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Dayton Daily Newsi
Dayton, Ohio
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1948 THK DAY TON DAILY NEWS SOCIETY SECTION 10 Beaux Arts Costume and Iived You." "Surrey With The Knnge On Top," "Necessity," Of and five people win rigaret stuff. Then you jro home. 7 7 119 Are Classified WILMINGTON, Oct. 9. Out hundred and nineteen single Clinton countv men were classified by tha a at Jm fenbach's "Barcarole," "Tico Tico," Song'' and others.

1 e- mi wuMinipwjwpwwrygwmwiiWM i 'V' 'J SI 4:00 WLW The "Quiz Kids" 12:00 WO-KM "Invitation play host to John Mackenzie Cory, to learning" discusses the per- executive secretary of the Ameri-sonality and works of George can Library association. Back in Clinton county selective service board this week. Twenty-one men were placed in 1A and five of these will leave Oct. 19 for their physical examinations, Mrs. J.

Henry No-wold, clerk, said. Bernard Shaw. the classroom are Melvin Miles, 5, WHIO-FM Senator-elect Rinnie Templeton, 13, Pat Conlon, haae Smith of Maine 1 1, Joel Kupperman. 12, and Lonny Ball Set For Oct. 29 RICHMOND, Oct.

9. Leaders in Indiana and Ohio art circles are looking forward to the annual Beaux Arts costume ball of the Richmond Art club. It will be held Friday evening, Oct. 1'J, in the ballroom of the Leland hotel. The club is cooperating in staging the ball with the Earlham college art group.

The committee in charge of the affair is composed Mrs. John Dailey, chairman; Mrs. Edward Xusbaum, Mrs. Ray Miller, Mrs. Harvey Thierrien, Miss Elizabeth Kolp, Mrs.

Darl Slosser, Dr. Frank Coble, Miss Kathleen Anderson and Mrs. Leon Kellner. Frieda B. Hen- Lunde, 12.

t2 Margaiet CI nock, first "Ji to the Fed Bi i commission, Commissioner commission, oman to be appointed i-ao WHIO Henrv Morgan Tiining Is Important On "Stop The Music' Program BY MARHARKT SAMiKR Jimiy Stntl Wnlfr We've done it and we're Klad' Yes, e'e seen "Stop the Music" deral Communications Hnfj rapt. R. Ferris, the Air m. Film F.arns Dollars DUBLIN The first Irish film to earn dollars for Eire in international trade is "My Hands are Clay," recently shown for the first time in Dublin. It has been sold on "distribution terms" to an independent film company in the lliited States.

speak in connection Fnr(1) pi)ot wno has made more with the opening of National Busi- fights over the North pole than ness Women's week. 0fr poar pjlot. put together, 2:00 WHIO Mishel I' i a ar of "Your Air Force Re- leads the male chorus and the evfn MW ft, (before Allen's bond) and still it wasn't ea You see. onre you pet the tickets and that's nothing to sneeze at ulonk. at them and see that the show will he in a small theater on W.

4th ft. and lhat the doors will close at p. m. Just to be on the safe fide, you To Mark Anniversary NEW CARLISLE, Oct. Marianna Black of R.

R. 3 will hold open house Sundav. Oct. 17, alwavD train They get there at 7. do annul turn uUew0i other people, all milling around as .,,,1 00 only people i-iiTi, njrnt in jmm can, Tignt in imm oi the theater.

porter lex Mct.rary on "Skyway to the Stars." Singer' Kay Armen warbles "This Is The Moment," "It's Magic" and "The Money Song." Raymond I'aige's orchestra and choir offer "Inside U. S. a "I'orgy and Bess" medley, "Frenesi" and an "on-the-beam" medley. 5:30 WLW Baritone rt Merrill sings "Rosalie," "Without a Song," Romberg's, "Serenade" from "The Student Trince" and "In The Gloaming." 5:30 VI.G David Harding, "Counterspy," has a trip in store for him. He goes abroad to investigate political corruption and black market dealings in American overseas gift packages in "The Kvery once in a while, happy-looking Symphonette in a musical pilgrimage to play "Beautiful Ohio," "Carolina Moon," "Missouri Waltz" and "Springtime In The Rockies." Other ofefrings include "Stouthearted Men," "Kiss Me Again," "So Long Mary," "Tambourin Chinois" and "La Cumparsita." 3:00 C4JS NKT Ilimitri Mi-tropoulos, conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony, opens the broadcast of the New York Philharmonic-Symphony in a program of works by Richard Strauss and Berlioz.

