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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 12

The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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1 1 i I' i' i 1 in 11 1 1 Ml I i I SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 29, 12 THE PITTSBURGH COURIER OlnKeT Dj.ein mm Beat By WENDELL SMITH HaUToThe New Champions! NEW XORK CITY Bas ball's "Cinderella team," the Cleveland Buckeyes, ar the isew champions of Nearo taehaJl. Snurri tn victory by a ood manager, Qulncy Trouppe, and fired by determina tion ana youm, me cnicxeyes pujiea one of the blg geat surprises in baseball history when, they swept over and through the Homestead urays in xour games. So now the Taluable championship banner file o'er the fertile ran ox league jwk in Cleveland, and there's widespread Joy In ments, ana exnausrea xrom mat last siege when they had to win nine games in six days to beat out Baltimore and Newark, the Grays just, aian i nave 11 in 'em against tne inspired, fiery Clevelanders. There wasn't anything wrong with tbe ex champlons that a little rest and youth wouldn't have cured.

Neither of those 'necessary lngredlente are easy to find, and as a result they went down to defeat. And yet, as battered and beaten as they are despite their Joints and long gray beards the Grays are still the second best team In baseball. So, while we're hailing the conquering heroes from Cleveland, let's give the Posey Jackson clan from Homestead a ten gun salute, too www Larry (The Mouth) MacPhail Doabfe talks Freckle faced. Larry (The Mouth)' MacPhail must be spending a lot of time around Jacobs' Immortal beach in New York, the avenue here In the big city which harbors more screwballs, kibitzers, and cheese cakes than any other artery in the world. Most of its inhabir tants are associated with the fight game, but now and then such an oddity as the New York Yankees' MacPhail bobs up on the scene.

Last week the Yankee' "Merry Mac" told the LaGuardia which Is investigating the ban against Negro ball players in the majors, that lie has no Intentions of employing a Negro player. Among his many quips to the committee, "Mad Cap" Larry asserted that there are few, If any, players who could qualify; that big league clnbs make too much money off the colored leagues to wreck the relationship, and that the first aim should be to get Negro leagues into organized baseball. He also called upon Negro baseball to put It own house In order and establish itself on a sound and ethical operations basis. Those are some of the significant dictates of Mr. MacPhail, who was once, a colonel in that gseat army we sent to Europe and Japan to save the world from Nazism and Fascism, and to perpetuate the ideals of democracy.

Colonel MacPhail went marching off to fight those "Nips" and "Huns" right after our sacred soil had been threat ened; he went marching off to help save America and good ole democracy. "Merry Mac" was one of the defenders of freedom and the right to pursue happiness as you see fit. Now he Is back in civilian harness, running the Yankees and go tag around teUlng people he has no Intention of hiring: Negro American ctUzens. "Mad Cap" Larry's through waving the flag, now lie's going' back to "business as and in effect, saying "Democracy Is one thing, and business is another" That's the kind of stuff they call "double talk down around Jacobs' Beach and every place else, I suppose. Probably the most hilarious thing the "Great Patriot" of the Yankees said in his "ultimatum" to Mr.

LaGuardia Ac was that Negro baseball should establish itself on a sound and ethical basis. Under ordinary circumstances, that would not be so funny, but it so happens that the "Colonel" is one of those big league owners who are helping to choke the very life out of what we know as organized Negro "baseball. And" here is how he does it: Loquacious Larry rents his ball park out to poor, struggling Negro teans through an agent, who puts the stipend on the teams and makes them like it. Of course. the agent will tell you that he's the saviour of Negro baseball, and that if it hadn't been for him they'd probably be playing on the shores of the historic Hudson River.

So, the ball clubs bow to the wishes of this agent, pay him Tor being so gracious as to book them into the park, and then If you please turn around and pay the "Great Patriot" of the Yankees, too. Not only do they pay for the a rent and "Uncle Larry," but they pay all the expenses, too. On the expense item, the Colonel and his agent include such articles as park employes," "policemen," "advertising," and a host of other thlnca. I. have been told although I cannot vouch for it that such 1 Glevelainid II 111 I Frosh Back iPaces Indiana to Win Over Wolverines ANN ARBOR, Mich.

