The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 6
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PACE route BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE, COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Tho Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sau Autonlo, Ban Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis> Published Every Afternoon Except Bunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at BlythevUIe, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October S, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In the city of BlythcvUle, I5c per week or 46.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 mllca, *3M per year, $1.60 for 6lx monttis, B5c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones men and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The "Clinging Vines," Stand Alone The belief that women arc ncco.-isiir- ily weaker Uvan men is huinn effectively blasted by'the athletic activities of the modern miss. It seems not unrea- sjonable to predict that the time will conic when women will meet .men on an cjqiial basis,'nail stand a good chance qf winning. ! When that limn arrives the ideal of equality which women have demanded during the past two decades will become reality. The last barrier will be removed This spring two lusty young women have been signed by professional baseball team's.: The skeptic says it was for publicity. Be that as. it may, it is admittedly true that there are some surprisingly good women ball players. They have shown exceptional ability in: other sports, such as tennis, golf and swimming for years. . This tendency suggests interesting possibilities. Will we hear over our radios: "Susie Jones .socked the apple uvflr the fence—it's a homer!" or "Buxom Betty Brown crashed through lef (.-.tackle for eight yards," or "Kid Katherine floored the JMauler with a left hook to the jaw"? Such thoughts cause us to smile now. But remember—30 years ago we should have laughed if somebody had suggcst- . ed women would beat men in golf and tennis' "anrT'swimming There aren't any clinging vines any more. Serving Gn Juries News that M. J. Van Sweringen, famous Cleveland railroad magnate, has been called to .serve as a juror in his home city and has expressed his willingness to serve emphasizes once more tlie fact that jury service is a duty which the country's leading citizens usually manage to evade. If we were as civic-minded and conscientious as we should be, there would be no news in the mere fact that a rich business man was about to serve as juror; the man would get his name in the papers only if- he tried to get. out of serving. As it is. however, prominent men appear on juries so seldom that it OUT OUR WAY is front-page news when one of them agrees to perform such duty. Thus, in every city in the land, judges are now and again moved to lament (he caliber of the talesmen drawn by (juric.i; and we gel, occasionally, verdicts that are strange and incomprehensible. Sounds Very Much Like Politics to Me Senator Caraway spoke before the coHon trades association of Arkansas ami LtUIc Hock the other day and In the course of his tnlk he predicted some ralher, dire things for the Federal I'orm Board. Among things he declared the present act was not what the fanners wanted and nil but predicted lhat the Farm Board has failed and the present Afiricultural Marketing Act would be repealed In His next Congress. Th; snniD day Chairman riafkob of the National Democratic Committee was Idling loose long walls about the Federal Farm FHiard and what it hud failed to do and what should l» done nbolil It. Now we do not ivani to challenge Hie Integrity on sincerity ot S?nulor Caraway but we believe (hat In miking here In LUllc Rock to the old