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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 25, 1838
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THE EVENING POST SATURDAY EVENING. AUGUST 25. Some of the opposition journals continue to ham on the charge that the late embar rassments in the money market was the work of the administration. Their most plausible argument is this : Mr. Woodbury, say they, at the time that General Jackson 1.1 . removed me aeposites ot public money from the United States Bank, recommended to the local banks that they should make them the basis ol accommodations to the merchants. This, they argue, led to that excess of bank credits which terminated in an explosion. Short work may be made with this ar gument. Whpn the denosites were remo ved, the loans and discounts of the United States Bank were in a state of prodigious expansion. Tue whig journals raised the cry tbat the mercantile interest would become the victim of General Jackson's mea sure; that it would contract the facilities of credit, convulse the money market, and overwhelm our commerce with ruin. The United States Bank, also, gave the com munity to understand that the loss of the public deposites must be followed by a contraction of its discounts. The course taken by the administration was natural enough. It was natural that they should feel a wish to counteract thepressure with which the mercantile class were menaced. It was therefore re commended to the local banks which were to be entrusted with the deposites, that they should supply the accommodations which the United States Bank threatened to withdraw. The recommendation of Mr. Woodbury was followed, and doubtless had great effect in preventing the artificial panic ot 1834 from producing any mischief, The United States Bank put its threat in ex ecution ; it contracted its discounts instantly, ana to a prodigious extent, but his malice was ineffectual; the mercauiile interest was unharmed. Soon afterwards, the United States Bank finding that its manoeuvres in this direc tion were fruitless, began to enlarge its loans and discounts. The deposites of the public money, in the meantime, began to accumulate in the local banks to an extent beyond all parallel or anticipation. Then ensued a sort of rivalry of liberality in ac commodations. I hen sprung un a multi tudeot new banks in the different states, whose enormous loans, indiscriminate dis counts, and profuse issues, furnished the temptation and the means for those extensive and sanguine speculations with which half the nation went mad. For this state of things the recommendation of Mr. Wood bury was not intended. It was given under quite other circumstances, and it is grossly unfair to say that it was meant to have any application after the exigency which occa aioned it had passed away. In the midst of this prodigious extension otbank credit, the whi partv formed and carried irfto effect a scheme, the consequen ces ot which were most sudden, violent and fatal. Aided by the conservatives and spec ulators in Congress, they passed what is called the deposite bill, removing the de posites trom the local banks and putting them into the keeping of the States. This measure precipitated the explosion which tne madness ol speculation had been preriar ing. The deposite banks lost their means of granting commercial facilities, and rapid diminution of loans and discounts took place, which carried down one mercantile Jiouse alter another, and finally ended in the stoppage of the banks themselves. If'there be any correctness in the view we Jiave taken, the excessive expansion of credit was not advised by the administration. The advice to counteract the mischievous effect of the coitractions made by the United States Bank, was manifestly given for a temporary purpose. If the banks continued to follow it when the circumstances for which it was intended existed no longer, they, and not the administration, should be held responsible. The most violent blow at the mercantile interest was struck by the whigs themselves when they passed the deposite bill. A New Exflorinc Exedition. - - The Courier and Enquirer in copying a paragraph Irom the Boston Evening Journal, giving a statement of the fact that a new Exploring Expedition wu to be undertaken to the South Seas and Pacific, under the patronage of several persons in a'private way, at New York, throws a doubt, and hopes it will prove to have a better foundation than the late story of the library donation, which originated at Boston. The statement ot the Boston journal was founded on the information of a correspondent of the Evening Post, whose communication was inserted a few days since. The writer of that article had a correct knowledge of the facts. It certainly is in contemplation to set on foot a private expedition, if the aid or countenance ot government can be procured to second it. ftr the Evening Pott. Thinking tbat your readers may be amused, if not enlightened on the subjct of whin principles by i a perusal ot sorre of the resolutions passed at the recent whig ward meetings, I beg leave to extract a few of them, from yesterday morning's Courier and Enquirer. Sbcono Ward. Revo C. Ilance, Chairman. "Resolved, That the appearance in thin city of the 'Great Moiher of Loco Focos" the "Venus ol Democracy" Fanny Wright is the grand signal of our opponents for opening their campaign, and for rallying the forces of a desperate faction, whose principles aim at the destruction of the institutions of our country. This is decency for you. Third Ward. The meeting was addrossed by W. L. Stone. "ReanlvMl Thai .;.U 1. - Ul J , " unit i HI uiiapcUKBUlC Ul light the symptoms from the West, that Missouri is drawing black lines round the name of Thomas H. Benton, and we hope the day is notTar distant when his brow of brass will bear the inscription "Expunged by order of the People." Xow, considering that even a whi naoor admits " that the two administration members of congress from that state I. of democrats have been returned to the legislature," we may call this truth for you. But still farther in that ward : " Resolved. That M.p flioi.t .,i tt, r.:j... r ..K.