The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1956 · Page 5
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1956
Page 5
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ion! 16 Years Behind Iron Curiam fageir IFireedl Fir mm By GEORGE S. SCHUYLER (Exclusive to The Pittsburgh Courier. Reproduction forbidden) jVATERBURY, Conn. When petite, brown singer Zaidee Jackson shouted "Happy New Year" at 12:01 Jan. 1, she meant it more than anybody in the Rumanian cafe where she was singing. She had just received the thrilling' and amazing news that after sixteen years of frustration, deceptions and disappointments she could go home to America. "I was reborn." Rhf MMalmpfl "' 1 " 1 smilingly as she relaxed on the conch in the home of her de - Toted sister, Mrs. - Crinna Williams Thomas, in Waterbury. l never really gave up hope," she said, "but there were many times when my situation seemed utterly hopeless." Going to Rumania in 1939 on the eve of World War II, Zaidee Jackson had already won international fame as singer, entertainer and hostess. In this country she had toured with the LaFayette Players and appeared hi "Lulu BeDe" and "Rang Tang." In Paris, Cairo, Monte Crjlo, London, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and all over Europe, she had sung In the finest cabarets, hotels and theatres. pu t - J it - - ii..u i sung over BBC and appeared in two motion pictures. She had been the favorite of the international set, such as Elsa Maxwell and Prince Henry, the Duke Of Kent. At one time she owned clubs in Cannes and Bairritz. THEN, IS 1939 she went to Rumania, where shortly afterward Exiled Ruler? Prince bays He'll Return To Nigeria! sot - W '. V VC " ' v PRINCE MADARIKAN MIAMI. Fla. A Nigerian prince who has been living in the. United States for forty - one years in a self - imposed exile, has Secided that he will return to his ative land in West Africa and Claim the throne of his great great - grandfather, King Balogun IJenio. Prince Madarikan Deniyl Williams of Sarasota, Fla., said he expects to return to Nigeria in June and will have his coronation in August as ruler of the thlrty - flve - mllllon Yoruba tribe. Prince Deniyi says he II I member of the royal house of IJenio at Abeokuta, Nigeria. The prince is visiting in Miami as guest of the Rev. Edward T. Graham, pastor of Mount Zion Baotist Church. He will deliver the Sunday morning sermon at Mount Zion on Jan. 22. An ordained minister and phar maclst Prince said he plans to return to his homeland Ind build a Christian temple on the site where his grandfather she met and married Barbu Neamtu, a wealthy young' mechanical engineer who was a great sportsman and Ford representative there. They went to live on his great ancestral estatae at Craiova, a city of 100,000 in the midst of a rich agricultural area, where she was the only Negro. Occasionally they stayed in their smart apart ment in Bucharest Those were halcyon days, she recalls. But they were marred by jealousy and racial prejudice of her husband's numerous family (uid the neighbors) who felt that he had married beneath him. lie was accused of renouncing Ids family for a Negro. The monarchy made It difficult fortier to get work papeTsrThe Iron Guard regime that followed was worse. - It demanded that one be an "ethnical Rumanian." Then came the war and the Nazis. The regime was especially tough on the Jews, she recalled. She could get no work at all. THE JEWS were corralled and and carted away in carloads, and sometimes the cars had lime in them. Sometimes trains carrying the hapless Jews were halted in the remote countryside and the occupants dumped into the bare fields. Of course their properties were confiscated. Although Miss Jackson herself encountered no real trouble, she found it expedl ent to staytmt of public places. Those were indeed perilous times. The Neamtus' troubles really began In 1944 when the Communists came in. The gypsy riffraff came into power and the once - despised Jews in many instances rose to high position. "But soon there came a change," she said. - "Less and less Jews had big jobs, and one noticed soon that there were less and less Jews around. Nobody seemed to know what became of them. Probably some went to Palestine, but one wisely did not ask." The Communists confiscated her husband s estate, he being branded a "bourgeois so in 1950 they moved to Bucharest Al though engineers were in great demand, he could get very little work. One had to be "approved." nioglcally, however, his brother got a Government job. THEY WERE always fearful, dreading search and questioning. Red police came in the .dead of night, flashing torches in their faces, threatening. "At first I could get no work at all," she said, "until 1950, and then only sporadically, and for a miserable pittance of 600 leis monthly." She explained that a pah of the cheapest shoes cost 500 leis and a sorry cotton suit of clothes there or four times as much. The average worker got 500 leis monthly wage. There were shortages of every thing desirable to eat or wear. Of course officials with big salaries could get what they wanted. For merly well - to - do people carried their dwindling stock of goods to the immense open air market to sell for what they would bring in order to keep alive. THEN CAME the final crush ing blowrthe - arrestf her - hus band as a "bourgeois spy." He was helL Incommunicado locally for eighteen months and then 1 sent to a typical Red slave camp A. X. m 1 v - 1 ' s i. Zaidee Jackson, left, and sister, Mrs. Crinna Thomas. where he was ill - fed and given the most arduous physical tasks. There was never a charge or a trial. After four years he was released, broken and impoverish ed, in 1955 After a while the Beds relented and let Miss Jackson work' more