Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on April 6, 1906 · 7
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 7

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1906
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TOCONSrc STATE JOVKS&L. MADISON, AFRIt , 1M. I n-r,.,,-! ni ,i i i -,-;;,, .,- WRITERS CRAW? or RHEUMATISM " VVRI5T ., use n Jl PLASTERS. Tear an Alkock's Plaster ja two, lengthwise, ftad apP-T as Loi'n above. You IU 1 aur- prised bow it win relieve ell pain aa well 4 strengthen lite inuatles. lMitTlllpMHAVIM AUCfcCJCS CO-OPERATIVE STORES IN STATE Thirty Have Bo Cstbliah4 tn Wie-ccntin Alcoa. WERE SUCCESSFUL. BEFORE WAR. Now Marked by Almost Total Fa;lur Ow to Luck of BJtinew Knowledge. Tilt) WUcOfcola bare-na of labor ha Juat Irfsaed In puuhlt form short ! monograph neee the subject of "Co-i op.-rallta Smrw la the Cnited S'rti;- ; Tf.i rt-v.ew of Ibo history sad CQRR PLASTERS J BUNION PLASTERS Foe RcW and Cur of Corn end Bunion n iwm "f,, i 1 hmm Absolut CoioiM Your Thirty Feet of Bowels b liirpl Waaknesa, of tAtinet of the B-el-Mucte. Want ot Eaereis, Indoor Employment, eker, thesa Bowel-Muscles, Just sj It waaiteiia Arm ar.d Leg Muaclea. Castor Oil, or Chcerlr. frets the passajes for or kd of Food at a tima, but thca lubricant eaa't help th Csui of r!. "'- "Phytic" Bke Sal!, Calomel. Jalap. Fhosphat ol Soda. Mineral Watara. airrt- piy flush-out the Bwcis jbr the en occasion tmly. :'. 1: ', ." i. .,'-'...:';' They da not remoy the Cjusa of Ccn--BUpation. " . Moreover, they waste go much of the pre-, ent atatoi of co-oporativ dUtrtlw-! tb,jt Iji s nrtirffYA f thw hn' I forthcoming blnixUI repurt and coo- ulna the reu3t of an exttnshe ln-ve-mgatioa of thl subject Much rat uabl material and statistic are pre sented as 1 the bulletin wU doubt! be of great amlatanca to t.oe Jeter ested la co-operatlr a-ttterprtw. The esrly history of cooperative bnytnaj both Iw E rig's nc and la the United 8tte U discussed with r!a-tfoa to I.wal ni p.-p-f-ral rotiinailc comlli.'vsa jriiiptlng tho eatabllaV infint of '4ch InatStutiona a ad aa af fe.-tlng their Knral development Tiifl orhd )e"Storf, the Ciri! tint-Iff, I'ivy sod Army 8-M'Ieta of Eng land, asd American College Co-op?ra tire ajiaoclarlnita rre described and treated ta their proper Ught. A rFt'"w f t1"; growth of co-operative lostitutlor.a it Art ;"ac lun l itself to a ready (liv;ion 1st tlx rUi'.t, during eacft of wh) h (he aao-ee or fajrur gt the jnotremeet Is coosldPred st Iftijtth The period tuty be anmrtmrlted follow: FIRST TEWOn. W9. The Brat period presedta 1SD9. The ea;llct ro-opratiife scUt) In th"3 t'nlted State wa ftmtid'-d la 1S11. and a on? ot the maay diatrict labor assoctaUoni whlcfl aprnog op dttr-iitif the early psrt of the 19th century, jertd vhlch au'-eeoded -la ertsblUhltiR j wveral w-oprrutlve etorea Ir the Nw j F.at'nai at a tea. PrcTiot: to thl dnte jaecrrt aurietlea htd existed which a-'ftirt-J for their ntem!wr trd die- NO REST. ltp, lKk.:wa.hL-li. acrrt.h:a tm tk tcatfertkia bcc taUi. aeaaend Urtdiaj. m'9liA4t llnl !! reltf 94 i, t u i lAawribir. lb '-ft Li. tv i CH! U tSTOUK. Wlu and riw H:icy hire!. Oarofel !i when getting ready to put way your f toves for the summer, give each stove a coat of 6-5-4 to prevent it from rusting; it is applied iiSte paint, so requires No Polishing. 