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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 26
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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio • Page 26

Dayton Daily Newsi
Dayton, Ohio
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26 NEW GOVERNMENT POLICY ON SPORTS IS AWAITED The Dayton Daily News Tuesday, May 8, 1943 I OhllimVr Recalls Joe Corbett'a Fate At Hand Of Baseball Fans After Brother Jim'a Knockout Si-ings Word On Velo Of Racing. Ban, All-City Track Meet To Start On Tuesday As Per Schedule -Br Sr BL'RICK- nnFRT hasebftll fans naid little attention to the story by GEORGE A. GEORGE Of the death of Joe Corbett in San FranciSCO the Other 'PHE world has long awaitea tne oinciai t-aay proclamation ana Aat- Rnf tVi gmnnil rtpvntpps nf another era. remeni- Ue sports worm in generi, nm encmaing me iu kiwiuuc in- da. but the diamona devotees oi anomer era remem prepared t0 go ahead with regular acheduies but with bered him Weil.

'an air of greater confidence in the future of the world of sport In a An Oia-limer Oi my acquaintance was wui wona or ireeaom, 1 HL. A TV Thus the 14th annual All-City Status Of 4-F Players Seen WASHINGTON', May 8. Athletic leaders waited expectantly today for definite government word affecting sports as the result of Germany's unconditional surrender. They were eager to learn, first, when the racing ban will be yrjo-it Field Faces and, next, if the Wrar department- rr i will take action on congressional Lockboiirne Iliewlav contentions that 4-F professional! T)FC. JACK BOWEN' will be on athletes have been discriminated 1 the hill Tuesday afternoon mrainst in the draft I wnen tne Wright Field Kitty.

against in the draft. ba3cball team face8 the Government officials in positions; Lockbourne AAB in a return to know what plans are being made: tit at Wright Field. Lock-remained silent about racing, but, bourne won the first game by a tuy spokesmen said they had: score track meet which started on schedule at 3:30 p. m. Tuesday at the University of Dayton stadium.

Tom Herrman, city track czar. rum a aay or so ago. una man nas juhucu me game lie for 60 vears and more. "He was one of the great pitchers; VU orltl SCriCS. of his time," mv friend said.

"A member of the frreat Baltimore Orioles along with John McGraw, Willie' All lomo Keeler, Hughie Jennings and Uncle Wilbert Robinson. VFtimo "The fact that he wu Jim Corbett'a brother also put the spot- lieht on him. Jim. of course, was heavyweight champion of the It fit 1 1 PPtl announced that everything would go on as scheduled and that it would take a downpour to halt -i t.j i ua.a.M. tlCl inr worm ine cicvcrcBi man me awa; iiou nuw uihu II V.

i vrw vnif UP) Fail-view' Bulldogs, for two NEW YORK, May mI straight years defending cham- He J- moana Will .1.:. potkibly the best boxer of all time, learned the ban will be removed on; The Kitty hawks have one win, "1 remember reading that Joe Corbett quit baseball because or aooui vc-aay. two losses and one tie so far this icjiuci pjuns, wm jacc meir muni aeii- Dlav its World Series this fall and ous challenge from Wilbur season. The other loss was to the Tk Then of course may reinstate its tv. National League Pittsburgh Pirates while the victory came over Ohio State.

The tie game also was played with Ohio State. investigating lor some lime complaints that professional athletes who could not meet physical requirements were being inducted nlc iuuj Vinci icomf uu- but no great influx of returning Dunbart parkef RooBe GI athletes is to be expected. jvelt which could easily swing the Of about COO major league rsj affair one way or another, now on the national defense aerv- Tuesday afternoon will see the 0, final of three events taking place ice lists, a majority are Mwied, digcu9 and le VautPre overseas, many in the Pacific the- llminarieg of these event8 pius Jl An DPi.nnn..nmnrf avnanfdil lirfl I yesterday but the War department OCIIO 1 1 III tl i said "It still is being cased. You'll ii it 1 just have to coast along until it's Dell 1S11 1 ODlliar ater. War department estimates several others will also be held 1 ''rn Tuesday, while the finals of the ireauJ- PATTTHTADP 1a UP) wanted a salary of $3000 a year and couldn't get it.