( vi nib A. IVOIUCIIl IU tne mountains ot Virginia ..i - ..,,. ..,..,.,....,...,.... O , - ..w.0vu,wuuuaiirss that he could not come back to New York in the character of a favorite son' and farther, that however Ion" he mav linecr hv th. ,.!r,K. .....: ol Virginia, we are determined he shall see. by the maul r ..... "U I . ... . J ......... iiuYciuutr election mat even brimstone won't save him. The meeting . - aa mAAr.amA k.. ir r o i . N. Reynolds." Here is another touch of ' the decency." Ninth W un Rivrj Tk.i u. ' ". .... MlipiuvD the sentinirnta fnnt. - '.,.4 in ih. . j j , - - icoiiiuuuiiB auu an. dress of the Whig Yeung Men's Convention held At ITt.e'i t Ah! ha! are you there old truenennv ?" What say the Commercial and other whig papers to that ? Hear the Sunday Morning News ; ThrT nni. lh.n mr4 iti.u .1 ' j - .y : ....j ..... cubiiribu (i.riugr.Yca andtlta more harm in one huur Ay crude and injudicious rounciu, than their individual and united cffurti can undo in a century." Here is consistency for you ! SixTBtNTH Wakd. "Resolved, That the charge of corruption made by Mr. Van Buren, is a monstrous libel on the people or his native State ; evincing an utter destitution of moral principle, and the iikcst lugriiw.uue m hih ueneiaciors ; and merits at the ballot box the most hearty and decided rebuke ol a people proud and jealous of their honor." Here is a dig in the chops" for you Sir Knight of the Evening Star. Thus we have a very pre'ty array of the truth, decency and consistency of the whig party. Any quantity more can be furnished to order on the ap. pearance of the proceedings ot the meetings in the other wards. Foreign Dkbt or Colombia. From late accounts it appears that the national debt of the old Republic ol Columbia has been paid in part. Venezuela, one of the republics into which Columbia l.n been divided, has paid 54,000,000 out of S6,000,000, tier proportion. Columbia is divided into three Republics, viz. Venezuela, New Grenada, and Ecua dor, i hesc hare acknowledged in a general Con vention, the old deoi, and apportioned it between them. The principal creditors are Europeans, who will no doubt be glad to learn that the good faith of incpe uoveramcnts la still maintained. i ne Bogota Chronicle of the Hth June, speaks wiin reterence to a new law of N w Grenada, wmcn is to be regarded as fundamental. It will be seen that this Republic has made provision for the strict entorcement of her part of the conventional compact. The translation we copy trom tho Jour nal ol Commeice: The law may be considered as divided into four parts. 1. An acknowledgement of the Grenadian debt, foreign and domestic. 2. The funds apnhca - hi.. I I. ...... . o im i . . . ,,c payment, o. i ne aannnisiraiion ol the national debt. 4. General regulation. The loreion rlr - l.t m l n,n i. it,r...l ,l r...j. ... ...... ii.i luuua are set apart lor the payment ol interest upon it, and lor the gradual extinction of the principal. The different classes of the domestic debt embra ce m nine paragraphs ol Art. 2, are acknowledged, luiius ne aipru)nui;a ior me payment ot interest and Ihe gradual extinction of the principal ol the debt recognised m the two first paragraphs ; that 111 a.t l. .1 I. i... i i i . : . Ci , ' . . iui me cuimunuuieu utoi iiiscriiica lit the great book of ihe national debt of Columbia, which according to the Convention with Vcmzu!a, belong to New Grenada. So it is expressly declared in articles 5 and 7. In the rest of the law there occurs no provision appropriating fund. - - , and consequently it is net known in what manner the last seven classes ol domestic debt recognised in Art. 2. can be paid 1 he consolidated debt, then, is placed on a better looting than the floating debt and the Treasury debt, the origin of which is so sacred and merilon - ous, that without them New Grenada would not, at this day, have been independent of Spain, nor a tree and organised State." Late from Montevideo. An arrival at Philadelphia Irom Montevideo, brings accounts of the defeat of the Government forces, in a general battle on the Rio Negro, the strong hold of Don FrutaF, the insurgent General. The lorccs on either side are not estimated at over 2.500 men. The General was entrapped into an ambuscade, sur - rounaea, and his army cut to pieces. The Govern - ment are fortifying Montevideo, in the expectation of a final engagement. There is no prospect ol the blockade coming off at Buenos Avrcs. From Mexico. An arrival at New Orleans from Tampico, brings information that the Mexican ports are to be blockaded lor six mouths longer. If bis Honor Mayor Clark does not consider every Cog running at larg his immediate constituent he will instantly oMer the officers to clear our streets of at T" 1 mem. x csieruay we gava our readers the fact of ma biting ot a child in Mooro street by a rabid dog wnicn was killed aitccwards. To - day we learn that boy about seven years old, was snapped at by a dog evidently in a rabid state, in West Broadway, but fortunately the dog missed him. The animal was seen to run up the street with all the symptoms oi mauness snout mm. Not an officer of any kind lias been seen to pa - trole the streets this summer to enforce the law and protect our lives. If the Mayor has a spark of energy, he will spurn the influenc. which we fear weighs so heavy upon him. Post Orrics. - For the weak ending the 20th inst. the changes made in the Post office Department in this State, were as lollows : Post Office discontinu ed New llackenaack, Dutchess Co. Post Masters appointed Charles N. Bames, Dobb's Ferry, Westchester County ; Aaron Sotd - dard, Otselie, Chenango County ; Alexander Duncan, Alton, Wayne County. The fines and deductions in all the States from the pay of contractors, for the weekending the lltb inst, amount to $1,302 65. Accidint oh tub East Riter. One of the passengers on board the steamboat Brooklyn, while