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The Star from Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, England • 1

The Stari
Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, England
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A goVEBBIGN REMEDY" PRESERVE YOTTR TEETH, Aii'l teach the 'liildtm to do so, by using CARBOLIC TOOTH' POWDSB, and Mb. 5s. Tins, or CtRBOLlC T4HftT il PASTE, and dl. Pots. They have the largest sale of any Dentifrices.

Avoid imitations, which are numerous unreliable At Chemists, or Sample Is. Pot or Tin post free for value. C. CALVERT and MANCHESTER. Awarded 7." Medals and Diplomas.

Rins-orm, Skin Ailments generally, is CALVERT'S CARBOLIC OINTMENT mre Pots Is. each, at Chemists, or post free for value. FiTZGEBAtr, Chemist. "Wellington, New 'ml writes It is. without exception, the "IS healSg Ointment I have ever used." C.

CALVERT and MARCHES rE. Awarded 75 Medals and Diplomas. Vol. LXXXIV. No.

Ml. EEGISTEEED AT THE GENEEAL POST OFFICE AS A NEWSPAPEE GUERNSEY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1896. Price ONE PENNY. rfed Skin. Piles, Chapped Hands, Chil-For Eve Throat Colds, Earache, Neural-blaiI "Bbeuniatic Pains, iDsect Bites, Scalds, jjjjL DIAEIE S.

ALLEGED ILL-TREATMENT OF A BRITISH SAILOR. BOEDEADI, NOV. 20. A peculiar story of alleged ill-treatment of a sailor on board a British vessel trading with this port published in the 1 cal paper, La Petit Oironde, The evet.ts referred to occurred last Sunday, on hoard the Kildonan, which was dropping down the river to Pauil-lac. From the account given in the journal it appears that the skipper gave some order to a sailor, named William White, who had been drinking.

He not only refused to obey, but replied insolently. The skipper tried to seize the man in order to place him in irons. He thereupon attempted to jumo overboard, the waggon, and then I tried aa best I coald to drive the horses myself. LEE-METFOED8 TJSELE88. At first the troops were armed with the Lee-Metford and Martini-Henry riflea in about equal proportions, but it was soon tound that the Lee-Metford, although it carried a long distance, yet did not kill, the bullet being so small that unless it paases through a vital part there is little hemorrhage, the wound closea up and heala.

I have seen natives shot right through and through time after time with the Lee-Met-ford bullets and yet they lived, but these riflea have now been mostly diaearded for the Martini-Henry, which makes a larger and a rasping kijid of a wound. The cam- BARMAIDS PROSCRIBED. The eccentricities and perversities of enthusiastic teetotallers are of such common occurrence that we almost despaired of ever again securing a fresh sample. Quite a record specimen is, however, just re ported at Bilton, in Warwickshire. At a gathering of temperance ladies there, the proposal was made to establish non-alcoholic places of refreshment to draw away custom from wicked Mr.

Bung. The suggestion met with general approval, but one lady declared dead against the employment of her sex to serve customers. Barmaids," she declared, Me decoys for the unwary and even for the sake cf weaning bibulous mea from stimulants, these ioo damsels MAISOtf ROBERT BORDAGE BAKERY. GROCER GENERAL MERCHANT Seeds of all kinds for Farm and Garden purposes Bran, Pollard, Oats, Corn and Chaff Also Good French Bran, Sold at the Lowest Cash Prices. CHAFF CUT ON THE PREMISES Sole Agent for Simpson's SPIH: CALF-illvT" Also for LAMiSK.KT'S CEREAL MEAL A well-known Poultry cod.

Cakes of tuive kind made Tor Teas aud Pie-nics. appears every prospect of distress in the caae of people coming out on the chance of obtaining employment. The Raad has rejected the proposals made by several Conservative members to expel all legislators and officials who had held positions under the British administration. The President said that such persona had been forgiven, the matter waa forgotten, and the Raad could not reopen the question. The Superintendent of Education has visited Barberton, where he was accorded a hearty reception.

