Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1891
Page 6
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,*"' J -I r &•> i Representing Electric Belt and ' Appliance Co., 191 and 193 z-- House in the World, and j^ who has been very suc- •£0 cessful in the cure or S^W-rii A FEMALE EXPLORER The Journey to Be Undertaken by Mrs. French Sheldon. •jli Ms^' Chronic Diseascs^JRheu mutism, etc , with Elcc- uicif '."ill be at [Gents' No, 4 Belt without Suspensory.] MU RDOCK HOUSE, 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. From Marcn 17th to 25th. With a Full Line of Electric Belts for Ladies and Gentlemen. She Will Visit Afrlcu to Observe tin- Social l.ifc of the Natives of thu I»t.;i-i..r — Her PlftllK lind Hopos us Oltt- llm-il liy Herself. ELECTRIC INSOLES, FOR COLD FEET, $1.00 A PAIR ]t was ray privilege; a few days ago, writes a correspondent of the London Queen, to call on Mrs. French Sheldon, and to learn from her own lips the truth concerning her proposed journey to central Africa. Mrs. Sheldon is a slight, youthful-looking lady of about the middle height. Physically she may not be very robust, but she possesses such a fund of intellectual and nervous energy as will probably carry her safely through many dangers. '•Is it true that you are going alone?' 1 "Yes, almost alone. My husband's business will not permit him to accompany me. I am taking- with me, however, one woman to act as my stewardess and body servant. You have no idea how difficult it has been to adhere to my decision to go alone! I have had shoals of applications from, gentlemen, doctors, barristers and men of all classes who have begged to join my party." "You will require some escort, however, when you reach Africa?" "Oh! ve's, I shall hire some carriers. I hope to get them at Zanzibar. I shall take' the East Coast route now that it has been opened up, going first to Mombassa and Zanzibar, then on to Kilman,, jaro, about 250 miles up the coast. I have a groat desire to see the lake near Mount Kilmanjaro." "You have not, so far as L understand, been induced to undertake this great journey from quite the same motives as other explorers?" "ISTo, not in the least. African travelers hitherto have generally gone, either as religious missionaries or as emissaries from some government to plant its flag upon some great territory. "Now I don't want to plant any flag anywhere! What I particularly wish people to'understand is that I am going under the auspices of no government and no society; my mission is entirely private. My object is not to make any SUTIOKOS GENERA. A GOOD APPOINTMENT. Col. SsitlMM-l.-uicI, t,li<> New Surgeon Generul of tin; Army. The president lias appointed Col. Charles Sutherland as successor to the late Dr. Baxter, surgeo n general o f t h e United Sta t c s :irmy. Tiie ap- po'mtin c n t to this office a 1 ways CH, r r i o s with it the rank of brigadier gcner a 1 . Dr. Sutherland is about sixty J^ ° f »&• ^ nat , lvc ° f 1 ennsylvama, and has been in the medical service of the army for thirty-eight years. Rising from assistant surgeon, and holding various responsible positions during and subsequent to the civil war, he became colonel and medical purveyor in 1S76, and was brcyetted lieutenant colonel "for meritorious and diligent discharge of duties." When appointed surgeon general he was a member of the retiring board at Governor's island. He ranks high in the medical profession, and comes from a distinguished family in the Keystone state. The appointment has been very generally approved as in every way deserved. IN I'aris artitioa.1. flower makers earn from fifty to ^seventy-five cents a day, but the season is not more than three- quarters of a year long. Hair makers are often paid ono dollar a day, and a dress nuiker who receives that sum must be able to fit well and provide her own meals. The seamstresses who work on cotton and white goods are paid from twenty-five cents to sixty- two cents a day. but seldom more, and there are three months in the yea.r when it is impossible to get employment. In America the requirements for a course in chemistry, io which many women are now turning their attention, are less severe than in -England. The applicant before entering a college oi pharmacy must have a certificate of two years' practical experience in a chemist's shop. She enters the college without examination, but is required to pa-sH six severe technical ex- am:n:it.i"iisdii:-ir.g tho two years of her cuiu-so. The ..