Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on March 28, 1906 · 1
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 1

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1906
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JOURNAL WEATHER PREDICTIONS Tlx MM rtKni for TimwsO tew funJT -Umt tcntehi ajl Yburwlay; nnw fc T VOL 10. NO. 1W.. MADISOX, WIS., WED.VKSIWY AKTKIINOOX, UAliCIt SV-W00.' TUICE TWO CENTS. SIX ITALIANS FOUND STABBED TO DEATH Horrible Tragedy Unearthed in Shack in Minneapolis May Be Work of Mafia. lftftnirol'r Minn., March 28. The yiirt of lit Italian laborer were frond la room la Ttntb Avodha ear- today. Twelve men engaged in a jtt)t. Nc-Wbhaw rallied the policy vba entered the shack where (he fight axeurrelj ani found thje bodie of tb ma literally nabbed to piece . Foif murdarou dirk of nuor-llk S,Mor were found. All thi hodte vr drd laborer. The boute ,a an Italian lodging place. The pes had apparently bxn dad for two fa Nona Identified. None SCHUBERT AND OAS COMPANY Cm In Court It Not Far Chaapcr Cat and Electricity. THIS ONE HAS NOT BEGUN, fet May Bfl Th Outf rotwh of; The Ce In Court t Mayor and Councl hx Dealr. ; c Schubert, dunorralic lo,IBiD? f,ir tr.tjor, la iMurliic Marti?in rot-rikat H I Bat nw4ry for-htm to ilt ny tnd on th1 ji!l'n of ga. mi l!rlrlty r! because thst (T!irn a already ..penning:, In ta mtprcrna court Tbs re h!eh Mr S-hulrt refm to wim up fur jre-mMi!1 Jn that rourt Mmilayr and fs'i at md clr that the nt;'.ii th gu ronipany for rhapr p and ! trt' Hy 1 not eca bgn TS raw that tt up It on attetr.itfng (n fnftijM't tha BiW compaBy to glT warding, tha roat of making tw tod H'nat!,? l-tr-!ty, which ff tn'!t ba knoo Iwfar a tttlt to PI fJ-ft gwi rompny to lower Its r' rnti N beg 'in. Th gaa crajhr ! StfiHnjc on . tarbnlf-alHltst to pravant tn . ordr mm polling It to allow an In-vmvijiiMnTi Into th toat of. making m tnd F-nerattnr Iwtrlclty. An at-'"j.'v cf thla dly arho " undritandii if a wmmmi couiull trn-t a major fiinrnh to tha pta roljir.y should N nfcff'.i n Tun day- thr run lit ' IrKtrurt -.tha allnmyt who havf fhan-i- of 1b .ftt'vto discontinue- the H i'r-fr words. fr. Sluhrt I? ''-!. t vtlii slop ih..Tt!rrt!R? of '" ii''!!' o a"oi rhrr ran it' , ,ri,-t.v ...rr prfcKfrt -hnnld !) '.hfr bfl aland on tbf faa.'-.lMxi tB-t.-thould liot.dndg hbf?ld tha-"1 ts ro'ir tht lll rtnift trto thin tr fho'sld I, t-.enrA rearer !a '' :nv ftn-r th! lawyer. K-'ITL-IIKTIT AND MKJU'HR. Vi ir'!y Cafldlda'a Ssli.r's po- K"'l r la nniorlotia rsTtdr.i.n ! (Wr that thrr ft no r "! ff cmtmion or d is!,t an .to i','irm. A brh-f ht?v.ry of b ktj,!ng rlfht to th rMflrd tlia .that on Autwt 2d tti oT!ri! j plaint In th NlabnBr cttr'u In tbe eounrl! prorr!tt)g,' tb t:ji!Bg on par: On run f thr t rtpti'so j"j!i!'.os XWtihr to ap!nr bof-:r th r-piip f to shnir nrfcy tl tWn., tibouJd tin revoked. By thlt tlma th piW!r m prrfry thoroijrhlT Inform.! at tn nature of the Nlebuhr fatr, and h !nrrt waa manlfe.r4 try f.'l f to tha ctir?5 of th mun-i! 19 reported th iSUtrirt f oi.ewtloB cm tip br,.r th'"!re-l eite-r a !-."i.,i f-r th" - : 'i.'