He proposes to establish a large school, under Government control, where uo hindrance will be put in the wav of children of foreigners acquiring a sound education and being taught the official language at the same time. The Superintendent is now arranging for the establishment of schools in the Rand district where the children of Uitlanders will be educated in their home language until they acquire sufficient knowledge of the official language for that also to be used as a medium of THE MAGIC OF A SMILE. Smile 8 little, smile a little, i you go along, akme wheu life is pleasant, But when things go wrong, Care delights to see you frowning, V.ves to hear vou sigh, 5um sniilingfaee upon her, Qukfe the chime will fly. All along the road, life must have its burden, Evm- heart its load, Why 'it down in gloom and darkness Vitb voui griel to sup A you drink rate's bitter tome Smile across the cup. Smile upon the troubled pilgrim Oft for weary feet.

Do not make the way seem harder By a sullen face fiuiilt a little, smile a little, JJrighten up the place. Smile upon your undone labour Not for oiie who grieves O'er his task waits wealth and glory lie who smiles achieves, Though you meet with loss and sorrow In the'passiug years, Smile a little, smile a little, liven through your tears. Eu.a Wheeler Wilcox. VST RECEIVED AND NOW ON SALE AT THE ST A OFFICE A VARTKD ASSORTMENT OF ISMITH'S DIARIES FOR 1897, FROM UPWARDS. AN INSPECTION INVITED.

Piymotfli, Channel Islands Brittany STEAMSHIP LIMITED. rpilK Twin-screw Steamship run as unler (circumstance permitting) NOVEMMER and DECEMBER, 1SD. Plymouth for Guernsey, Jersey, ami St. Brieue, every Monday, at It) p.m. Guernsey for Jersey and Sr.

Bncuc, every Tuesday, (nut before 7 a.m.) Jersey for St. Brieue, every Tues lay, according to tide. t. Brieue for Jersey, every Wednesday, ac ording to title. Jersey for Guernsey and Plymouth, every Thursday, leaving Jersey 1 Guernsey 10 p.m.

Guernsey for Plymouth, every Thursday 10 p.m. For time tables, fares, apply at the Offices, North Quay, W. PAUL WI1INFIELD, PAINTER AND General House Decorator, 19, SMITH STEEET, PAINTING, Sign-writing, Graining and all branches ot House-Decorating executed with dispatch, aud at reasonable charges Pattern book containing GOO selected designs of the best London Houses for tho year 1800 will be ubmitled upon application, and estimates given gratis lor large and small orders. A small stock of 1805 pattern papers will be cleared at reduced prices. Trade Customers treated on London terms G.

WYATT, REGISTERED PLUMSER NORTH CLIFTON. Bath rooms fitted up on the Latest Sanitary J'rinci-ples; drains tested by hydraulic or smoke tests. All the latest line, of Sanitary Wares Seamless Lead and Enamelled Iron soil pipes kept in stock hot water circulation for bath-room. rS. The only Plumber in the island holding a certificate from the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, London.

THE BRITISH ATHLETIC COMPANY'S GOODS. MANUFACTORY The Rock Mills, Stroud HARTWELL having been appointed Agent for the sale of these goods in the Channel Islands desires to notify the same to players of Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Chess, A selection of these goods on sale at R. HARTWELL'S, 3, SMITH ST. BICYCLES Stored at Id. pep day, For Longer Period as per Agreement.

MACHINES, equal to new, let on Sire ly the Hour, Day, Week, ox Month, Terms 1st hour, Is. 2nd and subsequent hours, 6d. at HUMBER'S CYCLE DEPOT, 12. Commercial Arcade. did it.

Ye he meant to enjoy himself but you should seon him next day. Indigestion, Bilious, feeling all ihfl symptoms he had efef heard of. Thought he was gointr to die, till a friend dropped iu aud gaw him a dose of Dr. Nebitt's Indigestion Pills, and now you can scarcely make him believe he baa ever been ill. Dr.

NESBITT'S JNDIGESilON PILLS Cure bilious liver, and nervous disorder, and all symptoms arising from Indigestion. Price ls, 6d. per Box. SOLD BY H. D.

ANDERSON, CHEtaiax (BY EXAM.) Trinity Square, Guernsey. A Ifc-N but the mate, coming to thekmoers assistance, managed to hold hinv 'tk. The two officers endeavoured to clap on the irons, but White and in the struggle the mate violently twisted the mau's left arm. White went ashore at Pauillae, and came to Bordeaux to stay with a friend, but waa in such suffering that he waa obliged to take to hia bed. Last evening his condition became so serious that the police were communicated with, and informed of the manner iu which he had been treated.

