The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1929 · Page 10
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 23, 1929
Page 10
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u u .. i ' PAG2 TCriFIECOff ; THE.: PITTSBURGH COURIER 5ATURPAY, RT1 Q.nn rv r"3 MARCH Ji n 7 VUI u - n w on L - uLJ'LULl: 1 a Li wii lyJlljJliM - V ; 1 ! i - 3r 'Ml: It liliOil SifiiEii iifiiii Slaying flf t Claude Green ; Opens Gap In Sealed ! 'Love Mysteries Of Drew ail . ,. : CHICAGO, Mar. 21. (A. N; P.)A coroner's inquest into the murder Thursday night of Claude Green, president of the ; Chicago f Boosters Civic Club and former supreme business manager of the Moorish Science Temple, brought to light the highly - charged love affairs of the leader of the cult, known as the Prophes Draw AIL , o - i The names of three women were linked In a more than ordinary way' "with that of . the prophet Mary Lou, 14; Christina, 16, and Pearl, omewhere in her; twenties. To two of these girls, Mary Lou and Pearl, the ' prophet was supposed to have been married, but when Mary Lou; married to the Moorish leader at the age of 12, admitted that the ceremony, had been According" to the Koran and that she had cot known of the existence of any legal papers, it was construed, that the prophet had pnt one over on this expectant mother, and that; according to the laws of Illinois, he : was guilty of statutory rape. 1 Christina, 16, admitted . that she had j worked as his secretary, but protested that there had been nothing; wrong in their relationship. She lived with Mary Lou, and slept with her, except, when the i prophet was around. ' ' Pearl, it has, - been hinted, was taken away from the prophet, although at one time he is said to ; havfe lived in - a! two - flat building, . with Mary Lou in - one flat and Pearl in the other. . .' Green's murder was one of the most atrocious ever committed on ' the ; Southside. He was shot three times and stabbed in various parts of his body, one plunge of the knife partly disemboweling him. The slaying took place at the Unity club - house, 3140 Indiana avenue, . of which Green, was - custodian. The clubhouse is owned by interests associated with Samuel Insull, the utilities magnate. Shortly before 8:00 o'clock,, persons in the building were startled by three shots on the second floor of the building. Clarke Ellis and Arthur Scott went to investigate and found Green lying in the hallway with his legs, tip to the knee, under him. He was bleeding freely from the neck. - A few minutes prior to the shooting. Green had come out of his office on the first floor and asked several men, alleged members of the Moorish Seienee Temple, which held its meetings in the building, to come out of the hall into his office so that they would not hpcomo fused with guests who 'would soon SEE AND HEAR YITAPHONE AT THE NEW Pittsburgh's Most Beautiful Community Theater The Vit f phone makes the silent drama become endowed wUh life. Our screen speaks, cheers, laughs and sings: ' - . : r : - C : ';; .' Initial VITAPHONE Showing Thursday. and Friday, March 21 and 22, with "INTERFERENCE" The Marvelous 100 All - talking Picture. STAGE SHOW ' " ; :": : ; Saturday, March 23, 'THE APACHE" A colorful photoplay .with an all - star cast ' V , STAGE SHOW .c Monday and Tuesday, March 25 and 26 L0N CHANEY in His Latest Screen Masterpiece t - WBBT OF 5SANSEBAR" ALSO STAGE. SHOW ' Attend Matinee Performance if possible and avoid the evening crowds. (THE ROOSEVELT THEATER . CENTER AVENUE at PINWIDD1E - STREET to be held invthe basement. - ' :. . " Sam Jackson, one of the - men - in the hall at the time, stated at the coroner's inquest, presided over by Deputy E. M. Cleaves, that there was no argument, but that Green insisted that they act; right out of respect for their race. Several of the men shortly left - the room, one of them backing out of the door with his hand in his pocket and his re fastened on