on her way trom Brooklyn to this city, this morning, lell overboard, and as he was a lame man and could not swim, would have been drowned but for the prompt aid of another passenger who bravely risked bis lite in jumping in the water after him. The steamboat Jamaica, Captain Cole. min side, both were picked up and put on boardlhe Cus. torn House barge, without injury to their persons. Their names are unknown. The Crops. The Calais Gazette says that the crops of Hay have come in very well, and ha? is oiling at between six and seven dollars a ton The weather never was bolter for riponing the' grain than for the last few weeks. Portland Advertiser. For tlu Evening Pott. The High Bridge. Mr. Editor : A looker - on often sees more of the game than the players themselves, and it is possible that a Westchester farmer may give the New Yorkers some new hints, even about their own concern. The construction of the Aqueduct in this county was looked forward to with great apprehension by many living in the vicinity of its intended route. It was to bring forth ' all monstrous, all prodigious things," farms were to be laid waste, highways uptorn, and hordes of savase foreigners were to roam at will through our towns, setting law at defiance, and spreading outrage and terror among our citizens. Public meetings were held, and count sellors learned in the law were consulted lo devise means to avert the dreaded calamity. Cut S200.000 awanlpH - r . - IOUUCI5 iur uieir land and anticipated (iamatrp. nn - .. - A .1 O " - 'V VVNTIULtU UltTlII that sorer evils might have betallen them, while a ready and most extravagant market for stone, sand sites for shanties. &c. & r.H ik. . . r ' expenditure or some millions of dollars in the coun - fv hiv. ri m u A.l .......... .... . 1 - ' , ivu.unu5.uj iwrrjccptot me near approach of the dav when iIir Amii...t .k.n u.. L plcted, and the golden fountain sealed up ; lor you must know that the Croton river is just now a real Pactolus to Westchester county. The erection of the high bridge, a structure almost rivalling the Pyramids oi Egypt, will ensure the flowing of tl'l Parinlim for anm...... i afford to the inhabitants of the towm Westchester and . ...1. iin. - cuiimritm, BDunaant opportunities of quaffing copious and delicious draught n ih J den stream. We can all understand that u - li.tJt... brings large sums of money into a place to be expended there, and also a large population with the means of paying cash for all they buy, npcecsanly raises the Dnce ot land anrf'nf hm.. kt . 1 " iui. v r every man v gentlemen, and anm it is ivh;..! . Influence in the rnrnnraimn l. - - r. - ..w.., opcvuivicu large ly in Harlem lots, and Westchester farm, on or near n,.Ci. M lie men or lose Would certainlv iflijrd these centlemen unfnrtunate purchases. 1 niS IS the a?e ol liurnhiKra linl . - - o O ) - "v;uiiE vuniru - versy the high bridge will be the highest ol all humbugs. For What DUnv l it nrniuuul . . stone bndgejl450 feet in Ungth, an elevation ii wib me rucn at ine Doltonol the river which rock on which the pier must rest is in places 3 - 2 feet below the surface ol the water? Why this most' stunendous and 1 uiiueu iiiubi oc erected to secure from inirri.r.imn k - - - - - mo IJ4.T JUU11 ot Uarlein river a river thut ha never been navia - I . I . . , . . .. n . . .Un . 1 . n . . . . - bui.3 mo i - iuiuuii 1 uui 11 mav lie made navigable. DrOVided the hioh hmtira in l.' t .1 ,, - uuui. lici iiiuae who think so, go and look lor themselves, and count the cost, but why render it navigable ? That the shippin" of "New York mav have h,W i New York is to be so exceeding vih.i shore of the Hudson trom the bauery to Spuyten Duyvel Creek, sixteen miles, and the shore ol tin ejst nver from the battery to Harlem, together with the opKWite shore on Long Island, will not contain its mishtv fleets, and a lin.lm. inoi,,.. n... m. Falls, must be erected, that shipsrnay make fast to ftiwlca in TT.i rlom riu..r f Before the citizens ol New York consent to add one ortwo millions to the prodigious debt thev are now contracting it miohr he "ii r,.. - the opinion of some disinterested and practical men. u s "f connected with the Aqueduct are unanimously opposed to the hih bridge ; nol that they doubt the possibility of erecting it, lor what cannot American ingenuity eflcct, wlien aided by an unlimited command ol the wealth of ew York.but because they are conv.nced that it W both unnecessaryand inexpedient. Jt 19 obvious that the undertaking mun be at least hazardous since a large portion ot the piers would be built in deep water, and the slightest settling of the foundation would be ruinous to the superstructure I have said the high bridge would cost on'o or two million, exira. The excess ol its expense over AWJ?n dgLe ",,l hy the commission, ers at $500,000 ; but this is in the first cost. Now the whole expense ol the aaueduct will he .h.,i t. millions. This money must be borrowed and the interest will be, say hair a million per year. This interest it is supposed will be reimbursed bv the revenue to arise from the sale ol the water. Of course the postponement of the receipt of this revenue Tor a single year, is equivalent to the expenditure of hall a million. Now only a certain number of men can work at a time on this bridge, and the enineers suppose that its construction will retard the delivery of the water at least two or three years. Whether it be worth while - to incur such delay and expense in order that ships may lie in Harlem river, is a question for the people of New York to decide but unquestionably a high bridge would be exceedingly advantageous to owners ot lots in Harlem and Mor - rissama. A WESTCHESTER FARMER, for the Evening Post. Mr. Editor: The New York Express ol to - day, copies two paragraphs from the Princeton Whig, flinging in the lace of the democratic party the stale charge of an affinity with Fanny Wright - ism. 1 have looked over a few back numbers ol the t:. press in search ol the information that ought to have been given to its readers, of the fact that by a recent order from the Secretary of War, a number ot chaplains are to be appointed for the different pouts of the army, but do not find any allusion to such lact in any form whatever. I only mention this to show what pains are taken to mislead the public in a matter wh ich unscrupu - louspartizans think may be turned to their advantage. I am not one of those who think i. of anv consequence whatever, but would only wish to show tne moae oi attack ot the enemy. .ARGUS. The order in question was in type yesterday, but was excluded from our columns for want of room. It will be found below. Editor E. Post. Chaflaimsin theArmt. An order of the War Department, authorizes the employment of Chaplains at the following Posts, w hose compensation will not exceed $10 per month, fnur rations per day, will luel and quarters provided for a captain. 