They made inquiries, and discovered that the mate of the Kildonan was accidentally drowned the day before yesterday. The port authorities, after communicating the facts to the British Consul, sought out the skipper, who, while declaring that be bad no intention ot ill-treating White, admitted that the mate had used considerable violence. The skipper was warned to hold himself at the disposal ot the judicial authorities. By latest accounts, the condition of the injured sailor ia very serious. A WOMAN STOWAWAY.

When the 4th Queen's Own Hussars left Hounslow some time ago for India an unusually large number of the wives of men who had married off the strength were left behind. One young bride a native of Hounslow declined to accept the decree of the War Office as final, and she succeeded in getting on board the Britannia aa a stowaway, and was not discovered until the ship had been at sea for two or three days. Then the military authorities so far relented as to allow the adventurous young woman to go all the way to India with her husband, but the moment she arrived there she must be shipped back to England with speed. This, of course, was sad news to her, but sufficient for the day is the evil thereof, and the loving couple had a pleasant voyage together. As her friends iu Hounslow have not heard any news of her re-shipment, although the mails containing an account of her escapade have reached this country from India, they firmly believe either that the military authorities have relented at the last moment and allowed her to stay with her husband, or that she has eluded their vigilance once more.

A GIRL BLACKSMITH. A Kansas girl of 17 years won the prize in an unusual contest in competition with two men. She bad learned to turn a horseshoe in a blacksmith's shop, and at an entertainment for the benefit of a church she matched herself against two of the most experienced blacksmiths in the city. Three portable forges were placed on the stage, and each contestant was allowed a helper to blow the bellows. Both men aud the girl wore the leather apron peculiar to their calling.

They smiled indulgently at their girl rival as they waited for time to be called, but became anxious, then alarmed, and finally discomfited when she turned a perfect horseshoe before the audience aud judges in less than four minutes. The curtain went down on a pretty tableau of glowing forges and the smiling girl victor, who speedily appeared among Her friends daintily clad in white. PREMATURE BUHIAL. A meeting of the Executive Committee of the London Association lor the Prevention of Premature Burial was held on Thursday, at which a resolution was passed to the effect that case3 of premature burial were more frequent than was generally supposed that numerous burials took place in the United. Kingdom without any medical certiflcates whatever and that many persons, who had been certified as been resuscitated.

Another resolution, also passed, recommended that no burial take place without a medica certificate stating that every attempt had been made to restore animation, but in vain, and that putrefaction, the only unequivocal sign of dissolution had begun and that waiting mortuaries, where the apparently dead can be deposited, as in Germany should be established as soon as practicable. DlilNK AMD LONGEVITY. At last week's meeting of ihe Edmonton Board of Guardians, it was stated that among the persons recently admitted to the workhouse was a woman, 96 years of age, who was formerly possessed of large means. She used to drive her carriage and pair, and in her younger day a went out hunting. She gave way to whisky drinking and squandered all her money in this habit, with the exception of a small sum which her friends invested and which brought her in 22 a year.

Although she had been such an excessive drinker she posseses all her faculties and has excellent health. The guardians resolved to take the cost of her maintenance out of her income. COLEMAN'S WIN0ARNIS COLEMAN'S TONCAXtNIS. 1,000 Medical Men Have sent Testimonials in its favour. Sold in Bottles 2s.

9d. and 4s. 6d. everywhere Dyke Road Preston Laundry Works, Brighton luly 23rd. 1 886.

To Messrs. HECKITT and SONS, Limited. Gentlemen For twelve years I was the Manager of the Laundry at the Grand and I foand your Blue the best I ever used. I have been in boainess for myself during the past nine I years, and I still use your Blue, as I find it the best. It is superior to all Liquid Blue.

I am vonrtf' troty, Ji Hobh. should be placed under ban. If men war drink, let them be served by nen waa tbe nnal evolution ot this sternly virtuous dame's intelligent mind. But how about femipine customers Tea shops and many other atrictly temperance establishmenta are largely patronised by women, who are equally entitled to be safeguarded against flirting perils. As it would, however, be extremely inconvenient to thus draw the line between masculine and feminine customers, we venture the suggestion of compromise, by only engaging such barmaids aa are too unattractive to serve aa decoys." There would be human kindness, too, in throwing open the profession to young ladiea of that kind, leaving restaurants and bars to be monopolised, as at present, by their more fascinating sisters.