6-5-41 bctttrthan an enamel for Stoves, IMpts or Wire Screens, it h easier to apply and dries in to minutes. A w n. MwudK . rMt 44 n Lwt4Ui( u. iMnokf am K'C . oi-iti emtak . ftlMt .. J W ( w-. Mm ta pipi.a jiwc! M tmimwrj . , TTT 'TOU have thirty feel ot Intestines! What rnk?a feed tratral J J tiiroujfh them? - A st of Mav that Una fet villi of thaee Intestines or Bovela. V!)b a pieoe cf Food tvbs fr '! !f fr lntttnt thw -Muaclaa tighten br' r i i and thua It stars a Muscle-wava ri:h flrivM t throafhi :9 whole ler.f.h f the Eswela. It the 3r t about 12 hours to da thi pfc-rr'y w t1' nutritious pa-s of tho f-.ci r..s have time to te digested ar.d ater't-t-t ' " - Eat U It take rwice or threa timea ttl p;ied the food rpollj In p&ultig, and b'-.-?s as pn'sn'i a If It had d-y4 b'irs t.s!nj'Stii--:i-"'"!"i s-1' livx, ths ca'we of delay (Cortstipaticn) preclcus tMjejtlva Fj-idj, tn fhe fluahir-.f prtcaca. that it tsxoa a U$t 4rm avrry ifunt. but the prtnrip'a of co-op jra- aucceedine hm to move the Bowel load, tloa a it'it lot rod net i by thera ttntfi Cut it I different i!h Caenarets. Caaoaret act on the.Mraclrse of th afteT 1M3. mben an orsnl.'at)oB irisa formed hoae iucceatior a few e;trfl E;-I and Inteitlra. Thry act Jj: t aa ! latr rt tie "New ng'artl Prrt--. Cotd Water, or Exarch act en a Lary man. They'ast ffVe ererdse. A Caacatet produce the asm tort ol NaUj! rsu!t that a Si Mile s:k In the country would prnduoa. Th Vest Pocket Bo H aold by all .Drtiflnt. t Jen Cents. , ; , B rwr cjt ul to gat th piu?n, rr..T ' only by the S'erlinf Remedy Co., ar.d revw sold in bulk. Every tabfef stamped "ccaM : rr- ratr to ccr rsitk'oti Wt wat ar4 t Mr fitnt a frualtral Frtat h-acwacd, bt)tJiLArl tviit UM awe-ewuBCM m eaief a it ta aeksty k;r Hm aiMunt um. Tw a t hjj! l a ttiil(iJ fink u ata'WcMCCabi.ru wtta wlikh rk"SiStr tttrkftu twuiea. 'M iwm vmUt, nrnttwuif un waer. afft Statuaa aMlr ' rj. Cktat r fcee; ( VERONA Vfcta, WH., April 3-Kred Khn!i "il!r a lnrreased be the arrival hula g!rl tn 6an'3ay. S-!r,I-iM Frltrhe and Frieda Pirnt ir.;te-l in marriage by Hot. Jlr ---,1., n eiiirKijiij . OCnttjor, agM M yeara, ItvlnV r Mr. Vernon, dis) fr.m a jara-t"'." S'.rt.i' at ht hom Monrtar. C iMrrtckaom traa etertd ebatr- -1 " Mirman of the town of Verntia -loa dr,- 0 fhrln'opbemon of Kiiljry '"J ttitb frlo-ad at this plare B?-ti If mlnletrel ahow at the hall Sat- 'J -?r.!ng bad a eery atnfcll and!