7ame nf Pnata Stma r.r T.,rr,,t..r. - '.u.v.rv. . I 4 1 11 IU1 iVO tiancocK liarrachs. Maine ELECTIONS. Missouri and Illinois. The Wash'ngton Globe givee the following extract Iroin a letter, da - tod, St. Louis, August 13, 1S3S. Missmiri and Illinois are triumphant. In Missouri, Harrison and Miller, Democratic members to Congress, are elected by a large majority ; and a DMtifumf in f .raid!tnre. n'hifh flM - iimc ilia tion of Col. Benton to the TJniied States Senate. Illinois has also gone the whole figure Carlin, Governor, the whole delegation in rnnnnics ami Democratic Legislature by an increased majority, Hive an ueui eiccieu. - oarun was Droil"lil out lor tj over nor at a late day , but all is sale. The St. Louis (Mo.) Argus of the 5th instant, ays: " Thousands upon thousands of dollars have i - xpemieu 111 purcnaaing voies, Dul it has been only as a droD in the ocean. The VPAmsnru fit tli State despising the proffered bribe, rem un true to "eir principles, irue 10 ronton, and, as llity have always been, unpurchased and unpurchaseable. Our VlolnrD H.kil - it n..L..t. A '. . .v - wj niiiio ii iiiu9 uiHiuay ana consternation int. 1 1 . 1. C .1 Ti . . . . . . ..ii - me ran j ui uin enemy, win rejoice and gladden the hearts of our Remihliran hr.iii.n i.,.r'..K... 'he Union to all of whom we send the olad tidins iissourrs a - Jberance to BENTON and DEMO - Indiana. The New Albany (Indiana,) Arus, says 'The nro.mrrt is mute fair fnr a Tlan.n..; i i . . - i - iiiiiviaui; ilia' ori!v in the next Legislature nl" f lain that Van Buren is decidedly stronger in this Slate than he was at the time of his election ; and aains. lienrv Clav be will he 30 lion vnte .,...... In mm c - j ' ... . icitu. cverv uuv auus new evu unrn ni tiu in ercasing strength ol the Democratic narlv. The counter revolution has immn...l ;n ti... c. - ... and every vestige or Federalism must soon be lost The Paoh (la.) Torch Light, gives nuite cnc.iur ging news. Several changes in counties not looked ior. Tho Globe of Thursday nisht savs. in reference o me general result The returns which we have received muhnr. 1 1 m n I,.. I., .a al a. ... w a ut - iiHi I ii H I iiir ir inrla tl lkr .1 . .a...uVi ,llo ntJuiiiiiMraiiuu nave succeeded bv lar?e r O j ... m til M.U lilUl 04 A. - A IJ - aonn, and Alabama, and that there has hctn a very sai gain Bince me iusi election in Indiana, and K'in in IVentueRv. We im,..... :i ..n j - . r - v.,n.i mi, 3 iiimi win vuauie u io give suiu - iaelory details and results.' ! IRE. lllC buildinNo. 115 William street occupied by an artificial Florist, took fire and the insiae partially burnt, late last night. 1 he origin ot the lire is unaccounted for by the occupants. 1 he store part, where the fire began, naa no light in it, after 7 o'clock in the evening. 53 VVatches and Musical Boxes., - We arc assured that great bargains can be had for a few days, in that hue of goods, at 23 Cedar street, call and se No 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Fort Gratiot, Kort Brady, Fort Winnebago, Fort Snelling, Fort Crawford, Fort Leavenworth Jeflcrson Barracks, Fort Gibson, Fort Jesup, Fori Towson, Fort Monroe, Fort Pike, Fort Morgan, Fort Pickens, Michigan. Michigan. Wisconsin Territory. Upper Mississippi. Wisconsin Territory. Missouri Territory. Missouri. Arkansas Territory. Louisiana. Arkansas Territory. Virginia. Louisiana. Alabama. Florida. for the Evening Post. Milk. Some very sagacious writers in newspapers have recently discovered that all the the attnbutable to the Far the Evening Poet. Can any one assign any ood reason wh. a - tr. gre in this city should be required, in many parts of it, .i every corner to enquire the names of streets i he glaring deficiency in the information which the corporation chooses to w th!o ject, is less inconvenient lo older residenta i. i... i . . . . " i j .wc wnose ousiness leads them repeatedly and exclusively in one limited route. But the inconvenience suffered for years by those whose profession - .'"umJ mm ainerent and distant localities musine tr more than commensurate with that of Keeping eight printed boards t . of atreets. At present, we oftener see one or two, l... . . . . ' " "uiny caicn a gleam ot hope, and an indication ot public spirit in a nicelv lettered sion at ihe .nr. J. ' " 8 n,ce,7 li " - KK'"r",ui5 corner ot somere - Boectab lo mansion w ueh ..! : . ry31 " oiiis." l he very nlace and garb of the pilotofthe public hav.been iSpJby this aantmel nf ae lfihn. ? "J V. Lpper Canada Thk Short Hills Convicts Beamer, who waa engaged in the Short Hills at' fair, was tried last week at Niagara, U. C., convicted and ordered to be hung. This is the seventeenth convict.Jand the fourth ordered to execution. Great efforts, we understand, are making by tho friend) ot Chandler and Wait to obtain a commutation of their entence. It may possibly provj successful, but McLeod and Beamer, it was believed, would be executed without doubt. - Albany Argus. diseases among children are quality of the milk they use. It is undoubtedly true, as a general rule, that country children are healthier than citv - brcd chil dren but is nothing lo be attributed to a purer