- -st in OiN "mnitvy of the i, . ..i ....... , - , • •• •• 1 • ' }- • 'vrlusive i ,(."... i • • • • • ~ THOUSANDS OF WUMEN Become afflicted and remain so, Buffering untold miseries from a sense f delicacy they cannot overcome. JMDFIELS'S FEMALE REGULATOR, by stimulating and arousing to healthy action all her organs, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC. It causes "health to bloom on the ,;heek,. and joy to reign throughout the frame. It'never fails to cure. Tha Best Medicine ever Made for Women. "My wife lias been under treatment of leading- physicians three years, without benefit. After using- three bottles of BEAD- FIELD'S FEMALE KEQULATOK she can do HEK OWN COOKING, IHMITSG AKU3 WASHING." N. S. BEY AN, Henderson, Ala. BBADFIELD REGULATOR Co., Atlanta- Ga " So'd by drussists at $1.00 per bottle. Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. through my -work to^ay? I reenterable,head, ichy, tired, pain in my buck, ray food iron t digest, my whole body secni. out of order. Wo answer that it is no wonder you are in such a broken down condition, and you will keep eetttag -worse-unless lou can euro your LIVER. This important organ is out of order and you must cure it by prompuy using those never failing . JI! I im[WI«k* to l.rl-fl)* tt![ic!i Jin.v fiiirly iiili'l-^riit |>TM>TI vfeillirr KUX, viliv nut n;nil Htid wHlf. mid wild. _ _ .^ _ —.how 10 e«™ Tl'iw II ml Diillui^'ii Y<.[irinl!ii:li-<J"'Hlo<.'nliil«B,\vln-ri:v<-rllii-y!ivc..I wllhilnorunilsli the kltuiillun i.ri-ni|ilu.vnu.i]l,at wlilrli vi.u ran vnrn llint 111111.11111. i!Itnl«r! who "ru'n'uklus over *!ll)fMlnyf»r«ni:li. null SOI,II»..I'«M psrllculHr^FItKH, JUIil - THE GREAT EEGLI_SH REMEDY- , ._..«- ' ' "~ "~^n^~"r\t Vfttlt.hTIll ' Used for 3o years" by thousands successfully. Guaranteed to cure all, forms of Nervous Weakness, 1'mls- it Youthful folly upd the excesses nf later years. Gives immediate- strength, andvttl- \OT. Ask druBilsta jfor Wood's FhoB. jphodlnc; take no naclcaire 81- six SB. by moil. Wrlto for pamphlet. AddrossThc Wood Chemical Co.. 131*oodwara nve., Detroit, Sllcli. i 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, ' FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BA.VKS A.VD MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED O.V DEPOSITS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. day or night.) DR. OWEN'S BODY BA POSITIVELY CURES THE FOLLOWING DISEASES: Rheumatism, Urinary Diseases, Pain in the Back, Sluggish Organs, Nervous Debility, Impotency, Irregularities, Torpid Liver, Kidney Compl'nts, Lumbagc, Sciatica, Catarrh, Throat Troubles, Spinal Disease, Neuralgia, Cold Extremities, Varicocele, Exhaustion, Seminal Weakness, General Debility, Dyspepsia, ' Suppressed and Constipation, Painful Menses, J.U1}J1U 4-li.vv.4j .^~ — —~j , Female Weakness, Piles,. Sleepl'sn's, Nervous Headache You are invited to call and examine goods and read some of the many Sworn Testimonials in English, German, Swedish, and Norwegian. Illustrated Catalogue Free. . AWARDED FIRST PREMIUM. (From Cincinnati. Medical Journal.) The Electric Belt manufactured by the Owen Belt Co., has received, owing to its true merit as a cure for all nervous diseases, at the late Exposition held in Cincinnati, tho Bret premium. We testify to this the niore readily, ae we know from experience that the Electric Belt is an acknowledged progress in the scientific treatment of all nervous ailments. We could not recall a single Instance, and many case* of the application of the Electric Belt Imve come to onr notice within the last year, where it had not proved a speedy and thorough remedy. Wo hope that such of our readers, and of the public at larfee, •who have abstained heretofore from the nse of,the Electric Belt as a core for their nervoni troubles, will be stimulated by Its latest triumph to give it n fair trial aa a scientific remedy. ' [Ladies' No. 4 Belt.] RUPTURE Positively cured by Dr. Reno's Patent Electric Truss. The easiest, lightest, and by far the best Truss, in -the world. Call and examine. FACIAL BLEMISHES. •n«]»-l»lt«UUIi!iro«nt 11 lti« world tor - % . « Tt, . . , ion, plttlcp. po*il«' m« rk '. •!