Deems Taylor is commentator. The program includes Brahms' Symphony No. 1 in Minor, "Don Juan" by Richard Strauss, and "Minuet of the Will o' fi, At a man appears and going to introduce F'lmc'w i imi-M tells von he ick narm vm. I from 2 to fi p. in honor of the wedding anniversary of her 1 parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Herbert i Black. MARY MARTIN of stage Hiol M-rcen turns to radio to in in the Air'' for "Theater (IiiiM on the An." ler "i stars are IVIit Law I'unl ami 'onle. In tlie adaiitiition of the Kcrn- an'! whiiix to i the produter, Mark Woodson have sn extra ticket 7" BILLY ROSE, the energetic columnist, producer, night club operator, landlord, author and radio story teller, guests on the Fred Allen show lonitrht (VYIAV, in.) Fred, who von a reputation as "The World's AYorst in his vaudeville days, has invited Hilly to find out how he manages to juggle all these activities, ties. mum tave Haenschen are on hand mm 1 1 tn 1 1) steir -TONIGHT musical, she 'old Kvery Little Smijf is You" lie pi HJ.M il 111 ill ami VL(i oi 1 1 A few minutes after eien one rf the door opens and everybody's pushing like mad.

You don't muke much progress, since three or four tail ushers emerge and teil everybody to form a line. You find out the hard way that New Yorkers simply don't form lines. They just push some more. You don't think you'll ever make It, but you finally get inside and get vnurself a good seat, down- A HI.OM) MM SC. comes out, hows happily and tells you that this is definitely the best -looking audience he's ever seen.

Kvery-body applauds of course, and he says "don't bother applauding, just throw money." At 7:41) lie gets down to busi i ness. lie introduces the man who: introduced him; and be turns oiil to be announcer I (on Hancock. Then (loodson tells you all about the Wisp and Kakoczy March 1 1 1 L' I I Star, I'lii (libers. 'I lie a i rc( iver at li. in.

fl Case of the Duped Diplomat." from Berlioz' "Damnation usual. :30 WING a Martin, Peter Lawford and John Conte star in "Music in the Air," presented by the Theater Guild. It's a radio adaptation of the Jerome Kern- Oscar Hammerstein musical. 10:00 WHIO Lum decides to take up mind-reading, and it makes good listening on Columbia's "Lum and Abner" show. fiilMI WWO Film star Robert 3:30 WWO Guy Lorn a Taylor plays the leading role in gives forth with stuff like "If I "The Long Way Home," the story Complete Radio Programs SUNDAY A.

WHIP NEWS 12 WIIIO (C) 1290 WLW (N) 700 WING (A) 1110 of a man haunted by his mysterious past. 6:30 WHIO Romantic tunes from shows of yestervear set the keynote for "The Pause That Refreshes." Jane Froman sings "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," vou've got to get the timing right. So you practice that, with the help of the producer and two announcers who tell you that you're doing pretty well. i By now it's and still there are no studio contestants. You start worrying again, but Goodson beats you to it, "Now let's see," he says.

"How stairs, near stage left. Its i the importance or applauding, lie now and people are still rushing in. asks you to applaud whuri he goes Some wander into the control booth like this (he ries his hands and get shooed out again. Other and to stop applauding when he scramble for your seat. People goes like this (he turns his hands wander around the stage and turn palms down).

Then you practice on a light her and a fan there that a couple of tunes. Then the "privileged ones" start Next he tells you that applause tf.Amir.ty in A It 1 do ha ve i 0 ftf tk uhiallihtf lut f-beerintr and Falling in Love with Love (Ml Xilcnt Silf-nt Love. I'ercv Faith and his or Silent ftiltnt Hilent ailfnt Ncwi; Musle Muflle for Hundir Mimic for Sunday Music for Biindny chestra present "The Way You Look Tonight," "Who" and others. Burnt 45 Kilcnt (hi Hiltnl :1.1 Kilfnt 81irit Siifni HunriM Brrnad Hunrllfl Krennd Rack to tha Bibl M. V.