air, a wider range, freer exercise, fresher vegetables, more wholesomc home - made bread and a simpler diet ? It is all folly to attribute to one cause, wha t has its origin in a hundred. Wealthy parents are too careful ot theirchildren they subject them to too much restraint teach them too early not to dirly their hands nor soil their clothes they do not permit them to romp around, to give full end tree exercise to every limb, .and expand their lungs iu lusty shouting. Little gentlemen und ladies must behave themselves, and be their grave papas and niamus little fac similes. But go among the lainiliesof the poor, who cannot pay nurses lo watch over their children, and who ol necessity permit them to roll and tumble about in the dirt and feed them upon the simplest fare, and you will find children as hearty as any produced in the country. Nay, to show how some will permit themselves lo be carried away by an idle prejudice, let any one whn uviatiea tn nrritre nf Ik. tmih ............. 1 1. n r.: " v . 111'. IIUUI, LAUMII1IC tilt I '1 1 1 1 1 - lies ol the poor in the vicinity ol the greatest still fed dairies in the city, and where children are fed iifMn the very residuum of this slop - led milk, which is left alter the milk - men have supplied their customer, and you will find them as hearty, robust, and active as the children in any part ol the country. 1 have no doubt that much of the milk that is sold in the city is not a.good w holesotne article of diet; but the cause of its unwholesomeness is not the aub. siance ine cows eai, nut the substance put into the milk itself to make much out of a little. The temptation to those who do not feed slop, to increase the quantity of their milk by artificial mix - tun s, is much greater than to those who do feed slop, Ibr it is well known lhat upon no food do cows thrive better and give more milk than when fed upon slops made of gram. 1 would therefore much rather take milk from one who openly and avowedly feeds upon swill, than from one who pretends to feed UDon grass. By the latter I am almost sure to be supplied by an artificial compound, from the former I may get a pure milk. jj j IStBLoa The proprietor of this Garden had a most crowded assemblage of beauty and fmhioii a hi, The fireworks were truly brilliant, the new military Vau deville ot the Miller's Man, is decidedly dramatic, and was mosi;faTorably received. It was efficiently cast and belter performed. Misi Wells sang her music very sweetly but was evidently much euibarrasded. Hii,n a.. i . cher, John tSefton, Baldock and Horn castle, are all excel lent comic criararters. I he apiece was got up witu great care as to music, scenery, and cosiume. and full v aaiiKflH us for the freuuent nosioonement nf this is now wormy .mmo's establishment and all employed. To - nylit the Ravels perform on the Tight Rope; the ever attractive pantomime of L'Uomo Rosi. i in h r.,.,i thc Three Plataquins, 6cc. Ac, tosether with splendid fire - ' works by Mr. Hall, that umivalled artist. Cherokee Emigration. The conference between General Scott and the Cherokee Council is at length ended. The Chiefs of the Nation have undertaken the transportation of the remainder of the people to their new homes. It is now a national movement on the part of the Indians, and for thc first time there is something like unanimity of feel ing and concurrence of the whole tribe. Thev have aicu, vii nicir ari, iu iunnsn an ine subsistence and means ot transnortarmn that mn k. , , - - - i ...mj to necessary to render the Indians comfortable on their journey to me v cbi, auu tu commence tne removal by the first of September, in detachments of about one thousand each, and, after the departure ol the first, to iia. c everjr consecutive aeiacnmeni lo start in a very fewdava. It is enmnnted thr all ih. - - 'i ... mi. iiiuiaus can be removed in twelve detachments, and that the last win leave Dy me xuxn oi uclober. Ucneral Scott, on u,e pan oi me government, nas agreed to allow sixty - tive'dollars per head for removal, and furnish in advance one - half nf the imnnnt E..k .. - .i. , i , ...... u.i.11 uciacn - ment will he conducted ezrhini velv hv rl.m - ... K j .uu unu people, accompanied by one or two physicians, who will w .upKU3ut icickc mar appointments irom lien - oral Scott, with the . " w uib vnci9. un til the departure of each detachment, the Indian? .u un HNnmiiiin nv inn trnviirninant Umm.i j Uw vfv.umviii, UU4IU0O - IIl'MAN JPANTHKIt. The Peoria Register, a paper which frequently instructs and amuses us with anecdotes connected with the settlement ol the Western countrv tur - inslits us with the following sketch, which it says, was related by a gentlemen ol great respectability, living near the spot where the circumstance occurred. " In the latter part of that bloody tragedy which spread dismay throughout this part of the State there were about nine hundred Indians encamped on the Illinois nver, opposite the present town situ ol La Salle, composed principally of the Iroquois tribe. They had always maintained a friendly intercourse with the whiles in that vicinity, and had manifested a great partiality (or one in particular This was ' old Myers,' a perfect prototype of Cooper's trapper. This Slate was the huh in which he had erected bis hut, in advance of a white population, lie had of course acquired more of the habits ot the Indians than of civilized m... . .i . - - - - - - - ...vii, uuu nan laminariy known among them as "The Panther" a title which he had acquired from them, by adarin" cAp.uu in miiing an animal oi that name, when leading them in one of the wild hunts. " At the period relerred to, these Indians rallied under the Black Hawk standard, and wcrecomnuttin" many depredations upon the settlers in the vicinity" When repulsed, they did not hesitate to wantonly mnrder their former triends. About the cabin of the Panther, nearlv a hundred settlers liH . n r.. - the safety of their wives and children, placing them under his protection. Bat among the victims ol savags barbarity, there happened to be a brolher - m - law ol the Panther, with his wife and three children Herein they committed an unpardonable outrage upon mo lamuy oi tnoir ancient Inend and demi - sa - vae. w hen llm sad tulni"s nF their . . - i...i ...... w O ' - 1 " 1. 