- A irsa bt-m be Caiil Mathlnou ;tT Monday. r. peteraoo will preai:ti S'lii-r "-atng n the ribje-t "A " f -1 I-if"" a.f in the eveiiir.s "A 1rl Yoanf Man." Ti-sitir Mtte had a growth !! B-ll it tsrtog to bsitia a con r-b'k bouim fw part'ea la Mtnt- MARXVILLE. v . April S. Tw-!re chil lnn ""Snrf! at thi tCrangc Mtt - fltni-b la tftl fit- P!ir,1-y l-ta B'hrhr? of Mld'fM'm Bimnbenness PhyaieUna prcootince druakea et a !Ueeofthe rirrrot! y. trm. Xt "wiU pcurer" eaa hettl .the atomach oesihranea which hve hta barwed and aeaeed by aleohaL Cures WhUkeyand Beer Habit tiv afin' ei i ft ' ly tm riKl rvw, ffMUjriatf tac toma a4 lfffm - a Mocwal CMd itui ianf-tOTine" ln e- Cw neuntjif th Bal14. u- lof Kit nou' -MLtMl' Uffukrljn, twV Cftfcl ,.. I; j T-4Mtfy trUKtit rOKI.i Hg.1, frU.Mtwrea. Cure Effected or Money RefutMlrd A rvtrairtaatii Vr. IWtr M "Uriaitmrw'' aui'.i :-mo nn3l. aCl cortfMtt4a, MKlJoat'ii. tf IN ft m-Ml um rwopt ol ru-a tT ibti't- i5ni w ia-, 'eiwuu, Is Cwaetaajr j3 MENOES V'hARMACIES, 29 W. Miflln St., 12 Pnlvert'ty Ave, Madl- on. Wl. jttve I'nioit.' hlfh la 1154 consisted of 1MJ division ltb a morcberthlp of 8.109: - TTTeae carty atorer, arild a a rtilo oaly to nirnibm and aeldom ?avB credit. ? No attempt wt m.ide to f'-re lra profit., the ettxkhoM ers blng con'ont wltu a 6 per cent d'.vi "QC.upna tSetr shares. EARLY CAflFrm A BiTa:J Th tiireer of tbti-e storfa which up to this t!rap had been quite uro'iisful w prae:ti?a!ly ended durin;! the civil war, tfcrir downfall b.-!pjf occ aM'wd hy condition crialait oi of the war. The store manajror were untialned to i the av o' the but!nec world, thy did not l;now tie tieePhHity of arettsatt-h'lnt; a !ir;,!is. g"i wore aold upon too clof.c n.ir(!n, whif h together with the oppnttlon fr;'ia reisll mpr-chaoi. all formed obstruction upon whjfh the early tto-pperatlvo effort were wrwkffC, " ) OH0AM7E lo,0"0 B!IANTHI;S. t.rartng the aec,ij period, from 1M9-175; areern! nnueee.fiO efforta were mi"'' to foflvB thf eictf-m of storf t the I.'"j;ott Lnhfr Itcfortn ansfx-fs-t!rn. some Philadelphia 'Bierehants ; using the V. hdale m!e and by laws i ar,-J by the National Labor I'nion. $4 i prrpit. frRra wn m.vTst titittl !o Jt57 uSicn the Patrons of Husbandry or Granpos were orgaiilaed. One object of this sf'lt!rm, as exprcod In ctrcn'sr !' (or, s to aocttre t' ltd sr.mrpr4 tbiairnntaf;r cf i:o-ofrsi- For aale bjr Kronrite Broa, Studeman. were An Birtt S.-Utloc.hlp U-gae. Tn Cu-oprrth A'-iii!l,)n of America. This Hoi'fcdale Wbtla!e Co. and the NaiU'ttal Co-o;-retire Iaue. There are at jr---iit It) ca-oti-ttvi etora In the rtilt-l 8tte, Call fornla hatlcg the larnt aumbr t!1-: Wlaeonala o?rui;Ii third, plaee with 5 ori-a. Th SU at ore repn-wnt a eapiial of alxmt $s.5Ci hav a mtmt-erihlp :f TtJ H4 re-rajt. ai.d their anu:f Wld U a'ut ClCJJSfi,-711. In this eotmry co-operative dltrtiu-Hon hi bva innrV.1 by Klfnoat totjt f-.l'nria Th itro-jtost tauee fur thtir i ftiltire a the 'coltaiMm of the luhor i" .-f.f -:r? wwt.rta u"ch gr tbm birth, aad the Ut r,f bustow !-!:. Tii r "-ter thor- j ot.xb.iy organ ixett end .aearly alvay flacked ruptxirt of a whulcsulf house frrm . whi.