Led by a rip roaring sepia powerhouse, George Taliaferro, freshman half 1 1 A I A. the take City tte days. Cleveland's rise to the top In Negro' base Sail team puUe the fim Dail is an interesting epic a story of two men, Ernie Wright, IsurDrise of the 1945 season here sunrise of the 1945 season here owner, and Wilbur Hayes, business manager, who together built this championship team inside of four years. Wright came into baseball four years ago and placed his team in Cincinnati, where he only had fair success financially and otherwise. After giving the town a fair test, he moved the franchise to Cleveland, where the Buckeyes enjoyed Immediate success.

This success can be attributed to Wrighfs determination and Hayes' ability to find ball players and ballyhoo ball games. It's nice success story, and the two principal eharactera are two great guys, who can now say with pride that they hate a great ball dub. On the other hand, there, is always something sad about the passing of a champion. It's true that the Grays have been champions too kmg; but the fact remains that they were good champions, tried and true. They beat everybody year after year, and thev have won the NegTO National League championship for nine straight years.

That's some record! Perhaps they'd still be the world champions if they hadn't been compelled to go all out down the straieht in order to win. the pennant. Creaking in the joints, in dive need of replace Saturday by dumping a favored Michigan wolverine, IS to 7. Although he did not score himself, "Galloping George" was the big gun in Indiana's bruising' attack. He carried the ball on almost every other play and pitched a toucnaown pass ror tne first touchdown.

The score came after the sepia slzxler had lugged the aval from his own 44 to Michigan's 12. Taliaferro then hit through right tackle for a touch down, but a holding1 penalty was called and the score nullified. In diana went right back to work. however, from the 22 yard line and scored in two plays on passes by Taliaferro and KluszewskL Michigan also had a Negro play er in their backfleld, Horace Cole man, who looked good while he was in the game. 3 Sepia Backs Makei Debut With Pitt CHAMPAIGN.

111. For the first time in history, the University of Pittsburgh has Negro rootDsu may ers on its sauad. Three sepia half backs came here Saturday with the Panthers, but they couldn't do much against the Illinois machine and went down to defeat in a driv ing rain, 23 to 6. All three of the Negro players, Jimmy Robinson, Herb Douglas and I Allen Carter. saw action.

Robinson was the out standing ball toterl for Pitt. Illinois used two Negro grldders, Charles Starks, a halfback, and Vernon Stevenson, an end. Starks hails from Charleston, West Va tevenson from Los Anjri Calif. All three of Pitt's Ni stars hall from Pittsburgh and vicinity. Metvin Bortholomtw Wins Dout on Coast OAKLAND, Calif.

Melvin Bartholomew, classlo welterweight of New Orleans, made a promising start in his Pacific Coast fighting debut, defeating Jimmy Florita, a Filipino 145 pounder, here last week. Bartholomew meets Walter Colby Lewis in another ten round bout in San Jose next month. Ike Williams Loses; Conn and Louis To Be Discharged Ike Williams, NBA featherweight champion, lost by a technical knockout to sammy Angott in us sixth round of the feature bout on the Pittsburgh Dapper Dan card last Wednesday nlcht In Smoke Town. Williams suffered a painful rib injury in the second round and finally had to quit in the first minute of thesixth round. He will be out of action for at least six weeks.

In another feature on the card, Billy Conn boxed three exhibition rounds with Al Patterson, run of the mind Negro heavyweight, and Champion Joe Louis refereed. Aft er the bout conn revealed that ne is to be discharged from the Army this week, and Louis announced that ha expects to get his die charge In approximately two months. ExemlMtioas TMnpotarU Ovea to Veteraaa Onlr ICeepoa Setxriffl'i 5 Crown Rendes Whhky. Setjrtm'i 7 Crown Bltndad Whhtoy. 72HGrtJnKrtrISplrHt.88J Proof.

