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ft.u:iuUsor thUyf service frcrcUry.cneun fU fri ani two dollar. fxrimi To defray (be expense, of hi exploring fW.fiftgt' Indian, nun ofnineteen hundred TOT Kur ff.rding ub e7" nnuiwi ofil. retool Tic) Tf wt rihe l. rraorialHrraneuienis ineiJent hMiMi. tin ari a of TCS of that f.r tUerMnfeofalltncmo lor the ex river, as are unable to one hundred prVSt rb." vended under direc iuxt fifty thousand dollar tsu.irfu.

JAMES K. POLK, SntaiUr tht Joust of Representative. Speaker KINOf P'tsldtnt qf Hi Senate pro tern. Ju 7lh M. VAN BCREN.

Tilli EVENING POST. WEDNESDAY EVENING. AUGUST 29. In a town in England lived.notlong since, public crier, laraous for his strong lungs and his disposition to waggery. Being era.

jiloved to cry lost purses and necklaces, and stray lap he whs wont to diversify his labours by now and then crying a lost fashion, a cant phrase which had dropped out of use, or a virtue no longer practised. The legend saith that he reaped the reward of his harmless endeavours to divert his townsmen, ili he lived to a good and merry old remaining towu crier to the last, and ditd greatly regretted. If the practice of crying lost articles prevailed here, and if this facetious crier were now living amon us, he might have a good occasion lor the exercise of his satirical talent in making application for a lost cant phrase, current a lew months ago among the wliisr journalist and pouters, but now suddenly dropped. We mean the phrase experimenting on the currency." A short time since, this was the principal sttple of vhi? argument. It was the text from which the oppoition orators declaimed.

Theoppo silion journals did little else than let it off against their adversaries, and the echoes cl Wall street were so familiar with it that they would sometimes, it is said, repeat it without its being pronounced. Mow what is become of it You search the journals for it in vain; you hear it no longer from the lips ol the whig slan whaogers. It is lost, gone, given over to silence, and passed from human hearing, as completely as the discharges of cannon that roared on the last fourth of July. Why is this it may be asked. Simply because the experiment" on the currency, the experiment of getting on in the financial affiirs ot the nation without the help of a national bank indeed without the help of any hank at all has turned out well at last.

Never did an expetiment end more happily. It was like the experiment of a proprietor dismissing an unfaithful agent, cr the ex periment of a spendthrift applying himself seriously to the study of a proper economy, or the experiment of a and wine bibber resolving firmly on the practice of sobriety and it produced the good effect which belongs to that class of experiments. The opposition party its manager, its speakers, its press declared with one voice, that the distresses of the times were owing to the want oi a national bank, and that the currency and exchanges would never be retrieved without it. In the face of thi6 declaration, the currency and exchanges have been retrieved, most rapidly retrieved under the independent treasury system. We give from a whig paper, the Journal of Commerce, the following view of the present state of business and exchanges: "Movet and ExcHAKOEs.

Commercial paper with 60 or 90 days to run is readily discounted by ihe banks at 6 per cu Out doors such paper is sought lor at 7. 1 he stock, mnrntl is wttoout much vivor and price remain quite stationary. Exchange on England is up to9jaJ prem, with only a very mode rate demand but almost no supply. Domestic exchanges continue to improve at those points where it is needed. The present rates are as follows.

With the East par, except a brokerage of per ct either way. With fniintieipiiia mere is in lavoroi new York, both here and there. "Baltimore, i dis. District of Columbia, i Rich mond, 1 South Carolina, Georgia, 3ia4 Mobile New Orleans, 4 Mississippi. 11 Tennessee, Kentucky.

Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, Va21. "Business generally is going on finely so that complaining has ceased and all men seem fully occupied and satisfied with what they are doing. The same last happy change has taken place all along the seaboard. What a contrast does this present to the predictions of the opposition Here are the exchanges transacted at as cheap rates as the Bank of the United States ever tians acted them. True, the rates of exchange are still high on some parts of the country, as Mobile, Tennessee and Mississippi, but that is because in the nominal rate of ex change is included tne actual appreciation i of bank paper in these places.

On Missis sippi, for example, on whose credit system Mr. Prentiss the other day pronounced a public tulogium at Hall a credit system which has bad the effect of cheating IMew Yorli creditors out ol a prodigious amou'it of money oa Mississippi the nominal rate of exchange is II percent but this is because tbe Mississippi currency, the Mississippi bauk notes, are so touch Ltluw par. No wonder that those who honestly supposed for human credulity has no bounds that trade must everlastingly stand still, and that creditors living at a distance from their debtors must go unpaid, without a national bank, are beginning to open theireyes and ask where they are. The barbarians who, in time of an eclipse, make, as we are told, a noise with gongs and kettle drums, to drive away tbe dragon tbat davours tbe sun. could not is more astonished to eee the eclipse pass oil although the gongs and kettle drums were not sounded.

It is no matter of surprise, therefore, tbat we see such men as Mr. McDuffie, one of the ablest champions, if not the very ablest, of a national bank, declaring a conviction that such a measure is now not to be thought of. The Richmond Enquirer in alluding to tha arti. cles concerning the American navy which have appeared in Ihe Washington Globe, concerning the authorship of which so nv.wh noise has been made in tbe opposition prints, with view of making them the opportunity of an attack on the administration. denioa that Mr.

Paulding wrote them, but says that ha is determined to reform the abuses in the navy notwithstanding. The following ar the words of tiie Richmond print. Had we felt ourselves at liberty to spaak upon the subject, we could have denied, within five days alter tbe articles bad appeared, tht agency of ur. I a. the secretary in tn's iransacuo.i.

horn him, expressly declaring that he was not the tbe author, and that he did not know who was. We will go further, and venture to say, that whilst Mr. Paulding is proud of the high reputation which tbe Navy has won by its brilliant services, he will he the last man to wink at any abuses which may have crept into it, from any causes whatsoever. We know that he is determined to administer its concerns upon the highest general principle!) an a single eye to lha public sen ice and the g'eat interests of his country. The denunciations of ihe whig presses will have no terrors for him but he wilt reform abii'ea wherever they appear, and will do jmdiceto officers of all parties, juiff in nw in re." A.N Tnea Opposition Inc omsistsncy.

Moat of the party which, during the late war, voted it to be immoral and irreligious to rejoice atournava yicto Ties, now prefess lo be the only or exclusite friends of the Navy They denounce thme who rejoice ai its victories as its enemies Can the power ot impudence go farther 1 Globe, a I A iftorning paper, the ni'ttr, denies the truth cf ihe statement of our Philadelphia correspondent that in thelate Grand Jury in the Circuit Court or ihe United Stales, a merchant ol New Yoik, claiming to be respectable, stated that the accused parties in en" tcring goods under false denominations by lalee invoices, altered papers, and all other sorts ot fraudulent devices, did no more than all other merchauta did, and therefore ought not to As the matter is of importance to the administration of justice, we luive made some inquiries in ra'ation to it. The following is a list of the Grand jury summoned on the occasion referred to David Austin, Wm. Benin, Joseph D. Beers, Amos Buller. John Y.

