The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 3, 1985 · 100
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 100

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, July 3, 1985
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2 Part VI Wednesday, July 3, 1985 R OoaAnfleleaSfUneo DEMI MOORE SAVORS ROLE IN 'ST. ELMO'S' By DEBORAH CAULFIELD, Times Staff Writer 'D; , id you see the billboard? It was so spooky I mean, there was my face!" Demi (pronounced with the emphasis on mi) Moore involuntarily shivered. Few could miss the Sunset Strip billboard for "St Elmo's Fire" that loomed outside the restaurant. Unlike many of her nipper-veneered peers, Moore made no attempt to mask her enthusiasm for "Elmo's," which features the 22-year-old actress in her largest role. Moore, a relative newcomer on the ensemble movie circuit, and actress Mare Winningham were the only two cast members who hadn't worked previously with "Elmo's" co-stars Emillo Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy. "I guess I did feel a little like the new kid in class," the actress acknowledged, explaining that she'd had plenty of that experience with frequent family moves when she was younger (her father worked in sales for newspapers). Flashing a smile, the actress added in her distinctive throaty growli "But that didn't last for long. We all really enjoyed each other. Even though it was our job to become closer, the .extra plus was that we've all become good friends." In Moore's case, it's easy to see why. The brunette embodies the charm and vivacity of Jules, her character in the story of seven college friends facing their first year in the "real world." Unlike Jules whose jet-set life style masks a serious cocaine problemMoore, at 22, appears to have her life firmly together. "I loved wearing the clothes," she enthused. "I've always been such a tomboy; it was the fairy-tale side of being very glamorous." Growing serious, she reflected: "But basically, I refer to Jules' condition in the movie as coming down to being a tramp, liar and a cheat not necessarily literally. She just didn't care. The more she got caught up in that cycle and the more she used drugs to escape, the worse she felt about herself and the more she had to pretend that she didn't "I could relate I used to spend a lot of time looking outside of myself for the answer. And now, today, I live by looking inside myself and not giving it all out there. And I find I have so much more to give." Moore laughed when told of her reputation as a wild woman due nana C WESTWOOD VILlAGn ( HOLLYWOOD BLVOT I RATIONAL THXSound-70MM Mby Sttrn OOOfeMIPOl CHINESETHXSoun0-70MW0oySUrw WSWywt. OOOWSIPV) 11:45-2:15 464-6111 4:45-7:30-9:45-12:00 H t2M-2:30-5M-7:30-KhO0-120 Validated f With S3 for moot Ml, pm THX Sound-Dolby Stereo ww to A nuiroj $3 tor anowe btl. 5pm THX Sound-Dolby niKNIPO) 1:15-3:30 5:45-6)-fc:15-12:15 (3 for ittcwt bit. Spot menr KttSBraM 206-3259 ST. RAWS Mill) 11:30-1:35.3:40-1:00 '9:15 10:30-12:30Sorry No Piuw PLAZA KWtkndM 206-3097 TOMM-OolovStww mmroOziNi 12flO-2:30-5:00-7:30-:45 $3 tOT MOOT Ptt. SpiB yOT. 071 WESTWD. JULri.