The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 25, 1984 · 45
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 45

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday, August 25, 1984
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14 PaU II Satuida,. AuaiNt 25- R Coa Angelee .Timet RELIGION Mormons Ponder 1830 Letter Altering Idealized Image of Joseph Smith By JOHN DART. Times Helium IV CUT 1 1VT PITV A !nr SALT LAKK til l A leuer pui-ported'y written in 1830 by Mormomsm's first convert is now threatening to a!;er the idealized portrait of church founder Joseph Smuh. The lls -fwge leuer, which is kept in a bank somewhere m this capital city of Mormonism, is attributed to Martin Harris, Smith's first follower outside his own family. It reportedly says that Smith found the golden plates, which later resulted in the Book of Mormon, with the help of a "seer stone," a kind of magical looking glass. It also claims that Smith was prevented at first from gaining possession of the plates by an "old spirit" that had transfigured itself from a white salamander. Spreading the i oral The standard story of Smith has him directed by an angel in 1823 to find golden plates that he "translates" with the use of certain seer stones. Word of the so-called "white salamander letter" first spread last winter among Mormon historians, a growing group of scholars who have generated many articles and books "demythologizing" the early Mormon movement. Church leaders have declined to comment on the letter or its contents until its authenticity has been determined. But some leading historians who study Mormon origins believe the letter would add to existing evidence that Smith was not only a dynamic religious leader, but also a treasure seeker who believed in magical spirits. And among conservative Protestant critics of the Mormon Church, the letter has been hailed as "one of the greatest evidences against the divine origin of the Book of Mormon." A Salt Lake businessman, Steven F. Christensen, who is also a bishop of the church, purchased the letter, dated Oct. 23, 1830, and announced in March that he would not release it until its historicity could be determined. "I think it's authentic," he said at the time. Christensen said this week he probably will write a book on early Mormonism and that the Harris letter "is really just a catalyst' in I ruer the project. He did not say when the letter or results of the study he financed would be released. The First Presidency's Gordon Hinckley said the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints had earlier indicated that no comment would be made until the letter's analysis was completed. But insiders here say there are indications that the letter may be valid. Even if it is not, a respected non-Mormon authority on Mormon origins said the white salamander letter is consistent with other evidence that Joseph Smith had his occult side. Jan Shipps, a Methodist who once served as president of the Mormon History Assn., made what may have been the first public talk about the letter in Mormon circles Wednesday night and simultaneously offered the church hierarchy a way to deal with the explosive issue. li It aa Evil Pursuit? Shipps was one of three historians who addressed about 800 people attending the Sunstone Theological Symposium, an independent publishing group based here. Referring to existing evidence that Smith engaged in a popular activity of his time in New York State-hunting for treasure Mormon historian Richard L. Bushman asked whether it was more "inherently evil" to pursue such a pastime than to play poker. Bushman, whose "Joseph Smith and the Beginning of Morrnonism" will be published next month, urged Mormons to be tolerant "about this culture of magic invading the life of the prophet." But Shipps, an Indiana University professor affectionately called "the den mother of Mormon historians" by former Church Historian Leonard Arrington, suggested that the true picture of Smith lies between the standard church portrait and the anti-Mormon picture of an imaginative treasure hunter. If the Harris letter is genuine, she said, it would confirm other evidence suggesting that some people understood that the plates were located by Smith with his seer stone. Jl Joseph Smith "Since the Harris letter was addressed