Cebra. i'etcr Cooper, John T. Dolan, George Green, Anthony N. Huffman, Charles II. Hail, Obadiali Holmes, George It' Ives, Cornelius W.

Lawrence, Schuyler Livings. Ion, James Lee, John B. Martin. Urooudales Man. ran, Andrew McGown, James N.

Tattle, Henry Tullmadgn, John Targee, John Van Nostrand, Peter S. Van Wyck, David W. Wetmore. All the persons named in this hat, we under stand, did not attend, but weare informed that one or them, a merchant and a director of one ol our banks, did vote against every presentment offered by the district attorney, and mado the declaration given by our correspondent. There are many, we doubt not, on that grand jury who entertain as great an abhorrence of the kind ol morality which prompted that declaration as ourselves.

We are inclined to believe that the whigs have done better with the Collector than the Loe Foco, notwithstanding the charge of partiality brought by ono of the whig journals against him. We have beard some cuiious anecdotes illustrating this idea. One person alter his goods had been seized by the Collector and condemned, made a trip to Europe in tho Great Western and returning with more goods, culled on the Collector early in the morning after Ins arrival, elated lliul he had brought out two English cheeses for his own use, and asked for a free permit, which the Collector with bis usual courtesy granted. This is the case ot a whig a true blooded ono in principle as well as in prat lice. The other case we have heard of, is that of the editor of the Courier himself, who returned wilh hi brother whig in the same vessel, and who also called on the Collector demanding a similar favor, which was granted.

Another case ol indulgence to a whig merchant is as follows He entered and swore to certain goods as manufactured silk, but found on the arrival ot his clerk in the Great Western that the "oods were cotton. He was piompily permitted to amend his entries. In another instance, the same merchant entered case ot nuspenders as merino shawls. This he alleged was in consequence of hurry at the moment of leaving the city, on account ot the health ot some one of his family. He was permiUed to correct this mistake also and yet, in the face of these facts, to hich he himself was a party, ho ventures to charge political favoritism on the part of the Collector to wards the friends of the administration.

The Collector admit tbat the Indulgences alluded to arc all rong, but he is a good tempered man. He bas been seduced by his whig friends into these petty violations of law, and now, forsooth, because he does not extend the same immunity to all the friends of the Courier, he is pelted with abuse. We know bun, however, welt enough to know that he is not to be driven from the ground he has taken, for the best of all reasons, because he believes it to be right. The lullowing is the litest sample of these as saults on the Collector. It is from the Courier of this morning uTh.

Merchants akd thb Government. Great excitement justly prevails among our import ing merchants in consequence ot the rrcmtl oppressions, insults and Irauds which ihey have been made to sutler at the Custom House. Patrick Henry said that our people have a hereditary hatred of custom house officers and it is certain that we have al ways Tound among them a singular faculty of making themselves odious. One reason of th hereditary hatred is the lac! that custom house has been a tavoritc medium ot Liovcrnment extortion and that men have been selected to occupy its offices, from, their readiness to become the instrument ot Government rapacity. It opens a thousand avenues, on various pretences, to arbitrary and oppres eive exaction and at no period of our history has the complaint against such exaction been more common or more bilur than it is at the present mo Tbe hereditary hatred" which manifests itsell just now in certain quarters, arises probably from a natural fear of the issue of certain trials under indictment for perjury, forgery, which will occupy the Circuit Court of the United Slates at its next session, and it will no doubt be convenient for tl.o accused to have public opinion" manufactured, so as if possible to avert the righteous retribution which honest merchants desire should speedily and severely overtake the innocent bawlers against govern' roent extortioners." It is an old trick of the Courier to lend its columns to the guilty, and the effort now is to make public opinion" lor Ihe benefit of Custom House smugglers, by tbe time they are put on trial.

This is the plan one quarter, and in another quarter the design is to make politics. If you can make the merchants believe that the officers of the government are op. pressing them, the politicians can call upon them to array themselves at the election. But we have faith in the honest merchants, and we believe they will etand by the Collector in his laudable eff irts to protect their intertfts and to root out bodily that gang of swindlers who have been making war upon all fair commerce while they are defrauding the government. Mr.

Rush came home in the Mediator, arrived from London night before last. He brings with him in Englikh gold com, the Smithsonian Legacy, which he has received from ihe Eoglith Conn of Chancery fir the United Slates, amounting, we understand, to four or five hundred thousand pounds sterling, tor the purpose of founding, under this munificent donation of the testator, an Institution at Washington lor the promotion of Science and Letters in the United Stales. The testator, it may perhaps be remembered, was a natural son of the late duke ol Northumberland, and Mr. Rush's return with the whole of th bi quest, considering all we hear ol the delays and uncertainties of tbe English Court of Chancery, and considering tbe interesting nature of th bequest, may well bt regarded a3 a subject of public congratulation. The letter writer for the National Intelligencer, divides the democrats of New York into two par tics Loco Focos and Marcy men, saying that at the lata Ward meetings these sections clashed, and had contention for the delegates to Tammany Hall.

The writer in this instance, as in all othsrs, when soeakin? of democrats, betrays the utmost io. l. norancr. turn miic aiiuiiciii iu my vuuj rr present, and none in fact existed about the Govern. or.

The federal leaders are more alarmed at our unanimity, than they are pleased with any supposed division in our rank. Let them bear in mind tbs bickerings of their own party on the question of Governor their dissensions are as open as day. Fiats. Tha wooden dwelling, 129 Cannon street, occupied by a number of familiis, was considerably injured in the upper story and roof, by fire, yesterday morning about 3 o'clock. The grocery, corner of Broome and Allen streets, was destroyed by fire last evening.

It was occupied by Mr. Mullord Smith, and owned by Miss Margaret Pendcrgrass. The nett loss of tbe former is about 8700. The latter insured. In this case the chimney caught fire and buist, setting fire to the house.

Tho Cannon street fire is unaccounted for. Th Havrb Packet. The Havre line is increased wilh the addition of a new ship of 800 tons called La Duchesse D'Orleans, to be commanded by Captain Richardson, late of the Charlemagne. The vessel is owned by Captain Henry Robinson. Builders, Mesera Webb ic Allen.

She sails on the 9ih of September. The Fair of the Mechanics' Institute takes place at Castle Gardenon the 3rd of September. The particulars of the arrangements will be seen in our advertising columns. Premiums will be awarded, if not before obtained from this institution. Tbe fact of premiums having been received fiom tbe American Institute does not interfere with the rights of contributors.

UNrcBusiiEt Poem or Drake. The follow poem, by the late John Rodman Drake, never before published, v. a written in the album of a lady of bis acquaintance, and when the collection of hi literary remains was made, his friends were probably not aware of its existence. The reader will not fail to discover some characteristics ol the author in the melody of the versification and the peculiar imagery employed. Song at Jtea.

Hi rep! l.ady, sleep, the planets werp Their stsi dew on ihe deep The moonlight beam, shine on the sirrmn, To light the waier spirits dream I softly Ihus shtdl slumber shed Her lulling dews around thy head; And fancy's beamings swrkle Ah brightly on thy dreaming eye. On favoring tides, the vessel (tildes. The Hea lire sparkles round her sides, And in the sail, the evening gale Is whispering low a soothing tale. Yet, lady sleep, in visions sweet A dream scene thy Kaze shall meet, And while the lull ship slowly inoes. Thy heart shall fly to friends' it loves.