.t aptn on Aitj 3d- H w !of a prc-m'i.'ni cil-l of t,n.' f th' '"-'I'T! meetlnjr fiorr of t,e ! !tnr, ril i . : - ji Lf-v l IJ iJUtl .l!!!f " f aavspa, but ri'y ' Atrtey i fPBrwtB rVtna.Iar-1 " ftrm nd ! ! Pi' ', d.!!y (4 ttl1 pl - r!,r .t revoke the tlemte. b aaM " as mciMcn n !!-! tb P-WAMIfSp, ,r,,nsit J,-J,h,i,r p,pl rMtEet e Mr tfo-irmsnn.-Mr '!hrt voted In .the ifflrma'!. on "r o!snrwat. I 1 lnier- no tftat Cs3di.i nale v-4 i e Or- a maay-'-hnnoerintv t ". d,a Sn F-.?n wo "'"a up Use NteSuhr ca "1 If ndaeed a ro'y'!ntj tba w-r tc en (V- K!4-.obr mite f- . . . i "ti On t motlia to " isn't Ed" rti. Mr. i-;-rt f "t-t-.hr by voting la the rr- t'r. I er' - t.st to th law em-! rn tvtirrd vee0. ;o ra nn.li l . .. I . -,te rwwaeatW k. art J.. , I rr a of, thtf realdent of f ft celgtilxirbaou adroit knnfWBf ofth affair; .i The nbanty where the tragedy oci ur- j rJ a rented to nine Itniuna who i rr believe by th collie to hve 1 tLTIttlrfd aMafia tr "IM haul" or - ganlzaMon.. Re-recK must have be. n j under fulling wall. 71 wan fvare; C ! th motive for th killing aa ail kjx'm. Siiutaniore, telegraph operfctor'for men oa money in their pockets bn dicovered by tha clBcem. Tha tx.ll were horribly and ayttenitt-ally em. The face were, .fearfully ututilaKt, Hb lotiy lalie run lengthwisi-alrnj the body, Non of the wtmcui wrre tloep Doigt to b fatal, but ,th UniBi d'fd from Urn of bliwd. llccr.f. Thlt waa Juit after iJudsw Sit had announced hit docUlon 1a the Nlebuhr rt and aftr a Jtide-pl' ot amounting to over J'r. had ba isjin4 afttlnm; the tldcrnn'ii mad defendant. Tbw riitet-Ing proved ex'Ulr.g and InterentinK, as were all (b RteetloKi at vbirh the Nlnbuhr c waa aired, Af,no St hu- bort wan for Nlebuhr by fating la (he n:ailvfl relttira to rotiloo. POLITICS AND FOOTBALL. Schubert-MtuU Men Would Uv Stu-dontt Mix Tbam. :w. As ffort It b;lnR made by ihe.Srb.-!-t-rt Maul lle':lin.tnts lo ut! fmt ball with pollilm ia the Flfrh, A t-raf-f fame hat been dt'vlstd by which It I'-ihoptvi to throw the etudeut tot to tlim two t-aodldatevs Tha argument twfins ?d If., T!ie faculty want Row- loy acd Cranefteld clotted. The fn-- olty ban thollshp j footb.-)!!. It-you detlra to give uprfsnlon to yotir re tntirifnt of that net, rota for & h-bert and Maul. "You Bumped t'a and We Will Uimp Yon!" Is tfc Riot to t?f thou who are pushing the whemj Whether tfta ttadentt ara to b rnf;ht by the trick rmMH to bt (.en. SALOONS GET A HARD BLOW Fifteen Ken out As Result cf High License Law. f'olutnbi,, Ohio. Mar'h 2? I'- twwrs loom i an,j iMr.a thrown it. of-'.aniplnynient by -tb-?-f.)r'-cmrt of the Aikf-n. ny V,'y,rr tat law. Jint fled KtTe fh,"i'a"d aro-Kproi.rietortt rf saliwnt (hut close, and -S.5;n l.-artecdfrs wi'! I triad id'e. . Jtakera apd-; brw.y-"-em- plover w!' I lo su.Tf-r, It is Ifusi-d thir!n In tb re-vihe '!! be 11 i'fttfi Sv "!!er, tgMC ag T.l f.f tn-brewerte la atilborlty. fur tbe- titate Etent'thst. betwea t.'t and -;8ftt. tbonaand people will loi tht'tr-'i'K: tv the rlijelng of fh -.-!ikv-m " Mr Aikfiii author f !; 1 ill t atilh-irsT. fvr the s'.ttomcni '.hut 5,-ij jn'n-.is will r!re, JEROME GETS SOMETHING! y t n Ntw Yotk, S'.arch 5 liit'-.'t Al- ttorn.'y Jerm bM mcferene today ; tf with Ms wrat Stow and Juftlre V iltnf ff tb snju'w "rt at v.?i;'. .'