He went into business in San Francisco for five years, then tried a comeback, but couldn't cut it. "But there was another circumstance that helped to hasten his departure from the big league scene. "His brother's knockout at the hands of Bob Fitzsimmons at Carson City on the 17th of March, 1897, was an important con-tributing factor. Joe must have felt his brother's defeat keenly and rival athletes, a8 well as the fans in rival towns, caught on. "The bleachers every time he got ready to pitchwould begin to toll off the fateful count of 10, to remind hint of Jim's knockout.

It was a long count and the brutes made it just as long as they possibly could. Once, I heard that his own catcher went out and said to him, 'What are you gonna do quit like your brother did to All these things plainly affected hig pitching. "I remember." the veteran went on, "once aeeing him perform In the midst of these demoralizing circumstances and as the count from the bleachers went on and on, Joe finally went completely to pieces. I was never so impressed with the inhumanity of baseball crowds." The baseball fan of today still feels It Is his prerogative to razz the athletes, although he doesn't get quite as personal. "A hero today, a bum tomorrow" is still part of the philosophy of the pastime, Meanwhile, a possibility 'de-iFreddie Schott '208, of Akron, last yeloped of major league baseball night won a unanimous 10-round dedicating its double-headers next Roll 183.

nf are that more than 12 months may be required to return the European armies to this nation, giving little hope for any familiar names returning to the 1945 box scores. After three weeks of play, both sr remainder of the field are on deck for Wednesday. Elsewhere around the Gem City it's Fairmont at Piqua and Chami-nade vs. Oakwood on the links, and Fairmont at Oakwood, Roosevelt at Springfield Public, Kiser 9 Sunday to the victory over Ger- Washington, the consecutive I many, and A. B.

"Happy" victory or the ig-year-old dler, commissioner-elect, said nejBuckeye fighter, would take the matter up with Kingsiders, however, were far other leaders in the sport. from unanimous agreement on the rircuits annear to be in such deli- cate balance that reappearance of at Xenia and Northridge at Sti decision, as Bell carried the fight NET WIN to his hefty rival much of the COLUMBUS, May 8. UP Cap- way. Schott got the edge with two mar piavcr i nio i.i:u,i on the diamond. team could make it a pennant con-) tender.

The 1944 experience of nonrn Dick Wakefield and the Detroit baseball i OUTTiey Tigers was proof enough it could FJRAWINGS for the northern happen. of the Southwestern Dis- The New York Giants and Chi- trict Baseball tournament took a. '1 I.J u. nai university icihub leuiii ucRllutuuHIl, une xur an rim feated Muskingum college netters, count in the second and the other 4 to 3, in a match here yesterday. I in the final 10th.

jcago White Sox were the big sur-place at the xMCA Monday night. inrisea of the new season but the lIr. Goes To Shortstop rirst rouna muss a games are booked for Thursday night With Miamisbure playing Middletown TT anniiiniiMAnt wavi 7n rwtr iIinA 4VV. Tnj4n hawam lniersecuonai iesi wero juoi. WALTER FLAGER 1a.xj aiiiivuiH-ciucia iiuiii iicw ui rv, wucie nic ncus a ncxiro, i i-- trt- ai iu wi ITinTllTlff' ChiCflPO BOllfihed Oil POITie 1IL iilJDtlVJ UUOi I11.DD ni i f- ass will start at shortstop in place of young Kermit Wahl, may or may today, before opening series with Oakwood at 4 p.

m. on the Sol the Philadelphia Athletics tomor diers Home grounds; Roosevelt tangling with Fairmont at 2 p. and Troy teeing off with Kiser at 4 p. m. on the Hudson Field diamond, and Springfield clashing Walter Flager Replaces Wahl At Short; Reds In New York row.