-h they eoaij obtain tholr iuprl:ea .Dtpartjt.'cut iMrn, traia l'Enip s'htffuc and the low price or & iil crr fcu( aTl aldi ia the tdvwnfvtlJ ot co-opcratlVB tora. Fur-. tlicniir rp cortf'flott Is thia country, t,:, ln.:iit.iu.ittty nf our pf;h!e, thlr o'iH!i:t':g rtiipi.iyrnt'Bt. the Inipefuotts n:tnre of the people which look a "to ejri-:ti! t!n., nither t'ain to eonrvar tlv- l,n-sire i!t, are ein-oaed to the UwwillUw.jco;jmti avla-..tankA-buiMln antf a-oiH-l t ivi an I fntttran-e poll-c! a ta.- Th- p'a.-o in tVu eouaitry whi. h ti co op.-rj'h e ori or upte In Europe. KEMOVED CAl'SKS TODAT-Many of the aiwv cs'js- h b ing rereoeed to'u bj i',i"tt!..n in tSi in-iii"triK! wojU. IUcci.I otvai.l.nt'ons are open a much Crater t.anta. Coop eritle Kholwnale bmte nr b-!tig--t.'.bllfht-ta tb Miirt1vd-V;iy"and on thp Parifc Coai- R-tt a'.mvf all. jth growth of aoelal frtlowRhly arid uniifn'so) uma the aolid foundutlon only p'j:le In iwent yar, (ngther '.'i thormifh bitj)na Smowlfdjc", win arvn to gle sreator ntfibllity In t?!i? future. If urh tora rnjor per-m,inTt ate-t' It will be n!!y a a Morrle, jtniirt- propfltl'.n, for '.t la now ap- j,.,,f.,t ;);tt n., jj,jjnK (.ff.ntiv rnforrn of the iodiistrHI a'ttiitlxn in thl ilW V, The only form of food made from wheat that is all nutri-v.. ment is the soda cracker, and yetthe only soda cracker of which this is really true .ia Uneeda Biscuit The 8-5 -4 Kills Rust The The The only only enly only 3 soda cracker scl&atiikaUy baked. soda cracker effectually protected, soda cracker ever fresh, crisp and clean, soda cracker good at all times. : 0 In a Just tight. moisturi proof pacing. NAT10KA1. esSCWT COMPANY Any Woman Knows THAT CLOTHES mtit be boiled before thev exit h mWI perectjy cicea. Any woman know THAT. Yon can oak and y o tan rub but ron can't vtt thedirtirat a-tw ng absolutely cln and wUt wrtbout boiling theta with 8aTinr t and Pie pit en sou luplc City Stif " Jcriitstry era ever be accomjiWwhpd by tlon ia ell t;.ng wCcj afT-U-d their ; ,n a;;.!UlU.m o( rooiwratlva do?- !nteii!. The gTowtlt of toe organl- i.itioa wa enonnotj, over 10,0-)0 j braache being extablUhod within six I month la 1S71 Purchase for all the j Md'tOfi People Wutt Beeojftijte and KM It. Kftloey UU com ouSeily tny.tfrt. otiofy, Hitt tsattug alway artj y.m ttirnweh th urine. Notif the kl(lniy eeeret ion. See If the ecTr i mrtieaithy if tner i aj-fillcr and ae-ttnsent, Hf t.xi frf(jiio,', ca. p'n- fl It' time tU?n to ue raa's KMnty I' i;, To srd off Bright' dlaoaae or d.a- bw-" ..-s ;:; TVi-i-a bii ili.T.i g'tal wisrk in Md'wl John ("rhiiailni!. al 1 ! .Vtth iiiair St. MaiUm-tn, Wl, aoy: "For yire local (rrng"i wsre tn.tdc by a etnte p;;rfhit':'n? aftit In each atate, who. throupa !h l-irg!" business tfcua eoa-trolled, purrhasftfi only it earlnad Iota, giving to e tneber substantial dividend ofiti.