The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1944 · Page 13
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1944
Page 13
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AY, DECEMBER 9, 1944 THE PITTSBURGH COURIER THIRTEEN 1 1 1 ! ! , t - I ' I I ' Top - Heavy With Afame Stars 'few Coie Show fi (I ' r r - WERE, AND EVERYWHERE ! YORK With plana completed and on the road to being Km - A t - 1 a . k.orciiii ror unicaeo i neweai nirni htkit. an nna v iin C. Although Joe "Ziggy" Johnson is producing the shows, the (Jn not be.u his name aa originally planned, dux instead, will The L131 Word. Tiny Bradshaw will definitely be the opening faction with the premiere set lor the week before Christ - I Thflmn Carpenter is spending her two weeks vacation from l.', Rnsie crew filling a limited engagement at Le Ruban Bleu. 17. Maestro Basie cancelled his Chicago trip in favor of a series Cjjons to the dentist . . With Pvt. Cecil Gant's tune, "I Won - Kffi among the top ten on the Harlem Hit. Parade, the King trio is tdeaing a retui uuig uuiuiujf way uvi wu me lT vocalist at the third anniversary dinner of Freedom house Commodore hotel last week . . . Andy Razaf has received a Ifrom the Treasury department in recognition of his work In Gn with the Sixth War Loan . . . Rhumboogie qwner Charlie Mid a flying visit t0 th,s metropolis last week in search of The Jubalaires were among the participants in a minl - !iral - comedy war bond show "held last week at CCNY, titled Uiwav" Pearl Bailey has signed a contract with Columbia Cinr and is set for an early waxing session . . . While Count I who records for the same company, made his first series of U for the company in almost two years, now that the Petrillo igben lifted . . . Jiaaing sua going on ror tne screen rignts ijjt Lucasta." with Mervyn Leroy the only producer, who is gttd in presenting the drama with an all - colored cast as it came dway . . Billie Holiday, who has played just about every club m street which features colored entertainment, and who recent - Q an engagement at the Downbeat, will return to Swing Lane fmk to open at the Spotlight club. Eddie South is scheduled l orchestral attraction opening at tne - same time . . . Aitnougn T't Cole trio will probably play the Paramount theatre in the future, it win not be for the Christmas holidays as orginally re - j, price the show is already DooKed for the JJowntown theatre ijago during that time. It will also mark Nat "King" Coles' Christmas in his hometown for quite a few years . . . Tlminie 8 latest tune, just 20 days old, "Daddy - O," has a catchy swing lud hou!d prove popular with the hepsters . . . True to bis es - W policy of havingat least one colored act in the lineup of his pile shows, Paul Smalls has signed Tip, Tap and Toe for his rg sho w in Frisco, "i un Time," starring Martha Kaye R O W 11 - forti from the West Coast have both Jo Jones and Lester J in Army hospitals with ailments which may enable them to gt their uniforms for their old band spots with Basie and the a time for the Roxy engagement in February . . . Larry Steele btttly filling a two - week stay at the Spotlight club aa emcee, tout on the fifteenth in favor of a new show and his own K the Apollo theatre . . . The Three Loose Nuts were such hits !' Zanzibar management in the last show, that they were ivfore they left to appear in the production, following the Win the nitery . . . Rose Murphy will return to the Blue Angel - M month . . . Dorothy Donegan is headed for the Windy City 'Idite at the Regal, after a holdover stand at the Zanzibar . . . p Music company is making a collection of Josh White's fn ballads to be published - in folio form . . . Buster Cromwell, Washington emcee, and "Turkey" Thompson, also of the bi City, both said goodbye to khaki last week on the same day jPeti Craig assumed the - Mr. title . . . Rumor has it, that one of ptMwned bars in Harlem is quietly easing out its colored, bar - rin lavor or the others, and hoping