to W.W. Phelps, a newspaper editor and potential Mormon convert, it is a document that, if genuine, will also make clear that the presence of the occult in the Mormon story was not something that Smith '8 early followers tried to hide," Shipps said. "Quite the reverse, the mixture of the religious and the occult appears to have been one of the appeals of early Mormonism and not simply to the uneducated. "What to say about the salamander? After the initial shock . . . this was the key to my own changed understanding of Joseph Smith," she said. "A salamander, according to myth, is the animal that can be placed in the fire and not be burned." Her studies led her to conclude that magic and religion are "really two ends of the spectrum." Further, she said, her reading "makes it clear that Joseph Smith himself moved from hunting treasure to searching for a treasure of much higher magnitude and seems to me to provide a basis for a story of an honorable religious tradition." However, unusual caution about the letter's genuineness has been expressed by Jerald and Sandra Tanner, longtime evangelical cnt -ics of the Mormon Church. The Tanners wrote in their Salt Lake City Messenger newsletter last March that the purported Harris letter contains too many similarities to statements published in an 1834 book by E.D. Howe. In the Howe book, there were two accounts as to how Smith found the plates. One said he looked into the hole which contained the plates and saw a toad, which changed into a man. The other said the toad transformed itself into a spirit. The Tanners' suggestion of forg ery has surprised some Mormons, who note that the parallels m wording also could be taken as evidence for authenticity. Shipps mentioned in her speech another letter, reportedly written by Smith in 1825, that advises one Josiah Stowel (also spelled Stoal) how to divine the location of a rich mine with a stick. "You know the treasure must be guarded by some clever spirit, and if such is discovered, so also is the treasure," Smith wrote, according to a reportedly typed copy circulated to some historians and news reporters. However, the letter has not been confirmed publicly to exist. At any rate, Shipps said, she was already convinced that Smith and Stowel had worked together attempting to find a mine that would yield treasure. She said Smith's early story contains alternate instances of religious visions, including the first in 1820, in which he was said to have seen "the Father and the Son" and FIRST UNIUD METHODIST CHURCH OF PASADENA 500 E C01ORADO BOULEVARD 796-0157 REV GF0RGF MANN, PREACHING "SNAPSHOTS OF FAITH" Church School lor all om it S 00 WESTWOOD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 10497 WHsrilr Bl. 474-491 1 Or David O Roam, Pulor d "SURFACE TENSION" Dr. Jerry Lareen, 8peaklng Worship end 10:30 A.M. 900 Adult Classes-11:30 Collee & Fellowship on Patio nil hi ii ui1 in i: oii; noon DR. O. MICHAEL COCORIS, PASTOR Sixth and Hop Streets, I. A. , DvwRteM sliise It IS . 10-30 AM "THE SILAS LEGACY" REV. RICHARD EMMONS SrOO P M. THE CONTINENTAL SINGERS FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF LOS ANGELES The stability and dignity of traditional worship since 1867 V .'. - 1 I all ' M WORSHIP SUNDAY 9:30 AND 11 A.M. "SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" Dr. Walter J. Vernon, preaching NURSERY CARE BOTH SERVICES NURSERY CARE BOTH SERVICES i l i v-J Ml rW DONALD B. WARD, D.D L.L.D., Minister !JM 540 S. Commonwealth Ave. Lo 1 (213) 385-1341 Angclet, CA 90020 FIRST CHURCH OF GOD 2941 Wet 70th Street-753-1222 Dr. Benjamin F field, Pastor SUNDAY WORSHIP 8:30, 11 A.M., 6:00 P.M., WED. 7:30 P.M. Evangelical Non Sectarian Spirit Filled Inter -racial Clf Y PRESBYTERIAN CHUACtUft IMMANUEL, 3300 Wllatllra t Rerendo, 11:00 am Dr Jack HUntofrn S8S-3191 Sll VFRLAKE. 2830 Hyperion Ave Wot. 9 30 a m. Bob Whltaker 663-3151 UNITE0UNIVERSITYCHIIRCH(1ST),817W34lhSt. 10:30am Rav.LawrnKtT.Younj 740 -0208 WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN, 2230 W Jstlsr son Bl Wot. 11amDr.JamME.Jone. . . 734-1666 WELSH PRESBYTERIAN Valencia at 12th St. Wor 11:00 am 466-1391 WILSHIRE-SS9:30, Worship 10:30ThlrO&WMtrn, Rsv. Win. A. Hawn. John Rogsrl 387-5317 WEST HOLLYWOOD, 7350 Sunssl Bl at Martsl. Wor. 11 a m. Chris Slant (74-6646 SUBURBAN CHURCHES ALHAMBRA FIRST, 20 W Commonwulth, 10:30 am, 7:00 pm. Dr. Fostsr Shannon. . .286-4106 ARCADIA, 121 Alio St., 8:45, 10:30 a m .445-7470 BEVERLY HILLS. 