line cotton men he was a little "politician conscious". lie wanted to say the thins that would please them and lambasting tlic limn bonrd or shouting Its destruction Is sweet music lo the cnrs of the old line cotton traders. We hope that the Agricultural Marketing Act will not be made- a. political football In the nqxt election. We hope thai Senator Caraway will not uso (hut to re-elect himself next year when he runs for the Senate. The Federal Fain; Board of course was a compromise measure. Almost every measure passed In Congress is. It has not lived up to the hojics and some of the promises of many of the politicians'bill It Ins hud a sincere bunch of able men trying to do everything In their power and that of the Federal Government to help agriculture. Whether we want to admit 11 or not the Farm Board 1ms tieli>od the farmer in cushioning the shock of fulling commodity markets. There Is no question but what without the nld of the Farm Hoard wheat would have sold this last fall for forty cjnts a bushel and cotton for six cents per pound. There is a lot of noise nbuut the money that has l>ccn -spent, Is that any more than the railroads got after the war; Is it any more than the merchant marine Is getting now? Certainly not, and no group of men or law ever drawn by mortal man could have slopi«d the decline in cotton and wheat and olher prices during the past two years simply because the folks who buy these things have not had the money with which lo buy. We fear that Senator Caraway vrnsj after the car of the old line cotton men rather than the farmers. —Stanley Andrews in Arkansas Gazette. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Jim wanted to buy a. l would mean a smaller anmliniml." diamond, bill I was afraid it WASHINGTON LETTER BY KODNEY DUTCllIill NEA Srvhc Writer WASHINGTON. — The extreme Importance of carrying New York In the next presidential election, Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt's relations with Tammany and tho question whether Roosevelt could tc nominated nnd ejected in the face of Tammany oposition are becoming pclilcal topics of In- evy would have the nlost him tb j presidency except lor a curious combination of factors and ev ens. Governor ot New York, a Roosevelt is. he faced a hostil Tammany nnd made no allemp to conciliate it. Tammany dele sales were forced to have tliei ballots cast for him. however, un der the unit rule — somcthin which now .sr?nis unlikely to b creasing importance even though' repealed in 193.'. i he Republican and Democratic' Tour Important Vaclors national committees have bieu confining themselves to calling each other's chairman liars Gangsters who think they're lough probably arc only suffering from hardening of the arteries. Cosmo Hamilton. Britten novelist, says the mortem young man is afflicted with tender skin nnd metal freckles. The tin horn sport type? If the Franco-Italian naval discord Is ever patched up, truce would be stranger than fiction. They call him "Legs" Diamond, but the fellow seems to be on his back most of the lime. Now they're calling; (hOM- fellows who want to fly to the mcou rocketeers. As things stand today it appears that Roc«velt shoold he defy Tnmmany. cculil win the Demo- lc nomination despite his por- ly's archaic twc-lhlrds rule and the fact that politicians in some- other northern slates probably would combine with Tnivnnnr.y in an effort lo stop him. If this is true and remains true, the question wfclhrr Rcoscvclt could carry New Ycrk In the election Is then of most vital moment. Wdson Not Withiiut N. V. Cleveland won New York, whic then meant the presidency fo him, by 1141) vok's. Because o Tammany's opposition it Ecem ilkly that ho could not have wo had a single o:ie ol the followin factors been absent: ith the