Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 29, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1957
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INDIANA: Fair and a little cooler tonight. Sunday partly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers by evening. Temperature 12 noon 82 degrees. Low tonight in upper 50s. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY HOME TOWK KEWSPAPER 1 NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All Department Phone 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 29, 1957. «Ki United Pre» WlTBi Omr «m* NlKkt Price Per Copy, Seven Cents Hurricane Toll 161; Rush Army Aid STATE STORM DEATHS SIX Deadly Snakes Strike At Disaster Survivors Scenes of Appalling Misery Reported in Louisiana; Nine-foot Tidal Wave Which Struck Town of Cameron Took Heaviest Toll of Lives. LAKE CHARLES, La. (UP)—The Fourth Army threw into (he hurricane-shattered, snake-infested Louisiana coastal area today in an elfort to find out quickly exactly how many persons a giant tidal wave did kill. The death toll thus far stood at JGI, including 11 killed in Texas. The others were killed along the southwestern Louisiana coast, mostly in the fishing town of Cameron, as a nine-foot tidal wave washed from the Gulf of Mexico into the lowland. . The Fourth Army ordered every helicopter at Fort Polk, La., into search and recovery service along the coast. It ferried giant bulldozers down the Culcasicu Kiver to turn over water-logged wreckage and see whether there were bodies under it. Ambulances were shipped to the drying-out coast and a radio network was set up to replace broken civilian communications, so that every shattered town and community could be methodically searched. The tidal wave, surging into bayous, drove thousand of. vcnomo'ii.s moccasin snakes from brambles into the shattered communities and towns, which are on ground a little higher than the swampland. They were angry and struck at everything in sight. STRAW HATS ADDED TO STATE POLICE SUMMER GARB Foreign Aid Is Whacked 400 Million House Foreign Affairs Committee Lends Helping Hand in Congressional Economy Drive sion to cut 400 million dollars more from President Eisenhower's foreign akl program. The group took the action Fri- Flash Flood Damage Climbs in Millions Thousands of Persons Still Homeless as Floodwaters Recede in Most Hoosier Areas; White and Wabash Rivers Reported Still Rising. By UNITED I'RESS Indiana's wcnther death toll mounted in six today and property damage in the millions of dollars as thous- H^CTI™™™ ,,,01 m , ands of persons were driven from their homes bv flash WASHINGTON (UP)-Thc con- £!oo( , ,,, d Hurricane Audrey. gress-iona-1 economy drive got ai , , ,. ,. , ., *»'_""-.>• now lift today from the House . } n lnd«' mnpohs and its environs, most heavily popii- Forcign Affairs Gommiltee's deci- lu * e(i Hrca in tllu state, an estimated 4,2(10 persons fled tho overflow. About <>5 national guardsmen helped in rescues nt the "height of the crisis. Some stremns may have reached (heir highest levels in recorded history. The weather bureau said a U. S. t/uesled wajs vital to U.S. security and to the freedom of this country's allies. Tiie oommitlee also voted to :imil to one year a proposed new .