Cincinnati provides the opposition for the Giants tonight at the Polo Grounds. Recently scheduled benefit games: with Parker at 4 p. m. at Kuhns hit- NEW YORK, May 8. Walter Flager, the left-handed for the Ju H-ll nenoa.

may pre- iieia. vent any all-star tilt this season, There was an 11th team in ting rookie infielder from Chicago 111., who was although Commissioner A. B.the Class A bracket Fainiewj brought Bp rom Birmingham last year where he batted .282 in 123 1 1 gets another serious chance to reach major league heights as a ivojani VnrA Frick nnH Will First round earnest in the Clasa starting shortstoD with the Cincinnati Reds when he starts in that narridge of the majors had can-'B setup, which features the in place of Kermit Wahl, erstwhile successor to Eddie Miller, number of 16 entrants, get under tonight, way on Wednesday afternoon. The Reds are in town to face celled the all-star game and left the World Series dependent on the status of the war at a winter meeting with ODT chieftains. Eaton is docked to meet West, the Giants in a four-game series, Carrollton at 2 p.

m. and Monroe! first of which is scheduled under comes to grips with Anna at 4 the niazdas at the Polo Grounds not mark the turning point of the season for the Cincinnati club. Flager originally was slated for the job. After two years In the army, he came back to enjoy a good season at Birmingham last year. He showed well enough, too, in the early drills of the club at Bloomington.

Then, in the exhibition series against the Cubs and Colonels at Ft. Knox and Louisville, he seemed to fall apart in the field. One bad boot seemed to put the pressure on him the rest of the way. McKechnie benched the ex-soldier and he has not been in action since. Wahl, unfortunately, has not proved to he the answer to the shortstop problem.

The June, 1944, graduate of Indiana university is a splendid prospect. Unfortunately, he had always played third base before. His total shortstop experience includes five exhibition games plus the 13 contests the Reds have played in the National league this season. His previous experience in organized ball amounted to a total of just 23 games at Birmingham last year. That was at third base.

Kermit has proved to be a scatter-arm thrower who has been saved from numerous errors by Frank McCormick's leaps Into space around first base. He has been slow in starting double plays and at a loss as to what to do on the pivot. Nor has he been able to get that "jump" on the ball that experienced shortstops do. This does not mean that Wahl is a hopeless case, or should be discouraged. As a matter of fact, he appears to have the makings of a good shortstop.

But it is a trade that takes time to learn. Flager. at least, hag been a shortstop all his life. If he doesn't suffer from the "yips." which is what Tommy Armour calls the nervous feeling that a golfer gets on the greens, he should give the Reds much better defensive protection than they've had to date. Also, as a left-handed swinger, he may give the Reds an offensive lift as well.

For Wahl has also shown that he can't hit major league pitching yet. Joe Louis Is Due At Field p.m. on the isoldiers rlome field; tonight. Deacon Bill McKechnie Lebanon tangles with Lena Con-j in announcing that Flager will be over at 2 p. and at 4 p.

given another shot at the short-Franklin bumps into Lawrencevillejstop berth, gave out the informa-on Hudson Field; while over attion that either Lefty Arnold Car-Triangle Park, Concord runs into ter or Frank Dasso will oppose Randolph at 2 p. and West the Giants' Harry Feldman in the Milton does battle with Cedarville first night game of the season for at 4 p. m. I both clubs and that Al Lakeman The remaining two tilts are to will also be given another shot at be played out of town, as Urbana the No. 1 backstoDDinir berth.

Joe i if I ytfbi'i. State s. and TiDD CitV Ditch their tents at tn Hprerminn his draft etatis. I Troy and Versailles clashes with; may find himself benched again at At Arcanum on some otner neutral should he return to find that Lake-ground possibly Greenville. man has made better than good TirJ 1 rt .1 vveuuesuay jd winners win men auring his absence, meet on Friday, while Thursday's! The! flnh has rereivpd word that.

Men They're Here! Class A victors tangle on Satur-! Ray Mueller, its "ironman" catcher day, thus giving the boys a day Hast vear. is attached to thn MpHi- 4 oi practice, rest, or Dotn, 111 De- cal Training battalion at Ft. Lewis -s tween games. and tilavinir on th hall Shakeup Appears Likely In Assn. COLUMBUS, May 7.