.' i big 1if lnurace co:.ii atW or a hit I f,.r Mm tn IIMf 19 innn t - - ' rrced'. The action fa t:!-d tmj, eilder. t r-.-.-!a j,t "tT ST c . . inn tr cfS'-'rt vf ti l.f i". it:-"! ro :-'pj.r!. i. ! LATE STATE NEWS Imperial to ittata Joirsa.) U.roy Fir dc.'rovei she ..!-a of n.r'' ' V.-i a " f "d P Chsr? J-" barr-r s'-'p fsnotli jwrtty !nnrJ. .' ". Mltwanl-e: t: V ?v-rpi i!.-fjPe-t tb F"o r-e:rs; Ire'- ar,l t:- tt-.l t I c.-i i;'r t'"' ft". I'-'r la-ider. Tb r-t-I :'! -'p tia Mii.f si ",' ! H-' tnd -i -.i hs f rfiiri It ":. a-e .. .. . , htn l a - ' -tt and f.n-tnd r F' 1 t JOHNSTOWN'S BIG FIRE LOSS Pnntylvani City If Flame. Spt ay THOUGHT fCVERAL ARE KILLED. ftrtmtn. Art Hadictppd by Inad-i quata Efuloment and Cnttntly Bunting Ho. J-.hnstuwn. h, Mutch IS -for thnv f!urn eiulj- to.i.v the John a' lata bu si tie a .juctloa wa th.ratned; ; with deslrurtloa by fir, which weal only phice! under control after it bad i burpd tlwlf practically out, The lit "vlii!a!"J at mci,jO. Fire- i 1 l-un Wil'l.nu Campl II we.a killed ta Putillahem Prt's aaeoeutlon, per- j Ihhed In t'i fiumea bat he escaped. - Among ths Iiearlett ir ar the Bwatik Itardwnre cuti)itny; f"l.hr A t'omfanr. l)Oi-ile:?iijiiur; tU HfO-dei'Kon Kurnllure ronipar.; Brnard-Sfnm hardware company tnd Johna-town Datly Newt Publishing rompauy. Thw flr broke out In the flvtory brlrk b ( tding at the corner of Mala and Bedford utrwta, orcuplvd by the Swank Ktintaare eomp.tTiy and the Cin!a quickly tpr.wtd through tha building. i.Evrry available flrcmnn anC every plorp of Arc fiKhtlng apparataa wer quickly on the arcne. Rut dplte thu flrt?nian" efforta the flra wat atxo beyond control. Tha (laniPt prad to d;oltilng,,biilKitig with great rapid ity and five Inrga buninf'st ttcret and j on residence were burned. The Bremen were aerlmaly handicapped by loadequale equipment ttantly bursting boi and cob- MRS. LOUISA COEMEH DEAD, Wall Known in Art and Muaical Clr-claa of Milwaukee, Mll4Ukee, March 28Mr IjiuUa lx-hpr, one of Mllwauk't accomplished slnrera ftnd the w!ft of the not-ed arolptor, Alois T'lHr, died Saturday Rt New York sfttr. a abort lilnea. The funeral wat hld from the honi of the motbf'r, Mr, Cornelia Btrausa. Intcrmeol waa at Calvary where the body of h-r - kilhband limn. Mrs. Jber van hot a here 31 yenra .ro. Wb(,n a young girl h dlaplayttd t:i)cb muali-al talttit and bi.: fcer IrsH.iI apiiearanre; at the Academy of Music. She went to-Europe to rom- pMe her muslral education tad 'there met her future husband. They were mtrrl'-d tM".M-n years ago In thit city and left latftr for n.'rlln to maki their home. : Phe appear) tot a lnffr before the ipiu-k conrn'a In Rirtia 1 Mr. I-"-h';r div aeveral years ajo. .ID! nuft.an.i or Jim. i-wncr wna we!! knrfwn.as a acilptor He .attained ta-fame with Ms work of art, the Col-i"i;W:m" ebWl jin-l the "P-hj-p ar,i Ar bl'ntMna" froiip of jsl1ijtirj'" Mr XjH'bvr ha''- tiisny friend !n I i Madlnon. Fh tr'tit -aevir :.,we k i ! hre lurt winter In th? Interest -nf a jt i'l to 'ar te f i. p'irc;i,i a rf f f ht" ! ".' Co'fnblan a-!'