of the United iuty School Operators and Teachers of America are shown here after their election durinq their organization's annual convention, held in Miami. Standing, front row, left to right: Mrs. Marjorie Stewart - Joyner, national supervisor; Mmes. Myrtle Brooks, Margaret imith and Bernice Kent of Indianapolis, Ind.; Mattie Taylor Henderson, Alberta' Brown, Columbia, S. C; Mary Brown, Chicago, III; Bernice Driver, ... i . ... . Berkeley, Calif.; Minerva Martin. Miami; Pauline Brown, i Dei Moines, Iowa. Back row: Mmes. Maynolia Leak, Durham, N. C; Margaret Minor, Durham, N. C.j.Frankie Barnaby, Oakland, Calif.; Woods Morgan, Charlotte, N. C; India Crump, New York; Saatia T. Calhoun, East St. Louis, III.; Irene Coleman, Cleveland, Ohio; Mary Freeman, Nashville, Aenn.; G. L. Wallace, Orlando, and Mrs. Mamie Davis, Miami. - Diax Photb . Whca new dross or old fail to atop yoor cough or chest cold dost delay. Creomalsion contains onhf safe, hehv fnV proven mfredtests and ncr jar - cotica to disttub Batnre's proceaa - It toes rixht to the seat of the trouble to aid nature soothe and - heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial TfirtVrrn - Guarsateed to ptease yotr or drBfjjst , refosds mooey. CreotBulsion has stood the test of many minions of users. CHEOtYJUL'SION CM, Acrt as effective as we all want them to be, Dillard will then have students selected without regard to race, just as our faculty' is now selected." Declaring that responsible offi - . UPW Sets Denver Meet Urna PnroUed now, and we shall - d other hases o American me vn fXiie studcnt tm iwill necessitate our thinking less Jfcrhn in the second semester. terms of being a good Negro m w r. ill iita v ovaa t va wm 11 m. i - - ... . . . i - if i in v i i m i i finiiiiiiii' 1 1 oranSdr UiWH aT MorrVs Vrow - n'favor theo are especially interested in j ent 01 Mone College, sam. iffors of the NAACp and chang.!tr enrolling full - time Caucasian students at Talladega. , "Some of our sister institn - ona in other Southern states believe they cannot do this bemuse of certain state laws or foal attitudes. At Talladega we we taken the position that our Ifs.WdhdmrfQtthmVtay Chowlng - Gum Lax at iy 6 Acts Chi o fly to REMOVE UASTE GOOD FOOD:' Hart's tbc acc. et niUUoaa of tolXa bar discovered about raw - A - Murr. tlM tBod - ern e&cwtns - tim lazaUre Tw. mt why rror - A - Murr'a action is ao woadar - tully eUfferent! . . Doctors tnac many muutw start tbelr "flushisf action too aooa.. . . " richt la the stoiMca w tiers food is todaa dlseoted. Largo Oosoa at 9V&lxavrm upset digestion. Hush awy nmirtxiAl food you need for beaita and Yntrgy. Tou feel weak, worn out. But rentlo rxcf - a - Murr. tara aa roe - ommenod. works chiefly in tbo lowor bowel where It removes moetiy wuw, soi Jill US JlUUll MJJUS UOUUUUUI CHICAGO The eighth con,U. - SSilSgiSS! ..... ... . , 1 a aw. mA i.4 i mt. iMn. " mmwii uu Radeline conducted a nation - .ward all ttie contnouiea nems io(iuuonai coenuon x me ltiria wide campaign for "Mail from the men who need or deserve them nlted Packinghouse Workers to price atm 25. so or only io. . 1.1. A. iL IS jt mm 1Sa'A1 m I HHBBSSBMMSBMHeBHBMSBBWBBBBBBBBMHHSaBBBSSlBSBISBIVBSBSJSjVeSBB'B Home," especially tnose in nos - ne most r wMtui . ... . r, MavirrSnnnM. A.MlfW Xr.I . r T,JLr : . . Jes equalizing educational oppor - home." But, although I DR. A. VV. DENT, president of (tunit es Dr John H Lewis add - thinr thpv ' t ,e i,D.!Na.?5;k 'I" will not seriously aifect teu,. I S 1 to relieve ciriutcW outscks - uswrme not only brings isst relief out m grest psin - rplieving medication er??p ysHn in upper bron - l2l.ulMT' Mrol offers ALL the tSTL? - of rmustH plMter without i nnP, 'u maEiB one.. Just rub leans, expressed xne opinion mat, Morris Brown within the next the next five years WOUld see the nv vears sinrp we are deter - student body there reflecting the.mined to improve our program democracy now governing the se - jto meet e higher standards tAiei x Tirir vnomnaTW i Dr. Dent wrote: "The charter provides thai in the admission of students we most not discriminate on the basis of race, creed or color . . If the university is able to secure over the years through the sponsoring church boards, the UNCF, foundations and individuals the necessary funds, we w i 11 be able to