But hark tlx? cry from topmast high, lie accents tell tl.u land it nigh, And dimly keen ihe headland Ih breaking ihro' ihe midnight screen; Then, Isdy, wake, our home is nigh, Ah ne'er can on fancys eye A spol beneath yon azure dome lovely us the laud of home Apiil 29,1680, J. RODMAN DRAKE. J'or the Ercning Post. It is an old adage, that, "what cannot bo cured, must be endured In walking over my fields a few days since, to behold the ravages made by the grasshoppers. I was so completely struck wilh the dexterity of! Use and the vast amount if la bor wrought by them, within a few day, Ihut 1 was at a loss to determine whether 1 had better laugh or cry.

1 am not aware however, that my eyes became materially moistened, or that my visible faculties were so excitrd an to attract attention, for as near as I could jude, my feelings were in a state o' neutrality 1 did not wish, on Ihe one hnnd, lo expose my weakness to Iheso botanical dissectors, nor on the other, even to intimate to them that their mischievous conduct would give rise to the hast merriment so I resolved on the epot, neither tu laugh nor cry what Mr. frost makes his appearance, when 1 expect to give vent tu uv feelings while ohseiving the lurieral cbi quies ol" these unwelcome, and 1 had nlmoFt raid, ungrateful intruders. The dry weather, the oppressive het, with an atmosphere obscured by these legions of plagues, coupled wilh the destruction of crops, consequent upon such a slate of things, are sutlicient reasons tojustity a mtiisU ned eye in all casts where resolutions to Ihe contrary, have nut been philosophically and firmly fixed in the ini hypl had her plagues, and other count tics are not exempt from occasional visits ot unwelcome guisls. But ot all the visitors (dias robber)that ever infested this part of our country, there may be ranked a mong the most niischicvuus. I know not how I describe our case better than by a few quotations from the 1 cha plcrof the Book ol Joel.

That which ihe palmer worm hath left, hath the locust eaten and that which the locust hath lelt. halh the canker worm eaten and that which Ihe canker worm hath left, hath the caterpillar eaten." We read also a similar lesson in the book ol nature which is now open lor our perusal, that which the drought has left, huth the grasshopper eaten" even the field is wasted, the land mourmth, for the corn is wasted the new wine is dried up, tho oil lau Be ye ashamed, ye husbandmen howl, ye vine dressers, fnr the wheat and for the barley; because the harvest of the field is perinhed." The vine is dried up, and the fij: tree languished the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, ettn all the tre of the field, are withered because joy is vulherud away Irom trie sons of men." The seed is rotten under their clods, tho garners are laid desolale, the barns are broken dow lor the corn is How do the beasts groan the fierdn of cattle are perpleicd, because they have no pasture yea, the Hocks ot sheep are made desolate." VV hy is it, Messrs. liiors, that this branch of old Suffolk, (and perhaps I may include tho whole) should be so signally ofil eti 1 Are we worse than our neighbors, and is it designed as a scourge for ouritt quitv or does it happen in obedience to immutable laws. Or is it a result naturally flowing from the acts of the present administration Do you think that a greater nvxlurc ot Ciay with our soil would tend to keep our fields in a more heslthy and productive state Or to prevent a re. petition of Ihe evil, shall we lurn Conservatives? or shall we pursue the even lenor of our way, under a full conviction that in due tunc" wc shall reap it we faint not J.

Southold, L. August 14, 1S33. For tht Evening Post. KrFrcTsor Milk. What but this makes chiL dren "sure to take measles, whooping cough, and every epidemic disease." This should have been the second or middle one of our modern qurstiona, in yesterday's communication.

Its accidental omission by ihe writer of this, leaves the eff ct of mare's milk in brutalhsing the son ot Neptune without a parallel. F. Storm. The thunder shower on Saturday eve nine, although slight in this city, was violent else, where. At ihe Eat, the town of eymouth, we learn from the Boston Advocate, was visited with the storm, and a barn burnt by the lightning.

In Scituate and Pembroke, (all in Massachusetts) the hail fell in quantities and broke a number of panes of glass. In Boston haibor, a schooner was struck with lightning. At Randolph, Ilingham, Milton, Providence, New Haven and a number of places, th. rain fell heavily, xed with hail, the wifjd doing great harm to buildings, fences, Sec. 1 We understand the Secretary of the Treasury has purchased 500,000 dollars ol Ihe bonds of the Real Estate Bank ot the Stale of Arkanbae, from the Commissioners now in this city.

Illinois The Chicago Democrat of the 15th gives the official, rep irtcd, and probable result in the different counties of the third district, winch give Douglass 574 majority and remarks Ihat "in these counties Carhn and Anderson must be quite 500 a'leadof Douglass." The same paper also estimates Ihe democratic maj jri'y in the legislature on joint ballot, at 15 or 20. Alabama. The Tuscaloosa Flag of the Union," in speaking ol the ilecliun in that State, says "There will bea strong a iti Cink majority in both brunches of the General Assembly and when it is iccollected that we ve no conservative among us, there will be no ditficnlty in determining the political ch.tracler of that body. It will be truly southern anti Clay anti. Whig anti National Bank anti Tariff anti Internal Improvement by the Ge neril Government ant Abolition anti Emancipa tion anti Henry Clay's Land System and anli cvery tumg else that Iihs yet been engendered by the unnatulal and unholy union between a portion of the Southern State Rights men ana Northern Convention Federalist.

Our Oeneral Assembly will be comprised ot men attached to the Cunstnu. tiou, and to the lawfully constituted authorities an. der that sacred instrument, rather than to the uncon stitutional and irresponsible power ot the banks I thev will be in favor of divorcing the ivorcing the government nr from all banking institutions and ot constituting it the "uardian and keeper ot Us own funds. A. majority of them will be in lavorof an independent cou stitutional Treasury and oi aconstituiionulcuiren cy." AU the Learnln's 1.

One Opposiiion paper, mortified at the fact, af. tributes the demand lor the Treasury notes, which it has so much abused, but which are now at seven eighths ot one per cent, above specie in New York city, to the improved demand for Treasury notes for custom house payments, incident on Ihe received linportat ions from Europe; the importers preferring to pay the Government in its own coin." Who believes that a merchant, when he could pay Ins duties in specie, or in the notes of specie paying bunks, at par, would give seven eighths per cent more for Treasury notes to pay them with On the contrary the increased demand for Treasury notes is to use them for investments, and not for the false, contemptible, and losing operation, imputed by the Whigs for political effect. 2. Another Opposition organ the New York Eve ning Star charges upon the Comptroller of the Treasury, in his construction ol the acts of Congress as to the duties on silk, a grossand wanton violation of the French treaty, and asserts that the French Minister remonstrated with Gen. Jackson against a tormer threat to be a flagrant breach of the treaty.