(fO1 11:30 1:30-3:30-5:4S-1M-W:15 63 lor fwwi btl, 5pm MM Savin 206-7664 V06UE 462-6621 Mtwsnrs MtuoNsiPO) 2:00-6: 15-10:35 MtfKT( 11:45-4:00-8:15 63 lor Hwwi btl, 5pm IffiLAGE Ml truM 206-5576 FOX liTUtll TO OI(PO) 1:00-5:20-9:40 sot wvm. ttewsrars imuionsipoi 463-2164 3:15-7:3$ Todiy $9 lor ohowt btl. Spm ( BEVERLY HILLS AREp FINE ART8 muftiii AMAOWSIK) 1:15-4:30-7:30-10:30 S3 for ihowi btf. 5pni BtVttLY MIS COf () 1:10-5:25-0:56 t!A0AST 006(1)3:25-7:40 $3 for liSowt btf. 5pn C SANTA MONICA ) WILSHIRE MTimTooziPoi 19MWMm 3:15-7:30 451-4377 MfWSTirS MiimKIK) 1:15-6:30-9:4$ $3 lor tlwwi btl. 6pm asjainw. 652-1330 ( ALEX 2WN.6rand 618241-4194 ST. RAWS FM(K) 12:45-2:45-5:00-7:15-9:36 Sorry, No Pltsn $3 lor iTnn btl. 6pm GLENDALE 122 S. Stand 81824 -4 77 VAIEHCIAHEWHALL SAUGUSCANYON COUNTRY C MANN 10 ST. ELMO'S MN(I VALENCIA 12:50-3.-00-5: 10-7:20- 805255-3966 Sorry, No film $3 lor mow btl. 6pm J-KSU ULU lUWNt tMOOHItacM back to m nnwt(K) 12:10-2:40-5:00-7:36 1000No duel 63 lor moot btl. 6pm 371-1221 COtOON(PO 12:W-2:30 4:50-7:20-9:4SNo Paasta 63 for ahom bat. 6pm HiTCH(PO) 1:10-3:15-5:20-7:30-9:46 63 for thorn bei. Ipm PALI MDStjl) 12:30-2:45 5: 10-7:40- Kh06No Patau 63 for ahom btl. 6pm (MtRALD FOMSTII) 12:15-2:40-5: 10-7:40-1006 No Paatta 63 for ahom oaf. 6pm SO SONJA(PO-IS) 1:15-3:15 5:15-7:15-9:15No Paaan 63 for thorn btl. 6pm SKMT ADMRBI(PO) 4P-I:30 PtfKT() 1:30-00-10:30 63 for ahom btl. 6pm ( MANHATTAN BEACH 3 MANN 6 Sapinwlaat Doty-OOOMS(PO) Pmktw 11:30-2:00-4:30-7)-9:36 213640-1075 63 for ahom bif. 6pm PKIIZrS NOMOR(R) 12:00-2:30 5:00-7:30-10:00 63 lor thorn btl. 6pm Dolby-IAMtOIII 12:50-3.-00-5:10-7:20-9:36 $3 lor ahom btl. 6pm OOOMS(PO) 12flO-2JO-4:40-7-00-:36 63 for ahom btf. 6pm ( BREALA HABRT") BREA PLAZA paumwiii 12:15-2:45 Or.FwWkrv.5:15-7:45- tOMNoPaattt 7W529-S339 63 tor thorn btl, 6pm 1A0-3: 15 - 6 S0WAIPO-I3) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30No Paaatt 63 for ahom btl. 6pm ST. RAWS FWI(R) 1:00-3:15 5:30-8:00-10:1SNaPaaati 63 lor ahom btl. Spm Mby-OO0taTi(POI 12)-2:30-4:45-7: 15-9:45 63 for ahom btl. 6pm 1flO - 3:15 - h j 1 I SVV 1 -- i, jail" f ! i" i Demi Moore, 22, is enthusiastic about her largest role, in "Elmo's." largely to the Kawasaki 440 motorcycle she rides. "I love to have a good time, but I live very clean, and I eat real healthy," she insisted. "I'm not someone who by nature does what's good for me. I'm a compulsive personality, but I've learned to live one day at a time. I trust in a power greater than myself and tap into a lot of that spirituality." Poised and articulate, Moore expressed many of the same sentiments voiced by others her age but with unusual depth and insight Rather than agreeing that she, too, shared her generation's unveering devotion to Getting Ahead, she reflected on the reasons for it BARGAIN PRICE STARRED ( ) FEATURES ONLY ALL SHOWS KFOMIM MMW INW FlIDH 1ST SMI OUT UTMOST I SIMM! (SAN FERNANDO VALLEY) VALLEY WST ov-eoo-.5(Poj eavil 11:45-2:15-446 7:15-945 816996-1300 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm Toon 63 for mom bef. 5pm rtt Pig M So. Atltr Spm Paid General AdnHiHon Only ST. RAWS NM(I) 12:15-2:30-4:45-7flO-9:15No Piutt 63 for ahom btl. 6pm DoKw-nnoiiPoi 1A0-3: 15-5:30-7:45-06 S3 for ihowt btl. 6pflir PAU MMjll 12-2:30-5l-7:30-10:li Sorry, No Paatta S3 tor ahom baf. 6pm THX Sound Kb SOtUAIPO-U) 12:00.2:00 4m-6M-6m-10M-12M Today 63 for moot btl. 5pm vamano tree ran. a so. Mier spm With Paid General Admujtlon Only THX Sound- ST. RAWS FM(R) 12:30-3:00 5:30-:15-1030-12:X Today 63 far ahewa btl. 5pm VaaoaM free pko. y, tin So. Altar Spm With paid gtnaral admlialon only COCOON(PO-IJ) 12:30-3.O0-5:30-6M- M30NO Pauo 63 for ahom bad. 6pm iHPO) 11:45-2:30-5:15-6l-10:30 Today S3 for moot oaf. 5pm lAO TO TM fUnHT(PO) 12:O0-2:30-5:O0-7:30-1O:o6 83 tor ahom oil. 6pm Dolby Sttrto Mil MtaiR) 12:30-3:00 6:30-6.)