The only drawback to this reform is that possibly some young; men with temnerance leanings would be drawn away from the path oi virtue Dy aesthetic influences. Globe. DISTRESSING TRAGEDY in VIENNA. A terrible tragedy is reported from Vienna. A married woman, named Anna Kurz, aged 27, some time ago found it impossible to live with her husband, a barber, and he consented to separate if she took the children with her.

This she did, but ever since the two infants have prevented her from getting work enough to keep the three. They had nothing to eat for days together, and on the 15th she was turned out of her poor lodgiug. Since then she has walked about with her two children begging a bit of bread for them. On "Wednesday afternoon the eighteen months old baby was crying with hunger. Suddenly she seized him in her arms, and, carrying both children, ran down the quay into the Danube Canal.

The children were dashed from her arms, and the poor mother, herself drowning, tried in vain to reach them. A man succeeded in loosen ing a boat, and reached her in time to save her. When consciousness returned she gave way to a paroxysm of despair because she had only succeeded in killing her children aud not herself. She is now under observation in the prison hospital. STUBBORN CHIEF IN RHODESIA.

A FIGHT EXPECTED. Salisbury, November 20. Major Jenner's patrol has reached Chi-quaqua's kraal. An indaba was subsequently held, at which the chief protested his desire lor peace, but refused to surrender his arms or grasp the spade as a symbol of peace. The patrol afterwards proceeded to Kunzi, threatening that they would return and force Chiquaqua to surreuder.

The chiefs kraal is strongly fortified, and a fight is expected. Gwelo, November 20. Col. Paget, of the 7th Hussars, returned here to-day from the Thaba Insirabi range, after dispersing the rebels, burning the kraals, and capturing a number of cattle. The War Office intends within the next few weeks to make some important experiments at the Shoebury ness School ot Gunnery respecting the effect ot artillery fire on captive balloons.

Miss Agnes Weston, founder ot the Royal Sailors' Homes at Devonport and Portsmouth, is a patient at Portsmouth Hospital, suffering from a compound fracture of the leg, the result of a bicycle accident at Southsea. Messrs. Donald Currie and Co. have just contracted with the builders of the new steamers Dunolly Castle and Raglan Castle, of about 4,500 tons register, for the construction of a powerful passenger steamer with large cargo capacity, to measure nearly 6,000 tons register. At Swansea Assizes on Friday, Dr.

Timothy Jonea and Henry Richards, surgeon's assistant, were sentenced respectively to penal servitude tor lite and tor hre years tor the wilful muider of Lily Challenger, upon whom they had performed an illegal operation The Electrical Review mentions that a boy, who had accidentally swallowed a coin in 189d, was recently submitted to the Rontgen photography, which revealed the coin in his oesophagus, between the second and fourth dorsal ribs. The coin, in fact, was sandwiched between the breast-bone and the spinal columu, and was removed with forceps. A STIMULATING, SUSTAINING CUP MADE INSTANTLY. A small spoonful of Cadbury's Cocoa, with boiling water or milk will make a large breakfast cap ot the most digestible, absolutely pure and nourishing cocoa, of the greatest strength and finest flavour, entirely free from any admixture. Pure, wholesome, and cheap, and has no superior in the market, Hygtm.

Peppek's Quinine and Iron Tonic being les-costly, Pepper' srenowied Tonicfor the weak and failingisnow sold in bottles Is. Nextaize 2s. Largest 3s. 6d, paign will, at any rate, last another season. j.

consider that there are not enough troops the country to subdue the natives. FIGHTING IN BRITISH AFRICA. CENTRAL A SLAVE RAIDER'S STRONGHOLD DESTROYED. A Reuter's dispatch from Blantyre, dated September 30, says The Yao Chief Katuri, who lives north of Mangoche, and who has for a long time past from time to time sent raiding parties into the country immediately east of F.rt John ston, has of late been giving much' trouble. Some three weeks ago a party of his men made a raid among the gardens close to the present Fort Mangoche, and actually carried off some women who were the wives of natives forming part of the garrison.

One of these women eventually returned. Her story was that shortly before she was seized with the other women in the gardens she had given birth to a child. As soon as they were seized they were hurried along through the bush on the return journey to Katuri. On the second day, however, being very weak, she became exhausted and several times fell down, aud was then beaten by her captors. At length, as she could not get along any further, the men left her lying almost insensible by the road, telling her that since they could not get her to Katuri they would not allow her to Keep ner Daby.