no one will notice the ...On the subject of bars. Red Randolph plans to have the ltpening of his renovated spot next Monday night . . . Marva lnpldly recovering from her collapse, will fill her Trocadero Wot during the latter part of January, and will not go into at Pershing club as rumored . . . Kitty Murray will come out 9a P' Fun" in order to fill a spot on the Christmas bill at De - three Sixes . . . Washington's Club Louisiana is skating on Am ice, insofar as remaining open is concerned . . . The Jack Tiiiow, including Rochester, is headed for a few weeks stav in wire City, with at least two weeks of Army camps also on the pj . . . amy uaniels may go Into one of the Cafe societies. concludes his - engagement at the Spotlight club . . . Ken - mny, at present a member of the staff of PV, is leaving the m tne city to resume work for the Cleveland Gazette out in . . sammy i - rice. pianist and composer, opened a new W booking agency on Broadway on the first . . . At a last mmg session for Capitol, the Km Cole Trio did three new There I've Said It Again," by RedeV Evans; "Please Consider Timmie Roeers. and "Brine Another Drink" hv Boh Rell pfBranker of the Three Peppers, all of which sound like sure Metros forthcoming musical Ziegfeld Follies has a prologue W. which characterize actors prominent durinsr the earlv m ftn, chief among which is a figure of the immortal comedian, "Jiams . . . Chuck and Chuckles are included in the show cur - X the Roxv theatre starrlntr Pearl Primus and her dancinsr f mie Pegleg Bates is with the Jimmy Dorsey show at the R O W E old saying, "a bad beginning always means a good end - true, then the current show at the Zanzibar will turn out ismdineer. And there's no reason it shouldn't, with all the Plthas anyway. But just about everything went wrong at opening night! The band was late getting in town and had time for rohoarnal Mnuric RMpn' lrtrlf niann wnt nn rtnd he had to perform on the bandstand piano. Both Otto f Al Moore were Out of the show on account of illness. And I1, which the girls had" been working on for two months rj put on because the costumes didn t get there In time r - .ii was a hectic opening night, if there ever was one! C Person, who opened Chicago's Grand Terrace in 1928, t L. A.'8 Cotton club for nine years, has decided to return v mow business, after having been away from it for quite rmng which time he has appeared in sev everal major pictures Among the first stars to vOlun - f'lo along with USO Camp Shows gratis to entertain service - (BMnito;.. I A . ..1. J t I !..... r. weic qui ie gL lew luiuicu pciiui uicio, uikiuuiug Bob Howard and Dorothy Donegan. IN WASHINGTON, VISIT . . CLUB BENGASI Mecca of Caf a Cnrlitfv In th East rT0U STREET. N. W. WASHINOTON f. D. C. A mW m nn 9 11 nlAtW,' A9rk At I .fit . .nun t lIBI'' ' s arm 6 7 Gl '.c V - v " A W 9X0' V it 'Biggest Show, Best Talent Says Izzy By IZZY NEW YORK Almost, It would seem, like a Santa Claus bring - Ins wmunii oag loaaeo witn tne Dest of everything for those who have been on their good behavior all the year, the Zanzibar cafe brought to Broadway this week the biggest show with the best uueni wnicn tney nave offered to date. In time to catch the holi day trade, the current show features some of the blearest names in show business, and ends up by giving more entertainment for the money than any other club along tne nun stem. Headed by the master showman of all tap dancers. Bill Robinson, whose ageless feet continue to tap as lightly on the floor boards as they did more than fifty years ago, the opening number of the revue features the Delta Rhythm Bovs and the double line of Zanzi - beautles, in a fast singing and dancing routine. SATCHMO SCORES Next follows a band specialty led by the educated trumpet and nusKy voice or the King of Trum peters, Louis Armstrong himself. The number featured is one which the orchestra did in the forthcom ing movie "Atlantic City." and is one which Satchmo first won public acclaim