Will the public believe that these learned Opposition lawyers and politicians are so ignoiant ot our treaties and laws as to make such positive assertions when the treaty with Franca does not even allude to the subject of silks? Yel such is the fact. Not a line nor a letter exists on the subject in tbe whole treaiy. Globe. The Norfolk Herald sa We were blessed with copious shoaers of rum on Saturday, which commenced at two p. mn and continued several hours, unaccompanied by wind thnnder, or light, ning." tKOM CANADA.

From Quebec we learn that Tbeller and Sunderland have been disposed cf the former to be transported tor life, the latter to turn his bnck upoit Canada, and never to show his face there again, except at an expense ol'200r. The Toronto Patriot gives an account ol two British riuhjects, residents in tho United Slates, having been taken up at the Falls, for trying to induce some British soldiers to desert. They had to give bail in the sum of 100. to answer to the chnrge. It is generally believed that Sir John Colhorne will resign the command of the forces.

Among ihe persons spoken of as his successor, the names of Lieutenants General Sir Colin Campbell, Sir Frederick Adam, aud Sir Benjamin D'Urhan have been mentioned. The Montreal Gazette, says Mr. Edward EHice, M. P. accompanied by Mrs.

Eilice and Miss Balfour, lelt that city yesterday, for a tour in tne United States, which will occupy about a month, in the course of which they will visit New York, Boston, and return by the Fulls of Niagara. Beamer is sentenced at Niagara to be executed on Ihe 31st, and then is no deiihl will A reoitt has been granted to Chandler, Waile, and McLi'od, till the 31ft instant George Buck, and Murdock McFxdden sentcrre con. muted penitentiary. All the rest are to be transported lo a colony for life. The pnsonrrs who have been sentenced to Ihe peniteiuiaiy, nnd lo transprtatiin for life, parsed down the Lake yeMerday.

Toronto Palladium. Hamilton, U. C. August 20 On Fnday the follow nig stale prisoners were discharged lioui atl Epliraim Cook, banished the province Wm. Thompson, Wm.

Webb, Calvin Austin, and John Hammill, bailed lo kep the peace for three yeats. It is expected that the remainder of I ne prisoiiers (30) will he disposed of this week. Several were re. leased to day.aud others are only waiting lor th arrival their hail. Tne rumor prevails at Toronto that the seat of Government ig to be removed lo llus place.

The change was recommended many year ago, by Sir eregmie and the interests ol tin; I'tov ince now imperatively require that it should be car ried into eff ct. Kingston Chronicle. Yesterday mornm" a nuHib' rof Americans left town in Princess Victoria, for the U. Stales, a motig whom we observed Mr. Forsyth, Ihe Secreta ry ol the American Government.

Mr. Elhce, P. lale. PrivateSi crelary to the Earl ot Durham, has proceeded to Albany, lor the purpose, it is staled, ol coinina to some arrangement with Ihe government ot the Slate of New York, regarding the arrest of Capf. Davidson by an American named Paddock, ni iiaieauuay tour corners.

iM jnlreal Herald. The Crops. We have gathered the following statements relative to the crops in thirteen states of the U.iion, which may interest a portion of our read ers, if not nil In our own state the Corn and 'ota toe crops will certainly be deficient. Oats will fall short of an average Buckwheat protuisis well. Of wheat, a full crop has been harvested.

MRTUiNO. The Fredrrck, Mil. Examiner ol Wednesday, slates that the late rains have In mfiled in some degree the corn crops. We have seen some samples of Maryland corn, the growth of the pre sent reason, which serve to impress more strongly upoa our minds, the In that the corn crop or the prrseiit year has not been exactly an utter failure. Some large, plump and full grown ears, boih ot the white flint nnd Dutloa corn, aro no.v before us.

Ball. Pat. Lndcrtha unfavorable proappct ol draught, the price will no dn'ibl keep up, Lul we have no reason lo dread a scarsity ol this essential nnd valuable ar nolo ol consumption. illinnisport (Md.) Ban ner. Crops GroaoiA.

Tha rice crops in our vi cinily promise (airly, and although a htlie ram would be ol service to them we cinnot complain. sincerely wish as much could be said in favor of the provision and coiton crops the former has suffrred severely, and we fear lias sustained serious and lusting injury from lin; dry weather. As to the cot ion crop the fine prospects present to the planter a fortnight since are overclouded, and unless the weather relents and bursts into tears, in plain English, unless it rums, and that at an early period, there is no telling the extent of the injury which will bo received from the drought Savannah Georgian. I remarked to you some tune since, that the present growing crop of cotton looked well. Since that lime a continued drought, with unusual hot weather, has much inj ired the prospect, and is now Aily doing so.

The corn crop is also much shortened wiIIiih Ihe last twenty days." Letter dated Macon, August IG. Crops is Tensessce. The Memphis Enquirer says The corn and cotton fields are nearly ruined lor want ol rain, and the prjspect. is gloomy enough." The Polar Star, Trenton, says 'Inour own ihe corn crops have almost entirely faded." The Pans, West Teniiesean, says: Prospects in Henry for ood crops nre bad." AI! North and West of us seem to have en highly lavored ith rains, while we are without." The Nashville Banner ot the says; "In this section of tiie Stale the drought has been unprecedented, ll still continues." Th Crop1. Our wheat and rye harvest in these iris now over, a better or more heavy turn out, particularly Ihe former, has not been gathered, learn, for many a year.

The corn, too, is most excellent, although a week or Iwo since the hail in some parts of our county, as well us the adjoining ones, was unusually severe, and ribboned the blades pretty smartly, without, however, injuring the sialks to any extent. We aro glad the tUlleruig prospect ol an abundaut harvest ot every description is already in part reahx and is likely to be in cvciy particular. Kentucky Visiter. The Croi s. The rains which have fallen in some parts this and the other Slates have contributed in some degree to revive the corn aud relieve the tears of ihe planters.

Richmond Enq. The Crops. he Liforche lulelligem er says, the cops are highly promising in that section of the country. Cane is Ihriving wt 11 corn will be abundant, and of coll o.i there are no complaints. N.

(.. Picayune. Crops in Nkw Hampshire. The Hay erasnn is past, and Ihe barns are better tilled than usual, while stocks ot cattle are lighter thia year than lor merly. The Rye, Barley and its are harvested, and Ihe yield tit each has been Corn never hx.ked better with us.

Indian Wheat is very abundant Polntoi will do pretty well, and gaidcu vegetables are doing well. Concuid Courier. North Carolina. The Wilmington, N. Adv, iser tif die 17tli instant states thai Ihe region of the counli in that direction has been favored with seasonable weather, ard that there is Ihe promise of an excellent corn crop in Ihe districts between Halilaxund Wilmington.

Ii liv.iis Cri ps. The Peoria Ilegisfc of the 4'h instant says The emtll grain is chnfly harvested, and turns out nearly full crop Of com. our settlers say that the prospects never looked better. The prairies vviii tutn out from 60 to 75 bushels to the acre. ArkaM'ai.