505 N Rodeo Dr , Wor. 10:30 am,SS:16 Rsv. J. H Morrison.... 271-5194 BRNTW0, 12000 San Vlconts Bl at Bundy, Wor ,SS 9AM;Rsv. Chariot E Shields 826-6666 BURBANKFIRST.521E OllvsAve Wot 8:15a 10:46am SS:30amDr Wm H.Craig 642-5103 CHATSWORTH, St Stephen, 20 12 1 Devonshlrs, Wor. lOs.m. Dr. J. Goldsmith 360-7460 C0VINA FIRST, 310 N 2ra), Wor, Ch Sell 9. 10:30 A.M. Dr. Norbsrl Moke 332-6251 CULVER CITY, 11269 W Washington Blvd Wot. 10:30 sm, Man E Sroenlee 398-3071 DOWNEY FIRST, 10544 Downey Av. SS 9 AM, Wor. AM, John B. Toay 661-6752 ENCIN0 FIRST, Balboa at Addison, Wor. and SS 10:15 788-1147 GLENDALE FIRST, 218 E. Harvard St. Wot 9:30 and 11 a m Rsv. Jsck Chlsholm. . . .242-8873 GLENDALE, GRANDVIE W, 1 130 Roberta, Wot. 8, 11 a.m. SS 9:30 E.Kim Strutt 244-7223 GLEND0RA, GLENKIRK, 510 N. live Oak, Wot. t Ch. Sch. 9:30, 11 a.m. Or. Wallet Bay HIGHLAND PARK, 115 N. Ave 63. Wor 10:30 a.m. Rev. A.L. Powers 256-4171 INGLE WOOD, 100 N. Hlbcres! Bl Wor. Sun. SS 10 a m, Dr Daniel H Newhall 878-0268 LA CANADA, 626 Foothill, Wor. 9, 10:30 a m Dr Gary W. Demareet 790-6708 IA CRESCENTA, 2902 Montrots Ave., Wor. 10:30 a m Rsv. Stsphsn J. Hoogsrbnjjgs LA HABRA, 951 N. Idaho St, Wor. 9a.rn.SS 9a.m, Ed. 10:30. a.m. Jonathan H. Wilson 69 i-3?w8 LONG BEACH, Covsnant, 606 E. 3rd St., Wor. 10:00 AM, Ol. V.D. Emmal 437-0968 NORTH HOLLYWOOD, 5000 Collax Av. Wor. 10 a.m. John R. Moody 766-8103 NEWPORT BEACH, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Dr. John A. Hultman, Jr. Pastor 600 St Andrews Rd 7:30,6:45, 10:16 a m. Worship Ssrvlcss (714 ) 631-2680 ORANGE FIRST, Maple at Grand, Wot. 9.00-10:30 Dr. John C. Evans 536-2341 PACIFIC PALISADES, 16621 Sunsst Boulsvard at El Medio Wor. and SS 9:30 a.m. . . . 464-0366 P VERDES.St Petor'sByTheSoa,6410P V. Dt Wor 8:15, 10:30a.m. Wm H.Creovey 377-6862 PANORAMACITY,14201Roscoe Blvd SS 8:45. 10 A M Rev. G.W. McGraw (618 ) 984-6316 PASADENA, Colorado Blvd. at Madison Ave Wor. 6, 10 A M 793-2191 PASADENA, KNOX, Oel Mar and Hill, SS 9:30 Wor. 11:00 a m Or K Grltlln 449-2144 PLACENTIA, 849 N. Bradlord, Wor. 8:30,11:00. SS 10:00, F. David Throop .... (714) 526-1438 RESEDA, Kirk 0' Ins Valley. 19620 Vanowen St. Wor. 10 a m Rev C M Page 345-2536 SHERMAN0AKS,NoMeaOlckens,10 amCo. Pastors, JohnandPamPowall 788-3330 TARZANAST. JAMES, 194 14 Ventura, Wor.8:30 10:30 A.M. Dr.Wm.Flndley 346-2057 W L A ST. JOHN'S, 11000 National Blvd., WOO a.m. Darrell Johnson 477-2613 WESTCHESTER, 80th St. 6 Sspulveda, 10:30 a.m. Frank Marahall.Barbara Eutich-Rascoe 670-5750 GRANADA HII I S FIRST. 10400 7l7sh Wor 8 SS 9 00 Rev Stanley N Jonss 360-1831 WOODI AND HII LS FIRST 5761 Piatt Ave Wor 9 30 A M 346-7694 told that the true church vt-s not on Earth, and his fascination for buried treasure, including his discovery of a seer stone in 1 Desi.te the suggestions by Shipps, Bushman and other historians that there ts too much evidence of the church founder's less-than-ideal activity, there are few signs, if any, that the strongly conservativ e Mormon leadership is willing to alter its standard teachings. John Carmack, a former Los Angeles church leader now appointed a General Authority, said Thursday that he sees a growing candor in Mormon biographies, but he added, "not every half-cocked theory that appears will be put into instructional materials." At the same time, Carmack said he has not seen any effort to restrain research work. Church leaders, he said, are aware of rather candid books recently published by Arrington and a Smith biographer, Donna Hill. UKSI WOOU IMt.KSIl.Thl.lAIN UlUltCII IOH21 WiltMrt butnrd 4?4-JS eYa. ( We) L. Or, Patttr Worship 0 00 and 11:00 A M "ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY" tinrfay Radio HroadrnM 8 a m K HI I I IOM Dowt Dr. Donn D. Moomaw, Senior Pastor returns to the Bel Air Presbyterian Church pulpit Sunday, August 26th from his Summer Olvmplca involvement. WORSHIP SERVICES: 9:00 & 10:30 am 16221 Mulholland Drive, Lot) Angela. CA S0049 (1 ml weal ol Sen Dtogo Fwy) (Bill TU-4200 C7) Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie, Pastor HOLLYWOOD FIRST PRESBYTERIAN WORSHIP and SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:15 & 11:00 a.m. 1760 N. Gower Street Hollywood Freeway Gower off-ramp FREE PARKING NURSERY PROVIDED Phone 463-7161 The Battle of Discipleship Ephesians 6:10-18 JACK MICHAEL LOO 6:OOp.m.