-10:30-12:45 Today w for Mom DM. 5pm LA REINA ST. 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Son 6LENDALE ) UreOKt(l) 1:00-5:00-901 SKMT A0lt(l)3:0O-7:O0 63 for ahom btf. 6pm A WW TO A Hi (PO) 2flO-4:45-7:30-10:o6 63 lor ahom bat. 6pm OXNARD its sonmin-isi 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:36 No Paaatt ESPLANADE mtokpoi 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm Mann 1fl0-3l-5:O0-7:00-9O0 606485-2707 63 tor ahom M. 6pm HWAU FOttST(R) 12:00-2:30 5: 15-7:45-W15NO Pautl $3 for inowi btf. 6pniA PAU Rt)H(R) 12:t9-2:40-5KXI-7:30-M0No Paaan 63 for ahom baf. 6pm TORRANCE ) PAU MOflt(R) 12:10-2:40-5flO-7:30-10-00Ho Patau $3 for ihowt btl. 6prnA RfTURN TO 01 (PO) 3:00-7:30 0.AJ.YXIPO) 12:45-5:30-9:45 63 lor ahom btl. 6pm c VENTURA KVIMY MLS COfll) 2:00-6:15-10:30 MIAKFAST aU6(i) 12:00-4:15-8:30 63 lor ahom btl. 6pm ST. RAWS PM(R) 1: 15-3:30-5:45-8:15- HMONo Patau 63 for ahom btl. 6pm nnoiiro) 1:15-3:30-5:45-6:00-10:15 63 tor ahom btf. 6pm VENT. TWIN EMHA10 fOMSTJA) 20) E. Mill 12:15-2:35-4:55-7:15-9:36 805644-7776 NoPaam 63 for ahom btl. 12fl0-2:20-4:40-7:00-9:26 63 tor ahom btl. tpm BUENAVENTURA cocoon(po Hwy. 805! 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RAWS NRf R) 5:30 - 7:45 - 1000No Patau $3 for ihowi btl. 6pniw PMzzrs tmmm 1:30-4:19-7:10-9:45 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm RANDY LEFFINCWELL "I come from the generation whose parents wanted us to try everything ... but at home," she explained. "I think that freedom actually made us more goal-orient ed. We didn t want to shirk respon sibilityit was too scary not to take that responsibility. We're striving to make something of ourselves, and I don t think that s necessarily a negative thing." Moore has been successfully striving in her chosen profession for several years, although not always on film. She made her acting debut on ABC's "General Hospital" as the new love interest to Laura-less Luke Spencer (Tony Geary). As Please see DEMI, Page 13 n ( PASADENA 3 HXKIIHUSHJIIIUH omaattiM 407 N. PjMMt'd t2O0-M5-4:45-7:15-94j 116301-6939 63 tor ahom baf. 6pm MO SOWA(PO-U) 1:30-3:30-S:30-7:30-9:30No Paaan $3 for shows btf. 6pm w petTton; 12:30-3)-5:30-IOO-Kr 63 tor ahom btf. 6pm C MONROVIA ) wmn 9 Oony-Rnoiipo) 12-00 oiOW.HunOMinOr. 2:30-5:00-7:30-1000 8ie3M-4Mb 63 for thorn b. 6pm ST. RMM mm 12:45-3:00 o:io-r:w-v:40no raataa 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm SKMT A0AUJM( IMWSTII'SAUUIONSIPO S3 for 12:00-4:00-60) 2:00-0:00-HWO lorn btl. 6pm IAOYNAWII(P-I1I1:30-5:30-9:30 PWPU lOSi Of CAitO(POI3:45-7:45 o lor anom on. B A WW TO A MLIPO! 11:45-2:30-5: 15-6:00-fesl 63 for ahom btl. 6pm 0.AJt.YA.(POj 1M-6:1S-9:30 MTUM)T0OI(ra)8)-7:1S S3 for sttows btf. opniw c COVIN 0 tm C0VINA 8MWsrsrs 211N.A1UM MMMNSIPO) 818332-0050 1KX)-5:15-9:36 PHfKT(l) 3:00-7:15 to nr anom on. oprnw Dotoy-PAU (Mill 12:30-3W-5:30-6IJOM5M Paaan 83 tor ahom baf. 6pm oon-eooiMS(PO) 12l-2:30-5l-7:30-945 93 for stiows btf. Opntw ( UPLANDONTARIO MANN 4 MtSOMAIfO-13) 1:00-3:00 7th it MowiUki 5:O0-7:f5-9:15No Paaatt 714982-7851 S3 for ahom bat. 6pm Spm D.AJ.YJ-(P01 12:45-30-5: 15-7:30-9:45 63 tor ahom btf. 6pm - is) A WW TO A MifPOl 11:45-2:30-5:15-8:00-10:30 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm 6pm Dolby-0O0PMS(POI 11:30-21-4:30-7.