Arthur Scott's, reen s assistant. This man's name was Johnson. It - was Scott's belief, expressed at the inquest, that Johnson was one of the murderers. Sam Jackson was one of the - ' men. who left the room, Scott declared, ". - Mrs. Claude Green, ' the dead man's wife, pointed out Noble Drew Ali from among the suspects gathered by the police as one of the men whom she believed had something to do with the murder of her husband. She testified that he had told her somewhat indirectly of trouble he expected from certain members of the Moorish Temple.. .. Green is said ; to have resigned from the cult after there was some misunderstanding regarding the collection of moneys from the chapters throughout the country. But opinion was divided as the coroner's inquest was continued as to whether a motive for the murder might be found in this disagreement or the alleged association of Green with the prophet's wife, PearL The prophet's true name i3 Timothy Drew. In 1915 he was accompanying a Hindu fakir in circus shows when he decided to start a little order. of his own. The first temple was set up in Norfolk, Va;, but the exactions of the law were such there that it was necessary to move and he went to Newark, N. J. New Jersey law soon found the affairs of the order entangled and it was decided to come west. The first temple in Chicago was set up in 1925.' Here the organization has prospered, numbering about 2,100 persons in its membership. With Chicago as a headquarters, a score of temples have been set up throughout the country. In Detroit Wednesday, two patrolmen and two members of the Moorish Science Temple were shot m the lodge - room in - a gun battle after a dispute over the leadership of the order. Five hundred policemen quelled what they thought was going to be a riot. . Green, the murdered man, would have been 46 years old Friday. He was a graduate of Tuskegee. . His wife testified that he left $3,000 in life insurance, but that he had no bank account, stocks or bonds, and no real estate. She was represented at the inquest by Attorney George BlackwelL . Deputy Cleaves ordered that Mary Lou and her mother, and Christina, be held pending the outcome of the inquest, which, was continued until March 29.. WELLSVILLE, OHIO Sister City. No. 28. Court or Ca - lanthn. will celebrate their twenty - elgrhth anniversary on March 28 it' ' P - halK A nucal program will be rendered. Chtcken dfcifr. 60 - 2 laKPlate - i .orm, Lyons, little f,?11 (?.fwMr - and Mra - A"n Lyons. U ill with pneumonia. Henry Williams m rtft!? 2 hl" b?d with Pneumonia, 7 - UviPayn. 18 improving; slow - i? r8 Kerr of - Akron visited Mrs. m7118 - MrB; Charlie Bush is ill at her home. Mrs. Klla Clark is very III Rev. Gordon visited, Yojnii - town the early part of thlawectk on business and visited his sons. Mrs! Anna. Bell Robinson died In Akron. Rollln Lewis is 111. Mrs. WiUle Kayi wa painfully injured. Mrs. Lucille gortr ntertalned Ward No. 3 of East Liverpool. Mrs. Anderson n - tertalned the Daisy club at her home. Mrs. Odla Huff will visit IrondaUT be coming to a dance that was Vincent Sanatorium p t; . HZr - zr 1 ' - - ; VINCEXT SANITOniUM Erected in. New York City at a cost of $150,000 by Dr. U. Conrad Vincent. Harlem Boasts Modern Institution Of High Type Vincent Sanatorium Has Formal Opening NEW YORK. Mar. 21, Sunday here saw the formal opening of the $150,000 private sanatorium of Dr. U. m Conrad Vincent, an institution which compares favorably in every respect with other private hospitals in New York City. Situated in the heart of Harlem, the building is of fire - proof construction throughout, and rises five stories about the street at No. 234S Seventh avenue, between 137th and 138th streets. The founder and head is notable as the first Negro interne to serve at Beilevue Hospital and the only member of his race to become a resident surgeon there. The sanatorium has a capacity of 50 beds, exclusive of the