- Jack Michael Loo A Love With Honor Ruth 3 Watch Lloyd Ogilvie on LET GOD LOVE YOU A television program that will help you to discover God's courage for life's challenges. SUNDAYS) Channel 9 -8:O0 a.m. Channel 40 6:30 p.m. For GOD'S BEST EACH DAY call 466-3223 Creative Counseling Center: 465-6020 Spanish Worship Service 3:45 Wylie Chapel What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8: Verse 31 Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereppygood shall come unto thee ( Job 22: Verse 21 Los Arterial County Orange County Riverside County CHRISTIAN CiaHCI For the location of the church imrMI you, cat. i!13) Tit 0617 San BHnardtno County (7Mt BBS-1676 714 S WIS Venture County (B05) 643 3063 714) 664 MM In Spartan language (213)7212(63 LUTMBBIAN CHURCH (INDBIHOINT OUR. SAVIOUR, ki La Verne Hte., ScM. BaeeHne nr. Wheeler Rsv. E6. Butch. Wor. I, SS 10:16 461-1120 731 6631 276-0123 246 6606 766 1172 Dl 6 Mtt 25 4136 (213) 324-1441 rsa-arrz 305-W77 208 6616 OS 6 6673 36B3417 747-6265 367-1334 464-3993 676 2102 763 6193 376 6989 436-4047 aitCODAL ST RAUL'S Now 8000 SAM CHAPEL. 637 Lucas. L A Hehj Eucharist 10 ADVENT, 4976 W Adams. Rev. L.R Bohler Jr 6 B.ffi. (M C ), 11 am. HCSCS ALL SAINTS (Rev HHlil, 604 N Camden Dr., Rev. M Oraoory RKhirdt, 8. 10 t.m. ALL SAINTS (Highland Rarhl. 6619 Monte Vista, Rev Wd Loetel. 6 6 10 a.m. ALL SAINTS (PiMdene) 132 N Euclid. Rov G.F Rons, 7:46 a m end W OO a.m. CANOGA PARK (St Minn J 7136 WlnnatKo, Rev Thomas w Vaughn, 6, 9 15. 11 a m. CHRIST THE 6000 SHFPHFR0. 3301 W Vernon, 6. 10, CS 9 10 a m Rev. Hlgglnbothaja GARDFNA HrXV COMMUNION, 1160 W Mtsl 81 Father M. lacagaa, 14 a.m. rAHfoti u ntlunviLift I run. rem a rnwDi w a.m. S1A MONICA St AuguitMe'el 1227 4th, Rev F A Fsnton. H.C. I, 10:30 e m., C E 915 ST ALBANS, 680 HHgard Ave., 6, 10 a.m Norman Y. tehtiaM ST. OKWGF'S, IHeotnornel 4679 W El SeguMo to e m. Rev R E Perks ST. JAMFS. 3903 WMhke St Rav Robert 6 Oliver 8 30, W 30 S S AO ED 930 ST JOHN 514 W Adams. Rev Werner R Traynham, 6, 10 a.m., CS 9 a.m. ST MARV'S. 981 Mariposa Ave.. Rector Dr. J H M Vamaaki, 7:30 and 9:30 a m. ST. STEPHEN'S, 6126 Yucca St., Hollywood. 6 6 10 a.m. ST THOMAS, 7601 Hollywood Btvd , 6 and 10 30 i.e.. Rev. Canon N.L Owing! STUDIO CITY, St Michael 6 AN Angola 3646 CMwtr Cyn W L. Slovene. 8 6 w am. HERMOSA BEACH, St Croee 1618 Monterey Blvd Rev Jack 0 Ealos, Rector 7:46. 8t 11:30 IONCRFACH SI t imWb Atlanta: at Tfli a 10 a m Rav A LoRov Youno I mi U ATM a Tlwwua ni Cuitarhim. MOA Arhflt Rd 8 and 10 A M CS 6:30 F.M. 7 P U Rav C C. Barbour 425 4457 LOW) BEACH, St Brogory'o, 6201 E WWow St Sun 6, W A M Rev George McCllran 420 1311 SAN 6ABRIEL OUR SAVIOUR, 636 West Roaoe Rd . 8 end 10:15 e m. 262-5147 6LEN0ALE, SI Mark's 1020 N Brand. Father Kevin S Dunn, Rector 6 and 10 am 240-3660 LOS ANGELES TRINITY. Melrooo t Barondo. Father David Duncan Warn 660-1110 MONROVIA, St Luke'a, 122 S CaWornle. 8 t 10 a.m.. Wed 7:30 p.m. 357 7071 ST FRANCIS, ST MARY, 3621 BrunawKk Ave.. 8. 10 a m Hoy Eucharmt 663-2063 SAN MARINO, ST EDMUND'S, 1176 San BabrW 6. W e m. 793-9197 MALIBU, St Aldan'a, 28211 W Paclttc Coesl Hwy.. 9 e m.. Rev 6 He6 457-7966 ARCADIA, TRANSFIGURATION, 1681 S. lei St., 8 1928 Rite 9.30 e m The Rav. J. Wm. Daum 445-3340 NON-DIHOMIHATIOMAL CHRISTIAN PALOS VEROES COMMUNITY CHURCH, Romng Hms Utah School. Hawthorne sad SRvsr Spur. wor. a o.b. hi a.m., n 382-8269 737-2424 261-6642 445-9172 266-6663 666 4977 9712244 994-2313 661-1123 827-0181 zsnelos 449 6943 B9B-B044 212-7044 261-6270 UfTHIRAN (WISCOM1III SYNOD) KIND OF KINGS. 13431 Nawhopa, 6.6 ( 00 a.m., 10:46 I B 9:30 SS BASTS RN ORTHODOX CHURCH cr yirum ac raTMrnnai (AnHnHUant Mdn W 3rd Street Sundav KHIO a.m. ST SOPHIA CATHEDRAL (Brook), 1324 So Normendle, L A a a m, 1015 ej Saorga Verratoa (714) ST STEVEN'S CATHEDRAL (Seriran). 2511 W Oarvey, AJhambra. Sun. 1O30 a.m. CHHlbl irrt anvwn isoro lu o in wwpi, ww v., i. n HOLY TRINITY (Romanian). 3315 Verduoo R Rev ConaianW Alecas HOLY VIROIN MARY (OCA -Russian). 