with many years ago. "Ain't Misoenavln'." Velma Mid - dleton, female vocalist with the band, shares the spotlisrht with Armstrong for a duet rendition of is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?" Maurice Rocco, lust returned from the West Coast and nitery and picture engagements, give out with his own particular brand of boogie - woogie pianology to the tune of "Cow Cow Boogie" and St. Lxmls Blues," the while he stands and flashes his brilliant personality on a receptive audience. The Peters Sisters, with their bright, smiles and good na - tured joking about their rotundity, go over big, and are one of the highlights of a fast and furious show. ZANZTBEAUTS OKAY A number featuring the terpsi - chorean ability of some of the chorines follows, in which the girls take turns dancing with Al Moore, in the adagio style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The production number features a song specially written for the revue, which exploits the name of the Club, "At the Zanzibar," and sung by one of the male show singers. The graceful, inimitable singing and dancing Nicholas Brothers follow, and gather appreciative ap - jlause as they go through their ntrlcate and exacting dance rou tines. Harold Nicholas also sings his swing version of the song which proved such a hit with audiences during his last engage ment at the club "Mama Yo Quiero," in Portuguese. This marks the first appearance of the brothers in New York since the act once again became a duo up - Army. The Delta Rhythm Boys, fresh from their triumphs across the country, follow with a couple of catchy vocals, wrapping the. show up completely with their popular rendition of "Dry Bones." The encore which follows, "What a Difference a Day Made," gives Kel - sey x - narr, jr., a chance to dis play his singing ability at its best. BOJANGLES GREAT Bill Robinson, star of the show, comes on in the final spot, and after his customary patter routine. comes to the high spot of the evening when his educated feet light - jy tap out tneir messages of rhythm to the tunes of "Eighteenth Century Drawing Room" and "Tea for Two." Mr. Robinson finishes his act by coming out in a derbv, carrying a cane, and going through the routine which he expects to be doing forty years from today. Pee VV'ee Marquette, who is a familiar to Zanzibar habitues 6b FDR is to the Nation, continues to hold down his customary spots at the opening and closing of the revue, with his genial personality adding the exact finishing touches needed to an entertaining, talent, music and song packed revue. Clarence Robinson is responsible ior tne production or this show, as he has been for every show which the club has had since it first opened its doors almost two years ago. Both Ixmls Armstrong and Claude Hopkins and their orchestras play for between shows dancc - Bob Sanders Out Of Glaser Office NEW YORK Joe Glaser, president of the Associated Booking corporation, announced this week that Bob Sanders, of the one - night booking department, is no longer connected with the agency. Any communications relative to Lionel Hampton, Lou I n Armstrong, Andy Kirk or Billie Holiday should be addressed to either Joe Glaser or Miss Frances Church, 745 Fifth avenue, New York City. BRADSHAW TO BOUNCE AT NEW CHICAGO SPOT Tiny's 15 - Piece Crew Signed for Opening Of Windy City's New "Last Word" CHICAGO Beginning December 22 Chicago will bounce to the mighty rhythms of Tiny Bradshaw and his great orchestra when the Jersey Bounce maestro opens the swank new "Last Word" club in the Hotel Pershing. Tiny and his crew are down for a 10 - week stint at a very, very fancy price, according to Dick Boone, the band's manager. Tiny made a 1 whirlwind tour of several big - time college campuses where he was loudly accl aimed by the collegians. Tiny also made a neat sweep of the theatre circuit. When Tiny comp 1 e t e s his engagem e n t at the Last Word, he is due to hit the West Coast, probably in March. In addi tion