S5S Hetrtrri Spirits. 85J Proof. Setrrtm Dhtnieri Corporation, Chrysler BuHdlnf, Nrw York rpprsrfmi CINCINNATI CLOWNS FACE KANSAS CITY NEW ORLEANS Major league baseball of sepia hue will be sus tained in rei rrpwn aunaay aiier non. starting atr two o'clock, when the Kansas City Monarchs and the Cincinnati Clowns, with their full bag of tricks and clowning tactics ready ror expression, engage in twin bill in Pelican Stadium. an Important item as "seat dusters' has been found on the expense list.

"Mad Cap" MacPhail Isn't by himself, either. There are other big league owners "helping Negro teams by permitting them to play In their parks. In Louis and Detroit, for Instance, they soak, these teams they claim they want to help as. much aa 40 per cent to use the park. And after they pay that 40 per cent, they must pay for all the Items on those "Jesse James" expense accounts.

"Uncle Larry" points out that Negro teams contribute $100,000 a season to the Yankee vault, and he does not want to end that relationship. Add that "take" to St. Louis, Detroit, and other big league corporations that charge sky high prices for the use of their parks and youll find these struggling Negro teams are handing out more than half a million dollars per year to the majors. While MacPhail and some of his colleagues (which does not include Washington and Pittsburgh owners) are squeezing the guts out of Negro owners, they keep telling them to organize on a sound basis. Instead of dealing with the Negro owners direct, they sell their parks to agents and syndicates, soak them for everything but the air consumed within the confines of the parks, strip them of everything they can without being illegitimate, and then add pain to misery by saying, "Get yourselves straightened out." i In Detroit, for Instance, they teu negro owners: "We are charging you 40 per cent, but don't forget, we pay for the advertising and other Items.

I have been to at least ten games in Detroit In the past three years, and Fll assure you that you can put all that advertising the Detroit Baseball Company spends on Negro teams Into a thimble. If It weren't for the Negro Press In Detroit, you'd hardly realize a game was scheduled at Brlggs Stadium. So, friends, don't let Larry MacPhail and others of his ilk make you believe they're giving Negro baseball a real fair shake; because they're not. It's nothing but MacPhail "double II FOR MATCHLESS BEAUTY II HI ffrtm UT ill ill! LIU II II HiV It II "Zm Ill I FOR MATCHIESS WHISKEY A Jll II; JL II II IsaWS A II II Mail Burley, Duval Clash Friday NEW nRTJTAKK Th ham Pittsburgh bomber, Charley Bur lev, lonsr tima idol of C7rpnf nif ring fans and only man in the fls Iwc same aoiain a. xnocKOUt over the 'Cagey Holman Williams, who to local action Friday night in Ium Arena, wnere ne headlines a strong five bout card by Louiii TtfenalnB.

ni TmiI. I He will travel the 10 round route against waiter (Speedy) Duval Iveteral PhlladelnhiA rinnf I Leonard Caesar, rrowd pleasine New Orleans 15LS rniinHi.r streak of the nut larrainst Babv Armatmnv I mate of Duval, in the 10 round semi iwinaup. two elgnt roimders and ian ODtninz TOur.ranniii will MM Iplete the card. Johnny Monroe, lo ical welterweight In i es aavaaa KSajr viuuj luunwDi, me tfacon Rouge siuggcr, in one or tne stellar eignts. TnTZSfl START $1506 to $2650 a Year Fnuudia IsatltBte Dee.

13 Kecaeatar M. X. Prepare KOW SlraT Itaak ese wttk mi eharra (1 3S pee Pest War mm wtth Uat ef D. S. Oo Jms.

Mfamriee. 4am. area. eta. TeU me kew te soauty (or me ef teeks by A.

lOfttlS. WerM Traveler ewe Hlsrerie. il Mesre tux Tee StsiT st OM SUztas at utiaa. i i i i i ii i 1 LOS ANGELES Pets Gray, one armed St. Louis Browns outfielder and most talked of rookie to enter the majors in years, makes his West Coast debut Wednesday eve ing, Oct.