amount of water that! asses out. There Is at the same me n definite reserve of water onstantly In the body. When large mounts of water are taken, the utput Increases, If lor some rea- on the output increases an-J the itake decreases, dehydration rap- dly occurs. Two investigators analyzed water make and output .with a view to alrincing the ledger. They founi hat the water Intake Includes bout 300 grams taken in the form f drinking water, 580 token as •offee, milk or soup, and 120 In he form of water from solid cods. By means of oxidation of pro- eln, fat nnd carbohydrate, an addi- loual 394 grains is supplied, mak- ng a total of 1891 grams of waler ntakc. The output Includes 750 rams by way of the kidneys, 300 y the bowels, and 100 vaporized hrough the skin and by biicathlng. 'his would leave a water balance n the body of H4 crams. Foodslufts vary In the amount of vater that tney contain. Cticum- >er, tomato, or watetmclon will un high In water content, ns much ndefxl as 90 to 95 per cent. There are, of course, conditions n which \ha major part of the vater is not lost by the kidney but hrough the skin. A normal output 1 fluid from the kidney may vary rom a pint to three quarts a rlay. The moment the water supply is educed too greatly unfavorable rc- .ttlons appear. It is of the great- st Importance to realtec that uu- cnsclous patients do not get uough water, and that absence is cllowed by great distress. In such oses a sufficient supply of water s of more Importance than food \nd medicine. A sick person confined to bej vill not ordinarily take enough vater. It lj Important to nave :lulcl constantly at the bedside in .he ordinary caso of illness, parlicu- arly when there Is fever, and I 1 ) ;ce to it that enough fluid is taken to supply the demand. BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT. The Editor's Letter Box 1—The fanmus "lUini, Komnnism: and Rebellion" bcncr pulled by a clergyman cil a icception to his opponent, James G. Elaine. 2—Th? large "mugwump" or independent vote withheld from Bluinc. 3—The hatred of Roscoe Couk- lii'.L', an important ! lender, for lllainc. A Cure for Depression (To the editor:) It would seem that we have the foundation laved Jo! 1 the most glorious epcch in human history. The world was never more beautiful and capable of contributing more of the things necessary lo the welfare, happiness and peace of mankind ttinn now. Nature has never before divu-^cd so many of her secret processes to science and the inventive genius of man as loday. Never before has laboring man responded with such a willingness to feed and cloths and make happy peer grouping and deluded humanity. With what we have nnd know. A politician doesn't seem to realize that the steam he blows off can also be condensed. Republican It has become almost axiomatic] e, — ; \ prohibitionist vote of 25.- aiuoug political experts that n j coo. mast of it normally Rcpub- presidential election can't be won lican. without New York's -15 c!?c'.;rall All these thiuss mem to have votes If the Democrats take 'the [ been worth i:i=re than COO votes atnte in 1932 it will be l!ic first Apiece to Cleveland nnd possibly lime in 40 years, except for 1912. i ^ WC rc others. Mich as Ihe Long when the Republicans split. Wilson island City frauds where votrs was slcc'.cd in 1010 without New ras i, f ur L' 3 n Butler were allegedly York, but only by cnrryinr; such couutc:! for Cleveland. seemingly Republican stales ns Tnmmauy could no block Clcve- alifornia. Colorado, Idnho. Kan- land's nomination in 1888, bin it >i, Nebraska. New Hampshire, • was commonly believed to have otth Dakota and Wyoming. \ encompassed his defeat in the el- Reports from New York are Hint ection by selling him out in ord?r '.inimany ' bout New A rubber statue was unveiled in Ireland recently, pud all the art critics, of course, nail lo make cutting remarks. By Williams I no GOB . 