to Tiny's . . outfit which fea - Bradshaw ture8 Billy For(ii trumpet star and vocalist. Count Hastinsrs and Jack - Razes, the club is reportedly lining up a top - notch floor show produced by Joe Giggy" Johnson. Tiny's gang hits the Metropoli tan theatre in Cleveland for one week beginning December 8. VV - Ann Robinson Signed For New Musical NEW YORK Ann Robinson, whose inimitable style of singing has won wide recognition, and rave notices for her. will return to the Broadway scene next month, when On The Town opens at tne new International theatre. A great deal of attention will be focused on this revue as its music has been writ ten by Leonard Bernstein, the not ed young conductor and composer and it is being staged and directed by George Abbott. The show itself has been presented as a gift to the Ballet institute, whose head quarters are at the International by Marquis de Cuevas. Last year, miss KODinson rave notices for her perform ance In Leonard Slltman's "New Faces." Since then, for the past six months, she has toured the country with the USO Camp shows. entertaining memoers or tne armea forces. In the nlzht club field, she has appeared at the Village Vanguard, Cafe Society Downtown, LeRuban Bleu and the Three Deuces. VV MABEL FAIRBANKS INJURED IN NEW YORK NEW YORK Mabel Fairbanks, well Known fitrure skater, was seri ously cut on the right leg by an unknown skater at the Municipal Rink, Thursday, November 30. Miss Fairbanks, who hai been rated aa the greatest colored skater, was treated at Flushing hospital shortly after tne accident. Since several stitches were requir ed to close the wound, it is not known how long before she will bgletcPerronaeain PHONOGRAPH RICORDS resturuis the latest la dance, sluas and spiritual reeerds. tend so peeUgs for cataief - WIIAMT MUSIC SHOP Mi i i iiTS' irf I k 1 V 1 J 7 Ai LOOKING IT OVER That's wht luscious Lens Horn, glamorous stage and scraan star, and Horace Henderson, famed arranger and conductor, are doing prior to e recording session in Hollywood. In addition to her waxing date, Lena is slated to make two pictures and is set for another public appearance tour of the Nation's theatres. Harris Photo. LENA HORNE WAXES; SET FOR NEW PIX a role in rne rx rates. Horace Henderson arranged and numbers. The singer also indicated that she found communities in that area most appreciative to the classics and that various organizations, including the USO, had brought about greater sensitivity to good music, both vocal and instrumental, through their vari ous facilities. ALL - AMERICAN NEWS REEL SPOTLIGHTS 'GOOD CONDUCT' CHICAGO E. M. Glucksman, editor of the All - American news reel, this week announced that the Aim company is featuring The Courier's "Good Conduct" campaign in its latent release. Bishop Gregg of the AME Church is the central figure In the film. The campaign was originated by Joseph D. Bibb, noted Chicago attorney and Courier columnist. All - Time King KING COLE SHATTERS APOLLO THEATRE MARK NEW YORK Continuing to blaze an amazing trail of phenome nal success across the Nation, the King Cole Trio smashed every known house record and drew the biggest gross in the history of the Apollo theatre during their recent week's engagement. The sen sational recording aggregation was r the box office magnet which attracted long queues of fans daily with lines assembling as early as 9:30 in the morning! Hitting the road immediately following their cutting of four brand new sides for Capitol Records, the combo will do a series of one nighters and are set for holiday showings at the Palace theatre in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. Engagements follow in Boston, Hartford, Conn., Rochester, Utica and Philadelphia. The trio is not expected to return to the coast until late in April, so successful have they been on their tour. "EXCITING" LOOK MAG Labeled by Look magazine critic Leonard Feather as "far and away the most ex - citlnsr album of the year." more than 50,000 of