operating room, pharmaceutical dispensary of Dr. Oliver LaMorell, the dental suite of Dr. Anna Cooper Johnson, the dental laboratory of Earle F. Johnson, - technician, and BALTIMORE, By J. LOGAN Briefa Funeral services for Miss Cora D. Owens, - daughter of Archer B. and Emma Owens, were held from Macedonia Baptist church at 2 p. m. Saturday Jftev D. G. Mack, paator. officiated. The deceased passed on March IS at her home. 7S(X George street, and Is survived by four brothers. Percy. Archer B. Jr.. Franklin A. and Stewart E. Owens; also two sisters. Annie E. Owens, and Prunnell L. Gaines. Rev. Mrs. Myrtle Reddlck. well - known evangelist. Is confined to her home. 713 North Gllmor street, because of personal Illness. According to an announcement from the National Safety Council, "hit - run" drlvera are increasing. There were 185 cases during the first six months of 128. No arrests were made in 1S2 - of the accidents reported. Eighty - two cases were dlxmissed and 9 drew fines averaging 139.93. There were 25 deaths in the city last week, according to report of the Health Department; 296 birtha and a number of new caaea of communicable diseases. The diseases were listed aa follows: Pneumonia. 62; Infiuensa. 42; typhoid fever. 1; mumps. ISS; whooping - cough. 118: chickenpox. 6S: social diseases. 98: measles. 5: German measles. 1; scarlet fever, 29 - dlphtheria, 10: tuberculosis. 80: simple meningitis. 1: epidemic meningitis. 1: septic sore throat. 1; "summer complaints' In babies. J. The number of these cases aggregated 639. . Narrowly escaping injuries. Hopkins Broadway. 1200 block, Maryland avenue, and Case Hopkins. 1300 block. North Spring street, were thrown from a coal truck to the street In an accident. Thomas Parker. 25. f n uu diocjc. . - sorm strtcker street. injured as a result of the impact and. was taken to Mercy hospital in a city ambulance. Five peraous In all were Injured when a trolley atruck the coal truck at Maryland avenue and TLanvale street. Mrs. John White, f Brooklyn.' is spcnuing a lew weeks in r airfield. Society The festive spirit of St. Patrick's uay oominatea tne entertaining both oi ciuos ana otnerwiae during the paet week. Grecn - garniehed salads, pistachfo ices. - shamrocks and harps abounded, while clever hostesses even awarded prizes of the Irish - Vemerald" hue. wrapped in paper of the same sliade. Una of the most novel waa one given Dy axis KTbel Jnes. ni7 Argyle avenue. Wednesday evening, when the , Just Ua club met wjth her. Following bridge the guerts were given mimeographed sheets with - an "Irish Romance." in verse, and a list of "erse - words, to complete. The romance contained elliptical sentences, to be filled with appropriates names, all suggesting, something green. Prizes for this - braln - teas - T" were, won by Misa Muriel Groom and Mrs. Adah Jenkins, white victors at bridge were Miss. MarJLht - Hartnon. gueet. and Mrs. IZoruaine Adama Jones "of trie the four - room suite of Dr. Vincent for his private practice. In addi tion, there are diet kitchens on each floor, a sun roof and stations for doctors and nurses. Among those on the advisory board of the sanatorium are: Dr. Robert R. Moton, of Tuskegee Institute; Robert W. Bagnall, of the N. - A. A. C. P.; Dr. Walter Gray Crump, white, the famous surgeon of Broad Street - Hospital; Aldermen John Clifford Hawkins and Fred R. Moore, also editor cf the New York Age; Doctors K. P. Roberts and i Leo Fits Nearon, and others. Dr. Vincent is a native of North Carolina, where he attended public school and later graduated from Shaw University. He studied medicine at the . Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania. V. H. Tulane, Dr. Vincent's father - in - law, a trustee of Tuskegee Institute, whose permanent home has been made in Montgomery, Ala is acting as superintendent of the institution. MARYLAND JENKINS, JR. eelved a dainty miniature green Toon - rte - t aa consolation. Extra gueata were Mtae Mamie LHgga. who assisted the hostess In receiving; Mra. Valeria McNeill and Xavcria Gordon: Misses Hermlone and Conatantta Wharton. Ja? wJ,gh, 3ry C. Johnson and Hyla Thomas. Miss Constance Murphy entertained at bridge Thursday evening la honor V. nu"e aueat. aire. M. Fhorts Kicks, of Chicago. Prises, which followed the featlve color, were won by Misa Jcllsabeth McCard and Ul.i .mlly Johnson, whila Mra nii - k, ceived a pair of beige hosier aa guest prize. Seen at the tables were Mesdaruea Edward N. Wilson. J. L. Jenkins Jr. and Uladya Sheppard; the Miaaee Klizabeth Johnson. Ruth lx Mond. Theima Garland. Helen Rtr. tiolda. Audrey Berry. Ktta BurwelL. I auline, Hermlone and Constantia Wharton and Mae Wright. rMv - ,,'i.,i Mr" - J - Clarence Chambers. McCulloh street, entertained the Fort - "ni ciuo on Friday evening. Mrs. M. H. Rlcka anl Ul.. Constance Murphy were among tha extra gueata. Mra - Rlcka. who.anent end as guest of Misa Conatane Mnr. Phy. left on Stturdiv tnr ihn..t. phia and Cleveland. The B. u. Y. club met last week with Mrs. Harold Derry of Ivy irt. tu. jii(in run, a novel arrange - ment of cutting for partners and the lovely hand - pa Inted prises awarded Mesdomes J. MacFarUnd Fitzgerald Scott. Pendleton Parrott Jr. and Mlaa Ethel Waters added much zest to the occasion. Mrs. Charles Stewart. 1000 block, l - a ovale street. entertained the Houaekeepers - Art club on Tuesday. March 12. The successful members at the novelty current topic games' rV Johnson. Mrs. J. U Jenkins and Mrs. F. M. Wood. The , - Mb V.n ,raett. '? - v'r, Mrs. 1 Ellen Tingle. Mosher street. Dr. James Bell. 700 block. North ! Carey atreet. accompanied by two or ! hla daughters and his father, motored : to Washington on Sunday. I Misa Kether Braxton, recent graduate of Coppifi Normal school here, haa ' mstrn - uiaitJ a: Howard Lnlveraity "j1 k'i'"B u"n?r iu the school of music Mtse Brnxton,. who la the ',,?,u5l!rr ,of t1' and. Mr" - C. Braxton. lSOu block. Lr - .iid Hill avenue, ras one of th debutantea thla aeason at the Half Centurv. Mrs. Katherine Nicholas Truvere and young daughter, of Masearhu - etts. mho have been vtsitirg Mm. Ttuverea rHtives at 212 Dn:d Hill avenue. Wt Motulur for the North. Mias Msry C Juhnaon. i!ui, . wlU spend the Easter holiday with ! her sister. Miss Elisabeth Johnaon. wr" i teaching In Nortb Carolina. t "The Wage of Sin." an sll - colored picture, directed, by Oscar Mlchaus appeared this wrtk at tue P.oyal Theater. Peoneylvanl avenue. 1 - Porgjr."" tbe. sensational play of tharl - Mon. a'.tryctcd crowds Umlld ' OtUX bX k - cc fcr. - jundoiix roora ' CLEVELAND,: OHIO: By THELMA LOUISE TAYLOR XE cf tXs priltUtt kom dding of On mvn r Laat f.itUs Evtlvn, if arid Carmack, Idtst math cf E. 87 tA strit, to Mr. JeJU E. Tcrrymen Tuscdaw nigkt at (JU Km4 of the bridt. Tk long tiring room of (As Catmttk komo r par titioTd at on end tckoro en improxxd mitar vw foskionod of.cnUt Mies and palms. A foic minuUo before tXo ceremony. Mrs. Amron Dm DlSTf isrea sletiaas - from - tn aclfol Itlnukr.KorMkoS Sua." Tb brlds choM as Bcr m.1 - tendaats. Miss Marr Wrlctat. brides - mtlii, who won blu satin sod sr. recta tlmplr tnade with tlnr rufTU on on a aids, and Alls Wto1qs Car - mack. - her slstar, aa aeald of honor. was attlrad In pink lafTata. Rta ,( - tandanta wort siirr alippara. nd bora, and crystal baada. tha Drutsli of the .octd. and carried ihor bou - auta of Taylor roa. Tba brtda choa wblta s;ors;rtta to aehanc her yoathfulnrsa. Tha drasa u mad wtiU ai lone tl(bt fit tins; bl)UM sad a drapad skirt wblch was caught in m rront wttn chasnrl buck.1 thus causlnr tba skirt to baits; In graceful rlpplas to tba floor. Har vail waa caught at tba back of br bad wltb a dladera of orana - a blosaosns aad n carried a shea of cU li)ia and Ulea of tba vallcr. Tha bnd was t(tTa in nitrrUc by bar fa - thr. Mr. Terryman waa attacded by his (ire - Ions; friend. Mr. Joseph - Water, while Rev. Htanley tl. (iitnniin performed tha ceremony. Tha couple left Immediately after the ceremooy refusing - to divulge their dealinatloa. However, they return to the city to be the gursta of honor at a re - - eption to be given by Mr. aad Mra. J. . Carmack. Tha Xlift'l Lr.lla and Fmrah Mar. tin are; their aprlng rac - a - lion In the city witb their parrni. Mr. and Mr. Alexander It. xi.n of. I; tat 4 (Mb street. Tb two ouiib - lad:ea are among the beet known co - eds at Ohta Mala Cnlver. ny and we are always glad to have mem Dim wiln ua. Mim Iorolhy M. Cowdery will leave Krtday for N'ew Vork CHy to b - t xh - (H.t of that charming matron. Mra. Jieglna Andrews, whom it will b. remem. bered. has favored Clevelaad once or twice with verr short vUita. Mlaa Wriikl trite Saturday evening i i . . ir..t.i.. - gave a birthday bride. In honor cf Mies Ceatr:re Margot m right at her bome In Ml. Overlook road. Tbe color scheme throughout tha house waa green and white and the large birthday cake alternated fireen and white Iclog on the four ,Vr - Tn cake waa adorned with 12 candles, denoting tbe years of friendship existing between the tiea - tesa and her gueet of b)nor. Tboee pUylcg were the Mlses Vera Tudor, ijdlth nlds. tibel Koiner. Beatrice vv right, Kate Inge of Oberlta. LauIm Ferguson. Iutula Gulnn, Waverly rmZ' .f"nV "'r. the Meedames HuthV right Johnson and J. Taylor. The rret prise waa awarded Miss re Tudor and Loui Fergu son ta second. Misa Wright was given a token aa the honored guest. VUUIag la the eetb Dr - . U ,Un - il"' f Essl Mount Zlon Baptist Church, la visiting friends In Atlanta. e.. Naebvilie and Memphis. Ttnn. While In At. lanta. Dr. ll!l plana to complete plana for aending tha remainder of hie extensive library to Cleveland. Mrs. Saul Lucas continues quite 111 il nr.hom Kast Jh street. Fri - March 12. the Big Ulster Move, meat committee will be entertained Virginia . Houston, at 317 l - ast 10th street. rlday evening. Mrs. George Smith. fr'1 " street, gave a aurpriee party in nonor or ber bus - band. Twenty f Mr. tvnith'a old eronlea were invited la to play wbiel and at midnight a four - course dinner waa served the gueste. The Ac gra Junior League met Pa'urday af. ternocn wit Miss Ethel holaer. Flans were made for the 1 - agua a rpring work. Aaaembly taey Club Mrs. k Masoii. of aUit 101 st street. entertsined the Aembly Mudy Club. at her home Thursday evening. A very Interesting program was rresented entitled. With in. N?gro J'oels," The many friends f .ra. cyrii Crawford will be hapiy t earn that aba baa returned to ber home from feu Luke' Hospital where this week at Ford's (white) Theater. basketball fane and fraternal brothers will crowd the Albert audi torium rriday night, when the Ixlta Big Five, of Howard University, will play the Athenians of nitimar Morgan College, collegiate cbamplona. win meet tne ureeaa chaster Monday night at the, same hall. Rev. t.rntl Wllllajna Mim f Aietropoiitan m. k. church, died aud aeniy in nis ortlce on Saturday. Ac cording to reports. Rev. Williams Is luougm to nave sun red a heart at tack. Mrs. WlUlama. wife o tha pas tor, passed away during November. The Guide Right Movement a feature activity of Kappa Alpha Pat fraternity, la scheduled to be programmed In May. The purpeee of tbls movement Is to guide the youth Just off to college that he might select the right courses of study and meet with success later In life. Under the direction of Mlaa MiU - hall. tha student body of Morga.i 1 - ouege rendered a splendid program Sunday afternoon at Asbury M. E. church. The main speaker was Rev. A. J. Mitchell. .Held secretary of the college. ANSTED, W. VA. Mra. Emma Jordon of Marfranoe Vent the week - end wlta ber friend. Hiss Tbelma Jordon ef Meadow Creek apent tbe week - end with relatives and frienda. Mrs. Martha White of Marfrance who has been with her parents returned to ber home. The Willing Five Club waa enterta'ned