Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 23
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Monday Evening, May 27, 1957, Workhorse C-47 Plane Is Still Widely Used LOS ANGELES—They stopped j building the C-47, the workhorse of World War II. on VE day, but like the model-A Ford it goes on and on. They're still making parts for the old flying wonders that wrote heroic legends in the skies across both oceans and drew and wondering gasps of the men who flew them and the grateful thanks of a nation at war. Aviation experts say that the C-47 beat the Liberty ships as a logistics weapon that helped to win the war. It won a place in the Smithsonian Institute. The first of some 12,000 C-47S rolled down the Donald W. Douglas assembly lines in Santa Monica, Calif., in December. 1S35. It was the third design in the Douglas series, the DC-3, called by the Army Air Force the C-47 and by the Navy the K4D. Douglas still makes parts for the C-47 and will continue so long as there is a demand. Airline Service The ship has been known variously a.s the Jungle Express, the Sky-trooper, or Old Fatso, British called her the Dakota. And American lighting men had all sorts of affectionate names for the "old reliable." At one time, SO per cent of U. S. air Iravel was via the Df,'-.'i. The latest census—in \'Xa — revealed that more than 1,500 still are flying—an estimated 17,000,000 passenger miles daily. Owners, aside from the military, include major U. S. airlines and the airline:; of nearly every foreign nation. Even the Russians purchased a firw in the late l'J30's and, mirier a liccn.'.'ing agreement, began turn- Ing them out in quantity as the Ilyu.ihin LI-2. This craft is the mainstay of air tran.'.jKirtatiim today behind the Iron Curlainn. j Nationalists Hunt Leaders Of Tape! Riots Investigation Indicates That Outbreaks On Formosa Were Well Organized TAIPEf, Formosa (UP)—U.S. officials said today the anti-American riots in Taipei were "definitely organized," possibly by political forces anxious to make a cal with the Chinese CommunisLs. Communists throughout Asia seized on the riots in an all-out effort to discredit American activities in the Far Kast. A threat of new anti-American riots in Manila cuused the U.S. Embassy there today to order precautions. The Americans said they be- _.lieved no top government officials I had any part in the widespread ,j";jj c I destruction of Friday but they did blame inaction by the government on the completeness of the destruction. Foreign Minister George Yell told a news conference today that no government agency or political organization liad directed or insti- giiied the riots. American officials pinned some of their suspicion on the deliberate attack on the embassy code room —an attack which compromiser! some of the codes used by the embassy. The demonstrators enl creel the embassy armed with heavy tools and set to work rm a heavy iron door guardin the code room. When they failed to make a dent they began digging through Uie ,„, ,,,. . , . , i six-inch concrete wall. The IX-:) ook part n every | „ s Am j )assadol . Kl ,rl Rankln major encounter in World War II, > U|(; co(|c rn()m ,, {;st ,. ucti(m w|11 WILL GRADUATE AT WEST POINT Cavern Made by Man Is Tourist Attraction Thomas P. Gariijan, sun of Mr. und Mrs. Michael Giirlgun, (ill.1 S. Riverside Drive, Wlnamac, will he graduated June 4 from the U. S>. Military Academy nl West Point, N. Y. Garigan will lie commissioned a second lieutenant In the infantry and will receive a bachelor of science degree. At West I'nlnl he was active In the honor committee, the dehntc council und forum and the Gorman and art cliiiiu. He was also n member of tin; staff of llowllmsr, (lie academy's yearbook. Appointed to lli« academy by a competitive