660 MKhotwena Ave, 9O0 Eng 1100 Rues. ST LUKE'S (Ajitlochlan), 13261 OonMae Ave , (iarden Grove Sim WOO CT UITHAFI 'ft lAnllnrhlanl 16B43 Vanowen. Van Nuvs. SS 6 Llturov WOO a.m. ST! INNOCENT (OCA-ENGLISH), 5657 Lhdley. Tanane 9 a.m. Rov. Andrew Harrison ct nun tuc Badtict icuFCkt aflft U n.U fit Anahaha Sun SO U Ft. JamM DlBVatlS ST ANTHONY'S (BREEK-EN0LISH1 778 8. Roaemesd Btvd . Patadeos. Sun. WOO e m John C 51 MICHAtL a IAHinA,niAHJ vrn, 1 wo oo raranwwm w, wvwiwy am. m.m. HOLY TWELVE APOS1LES (Englleh), 2041 Argyll Ave, L A. Ft. SWIsn ORTHODOX MISSION, (English) 2371 Carson St, Torrence Manna 930. liturgy 10 woooora ST. PAUL'S. IRVINE I bridge HI School, Eng. Set. N a m Ft. S. Stectiankfu (7M) 030-2152. 534-9617 REFORMED CHURCH IN A88SRICA BELLFLOWER, BETHEL, 10012 Remona. C Van Da Hoal Wor. 9.30 am, 6 30 p m 866 0791 L A, HOPE, Harbor Freeway 6 Florence, War. 11 a m and 6 p.m. Pallor uses Palmer 753-0159 ANGLICAN CATHOLIC ( 19?8 Book ol Common Prayer) ORANGE, ST MARY MAGDALENE, 205 S Blaaall A F Reach, Sun Maee 7:30, A.M. (714 ) 774-6100 CHATSWORTH, St Mery The Virgin, Oakwood Monwrlal Park, Ser 930 am (818) 366-7622 LOS ANGELES. PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT. 6301 W Olympic. 0 PoHnton, Sat Mess 6 pm 966-0404 SANTA ANA St Thereee 2911-C So Mam Street Rev tenon RonaU C Hemlock (714 ) 730-7192 LA VFRNE ST. LUKE'S, A end 2nd St , Fattier R B Weal Eucharist 7:30. Warn (714 ) 593 9633 CORONA DEL MAR. ST. MATTHEWS, 611 ItoHottope. J. HoWtaM 9 am Eucharlel (7U) 532-2201 SIKH DHAR6JA GURU RAM DAS ASHRAM, 1620 Prausi Road, L A Sua. am Kkian Unear CHURCHSS OP CHRIST ALHAMBRA, 1609 W Altiambre Rd Wm Allan Brown, 1060 am 6 pa. (BS 946) AT-2-4341 CENTRAL, )2th and Hoover, Lewie Filsby, Paul Harper. SS 16, Wor. 10 50 A Vj 6 p m. 714 622-2698. 473-8228, DU 9 Mil COSTA MFSA, m W WHaon, Paul Thomas B 8 9 a m Wor 10 a m Eve 6 645-3191 CRENSHAW. 2719 W SanU Barbers Ave, L A BS 9:30 e m Wor 10:30 a.m. AX-2 2tt0 CULVER-PALMS, 9733 Venice n, LA Funk Pack, David Ska let. Wat. 6 am, 1040 am. and 6pm. Bible Study 9:30 a m Wad Bawl Study 7O0 pm. 202-7667 HAWTHORNE, 4666 W El Seeundo Bl. BS 9 46. 10-45 am, 6 p m Sun. 676-4B66 HOLLYWOOD. 600 N Roasmoro, Robert E Btak, 1H a m, 6 pm HO-3-6352 MALIBU, UNIV. CHURCH, Emms Aud, Carroll Osburn, Sun. BlMs Btutfy 8:30, Wor. 10.30 ( 8 p m Wed. 7 00 pm (213 ) 466 2631 INGLEW0O0, 323 S Eucalyptus John Green Mm , BS 930 am Wor. 10:30AM. Eve 6 PM 674-7690 mANUt. 357 5 Lemon st L. Duane cenoy, it a m, 6 p.m., (SS W) REOOND0 BEACH 6122 Pachic Cat Hwy George FM, Wot. it a.m.. SS 10 am SANTA ANA (Northaldo) 2130 N Grani, BS HX Fox Jr. 8 am BC, Wor. 10 am, 6 pm. ' mtruin mnunti n Lena , v wa m (no woo) TORRANCE 3625 Maricopa George Robmeon. WOO am t 5 pm (RS 900 a m ) nvwuinu niLLO, moo ouraana, a 382-6378 836-9105 292-2722 387-4355 363-8466 Ed 8 20 240-9000 666-0140 792-1212 451-1346 472-7510 LUTHERAN CHURCH IN ABHRICA ANGELICA, 1345 S BurHngton, Eng Wor. 10 am, SparHah Wor. 12 noon Rav. J. W. lane BETHEL. 5760 W Olympic Wor. 1100 am, SS 946 Rev. John 6 lemnrtzer DANISH, 4260 Third Ave, L A. P. Orberg, Pastor, WortMp 11 a.m. FIRST LUTHERAN OF L A, 3tt9 W. Slnth St Wor. W a m Dr. Karl E Knlseley FINNISH. Finnish services at 1345 S Burhngton, L A Rev D. Lehtl, 8:45 GLENDALE ( tit) 1300 E. CotoraOo. P. Kompton Sogerhammar. Wor. 6:15 1 10:30, Christian HOLLYWOOD. 1733 N New Hampshire. Wor. 6:30, W30 a m Rav. Harry Durkse PASADFNA (Trinity), 997 E. Walnut, Floyd L. Lswson. 10 sm. SANTA MONICA (St Paul's), 968 Lincoln Bl, Wor. 10:30 a.m SS 9 am. VILLAGE WtSFWOOO. 343 church Ln. Dr. A.L. Henry, Wor. 10:30 am. AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH CANOGA PARK. Shepherd ol the VilHy, 23636 Klttrldge, 6:30, WOO am. Pastor Rich Schlatter 348-8343 NORTH HOLLYWOOD EMMANUEL, 6020 Radioed Ave, Wor, 6:30 and 11 am, CS 9.30 am. Folk Service 10 e m, Perrleh HaH 761-6124 GLENDALE (Salem), 1211 N Brand H Henry W Routs, Pastor 6:30 t 1140 SS 9:50 243-3193 SANTA MONICA, Mt Ollvs. 1343 Ocean Park Bl, B. 90 a.m. Crslg B. SchoU 452-11 16 TRINITY HAWTliORNE. 4783 W 130th St, M. Sssl, 8. 10:30 (Sf 9:15 AMI (213) 875-4493 WESTCHESTER. 7631 S Seputvede Bl, Rev. F.G Milled, Wor. W am, SS 6:45 am. 670-5422 TORRANCE, Good Shepherd. 21100 Victor St, Torrance 642-1649 Worship: 8:30 6 118.8. 