1 ICIIC reached me garrison, the Panther was seen eluthin .. nr:. L l - .1 0 milieu iu uauiu airiiy. vv un nis rine, his tomahawk and scalping knife, in open day, he silently ucm ma mepj i - j luc niuiun quarters, about one mile distant. Fearlessly he marched into the midst of the savage band, levelled his rifle at the head chiel present, anu aouoeraieiy Killed him. He then severed the lifeless head Irom its trunk, and held u ud bv i... i . - i . . r . i. . . i . Y i lucunM.uciuicnio awe - virucK mim ituue, exclaim - inr. " You have murdered inv hrntlw.r i., .. - , i their three Jittle ones, and I now have killed your chief. I am now even with you ;" but, he added. every one oi you mat is lound here to - morrow morning at sunrise is a dead Indian." All this was accomplished by the Panther without the least molestation. They knew that he would take vengeance tor their deed of blood and silently acknowl edged the justice of the daring act. He then bore off ine neau in silence to his cabin. The next niorinn ' not an Indian could Us found in that region. They left forever their homes and their dead, and that part ol the State has not been molested by them since. A few weeks since, this veteran ot eighty winters sold his claim, and caparisoned with the hunting shirt and weapons which he wore when he killed the chief, started for Missouri. Alter travelling a few rods, ho returned and asked permission to give his "grand yell." The gentleman to whom he had sold the find giving his assent, he crave a long, loud and shrill whoop, that made the welkin ring lor miles around. How," said he, my bleKsing is on the land and on you; your crr0und nil .i i i.i t . & in aiways yiciu an unu.iaance, and will always piu - pri. Again nc toon up nis march lor anew home in the wilderness, where he could cninv the iiuppuicas oi Boiiiuue, unuisiurueu Dy social ties." DUNCAN'S SPEEClt IN REPLY TO MR. BOND. ItZP Orders for this Speech, printed in a quarto from, can be supplied to any extent at this office. The orders of Committees in the country will be attended to. The price or single copies is three cents - 0l a hundred copies, two dollars. FIRST WARD. KJA' J.wetingof the Democratic Reimblnan i.'i.m .cnend and skate A.uniuistraiions. pursuit to II e cal f I he general committee, hcl.l at the Hr...i,l si reet ?,," ! W - dues.iay even nS the tml inst., Henry Yate 1 - X called to thc chair, an.l John Morris, J... am siumj 'l Jones, were appointed secretaries. IUUI 1 lie tollowins persons were appointed delrffates to n - nre. HENRY YATES. SA.MUKL L. JONFS. J. SHERMAN BKOVVNEI.t.. II - a tt wt - . a. John Morris, Jr., ) a . rj, ni. - .if. - iaiiri. ail'o YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITTEE. IS" A special meeting of the Committee will be held at Tammany Hall, on MONDAY EVENING next, 27 August, inst., at half past 7 o'clock. 'Punctual and general attendance is Darticularlw requested. y order. PHILIP S. CROOKE. Ch nirmnn. Geo. W. McPhcrson, ) 0 Charles Yates, Secretaries. Samuel 1 . Jones, ( ! FOURTEEJiTII ffAKD. CrY At a ntiinprnu - a mrxriiiir .ftV. a nn. . lira.. Electors ol ihis Ward, li.1,1 al the Fourteenth Ward HtMol. lid WUrlllMHav m - nnn.. .! 1 i i q' WaS lo ,lie C1,a'", Jacob U. Vox , , ,a " - eaninieu secretaries. 1 he tall of the mceUng having been read, it was on iu,v Resolved, That this meeting proceed to ballot for three De rn eM III Taniinimr M ill 1.. ...I . iinil - ... . 7 ".i"!i - ii 1., ut - ipcaies to the Nate Convention, to be held at Herkimer, on ihe ldih of Si - iitntiirif.r ' " 1 Oil motion. J.ilin fsilnmn T,,,,.... iv.l v .. uuu .iijiian iitldlt WITI' a do. mod tv pm 1 The ballots hpintr MtiraCUttil tY.a f.illnmln.. .......1 were ,1.... :.r.... 7l,.l.. .7 ' """" 6'" SAMl'KI. NICHOLS. Dr. STEI'HKN llASBROt'CK. ami;el di.nshee. up motion, the following gi - ntieiuen were appoinieil lo . ....i, i.i a. l(n.T lfl mis intrrilllK, Lawn - nee Lancdon, Georze Nixon, Dr. C. B. Archer, An - iNiiiiuei J. rootev. ne loiiowmg resoluiions were untmiiiiously adopted : assPtnlijp tnirnil.or - mJ ,1...:. . . 1 all quL - Mmns aflecting their lives, liberties. nw hapiiineiM ; anil hi - lif - xinu Hi., nrann. t - . .. 1 1 .. : - ,r.i. 1 ' "' uf a rrisis in ine po ilical atl.lir - ol our rinimrtf .ul.;i. .i i . n .. . . n.i r .1 ' ' u ine Knini, energy ind exenion of ihe im.. r,,i,;... ... ..n ', ... , 111,1,1,.. . i lanj, me auar oi IMIOIie Virtue :im1 .niiiiil n;....i . .i - . lira! ,.1 u inn i" r. " 'r ' ' e ""Plwri ol lie nat - Resolved. That u - I...I.I iK.. Li:. - I "nil! jiuinir luncunnaries ol our government to be bniuul imphritly t l,ey ,le sovereijin will n . !l)71! ' V. B" m,es,i"'i wl'li affect these principles, and winch the t'nnvrifiifw.i. - .. n i ..i i.. . 1 H. , : ". j ami i i - ji iv s. - ".nrnoiis. Resolved, That in the acts of President Van Bnren we dis. tiiiuisl, the true friend of the .ns.iiulion "f the Uniicd Mates, and Hie nun. ..e i a - : . inH.i, .. h, .. ii - i - "t - ioiiia;i ueniocracv ; ana he willcontitiiie u. r - ii - : support. ' """""uiwutu lenc'r ). .h. , :at,1,iS ""?,i"K reposes iiiidin.inisl.ed conti - liam L M: r ,h " '"e .. imecniy of W,l - ihe frie.i.r.;? i 1 r - """ ' misstate; and thai their cause. "niinrig di - vohon to Resolved. That tlie Hi... u;i... .1 . r r. an, 1 1. - 1.. i V . " l aiinireien". an.l hly have bIiowi. themwlves Ihe uncomnron s a democratic government" . nion and Resolved, That in thc treachery of N. P. Tallmadee to tl e ;""rar,ofilUssiatc,werw,.B,,M,he,H.rtS ler of other anosiates Ir.n.i ii,.. i.if. .. . maiai. - we leave hinuo a jus. VeVrlbuUve coun. - eKm'S and exaniile to evil doers. Mrhk Resolved, That the recent elections iu the Western and Niutheru Males, convev to iw ii,.. thai, despite ,le unhallowed , . ' "l lcc P.M1. - IHS to sway ihe votes of Ire n," the coumry is m j to the core. alll we pledge ourselves lo follow suit iu 1 e same glorious cause in Ihe coiiiin,' el. - i - ii.,n ... ,i.i ' I K;,HOy,,(l.! Thai the proceedings of this mei - ting'be si - 'netl 'i m, iidiiiiiiiii llltl.frrPl:llird - in.f na.!.. l..i .1 ocrniii - n .. - r ..r.hii "r - mc oen. "ii nioiion, the ineetnm adioiiriied ,,,,,,. . I'KIJSPER M. WCTMORE, Chairman AUCTIOX NOTICE. f,, UJ 'AITIGS - AARO. LEVY will sell THIS EVKXIMJ di hi .i.. - - 1 r :i - .. - " " - - 1 voiii. 