8o"f B\6 3OB — PROM STRA\&riT. FROM A is definitely sour on 'to elect its gubernatorial candi- York City'.'; sraudals. i rlson took the state by 13.COO vot- vcn if he desired. 1-? could hard- • dale-. David !!. Hill. Bciijaniln Har,' conciliate Tammany \viihout i es: a switch of half as many would cnccdiiicj so miich as to ruin him- i have given Cleveland thc state elf with Ihe rest of the ra.mlry. j a:id the election, nominate Hill o he iirobabiy will be forced lo' over Cleveland and was over- el the nalure of the TijT take • whclmiiigly defeated, although New -s course, capitalize T;im:r.any en- ; York's delegation volcd solidly lily for all It is worth anil risk ' against Cleveland. During thc knifing in New Vovk C';ty (e,r a-campaign a merlins between car from next November if he is ; Cleveland and Tammany leaders lOminatcd. j was arranged. Cleveland IScal Hie Tammany, cf cours: 1 . .ccuscd of knifing ne.i.-ly jovcrty and Ignorance could be banished, and drudgery eliminated It's not a question of jobs or going to work as so many would have vou beli3ve. People arc being penalized for hnvlng worked too much already. Warehouses are bursting open with things that people have produced. On one side there are things mountain high that we need, and on the other are mll- FALL OF AN APPLE SUGGESTED THE ' GRAVITATION THEORY TO (CENTON. VOLTAIRE STARTED THE STOW on PL oo C:OT FLY, THE FM?ACRJTE-UKt FUP Cf SKIN CQMEGTW& THE FORE AS!D HIND LW39 EMBUS THEM ONLY TO GLIDE, CHURCH EXCUSES _ ^ — Hy CenrcE W. Barhitn — —. • . Well, 1 want you to know that people are superior lo other; '< I'm feeling five now that I've got | Mother says it's no matter if I d ! ' our Minister to agree to come and i ntfcr r ° r ' 5holW lm ' c ,„.. , ,-...i i n<J vice and married someone In ou : ' talk to Joe and tliow him that he church an( , O u r station in 'life, should come into my Church. Now ! Well, anyway, the Minister' ha', if mother will slay out of it I j promised to come over next v,ecl think we can convince him. for I j ;1 nd Joe has promised to hear htm j know we are right, and when a So I'm expecling lo get every person is right about a should not be hard to convince the other fellow. Our Preacher is a very convincing talker, or ut least thing fixed np and the next Sun i day Joe and I Church and you will come to in: will join. - Thei I .-- us there every Sun i I've heard he is. nnd 1 think he is i day unless sonielhiiis; happens. O'' well up 0:1 Church history and if j course. Spring is here and Joe il' he is he knows as well as Mother j such a fcol about fishing and go ' thai our Church is the right one ing to baseball games. Then tod! that everybody should join ours, i mother may happen in which wil!. Of course, since I brought Joe | be alright if she will keep still am';| into our family with him believing [ not say anything. She doesn'l-lkkM as 1-e dors. I've not gone lo j our Preacher any too well.,' thinks he is not quite grounded in th efaith. to think other Churches Church. I told mother the olher day not to be io impatient with him and give me tune and I would get him lo see that he must try and raise himself to my level. Joe good "people and I'm jus Is perfectly hontost when he ; that it will end in an argumen : tliinta his Church is ?.s good.. as ; and we will be riiiht where some good in them as well as som mine and his family is as good as ; started I can't see the: mine. I can't blame him so much I could not have left things • nlon for he was raised that way. It's • way bnek yonder, then or Churcl! hard lo make him see lhat some;would ho the only one. - . i Marriage By the Book lions of poor and starvip.