3. when his major minor All Stars meet the Service All Stars at Wrlgley F'eld. The fol lowing night in Oakland, urays club faces Harold "Yellow Horse" Morris' Barnstorming Colored Gi ants at Oakland Coa st League Park in the first of a series of five games The teams meet again at Wrlgley Field In Los Angeles STioay. urev win narucisate in eient ex hibition games in all on the Coast. negotiations for tis appearances were com pleted through Charley de Witt, Browns' traveling secretary, who will accompany him.

Tbe eames will be a nart of tne Army and Naw3 rehabilitation program. Gray, being; an inspira tion to many young vess who nave lost a limb in combat. Kennv Washington. ex UCLA All American, has signed to ap pear with Morris team which la composed of Oakland semi Dro plus several Eastern players who are. wintering in California.

jviorria will be remembered ea a one Ume hurling great in the egro ifatlonal 3ajrue. Co featured with Gray will be jess Alexander, sensational one armed Negro csnte fleider, who nit fll hssn Hi aM. AAHnl.vkA leagues in the Bay region this sea SUfle Young Leads Bluejackets" To Victory in Opener CAMP Sparked by the vaunted prowess of Claude Buddy" Younr. former II SB11 Packing ace. Bill Daddio and "Special Defivarv" Jnnca.

ex Pitt stare and a nfaTv nf nthr AU American grid talent. Fleet (Jlty Blueiackta wami San Joaquin Cowboys 77 0 Sunday before 10.000 spectators. Young displayed amazing' break lwa7i speed and outran the whole field to tally in a sixty yard spark 'SEX AND RACE' tm tbe Watte Daw mt SMMft MOBODI UAKCU WKiTSW BEUTUKEI Africa. bmaae eectaily Praace, aastaae aad arawT7llaitai StetM TO MAN iSib rB aws dleeuaaiuai betweea a btrjoiy eduoate traits, some Clolb boaad. VOU II "THal NSW WORLD" 410 sertraits Valaas IU 43.7s (eatase Me).

J. ROGERS Negie and aa aattNesr Saoatoe arj ob a mutaaa ear. U2 10t AMAzUNQ rAUTS AstOUT CC TUB NkaRa wttb eomptste proof ttasn tar Urea Iflastiates CtocaUe MUHJf LNGfliDBI SVBKtm MKW IOU SS, ff. g. H00S1ER HURKICANE Galloping Geertjs Tslisferre. University's sensational freshman halfback, whose brilliant playing enabled the Hoosiers to defeat highly favored Michigan last Saturday, 13 7, Taliaferro was the Indiana sparkplug as the Wolverines went down to defeat in the first big upset of the 1945 football season. I Is Rules 'Baseball Wmid Win Four In Row to Dethrone Homestead Brilliant Pitching Wins Negro World Scries For Buckeyes as Grays Lose Four In Saecesstoff HiLADELPHXA Negro base ball's world championsmp will fly in Cleveland ior mo if win in the nossess year on oi me uauwus a clean sweep of the sepia world series by blanking tne home stead Grays here Thursday nlgnt at Shibe ParK, to u. tviA nl of the Grays' tnn rfnminatlon OI nro uneuiui and the crowning oi a new Ion for the first time rtfee vm. rnw axrm tuat TanKMS CltV in 1942 A. for the championsmp an two successive years against the Birmingham Black Barons.

But this year, tney Dowea oui younger and determined team from Cleveland, champions of the Negro American League. USED FOUR PITCHERS Cleveland won the! series by cop a a. 4..0 ping tour straigTiT. games, 4 0 and 6 0. They only used four pitchers in as many games as xney humbled the once mighty team owned by Cum Posey and Rufus (Snnnvminl JaCKSOn.

Tr Thursdav nlehL Manager Suincy Troupe called on Big Frank arswell to do the chucking against the Grays. Carswell bad won and lost 2 frames during the regular season and came behind the Bucks' three aces. Willie Jefferson, George Jefferson and Eusrene Bremer, all oi wnom naa conquered the Grays previously. Much to the surprise of everyone, Carswell turned in a masterful job. blanking the Grays on four scat tered hits as his mates pounuea Bucks Face Big Leaguers Negro Baseball's Champions to Battle "Boo Boo" Ferris' AO Star Team in Game at Dayton, Ohio DAYTON.