11 iiuei iv street, a collection of Oil Paintings, coniaininff many ........ ... fiuiutj ner me oiu masters, wortnv the attention of aU ..l - 11 . 1 . . .. ' " niieresieii 111 ine nne arts. A so, some fine Alegorical Paiiitincs on Glass, from nina. &ale posiuve to commence at 7 J o'clock precisely. au25 IIOARD OK TItADE. ,T Kew York, August H, 1S38. Messrs. M. D. BENJAMIM, ) Jri? A.V' Committee for Aug. JAMES B. WILSON, $ b R. R. BOYD, Rec. Sec'ry. August 21, 163, au2dt NOTICE. xUi7' ";"0ls"bsrriptioii for the stork of "THE .i BVNK" will be opened for sub - ! f N,'; X M"T' "V "f New - York, on l.ies,.,,he4il.,llyolSe1.i,,l,,.r next; at III o'clock A. . .'I ,mh'1''''"IV'nl''n ,!av - (,ll,is w"ol c:. !dit':lpT;"!x''r,l, (rom 10 Iau - d New - York. July l4,'lK ll order of the ( 'oiiiniissioners, JOSKI'H KEKNot'HAN, D.VVlll I.F.AVITT: Al.BFRT 1HIRK, TIIOMas 1) F.N NY .,, t'OTTENET, ' jy tuscp Comiiii'teeof Arranseinciits. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. !sc rihing, to he paid in cash. r ive ner r.eni. ji t.i.rir.a....r B. or rertitieil l.v iiv hi.jire rive per cent 011 the IGth of October. Tilt I eill.llll!nF ninotv nnr ...lit . i . Qllired bv the Hoard of 'llirertnrii' l.i.i ,.. - .'..1 S' r. 1 ' i nun at ine rate of ten per cent, per u nth. .unscrioers win De reijuireu lo fign the articles nf Asocial ion. the I 'l - rtificateol Associalinii. mil the terms .if scriptioii as published. After Ihe Books nf Subscription shall have her n rlncml on the Hth of September, the Councillors and Directors ol the Association will dett - rttiine tl.M rata rf ill wl,i, - h the subscriptions to the slock mav be made. Persons wishinv tn cnharilio I.. - r.'r ... :n , . - "'" l'", i il . - ill. - lliev mil hing P'er ol Attorney one dav previous to subscri - Copies of Ihe Ig!.i;i. ..cuti. .i .Xf - han - :e Bank," may he had of any meiubt - r of the Committee ol Arrangements. Siks, Havin been already u.ncli longer io vour hanr tended, and having given son. " O - S. JIIHSTn'S ft lCIT r. rvn iif.iTf.n..i.. ' ...i.iiinaii ui. c. - vvjr - liliiri St HIHtl. 1 mm u..., ...,ll I... 1 iiivnuni, oepteiniier, ISJ3. au25 2wis NOTICE. r - SAML'F.I. RRfiwvs rniion;.. w..l. - - vuiirgmu; ailll .Uiltlte - mntical nehonl. wi lie ro.m.0,,0,1 .i. o - ?.i : ,d7JD j on inn insi, OF Nelson Saiiiiuis, Secretaries. au25 - lt SIXTEENTH WARD. crane Urmihliraii V.uinri ..t 1 u . ed.n pursuance of a call of the General Committee, at the 1 nton House, comer of Rrn,lin a,i - i - . nesilay cvenim.. 2Jd A l i r YiZ ".."J".T:.0". three l)i - le - .ales lo ,..rZ... ... " . . . r'fCllllg ho.,. ,0 beheld 7,, - vr o,; ,h h - : ,' cra Hast hast 7 o'clock. Jtlllv Mvin - .ill". ''"" andC. W. Ilehherd and A L i ",e M'a'r: Secret.n1. a. ;n,1(ointe Tlie Call Of the llieetimr inj ...... . I ....1 .... . M. nor thpn nr..i.oi.. la, . i.. .1. ..i : J.1 . . i : i " "iii beieei.on Ol ileleates hv ballot. whereuiHin ihe fnllnu. - i,.. - . . " . ?' Iv elected: ' s I - e. e ueciured da HA AC I.. VARIAN. :apt JAMES GEI. LENDER GEORGE C. Tl KKLER. On motion, it was rii - soiveii. i nal a l.nimiuiiAn ri;. A . . lH!;.. " C'V"' e IO 9 rCSO - - - - - i i.iuiieiHsiii mis where. ..noil the fo llowni ' nric....r,. ......; . . . . '""S - "oere. - ly, 1 uoel Tn'LJJl ai.dStonhen V. uh . .i c'" - ,,u';r' lions, whirh were unanhuouafv ado ..ed re80,u nPvilvoil. Thiil in nnr i.r.ini.m . the in ihoir nri.n.r V. u an,;("y ol conduct of their public servants, and upou mailers of n . r"prs2Ilh"e,tata,r,,C, '"e SMw - elwied io i,'!l:.h!i"nr,i confidence in the - j ..... I...I.I.I.U1 ..1111.11111. .iiarcy and John Tracy, who now hold the distinmiished D - Iicc of Chief MaVu trate and Lieut. Governor of this State, and whose purity I'. ..1',',,,rl".,Tfi'".1 elev"t,,J ""'Ur - ,uve ro '"'cn received .... ...... .....,.. o.,,.uuouoii oi a large majority of theii fe . ..V, . ,''u'lln'"vni,! inost suitable and po - pui. - .r caiiiliilale - f lora re.nnm naiii.n 1 Resolved. That we view will, azi'a'tion and alarm, the ex - .. .. ...... a - ,.1. i - vr . dn IUI - iucorjKraterl baiikiuir irifertsl 111 thist rminirv w i.. . - .I .. i .i . . fc'""'",r t,M. tt:".. '":.j'rc.J""c,j",e u e, t . h. T." " . Ke l,ie l,Hor c,ass Ihe i ' c.i ' . 1 ,r eventuaiiy to disfranchise h. - in of their r.ehts of sui.aite, and are ...akine eve. v ert;.n io eoiliarra - istlie ad.i.i...stralion of the seneral government the l,relTr,nf it,,e ""as"rf by ,.'?.,.ie I. .V.ll1,e V"?S Hi'" in tlle eyes of the Hoverniii t ' luemseives at the head of Hie Resolved. That we have undiminished confidence in the nilTKIiri.J 1 - lf I Hi. i.l.nli.1... .1 . - X, .. l,'r i . . .i V. - " .mmi in ..i.iru.i van Hu.en. Fresi - ient efthe I ...led Stales, particularly iu the truly republican luau nf seiur.irin. iI.a iw.. i.. . - ,l,uu... liiii..... . " . - ' 'I ' "'" - ""in an uailKHl" instl ivl T V" , '"'""" - ""E e consiant cry ol the a,l - .. ...... . ... ... iiiMciue people t.elieve otherwise The mam tt - atnresoi u.. i . " w, . - about fiiieeu months and no evil ejects have we vbe'en al.l - to discover, oimniatiii!! from it. Resolved. That u.u I l.o .1. ...... i the S.xtee.uh WW , V."?''7. "'""fan sectors of ... " i icsuwi nuiiiinanous. will . .T , ..iiu. ui una mate, mat shall he nominated hy a deionrraOc. reiiuhiin 1 " . ' "K be held .11 Herkimer n.i .h ill. ..r..:". . 