The Arkansas iftte, published at Littu: flock under date the 25ir. says As far as we have heard, the crops of corn are very in almost every section ol the State. In thii vicinity, they are very fine, hut are begming to ncerj rain. he oat crops am uDUNdant, and are gettin2 order. The cotton, in mist, parls ot me siaie was seriously injureu nyinecoia weorner in the Spring, and a good many large fields were plowed up and planted in corn." Coroner's Inquest.

I he Coroner held an inquest yesterday on the body of Sarah Ann Port, a child six weeks old, ho died of fits at a housj in Walker street. Verdict accordingly. An inquest v. as also held on the body of John Bradley, who died rather suddenly at Harlem. Verdict, death from some unknown cause.

Charleston Ci'stom Horse The Patriot says Ihat the Inst remaining bond for duties recently been paid at the Charleston Custom House. Is this so or docs the writer allude to deferred bonds Park Thfatre. attraction this evening is Mr. Power, who appears in hisfavorite parts of Major O'Doherty in St. Patricks Eve and Teddy in Teddy tho Tiler.

To morrow evening he appears in a new farce called the Irish Lion, written for him by Buckston, the author of Mat ried Life," Sic. Niblo's. This evening the interesting Miss Clarence Wells appears for the lourth time on any stage, in the successful Vaudeville of the Miller's Man, being for tbe benefit ol the dramatist to Ihe establishment, a talented and highly respectable gentleman. ILs bill is altogether the most varied and richest of the season. He has engaged ihe 'cal Jim Crow, who will perlorm in his piece ol "Jim Crow in London," and as a climax, the wonderful Ravel Family will perform in twool their favorite pieces, vtx La Lu'te du pngilat and the celebrated comic pantomimo orThs Enchanted Trumpet.

The comic Jjhu Selton peifonns in the Miller's Man. Siaeltty of Mexican itobbcriu Wc have received," says the New Orleans Bee, rneof the numbers of the Themis, a judicial periodical, as it is termed, published in Mexico. It contains a most singular and startling document, entitled ''Constitution of the Robbers ol this Capital." It was found on the person ot companion ol tin celebrated Ctiato Lindo, anil appears in the account ot the judicial proceedings instituted against this murderer. Subjoined tbe reader will perceive a translation in foil of this document. The existence ofan organised band of brigands in the heart of iho Mexican Metropolis, scttiii" justice at defiur ce, and mockms: the imp tent sway of 'he law offers de uloroble evidence of the debased nntl degraded rahiy ol that wretched Republic.

We have every reason to believe in th'! authenticity of the inlorma ion we have received in relation to this subject. constitution of THn.Kouat.ns i Art. 1st. The territorv of Mexico is comprised in the elates of (iueretaro. Mexico, Putbla aud Vera Cruz.

i Art. 2. In this territory a tribunal shall Xi t. composed of three magistrates and three secretaries, lo he elected by a plurality ot von wno biian have a knowledge of writing, and shall ba men id talent. Arl.

3. i he duties ol Inese tnrec magtsiraicr nun 1st, to draw plans 2nd, to collect and dislti butethe lunds 31. to iude. Each ot these gen tlemeu shall be assisted by his secretary. An.

4 The said thu muistrates than alternate their duties evei four months, so that at the expna ol Ihc'year, each one shall have performed du ly during the same period. An. 5. This tribunal shall be denominated the Grand Consistory. Its i.fficers shall be perpetual, and vacancies shall be hlli hy the most valiant, skilful and disinterested chief.

An 6 In order become a member of the Grand besides the qualifications of reading, writing and lab nt. it is mcissaiy lo possess ui courage, considerable skill in every liind ol weapon, and in the management ol horses; in addition lo I his eight years' service is quued. Ail. 7. 1 he sqtiadion shall consist ot Iron) tour io ten men, lo be commanded by one bo shall he valiant, shall have three yi ars service, shall understand ihe use of ride wdl, shall be termed Ihe chief lento llnny men shall constitute the iissemhly, lo he commanded hy im individual who shall possess tin: same qualifications as the hide band, together wnli ail ol ini; lie shall be called Captjin, and shall ue been tive years in tli rvicc.

From Uurty io lur'v men shall he commanded by three captains, ft shall be termed the mass but 50 men or more shall be commanded hv four captains, and a minister of the consistory, a secretary, who shall alternately perlonn duty with (he her. The same magislraie cannot command two succtssivei xpeditiuns. This as cinbly shall be termed the gi and mass. Art. S.

Implicit obedience snail be paid to thu Grand Cansuiory, at the risk of life. Art. S). The. Grand Consistory sh be located wherever it be deemed most convenient, and shall have Hit: power Io elect three fi subsidi ous liihuiia's, one of whom shall reside hi ro, Ihe in Pu bla, nod the ihud at Iluaiuanlia These tribunals shall be mvoUd wiili the same powers, subject, how.

ver, lo the jurisdiction of the Grand CiinsislOiy, but tin shall cease to exercise them whenever Ihe latter will be on the Art. 10. The quahticaliousol ihe members of the Society shall be courage, tht: art ot riding and skill in arms. Art.

1 1. The footpad and the pickpocket shall he despised and p. rs. cuied none euch shall be tolerated, because tb do nol respect themselves. Ait.

12. No one shall be admitted who would become a member through necessity, lor such person may repent, and the Society requires ineiutiers who are vicious in principle and who fear nothing. That they may not be deceived, netv meinht rs shall be tirst employed in difficult and horrible entcrprnes, so as to destroy Iheir timidity, and by th.s means prevent them fiom icvealing the crimes of others, as thi will dread the discovery of their own. An. 13.

Wii Inn the territory of Mexico none shall be formed, or anv hUerm.t he Minde In inmr't. exercise nine. 1111 inev r. mne iti. rtio it Oil! Society, the parties "shall be per eeuted and put death, either by poison or by any other means pos siuie.

Art. 14 In tvrry village of tho territory, branches of the Society shall be established however small be the branch, it shall possess at least one ho so to be kepi saddled day and mghl, ihe members taking care to accomplish prudenliy every thing tending to aid our institution. Art. 15. Neither arms military equipments, or horses can be sold: hatever is required for use shall be taken, and the remainder shall be kept to be em ployea when necessary.

Art. 16. The funds shall consist of all the money which can b. procured il shall be employed solely for the relief oi sick members, and for the succor ol prisoners of the Society. Art.

17. He who violates the proceeding article, shall be, tor the first aud second times, severely chastised; lfhesiill continue lo neglect the funds, he shall be punished by death. Art. IS. AH sums shall be equally divided, after having withdrawn one tenth, and no more, Irom the lund.

Art. 19 Tho members ol our profession shall bediscrert, sagacious, valiant and temperate. Whatever sum they may amass they shall not remain sati fi. and Ihey hall always entleavor lo prove useful i II her in their own acta or in those of their companions who may ri quire their aid. Art.

20. If any one shall withdraw from the so rifty, and shou refuse to his companions in every respect, lie shall be considered audenemy and shall be be despoiled of lus property and his hie, be cause ho will have forgolton Ihat what he possesses has not been acquired by hunsell alone, and because our motto is no regard lo interest and unbounded It Deraliry. Art. 21. No companion shall keep his house any individual, or wilhm his family, attv pro perly Inch he may have acquired in Ihe performance of his duties his act must be lo give up every thing so essential is this rule, ihat he who conlravenes it, shall be punished by death.