Ohio Dave (Boo Boo) Ferris, major league baseball's most sensational Ditcher of the current season, and eierht other bier league stars will test the rower of the ar Cleveland Buckeves here next Wednesday nierht at Hudson Field in a crame tnat may at tract 15,000 fans. Cleveland, baseball's new champions, will use the same lineup that led tnem to four straignt vic 4 tones last week over the Homestead Grays and the championship. Ferris, who won 21 and lost 9 in his first year with the Red Sox, will lead the "Major League Stars" against the Bucks. Others on the team are Babe Dahlgren, Pittsburgh Pirates; Georgia Hausman, New York Giants; Eddie Lake, Boston Red Sox; Pete Coscarat, Pittsburgh Pirates; Herschel Martin, New York Yankees: Cris Hoc kett, Chicago White Sox; Butch Nieman, Boston Braves; Phil Mas Boston Braves; Al Unser, Cincinnati Reds; Fritz Ostermuller, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Ed Wright, Boston Braves. Pete Gray to Play on Coast INTEREST SOARS IN NORTH SOUTH CLASSIC NEW ORLEANS Moat if the Cleveland Buckeyes, who startled the baseball world by trimming the perennial World Champion Homestead Grays 2 1, 4 2, and 4 0 in the first three games of the 1945 "worm series" will be here Sun.

day, Oct. 7, when the seventh an nuai xxorm aiae oaseoau classic is presented in Pelican Stadium by Promoter Allen Page. This is the "dream game," which drew 25,000 in 1943, and stands a good chance to repeat this year, with gas, tire and travel restrictions loosened. The amazing Buckeyes' squad will furnish North South diamond fanatics a gander at Willie Jefferson, who hamstrune the Gravs in the opener, Eugene Bremer, New Orleans' own sensational pitcher. who beat them the second game with his hurling and two bacrsrer in the ninth frame with the winning run on second oase, as well as Sammy Jethroe, jim dandy outfielder who led the Negro American League in hitting last year with a ud average, ana again this sca GRAYS WIN TWO, BUT TOO LATE NEW YORK CITY Aftar taVfnc flv.

xrmiaTiii nuup xrom toe ciereiaad Buck ayaa tba Homestead Grays bounced baek to defeat tba Ohloane 71. in a twin bill 8unday at Yankee Stadium before 8.000 fans. Rata before same time bald tbe crowd down. Fa nKST UAME RRK CLEVELAND 100 000 000 1 13 0 GRAYS 013 020 lOz 7 12 Battcrlaa: O. Jafferaon.

W. Jafferaon and Troupea; Welmaker and Gibson. SECOND GAME RUE CLEVELAND 000 010 0001 11 0 GRAYS 002 000 50x 7 10 2 Batteries: J. Brown and Troupe; Left wlch, R. Walker (6) and Gibson.

ler. Half time score was 52 0, Blue jacKets. Navy uoacn tsui Kemnart nelded three full teams of former college and pro stars. MEM'S WORK SHOES Ne RatJea Ceuseat Meesai Naw iIimi mIm mmd shoes. All Send OOo deposit with order, balance C.O.D.

plus postasa. State else desired. Satisfae uor aasuraa. rau uataaVOQ. I 393 Craas St.

Dept. KW. New Yerk 2, M. PiWIi 5liiv vl I (iififaMi hi t'iH a Jf yen wast the she pietsreel, seed size Yea Tear she retiesj I mmm We will nail C.O.D. ONLY $4 95 Sea? dm 1 Tali tbe Year HtjJ.

TtoTee Tee AOC.TO 00riwJ Ms. 2217 la te uien amta. Get or New iH Mat seek. Seai far Pita Skat, aetklas. 1st testltt.

111 1 ff i ii 1 1 son with a .393 mark in addition to leading the loop both campaigns in rtve aepartments, eui tqia. CLEVELANDERS HAVE CLASS Still other Buckeyes In the line up of the Soutbk which will be the nome ciud, are farneu wooas, clean up hitting third baseman and chronic .300 or better batsman; Qulncy Troupe, giant catcher and manager, wno bas nit two timeiy triples in the 1945 World Series, and Archie Ware, the slick fielding first baseman. Ck VTsaSW ELI proudly announces Hit opening of tho it? HOUSE OF HOLLYWOOD Wlfh eeHre Salleflsf fall ef asererlels te clerse stes and weMea wlie cere. ev ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED rm. it GENTEEL BUCKS Ab.