st the home of Mr. and Mra Benton Repera. Rev. Wtlliarn Keese preached two sermons for tbe W riling Workers Sunday and the emr waa a aurcesa. Mra Gladys Klnny spent Sunday here with frienda The Young People's 1ub gave a party at the home of Mr. and Mra. Jtenry Rogers. e?W V s 17 IV - 'J - m . - triuality From riks susjtv urops ot pare gol Ves Bay a caa looc kw C I I I 'Qood Exxry Drop ALASAlIA - GIOfiGlA daughter Mr. end Xlru J.' If. Car. she had succeasfall o4rroo a operation. Saeenit e peaks Jerrr Zmunt. proeniaeat Bg - mra la Republlcaa circles af the city. - wi:l speak before the East. Cad Women a Kapublleaa Club March I. at Vt. J una a Church. The Ye Uwza - Fu Oub bad a call meeting at the boeae of ' Mrs. Leon Evans, af East list street. . Friday algfat. The GUpra Players are preeenilog their fourth prodactlooj of their agbth eeaeoa "Ssa - Cp" at tbe Karan theatre. The charactera la thJe play 'e e - pioted by Haset Walker. laal U Bank. Lena Ioaeld, Charles Jack. on. Elmer Cheek a. Key Ultvtrt. Featua K Fltahega. John Mar lot aad George Halrher. Mr. John Waiter Wilts Jr, baa returned to hla bome after vedergolng aa operatloa for arpendlcttls at tbe Cleveland Cllale tioapiial. TU - e - tertaioment cocamitte aad ocacere af the Metrep4ilaa Club announce a birthday party of tbe club, cele - braltog lis llh aaalvtraary far Marcb 22. Tbe committee promises much of Interest aad rlealy t,l f aa. Mrs. Mary Goedoa. ef tlrit. Mica. the wrea - ead guest f Mrs. M. F. Moore, of 11 Islet atreet. w mmt tied Pwmteel (! Haaeetl The lMiiut ceisiaitlre vl the Eat F.ud Political Clafc anaoaacea that lie anneal bvqc wl.l o ki id April 18 at tbi i'kUili Wbaatley Aa - oc;a'.loo. Tbe coouu - t tee's ai - gart ia Ki your tickets . early. Mr. Wil - IC Conner, etecuuve secretary of the Negro We. are. AMocliOon. spoke at tbe Trinity Baptist Caere a vesper eervire Sunday. Mr. Coanera was assisted by the Maiwell Mala (Juartet. Mr. J. E. Fladiey. fersnerly bovs secretary at tbe Neighbor aod Club of Canton, stopped la Clevelard en route to St. Iruia to acce - pt a po sition as physical diree - tor of aboa Junior School of that city. Tbe many friends ef aire. Edaai Moore have been keeping bee busy opening presents end boxes of dow - ere since her ttlara home frota the hospital, where kvrae coagned for a month. Tbe Six Aspirants met wlta Mias Evelia Robereon. ef Esl 97tb street. Saterday aCrrnooa. Tbe members of S. ( ma Gamma It No sorority were entertained Monday at the bome ef Miss Emma Martla with Misa Martin aad Miaa M - rtaee r - kepfcard as beeta Tbe City I edera. lioa of Colored Women's I la be snt Monday at tbe Thilll WbeaUey. Tae eztcwtlve committee held lie raoatb ly meeting which waa followed by a llncbeon aad tbe regular faeelieg of all ciub delegatea. aaaool Dodeoaj BarWd Mr. Sasaael If. beasts. ef E. 81tb street met with a tragle death Thursday, when be attempted te light at candle after tbe eleetrle lights ea the street bad been cut et for a few aalnetee. Mr. lodaoo. eki was reeuperatiag from seriows III - neae. bad been left alone for a few minetes by bis wife and It le thought that he. a attempting te Itght a candle, let a match drop t bore 6 Ig. nitlng bis clctbea im waa berted f roea Cory Church Tuesday after - boon. His only aarvivtag relative waa his wife. The Weatai Ea - change Club mat with Mrs. Ok. av Ituseell Tuesday afternoon at her home. Mrs. lempeey la tbe preet.. dent or thie wide - awake organise "on - Tbe uaeela Embroidery Club waa emeriataea py Mra Lnun U:b. son at br homo la Eaat list street. ,.Th? Msooary Soc.ety ef i. Marks I'resbyiertart Cherch la el - bratlag Its lth annlver,, ry w.tb a dinner et tbe churrn Fridar. Mrs. Hattlo Steoart. cf ssl SInd St r enieriamea tha Iearrb Oeb edneeday afternoon. - Tbe Jay lr lul ml ""h - ds Ellt Beevea. of - street. Pn4ir a 1 ern - i - oo. Thursday evening. Mrs. J. E Cwa. nli.gham. of Eaei 8tk) street, waa hotea to the lion CJeb