|aid fund for loans to underdevel- Cass county's throe slate troopers, Lawrence Wa/fenhncchl, ttlehiinl Kcyes, and Jolin Cnylor, left la right, above, Saturday dunned the new straw lints which are nnw part of the official .summer garb of till! ., slate police department along with short sleeved shir Is, Their felt campaign hats previously were wort One woman lost three children by drowning and then both winter and summer. (Pliaros-Trihune Photo-Engraving) had to watch the fourth die r i-..i.;i- •.. ..._ oped nations. The group approved dollars for the fund to make so- countries a snakebite because to watch the fourth die from there was no doctor to treat him. Icehouse Hocomen Morgue As the dead were collected, they were stacked in an icehouse at Cameron, lest the hot sun putrefy them. Another icehouse was ready at Lake Charles, .'10 miles north of Cameron, where identification experts will try to identify and lag them. A boatload of bodies was due in Lake Charles from Cameron today. Survivors who had -be«n brought to Lake Charles and who were missing relatives were expected to meet it to see whether bhey can identify the bodies. Among the refugees sent to Lake Charles and other south Louisiana cities were five babies,, ,,,,,. , born at Cameron during the height, ™nducled Tuesday night. July 2, of the hurricane. Jerry Coron, as- at Riverside park were announced Bislanl regional director of tho* today by Fred Kinder, cn-direcUir. Hod Cross in the southeast, said, Tne C()ntest wjll ( . xtcn(] f| . ()m n one doctor delivered Item in the.,,, , (; , |0 p m ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ the Kel Hiver and every young- sler under II years (if age is eligible to participate. Children will resistor at the Fishing Derby For Kids Set Hext Tuesday Third Annual Summer Recreation Activity Planned On Hiver Hank At Riverside Park Details of the third annual sum- recreation fishing derby to he ruhisli courthouse. Rumors circulated — many of them out of the number and complexity of reports of missing relatives among refugees—that many more were dead in the ruins of half-a-do/.en little coastal villages. as tlutt Sacred Church between Creole collapsed One rumor was Iloart Catholic Cameron and upon more Umn 30 persons who _ had taken rofuge in it. Actunl| y'l M ,. mhcl .u there was no telling exactly how M( - m »<-is many persons were dea-d and there won't be until tilie Arrny finishes its search. The survivors were put up at. McNeese College in Lake Charles. Aboui 1,000 rescue workers, including Army, Air Force and Coast Guardsmen, wore al work in Cameron today. Not All Drown George llohiorr.'jack, a pilot who flow back to llouslon, Tex., today said survivors were still in such a slate of shock that tihey didn't react normally to the tragedy. "The people were In such a slate of shock." he said, "that they lalk of losing llioir parents, their children, as if It actually had no meaning for them." Cameron, a thin string of houses on tin: Cult Coasl, caught the hardest blow of Ihe second worsl hurricane in alrnosl 20 years. Most n! the dead were drowning victims, bill others died in a dozen different way.s. One, the child of Mrs. Stephen Broussard of Pecan Island, died from (he bile of a poisonous snake washed ashore by Adurcy. Mrs. llrouKSiirci losl Ihreo children by drowning and had to wati.'h Ihe fourth die from the snake's poison because Ihcre was no medical help. She was treated for shock in a hospital al Abbeville, La. Deputy Slu-riff Henry Little of Lake Charles, on returning to I.akc Charl<\s from Cameron, said vicious water moccasins constantly threatened survivors of the i'lonii and rescue workers. lie said many persons had been bitten by the poisonous snakes which, hnd boon stirred up by Ihe high water. "I never saw so many snakes In my life," Liltle said. President Se'UlH Representative President Klsenhowor, keeping In touch wilh rescue operations, table posted nl Ihe east end of lhc fence along Ihe bank. Kinder said parents must slay behind Ihe ferico and will nol be permitted to assist their children, of Hit- recreation stuff will patrol Iho bank and aid Hie contestants, rri/.Hs will be awarded for the five longest fish and for the three longest crayfish. In Ihe event no fl.sh