A CnU'rcM. 4 17 Ware. 4 'three, ef. 4 Woods, 3D. 4 Orsee, 4 Troupe, e.

4 Armour, If. 4 Cowan, 2b. 4 Caxaw'u, 4 Totals Grays First gam NEW CHAMPS GRAT Beit, if nj'm'n Hosklri. nkh OlVVilscn I 0 1 n. iBrnan 0 1 (At Cleveland); 3 10 15j rVl.

I SUMMART batted for i the errenth: Krrore: Leonard, jt I Runa: CanUaxaa. Ware. rr. CanweU; Huqm batted Cowaa 1, Jathroe a 1 18 Wo, aaraa to Ware. Woode to Co 'an in Leonard anaaaUted; Struck rill by.

weU Brown Base on htm PltchJ wuaoa dj varvwaii Wim pitch: Brmrg. Cmplrea: Moore, Walker. eon; Time ef game: 2:00. SERIES DATA Cleveland .009 Grays 000 noo ooi H1! Cleveland 000 ooo luA Welmaker and Glbaon: w. son and Troupe.

Second game (At Cleveland) Grays 000 110 00ftTn Cleveland 000 000 20lj i i Wright and Gibson; Bremer and lroupe. Third game (At Wanhlurton): Cleveland 003 000 0014 1 1 Grays 000 000 0000 u. deiierwn ana iroupe; WeV maker and Gibson. Fourth game (At rhlladelphlaU km Cleveland 200 100 200 till Grays 000 000 000 0 i) Total attendance for four rtmra. liame scheduled for Plrabnrra on Sept.

17 rained out) the veteran Bay Brown for I rum and 10 hits. GRAYS LACKED PUNCH Georsre Jefferson rot Clevln4 off to a flying start on Thursday. Sept. 13 In Cleveland by pitching the sucks to a brilliant 2 to 1 triumph. The Buckeyes came right back on Sunday.

Sept. 16. and beat the wobbly Grays, 3 to 2. with thi veteran Eugene Bremer on tht mound. The third came wan played last Wednesday in Washington, D.

with Georee JerTeron. broth' er of Willie, blankine the Gravs 4 to 0. Then last Thursday nipht at Shibe Park, Cleveland chalked up their fourth and mont important triumph by winning. 5 to 0. The Grays used Roy Welmaker in the first game, John Wright in the second, Welmaker again in the third and Ray Brown In the nnal as moundsmen.

While they did their usual eood job of hurling, none of the Grays pitchers were able to win a game. Oalck, Easy Way! Tane tb fight cut ef tn MOST STUB BORN. UNRULY HAH Male It behav wiun r.KaA'JK. One comblDi a ut iaarae hair itnighttr tx Klvea a mere luting. groomed appearance Uit kind Uutu tract admiring glances, full pound tu br alia, only fl.OO.

Sand C.O.D. nnriin nlllRiNTKXn HlfV TOO purchaM price funded. HAIR Da Kalb Dept. 21 M. BrookJji 11.

rt. z. cS OiJ dcar? rX3M TIHED, ACHV UUSCLES rotn STralnt BrvUtt Stiff Joints nm. msJktXXX Jl 1 1 11 ttkaaaasUaBtB BasS Mae's estl Weetes's Sleeks DeslejseaJ and Messfserured ExelaIly for Yet. HOLLYWOOD Co," ro Suit Your aa twe rWBf Te li MJAF rricea to 14.73 We Ship Anyvchere Orher Fully DRAPED and PEGGED SLACKS asd Pasts by ELI Create ef HOLLYWOOD'S Exclusive New York Line LADIIS' SKIRTS osd SUITS A HOLLYWOOD SPICIALTT a i a 7 wwww BrasjBfaTB nsstenawir Carat.

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N. oepesir rsy restswi mm.

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