Art. 22 Whenever a companion is taken into this society, he shall change his name, that he may be relieved from all prior ufiliaiions. Art. 23 If any companion he captured in pre. sence nl others, they shall defend by resistuiu; as I mg as they can if any one neglects iius duty, he shall forfeit his hie, because he will have prov him iell a coward and careless of the safety of his companons.

Art. 21. As the present sovrrnmerit persecute? this society, il is of Ihe utmost importance to throw il into onlempl by deceiving its viilnnce and by jorrupliug its otlicers, espect illy ihccleiks and com iuisaries of police. Theinfl xihle shall put to death, and this manner Ihe society will be (tared. I Art.

25 The society shall have al its di posal Icioale clothing and ornaments, genteel stuni 6 and paints lo disfigure Ihe I ices of lis members and disui them a strangers. Art. 2n. All the exercises shall be performed in military equipments, with a view In respet tab, lily, and at Ihe same tune lor Ihe pnrpo ol throwing into contempt the urmy, by which we are pcr i cnted. Art.

27. In entering into action, the youngest nien.heis shall he placid in the vaiiiiard, and th. cowaid who turns his hick shall cut to pieces, before lie 'earns to be limid, cr betrays our plans. Art, 2S. The members shall likewise peilorm heir duties in carriaoos the captain shall be the coachman those who are not in the carriages shall act as an escort, leading the horses of those who ate within.

The latter shall watch the escort wish spy glasses. Art 23. It has been s.l rrady stated that difcretion must hi: the principal qualification of the members of this Society he who is wanting in this qualification shall suffer death. Art. 30.

Upon the admission of rnch and every member of this Society, an oath shall be adiiuni. ed in Ihe no meot our Lmd and the sign ot the cro tl)a, the members shall keep these regulations sc cret, shall obey imohci'y the Consistory and other superiors, and shall succour and defend their sick or captured companions. Art. 31. Experience has p.oved that the judges and officers of I tie government set in concert with the confessors it is therefore absolutely prohibited to reveal the conduct of the Sniiely even in artictilo mortis, and an oath shall be administered to tbis tf It.Cl.

Art. 32. Tbe wives, children and companions ol our society, shall be In ured with attention und respect they shall be succoured, consoled and incited to constancy und discretion. Art. 33 No member of the Socte'y shall takes new wife or confide to her I hi secret) unless he is perfectly satisfied with herfiitelily and firmness In order to render the woman Timid and impose siler.ce upon lliem, it is requisite to ike them look upon horrible sights, lo render them criminal, to threaten them, nnd to treat them wish seventy.

Art. 34. He whoJisobeys the oreceding article through love of woman, or who does not entirely fulfil it, and on this account injures the Society, shall forfeit his life, in common with that of bis wife Art. 35. The members of our profession shall neither love Ihfo nor honor.

A jealous man or wo man being like a wild beast, this passion shall not be indulged, inasmuch as in a paroxysm of jealousy, the secret ot the iciety may be compromised Those subject lo this passion shall be rebuked frequently and sevnely if liny do not repent they shall be punished by death, ir order that the safety ot the Society shn I nol be endangered. Art. 36. The clerks, commissaries of juslice, and guards shall be rendered friendly, il possible, by treating them with liberality. If ihey resist it it is better to deprive them ol the power to do evil.

Art. 37. The ditty of ihe Society is to assists captu ed member, to aid him in recovering his liberty hut on the other hsnd, the prisoner must continue discreet, must note the conduct of the judges, and must give information, eiiher verbally or by wntinz. ot every ihmg that concerns the safety ot those who are Iree, A i. 39, A prisoner who understands writing snail wrife.

(or htm wtro is ignotaul of this arf, Wilh out any recompense. Art. 3D. Any prisoner who heloro the or under any circumstances, makes known the crirais if his companions, or reveals constitution, shall he put to death by the other prisoners, cilher by poison, surTjca'ion, or in any her manner. Ait 40.

The principal object of tins constitution is to elude ihe vigilance of those loolish judges who iliink ihey can exlcriinnaie without refl ctin" that our profession is waster pas'ion of which induces him to obtain vtuh smallest tron Idi that ivrailh by pleasure can bo procured. As loim lis riches are alter, we snail continue to have imitator tohecoitii! peil'eit, these imitators inu.t p. si ss valor, activity, zeal, liberality mid cnnst.Ticv. hich tive qoaldicalions nre ilv lo be acquired by despimg hie, honor and interest. A milt or Savarks iv West Jersey.

cr Dk.ih On Saturday mornin last, the body ot jeremiiih Bacon was found lym" near a weil en his farm, at dis aoce from the house in which he lived, ft is supposed that he fell dead while in the act of pumping eoimf water, as one of rested en the pump handle. The subjett of this notice wa we believe, one of the oldest iiniive inhabitants in Hopewell tuwntdiip, snd with another brother and iwo sisters lias resided on the siate I 'll them hy their father, ever since Ins riutii. vvliich tx. tirred many years ngo, very n.ucb in ihe same ay as the sou's, fie being, found dead in ih; iii Id. 1 he managt ne nl of Ihe afi'urs devolvi i entirely upon ihe dtcejseri.

and a sister who died sp ui. And although tin lived more like savages lln.n civil zed people, yet the I line of money as strong wdli lliem, ami the only pi. riciin: I In seemed of enjoying was Ilia! of hsrdin i up th ir earnings. Tiie brother and sister now livin are incapable of taking care ol ihemselvi fin 20 years or more lie has hi en sulF red lo wander ni the slate of perti cl when ever tht: cravings of up petili impelhd wonld return to the house, lv Ins hunger, and in the morning flee azam to Ir.s hiding place, being seldom ll ever serii hv the nearest neighbors. The overseers of the tew hip tiiiding II ne ci ssary, sine, the death ol Jeremiah, to take charge ol them and iheir eff.

cts, he was pursued and taken. He was ihmly covered wilh hair, somewhat resembling Ihe coal ol a very old opossum, and stoutly resi ti every effort to clothe him, and for several days refused lo eat any tiling. On examiniii their miserable which was scarcely fit lor decent swine to live ihtre was found in an n'd chest, aim ist without hd or lock ttve vo hundred dollars in specie, two hundred in good hank paper, besides a quantity nt h.nk notes converted into mice nests ch were so eli' clual ly destroyi aa not lo be able lo estimate their di nominations or value, and several small sums of money have sine been found on the premises, and douhlh more remains hidden that will never he discovered. Since the suspension of specie pay ments they have sold no'liing, hiving mi u'ter ch horrence of shin plasters. The cattle and hogs on ihe tarm have Iwo or three tunps fattened, in loe cellar were found several hogsheads ot vtheat nearly destroyed hy tiie rats, which were numerous and ro venomous as almost to dispute tiie possession with Ihe owners.