An fcnould the elements turn for the club there with such other big Starr Hurls No-Hit Tilt But Starr Falls" CLEVELAND, May 8. UP Jim Starr of Cleveland Holy Name high school pitched a no-hit baseball game yesterday but lost. Cleveland John Hay leaguers as Danny Litwhiier, Ron JNorthey, Jjominic Dallessandro other shakeup in the standings of wurse on any mese nignis, piay will continue with the whole schedule being shoved up a day. Semifinals in both A and brackets will take place on Thursday, May 17, while the finals are on deck for the next day which is Friday. Hudson Field and Soldiers Home will take care of both semi the red-hot American association baseball race appeared a possibility today as the teams prepared to pick up where they left off Sunday.

Kansas City, down in seventh place, had a chance to jump up to won the contest 4 to 3 on seven I walks issued by Starr plus seven I errors by his teammates. villp. Onlv St. Paul, lcndpi" durinc mm final and final matches. Bcuiiu in a pair 01 games wun the early stages or the weather-first-place Louisville.

And Indian-harassed season, was far enough SGT. JOE LOUIS Monday's Hpsnlf apolis, in second place after to be out of the running for day's games, would take over the a first division berth in the sched- CGT. JOE LOUIS, world's heavy- Tl fQNDA afternoon saw Mi- Hw BCt Uie lor tne next lew days. weight boxing champion, is due xa amisburg's Vikinirs come cofideiswl games Wlth the Tfy.v' colonels. Icalled for a douhleheader today Technical Service Command, Fn- Fairmont, winning 1-0 Oakwood All last night's games were after yesterday's postponement, as day and Saturday of this Parker 7-6 Northridee postponed by rain or wet grounds did St.

Paul at Columbus. Mil wau-where soldiers and civilians wll'downed Fairview 4-2 and Randolph $94 me irauicr man vunuiiueu lUjOm at. mm jmumic- nave an opponunnv nieei 111m, dropped Butler 8-4 to COD th plague the association. That left apolis at Toledo will be single it was announced Tuesday morn- county crown in the day's basebal county crown in the day's baseball action, while on the tennis courts xne sianaings uncnangea irnm oun- gnies. day, with Kansas City, in seventh, All four meetings are sched-still only two games behind Louis- uled under the floodlights.

jusi oacK irom Fairmont won over Hamilton Pub where he made appearances atijc 44 an(j Miamisburg beat Oak and Charlie Kelleher. Mrs. MacPliaU Given Divorce CPORTS SHORTS Inez T. MacPhail was granted a divorce Monday in Hartford co. (N.

Circuit Court from President Larry MacPhail of the New York Yankees on a contention that she and husband separated by mutual consent more than five years ago It was specified before Judge Frederick Lee Cobum that a financial settlement had been made Ken Raffensberger of the Philadelphia Phillies was inducted into the armed forces Monday and assigned to the Navy He was involved in a draft mixup April 30 when it first was reported that he was inducted in Harrisburg, and it later was announced he would be "processed" in Philadelphia The Pittsburgh Pirates have purchased Jack Saltz-gaver, infielder, from Kansas City He was a utility infielder with the Yankees from The New York Giants registered a 17-9 victory on 22 hits over the Boston Braves in an exhibition game at Camp Upton, N. Monday The Boston Red Sox defeated the Sampson Naval Training Center nine 6-8 in an exhibition game at Sampson, N. Monday wcurea vi iniiiiaiy iiiaiaimnwiiB aa wood U-l. part or tne Army special 000 001 01 nroirram is exnprted to referee uoo 000 00 3 progTam, is expeciea 10 reif ree Baturie-Amllii and Hell; Bunger and special boxing program at Wright imn. Field.

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i.owery and 4900 AAF Base Unit, Friday and i-s Saturday. Butir 010 oo a 4 4 MM DOWLINO LEAGUES NOW FOIIMIXG FOR INFORMATION CALL Miss Lona Getter, HE 5611 OPEN EVERY DAY P. M. 'TIL MIDNIGHT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 1 A. 31.