Quartet Hunriay Pr'lkfllt Mailhug (loft Mailbx Club carnations in their lapels, the variety Is against his policy, but of hav" women are dreed like mad, and course if you do that sort of 'very body knows; the ushers show them to the roped-! there isn't anything he can what's up, so it turns out. and off M-ction smack in front of the about it. "See what I mean!" jM lull per cent have unusual jobs, s-age. So you try that a couple Coodson Wks at all the raised It's it's 7:30. You get timed." nd Mv Th.

Ur, to get, up for a minute, and you -the Belmont Com. Church Helmont. Com. Churtb Otien BIMa Hour Open Bible Hour Nwi; lnar Krorn Ground Up Roadatrla Church Roadaida Church a (in Routhurn Ton .1.1 firm Brinrii Church Retlml Ttmpl Afi Bftlnl Trnil in the red coat. Let's late.

And von know they've Gold. The audience has to veil ifyuiK lly run got to introduce people and train a few times during the show, Chrlatlan Science Know Your rnbla Sunday Hclionl flunday School III 'Jm-mZFX Fh-m Front arm Kront NBC Symphony NBC Symphony fl 00 Hairy Ntwi :1 You and Your Neuro Hour :4." NfKro Hour nave trial soldier, aim me man with the hat, and the lady in the i first row. in urn fl'TIME 7:30 P. M. NOW ON SUNDAYS Hi STATION WHIO Sponsored by Rino, Anothw Fln Product of Lever Brother Company RHRFRT PHILCO Propheay Hpeaka Propheay Speaks Klrat 'Church of Cod Kirat Church of Ood NBC Symphony BO Symphony Clrcla Arrow circle Arrow "And you.

No, not you. I mean in Nmro Hour Negro Hour 1 ather Brady Bv now he lias a dozen or so m. lon Taylor TAYL0R li I I 6:30 WLW Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard start a budget fight. Wonder who wins? 6:30 WING "The Greatest Story Ever Told" presents its dramatic version of "Greater Love Hath No Man." 7:00 WHIO Gene Autry sinps "When You're Smiling," "South of the Border," "Have I Told You Lately" and "A Tree in the Meadow" from New York. 7:00 WLW The Ronald Col-man's make their LIth guest ap-; pea ranee with Jack Benny.

7:30 WHIO Amos Andy 1 are hack. That's all we'll tell. 8:00 WLW Don Ameche and Marsha Hunt have boon signed to play Mr. and Mrs. Bickersnn as aj regular feature of the Charlie Mc- Carthy show.

8:30 WLW Billy Rose, the man who wrote radio's first singing jingles, guests with Fred Allen. Incidentally, it's safe to people standing up and he talks to each one for a minute. "What's Krlendly Church Friendly Cniirch chiropractor Wright Family Kternal ight Kternal I.Utht Turner Brother Rolltalr Time WHIO 1 il rirace Methodiat Church :15 c.raca Methodiat 'hurch riraca Meitiodiat Church New; I'hll Brllo II IT 1 95 sTC isr 1 m. unusual about your job?" he asks, or hat do you do?" 1 199 SUNDAY P. M.

WIIIO NKWS 12; 11; 12 low Down Poymanf $3 Per Week See tha largejt Di ploy of Televiiion thii lid of Chicago, at Doyton'i "Original Televiiion 1 il' 1' 1131 aL ilJ Jr Lit -7 fceaw- iaul listen. You know Allen's listeners are bonded, in case they miss a prize on any other show. 9:00 WIIIO a ij Rathhone III" CHOOSKS TWO or three people and tells them to come down; to the first row. Then he asks "who has nn unusual hobby "which of yuu ladies are hunting; for a husband?" and so on. Among the contestants he picks is a girl, who is looking for a hus- baud because her sister stole her! boy friend, a soldier who is a weatherman anil a fellow who says lie's a housewife because his wife is going to school.