-' 1 'lh. lu'i n tti-!'y rfrer-r b!it f1Tii!!y prtH-l lx.h hooves ty fa l;r vt tned fiv--f!riv la r"'il! FINI3M ARCANUM ARGUMENTS. Hold That tni Liwi Giva Poer to Chans ar-t Adept New R!e. lld, Mnih " nrrumont (n ! tii cjiso uf Sttcjih..n V,', tli'j'nol.l'i and i o?h-r acalnat the auprem council rjf Arcattttm.a K atld the j ;ie rates adcpi.'d in Mar, IMS j wr'. roncl'i'Vil yKterd.i la tV .Ta- - . or-ifs-,' pupf court, "Tl. ccjurt p d' 'i'i I Th- c'.iiniiT' rft;r... t'!- a !".' ii-n jo h'W r- I I''i.l t, iie auch i ar'ii n i:n.:sJ;d t!' n'!! M .-Vp re.;i-, act nod tbrnvd Cs rharttcier of j ... .r.-m-w- !r.,,-rr ji -r (" ry j ,i:-n tc t-ne ot !'.'- !t 1 rri'r t.i t(. c,'" 'I'iiiri' ttsi r'',-TJ rt rt- it fiith ;!im h bw of fie s ii f..1 'ift urii'r pv -r to eh'-.n? iawill 1 sdo-it ra.. The C. rlf:ieio will sT-rf ere ra.'"ler of j MAD; SON TRQLLEV rAVOPEO. jWatrtsn cemtil G'aria Frnhi 1 , .- 4nf ! II! tUML1 " " j Wnifftowo. V., March ;. T?;e cty c i" I! Iat r. !;; br isnmilrji'ins t"i yr ' I to ij', V, tatooMitt l.l'dit. J !i I - l-i-T r f-.-n T-'tfl Ci.'-sii. f t'y l h wt!) 'pfsw fhrft:i;rtvj f;-sy W Ti: I eel .1 tl-. t- Vfl Siisje; bl- - SI:,-- - r P:i hi Im t ;r. tic nit ct I 'f a . XX- mi ..'! "v . Ail--i ItwMl - 'i . iff V'-'J- i fvv j When the Festive Stnitowpr Kafort Man anl the Fftnr-iftt! Circna Man login to conault their colNyf ion of Adjfrfve, it ia ,iga that the SpeBder family will Wruj to cirrulate money. HICH WATER III IOWA Waterloo, Iowa, Karen 21 High atr Id tha Cedar river early today broke the weat lavea and Hooded the J bl!g!n"s dt8tr,ct ot 1,un dreda of famiiii are rendered bume- le. All railroad ar tied tip. Cedar Talla report a aim! tar dlwutler and J0 farollle ara borul. The i-tera are now at a otaadmlll and dan-gr for tha prient.l Jwtleved to lie over. HIGH WATER IN STATE. C'tat lea Jama at L Cracae and Dvnumite Used ea Dectrftv- Them JHrlingtort. Wla.. Msc-h 1 Th bavy hour rain of tha laat forty !ght have raised' th Pecatonlca river higher thn l!ea for tea years. Th Milwaukee road bat been bat plea all day at far a running any train la concerned, -i, I Crow. Mrh 2 The 1a ('roM river hBit rlten sit feet and the river I at It blKbet'--polnr. Blled with broken Ice. !e gitrgea have- formed at all the wagnn and railroad bridge and ail are being watched for- f"' of their being. tafcon out by f"! (e. 1 h Fltirlington" and Milwaukee ,rl!avs are exploding !.ri? q!in,i,la of y nam'te Iu the brie of breaklna nil j the (ce jam. ... .W'.'fec, Mrt'ih Cft-Th wa'er In !h Waupaca f'ver rwi-bd O'.r hlrlj'-ft poirt kno.tii In yc' Tb" rv"-r is '! 5 ('h fi'jaii.ia Ic r.d ! a ruhi!ij: torrcrt. f)ne dam at Shr! dan Is rirr'ed Rme out and" another af the woolen tnllla' In ihls e!i v. j i!-n.r:jj ' ;, Ml'-h . March ! li.jh ! w3tf.-r belt csi'-ei ruch hi'onvtil.T'e lard c.,rw1cr-i "e .'aa;? In M cv i Several arf.il wt. n:it ng tbe ra'I rdi 1 1'avj be-n rr,,'t?-'1. I Pialnn"id, Mi" h ?H -Tuf i;:.ic f-f I Plover, fifteen ri'l't tfir'h uf- bei-e j - etperlearlng'-tb worat'- f!oft 'islyenr ;Tt'v wvr Is runiii-iT ."on th' Is rumiS- "on the1 ".ln 'rt a -j th of o" to iwi;:- .-' In I- -pi! mv-1 find re fed tird i. '.Mr.: the .