el her home. Tbe members enjorsd a oe'aj hour. Tlx Council ef Colored Women's clebs had open boeee Tuesday at tbe T n. Talkort Home, front T anill 11 p. ra. Mrs. E.aner Boyd la tbe present prsi1ent having served eev eral term, she Is kaown as a Worn, an poseeealng remarkable foreeight m sll queetlona pertaining to child wriiarv. euaeay alternoon Chief ef - . vo uraui was tbe speaker " ot - James g - or - n. Hla sab - V wae vnnw. The rauaical selection was glvetk by Mvne. Grace v - iuis Thompson. Chief Director rry. wnQ was scoedaied to speak, was called oat ef town. Tbe Nfgro W,,ffw. Association Is holding lit annual Oocd Health Week daring " - trs. P. IC White d E. J. Gregg opened Ute cam r1'? LLh lks at the Vtevelatloej ttaptlst Church ot wblcb Ber. IV. jH Caver Is mlaiater. Dr. C A. Bailey poke at a large meeting at St Paul s A. M. E. ilon Ch.rcb Buaday afternoon The slogan of the cam. cUlt.J,r U '"T Aanwal raobloa arod Baelaew Kas - aoltkea Taesday. Wednesday and Thursday at the Elbe Hail was bald ia ui' J annual fashion sad beelneee elfoel - ,,ori - .J1"..11041' tor etyle show were tba Mieaes Violet Meeuei; CaTr. J?,, l' Hbllilpa. Viola Payee! Mary tos. Ciedre Mills and MeedaaUe Marie Owene and Eliaabet LatrelL Kitth - ' the lacky aamber holder was awarded some eriae Tuesday and Wednesday eeening r - wr ii,lw Ti?4" 'fht a beaattfai k - i". Th? b'ta .waa feeterog by Mr. Alfred - P. Cofer ead th anod. ela tr.lned by Mra. Clayborae George. Moore a aew orchestra f arateaoo tbe mail, for both tbe stylo anew and the dancing after tbe shew. VS hn the Cedar Branoft of tho T. M. C. A. celebrated Its sixth anal, versary March 8. with a dinner meeting, the following program was f the Soudt cease rha nSat k ALACA. jodef mod saonfy wg t - STRUT1 COfTANT Syrup igtree Song, led by Vra. O - ace Wn - I fie Taoeaeooa. "Lift Evary Vote ar - 4 Stag. eocretarye rmxC teriea a. Fire: snc eoio. 'l r t Star .addresa by Rev. tX Ortr - od Walker, paeu - r - f Jaaaae A. M. a Uiirtk, Sir MeaeJ Altitad - a. - se loot loo. xae . soakae i norai mchii; reanarks. Mr. Robert C Eewia. eai Judge George K Adama, chairssaa. I. W. Meectaff Mrs. AJvab J. Poao. ot west l l4n street. waa hoeteas to tbe L W. H rid re Clab at her Jkeeao batarday. Tha gaosts fer the afterbaosi were the Meelaeaee J. T. Sorr. tthei Jeaklaa, - ia Weaver and M ea WUla nti. Mrs. Jaahlns waa i ecoc er fer tbe au. ta loew aae lira Reraoids foe the club. Mlae Iah Gray . eaterta.'aed to Parrot Bridge Ciab at ber berae la E. 81nd strt. Sotarday evoelaa. with M:v Wills o.l eon. Mvodas - e Boraloa White end Jaaalta Lvaaa as guests. Mra Evane was awarded tbe gueet prise wane Mrs. llorteneo Ievls aad Mrs. bcott receive i I eeo - ea. . : . . . , x. tbe clab prtaee. Ur. teoa Crvgaaaa. lee - II ' ' - wba haa boo. IU la Crllos Olaie b - o - I III f ..... 1 pllal. la recape. - atlor. s'b to Ike I lie Iw a Til II I . ! deligLt ef tue frteoda. Mrs. Letts III III I I U I F" Goerglao aad coenaaitteo gro giving a III I I I I I I I I i earve firMirr Msreb 21. et the Co - J I I I If I I I I I tarera - Cleb la beoalf ed tbe N A. A " W IL I C. P. Mae Meores ortbestra viii Irrnlib tbe sr.avlc. Miss Rath Howard who haa been e 1 1 . , visiting ber hern ta VTesbiagte aad ITDCiT AlTlTal fll Hie T Incidental! ir atteod eg tee t Alamaee Clo eoeferenee. vetaraed f QSQT to tbe elty Tuoeday. Mrs. Vtaeeel L. ! . 