There are 12 or in all. By now it's and Goodson tells everybody to be sine and keep quiet about thp mystery tone, even if you think you know what it Kay Armen and Dick Brown, the! singers, come on slage, bow and sit down. Then tomes Harry the conductor. By now the orchestra members. SunqavS Best Ustzmng! 3IKIM IIAMIISK MAIM 43 thru SI X.nlo, 1 iq.

off Woynt Itmnltm't Oidft and l.nrrtl ItraUr 'The TO0 plays "The Amazing Dr. Clitter-houser," the title role in the psychological thriller. He is one of the guest stars in a new series until Helen Hayes returns from London. 9:13 WING Ava Gardner and Dick Haymes are the guests of Louella Parsons. 9 :30 WLW "The American Album of Familiar Music" starts its 18th consecutive year on the air.

Donald Dame, Margaret Damn, Jean Dickerson, 1 Mac-Gregor, Bertram! Hirsch and Gus- TONIGHT I IIP (C) 1290 WLW (N) 700 WING (A) 1110 17. no Newi World Front Newi Bible Aniwera World Front Mikeaell Slngera Slate Hospital Boh achieve Meet the Band :45 Hinging Hiring ewi World Serlea 1 00 Songa of Our Time Cadla Tabernacle World Seriea 1 Hong nf Our Tima Cadla Tabernatla World Senea Htar Tim Svmphonetta World Herlea Miriam Itoaenthal Bvmphonetn World Senea iki Keatlval or Song Take a Number World Seriea Kealival of Song Take NumheiT World Serlea Muaical Stairway Community cheat orld Seriea Muaical Stairway Community Cheat World Serlea 1 (Id Wayn King Show America Cnlled World Serlea .1 Wayne King Show America I'nlted World Serif (luy Lombardo One Man'e family World Serlea 4 (luy I.ombardo One Man Family World Serlea A (III eieaaui rarad Quiz Kid Blng Crosby 1'leneilre farad tjiili Kid Flower for Madame Skyway to Sian Nick Crter Cavalcade of CIhkIc Hkywny In Hlara Nlclr Carter Cavalcade of Classic (Ml Personality Preview ited Feather Halule Manhattan Mood Music Hall or tarn Red Feather Salute Manhattan Mood Union Blackla Robert Merrill Counterspy H. Boslon Blackla Holiert Merrill Counterspy (Ml Family Hour Roy Boners Ditv Peraon :l.t Family Hour Roy Roer Monday Headline Kefre.shlng Pauaa n7ie and Harriet Create! Story Herreahlng Pauaa and Harriet c.reatest Story 00 Cena Autry Benny Sammy Kaye Cena Antry Jack Benny Sammy Kaye 1 Amoa and Anrly Phil Harrla and A. Fay Yesterday Today tr Ami and Andy Phil Harris and A. Fava Yesterday Today no Sam Spada Charlie McCarthy stop the Music, Sam Spade Charlie McCarlhy Stop the Muaio Cahln 11 Fred Allen Slop the Music Alt Cahln Fred Allen Hlop the Music.

a nil Helen tlayea Mrry-Oo-Rotind Waller Wlnchetl :I.S Helen Haves Merry. On Round Parson Mil Our Mis Brook American Album Theater Culld Our Mia Brooks Amerlon Album Theater Culld I ft no urn 'n' Ahner Taka It or Leave It Theater Culld .1. 'n' Ahner Taka It or It Theater Culld Slnke It Rich Hnrar Held! Lou Techudl Strike It Rich Horaca Heldt Jimmy Fldler New Wlter Wlnchell New Oiiest Sisr I.otiell rarion Vera Massey Freedom Train Tiav Carroway ranra Orcheatr Freedom Train Iiave Carroway rtanca Orchestra 17 New: Sign Off New: Moon Rlvr News: Eign Off IS. Silent Moon River Silent I silent Platter Tim Silent US silent Platter Tim Silent are in their places, the announcers are holding their scripts, the singers are looking through some papets and the producer's in the MARY MARTIN PETER LAWFORD JOHN CONTE JIGGERS THE COPS IP id ip ia in a ip ui in 113 a in 111 r.i iu in fk emit rol booth. Finally, with about two minut(j to go, you meet emcee, Bert I'arks, I He bows, you applaud, be tells you a joke and makes some funny 'faces.