National Guard examination, Garltfan WIIH a cadet lieutenant during Ills senior year. (Jarigan, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternity, attended Indiana University for three years after graduating from Wlunmae high school In IBSO. (I'liurnN-Trlhunc IMioto-EiigrnvlnK.) FRESNO, Calif. — A man-made cavern near here has become a big tourist attraction after remaining .a "secret world", for 46 years. The Fresno Underground Gardens were created by one man who worked with a pick and shovel for nearly 40 years digging out some 60 rooms as much as '20 feet be- jneath the surface. This maze of j rooms, passageways, gardens and I courtyards was revealed to the I public in 1954, eight'years after ' the death of its creator. Baldasare Forestiere became known as the "human mole" during the years he worked on his mysterious project. The structure never was completed, but visitors are amazed at what lie did accomplish. . Citrus trees, rare shrubs and flowers are protected from the scorching summer heat in underground courtyards opening to the sky. One tree is grafted to bear seven different kinds of fruit. In explaining the purpose behind Forestiere's tireless efforts in excavating the gardens, the story is told that he at first planned only to build an underground living quarters to escape from the heat of the San Joaquin Valley, where summer temperatures soar to 320 degrees or higher. On the hottest days, temperatures remain in the 70's in the caverns and it is several degrees warmer than above ground in the winter. Forestiere's plan lo open his "secret world" as an underground restaurant is explained to tourists as they roam through his below ground apartment and an automobile tunnel some 700 feet long. Joseph, Forestiere, an older brother, added a huge ballroom to the structure after it was opened to the public and is planning construction of a fish pond which tourists may view both from above and below. Bethea to Fight Andrews Tonight NEW YORK (UP)—Heavyweight Wayne Bolhca, a rugged but light- hitting mauler, meets .fragile but explosive Paul Andrews tonight 4n a 10-rounder at St. Nicholas Arena. It will be televised by DuMonl. Oddsmalcers' quote Bethea of New York an H-5 favorite over rangy Andrews of Buffalo, N.Y., partially because of Andrews' inactivity last ycac. Andrews, 2(>, retired temporarily in '56; but returned to action last .Jan. 29 and knocked out Warnell Lester (7). On April 2, he out- pointed tough Ernie Ca-b. His 327-1) recoix! includes III knockouts. He was slopped three times. Bethea, 25, lost close verdicts to seventh-ranked Zora Folley on Dec. 3 and .Ian. !), but out|x>inlcil Joff Dyer and 'Uert Wliilehurst in ills last two slarls. His .IS-(i-2 list includes only six kayoes, but he never was stopped. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Twenty-thre* Love From Prince ferrying men and supplies, /shuttling back and forth from air.tlripK In the rear to hasl.ily .wrapcd clearings to unload her precious cargoes to battling servicemen and to serve as airborne ambulances, The nluncx chalked up an unbelievable flying record. Once in a midair collision, a DC-:) Irril five ffet from one wing tip arirl lanrlod xnfcly with a full load of pa;,«on- KHfK: IJouglrtn flewrinlerf In China one was stnifml on Ihe ground liy the .lapain-se arid lm:l lip. right win)!. It was filled with ooe from a DC-2, Ihe predecessor, ship, which wa. 1 : n gnwl 10 feel. shorter. If. took off ju.'it. the Maim:. De.'iigne.d In carry y.