Their property will probably amount to fix or even thousand di.liais, and the only gri. in iinfesti by ihe survivors was, tha: their money was taken from them. Such is an imperfect sketch r.f this wonderful family, which although living within two miles of the village of Bridget on, seems to be as unknown as il th' ir residence had been in Iowa. A parallel etiuiMauce in all its parts we think cannot be found in the United Stales. (West Jersey Rising of run Indians West, confirmi ip.

The Si. Louis Bulletin ot Ihe lGih, has Ihe following By a gentlenn whn arrived yesterday from Fori Leavenworth, we are informer! that the Simtx Indi hh made ana Hack on ihe Kit Uapoos, and thai a de tueltment ot troops had sent Irom the Fort to ihe scene of action to qr 11 Ihe marauders. A tkiriiiisiies are of frequent occuircncc among Indians, no serious consequences were apprehended bill news of much more aspect bad just reached Ihe tort. The Indians olons the frontier were arraying themselves against Ihe lutes, and wampum was pastng "among Ihe diffeient tribes. I bis is generally eent to the various tribes when thev wish to bring about a general war with the whiles.

Arrival of the Sloofof War Boston. The Boston arrived at the Sou th West Pa son Friday last her letter bag was forwarded lo town on Saturday morning. Sue brought $21 1,741 in consigned to several commercial houses in New Orleans, the names of which are subjoined. 'I he intelligence we have received by the Boston is ot linf: iu'erest or novi lly, but a private leller from Tampi co, dated July 23J, slates Ihat the differences between the French and Mexican Governments will not be eil her readily or promptly terminated. i was expeeled that the blockade would be more rigorously maintained than evei, as several vessels hud succeeded in eluding the vigilance ot the French sqiiidion.

The rumor still was rife, thai a change i.i Ihe Mexican ministry would occur, which event, it was supposed, would alone renew pacific relations between tin: two countries. We learn Irom a gentleman on board the Boston, trial li ighh icket had spoken with a brig from Brest From tbe filler, news was carried of ihe expected depu lure of lillt en French vessels then at Brest, lor ihe Mexican coast. A large mi'iiber ol troops were to accompany this fleet. N. O.

Bee. 2Ut st. DUX CAN'S SPEECH IX REPLY TO MR. UOXD. ICjr' Orders for this Speech, printed in a quarto from, can be supplied to any extent al this office.

The orJersot in the cou.itry ill be attended to. The price of single copies is three cents nl a hundred copies, two dollars. CO" We were called upon yesterdav bv a gentlemen who said lie had been blind, or nearly so, during llic last ye; ihe result of an accident which orrurred nearly Hi jet He staled Ihat he hail been under the care ol llr. Williams three weeits and lvu days, ami can now see ihe iiitil minute objects, and can lead iare letti r. He appealed anxiuiis to publish his gratitude lo Ur.

Williams for the jiood he ha been enabled to cl.i liiiu. He was KCconnmiiied by a lady, (the niciltiei a liltle girl, Marv ilrowu.) who presented the i nm xed ietler coiieei'imi her child. New Yo.ik, June i IS3. Doei or. Williams Sir It tive Hie pleasure load' I my testimony to thai ol iciiii.

roils others Lave wiincs. ect your sXiil iu restcr ma Ihe biini! io Tne liltle girl. lirown, who was blind, unil prenouiiei iiii uraiite by several medical tfeiillciiien of ai kniiwlcitetd skill, one ol whoiii was my la inily eau now logo lo, and return "irom school. You have lay th.iiil: and the thanks of many oih eis, who have taken an mi real in ihe iatcof this poor child, lor your latuuous at siicl i isinl treatment. Verv respertiullv vetirs, Ja.ViJs Hudson street.

At the rejee'. nl Uiown is a oiniiiiiuieanl of Si. Luke's church, and well known io me, I cheerittliy lhalihe (acts conlaine 1 in tiie a'jeve note ale true. .1 M. OIUiEs, Rertr.r of Si.

Luke's Church, N. V. New York. June'JCth, IXJA u3T" Mrs Brown is a Widow, and her daughter is i verv iiiieiesting linle s.rl, about six years of aat, she ws iiicur ihle. hr now sees evi ry r.

Tie: moil. eui Kroun heBidilia: Mr, Wiliiiiit ufs Ni wV.nk she carried her ehiid lo iiuii, perh ci confidence dui her daulit would be res ored to silIiI, if it was in Hit power of human ability in erlccl il, as hhc says she accou in med her sis'er lo Williams in tt.i year lSI. at tilasuow, KiiKlau.l, wnere the Docior wag on a visi; tw weeks Tiie child blind in one eye, wbich waj 011 restored to suiu by Ir. WilinuiJ remedies. She bas possessed perfect sunt cf both eyes ever since, aud is now a resident in this city.

N'n. 13 Ehu street, "ew June, 134 To the Ldm.r uf ihe N. V. Sun, Sir Asa friend to the sufferins poor of this large cern uiwnity.I take the liberiy of you a letter winch I have read in the New York C'tinmmn Advocate and Journal" of J.ine 2Sd, written hy tw Rev. T.

personal friend of u.ine) a miniver ot fine iHlci.t". the.M.E. church. I several tunee accompanied him in his visits 10 ihe bouse of L'r. Williams, 419 Broadway, and am sali ficd thal.althniuh tie speaks in a very atteel ouate and crateiul uianneroi thai Oculist, as well as the great benefit he had wuuessrd 111 many other case besides his owu, he iniahl have addod much more witbout any exajrgeianoti of fact" By giviiitf tins note, togetherwiih brother Haiubridge'a letter, a place in yuur valuable iper, you will much oblige, ours' rxsjicctfully, K.

From the Christian Advocate and Joe.rnnl, 22d June, 1 S33. IMPORTANT TO THL BLIND. My Dear Brother Cols Ii is utinereraarv for me to in fonuyou llwt ler many years I have nudered much under a distressing atfeciion of the eye and nve tried many remedies, and undergone operations Irom ihe bands of some of the fil St orulittsofibeday in Europe, but without effecting a permanent cure aud although Icould sec lo read and write by the aid of caiaraci glass still my eves were a souiceof uiiKd. trouble and soueauxiety. Having hear the ninny (and ton; almost incredible) euros prrl.

rmed by John Williams. resident in ihiscitv, but late of fMi. land, I deiermined lo consult iiiin. "and see if I couid not oouiui any relief or cure acoordinfflv I railed upon him at IVuvidetice House. He at once told me the nature ol" my disease, und Hunt "be did not doubt, by God's bleisin? to be of much service lo ine, and as regards charges, all he wanted was mv gratitude, ii.

ai any nine, ver received a cent from any Methodist travelling preacher in his ine; but he required me lo call upon him every dav." This I have done foi the last ten days, and it is due to' him lo say, that 1 have already received an amount of benefit beyond mv oiost sanguine expectations, for hich 1 cannot be too g'ra'eful; a irt il is now a source of much reerel boihto Inn and myself, that the nature of my ministerial duties requires melo leave the city, for I have' stronj; hopes thai if 1 rein lined litre I should experience a certain cure. I have been prompted to rile thus tn Jon, that I tie afflicted among my biethren in ihe ministry, who can doeo, may apply io Dr Williams, at his house." I have been an eye wuuessio the number of his patterns who have been restored lo sight, after being denied that blessing many years and iu some instances those born blind now see. Anoiher important leaturein his treatment is, that his re meiiies appear to be sale. and although pwcrlul do not in heir application produce much pain. The insertion of this letter in the Advocate would oblige me, aud 1 think be of benefit to thoseof my brethren who need tbe doctor asssisiance, and are so favorably circum stunced as tu have the opiioruiiiuy of calling iimn him.