-00-9:36 63 tor ahom btl. 6pm C SIMI VALLEY ) MANN 6 SOSOCooVin 805563-0711 RAMSOIR) 1:00-34)0-5: 10-7:15-9:26 63 for ahom btf. 6pm ST. RAWS 11(1) 1:50-3:50-5:50-7:S0-9:50No Paaan $3 for shows btf. Opww sooaats(po) 12M-2:20-4:45-7M-9:36 $3 for shows btf. 6pnLf 6ACK TO TAT FuTUtf (PO) 12O0-2:25-4:45-7:15-9:45No Patau $3 for shows btf. 6pniA pali mil) No Paaatt btf. Spin 6pm iz:r-je:9u-o;iD-r:40-w:iano rai S3 tor ahom COCOON(P.13) 12:15-2:40-5)-7:30-1MONo Paaan $3 tor shows btf. 6ptnw CELEBRATIONS If you prefer to make your Independence Day celebration a cultural one rather than baking on the beach or toiling over the barbecue several entertainments are planned throughout the Southland. Here's a list of highlightsi "Family Flrawtrka Plcalt Coacari al Hallywaaa' Bowl" The Loa Angeles Philharmonic performo a palriolic potpourri from Gerahwin to Gould under the baton of Rachael Worby accompanied by the USC Trojan Marching Band and finale fireworks. The concert beglM at 7.30 p.m. Tick-eia range from 11 to $16. InformaUom (213) 872-7300. "Music (Btl Flraworka al tht Roaa Bowl" The Pasadena Symphony, with cannon, belts, fireworks, and a 150-member chorus will perform traditional July 4th fare. Tchaikovsky's "1812" Overture, with Jorge Mester conducting, and Dvorak's "Carnival Overture." Pianist Tedd Joselaon will play Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," rounding out a program that will also Include the Ambassador College Dixieland Band, two vocal ensembles and REDGRAVE ASKS From Associated Press BOSTON-Vanessa Redgrave has asked an appeals court to overturn a ruling that her civil rights were not violated when her appearance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra was canceled after complaints about her sympathies for the Palestine Liberation Organization. The actress, in a brief filed Monday with the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, said the federal jury's November decision "expressly encourages political coercion." ffr if 61 (S Ii III IF winds mnti mi ii Mill R msTniCTip & usots i; mounts ccMPMviac PARENT OR ADULT GUARDIAN Si HOLLYWOOD Hollywood Pacific 4644111 0lr:J:)a.:.l Convened HKMie IWIMig M rexDIiriMlie-SPOOal riwns OfccliHssageMir COSTA MESA UA Cinemas (7141540 0594 ELT0R0 Edwards Saddleback (714)581-5680 HAWTHOANE AMC Hawlhome 644-9761 WEST LOS AWELiS Pacific's PicwooO 474-2569 ai.ia.ii.ia BAKER6FIELD AMC Stockdale (605)324-6778 CANOQA PARK fm (818)863-4212 Edwards University (714)854 8611 FOUNTAIN VALLEY Family Four (714)963-1307 LANCASTER Movies (805)945-6686 NORTHRIDOE Peppertree (818)993-0211 SAN BERNARDINO Family Twin (714)862-1550 SIMI Great (805)526-6363 ARLINGTON Drive-ln 666 SCHEDULED AROUND SOUTHLAND Concert Band comprised of Pasadena City College music students. Rose Bowl galea will open at 5 p.m., the program starts at 6 p.m. Tickets range NEW APPEALS COURT RULING Redgrave had contended the orchestra fired her for her support of the PLO, and that the firing kept her from getting work for H months. The orchestra had hired Redgrave, 47, to narrate