are caught, prizes will ho drawn. Knch entrant will receive an ice cream bar and a fishing bait from the fllldebrandl Ball company. Monday will mark the beginning " f L ' 10 sfitond session of swimming instruction for boys and girls of all ages at the municipal pool and Ihe^ junior and senior life saving classes. Senio urs will report from II) to n a.m. and junir/r.s from (I Id 12 a.m. The adull swimming classes will commence Monday from s to (I p.m. fteglstrntliins are slill accepted al Ihe cashier's desk. Approximately 40 adulls have enrolled in Ihe beginners classes wllii Ilarltlns Fred Kinder and serving as Instructors. dispatched former Defense (Continued on Page 13) Goldie Fiedler, 76, Dies at Residence Goldic J. Fiedler, 70, died at 7:50 a.m. Saturday at her residence, 421 East. Ollnwa Klreel, following an illness of several monlhfl. Horn on November II, lltllu, she was the daughter of Jarred and Nancy Harper Crocked. Her husband, George E. Fiedler died February 'J.'2, I'JM. Surviving arc: a son, Daniel, of Itocheslur; a granddaughter, Victoria, of Fort Wayne; two great grandchildren; and a brother, Perry Crockett, of r,!7 Cliff Drive. She belonged lu the Ml, Pisgah Lutheran church. Funeral services will he conducl- ed al 10;DO a.m. Tuesday at the McCloskcy-IIamlllon chapel with Iho Hev. Delrmtr Knieger of fio- che.stor officiating. Burial will be made in Mount Hope cemetery. Friends may' call at. thu chapel after 2 p.m. Sunday. Audrey Blows Self Out On Eastern Coast ' . Spawns Death-dealing Tornadoes in Alabama,. Mississippi and Curolinas By UNITE!) PRESS Hurricane Audrey drew to Ihe end -of her deadly procession up from the Gulf of Mexico Friday by spreading her flailing cape over the Kaslcrn Seaboard. Behind her lay n broken trial of dealh and isolation. II was too early for an accurate delermina- lion on how many persons were hilled, bill estimates ran in the hundreds. The gulf coas-t was not Ihe only area hit by dealh-dealing weather. Al least five persons were killed in Alabama, Mississippi, and North and South Carolina as Audrey spawned lonuuliK I a i I- wimls. Further north, her rem- nanls unleashed record raln.s in Illinois and Indiana, where at leasl eight- more persons were killed dents over the banks of the Midwesl streams and rivers. The Midwesl, nc-wly emerged from flood throats less than l.wo weoks ago, retrenched i I s e I f against Hie swirling currents iiinl coursed over farmland, battered bridges, contaminated water supplies, und left many towns ciil off from conlacl wllh other communities. A stale of emergency was declared In Indiana where the Na- llonal f!unrd literally pul hi ana In small craft, to oarry on rescue operations. Audrey's remnants left the Mld- •wesl, hour storms al Stony Fort nnd Cnnlon, Pa. The level of Lnkn Krle rose about three feel within a halt- hour. Almost two IncliiM of rain dropped in a (1-hour period at Youngslown, Ohio, nnd Eric, Pa. Summer Weather Due to Return Ity UNITED 1'KESS Temperatures in the HUH today utul Sitndny will bring summer buck to Indiana. The weatherman »ald hlglm will range today In tlio 8(lu and Sunday between 85 and 87. Lows Umlglit will runge from the upper 50s to tin; (ills. There's u "chance" of Heat- tcral lliundersliowers Sunday by evening and probable rain Monday. High temperatures Friday ranged from 117 at South lirnd to 81 at Kviiiisvllle. LOWH early toiluy ranged from 5!) at La- fnyelle io HI).at Kvansvllle. in wealhci'-connoclcd nccl- as- flash floods brimincd aad sLirrc'd up (l()-m!lo-»n- wlnd.s and .severe thunder- Many Roads Still Closed INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — State police said Ihe following Indiana and foderal highways were closed today by high water: U.S. 130 ut Jamestown; U.S. 40 wesl