9:45 542-1649 GRANADA HILLS, St. Stephens, 15950 Chstsworth SI. Wot. 8, 10:30 am, SC 9:15, Philip Natwlck (618 ) 691-1769 LUTHERAN (MISSOURI SYNOD) RFTM4MV i!4nlluiMwwl 407t C.nul hul. fianrf WW m CHRIST 64th 6 Rulhedm, Wor. and SS W30 a m, 'Rev. Lnler Charles. FR-5-2077 642-0609 355-1617 370-6338 8 am. Wur. w am, Eva. 64)0. Larry Chouhard jw-jr ic, eng oc-oo YORK BLVD., 4904 York Blvd. Jos H. Moulder. BS 945 am, Wor. 10:46 A M, 6 P.M. Wed. Wte 7:30 256-4283 SAN GABRIEL. 625 E Dewey, T. W Phmips Wor. 10- 11a m 6:30 pm 266-1261 WEST LOS ANGELES, 1731 Corinth Ave, Sun. BS 10 a.m. Wor. 11 a.m, eve 6 pm. Wed 6:30 pm. Rutter Reaves, Minister 661-5746 CONORBOATIONAL FIRST, 6th t Cmmmmm. Wor 9 JO end 11 am, Dr DonaM B. Ward 986-1341 hvLvrWOO, 7066 Hoeywood H, Rev (lltrerd rjielfii 11O0 am-11 SS 467-2172 ONFON i A, 1615 GartMd, South Paladens, Or Edwin Roberta, War. W am, C.8. 1 a.m. 799-6161 SANTA ANA, (Fast), 2666 Santiago, Richard L. Irving Mtrteair 639-0311 Wf STW0O0 HILLS. 1969 Woetwood M Rev. 8 Mark Hogue, Wor. 6 CS 10 a m. 474-7327 MESSIAH 7300 W Manchester, L A WOR-CS 10 am Dr. Rooert Hilda na Jr. 645-0301, 670-2242 WOODLAND HILLS COMMUNITY CHURCH, DumaQ Rood at Canoga Ave. Wor. 10.30 am. Rav. Robert Rtthter Jr. 348-0820 ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN MANHATTAN BEACH, SOU Man. Be Btvd, War. 11 a m, SS 9, Evs. 6 pm. Bey. Mark House FRIENDS (QUAKER) PACIFIC YEARLY MEETINO LOS ANGELES MEETING (Unproprsmmed). 41(7 NormancH, 11 am. WESTWOOD MEETING (Unprojrammadl, 674 HReard Ave. W am. SANTA MONICA MEETING (Unproaaraiaod) 149 Harvard, 10 am. 298-0733 478-8576 628-4069 662-4176 an.fui EL SEREN0, A LLC, 3304 N. Eaitorn Ave, SS 9:15, 10:30 comiwinkKi. 12:15 Spanish, Rsv. Ernssl King 225-6974 HIGHLAND PARK. 6310 AMama St Rev Robert Alsloben. WS 930 s m SS 10:45 Sm. 255 0309 INGLEW0OO (Good Shepherd ). Arbor Vital ( Maple, E W. Worker. 6:45 6 10 am. 671-7644 TRINITY 967 S. Gremorcy PI BC 9, Wor. 10, SS 11:30 a.m. Dr. Alfred J. Freltag 737-2790 UNIV Of SO. CALIF (Lutheran), 635 Wan 34th Street al n 00 tor Into 741-6114 DOWNEY (Good STiepherd). 13200 Clark. Rev. Oennli w. Bottoms 6 6 10:46, SS 9:30 803-4469 VENICE. FIRST. 615 Venice Blvd , Rev. J P. Johnson, 10 a m, SS 8 45 621-2740 FIRST ol Culver City 6 Palmi. 3735 Hughes Ave, Rev. Carl Lutt Wor. 6:30 am. SS 10 636 6076 PASADENA Ml Olive Lutheran, 1116 N Alter, Rev. W Fackler, Wor. 10:30 a m, SS 9:15 794-2794 PALOS VERDES, Mt Olive. 6975 Armage Spring Rd Rev. J. Poarachke Wr. N a m. SS 9 a m. 377-6541 BAHA'I PAITH (t1S) SSS'SISI Baha'l Canttr, 67S6 Rodeo Road, Agoura Allaoona Anaheim Arcadia Bur bank Beverly Hllll Fullorton Gordons GlandaM CHURCH OP OOD IN CHRIST GREATER GRACE MEMORIAL CHURCH. 4644 Cometon Ave Bishop R W Tsyter 232 9960 WEST ANGELES CHURCH, 3045 S Crenshsw Btvd Rav Chartos Biaks Wor. I sm. 733-8300 NEW ANTIOCH CHURCH. 7826 S. Vermonl Ave Rov. J. A. Lewis 11:30 s m. 776-7966 SANTA MONICA, New Lkjhl Church, 310? Colorado Ave Bishop B R Banbow 828-7197 TOWER OF FAITH CHURCH, 4323 E. Roaacrena, Opt Reuben Anderesn. 8 30. wSi, 8 7 p.m. 636-3807 Hawthorne 213 875 2371 818 991-9622 Irvine 714 669 5576 616 797-3147 Manhattan Beech 213 372 5656 714 996-3011 MleeMnVlelo 714 681-2117 816 446 9362 Paeodona 616 577-26W 818 846 4243 Pomona J O. 714 861-2644 213 676 0370 Sen Bernardma 714 669 6946 714 626 9536 SanU Monica 213 394 -7971 213 770-4639 So Pasaeans 618 799 3793 918 241-1018 South Gale 213 665-2646 UNITED METHODIST CULVER PALMS, 4464 Sspulveda Bl Charm R Mabry, Wor. W 30 a m. SS 8:30 a.m. 390-7717 FIRST DOWNTOWN, Olympic 6 Flower. Potior Charles L. Yue Sun Wor w.45 sm. 629-1802 GLENDALE, FIRST 134 N. Kenwood St Wor 9. 11 s m. Or Donald Locher 243-2105 GERMAN 449 So Olive, Rev Siegfried Elsenmann 11AM German Serv. 254-5606 LONG REACH (Flrel), 507 PacllK. Rev. Devld L. Richardson 11:00 a m 437-1260 WESTWOOD, 10497 Wllehlre Bl CS. 10:30. Wor. 8, W 30 a m Dr David 8. RognB 474 4511 WILSHIRE, 4360 Wllshhe St Plymouth. J Irwin Trotter, 8 30 6 11:00 am. 631-1085 LA TUERA. 7400 Ossge Ave , LA. George B Haruog, 10 30 e m 649 6267 LOS FELIZ. 4963 Frsnklln Avs, L A Wor. 10 la CS9 30 a.m Rav. HoUy Ralnhard Msrssn 662-6075 RESEDA (Flrel). 18120 Sitlcoy, Paetor Ed Galyon, 6:45 6 WOO em 344-7135 TORRANCE FIRST, 1651 El Piado (al Careen), David J. Harada. Wor. 8 15, 9:45 am. 328-3242 1 ASSEMBLY OF OOD BFTHEL TEMPLE, 1250 Bellsvue Ave , (LA ) 10 46 am 6:00 p m Rev H M Bartoot 625-6266 DOWNEY NEW LIFE CENTER, 11022 CM River School Rood. Rsv. Lslsnd HIH, 9 30 and 10:30 1 m , 6pm Wed 7 pm 977-61 18 L0MITA CALVARY, 255th 6 Oak Sts, Rev Lee Weddle Wor 11am,6pm,Wsd 7pm 326-2757 DOWNEY LANDMARK, 9001 Paremount Blvd.. Downey Dr John Scarr. 