maintain here the facilities, including faculty, required of a really good college. If, in the meantime, the efforts f the NAACP for equal educa - t Ion si opportunities and Supreme Court decisions have been which integration will encourage and require. DE. J. S. SCOTT, president of Wiley College in Marshall, Tex., expressed the same point of view, stating that "our policy Is to make Wiley one of the first - class SOMEWHERE IN KOREA . Servicemen in the armed forces! the Far East Command are ex - j tremely anxious to get "mail from the main letters, Sgt. Wilbur F. H. Radeline of APO 719, co Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif., says many of them have expressed a sincere home - sick - inspired plea for cake, candy, cook ies and other homemade delicacies. Last 'year after returning home from Korea, Sergeant Home," especially inoMs in nw :mc mu. ..o , Denver Col Mavi pltals In Korea. The response being wanted'are reading, writing he held in Denver, col, way was terrific and Sergeant Bade - and recreation material, as welljl21K. ! trends and future educational services there in the light of the small colleges, so that when fuu chariges implied t in the quesUon. line forwarded over 37,000 let ters and hundreds of packages overseas. Now. Sergeant Radeline is anx ious to do asain somethings to hir make life haDoier for the as toilet articles, games, sewing kits and other things "from home," If you have anything, send it to: Set. Wilbur Radeline. APO 719. co Postmaster. San Fran servicemen in Korea. He will for - lcisco,! Calif. He wilt do the rest. 'Adam and Eve1 Painted as Blacks MEXICO City When the well - known Mexican painter, Jose Please Write This Lonely Korea Gl SOMEWHERE IN K O R EA There's a lonely soldier over here SSdenTM SwMS5oli KM recently ha hU who slBnS himse.f "a lonrfy nu - rresiaem iu. Laiajeue nuiu L, - ,..nn c mall from home integration comes, we win oe able J , .jJ,. , . , . 7i, . . fJ v,,ict in the Pal - to attract students because of the "The q VfSttio f integra:,latest PaintinK nun in quality of work that will be done tlon c,a" be realistically answered ace of Fine Arts, it caused the Suffocating "Hot Flashes" stopped or strikingly roliovod in 63 - 80 of caes in doctors testsl "c&r0Uf through tou wSf.ef hie" . suffer, for it flashes - ner - eaki ' what it has done others! . : taWllty it so often brines at suctx tunes I Before another day has passed, try Lydla Plnkbam .i. . xo veget&Die uofflpouna, or nvr. improved Tsoiets r?tinj irritability, win do for io? wot ix you ei fmwT "i? otner types uavea't expalseed t&e reiiet SJorially - caused CJa - ! of tension, "Seehes" and trrt - uiis oimcuit time? .il; - . - here's hope for CaitwJSJf by,xors, Com.iJ;Jfh.cafi4 tested. Ie or strutinj relief 1 youWthitLyila iS111. " entiflcallv 'I l ton Surely ti a (only if our colleges can make avnjte aristocracy of this colorful real contribution to it. We pro - i . . ijose an institution of sufficient - ; " ' 'quality and effectiveness to senej The painting, which s attract - I all citizens ... to share in the ing much attention, depicts Adam itrainine of teachers and otheri,n( Eve in the Garden of Eden, tumiies will cause an. increase ' ,,,X,u., ... n - uaPe t,h will' j B xr in the college.' The head of St. Augustine College in Raleigh, X. C, anticipates that the current campaign to equalize educational oppor tunities will cause an increase with added Iron . - . . and dis cover how much reaver your, "change of life" my bet , ! Ydunper women and pirlM suffering from functions! pains and distress of mm - . s trustionflnd Plnkhsm's wonderful too! It contain no pein - deadenifip drvg$l Lydia Pinhham's action through iympathttic ner - vout yatemr - heiee distrezt cl th4''Ktticavc4"t on all levels of formally organ ized education. "We should reach the maximum enrollment allowed us, which is 500," Dr. Harold I Trigg asserted. 1 Philander Smith College in Lit tle Rock,. Ark., has Just created a special committee to evaluate make their mntrihution over - all program of increased ed - jSfPS - ucational opportunities lor every one. - - man. and wants it badly. Be nice, folks, and wriie him. Hp is Pfc. Floyd G. Williams. Sixty - seventh Medical Group. APO 970, co Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. STRAIGHT II AIR v m stars 7 . . .. ! DR. E. C PETERS, head of Paine College In Augusta, Gm., said that these decisions will have little effect on his school, "It has long been an educational and cul tural renter for the Deopifi oi the area."' . Dr. James A. Colston foresaw a bright future for the school he ari ministers. 