side of Indianapolis; U.S. 31 al Junction with Ind. 311; U.S. 3(1 west of Itoclfvlllc; Ind. 117 south edge of Noblosvillc; Ind. 38 north of Noblesvllle; U.S. 41 south of rioekvillc; Ind. 133 north of Elwood; Ind, 39 sotilh of U.S. 52; Ind. 1 norlili and south- of fled- key. 1ml. 0 north of Ind. 211; Iml. II) at Atlanlia and north of Nobles- v!lle; U.S. 27 at Portland; Ind. 32 nt Eaglclown and west of Sclma; Ind. 43 at Raccoon ;• Ind. 47 enst of U.S. 41; Ind. 51) north of Brazil; Ind. ton; River Rises To 9.7 Feet called soft loans to •which can't borrow C r o m existing banks. I But it turned dow.n Eisenbow- 'cr's request to make it a three; year program. Some State De- parl.men.1'officials complained the aclion would jeopardize Ihe entire aid program to underdeveloped countries. The House group voted Io provide $1,500,000,000 in military aid -j|00 million dollars loss thnn t.he administralion had requested. The cornmitlec authorized 700 million dollars for defense support lloins •which was 200 million dollars loss Uinn wlml tho President wnntcd. The overall cut of (100 million cond and Johnnie Parsons j dollars wns 4(K) million more than Third in Italian Race Cl.'is- at an Indianapolis point Friday night al 10.4 fecf, four- tenths of a foot higher thnn the 1913 flood. Many streams ivhich spread havoc with unprecedented rises Friday dropped hack tovnvrd normal nearly as fast as they climbed. Others still inched upward, including tho White and the Wnhash, as tributaries poured abnormal torrents of water into them from rains measurinir un to 10 inches. ' hi' Li. GQV. Crawford Parker acknowledged an cinctrgcn- the money|cy existed and authorized use of Indiana National Guard international facilities. Troops and equipment were sent (n nt least three iireas immediately. Mayor Phillip L. Unyt of Indianapolis also declared an emergency as Big Eagle Creek, which claimed four I* • i . _ i i i . . iOO million Monza'W Captured By Jimmy Bryan Troy RuUman Finishes Scc- M.ONZA, Holy (UP) — Jimmy Bryan of Phoenix, Ariz,, scorched to victory Uxiay in Ibc Mon/,a "500". The world's fastest track and a sizzling 104-degrec heat knr>i:kcd out /) of his 9 American running mates in Europe's first "Indianapolis Slyle" automobile race. Troy Rullman, Lyndalc, Calif., finished second with America's Johnnie Parsons third. ,,,.,, B "l the blSKosl surprise of Hie The Wabash river had climbed \ rlu , 0 Wa3 Ulc stcac | y performance Lo I).7 fael 111 Lngaiisporl by 7 o'clock Saturday morning and if expected , '.o crest here Sunday of the three British .i'ag-uards, only European ears to compote, They hung on without wavering through heal, the ballcrlng banked , , morning between n and 13 fect,! turlv . ()[ lhc e i| ji|)tlc:a j Morv/ . u (, ruckp according to Frank Elmlin-gcr, local weather observer. 'There apparently Is nn flood danger hcru, according In the report of Ihe JiuJlaiinpnll.v Weather fiur- cau to ISlmllnger. T'relimlnnry flood singe hure Is in feel, more Ihan two feat helow tho top level predicted by Mis Weather Bureau. The precipitation In Lognn.sporL during the 24-lmur period ending ai. 7 o'clock Salnrday morning l.o- laled M of un inch, bringing the total for the month In 9,111. inches. MKTKK.S NKT $I,.1»Z llcceiplH from city parking meters liilaled $l,:i()2,i!li for the week and lihc hot pace, ,to wind up fourth, fiflili nnd sixlji. Track temperature was registered til n l>l.a/.ing 12(! degrees at ml daflernoo.il. the Senate already had made in Ihe program, OUier congressional nows: FBI: Supporters of lha hill Io limit lhc ri»!U of access to FBI files planned quick action on the ^ im measure. They hoped Io got the' monilis"o'ld"dauKiito lives as it splashed to a roaring; crost, sprend over 1h city's west side and forced