-:iar b' S'.'i't ,-e ,'.-! snd !?. tl.f wtr "r.i i I ri: AH b:r-fnei !" etnir-lv itatT. r 'I ' are hcv.tr' d h their bort itrlI!e.'xMr be rrUvny-.trxi i :S-Tb M-'wh letween f':"." t I c Tl n fly In,-1 i ! and THirHtigtoB r trv nt r nndce 1 ft.-,.! fr.t if wat- WILL HAVE FOOTBALL. - - - F,porl Coi!eg Wii P-sy at t'aupl W.fi 0..t Prs'eu e-.l Ceact-rt. li'l-'n Mn-tJt :i -A!!jvjah t---lilt l:.H"f- i i ;., 1.,-Wu ove-r !'- t'lj.i if (oiii,ii t!n r...,-.". .f V.'!'.i-or.!-,!.i and II bmi , prwi Ing v,!!h b"ir !'.-:! for rt-j; irjuu, Sfctiil Ll ri'vUt-A.raie fan. 4a fa-j(- 'i- tb pf. Ti of wit ; r r ;!! n1 I was rfc. ft) e'rtte ft ! . coJi V !cb ib 'er,.'! npn'f .irj of reTub4ilei( tve to rnort, w!!l p!sv tb (am a Vrti. with the f- kc of prnfe t.tftna b's. -nd p-Yen?lc?rrif- - rcTTFi. I barer ! fifi-r.p college is nlrf-sitv rr,; flu e H" ' f ir IV: n .c-f fikiri-eijc tit" "? t i'- M- f a kjS '!.!; 1 J.t P.'p-m ff f. ! ' I !il f -- i -- V.I E'et PutSIC'.l ts 4 J."ih Elf l.fi??." H-'.'..' d"eHr I tt a b i 'f B .-.fr- MR. PERKINS UNDER ARREST Charged With Grand Larceny In th Flrat Ocgr. JEROME GETS : THE WARRANT. Troubl;Ovr Contribution by Inaur-; anca Comoarxta to Political, Cam-paign ComTiitteea, New York. Slurth :H.41tga W Parkin. fomi"r!y vicu preald-tit of the New --.York IJf Iu'tTftncp com: pttftv, wi today strwst cd on a war. rant rbareing grand Inrct-ny In the flrt d"pr-e The warrant was !iul l Miisrlntratn Miw!. n'fr h waa arr's'ftned hfa coiinael applied to Jut- !! Crpenl-aum In th aitprctne court i for writ of habeaa curpua dlr'M-(titg ,.!. .1 . T...,l. .. i. . I ,. T..A Uc (Jmnbatita. Tha writ wa g'ur.tfd Tfcla pro-ed;ug take the from Hi 'irl1!ctl-'ti of Ihe marie'rs'a rd carrb' It d!renlr tu the auprema rourt, which, however, I not the hU'h-efct cfiirt In !h t'ate. there ,,b! re an appe'lat , division and court of apiwal rttlt higher- to which tbe -Mwmlstil l apvled, Pnr'in Wh arreie,! I r a it,,"-'tlip frfi'Ti ) rCte of the dl'rtct '!rrr"V. tt'ben Mi. adjourned csnrl at ii-jit b said be w as wait Ing -.for IVrklna trt be .brii'igtif tovblm. . !n the pell; inn fur a writ of h;ii-9 I),,.l,!n. .l..1 f , i.' 1,1 "ittl.: i -., , tri,.., r m, t:i Uty" by a d.-(-five and tbt ! c if n..t ,.,mni!t'..l bv th j.idMrct .r..y ,rni -In tl arir.;iiie.nt l.for .;--'i.e f., .,,. th r,. ' l,i.-. or. !p.i M' t'e'al. M. .-'.."-! f,.r Per KJ f t..-r. ' .-r r,f T". fn-n!t who Ik' d-ur-d 'h 1 1 In nt it Nwii-af 'ie;-rT'rf i t.s th ic-ir-e rri-t ' Y'irV l.i' li":Ji"i.e rm-.-t nn; f.- 'V-'t. 1 S'1 I V ( r" y -f'!'! t" R-JSk' 1- (KV j Tl.'.i !:' (.'I f'l-!f-i'i tv m! fiMi'. ! !- si roririt-."' n s for'rtl-n IW I ard ! r!.hml!ted. - lt fn th,flt!ar!fe wimmf i cf tli rmi.rtany w-hp-h approved it In I !i !,! p P.rUT d- i;-W j '"! i S"id if ' ro . t-bw'i.f ar.y j ifr''"' r li 'vini; b'i arr 1 ad . 1 Mur'airsin .Vi , or r;--it,irate - lhM!t I P a-i 1 !i p. j.,rt..i j !m! '.tb warrarf. j -np:."i'!1 ''i 'be t.J!!i"'.x I a c-py f rc v-r-rrr. '.e br !r.t.( J i-h ' ' I'lfni-.taMon r1 'ti':, ) li'.'. '"f.f!" n,-.-rc K' I ir ii:d r,-. r..( , fit fdiirev In It flr.r decree. i . , A't .-T: Pi-rk5?" priard Ijcfiire .Iu? Mi, !