\ paMMerifierH the C-47 habitually wan overloaded. During the evacuation of liur- ma one C-47 carried , ( ;ov<rrit.y-l'<iiir James Dooliltle returning from hill Tokyo bombing raid. II. carrier paralrnopen;, wcapnmi, bul!dr»7.crH, Kanoline und anything clfte that needed hauling. A wing mean some "readjustment" American codes. He would not elaborate!. Yeli told UK; now« conference the riots were "mil an expression of general anti-American feeling" of the people and «alrl the government was not considering withdrawal of the diplomatic Immunity now granted U.S. milil.'iry personnel here. U.S. military activities were returning Ui normal, and Americans circulated through tin: streets of Taipei without incident. 'IVic city was sllll under a strict curfew and • UK; (Jliinii.se army poster! armored halftracks ul strategic places In tlir 1 city. I'residrtnl Olilaiu; Knl-Khek flrrsd three liip.li (JliinuHe official.'! for fiiiliw! to hull Ihe dmnmiHlrnlloriH mid WJIM reported ready to fire Maj. Hen. I,hi Kwo-iiliien, the Tal[Ki! city police chief. I-'ACK Ml' CONCORD, N.II.-The Olrl Man of Ihe Mountains .I'lnn may hiivo that wan loo bii/ lo fit Into Ihcji,.,,. ,.„,,. | ifi ,.,|. A bill on flirt in fiiHirlnm- wa;i lied mirier the belly. . |)l( . |,. K j,.|.,i m .,. wml |,| provide $M,II. fluw Iwo alrlirirne dlvlrilnm: liil,,,,,, LO'.iprucii up and repair the battle In Normandy on D-IJay in June, MM<1. The government gave Donald W. Drmglnx ihe Exceptional Service Awm'd npeelfir.'jilly fur' the design j arid biiildini: nf Hie I'.-vt. Ninvwlnyii Ihere are niwi-r, fn«l- fr and more r-oiiilortJilili! Jihl|ii;. I'.iit UK the pllotfi ,'iay, "auyiuur frnn fly 'old fnlKo.' All you need l;i lite fum:luj/ci and n lillle kimw-hiiw." JtlHT A-KOI.I.IN' WEST I'OJ.AMi, Mi-.....S|i(!:ikliii: of "rolliru-: iiliine.'i," Mr. mid Ml 11 :. Willnrrl Slnne and Iwo lillle Sfonr>K' are touring Klnrlila and .Yliri'ik'ilp- 1)1 In u 4i>.juin,i(!ii;!<:r necond hand, lnwi. fiirnoiiii 'done face In Iho wenl wall of Fraiiconia Notch. LOOK IIKC, Ditto lilt Holiday Sralmi, like new. Only II.i«)0 Milieu. Muni Sell Now Powlcn Sales & Scr. I'.nm'.lu'n.y Al Third MEMORIAL DAY FLORAL TRIBUTES WREATHS Crosnos — Wrcialfu — all beautiful, lantoful and long Iqul- Ing. Annorlod colors, CROSSES,. ..1.00 Larger Slioi , 3.OB WREATHS... 1.88 larger Slzo* 3.08 Uaiamonr Sloi • END-OF-MONTH CLEAN-UP! Grab a bus ... take a cab ... drive your own car . . . but get here early to take advantage of these "door bustin' bargains." You'll have a riot of fun ... and save yourself more money than you can imagine ... on each purchase! Quantities are limited ... but every item is a real bargain! Tuesday and Friday; til 5:00, Wednesday 9:00 til 12:00. Broken Sizos-AII Wool MEN'S SUITS . Mon's Soiled ancl Shopworn DRESS SHIRTS. . loco Trim — Sizon 32 ancl 34 Only RAYON SLIPS . 44 Inchon wlclo — Wculuiblo BROWN RAYON FLANNEL . . yard 26.00 2.00 1.50 1.49 VERY SPECIAL Brentwood COTTONS DUSTERS AND SUITS. Mir, $os cmcl Toons COATS-7 ONLY. . 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The royal billet reiul, "To Wiinrecn with love from Charles." (/iiCuniiitioJiaU Match Hamia, Bassey For Paris Title Fight PARIS (UPI—Cherlf Hamia of France and Hogan (Kid) Bassey of Nigeria will meet in Paris' first world featherweight title fight at the Pare des Princes football stadium, June 19. Promoter Charles Michaelis, who signed the match lite Sunday, expects a capacity 40.000 at this 15-rour.d battle for the vacant 126-pound crown. Hamia, the world's top-ranked contender, and Bassey, second- rated, will be fighting for the title left vacant by American Sandy Saddler's retirement in March bo- cause of an eye injury. Bassey, the British Empire champion, earned the right to meet Hamia by outpointing Miguel Bcrrios of Puerto Rico in an elimination final at Washington, D.C., in April. LISTEN 1D54 Olds Super 88 -1 dr. extra clean. Power steering, jxiwer brakes. See Hoy for tlie background on this ona. Powlen Sales & Ser. 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