^ neonle. i :.,i - n To work more would only create! IVlaiTiagC roSSCSSlOll more surplus. What is needed is | Obligtlon, "possession hfliign mar access In the nlrpariv full Ktnrn Tllou Sl1!llt "Ot eo\et till ne[?n-, „.„„„, ,,„ „..„:,,,„, ..... lire in much greater peril from th word rebel than from obey. L-een access lo Ihe already full slore house. N'ow what stands between thfsc two extremes? Speculation and profit. In short, the profit syslcm. Labor has parted with ils interest in thc bounties of life and is now starving. Labor can spend no more than it is paid. It can't give two dollars for n thing that it has only been paid a dollar to make. Thc system must be changed from production for profit with ir.oney as thc gcal to one of production for use where humanity will be the capital upon which dividends must b3 pall. What has brought us to this unworthy end? Ncl "Big Business" or the oppression of trusts nr.d combines, for they too are victims just as we. 'they are hcnvily mortgaged, ir.osl of them «ilh paper pasl due. They are a dependanl class, corninj and ««.T in,.ii>b"!. .going nt thc masters call. Who q.lwlsland-. claoi shrdhi cmfwypb I then Is the maslcr of cerimonics When the latter demanded | that has brought us to this very every ! pledger. Cleveland said he would Jcmccra'.ic presidential car.didale ! danuiod l( he would make any nnd -even Al Smith — and ^ni^nnios, \ premised lo reveal 'their demands : lc;irt, t!:c charfle has lir, |. irue. ; to Ilic country- Boss Croker then ' But ordinarily the party ci-p-nds ': M'llhdrcw tl;j demands nnd wl-.cth- Ycrfc I er or not Tammany worked lor ihc \ Cleveland he cairied the stale by ;:i Tamany to gi-l a \v,v o'.c big enough to r.vru.•:;• isuai Republicans ma}c:ii.'.« s Nearly nil discus=:i-:i* Rcow.clt-Tammany s'.iu.i! bick to thc days win Cleveland defied Tnmnmn go: his party and the ft.- lind him. There air c vic\:s parallels nr.rt ntl-.ri- ferences in Cleveland \ . which mny well be s-V.. Cleveland lan ar.:l v first in I8R-1 a thing? Ths men who arc engaged in the sole pursuit of loaning money collecting interest. Those who manipulate our currency as a cir| cuMtlng medium. II may not nl- up- 45,r,CO. was the I;' : Democrats carried ~- Uays ue their money tlicv lend The fact is they -,H it and col- . . j riage. cannot be avoided, but wis . , , ,. ! people glory in those very limita tve:-y one who loc^eth on a wa- | tlons To thc wisc happ , y brid alrcauy; wl , on S ] 1E goes to her husband all bcr's wife.—Exodus. nan to desire her hath 1 ccmnnttcd adultery in his heart, - otiler mcn bccomo |nei . c c|pherf f Matthew. Tney have no VBllIC or lllran(ug { ,i lor righteous Iivm 5 let every h;- r _absolute!y none of h-r bus!' tian have his own wife and every ne£s • woman he rosvn husband.—Corintii- "Dan ant! Carolyn are among thi, happiest of our 'younger mnrriedsj an? £ve TwM VT^S™ ^A K TV" r-J o, the Book before the children. , ^ ^ «'"o'^V wt« ^ X^L&TUTp.SS i o'lfm^nd It 0 "* 5 "H*"' todav when we consider the teach-< ma V ,Vnr ,^ TV v ^- ™ !S! «Z ZZ»S%£?. ™ <°< S i-^t^X 1 "^^ Arkansas has better things to offer than quick divorce. The editor of all that easy de implic. of light .love. Enfdgins bonds, no real oneness, nothing but aninulism. ! olution. Thcy would not inakr- ,-uca a fuss over th? wr,rd "obey" if thev studied r-iore carefully ttic cblii;?.- ticns laid lawn both husband nyreemEnt in purpose and dc'j^n It is not your way and my wa^ any more. It is ours, our union, ou' ,,. ' ,'™" iag " h , aS ' ° r " ul *" ran "» be sacri- -. no ~, -. . . , - ; ^-K--* 0 husbands ou S h; "jcir own «,vcs as their ow,! He t.iat loves his own \vifr y be- I Some Democrats profess to fee a victims I in'an thc bord "ds:: ss, s ,s»f;: «JH ='r:,sis —i Esrj-s-ysi 7: S "srS= "i %vorld owe more or •st. They thrive en i interest. The only shadow i« they j may have prersed tlic goose too I hard. Th? Democrat and RcpuB- ilican parly is but the right fliv! left ian ar.:l v ... .