10 45 a m , 6 p.m. 827-1436 N LONG BCH, Glad Tldmgi Assembly. South 8 Cherry. V Wm. Ourbln, 945. 11, 6 pm. Wed 7 p m 426-4811 NORTH HOLLYWOOD FIRST, 11465 Burbank Bl. Rsv. Beorgs C. Smith, Wot. 10:45 a.m, 6:00 p m 766-4341 SANTA MONICA, Central, Hth and Arlnna, Rev. CurlH Rlngnsss. 10:45 a m 6 6 pm, Wad 7:00 393-5763 WHITTIER. Palm View, 7106 Soreneen Avs, Rev. H L Carroll. 10:45 a m, 600 p m. Wed 7:00 p m 698 ?564 WESTCHESTER, 8606 Wiley Post Avs , SS 8:45, Wor, 11 am Eve 6 pm Don Trimmer 645-7426 WHITTIER First Family, 8343 S. Sieenrsat Ave, 8.30 a.m. SS, 10:45 a.m. wor, eve 6 p.m., Wed 7 pm. Rav. Ronald PrrnUng 696-6737 CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE LONG BEACH, 3331 Palo Verde Ave H.J Alexander, Pallor W45 a m 6 6 p m SS 8 30 213(420-1478 GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1945 Carmooa Ave, L A SS 8:30 am Wor. 10:45 a m Rav. A B Apmar 936 3955 FOURSQUARE PASADENA FOURSOUARE, 174 N Harknets. (SS 30). 10:45 sm 6 7 P m J. AHen 792-1803 FREE METHODIST DOWNEY, 8245 E. Florence, Rsv. Wesley L KaBar. 11 am. 6 em. (88 945) 862-0810. 862 0931 UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST WFSTW1XI0 H,L8, tMB Westwood S Rav 8 Mark Hrjguo. Wor 6 C 8. 10 a m. 1!" I3?! FIRST I ST PAUL o, L A. 332 W 37th 8t 900 a m EngVfh, 965 a m Gorman (21J) 881-5678 TUSTIN Cong Ch. of the Frjothrlls, Ftewporl 4 Dodge Avenuee.Rev. Ronald Meyer 8:30 am. 644-1319 WOODLAND HILLS COMMUNITY CHURCH, Dumeb Road al Canoga Ave. Wor. W30 am. Rev Robert PJcbter Jr. S48-0820 NORTHRIDQE CONGREGATIONAL, B669 Berboa Blvd . Dr Moea Wm PottarvekJ, Wor. 930 am 649-2400 INGLEWOOO Morntngalde Unned Church 8722 Uanahaw Blvd. 10 JO an. Rev. Dr. RlctiaTd Chrteman. "A Fuy Irrtegraloil Church" ... 750 2790 GARDEN GROVE, 8621 Blxby Ave. War. to am. Jamas P. Lehrnann 714(639-1131 BAFTIST FIRST, L A Wesl Bth al Weitraoreland, Wor 11 i n , J H Townoend J64-2151 GARDE NA, CALVARY. 2618 Manhattan Beach BL Morning WoreNp-S tS 6 11-00, Sunday School-9 , Evening Service 6:30 P.M.; Prayer t Blbta Study Tubs, 1M pm. Hrapanlc Mmniry Sun. 1 ( e m 323-7626 TEMPLE, 427 W Fifth St Rev. Jamas E Conkmi, Wor. 9M0. 88 930 am. 628-7361 PICO RIVERA ( 1st) 9141 Burke St Rov. N R Darton. 11 a m 6 7pm CS 9 30 1 m 099. 1663 NORTH HOLlAytjoO, 13050 Vanowen 8t Wor 8 45 and 11 a m Eva and Youth 7 pm 765-6124 VALLEY PARK, 16614 Nordhorl St, Sopurveda, SS 9.16 SVC W30, Wed Bible Study 7 p.m. 894-B3I6 CHRISTIAN (DISCIFLBS OF CHRIST) HOLIYWOOD BEV, 1717 N. Gramorcy PI. Wor. 6 16- 46 am CS 8 am Rav. Moon HO 8-5107 N HC1LYW000, 4360 Colfax Ave.: Robert M Bock: SS 930, Wor. 9:30 and 11 a m 763-8218 WILSHIRE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, wWi-Normandie, W45 am, Dr. Jamas W. Ptersetl 367-6337 WOODLAND HILLS, 6970 Shoup Ave, 30 am. Wor. SS 9 am 340-5613 WESTCHESTER CMntSTIAN. 6740 Ll TBOra DM SS 915, Wor. W30 a m. Dr. R W 8rnlth 645-4344 SANTA MONICA FIRST, 608 Artrana Ava. CS-9.30. Wor. W46 am. Rev. Charlee W. Erawk 393-6767 B9AJCAREHE COVINA VALLEY CTR 5119 N. Vsley Center Ave.. Rick Savase. 8:46, 110 am t 7 p.m. 699-2512 CRESCENT AVE, 5rjd, OavM L Mesiroeh SS 8:30. MS 1046 a.m, Evs 6 p.m. SZJ-2797 FIRST, 3rd St. 1 Hock E. el Vermonl Ron BervarM, 9J0, 11 em, 8410 pm. 366-6345 THE SALVATION ARMY Sunday Service 11 a m. Carps and Mneaxenlty Cerrlsrs bVougtioul Southarn CaBtarrila. Ptoses check your local directory or ca (213 ) 627-6571 ASCENDED MASTERS MALIBU CYN Church IMvoraal and Trkimehant, 26800 w Muaxjaand Hwy, EKzabotti Clara Prophet, ScMnca ol the Spoken Word, Wor. 1030 am. Wad. NM Hasting Sat, 8.00 p.m. 880-6300 FULL OOSFBL IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY, 867 W. 18 St, LA. Rav. Clltlord Lsrson. (SS 9:46) 10 45 a m 6pm THE CHURCH OF THE JWHOLB EARTH 746 2041 LOS ANGELES, Public Svc. 2nd Tubs ea mo 6249 W Century 7:30 p m (P 0 B 34591. L A 90034) CU 2411 257-6803 PILLAR OF FIRE PILLAR OF FIRE. 4900 N Flguoroa St Rav. WHIlam Cruver, 11, 7. (SS 9:45) SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST EAQLE ROCK. 5006 Elwriwood Dr. (Sat SS 9,30 am.) Wor. 11 am. CRENSHAW CHRISTIAN CENTER, 9550 Crsnshaw Blvd, Wor 8. Wt5, 12:30 p m. 757-4151 UNIVERSITY. 6631 W CentMIs (BS) 916, W30. 