1 eoeierenee. vetaraee Drown ret ere 1 te tb city eHsedsy t wita her mother. Mra ewaita. m( baa be n very t'.l at ber beaae la Wiikorf ore - .. Mr. Kaaitb win placed aadrr speesSUts ears la v. ...... Madame faun Flits ef Cat reo.e f .Cit rave a sacred reeltal et Aaiieca 1'ap - VW. IP'IJ .rt.r - tut tTkurrb rcodsy afternoon. Mre. ret Io t f Elealab Smith entertained tbe ! , . " . T norab Diblo Oe.e at ber bosno ta IpnLl!lon 7i . ' Ulk a ... t Hanav - - - M . n Mrs. Mare Tkei. w p.... IJ wCTf ftierr . , bew npenetng a frtnlgt elk iir r kitchen C t'. - " parents. Mr. nd M - fc J T. Tae - V . ' - a Jr, left W.e.or foe V'ifc .IIJT.CIJT sMTiliJ 1 fr. W. a. C. HaeKea of Ik iii.:. riyo. ' C phia is eoad - jctieg tho revival et Cory w - I" - fe M. I - Cbaerb. Tb!e eervtee e in eoo. tjl wrea ur a area e Bill's aa - alveree ry. 34 iee Jkode Ratee ef CblTH'oie was With t V - . . la the cttv dering tho weoh atteao - .'"k4 w leg tee balr4res - re" cfnioi ..... . v. . a. . ww wi vjm ii.. ... vi . . - , man avenue bed a tbee gaeet ce.e.r r.CAIrT C' - .' - .r of Lit lie Rock. Ark. He left eda. ln'r - ! r.i:w. dav fer tbe Eet jr IlATTi 1 V. .. Mn. W,.y H;1 Wright ef C I on, - f . M . .i t - 8 hue. proprteter ef m tho largest !, Jlil iO t. ; f 1 iu r w. A. IV glsea at the lea. of Mr. aad lunula fV Jones of trrvtel under the poteestego of Se K test ceavnitlee. Tbooe c - e M tp t the procreta - were: J - - . mi ax 7n.o a - w t . gueet or lr. Ctro riainee w K.l. at - ' , r - . C'Je leading tbe - coaveattoa. fTTl, Lrs';nC, Il.ii'v'. Sua day afternoon a sneetcel tea was C vflCf?, tXT.Z.'Z l"J ire Van Hi per Lemns. flkre solo - eee d - eg, jV b3rx t V i t V e w et Mme. ZVksalio W.S - . Peal Ms:i vkel", f00. TX S7 rr Solo. a eemn peaked by hie r. aVT! 1 C - - ',I f;f 1. - rn Gladys Mill: pieo ooi - v little Wnl - ..4 ... e fred Ileborts. Greco Prone p - a no Tr i T TJ to. Remarks were green by M Eleeaor Al.ndr. reetdeet .f men e anv - iare er fe A A. st a a r voeal so. Mme. LHUHt ht;i J l.i,. k,v .... ... . no solo, Mr. Jamee pwanooei - ro - a 11 T iT.tJ sftflC'. t, 1;, marks Mr. WlUtaea R. G"n; wl bdlsitlJ titer tvrr ki solo. Mias Mary Jamea Mra flVj .V. U was the chairman ef tbe proemTrC Ail W.U 1 T. (mliiM. Mra Jenoe wee eee - etod by tbo Meedasee w lll'ara IC C ueorge ttoopoe. He rem Coeoey. tba M NEVER BEFORE HEARD OF VALUES A special appeal Is now bolng; mad te all EvoejMre - w who wish to buj trocmrros, maU at xnood yvUj rrrm Listed Beloa Are a Few of Oar Spends fte Saturday, March 23rd MACK'S PERFECT BUTTER :....$!: PURE LARD, 2 lbs. 2Sc HART BRAND BAKED BEAKS, 3 cuu & PITTSBURGH'S BEST FLOUR. 25 fts. fcr....& SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS, 2 Ik Uits..l POTATOES, peck 2 2 LARGE LOAVES OF BREAD & STRICTLY FRESH EGGS, 3 thiea JU! YELLOW YAMS, 4 Us.: I FIRST OI01CE HVE AND DRESSED POULTTtT Chickens Dressed WhUe Toes Welt PRLME BEEF CHUCK ROAST, per lb.. - .. 21: PLATE B0IUNG MEAT, per lb I MIXED CUTS PORK CHOPS, per lb. .". V HOME DRESSED SPARE RIBS, 2 pouadi PORK LOIN ROAST, per lb.. 25: PORK SHOULDER ROAST, per lb.. - 21c BLACK - HAWK HAMS, per IK :tlt AMERICAN BEAUTY HAMS, oer lb t!t MORRELLS - PRIDE HAI.IS. per &. 2Tc! Wilwn's CertiSed HAMS, vhole or Lilf, per lb. 27: Honnel s MlnneioU SHced Bicod Rernl' 'Valne Sale Price, per Ik 35c ALAGA SYRUP 1 yz lb. can. 15c; 21 - lb. 28c; 5 lb. an, 55c; 10 IK cm. S1.0S - Don't Forget We Have a FuU Une c FRESH FISH AND OYSTERS LARGE SUPPLY OF Freh Staple Groceries, FniiU, Vexetiblcs AU Kiadi of Fresh Greens Pont forget to cone early and avoid the rati! Mack's Most Modern' Marke! 2144 Wylie Avenue, Corner Ebncg Telephone Orders CcrefcU Filled AT. S7C7 - 4 Cleaner A ,,,,. Uarrte la - ,s , eeoteet r aw. hoard ver VJu , ' a a ssaeieel r,.r V - .ei4 n.. . V. ""e 7 Mr. t - be:.r know a tlMU. , .H. . jesa few :Ve Meaasee V - a ..,... . ober gd , . - g I'trk.!, ... , w l:rady. Ur O - . .'Z ej.4) G H... , , I.,, Jsnaee J.. r ... . , V a. th e etarx . . bard to bea V. ... planieg i at - . ... . f K'tm I - :. - . 1 1 va. iti;M . " etker geo w.r . bnw if i. West Lmi. t - tbele teweb w. - - . a v nanw From DtitH b 'ATT 1 VT 1 1 " nt tbe i.. . . .iur a. . r.i". U.;rn le ti l . . . uKjnca i recti c - itv. 1 K lirhill ! - . - - - - .oeei ncath to 3 ci?s (: by e. )r;r facial ecl - r. tag AUrrr.e3. m Imitir a 1 1 . .. . . i. 1 ' . . ' - n. lii soiiri f i t . 4. - auitn Cn I . r - if - ve e wee ee'e. ZzhT'ro JoTton's 4 Red Hcl n. ..I SET j 1 i '

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