or less : regularly, even though at one time she was Jobless for six months. At first they gave her laborer's pay, but later upped her wage to 1,500 leis monthly. Nightly taxi cabs to and from, her jobs cost thirty leis daily, which meant spending two - thirds of her salary for transportation. Often she chose to walk two miles in the dead of night to save money to eat since no meals were supplied to artists. UNTIL TWO years ago food was scarce ana expensive, une stood hours in queues and then often got nothing. "There is definitely color prejudice In Rumania," she replied to a question. "There was prejudice in Craiova, and about everywhere else. The Rumanians believe ail of the Red propaganda about Negroes being exploited, beaten and hanged daily. They believe white people are superior to Negroes. "They want colored people to be always modest and unassum ing. They, view them at best with pitying condescension. The U. S. Information Agency certainly has a bi job to do there to alter this opinion, and it hasn't been doing it." THE ONLY Negroes who go to Rumania are with Invited Com mie - front delegations, and they are always accompanied by Red "guides ' wherever they go. "You can tell quickly," she said "whether they are 'protected' or not. - The lowest class of Ruman lans are now in control and all regard themselves as superior to Negroes." Even after she began to ge regular work in 1951, Miss Jack son encountered all sorts of prej udicet and - discrimination from musicians and managers. For six months she was without any work at all. - With her husband in prison that made things , doubly tough. "ASIDE FROM the Negroes in delegations," she said, "I only saw three Negroes. One was an African girl brought in by a family at the age of 7 years to be' a servant. She went to school and won scholarships, but then for some reason she left her foster parents and is now - living - alonei "Then, there was an American Negro dancer from South Carolina married to a Bessara - bian woman. He directed a a 1 1 . J THE ' i ii night club but the Communists 1 took It away from him and made him a waiter. 'Their son studied three years in law school but he never. got job. The family lives miserably. "When 1 was singing In Tar - gumures, Rumania, last October, I met a Negro girl v ho was bosn in the country, from an African father andf Hungarian mother. "When the parents died, the orphan girl was taken In by - a hairdresser for whom she worked until she was 20. After that nobody would give her a Job. The Reds put her in a factory operating a lathe. Becoming ill, she was given a miserably inadequate pen sion, and now lives alone in abject poverty. As she told me her story her frail body shook with bitter sobs." V, ZAIDEE JACKSON'S difficul ty in getting out of Rumania was caused primarily by her mar riage. Although an American wo man marrying a foreigner supposedly retains her U. S. citizen - snip, sne was listed us a Ruman - ian and as such could not get out. At first the U. S. Embassy was sympathetic but later became un cooperative due to the antagonism of a Hungarian woman sec ret - xy. Meanwhile, her sister, Mrs. Announce New Way To Shrink PainfulTiles Science Finds Healing Substance That Does Both Relieves P am Shrinks Hemorrhoids New York, N. Y. (Special) - For the first time science - has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain without surgery. In one hemorrhoid case after another, "very striking improvement" was reported and verified by doctors' observations. Pain was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction or retraction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of all this Improvement was maintained in cases where doctors' observations were continued over a period of many months! In fact, results were so thorough that sufferers were able to make such astonishing statements as "Piles have ceased to be a MIME an AnJrJoyt.lcro Phasat Periods 01 Greater Ccmhrt If you're suffering the annoying pain of rheumatism, neuritis, muscle aches, arthritis, help yourself to greater comfort fast with the proved salicylate action of C - 2223. Thousands keep it handy, use ii regularly, time and time again whenever the pain makes them miserable. Many call C - 2223 "the old reliable." Price of first bottle back if not satisfied. Today, for pain - relief "you'll always welcome, get C - 2223. t T FITTSBURGW COURIER Crinna Williams Thomas, was working Indefatlgably in her bev half. She .wrote to President Truman but without result. - MISS JACKSON wrote to Paul Robeson arid William Patterson, . , A . j 1 . . supposing mem to oe ciose to the Reds. Neither deigned to reply. Then, last April, Mrs. Thorn as wrote to President Eisen hower who promised prompt action! On New Year's Eve the U. S, State Department sent the happy message and supplied her with necessary credentials. Although still nervous and tense because of what she has gone through, Zaidee Jackson looks forward valiantly to resuming her professional career. Husbands! Wives! Cet Pep, Vim; Feel Younger ThouiAodi of couplet art) weak, worn - out, ' hauited just becauM body lack, troa. For new younger teeliog alter 40, try vitrei lonio Tablet,. Contain iron for pepi 'supplement doari vitamins Bi and Bj. in tingla day, Ostrei iuddUai ai much iron u 18 dozen raw oyrters, 4 lba. of liver or 10 lbi. of beef. 7 - daf "get - acquainted" tlx costs little. Or net Econ omy size and save 11.45. At all druggist. IF NATURE FAILS Taka OSR A Vegttaui and Herb Tablet that baa been helplDg folk (or over 67 years, Irregularity often make you llatieas and lazy, tor nor pep and vitality try 08RV We know that you too wiu be more tnao pleased witb tnl i tnl; its nne uercw ine Herbal Compound. 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