They then dashed its head against a rock several times, and gave it back to her quite dead. The woman eventually got back to Fort Mangoche. It was decided by the Acting Commissioner to send an expedition against Katuri under the command of Lieutenant Alston. Lieut. Alston left for Mangoche on the 15th September with a mixed force consisting of 60 Regulars, 30 irregular troops, and 20 carriers.

This force was successful in reaching Katun's town after a very difficult journey through uninhabited country without news of their advent having been communicated to Katuri himself. Katuri's town was found to be a very large one, consisting of fully 30,000 houses, thickly dotted over eight big hills and intervening valleys. The plains also, at the base of the hills for some distance in every direction were covered with houses. Lieutenant Alston estimated the population of Katuri's town at about 50,000. It had been arranged that the attack should be made in the early morning, and having made a night march the force arrived at the outskirts of the town before daylight.

After a short engagement the town was captured, and Katuri himself was taken prisoner. Several guns were seized, together with cattle and goats, and the whole place was burned to the ground. Before Lieutenant Alston returned to Fort Mangoche large numbers of Katuri's people came in and stated their desire to leave Katuri and settle under the British at Fort Mangoche. The attack was so sudden that Katuri's men had no time to organise a defence otherwise it would have been a very difficult place to capture. Most of the men fled upon the first attack being made.

The only casualties on the British side were two men wounded. Before Lieutenant Alston started on his return journey to Fort Mangoche, 187 women who had been captured by Katuri in previous raids succeeded in reaching him and begged to be returned to their homes. Several important Yao chiefs, headmen of Katuri's, have since sent in messengers to Mangoche asking to be allowed to make their submission and settle down under British protection. Katuri's own house was a very fine one, built in the coast style, and occupied a commanding position on the summit of one of the hills. Katuri himself is a fine, intelligent man, and a chief of considerable influence among the Yaos.

TH 1 TRANSVA AND THK BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY. No official statement, says Reuter's correspondent at Pretoria, has yet been made regarding the indemnity claim for the Jameson raid, which has not yet been made up. The amounts recently suggested by irresponsible persons aud newspapers are generally acknowledged to be absurdly short of the mark when actually compared with the actual known expenses which the Government incurred. The statement as to the amouut of the iudemnity attributed to "Dr. Levds is not true, and was never made by nIThe Press strongly reiterates its former warnings, which are now fully and officially shared by the Government, to the effect that the present rash and abnormal influx of immigrants will prove decidedly injurious to whitelabour at the Rand and the other gold centres in the Republic, where, owing to the rinderpest and other causes and to the overstocked market for white labour, therc fJ hr c-wrelul application of the tine properties of an JwJd C00O4 VMr.

Eppshas provided for our break-TSt'ir tapper delicately flavoured beveraee which fast aB? heavy doctor' bills. It Is by the L8n iiBO ol sucli articles of diet that a coustitutioa use euourh to resist may escape many a tataJ f.rfifip, with mire blood Bhft by keeping Service Gazette. fortified witn Civil Service and a iropero SSCI OrocerV. inbcllod- James inakcrs'of Epps's Cocoaine or Cocoa-Xib Fxtract: Also uiaKcrb rv toour now wltn many jerij miilr Sold onlv in niane of Tea-UKe: n1 tea. Iti active Drin- ffiffi auntie nerve stimulant, Buppliea tl SPRITPJJ tJLTK MEAL.

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Mrs. Wilson, of Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, says: "Your invaluable remedy took immediate effect in less than 13 hours I was all right, after IS weeks of misery and hopelessness." A properly certified guarantee is encl osed with ail testimonials and medicine. One package at Is. 3d, ia usually sufficient for any ease. Ladies send at once fully directed envelope for particulars and proofs.

I will forfeit 1000 for every testimonial that is not genuine. Thousands of testimonials have been received. Established over 100 years. Do not be misled by showy advertisements and other so-called remedies which are utterly worthless. Write privately, at once, to MADAME FRAIN, EDICAL INSTITUTE.

HACKNEY ROAD (Opposite Shore ditch Church), London, nM. 'DOES NOTl CORRODE THESKIN KEEPS II SMOOTH iVELVETYl I S0AP(lorSltlSku) 'SggSrStg- CREAM (for ltchinsr. Rash) I. 19 POWDER (for Redness, Roughness, 19 R. MO RANT TOUZEAU SCRIVALN DE LA COUR ROY ALE NEAR THE COURT HOTJSE Open from 10 to3 o'clock.