Cole's albums have already been sold. The contents consist of "Sweet Lorraine," "Em - braceable You," "Body and Soul," "Easy Listenln' Blues," "Paper Moon,' Minor, Called Love." "Prelude in C Sharp "wnat is 'lhis Thin Love," and "The Man One of the four sides the unit recorded while in New York was "Bring Another Drink," a tune which is destined to be an instant juke box hit Thla ia Nature's warning of disordered kidney action. Don't neiflect it. Many who suffer from Backache, Dizziness, pumness. Swollen Ankles. Burning Scanty Urination, find speedy relict In UROGKN. UROOEN ia Nature's own remedy . . . made of sdsn - tiflcally blended herbs. The very first dose eoes rleht to work helnlne the Kidneys nusn out poisonous acids and waste. If Kidneys fall to remove tne narrarui waste . . . mere is poisoning to the whole system. To set blessed relief from these miseries, try UROGEN. Don't welt. WRITE TODAY ! Send name and address. Pay postman 11.00 plus postage nn delivery, or aend money and we pay all costs. LfcK DRUG CO., Meeat Klsco. N. T.. Dept. PU - 9. HARLEM'S MOST UNIQUE NITERY ! CARIBBEAN CLUB "HUM UP UALVPSO" Dlaiaa Daaclaa Earertwlassei PrnanHm (Twloe NlshUTI A New Revue Calypso .Caravan" The Duke of Iron Calypso Slsglsa M. C Prlaceu Nveka - latwrrtlv Daacoi llweew SIM) Lyric Barir Caribbean Carles IOXIL JACKSON ma) HIS IAND 2317 Saves Ave) - New Yerk. N. Y. Betweea 19 th aad Itotb ats Audubon a67 run duki or ikon 1 Joe Webb, Gabriel Slaved For Hot Springs I HOLLYWOOD Luscious Lena Home, one of MGM's loveliest lovelies, is back in the tinsel city and carrying on like the trouper she Is. Last Tuesday she cut several sides for Victor records. She is still working on the new "Follies" for her studio and is down to do conducted the M - axing session of La Lena. Included in the mixed band were Sid Catlett. drums John Simmons, bass; Illinois Jac - quet. tenor sax; Jack Stacey, tenor sax; Les KODmson, alto sax; Wayne Sanger, alto sax, and Nee - ley Plum, baritone sax. On trum pets were Jake Porter, JacK urain - or and Clyde Hurley, ttanay Ain - ler handled the trombone chores, while Dave Barbour played the Tuitar. Several of these men were ilGM musicians. I A mnn o - th sides waxed bv Lena were "I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues," "I Didn't know About You," "As Long As I Live" and "One For The Road." Lena and Horace will be in the film city - until after Christmas, then they will embark on another theatre tour. , VV RAHN SCORES ON DIXIE TOUR NEW YORK Muriel Rahn, noted chanteuse, of radio and con cert stage, reports that she is hav - insr excellent success in her re cital series performed in Southern colleges and that the student body is most responsive to her vocal The former : Woodmen's audito rium (W.O.U.), now operated by the Good Samaritan organization, will open the Hot Spring dance season, Uecember 1J. with Joe Webb, followed bv Erskine Haw kins, December 20. The Joe Webb outfit was for merly Christine Chatman's (Decca Recordings) orchestra, popular with the dance crowd in the South, and has played in Hot Springs on several occasions. It will be the first appearance of Erskine Hawkins in the Good Samaritan auditorium, but the "Tuxedo Junction" creator is ex pected to pack the ballroom, which will easily accommodate 2,000 dance patrons. 'J ft" Eckstine Waxes New Vocadiscs NKW YORK Chalk up another hit for Billy Eckstine. and his famous orchestra, for they have just com pleted an other recording session for Deluxe records. Billy's latest waxings include originals titled "If That's the Way You Feel," "The Real Thing's Happened to Me,'f and I Want to Talk About You." Advices from the i i s c company indicate that the sides will be decided hits. Billy's last date at the wax 1 rrs Billy Eckstine ing house was highly successful, with his recordings of "Good Jelly Blues" and "I Etay In the Mood for You," which have swept the country. Billy and his band are currently doing a series of one - nlghters prior