-cei"!as 3 per cent opon the more tmif!t! prtirle of tun fann. Pur, hMi by a s'.att1 aitit frequently reached ll.wO.fHHt la., iiig! yearj TUAI'B l e.VTERETJit (;ri tNGES With fad's bc!n? eoient rated by th grants, an) bsnkruptey facing the middlemen, a fierce attack 'w ra.le upon lh oritntisaMorts- Rftull d"a!er rffirrfj exi??!! ereittt tttto cot prjceu, (n ttiativ tniitinree setltn? I at a loss. Entprprting bn!n. men In larpe renter took ai'vantngt? of tho ex'ing etrir n-T advenisH th!r hotiiip aa (Iran; P'tppiy Btore. The presont Montgon-fry-Ward Co. btgan !a tliK rnsnnor. tiy thtse O5tho!, together with popular dltrnt and sn ind'wtrfai d-pres.'en. the Cr.ircs wro o w".Tttr.ei that thh '!( ;:;t ptireh&Bing yteni w bo!ihe-I Af'er the psnle of 1873 bad aubslded tt-e agltattoa frr cotpera'i Ktor !i it'-n bsTtiO vt-ry t roe. g, tbt ri'ov- ment b !ny dlrei-twi by the govs-relfrtia of ImTuatry who fnliowedi tho rule of, th Fticlnnd Rorhdila fitoroa. pi-r, j !h nrt f ftocn ye.-.rs, wnlcn tlroe irr 1 f e ca!lW t'i tVM p-rioi. the growth , wea almost pheaondnat. RRd a aatlott-: a yetn of ro-op-rat! d!trflii!t!on j wh wtr'ftM unlir which the fn'fl . S'.-.'f wrs to he ilUi.lH !i:fj islt ()!- : trlttR, and the uaflc-nsJ dp3-tir.r.t to! vopirsep with a similar eyatejtt In j Kr.-!an;7, The gr?.t majority of thi- r"r. Iie Yf'r T1'ep"is-7r, tnrt ' with fa! hs re. 1 FACULTY KILLS KING FOOTBALL Will : Either Cec1 Championship Game or 8uped ootbH Entirely. CURE DEATH EITHER WAV. Tin wonderful Sosyf dor the work like oiegic- without aavtaing ia it M eat the cl'Hbra or the hand without toe least fading of colon or shrinking of wiK.ltna, Msple City Hoap b mle wanhsng a Ba art em- and plcawnt tjk, by Kmlcnng nibbing and y MNHnrwi.. for woouworaj psuit, wtnuow ant dtshra it Is without u cv;u. na n't - kj hou right withbut It. Uig. whit, dmililr-laating esse, j ctntast ail grw-nra. MAPLE CITY SOAP gDIII, . . Monmouth. tiiinoio. LEGAL AND PRO 8ATE KQIltES. peot several tUr with friend ta thl neighborhood. Mr sr.d Mrs Ww Fth-uait ar,i SsinfiMr Mbl of J-'kdl'wi.T vii-ftr-d vral days t the heme of Wjltfr Karlwg . Mrs Carl Prhtendt of M.;,in.aoie i ei-cif tiiin-! wo rt"jt:vi nTf j The ".,ft of Mr nt.5 v.r j aid own thrrxieh-Xbo atd nk. i.ia -GAVH srv: ENCIIGT. From Jsl in the foitrto pe rliwi, th' KrtlgM rf Labor eldt-d rn. r.eatd tT,rf to t', tnnrrtnin' 1l.li bn-ly edTrKsd th gen'Ta! wbtl!u-tton of aro-opfnitle) fadttfttrlaJ ara- fpr.J In th't plac r-t !h wirj srntrin. ' Tho Plumli'-rs ipti-rniiilortsij t'rili.i1-nnt tho P'M'Io'n, Ptc"? rf AwHr M"1 the wo'i; I'h tbMr f-tr 1 " White a careful-? estimate plscf"! -the ! nuriiVr of af"" csah;hM rtrHr thH peii,i at t'ifh a f:;-!n! ettrk Of 1 rT!i 't'in'y tf-w ff bi"B ; are til! tMv" i r.Mirfti the f -rt t -f.nl. 3T to l'-i. Prtsidcnt Vi HI fd Dean 8rg fUnit For Moa'fed fitfre Bulletin By faculty, - Fwtbr-IJ is rtt ltd at tb.ctvrrtty i of VUoona rcr a ir at liant. The factilty -la roing to enjny th tiaihfiir- ' t!on or, d'i"tinct!on, of killing thu gar,ii ,at th Hn "ser i-i.-ll'ii'Sun for one vi jr. j riilT-r by aoUf.'.lne th jrufie .'', i l-it. ly r by ct:t :!; t 7 thv cb.vr-ritn 'shtp game arltb !k-liig?in, Chic go I ' end Minnesota, which would, prnnWl ' fne fan" es su;i"n.,i! m ' .in-c'l th- th."