Finally he sits down at his desk with a light bulb, a huge book and a mike in front of him, and a pretty girl next to him.j He gulps a drink of water, tells I you it's 120 second till air time, gets i US in the spine-chilling mystery "THE AMAZING DR. CLITTERIIOUSE" I TWHIH THEY CALL 1 fs mxmmgsm 1-1 ImmsKesJI 60SH OFFICEOTW THANKS FOB JUST BECAUSE OF MY PUTTING ME HEP. I DIDN'T KNOW PIMPLtS. I START a am it UlFCDTHl SWIN6IN6 'Hi N. 9i00m.

I mm "Tfr 1 a -w a rase of the jitters, it's 15 seconds till air time, 11) seconds, 5, 4, li, shhhh. GOODSON in his booth, telephone receiver held to his ear, stands ready and -points. Boom goes the music The show's on. What's the show itself like? There's some man there who does nothing but watch the producer. A tuneful mwnrel prentd for your anioymant in a full-hotir radio varaion Don't mlta it I Theatre Guild on the Air WING (iraiaMifoat fey UNITED STATES STEEL Sunday October 10 11 i i I JTJ I ensther gral dramatic radio program printd by WHIO-FM Channel 25699.1 Megacycle! II I DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY When producer Goodson points niiisoat KLEEREX makes pimples DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY Amacing Kleere cover up ugly pimples, blackheads, as it dries them-of" en overnikhtt Soothe soreness; relieve itching.

Daubbyour money back if it fat. AQf Ask (or KLEEREX at all druggiata. 171 lnrnll him. he rings the hell which stops ii mi -imitmion mmmm aca 1 11 1 l'( Our onimunlly of Nations lit rr TjsbX mmmwrn tSMmxseraewtff Ml flillft New VorU rhlltiarmonle New and Npnrts Review Hour of St. Francis TUMI News a Kymehonette than Treasury (Utest Sine 1 Sammy kaya Oil News Musical fnmedy (ieni leveland Rrnwn va.

Brooklyn sin off the music. That all be dues. Kay Armen and Dick Brown look diisgusted when the phone bell in-: lerrnpt them. Dick keeps right on singing, silently, as he tears up his song sheet. Both make bets I (III Har.h I F.lmn Roirr I .10 1 rlril llrnnitrk and Sen.

Smith I (111 llrram Time Inn Are There Sunday Sierenade Ralnhnw Khithm Skissr In lha Mlara 1 with one another annul wnicn songs A. M. WIIIO NEWS 7.30; 9, 10 they'll finish. The light bulb in front of Bert Parks flashes on when the producer WIIIO (C) 1290 WLW (N) 700 WING (A) 1410 President Truman Speaks Monday! 5 (HI Silent Silent Silent Tommy and Wert Platter Tlma Top of tha Morning Top of tn Morning Top of tha Morning Silent Silent Silent Sign On: New 1 wants to attract his Sometimes I'arks just looks at him: and nods. Sometimes be picks up! the receiver to hear what Goodson' has to say.

I The producer is the one who' seems to channel the phone He picks tip his phone first, then on Sunns on Frm Bud Baldwin Hun Baldwin Hud Baldwin News; Jone Top of th Morning Hymntlme Everybody Choretlma Mirl westerner Mldweaterner New; Alrm Clock Alarm Clock; New Alarm Clock Club Weal her; Mutr News; Alarm Clock Alarm uui Cum News; Chamberlain Oidl Tabernacl New; HsrKsis Chuck Acrea tin New. Bud Baldwin Bud Baldwin New. Bud Baldwin Bud Baldwin, Madeltn (points at the man who rings the 5:00 P. M. WHIO-FM (fl Nw.