6:30, Gone 8. Carter, MMaler 670-4747 WESrwOOO HILLS, toeoe u Conte Ave. WOO am. Dr. Myron J. Taylor 208-8578 SCIENCE OF WIND RBUIOIOUS SCIENCE ALL FAITHS CHLIRxat 3233 Tyler, El Monte. w.J0 a m, Ray Arthur Carter 444-4514 WESTSIDE CH Of REL. SCI. Sun. 6 8 11 a.m., Veterane Memorial Bunding, 4117 Overtand, Culver City M. Jar HlKtl HobarU 202-6661 AFRICAN METHODIST BFiSCOFAl WARD AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL, 1177 W. 26th, 6 8 w.45 am. Frank ID. Read 747-1387 UNITED FSNTBCOSTAL CHURCH LOS ANGELES. 5086 EBananod Dt. 88 945, 11 am, 7J0 pm, Bernard Elms 267-0064 BUDDHISM AND SEN MEDITATION MT. BALDY ZEN CENTER Training end practice el Zen Beddhtam. Pta leatructlons 930 sm Sunday Ml Baldy.Cs 91769 (Ca8 lor res.) 7W98S-641J L A BUDDHIS1 vtHARA, 1147 N. Oaaclrouod Dr. 8un 4 pm. 464-8698 UNITARIAN UNIVBRSALIST BURBANK FELLOWSHIP, 353 E San Joeo W 30 a m Dr Stanley Seere 645-4309. 766 9690 LONG BEACH, UU Church. 5460 Atherlon, Sundey 10 30 a m. Rex Slyrens, Minister 597-6445 LOS ANGELES, Flrel Unltarlsn. 2936 W 8th St Rev. PhlHp Zwerlmg. 11am 369-1356 ORANGE COUNTY, 1120 W Santa Ana St, Anaheim, 10.30 a m. Miurlca OgrJen 776-6791 PALOS VERDES, 6621 Montemalaga Dr, Rancho Pane Verdei, A J Henrlkien 876-9448377-5018 PASADFNA-THROOP 300 S Loa Flotaos. Rov Robert Kairfmann. 11 a m 796-6625 PASADENA-NEIGHBORHOOD CH, 301 N Orange Grove Bl 10:30 em Rev B L. Lovely 799 3128 STUDIO CITY, 12366 Moorpark. Wor. 10 a.m,, SS 10 a m Rev Jon Oobror 769-5911 SEPULVT-OA 9650 Haskell Aye.. W45 I B Rsv. Farley W Wheerwrloht 894-9251 SOUTH BAY FELLOWSHIP, 2603 Mathews Ave, Redondo Beach 11:15 e m 374-0506 THROOP MEMORIAL CHURCH, 300 S Los Romas, Pasedona Rev Robert Kaufmsnn. 11 a m SY5-6626 WHITTIER, Uptown YMCA, Hadley al Milton, Rev Harold W Beu 10.30 a.m. 693-5536 SANTA MONICA CHURCH, 1260 l61h St, 11:00 a m. Dr E D Pipes 829-5436 UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP m the FOOTHILLS. 4451 Dunsmors Avs, La Crescents Office 248-3954 ORANQF COAST 1269 Victoria Costa Meaa 10:30 a m 646-4652 FULLERTON, 2400 E. Chspman Avs, Futtsrton Sevlngi. Rev. Dorl J. Somen 10:30 a.m. 714871-7150 M0NTCLAIR, Unitarian Society ol Pomona Valley, 81S5 Monte Villi Ave. 10:30 e m. 714626-0520 CONEJ0 VALLEY, Fellowship Hall, 960 Warwick Ave, Thousand Oaks, Rsv. Jim Hooper 10 30 a m 606492-8751 SPIRITUALIST CENTRAL CHURCH. N.S.A.C, 1707 S Vermont 2:30 Sun GARDENA, First United, 813 W. 165th PI Services 11 a.m. t 7 pm. UNIVERSAL CHRIST CHURCH, 16016 Sherman Way, Van Nuys. sun 10 a.m. NORTH HOLLYWOO0, FELLOWSHIP CHAPEL (NSAC) 12128 Vanowen 11 a m. THE CHURCH OF INNER LIGHT, 1557 So. Rarrlnglon. W.L.A. Sun. 11 a.m. Rev Jirno SPIRTIUALIST SOCIETY, NSAC, 6000 W. Pico Bl LA. Sun 11 a.m. Rsv. Faubsl ETERNAL LIGHT 2900 Sepulvade Y.M CA. Torrance, Rev. Bin-Dorle Freebury. Sun. 7:30 p.m. SPIRITUALIST CENTER, 6417 uxmgton Ave, Sun. 2 p.m., Wed 6 p m. SANCTUARY OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, 4953 Franklin Ave, Hollywood. Sun. eve. 7 pm, Wed. Sat. esch month fair and asms 1-6 pm. AFOSTOLIC FAITH L A 2333 Fletcher Dr. 11 a m 6 7:30 p m (SS 9:30) Tubs t Frl 8 p m LOS ANGELES, 3200 W. Adams Blvd, 11:30 a.m. DST. ELD. G Grady Benton , CHAPEL Of THE KING CHURCH, 6037 W. Pico Bl. Pastor Elder Alsn Wright BIBLB STUDENTS BALDWIN PARK, 14200 E. Rsmons (behind Imperial S6L), service 10:30-12:30 L A, 933 S. Hoover, 11:15 a m. 3:00 pm. Sun. RADIO KIEV 670, 1:45 p.m. 731-0309 323-4052 769-7066 277-2613 927-7079 542-2738 866-6646 Bom 4th 246-5530 666-54 17 731-7303 936-1957 918-0671 DU7-4341 CHRISTADBLFHIAN BCCLSSIAS EAGLF ROCK Hermosa -Cokxodo (Woman's Club) Wor. 11 am 7:00 Dm (BC 9:30 ami LA, 10721 Pioneer Bl, SanU Fs Springs, Wor. 11 sm. SS 9:30, eve. 7 p.m. 927-0563 RFSEDA, 19063 Ingemer St, Reseds Worship 11 a.m. Lecture 7:00 p.m. (SS 9:30 a.m.) SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO. 3144? El Horno (Women's Club House) Wor. 11 a.m (SS 9:30 a.m.) MISSION HILLS, No. Valliy YMCA, 10925 Columbus Avs Wor. 11 am. SS 9:30 a m. 365-3231 CHURCH OF OOD L A. FIRST, 2941 W. 70th 81. Wor. 8:30. 11 a m Evs. 6 p m Or. Bensmln F. Held 763- THROSOFHV THE0S0PHY HALL, lectures 6 dsssss Sun. 8 Wed sm. 8 p.m. 33rd 8 Grsnd. 746-: ETHICAL CULTURE ' 106 ANGELES. MW 8a. Ftebartaon, tat t Vd Sun. of mo, 11 am, Dr. Gerald Larue, Leader. 470-2673

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