RESIDENCE 77, Top of HaoteyiUe FROM RHODESIA. THE MAS110KA MUTINY. All sorts and conditions of men who have served in Khodesia are giving to the world accounts of the perils they have passed. One of the most thrilling is that of Surgeon-Captain Grey, recorded in the latest issue of the Xatal Advertiser, which has come to hand. LIONS AND TSETSE ELY.

On the journey to Beira by sea many horses died and were thrown overboard. During the railway journey from Fontesvilla to Chimoio the horses had a bad time with the tsetse fly. At the latter place a halt of 3)me days was made, and the troop was much troubled by lions at night, the explanation being that there were many donkeys there, and oi these the lions are particularly fond. THE ATTACK ON MASHANGOMBl's. After several days' march and various slight skirmishes, Captain Turner, who was in command, gave orders to march on Mashangombi's, where 2,000 natives were encamped in the fastnesses.

Although many thought the movement foolhardy, it was undertaken. While on the march, just as the little force had got into a drift leading to this mountain stronghold, it was surrounded by natives. When fairly in the drift the natives opened fire, with great effect, and no effectual reply could be made, while the Maxim was quite useless. It was A EEGTLAE DEATH-TRAP. The horses began to drop, and soon 13 lay on the ground, and it looked as if the men would all be killed.

Evidently Captain Turner thought so for he virtually gave the order, Sauve qui peut," telling every man to flgltt the best he could for his own hand. But though the horses continued to fall, the men escaped. At last a trooper said to Dr. Grey (who tells the story, the rest of which is best told in his own words) If you are game, lead on." I immediately led towards the way out under a raking fire at a gallop, and was closely followed by the troop. Very soon, however, I fell from the saddle, struck with a bullet from an elephant gun about 500 yards off.

The bullet struck me on the top of the thigh smashing the socket of the thigh bone, breaking a vein, and otherwise wounding me. My horse was carried on at full speed with the rear guard, which rushed at desperate speed to clear the pocket-like entrance of the drift, where the natives were rallying in the hope of killing us. SAVED BY A 1IOESE. As I lay on the grass bleeding profusely, I looked up and saw two natives aiming at me at a distance of about 40fr. At the same moment I saw ray horse come thundering back from the drift.

It suddenly stopped and came and stood over my prostrate body, covering me from the firing, and at the same time making a peculiar noise through its nostrils. 1 thought it had been wounded, and that with the pair-, noise, and confusion it hud gone mad. This notion, however, was soon dispelled, ior it continued to stand over me in a kneeling posture, and I could see that the faithful animal had come back to protect me. 1 may remark here that this horse, which I myself selected, I made a pet of; often carefully groomed it myself, and bestowed upon it many little attentions. It is a very intelligent, affectionate animal, and we understood each other to a surprising extent, I was deeply touched at its sa-aeuy and faith fulness, but felt it wis iripchss in escape.

The assegais from the approaching natives were now Beginning to ny round me. and think ing if 1 could reach my horse's back I w. uld be shot i.Q;r, as eai i seized the wins nut mv rnrht flOt my eucs to mount. "I', uuu mauc tlte irriin a supreme successful And I was UUL HOW 1 (111 1 lJSi did 1 dn side was entirely parak ed 1 could not do 4 0n finding myself in he saddle, 1 called 'g0 'to my horse, which uaneu iuce an arrow towards the exit from 1 little else except that xperuTced a coulused sensation of asse- -'is auu uuiJets il reaclu Vina around me until, on 4- eousiuerauie uisiauce Duint 1.1- J' i "oin we arm, I again fell helpless from the saddle. We w.

.,.,,,11 "un BUIC, uo iuc Ma nitre ierp -Ua liUl come lar into the open. After open. a Kaffir driver, shot through way, tell on the top of me as I lay in TO MEN. hen THE CAPTURE OF CAPTAIN MAUHIOTT. The Ipswich Evening Herald on Thursday published an authorized account of the capture of Captain Marriott by brigands near Smyrna.