& Coniululloo Frt«, « .Hie. or by W" Book on .11 Skta ».ms-l •.lf Tin.ln.enl MO .TOHN H. Woodbury's Facial Soap ^ For the Skin and Scalp. Prepared by « Dermatologist witj 20 years' ', esperlonoe. H,ghly indorsed by tho medi- o»f profesBion; anedualed.as » ™«'5|*V l9czem»,Bcildheado!lyskin pimplaa,fleBn vrorms. nffly complexion, etc. lDdi»P«n»- able M a toilet article, and » «u™ pwmt- ive of all diseases of tho ekin and scalp. At Drugclttsor by maiU Price 50c. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, JtRS. SHELDON. geographical discoveries; although, on the other hand, if any opportunity to make a discovery presents itself, I do not pledge myself not to make it. Indeed, I pledge myself to nothing whatever. "My one object in this expedition •will he to see Africa from a woman's point of view. I have read nearly all the great books of • African travel, but they none of them give me what I want. They do not tell me enough about the natives. All these uncivilized races must have a social and a family life of their own; there' must be great differences in these respects between the customs of one tribe and another. In particular I intend to observe as much as I can of the character of the women. I do not intend to adopt any particular garments, but I _ pay great attention to the matter of lightness. I am taking between thirty and forty dresses, but they are chiefly made of light washing silks, cotton and un- dyed wool, and you will -be surprised to hear that they do not all together weigh more than twenty pounds. I do not like tailor-made dresses; they seem, to me to wrap tho body up too tightly." "What first suggested the idea of this journey to you?" "The direct reason of it was the desire to obtain local color for a book which I have had on hand for the last eight years. It is a romance somewhat on the lines of Flaubert's. 'Salammbo,' of which I made the translation." In reply to questions about her early life Mrs. Sheldon said: "I am a genuine New Yorker, although I have spent much of my life in London, for my husband is an Englishman. At one time I devoted my attention to sculpture, but I worked so hard at it that it affected my health, and I had to give it •up. I have traveled a great deal,^ already. For some time we lived in New Mexico, where we had a ranch. I have spent two years in Cuba, besides visiting a good many other parts of the world. All my life I have been thrown much into the society of travelers and men of action." History of Hops. Hops are first mentioned by Pliny, the young plant being at that time used as a vegetable, much as we use aspara- gns. Not untO the sixteenth century were they used as an ingredient in making beer. When their cultivation was first introduced into England from Flanders, there was a great outcry raised against it. The people petitioned parliament against allowing a "weed" cultivated "tha,t .vvoirld spoil the taste and endantr^r the people.'' . Blore Than Possible. "My son,",said the irate parent, "1 am surprised, mortified and amazed to • find that you stand at the foot of your class. I can hardly believe; it possible." "Why, fattier," replied the son, "it is the easiest thing in the world."—Mun- sajr's Weekly. A Physicians Advice. I Buffered for years from general debility. Tried other remedies, and got no relief. My Physician prescribed S. S. &. I Increased in flesh; appetite LmproTed; I gained strength; Was made young again; It Is the best medicine I know of. HABAI.EY TTJUPES, Oakland City, Ind Send for our book on Blood and (fldn Diseases. SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, G«. '.'