F. Brnphy I Tummy Uunkeiuetger Hello for liough (1 Wulck Tempo Rebroadcatt of hell. Then I'arks picks up his phone, 1 Every time the phone rings, atij uxher rushes to Parks and delivers him a piece of paper. You suspect it contains the caller's name and! address because the emcee refers! to it, New Wntbr Martin Agrnnsky Tllotst Road Reporter; New Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Trallhlaxer New. Chamberlain Morning Maline President Trumen President Trtlmsn Morning Mtlne F.dltor a Daughter Heart In Harmony a no Freddy Martin IS Newa; Fi and Wl .10 Fa and Wa AS Pianoland 11:30 P.

M. on WHIO 1 iki Man Not Door .1 Madeline nd Henry Arthur Codfrey :4 Arthur Cmlfrey Fred aring Fred Waring Road of Tha Brighter Pay My Trtia glory My Trua Story: New Heart In Hrmony Wandering With Wymr li. LA. 1 11 Nora Drake Wa Lova and Usrn Jack Berch lora Law ton Kay Kyser Ky Kyser Ted Melon Wht Make Ton Tick .00 Arthur Oodfrey lift Arthur (lortfrey (Hand Slsm AS HiMemary The pretty brunette next to Parks turns the pages of the book for him, shows him where to read next, gets phone calls from the producer, which she relays to I'arks and holds all sorts of cards and lists for him. PAH h.

Jl MPS up and down, MONDAY P. M. WIIIO NKWS 12, 4:23 WIIIO (C) 1290 WLW (N) 700 WING (A) 1410 TT Brophy does a dance step, drinks water, 1ft Auni Jenny fifty Club rtfty Club New. Market F.varyhoriy Farm NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC-SYMPHONY Sunday Concerts from Carnegie Hall 3:00 P. M. oil nis coat, Ilirts wttn thej audience, puts on his coat, and) Wendy Warren Market; Music I .00 News, Don Wavn Cornell Shop F.rm lit l.lnda Lova Guiding Light Rig iisier gives away prizes whether or not you know the answer. A second announcer stands near the bell-ringer hen be yells "Stop Ms ion When Youni lr. Hemember the Music, runs to the center nuke Newa Man on tha Strt Series Salute World Serlee World Series World Serte W'orld Serlea World Seriea Worid Serle World Seriee World Serle W'nrid Series World Serlee World Serte Sunny side t'p Sunny Side Vp Sunset end Vtn Tellotest You Hive lit Nw. Cornelia 2 no Second Mrs. (urtoa IS Parry Ms son Nora Drake ICveiyw Winter rtoubl or Nothing pouhl or Nothing Today Children Light of toe World for commercial with Hancock, Amtrico'i eldctt erchtitro now In its 107th year changes the sponsor signs nn staRe You'll find them world's most hot been conducted by many of the 3 00 Th Street Mao ,11 llnliu left every IS minutes and manages Life Can Be Beautiful Ma Parkin Pepper toung Right to Happiness 30 House Party Include: Iruno famous mutlciont.

This leoson they New to evade all sort! of cords and plugs on the floor. Members nf the orchestra clown :4 Houa Partyi everv Sundav Walter, Dimitri Mitropoulei, Charles Munch, Leopold Stokowtki and Walter Hendli. around when they have nothing to on Hint Hunt tr Hint Hunt Newa Stuslnesa Bureau Oueat rarfnrmanco pckalae Wlf tail llls tn-enao Jone Young Widdei Browa -atif 5W on station WHO WHIO-FM Channel 256 9tf.l Megacyrlei eunry Time do. A girl in a bright red dress comes in to read two cornmerciab and leaves again. Producer Goodson starts giving the "wind up" gign and everything starts moving faster.

Then hi looks at the clock and gives th "stretch" sign. Everybody ilnwt down. And then it's 9 p. m. ant' you're? nff the air, the audienr.

itirks around for a pme-drawln. WHHO-PB8 or IM Sporti 99.1 inc. or Channel 256 HONnAY oral artel lea 4 easrteey RiHind Table ixra ul Ik 4rgo 4 la Haoailaa 11 tie 4 onnell Matin) Musical I IMem Agar 'rt New Agar Partg I President Trumaa 4A I nele IVk ao Dinner Musi IIV New to and of Ik tn i IA IHnner Mnel 1 me usie Rail tha Air a Cnamlnad larlanaK Barn ID off 7:30 P. M. DIAL 1290 CBS NETWORK 1.

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