-. «cd! siutmcnl that year at a Rcpnbli-!?'' 1 *" a %'J lc ^' ^J» m "-":;;-- "--eh-: can high tariff." ! p^y'moVi Int. Person Can Fast Many Days But Musi Have Walcr lo love. UeaiMiiber tl'csf tv,-o so terribly burned in Mo:iin!t;, ab:iii; a year a?o. and thc m:iu v. n.lrl ;,ct b; to'.irhcr. until ho xu.' his wife \va.s care:! for ij: cvn-y d:M]l. A \voman v.*.:o LS sure cf i::r husband's love Ls a fonl to : .]-.y y tl-.r- cleave to his wife, and th; tw- shall be one flesh. This mystery I ;re.T.. but I am -.psaktnj of Chris ind c.f liis people. Nevertheless d ve also, severally, each so love hi own wife even as himself; and le the v.'ite see lhat s;-.e reverence hor husband." •& x^rngtU'' '•;••' j^.ii'^'w'v i i(/',-'> :••-'•• •-• ^WW? ...AA. il 'iV^ •,« "*• >> ' <V '^ 'Oil;.' ,;''-:;'•:.. "'\ l\\ 1>1 Kdilol, Jrurml HyRcia, Ihi* He-.?!; A pcrbn;i c,\.l ..:' for many days. li\;. •..crve in his bniy. '0:15 witl-r.ut v/.-acr is iccond o;il> to rx piratlcn. As an c;:e:ii : ..i! -'. man econcr.iy \u.:'. versa! solicnt. A.- ;> '!:c Ww.l. it mi i si.iiicer- to lli^ <v! . jwaslc picductr- <v\: , < I l^lli'.] IX inatlrn throu-:!) Ihe kidney ani thc I':- Ai :!ran bowels. '-•'•- -.:-..' (it Ncr.i- vii V.-. i i:ir ! tha'. (,ik ' ' . fcoa j tske p!r. r:- u.M:r :- I.-.-:' .".me- of cur slalcsmcn peering' atout with torch lifted high look- in' for somethinc in the woodpile !:.nd iirottiiding nil the lime r.ol to chemical c:inr.^r.>i in-, it. H is ncl a question of solv- ^^^^ ^ in the rcils r.-.u!d iin^ thr problem. That was done I ;i.t tt.iter. WI-.-:i: n-.orc than a ger.cralion nRO and j in land lo thr her she'd tctt.'r e:nil th? W !-n:.i buyiicsi. Ahral'.am love;! v.-i;'.i lhat self-saei'ir.cin" love and s'> x-J Jacob love Harhrl ar-:i s?.:,'.':: Ay ;:<-.; show i:p 53 v>;.;. Wosiui; into Mi" boiiy liv ;he' iciuced to an c:;>ict science, and ; po ninntj. ic p.i;.-ei through the slr:n-jilic informatiou is caslly'acce."aWc at-.;l ;; .<b. ..rbrd lnr»riy in ;ho to ;\li who want it. It Is naw a j Lincoln i:u'ivicu:ii? Will lh;y .•.-.. h if .ice I! iqii:;tlon of apply hit: the remedy. in tin- United States alxiUshen sla\civ? v 1 :; tin 1 brciy by way of ;|-.r krl- 1 Will congress do it? Will congress ' r.cys priii-.,i.-i:y. iiul ;iHa I Inv.iul-. : tow tliefc debts that are ousliins hu- i Ihe ln:i--.v tl.e skin and t!:p lxiu.-:s. ! humanity. Hits syslcm of rent. In.. . .. sit tsnily r.ot. Ho we'uly by. an1 tr! that erniiit force. "Economic Dtter- luiuism" develop future events with is r.n' impcriaiit m tl-.r ; and profit, this ;! cC| niUrit:i>:i of th" budy. pxcep: as ;; ! to pay mortgage paper out intoj .sunshine, and shower mi = •.!!>' resKor.!.- l!-r hi'iidlhiE nf oilier s'ib- t!-.i> sea. and sink it righ! whe:e'.bud l;ito ths full blov.n iv, ay i iinnrrf. Th" amount o! v. .T.ii-ithc water is the deepest? Wi'.U Jna. R. Webster. promise, the same iriieiicss of puriwie lhal the i Hint- [ lakt n :n is fairly well balaiccd they scale down private ownership; BlyihcviUe, Ark. OIHAX KAISKS Tt'RKEXS LONDON'. O. (Ul'l—Turkcus, : cro«s bred of fowl propagated frci Hhode Island chickens and lurkev are raised by I. W. Dinsmorc. farmer living near here. The tii: kens have an unusual apnoaraure- bare necks like turkeys and siiijhl ly larger ; chickens. The me' is faid lo be more desirable th. Hint of turkeys or chickens. f.'OI.I.oio CIlKMtSTS TO . M it COLUMBUS, O.. (UP)—t.'i.V chemists of the Unucd Stales xvSl n-.tct at Ohio Stale Unlvers,-.!) June 11 tn 13, for the. ninth col chemistry symposium o! Hi Airorlcan Chemical Socl'Js', ;

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