many hundreds of residents t flee their homes. Child Killed, Six Injured In Collision residents to 2 On KIIK Drown Damage to crops, railroads, city and personal properly WHS inestimable. Bat it w;is cxpwti'd to range well into the millions. Two. of the live victims-Norn Lindsey and Mrs. Stanipsy Stones, both of l.mlianapolis — drown/I when a commuter bus plunged into Big Eagle on the edge of oul of the way before lhc prolonged fl/jht axpoctcd when liie civil rights bill comes up July B. TVA: Senators from the Tennessee Vailcy Authority aron want (a touow more about President Kl- scnhower's choice Board of directors for a before TVA . u small Lown just nurlli- Xoung IVTodicr of Victim and j west of Indianapolis. Five others Another Michigan Girl Ke- i c.seaped through a hole chopped ported in Critical Condi- i:l llle f ° (>! - tion Junu's V. Miiucic, 2<i, Jiidi;i<i- PKRU, Iml. — Joan Brown, U- i ' 1|>olis ' H ' :ls kill< '<l «'>»'» a nv:,i,. er of Mrs. Jack-""" 1 ; owiuniod and crushed him aliiilnn'iil of . ie Brown, 17, ol Knlnmiurjio, Mich., , K ? l " l!il " """'I' was killed and .six oilier persons'""'™"' l >r ''lge nt Indinnapnlis as were injured, two critically, in n' IB lrie(l '" llol P « motorist strand- col'.lslon involving two cars and ui" 1 ' "'"I* "" aiilomobile. truck len miles north of Peru on i An '"(lliinapoli.s man wns hilled U. Students Die In Car Crash MFAYETTG (UP) -Two Pur _, _ due University students were MM- n ',j,j s ",','|d "lio was giving "serious eel Saturday when an auLomohili! I col ,j,i ( | c ,. |U | fl .," ^ sucn „ p | oni mentlng on him. The Willie House announced Friday Klsenlwwpr has sdeclod Dopuly Budget Director Arnold II. Jones for the |K).st. Sen. John Sherman Cooper (IV Ky.) said be did not kn-ow .loiivs but. was "sure the President hnd good masons" for picking him. Soil Hunk: A House-Sonnle con- furonce committee reportedly plans to nnVi Secretary of Agriculture Rr.rn T. Ben.son Io impose niw restrictions on the 19511 soil Infomned sources said the com- mltl.ee wnnls BiMison to bur fnrm-i crs from increasing acreage of I .incoiitrollud crops like .soybeans] if purl, of '.heir land i.s regislwred wilh the soil bn-nk, Bonson earlier . S. highway HI al the Deeds-'™ 1 '" )lls b.-iM'incnl wall collapsed e road al KlillO o'clock Friday • tr<m H| K l^'iglc-'s overfhnv ns he ; tried to turn off (he In critical condlMon In Dij«e«j'-' va( ' ulll ' ll « bis Cmidcd'ii,, m( ,.' was identified Ien1.a1iv<'lv ran off Ind, 43 near here struck a bridge abutment, Stale police Identified the victims as Donald Brewer, 111, Clli;:i- coe, 111., nnd John Deals, ID, Los ending Krldny, il was reported. Of!Angeles. Richard Guhse, !i(), South cxocuUve.i in clcporlmcnl Ihls nmniinl, $!)5!l came friim streeUBcnd, the driver, sustained mull.l- mulers and f,:iM from mclcred lots. I pie Injuries. "PRICED OF "FISH INC LICENSES HIGHER MONDAY Wecltn; Chairman Kmnnucl Cel ler (D-N.Y.) of Ihe House null trust MibeoinmlllRe accuses Scc- reliwy of Commerce Sinclair Weeks of still violating conflict of Interest .Jaws in using unpaid business jobs. 2H nt Ridgcvlllo and in Tip- north of Clinton; Ind. U.S. 40 west of Wast Terrc Haute. ble chest injury, and Ihu passon- ger in her ear, Mrs. Vivian Piil- mun, 50, of Mexico, are reported in fair condition, in Ihe hospital. Horace Dul'ruu, -IS, of J'oulen, C!n., driver of tin- truck, who sul- Icred severe head lacerations and n leg injury, is repurled in satisfactory condition. N ™ r •isler, Memorial hospital, Peru, are thei •••••••1 viclim's mother, who has a frau-l Inward Wyrlck, lured pelvis, and Miss Belly | Brown, IB, also of Knlnm;r/,ui>, who ™l. has a compound fracture of the left leg, a Iraclured jnw, nnd sc- veru head and face lacerations. K'.aii.'cy Terry, iiZ, <if