I am, with respect and Liolhei lv I. no. yours HiTeet.oriaio Tiiaa. bkainbiudo'e Nev? York, May 31st. KK.

auli TO GENERAL. A mTVA ItD COMMIT ES. The Printing Committees of the General and Ward Committees can be sunnlied with u.j for Calls of PubUc Meeting I on liberal terms, at this office. Apply tQ Y.M. G.

BOGGS. LATER FROM ESGLASD. By th pnckt thip rge Washington, Captain Holdredgr, from Liverpool, which arrived this morning, we have dates Irom thence to the 21th ult. and London to the 23J. The London papers did not come to hand, hut from whin we can gather, there is no news of moment in politics.

The commercial intelligence brought by this vessel is unimportant. The follow ins is an extract from Iho letter of a correspondent ol Messrs. Grinnell, Mintorn Co. Liverpool, 24th July. Turpentine of the best quality has declined to 12s.

3 a few hundred barrels of good has been sold at 12. id. We have nothing to add lo our communication per Great Western on the flour maikct. In our Cotton market nothing of any moment has occurred. On Ilic2.

instaiil the demand was very languid, and only 2500 bales s. Id. Yesterday tho maiket aFumtl mere steadiness, 4000 bales having been sr.ld. In prices there is no! any change to notice This morning the market opens heavily We cut a Liverpool paper of the the cotton niaikel of thai date: LtvtnpiML Cotton Marrt.t. Ju'Av S3 The n.iiiket was dull on Saturday, (21t,) and the 'ar'i culais not worth porting.

The were 2500 baa. Tr. da 5000 hags were Fold, al 1,1 lo 'nP tr; de, at rather firmer prices, snd hc market i losed with a teiy sieady appearance. 3 Some, jealousy is txpressed in a Liverj jf00' paper respecting I he dishnouished attentions paicr.Marsh Snutt in hi. Ir I EltaiTII WARD.

A special meeting of the Demnrrntir R.lrpuhf;. can i oung Men's Sth ward Committee, will ll'" held on WEDiNESDAV F.VRNING. nt 6 o'clocV. at Davfe'8 8th ward hotel, No 16SJ Spring ateee. u.i BiM hlLLYER, Chairmar, Rich d.

Van Dk, Stc'y. I he View Fra will please copy. 2t GREAT NATIONAL CELEttR Al IO THE ELEVENTH ANNUAL FAIR Or THE AMERIC AN INsl'l'l I 'i'E OF THE CITY Op XEW YORK, WILL OI'EX AT NIBLO'S OCTOHEB 15. 1S3S. Jj" Articles offered in conipet tion for premium must be delivered on the 12ih or 13iii of October next.

Meritorious productions from every department of industry wi 1 be received. A powerful steam engine tor moving machinery will be provided. To extend the accommodations to exhibitors and visitors, Ihe entire garden has been engage including one room 100 by 25 feet, never before occupied. It is desired, as lar as possible, that all articles should be delivered on Friday, the 12th of October. For further information, address T.

B. WAKE JI AN, Cor. Broadway, N. V. aull 3biw3w A .,..1,.

uuaiuers. i i i iu niiiue at tne school. R. T. HUDDART, au23 2t is Puncipal.

GRAMMAR SCHOOL OF COLUMBIA COL' LEGE. August 27th, 1S39. nu27 lwis LlUnrirSI 0S CLASSICAL ENO on MO nvb 34 iU he re opened on MO.NDA'i 3d September, lb 33. au25 2wia NOTICE. Ipr AMI EL BROWN'S Collegiate and Mathe ScnJ1' W1" be re opened on the 27th inst 14,5 Broadway.

au21 lw A CARD. IO MRS LEWIS, pupil of Henri Here, continues to give instruction on the Pianoforte, Singin and Thorough Bass. For terms, which ire mod to Mra. 1W Prnoku turner oi an26 RUTGER FEMALE INSTITUTE The Stockholders of this Institution, and those citizens feslins an interest in the extension of female education, ere respectfully iiivited to be present at the ceremony of laving ihe corner stone of the Academy hc.ihce on Wednesday, the 29th at 4 o'clock To meet at the prounds of Wm. B.

Crosby, Esn IK. 8Ce' Prrcd thence to ihe s. of the buildmg, in Madison east of Clinton street. au2S2tis. CO WR(FST MULLI'IAN'SCOI LEGIATE SCHOOL, 115 Franklin will be re opened after the vacation, on Monday, September Circulars containing terms, and a farther account ol the school, can be obtained at the book store of Mr" eorncr of Cia' nnd Mercer streets.

aui. 3iav.2wis WIGHT'S JIILK DAIRY. Having seen several communication in tfie v' i respecting the still sv.ill brought io thecnyAc, the undersigned otisideru ier duty to inform customers and the public, that no distillery swill fedat the dairy our general ied is hay, Indian meal, buckwheat, ur "ummer oiir 111 will hear comparison with any other sold recommend it a. a healthy and nourishing food for the adu or child ch i i al" inspection, and we Aw are kept. me ti i ihjue manner which ih.

J. WRIGHT SON. Murray Hill, middle road. an J2 2wis NOTICE. rlv Dated Ntw nrli, July IS.

IrtS. Ey frderoi the Commisjrinners, JOSFI'li KEKNOCHAV. D.W III I.EAVITT AI.HEKT DORR, THOMAS DENNY? F. COTTENET jy24 tMSep Comiuiiit enf Arrangements. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION orSfi Five per cent on the Kith of October.

oi.lreHh'Jv 1'ercem, will be pav.blP when re of tn r' cf but nutWcr than at the i percent per in nth. ciiM be re5irei" the spicks of Asao. rf mni J. 01 Aioc 1 the temn of Mib onA.i!eliIoer"Sl!f shall have been closed ori the 14th of September, ihe Councillors aud Directors Association wiJl determine ihe rate ol preuuum at which the subscriptions to tne str ck may be made rcrt'oitfc WiShinjr to subscribe by power of Alt rney wi'I teave tho power of Attorney onedev previous to subseri. Ariiclesof Association of "The American xchane Hank," nicy be had of member of the Coin nimceof EIGHTH VAHI) FIRE INSURANCE: COMPANY.

Office No. 49 Wall street. 13 Continue to insure Houses, Fuild; i.u. and their Careoes in port. Good Sh ps reoes in port.

Goods, MerfG irdamure by Fire, uPon terms as favw. smuln' Institution in tUoCitv lavor STainsiloss or able as any Thomas Talrrartrf ihn fe J. KfleT I tirecnficld, I I Ldward Douchty, Jcnis Van Pelt, W'lliam J. Staples, Alpheus Sherman, C'eorje S. Douchty, Benjamin R.

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