(" nhMtm bl c 'tinxef ac.kei , ( ; li ,'..r-,-..r t,, i nr:, (5'rn ' t.vui r.i' "i sad th a:,"in!-iit ''pm j . rlt Wis jw'ijivk"! i; til next f . P'l.i.v t "if sur 1 1 v P. r'-i.. Vis bft l?i -inuij!f,ri--. a Id !Vd?f.-!d -then th' 1 i.Sii,.- el Jie L.ea i f..t it cnninM't -re -c:"r In ' t wfb that i if r.,y rbent ' v piried In rw.'odv ir ! , of fc!.r", ii tin" SAD MAN IS CAUGHT. ti"tvi to ttwfitwtv-.fTTtrnil.) ' M"i!ieta .Marei I. - Jiiwr M-'-i t.-. "tt C pecni'l'.'.t Apjle'in p- :,f'-r t li-'-f s;' f i' ft i-'i'ic'"?",'' Vrf-ef1.. .! . rl,:t , i-.-.J ft.. rrr t wl ri'-f.-r iti a to i-It i -ji." 1 w-, !' ' - f f V.' : v'j " - r? V I 'b ?.e-th i,rt if !fl',! . . 1 . ft ? fJ: t' re.-. X'i i'-fick Is ToertJ Daw. It, , : -t" .eh- t .Ifif 'v- f .. !.-" .ti np ,1 a eviffnin fyf r-x trV is. ii -f- . ' ?.r'd It t-'IiIi f-"t- - - ; i-.,fi.!; rf r; i -' s. "" t . r .s RIR'fSTIIflFMT UIU W I UMkll I --.. DEMONSTRATION Bacauaa Reoo't it Circulated That Faotball Will be Abolished, - FACULTY HANiED TO MAIN HALL in Dummy Farm Turn In Faitt Fire A!rm tnd Build Bonfire en i--Lowar CatifHia. At 7 ov-ixk '( tnotulng a atuffinl Hsur.-. rrprff -ming Unt fai'ulty hing lo -ITvKy, wai '.iil .(nglng fro'U" the muu -b'liiiiitiK . of the : un!vcr ly From th! tr alx.ut the rampiia bung a tjtotrT of nmr like flgurea la the middle of ihe.i iimp!!! Uy pile or i J'sn-f J ' thwi'I aod SKhfit They are on tb. jf-t of the ti .Hnta.aK.tint the fit uliy'a pmpfeed aboiumn nf football. tertiim. Governor Rusk final! con-Shortly after terru oiltK'k the flgure I rluded that th -lr:uintar!ceii war hangtng' from the ialn building ki taken down. iu th d'eapiHilnlnient of aeviTal atudtnin who apiieared on title erne with kixlaku, Tha dn.tirt'.ralton cmisiMed lo atrct parade, th rna.dlng of er-eral prof easom, the firing cf gun and revolver, givlof the WIcmlo yell, a b mflre and tb banging of the faculty in effigy. Th f'tn tartd at S'30. Tweuty ttudeut 'gathered lit Mendota conrtlVr ; Nc-1!" rtu: a -d . -uten-. bra.l!,shltig abut g'ma and revolve' ar-t. Ifi 'HI oui-ttany it Into tnd fa fifteen ni'.nuts-a tb entire atu-.ra'sp th' r-'i-dv t.i r.'ce rny r.rrr, dent Ixidv Beamed to b In line about- j getiey. Ko-'ii e'l'r arrival l ' r than log ' Ileal h to the fa ulty " A line! ordirartiy erlmsu d;iur'-.. t . Of timrvb w ubl!li'-d with th Prof F Turner bosn aa tb finst tl4ng "plrii-e "When-tn w tiav f..ti).ili?" n thouted, ''When yoti rtn htte a clean game. It's bees to rottjeg:- fur the Iiiit ten yeara that it la !ti.rxiihl to riurg,' it." re'd'.e-l l'if Turner Trof Turnet' wira werf o.ct iihjt'r h'lrl'M In th rant c' tha hl'-e-i "!Hl ,lt.u(l of "Put h m In th ; ""!,li''r''- The tivcit were r.l"red lo lake" Pit. (' 3 9i.ilier tfu.d .!'J i-artrd( .It w a I make an ai 'caiai.' e At Pean Bligr nl l; -M: on!..riee.l the f hi-iif ini.Mit j v"ry front aet or four aftowed tymp-of this .'crowd m-.'-.tie fur f.Kiti.all . j.iiiua -of ditraa.- H away! to nfl ahall rrnve,- the ntm.nt lh j ff0- "r licpi4 i gun, and then far-ilty at tl sett ir.etng " Tni ; :. dropped to the ground. Nn'h- ' et-vidnt th-n tnarih.-. ari.ortd town ; -" """ ar-rlou bad har!'''