Igor Stravinsky's "Oedipus Rex" In April, 1982, but canceled her appearance after protests from subscribers and threats from the Jewish Defense League. The orchestra said it canceled only to avoid violence. Although the jury found her civil rights had net been violated, it agreed that Redgrave's career had ii i? sv ii By 4'i .til -SV IE IF nH PETER FIRTH FRANK FINLAY moon mum limn SKMI niwcis UIPUiTI ViPiU USIDWIII niinn n Mltlll n iiiioiihll ihuhh NDtll ST rWIHD II mi OOLgy STEREO IN SELECTED TK AIRES UKEW00D ORAHOE Pacific's Lakewood UACily Cinema SAN 6ERNARDIN0 GCCRanclw Cinema 6 (714)3702085 TORRANCE UA Del Amo Cinema 542-7383 .IslL'Jall.'L-l ggSL8 A2USA Edwards Footrnl Drive-In (816)334-0263 Center Soulfi (714)634 3911 634-9281 OXNAHO Pacific's Carriage Square (805)465-6726 LONG BEACH UA Movies 594-6525 MONTCLAIR SKUSiSS1 Pacilic's Colorado (714)624-9696 (618)796-9704 ORANGE AMC Orange Mall (714) 637-0340 PASADENA Western 4 CARSON INDI0 South Bay Drive-In Indio Drive-In 532-8611 (619)347-5973 ELCENTR0 LOMPOC Motorview Drive-ln Valley Drive-In (619)352-4385 (805)736-1016 Van Surer) - 2360 from 13 to $6. Information! (818) 677-7208. "Rkytkm Kiafs Raarlag tOt Jats jMhllee at Ike Wadawerth Tbatra"-Jais legend Cab Calloway and compoaeraulhorletevision per-aonality Steve Allen head the bill of this afternoon of Prohibition-era jam, with appearances by the Busby Berkeley-style tap dance troupe Hotcha Hoofers and a classic Americana car show. Allen will play the Slano and emcee two concerts (4 and p.m.) by the Rhythm Kings, with whom Calloway will sing and dance routines from his Cotton Club days. The free car show begins at 2 p.m. Tickets for the concern are 112 and $15. Wadsworth is located north of Wilshlre Boulevard, west of the San Diego Freeway. Information! (213) 652-5357. "Tbs Oreat Araarlcaa Flcnle" The Long Beach Municipal Band will host singer Leslie Uggams at this free concert of Jazs, pop, rock and big band sounds at Recreation Park Bandstand, 4900 E. 7th St In Long Beach. The festivities, including games, sports and crafts, sun at 2 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. Uggams performs at 8 p.m. InformaUom (213) 432-5831. -Z.D. been damaged and awarded her $100,000. U.S. District Judge Robert Kee-ton left intact the jury's finding, but threw out the award, saying harm to her career was legally "irrelevant." But he also ordered the orchestra to pay Redgrave $27,500 for breach of contract, slightly less than her fee for the performance. In her brief with the appeals court, Redgrave asked for unspecified damages. In the suit decided by the jury, she had asked for $1 million in civil rights damages and $166,000 in lost income. I? ijjj (Jy A Tn Star Release t96Mtoe.r M FagMs Reserved BUENA PARK Pacihc'sEluenaPark Drive-ln (714)821-4070 CITY Of INDUSTRY Pacific's Vineland Drive-ln (816)961-9262 L0SANGELE6 Pacilic's Cenlinela Drive-ln 670-6677 PARAMOUNT Pacific's Rosecrans Drive-In 6344151 PICO RIVERA Pacilic's Fiesta Drive-In 692-7581 VAN NUTS Pacilic's Van Nuys Drive-In (818)786 3500 o IC N0RC0 POMONA 8ANTA BARBARA Crest Drive-In Mission Drive-In Santa Barbara Drive-In (714)735-2140 (714)628-0511 (805)964-9400 ORANGE SAN JACINTO .-rarmrniM Stadium Drive-ln Hemacinto Drive-ln ,N (714)639-8770 (714)925-3163 m 1

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