<>* AT *5 j...r:.'.—— •f-^iyf^ •Lf Clieap Lands and Homes in Ken tucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of-tne Queen & Crescent Route can be found 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom, upland, timber and stock lands. Also the finest fruit and mineral lands on the continent lor safc on favorable terms. . . FARMERS! wltb all thy setting get a home IE the sunny South, where blizzards and ice clao plains are unknown. The Queen & Crescent Route Is 91 Miles th. Shortest and Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours, Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Day Coaches an. Sleepers run through without change. 110 Miles the Shortest, S Hours tfce Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla Time 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Through Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FROM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga, Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., . Meridian Miss., Vickburg, Miss., Shreveport, La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington, Ky 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxville, Tenn. 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta ane Augusta, Gain Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 26 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham '. Ala.: 16 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, California Trains'leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati «P"to%**!™™T£p*M&<S c and rounding. the base oi Lookout . Pullman-Boudoir. Slaepers on all Through Traios Over One Million' Acres of Land in. 'ABJama , th • future Great State of the .south subject to pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate. , Cincinnati. 0. OTOPS •»- LL v? unnatural discharges in 24. hours. Adopted by the Get-. maiiGovcrnment for Hospital £Army use P.S.C. isputupfor American trade iii a patent hottle holding syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, including Syringe,G\ ., ._j.<cnr.sealed.forS1.10 '-' The Von MohlCompany, Cincinnati, Chia Sole Ajncricao A gen IB. '•'& Gonorrhea in 3 days. No Stricture No Pain, SURE B, F. KEESLDsG, Agent, Logansport. Ind. • * ^v • m m IMU *— • - .RQF.DIEFFENBACH'S SURE CURE r » r SEMINAL, NERVOUS wdURIHMlTTROllBtEs'inYOllHO, MIDDLE-AGED »" J OLD MEN, NO STOMACH MEDICATION, NO UNCERTAINTY OR DISAPPOINTMENT, l>,.lposi- tively relievos the worst cnspn in 2* no null pprmnpeutly cures In lOOtluy*. Ijc by return mail for SI. Circu'tir Tree. THE PERU DRUG CO.. Solo agts. for the TJ. S. 189 WI5. ST., MILWAUKEE, WlS. Dr, C, McLane-sCelebrated Liver Pills. They -will restore you and give vigor and. health to four whole system, making you strong and well. Only 25 cents a box, and they may save your lite, tsk your druggist for the genuine *TT~ft-r-_ d"?« ly^'o""?" • A-*rVr_m"'£t dELEBRA TEU LIVER PILLS —MADE BY— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. SSg-Look out for CocKTEHFErrs made in St Louis. JSE IVOEY POLISH THE BEEAXH. EERIEST DYES J>o Tour Own J>yelnfi', «t Home. Th y will dye everything. They arc sold everywhere. Price JCc. E package. They have iioequU for Strehfril:, Bnf;htneo£, Amount in PnoUagea or for li'-ii-tui-*!. oi Color, or ;ig- di^infr Qualities. They do n't •""••-•-'• ....... •"" •"' For sate by Ben Fisher. 811 Tourth strrei. The Great Ensliuli Prescription. A, successful "Medicine uxed over 30 years iti thousands Of oases.J Weakness, kmti*in(nis. Iw f .- -- - v TOCO, and all diseases mused by abuse. [DKFoitE] indiscretion, ,or over-exerjinn. fAFraSJ ^^^.^tZ^ffi^'^En^ For sale "7 B. K. KeesllnE. roarSd&wlj ' or OR ^ SCOTT'S bcauiilul Electric ICorsetB. SampleIree to those !»• •*«•»•• » coming agents. X« risk, quick fl&lnft» Territory piven. aarisfaciion frunrantsed. Addrew DH.SCOTT.342 Broadway St..N.Y. CARRIAGES! 