'TIL MIDNIGHT AIR-CONDITIONED BY FRIGIDAIRE Sat Louis will be 8cherw' by Louis R. Lautier, Negro admin- Fairmont 4, Hamilton pi 1 istratiye assistant in the office of (F) Meilti (H) the civilian aide to the secretary of m. war, Lt. Louis J. Krem and F).

ft4 wiidman. i. Robert Goldstein, the latter tW0 Warner (F) defeated FTltton, -J, T-5. from Camp Shanks, Orangeburg. xt d.i.

ij Sparel and Dlrkenhed (HI defeated N. Y. Isoth were connected with nd (F. a-2. -4.

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Richard (If) defeated Sleber (O), 8-0, -0. Zimmerman (M) defeated Florldii (O), 6-0. 6-4. (Double rained out.) Louis and Freeman will be guests of Dr. Charles H.

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CP) Mgning oi oeorge Trafton as line force faculty at that time. coach and assistant to Head Coach Adam Walsh was announced today oy the Cleveland Kams oi the tional Football league. Florida Promoter After Welter Bout AUGUSTA, May 8. Promoter Jack Laken is seeking to FOR ITS I arrange a bout in Jacksonville, June 22, between Welter Short Sleeve weight Champion Freddie Coch rane and Johnny Greco, the Canadian titleholder. Greco knocked out Lou Miller of iji rn iN'ew York in the Becond round of their scheduled 10-round bout here last night It was the Canadian's and MELLOW FLAVOR 33 second knockout in seven days.

He floored Chuck Taylor of Pittsburgh week before last. Bowling Alleys Are Closed For VEDay That rich creamy foam on a glass of HucJepohl Beer delights Irie eye and stirs the appetite. Hudepohl is as fine as beer can be! Try it, won't you? Joe Foelking, president of the Dayton Bowling Proprietors association, announced that all bowling establishments in the city are jlosed Tuesday, VE-day. Fights T.ast Night BALTIMORE Freddie Schott, 20g, Aknm. outpointed Jimmy Bell, 183, Washington.

1ft. 1 1 ir.wi tar give che edge io SAr'V HOSPITAL Brand Blades. Cr '5k them fJ5sf'i I 'v Tour v4ruoSr1j Ulin hospitai hi codayl 135 Alwiyt call for Hudtpohl. Tans Blues Greens Natural Canary and White Rayon gabardine rrer-ceriied twills sanforized broadcloths woven plaids short sleeves two pockets washable and fast colors in or out style. Sizes L.

AI'orSTA. On Jnhmsv Oreoo. ISO. i MontreHl. knocked out Lou Miller, 156, New York.

S. MIAMI Jimmy Hatcher, 141, Washing-tnn. outpointed Jackie Larrlmore, 141, Miami. ts 1 V' 5 h' 1 I UNION PHILADELPHIA Snnte Biwra, in'4 PHILADELPHIA Sante Btwra, 13'4, fit! Fhll Madeiphia, T.K.O. tddlt Oioaa, 136V, ON Sail tltrif trhn.

6. i. All DRUOC DKTROIT I-rrov Wlllla, 130U. Pctrolt. i.

ipointrd Lou Altera, 124H, New York, Th NUDirOHL KCWINQ Ca CINCINNATI, a I)K out 10. Distributed by GEM CITY BEVERAGE CO. Phone TU-4051, Dayton, Ohio Ailler't -Men Dept. Main Floor rHICAOOComn Prnwn. lA3'i, nit-ckko, knocked out William Johnaon, 160 '4, Clncriifo.

7. PROVIDKNCK Freddie ramiwo. 1Vi' Pall River, outpointed Irnie Ko iV', Provfdenc, 10. HPLY0KE. Ma.a.Mario Oclma, Hsvm'h.

outpointed Johnny Jonee, 157, Pittaburgh, JO. M1HI nnzon biadis Niwaac.

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