Captain Marriott, who waa out with Mr. Richard Slaars to shoot ibex, had no idea that there were brigands in the vici nity, out Dy direction ot the fcrovernor of the province, took a soldier aa an escort. Early one morning before daylight some men entered the hut were the party were sleeping, and Captain Marriott, perceiving them, seized his rifle, which, however, was knocked up and taken from him. Neither the soldier nor the hunter guide stirred, but the Captain struggled hard to regain his rifle. The brigands struck him over the arms and wrists with the backs of their sword-knives, and he received a nasty thrust in the left hip.

Having got Captain Marriott down, the brigands bound his arms and placed a rope round his neck, and he and his guide were marched on to the mountains, the soldier escort being dispatched to the authorities to demand a ransom of T.15,000. Next day Mr. Slaars was also sent to the authorities to make a reduced demand for T.10,000, three gunt, a revolver, and a watch. Captain Marriott was detained for 11 days iu the mountains, the hiding-place being shifted from day to day. He waa kept bound the whole time, he being tied at one end of a rope and an Albanian at the other.

The Captain slept with the sky for a roof and only a blanket for a covering. The weather waa cold but fine, and sometimes a fire was lighted. The brigands treated him kindly, but food was scarce. On November 2 Captain Marriott waa produced for an interview with hia guide, Mr. Slaars, and a Turkish officer.

The terms of ransom offered were that hia life should be spared upon conditiou that the brigands received 120 and a free pardon. These terms were accepted, and two days afterwards the Sultan's pardon arrived, aud Captain Marriott was liberated. The Turkish authorities in the meantime had located the brigands and surrcunded the district in case of eventualities. Captain Marriott reached his home at Stowmarket on Wednesday. A SINGULAR MISTAKE.

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, the wife of Henry Johnson, a workman in the employ of the Weat Ham Corporation, was missed from her home. She had been ill, and had left during the brief absence of her son. Inquiries were made at the Weat Ham Workhou8e and Police-station, and in other directions, but without result. On Sunday morning Johnson saw, in a weekly newspaper, an account of a woman, name unknown, who had been run over by a cab, and taken to St.

Bartholomew's Hospital. On Monday he identified her body as that of his wife, and gave evidence at the inquest. The body waa coffined, and on the plate was inscribed, Mary Ann Johnson, died 14th Nov. 1896, aged 55 years." All the funeral arrangements were made, and the interment fixed for Saturday. But on Thur8day night Johnson received a telegram from the Master of the Romford Workhouse, and on going there he found his wife alive.

She had strayed to Brentwood, and had been Bent to the Workhouse by the police, to whom she had not given her correct address until after the lapse of a week. Johnson has been directed to return the body to the hospital. Johnson is a poor man, upou whom the funeral expenses come as a great burden. THE NIGER-SOUDAN CAMPAIGN. Eiht British officers and four sergeants left Liverpool on Saturday by African steamer Benin for Lagos and the Forcados River.

Their departure is understood to be in connection with the Niger Company's expedition against the Emir of Iloriu. The officers include Lieutenants Neale, M'Clin-tock, Bird, Scott, Harden, Sanders, Uigby, and Dr. Craster. It is stated in West African trade circles in Liverpool that the expedition was arranged nine months ago, after Sir George Goldie's visit to the Niger. A QUESTION FOR COOK Go into any kitchen and ask the cook what Corn Flour she uses, and in nine cases out of ten you are sure to be told "Brown and Poison's Patent Brand, as it is the best.

Then ask her, has she tried their Paisley Flour, a new preparation of Corn 1 lour, the use of which is being rapidly extended throughout the country- Experience shows that one part of Paisley Flour added to six to eight parts of ordinary flour, mixed and baked in the usual way, produces a result which is not obtainable when other mtterial is used for raising purposes. It makes bread digestible even when new. Scones and cakes will be better and lighter than usual, and their colour will be greatly improved. A sample can be had for the asking. Address, Brown Poison, 99, Queen Victoria Street, London.

The article is stocked by all the better class grocers the town and district. fcvsterirvir lirea taking nauseous aud ulLi built up unti iflrareSP di8ea8eP We aud STOnrt V-i judicious eycrv teoueu Peto rnp Ti rui? yur digestive organs, Cribec nn 1 W1U send you book which des- SE QU1CK mWmm cause weakness, ice, from whatever ELEcTairUfWN0 ST0MA0JJ MEDICINE, NO two i Seut in envelope on receipt of two Ef. eut ib envelope on Tecemt of trttt feJt Pstage, A. J. C.

LEIGH London, IF. ft aulj xflPfiiwiBi.

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