( bi "r,:iff.a of th" and there will la removed th rerv baeklmne i t the anort at Wtaetimiln TlFfo would Wlow lack of Inter-nt, f,-w W(,:;!j p t e-H to p aV '!; f'-iio', s'li-li litt would lce M tiii't in the team football ;nti!d be a dd one! And tl.ij t'n w! at th fnnl'-- f;i,'irint !r j-,r--;iii-.s ro n-'ik ), Th- p!.n I a !,' k!K-r .taken f-'t-r isf. Th farU'y f,at Thitray. and t! fo'low-lrg t.,j'i,n!n wau lii-wd n't e th" raw! trie 'T-, fii-ai'v ft th" rn'ver!!v of V.'iMtipvfo d-'l-'"l 1't If-'cli-il :!, the tnlterltl"t rf Chir-ipo Michigan und TWitine.'iota with a to thi s-i? -a.':n fcr l- tI j?ar cf IctJttfol tejrlate'' 'fockbsB tefweti ".if he.. t'Blwf-i-itv of Ws'c.n-iH nsd tt.i s Pir" In- HtltM'li)!!- 'If such tis'jit!ion cannot be so ll'lrst pub. Mr, 10, it Apr. 10 tii l ti a vroft's sti.K. , PTATB OK WIi(1NkI,v. OICXTT Cuurt for Vnt fount), la Uste, In in iv.atn-r ot tho Ml of ral ti at lb tsl of "srrt tS)rni"Wr rf.rti'ft. Ndll'-a ll h.-ri tv s'tm that l-y TirtBf Sfiit in punsunrxt-f r,f so :tir,jr f it ctt tnjfftf In Mi irsttr tf ssj-i court un thti 2i,i liv itf kis-'-f. Jiu ths tf-i-l- r-.j4-i--l Jii Ttj,rt-t, wl't on t - :imj , f Kf 'A, l-C'i!. st 11 hour nt 19 fi-t.i, k s Sti , si tiifc 4ltfwi-ting r.itH af ins tt Cirri iw-mnur, rft,-rf1. j;ie-1 m u, nrf ji-.m for n--r of ft iitn u-riij-es i3tft. tn in ..ff-r fr ne.if, ai,t -it et -p'-sKii i-n- .t li. . f- J ,,iwini, il, llrt ..l-,f frtiuAv.- In lit, iflwii t-f I'oim-rw i"r-' In sstl -?Sii?itv. vis. ; it ffrs sf lai d sluistxl In tfit- nor'n,tt tjusricr ll-Ji of in ntrihrai nusri'-r tl-) t,l it.lliin mirt fn 4 1 III th H'wo of f'ita- iiru,-i-, I,mt tou'Mv, W is eiins'fi. i,-fr-r ll-,- i-sirih im i-e 'I scr tt :iit -Hint tor it-41 qjartr it') s.-t-il,trt. as nsr s ssns rsu Mi Js ,-rl!;-1 ,Ala th- nuiri'"-it jisTtj.r tt-4t irf m ni.ti!si uunrici- ft rrti,n Is-rnii -rtv'i- iZj) .(-f fli- l-iwri f Vt-tAi ilrovfr, I fsni- ,'Unty Wi: -jnln. TlTOIS of sii to e i9-.-.sti.. f IstFt this tun i!p of Msn-h, Hit. jr-N'i TlfolieTHlv. A'1mliiitisior ef tfcs fclats f Csrris Svrtiir, tff s i. -t. Hi,t,ih :n A M-,ri, Aiitiror-y) nlrWnieif.nl . In the spring time you renovate yovir house. Why not your bedy? HjI lister's Rocky Mountain Tea drive out impurities,' cletvnsea and enriches the Wood and purifies tho entire system. 35 cents- OTT'S PHARMACY. s. 152 PAG Z R EA D Y NOW. , rrte. Write cr Call Vaughnn's Seed Store t : J T I . i i i , west, and dlsciissitig tba athletic lt atloq at the university, adopted ba follewtng rewlti'-lona- Reolve.1. that the tnlversity of Wlm'OtJxit) adopt the pro;NUs of tha Cbleago confnrrnee a a bl for the fPSf.ilaM.jn of Interrollegla'c ithier!-, "HseotvsJ ihs-" - the fs-ulty I Itt mm Via Hm Ary Ailing Oc Thi . W..H Irterstt Vey. its e e- o sissy lit tie twya and a- tVint ti.v a w!io art westk.-tWiv ,.! r,"A !-.-;-r--br-.d," rill Mrib Vir-4 tie? Io'!!i(tr Ffrsg To ' n s n hi.a to a!low fhetn to tn so ftr--.thsr "! rrow e.n-. itifi'i compliahed, it decide that no lrt'rci)!'-Ktuf ftHiib.il! 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