! than ra'herlng up wood, n atdtwalk. fi-e . I ,,n',,,r aJ' nenron.a tWain, had nlhr .:l.iirnhl"'nit..Hnl' Ttie. Hrmi -department waa .called out to extln gulsh "Prof. Turner' vetopr-d hltn " ' a th fluiSH-t n- Frxrfbrftl will he oUd abvd at CP t'niver(l!v of W'm'CnHln If th ir-.or.t j Mi ndatlon nf the h t.lty lmi ltt,-i- rend !efcr a 1'ilnt. nset'tiug r? tnr - faculty , ar.d tlndeeta Tb-ttrd.v Is dottel ,t' th- gneral fi.-wlty tneeting on the. rettirti cf ..Ifrrwdcnt. nu lliwr 'rf,-!n the-Pji T: - to,, t on A;i! 1 Track athl'tt-y, rt - w..t t.ji.l h.v ' hll w!l ! -t b : ab.i1ibd,": ',? V-; nri't l f elf !,;','! i 'si:; fic r" nuT-t b.' app; 'd t 1 :;;viT;W : :rflPttt.rtfof?isy' ndutlinMri r.-.-1 bv fi-ao P'tr 'lie fr't 'edi' - d 3'sd the w.-c.i-.d wns ,e( W s,'hedu(d t n f !' " ' " at l.n ;:- aim t 'her rn'frt.cr of the fs.-ul'x who have 'V-r.. t.e I h ca cf f.xv'.Bl! np to !V r'l-rtit l'n-e hae -fl ld a.trar !"'' ''"t '!-" ,n" wt!! fnif. id-It.. t. rcfi?v;f i.j'-ji if ttte--. " t: ' : 41 ' ,! tb i.rl'.cri ty T-;c 1-. 't -iifain j!" - n delayed 1 be fv-f'v f:Ui -! "v "t T'iday - . 11 !'( to mi "he Ti"tffti, liCWIdeilil 9l t.f P; Vh fl.'.a! .'"""it The i : t--! i-i ncii . - ttilit h w!. --IT " .1 Yi-v. w;!l be h'-'r. :th fir- e I,- arul it t? pii.f ? ! :i't -.? t, et rr f b tn'"f , ' "!'''.' ' , , '". L ". , ' i tVr. lit has t-"i '.irne! (tiit - ii"1 to r rMiii1"! ' "' -- ' ti tic b-iid- j m before t,i; Srs ii't!"n and for thii r.M)t tpe rr.i'it.g ..waa jotp"ne;i. tn'.w nintiorj p.slic,! out llOWI'TI r. ! 'tbat rb op-nr;"' epp!d-:fcl tit lnve-j c wd.l r. tmrl be follow- j - i " ,icr-a t the faculty tl .-at-- anil'' 'rt r..int.en 1iretirg- rtKitlKi'l i t'i be aut-pr.drd hf r nilt y'ir, It tf-irig th Irstcnfliiti tn ru jua.-i.e. . t!nKet.ll mttat t !f euppurtlng. Tr.:f,, ''!'i"n rr.'i!t iw e;fnprt- - ' - C If t.,e inn m lo be n,;.ii: tine ! ii lrj e"v-t It Fiic- t ' by tb aulwu-eip-!lnn cf tb- that hi be f e4 thi jw piTr.cfn t ret. Th rmniT!!'! ha adonted fl(ee. r. Mr-rer""!"":! a l rt eif It re r-nft:' ' ' ' :''""-"''" Brcdi L. Duke O-'isecvd. ,;w Yoel. b ;,f--Iim', 1 ii'ilrf.. r.if';3m, S t' . ti rr-ls'lve of ?h pre-'d'-rt uf Atn-ritA To'inco "n ;i.u---, w in 'i-i '"g'-!i?--d a dtoree 'riji! t ! !' A"',. V'e' b I';lie. O Boy Wtd. !-.-, -. tn iei-, ;? tn nens-a-jH-r -.r.'ye ?r rec.' Af! '. !t.- j'J-j.'t .1 P'!-':i-a C'T.'P 'EWi vv-s3 I ENINQ j- - f T 0000 c Lieslie II, Ko.w.iey. rf-publjc-an cand date for uiarr of Maiuon, U a taa of nprve, II Ik slho a man tt r iwurm He hat that keen appreciac tln 'f the right niment to do a da-rinlv thing. Ma l a mtuof riK'it imlw. The :, thing that he dues aiwntanrtiualy la the risUt tl-ing. AH this la proved by a brav ait that Mi. Ilowley prfi)ruid In Mil si ','.; dsir j tun the days of the labor -rlofa In tha Il'iiilv aditilnuitrailon. Thlnds looked a'lrrlrig In Milwtt). k.f, I-aiir wta awumicg daugeroua altitudes, Tb whole', city wao i dunnnr of a:i nrvrisng IWdjt of vii li-m v wer? of dally ore r,rr''fi"-s. Mil- j wail.e tlaaumred fur riillilaiy pro- ranted it and hurried troop to the troubloua chy. It waa afier thi avest when lOovernor Ruak was 'receiving 'ongraiulaiiona fr bit ttateamanltk jutton on ?hi oaS that .s g& vol-e to liia fin-K! expression: "I teea my duty and I done It." But. to recur to Mr. Rowley. Tha Madtaott tioor were ruahed ! Jklit-watikee, with Mr. W M. Jlelrti. now of the f'apliil City r.Atik, aa caul-tin and curred up town and It wa r.jur:n.I4 !hi time cr ii;pty of Bil'.ili'y f n-a had ctiiiie. Tha Cr:;m het e-.i'ed tiia oMiert to rsuka H ilh ateny aieji fl:e (ijrrh ti the .