to going into the Downtown theatre in Chicago, beginning Decem ber 8. The band is also lined up for another shot at the Apollo Louis Jordan Makes Own Film Shorts NEW YORK Not satisfied with the type of film work which they were able to secure, Louis Jordan and his manager, Berle Adams, decided to produce their own films. So they hired a director, a studio, and all the other items essential to J picture production, and made their first picture. The flicker Include Jordan and his Tympany Five combination, Richard Huey, currently In "Bloomer Girl" on Broadway, and 8am Theard, comedian. It's a two - reeler, and was completed In one day's shooting. If the Idea proves profitable, a series of musical shorts featuring the aggregation and acts selected by the partners, will follow. PHONOGRAPH RECORDS FOR SALE Special Gift Package of 10 Assorted Coin Machine Used Records. $3 00. We ship C.O.D. SEND FOR OUR MAILING LIST OF NEW RECORDS OKDKR 1CARLY FOR CHRISTMAS Bunts 'Groovie' Record Shoppe iTbe House tnst lire oulit) 6017 Hastings Street Detroit 11. Mich. (SIMHD93 M V Ad theatre In New York and the Regal theatre in Chicago. It'a touch and go with the fellow with the beautiful voice. 1 1 IGD mh.'i'.TiV C3D CnEDCGQIEEf acid 11 mmim i iDiinon SBilrM eHfllB iEAUTIFUBSteSi HILDA SIMMS, and an all Negro cast, now playing Anna Lucasta, "is the first worthwhile drama of the season to hit New York's Broadway," say critics. Miss Simms is justly proud of her glamorous hair, which blends so perfectly with her captivating personality. IT GIUES YOUR HAIR bbs1SbssWbbsbsBbbbb 9 Tke srestart (tir ef le strata I M - G - M's "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" is as timely and thrilling as today's headlines! Here is the stirring Mory of our first air strike at the heart of Japanand of tha love and courage that made it possible! Here is history's most daring raid! And here is the screen's most dramatic entertainment! Spencer Tracy turns in his most commanding performance as Lieutenant Colonel "Jimmy" Doolittle; handsome Van Johnson (did you read Lift?) adds to his laurels as Law'son; Robert ("Hargrove") Walker is the dead - eye gunner of their B - 25 bomber, "The Ruptured Duck". It - And lovely Phyllis Thaxter (a new dream) plays Ellen, Lawson's bride, warming the picture with a tenderness that's hard to forget! "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" is the deeply moving dramatization of Captain Ted Lawson's true account of the epochal bombing of Tokyo by those gallant fliers who took off from Shangri - La! It's smashing all records at New" York's Capitol Theatre. And it's making the critics rave: ". . . Inspiring . . . human, exciting ... a magnificent job." N. Y. Daily News; ". . .Thrilling, gripping, suspenseful." N. Y. Mirror: "Tremendously stirring . . . charming love story." N. Y. Journal - American. M - G - M's 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" so magnificently captures the romance, the adventure, the drama of America's heroes of the sky, we guarantee you'll never see a greater picture! - J?e P.S. Keep 'era flying! Buy an extra War Bond! bbsssssssTbbsssssssssssssbbbMbbbVbbbsb BBaVSaBesKB ana - t I - i. i i 'I'M A mA Alsn, WW1 I ;M i!5!i!s ra i - ' mmW" . iX'l,Tr5 a SB SNOW WHITE HAIR BEAUTIFIER helps overcome harsh, stringy hair that mar your natural beauty and loveliness. This four - way hair beautifier helps remove dandruff scales temporarily straightens hair that is too curly removes that harsh, brittle feeling of neglected hair. Brush your hair "Satin Smooth'1 with SNOW WHITE HAIR BEAUTIFIER and get that professional "hair - dressed" appearance so highly desired by ladies and gentlemen. Sold at all Drug Stores and Beauty Parlors. Snow White Products Co.r Lynchburg, Va. rW - lr - 1 - n TTr jiT? 1 p - l.l I, U r MM W. UUU ST.. CHICAGO, tEJUOfUiM cusnans n !' I V ! J! i ! ! i h I : : j: t tap., ( ' If - i I It 1 '4 ....... s, - U I

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