1 mulce a specialty of manufactur- i UK Baby CurrinROfs to sell direct t,.. nrlviLte tiiirilc*. You can, therefore, do better with me than with udculer. Carriages Delivered Free of Charge tn all points in the United Stales- vend for Illustrated OatalOftne. CHAS. RAISER,. Wlfr. 62-S4 Clybourn Ave., Chicago. HI. WEAK HIM e effect* ofyouthfal errors, «rl7 docay.wstuiK^eakiieBB, lo»tmanliood,etc.,Iwia send L Taluabl 0 treatise (se^ea) oontaJiiinB fuU uartico5»ra for homo cure. PREE °* charge, A Slendid medical work ; BhonloTbo read by evei? SiS^bo ttnerrons and debilitated. Addresa. Frof. F. C. FOWIiEB, Jloodus, Conn. HAVE YOU —TO— »ooty, KB.DBSS. TRAINS \\ GARRYINC PASSENGER' v...v LOGANSPORT K»CT BOUKD. New York Express, dallj.... 2:S5ttn) Ft Wayne (Pas.) Accm., excpt Sunday 3:lb a ir. Kan Jity & Toledo Ex., excpt gundaylMS.a m Atlantic Express, dally.... W6 P m Accommodation Srt., excpt Sunday,. 9:26 P m WEST BOUND. Pftcinc Express, dally: ,' :& ? am Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 12 lo p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday. 8:45 p m Lafayette (Pas.)Accm., exopt Sunday 6^3 p m St Louis Ex., dally...... ,... .... •- -10:32 p m Eel River »lv., L,oKan»port, WcM Side [Between I>osnnsport and Cnlli. . BAST BOUND. Accomodatlon,Leave, except Sunday.lO:00 a m; Accomadation, Leava " " 4:Wpm Accomodatlon, Arrlve.except Sunday, 8:10am Accomodatlon, Arrive, " " 4:10 pm 25e HIRES' IMPROVED 25c|| ROOT BEER! IHtlDUIB. NO BOIUSCORSTRAINII15 EASH.rm/-J>f | THIS PACK&.CE MAKES flY£ C..ULONS. [ ROOT BEER. The moat APPETTZWO and WHO! iSOMB TBMPBBANCE DRINK in tae world. Delicious and Sparkling. TBX J* Ask your Druerglat or Grocer for 1C. C. E. HIRES, "PHILADELPHIA- PERFECT MANHOOD. ~VOWG Middlo-siRed and Elderly men wbo »r suffering from tno affect-" of youtbflsl follten or oi cesses at maturar years, and now Hid O»elr.mr Tinor decreased and. who are troubled ™£*" dniiniiand leases, you con bepernmnsnuyreswrc PKKFECT MANHOOD.'at homo, wit"} exposure, nt lowent co«t, by Dr. CI"™--., approved methods;-tested and prortjj) innjj»riy «» year's practice (Kstnblisned 1651), Tn Chronic, Ktrvou. and Special Diseases. . If in need of medical aid^ send I or Qnestlon 11 1*0 you can fully descrihe the eyraptoms ofjOTiT-pt Oculardisense to nie: iConsnltatlon free«™l. -"•"> Honra, 8 to 8;. Sundays, 9 to 12. Address F. D. CLARKE, M. D., 186 8, Clark St, CHICAGO,.. HOFFMAN'S HARKLEK HEADACHE POWDERS. the Best- CURE ALL HEADAOHE8. iey are not a Cathartic Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. 'NATURAL GAS ROUTE."* ? Condenses Time Table IK EFFECT MABCH 1st 189* Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peoria and Indianapolis and. Michigan City. ; DIRECT Connections to and from all points in the United Stiites and Canada. >ort and connect with the Trains Leave 1 ,.*E?&V.'TralBS as follows: WABASH B. E-, Leave Logansport, 4:13 p.ro. .11 fio a.ro.. Arrive Peru .4:86 p.m.. 11:44 a.m.. L. E. &.W. B.E. Leave Pern, North Bound 4:45p.m SonthBound littta. m WABASH R. B. Leave LoCTnsport,S45p.m.. 7£0a.m Arrive LaFayette, 4:55 p.m.. 9:20 a.m L. E, i "W, R. S. Leave LaFayette, Bast Bound West Bound 5:10 p.m H. C. PAB.KEB. Traffic Manager, C. F. DALY, Ren. Pass. * Ticket INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 8:198.™ 6:55 a.m «, 1:50 p.m A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. F. KeesliDgand Cnllen &Co;,Bola in Loeransport. JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTEMT Advertising has always prove* successful. Before ploolnranj- Newspaper Advertising 1 consult LORD &THOIV1AS, . CHICAGO BRIGHTINE DIABETES, KJEMEDY CUJt£ FOH Correspondence I *oJ.lcted, valuable .Dformatlon free. 1 Osua.) discount to ^iBeaee I.IK. .fldred aUraenl* WM. T. XAVDI^Tf ««£ CO., Street. - - Chlc<««. Hl> W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE and other special- ' ties foe Geotleioea, _ — Ladles, etc., are warranted, ano so stamped on 1 " ottora ' mr;i ' 1<Jr *SJ> M h. W.L.1>OUG1.A8, Brockton, Mo««. 8oMlw J. B. WINTFP C . Broacwar irnldftno-eod

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