Kalnm.T/.oo, Mich., driver of the car in which they were riding, i.s In the hospital wllh a compound Irndurn of the righl knee ami a possible fraclured MJaw. Ills condition is reported fair- "jly gowi. Mrs. Mary Jane Hurs.'iorn, 50, of (1511 Van Iluren avenue. Peru, driver of tho other car, who Mil- j fered fractured ribs and a possi- Frankfort, :<-y<w-o]il Krn- ui'jil, siui of ;i n,,...,! ,„(„. falally when ])l|)u from a sump operated to romovo n flooded ba.wmcn.1, he fell on a pump lining iwik'r from Mrs. Nal.iie. Iluiiyon, (10, .Shirley, was killed In a traffic accident near Now Castle bl;imc<l 0:1 tlm flood. AiifWilies said the brakes on her huslnind's automobile, may Jiave boconio faulty from driving through high wator which inun- dirted a highway. 11 CoiinllcK !I|( Mnpup operations began in some placKs xcnUoriMl nvvr an ll-couiily area worst hit by UK? floods IK- canst- rainfall totaled between 5 and 10 inclws In Ic.s.s than 24 hours. Count It's ou.siy Involved wcru Vigo, Clny, Parkc, Puliiam, Miiiili;onii'ry, Hoonc. Kfurlon, TipUiri, Vermilllon. Stall! Troo|)rr Ward (iillan and 1 "" 1 " 111 ' 11 " " ml Clinton. Deputy Sheriff James JOgo. who! '''"'"'fordsvlllo virtually investigated, said the 11147 model JliirUilwni car, cnriiuti' west on the onrly Friday, found Hs slLii:itlon Improwd as swollen Sugar Creek Dccdsville road, Jailed to slop for < a "W'<l. U. S. highway 31. Mrs. liarshor> ! „ (ll ' ( ' l '" c ' ns1! « roportwl liig Walnut drove out In /runt ol the north- Creek WM rowding rnp!<lly. But bound Kemi-trailer truck loaded i ! Jl . il '-.., CL 7 s .w" 1 '"'. liantlu-iip w.i« n with walcniH'.lon.s, ami the Imuucu slid the truck to Ihe lelt side ol lint highway so that il cullliJfd | s " |)ply """ Conservation Officer Wllllnm Knrht-r nnd County Clerk Ellxnbnlh Bicker Snluriliy flnlfllii'.il the tnsk headon with Ihe HIM model car occupied by Ihu Michigan people, Terry was thrown under Ihe truck by Ihe impact, «/id the two Michigan girls were pinned In the car. Officers «nid Mrs. Hartshorn also npj)nrenl.ly was thrown oul of her car. All three vehicles were lolal losses. The; McCain und Klkenbcrry nm- | huliinces look the injured Io the -luwpltul, and the baby's body was removed Io the McCain luncrul home. Coroner Reports Five June Cases Cass county Coroner Dr, M.> 13. Stewart reported Saturday hi.s in- vesllgnllon ol five the month of June The falalltle.i for this month knocked-oiil municipal water supply. Flood waters con'.am'm-'c" 1 '. n- boiled what drinking wiilc.r was av;dl;iblc, Wtcr tankers manni'd by guinds- mt-n rumblwl intxv \he city on an hourly basis to supplement t)j» supply. I At Tl i . rlsiim wulw forced bring coroner cases In 1957 to of chiingliiK Ihe prlceH un all of Ilift hunting and (Ish ng HceiiHeH nsslKiicd to Ca«« county ilnce the 50-ccnLj Four of June's fat'alitle.s were price boost approved by the taut General Assembly to finance the purchMe of public fishing Hlle«i caused by heart attack, and lhc iijtcs effect Monday. (I'haron-Trltmne J'lioto-Engravlng.) (remaining dealii wns self-infllctx:d. evaciinlinn of n schoolhou.se which was being used n.s hejidiiuarler* for families forced from their liomcs. Operations were shifted to an-armory. Al 'J'crre Haute, sniKlbngs wore ereeleil along tile Wabash to strengthen a levee after about 50 families W"rc cvacualc'd ,-it 'i'"d Hop. U:S. 41 nearby, a main highway between Kvan.sville nnd Chicago, was blocked not only by wnlor but a'landslide which cover«l the road with sand, rocks deaths durlnjs Im<1 sm " n trws ' Sewiign IMunt CloBi-d Clinton's sewage disposal plant was out of commission. Railroad lines, Including a Pennsylvania mainline lic-tw«cn (Continued on Pag« 13)

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