'There will be ai need for. all the ood. colleges In existence today and many more our Institution will be strong AMAZING PAZQ ACTS TO OF SIMMS PC1GG Speed aeiainff relief Ironrmitery cl simple piles. lexi j with toothing Psso. Acts to relieve pain, itch ire I . . ! lXESSS and will render a more effective! I needle: torture of tinrate iIh ct coM - ir - o i n - a o - rnun Of Students I t'AkwdoterBhHit Lf the "Meorn rape"; I suppository iorm or luces wita pertorsted DtDSk I"" - - r - " . Pm OtiMmtm s6p44Urut $ 'he said. ! .... BACKACHE fortinr hstD'for Bscksxbe. Rheumc Pstns. oetttn. Up Nights, rtron, cloudy urtne. IrrttaUnf P"" ' rln. nervousness, loss of nrgy. circles under eyes sad swousn " . fid Bladder troubles without orgsnloor systsmlo cause. . try CTsra - IS t litttt rv Halbood Uihlso! As qutitt WATCH tmj RING U In OSCl WHITE COLD tnr WATCH mri ae corttou. rinMns lait.uoa D I AMONDS Bams atirtlty mffwvnt, Attract Inn I Or Sir Naet PJ POSTMAM r twsji e',t,,n,c. .c . "V. J' .TJLT hlr rtlATS n - I wiDf SI M ON O CO., S4S1 S. MMiU feed! JTruiiinioTCTiTEX Ttod.y. oVet. - - e. cs 1, mhu. L - w YsTeW ai IV Simple Cuts - GKap - Scrapct - Scaios - CKara - DryNoftriU Minor Skin Irritations b.aEiEsiiKioi SARAH VAUtNAN lltS 3 tt I BtlllS from cafldhood all hrouih life, you can now have straight hstr you can BOUT be proud of TUX USE of fashioned. hair - Uin - f WITH tirrva - Laltinf. CHd - fsj rln HOT fT)Mna or arreaay, nair areeetnes. its so sy. jun us PKJIMAyTRATK the orijdnal and Uriest aelllnc HOME cold wave alihtener In the world. All you do U comb SKMA - STRATK cream Into ivin siooo.oo; IN PRIZES 1st fjrta S23taa. Sic prtae SiasJS. Sra) striae txae. atect 1 riaee f tyt eeeaw Me wrflJ - s aU - ky just write letter la 50 words or Jeea teUins why you luce PermStrate Scene eoca let - tar as. - I like Perma - Strste be - caus I don't need hot combs any snore, end ray hair looks and man area Just like naturally straight hair, and one application lasts ane 3 snonthe. It you lead etna shot plcturw taken of you betor end after usias Perma - Strste end win a prize, tout prise money will be rxULXZK Xech entry must be accompanied with the top of a Perma - Strate packexe or reasonable facsimile. Decisioa est - tho iudres te ftnei. All ntrlee be corot tho property of Perm., strata, ana entry etnuiee pr mission to use your name and let ter. or photo, like Perm - Strata uaea the picturee of stare ana a. ceoten screen star Awl name wlu be announced m leae closes rs in uua te. d aoth. ltu. Winners ins publication. Send entry to Perme - Strste. P. O. Box Ztll, tus, TenaKurryi aeaa etv Kemp! try at once. HOT TO CNUHNCt, Any wis nlna eatry stvena name of their church or tavorit receiT aa made out to their chorea, or char Ity. Here is a - way you caA hala your church or eaarlty. - - ; so hair once every 1 to I months, de - pendlna oa how fast hair a rows. Shampoolna wont hurt it. You can curl and wave your straight hair by makiner water pin curl, or wot set the hair. There 4s BMsnhlas or - - - - laiurv tA tha scalp. PCKtlaVSTKATS la the choice) el men and k . women stars of stare, screen, radio and. televtaJoo. I - Oet PSKmA - emrATa! today at yow drua etore. eavw - the timo and money that creasy hair dreeeiflrssjid f hot comb treatments will cost you. Have NATC2LAX ; fooaina atralaht hair TOXXVXB. Thousands that you t Sink have - naturally stralaht ' hair are riXSUU rRATI Users.' i z tti mail eti win . I ite charity will meaaiiU check At DKUO trcttS, eajptae Uurlf drwrrlsts cam - t eup. ply you. order from FX03JA - TXATX Co.. 211 Vance Ave.. Memphis. Term. isuieiataAS) tia I.IDUTD POtfAQX Try Perma - StTsta to eemnleta Kalr haauty arte " straixatasuax yew aw wiva jrwanaevtraie) au4r atratasieeer. WOtLD'S IARGIST SELIINQ) r.vJr.TiiaY JiLLV AT 10c Ft r"""' i bsssssssssBsssssssssbssbssTjsbsW ,al',MMMM,,,,,,,n,sssssssssassssssssaessw ' " m ill I? .'in. 1 I 1 i i . I Hi i I,! ; i': i t t i ! i ! . 1 J t ill: i I i; i ( in

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