-e.ie of ji ii.b'e N-pan Tb it.ier e'.'"red t!e tlrvct In front sJ . lb "'.Mtlwsukee Oar,1n. A few ahotii were fic-d by ma In th crowd. b'tonra and heare mlisHlle . : mnuipnt of Vrtft ex"l!cnint. Jiiet at bt'iiae the dei'tM" "t"1 of 'the prlrafn In this eiHpeI. Tint It u a tt"'! whn tfcla nrrvoiinM nilrht be rmtimutit-rated to tbe reel of tba aoldlrrt j!t B .. Howie bad- foil sweti -& ,rrn to Jfi'wftn!.. !-uig w-l'i c , r Mdf!ti 1! lift a uSsaV N-r t e r.i'!,;f'iy i ,s 1 ':! I-.', Irf-ary : 1 n"r ,tr ! T-' tr.iiti ' g r'id iin.'tmd t ., t'f s j- the: Ti-, "liee 'f.iii.ted. In a f ih s rue to 1' lm H ift 't ned !'.- r-ow.l anproai l d in !''. ha lu mm 1. ! !t !C'c I tht b i M tee e.'ilcr rot. ' ' - i d r .-!,.' b' tod '"'.:!) fp ran!;. Colonel it ' t ia i..T r ard H 1! -' tt, ir. W fi -a 1 1 "!l It li- lev li i !''..; fi t hln i-t .iT'!i fin; p. ;i.i! fj'len p ' n,i I, 'i b'ft. ial:i i; "ft Sf:S: el it' l-re.t ti rf'V a-, 1 ate' pt I 1st i "' f'n-f u rni-k A (treat cbeer went in. from the crowd. AH the Kotdjera cheered. Th -ciipBri ' ii-d f-.rw .rd !'( r-c I 'b"t nf i !' ' !!',- n ili-ipie thinir P'-f I !!,' .'lit uT l,--?;ic P H,)!ev :' Jn-t oi.r, (!?-(. t' !r,f;i that tue.-k rerve Ijd- :hij-nr.' man s'id: man of a i:, rj ; for lla au'rtii .:tlii-.M' . Mdl .; v.n not a -im- Ma'? .,' ' , , !--U-:. ,-,.':. U ' '-c J -j for f tiitt "!,! bare : bavcis'l !!ji rut thi r!?ht .table p.rltei . troubla ail He lit ur iiri tuin-mer hi.'.t of 'if old dty T -ftygwuthn. d;t not ii w c I Wurn fiiH twite tt & iitv ! atwinr etftr'lcs a nw hotel be alwev brintw that ttp and ear Madlwin-' m.G't be wade a yammer r.'Sj.-i't, i lu' large Iwt, It IWl Inrc, (if cijur.;. f,liis v.k to pvij yrd r-,ora ronrc fcr t ir k!di wbtt ib p'i off r? t)- rni"iirr and the henrt of the city n t a place fur fattiJU Yrtt woiildn t -tak m If t:y did 'cotnw. But wh you are cm' out of t?i ciiy you bv Jii.t. a cmin'r a it "','rt lb. I ruwhee Tt-Rt T'awa'ha tio', fni'od lia-in if w, tb drily b"t t. Yi-n etrlnr thi b'j1"'i'!'niT l-sj tfc.it name, ihc-re atsd they WHI all do wM gr-Tfl -.nTefiT fn-Men"1!? d wHJ "Tiif'tv.-" WbyT ' ftecaita per-pliv Jilt t. jJr-'-'. np a fid go ovt to nnhr hotel en I pl'i'-g" " mi ! They I t to r'i over to d m i. iCI.ir b'-l -i tii poei fir vT .1 Triv.nx: ott t-:t tip !.-H-. h-'t.-'a an I e If I am riirbt " . J glad to prot ynwr tnciry, I UpeM yeiii H be witling to bt 'h cliti.r n your prori.?i.n If I will put tap three h'V!a to fl t&e matter. " -' Tb- udin - wti'h wl'tieeei fbn Mn from Vevici. pisKeVnowrst t-y. trfft "f ! r'n!!!"!. bS'd an fttdiaa pr'nre-vs Tbat I. ifa hiefan : t il pfperly prlneee. Mix r A!an.r rf Frt ST.i'h, Arkann, .L rtimiiHt ee xi IttreeJ A it

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