1 euilOll, lo Hi i - i.i i ' " ' 1 " "einoer next. I'SolVed. I IllllT.. l.r...0aili r.. ; . .. . I t. ...cuiinauiiiiis nieeuni! he s sued hv the ohicers. arid on 1,1 - d.o.i i.. n .i. " . in this ' "c '"""auc papers On million ailiourned. C v ii,i.i.,r.i i ....til, iiairman. LAW SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY THE CITY OF NEW - YORK 3 "r The autumnnl ami .i - ,,, m. ..f .1.. i , will commence on MONDAY, the 1st day of October next. Tlie School COnSlStC nf three . J 1 - 11 . . . f , 1. . ..... 1 1 1 .7. . a UL - parlnient of the law of pleading and pranice, under the care of DAVin HUM r.. A denartment of ihe In u. t r,..... . i . ptiwnc, aim peisonat nronerrv iti.hidinv r.nn. r j .i f u - irVi . . . .... ........ u,ni uic talc nl v I r r r m tn. - ivrTi m uepartnient oi tne law ot Keal Property, under lU.ann.rDL'VllMIU Ii liT - ,. - . .... . . J. cipnl of the Faculty. i ne annual study, in each Denartment. embrseea one year: but students may attend, on either of the ui.jiunn.ciiio, auu in uieoruer, ana lor the tune they mny prefer. In each Department, two lectures are delivered, and two recitattoi - H hH in i. .....t. . ... a i .. ... ...... ... . ...... nccii , ocaiuea which one lecture m each week, is delivered by Ihe Principal t (l 1 1. n m - I, , . I.. .... I. 1 t. : . ' - . oviiuoi, on suojeeis oi general nature. lJuring the ensuing term, this course, will relate to the lurisi.rudeneeof the ITniiml ,.. The charges are For instruction, in the depart - i ' 7 v u.uuv.n uuiuu anu H, ine general Course, hltv rln Inr. fur ! i , ..... w ...i iciiu ui one nuiiurea dollars a year. At orneys and others, who attend the lectures merelv. twentv - five Hal I.i ru r,oh to,... ti.... ' ' r w .v. ... - 11 11 111. .11CIG are no extra charges. applications tor admission, may be made to the . - . r tn luikn. . . i - . I i n - ......i, Wi luciuici ui i. - ie .a w froressors. TT . , oi. jHAi'tibvvs, Chancellor. ni.iisiiy ui nieviiv oi ;ew ork, f August 1S33. ( au21 2a w 5w ' EIGHTH WARD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 49 Wall - street. al Continue tn insure Hrtncfta e..: o.iu men cargoes in port, vjooqs, Merchandise, 4c. uaiiisiiuBs or uamiige Dy i - ire, upon terms as favor - ame as any similar institution in the City. ntRlTTOnio Thomas fi. Talmadge, Edward Doughty, Tunis Van Peit, ' William J. Staples, Shermnn Cleorce S. Douohtv. Uenjainin R. Winthrop, John R. Peters. John V. Greenfield. Anthony J. Bleecker, Hlissel Slebbina. Obadiah Holmes, Jjiiuin Harriott THOMAS r: TlIAtincr t . JOHN NT I SOV I, S - tr"''""' iihiKV f. KOBKRTSON, Surveyor. war n A mrrir.ivs ' au'24 Counsel and MRS TJHVTS nnml .rTTnMa tTa. : - - . : fvi.a vi iicilll unu nilf - fi to invp inatrntirvr An t.A Ti.c c; : . IV1 i.t Tun. aic rjte, apply to Mrs. 422 Houston street, comer ol vivouj otj ecu flrifcb Abraham McUride, Secrclaries. auilt CaMP aiEETiNcs. The Methodist Episcopal Church, we are informed, will hold their annual camp meeting at the society's grounds, near this vil 'ms - r wniini - iiting on me ja oi seuteuiDer next. Ihe Method, st Prnteslnnt f!li w.aMi - wa Tl II) IIU1U camp meeting on Ihe lands ot Mr. Geo. Weiant in Havi - rstraw, N. Y, commencing on Tuesday, the n,r - nunaon niver unrouicie. r ir nn iviv Po. 42 Maiden - lane, a few doors below Nassau - street, imeom .:a axd DEALER IN FINE TABLE CUTLERY, SILVER, PLATED JAPANNED WARE, ASTRAL, MAS TEL d HALL LAMPS, . FAXCY GOOHS, d - c. d - c. HAKDWARE, or all kinds, for housekeepers. VINEGAR STORE AT 3t NEW - STREET. EDWARD BAYER Offers for sale, at low prices, CIDER AND WINE VINEGAR. Acknowledged, by those who have used it, as a very fluneririr nnulit.t .nk.'...I.AnA..ll i - - ' . ' " iu,ji iiioa.itiooi jo gniiuiin, ana in snip i"" tiiuer w nen requiriia. IV'iO SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT. WILLIAM HILL'S New and Inimitable Style of Ilalr - Cuttlnf, SHAVING DONE IX THE NEATEST rtvi.e O" Constantly on hand a general assortment of . ..ri - JiiM, r ASCV ABTICLE8, CCC, at No. 86 PEARL STKEET, (Up Stairs.) MUNDY 8t PETHICK, PIAS0 FOUTB MABERS, 204 BLECCKIB, CCBNER OP HANCOCK STREET. An assortment of their Instruments for sale at AT WILL'S. 201 Broadway. KOCKLAMJ LAKE ICE! A. BAR MORE, B22 GREENWICH BTBT - PT Has on hand, a constant supply, and is ready to niiiio. i Biupa, sieamnoais, uoieis ana private families, at the shortest notice, with this PURE ARTICLE, on the most liberal terms. Also, Orders received forG. & II. Earmore's impro ved Refrigerators. Manufactory, 120tarrow street. SYLVESTER A CO. EXCHANGE BROKERS, No. 156 Bhoadwav, N.V. Uncurrent Ffonlr lTnta. K.imit it.. k;u . - " nirno iugui mc inquest pre - mium paid for Gold Notes and Drafts collected rniv ui r - ngianu ixotes oougnt and sold Coinmis sion busmeas attended to in all its branches. KEELER A l'YNE, FASHIONABLE HATTERS, MORTIMER DUILOIXO, 4 Wall - steet, New - York. JOHN W. EDMONDS, COUNSELLOR AT LAW. Office. Mortimer Building, No. 4 Wall street. ,r. - i J WILSON, MANLFACTURER OF MANIFOLD WRITERS, POCKET BOOKS, WRITING DESKS, AND DRESSING CASES, . Je" No. 43 Nassau street" HAT STORE, WILLIAM FORCE, NO. SI1 BKUADWAV, N. Y. A constant supply of Fashionable Hats, of all descriptions. Jel SEVENTEENTH WARD. lir.liuil. ruillIT nf All. 11 r,,i,i II. . ... auiiuaiijr On .,..,iin, THEHOX Kl IHK Esq., wa, appointed Prefi V, X . fI - Assuiuiil President, I'ctr J'a,,u ' eingrew, Assislunl Secre ll.a ... r : . . tin.. .iK. - i - iiiiB ius iea.1, wlien it was, on mo Kesolved. That tliia niKuiin. ... - .. ..j . . ,.. , , - 1 "'iuu - ni in uauoi inr t irei - arr. Ty .be t '.,...u...i..r. . n r : :. . "r: " ".u'";;i to meet m :, " . ..riininci uiiuie .'it. oi. - epieml)cr ii. - ir. for .,e ,. oi iioir.iiiatuig - n fr Gov. ruor and l. - tl.i - limit Lnrarnm 1. i . . V "i'l - ," v i - uiilionttu nv tni KenulWirin parly at ihe ensuing election. uuucan Alter counting the ballots the elecbon resulted in the FREDERICK K I.EE, JACOB G THEAl.l.. John pkttiguew. win. were approved of bv the meeting w,i :,..,, ine tonowins geiitleuieu were apiMinted a rr: - tf.i,"..r?..a"d - "'H'" e - xpreJile ol ihe u "r. ' . ; V"'.:". - ""3" - rnmiirvlmylfr. John I .... ....... rii - neiicK n. ie, Ucorge lliown and Pa.,1 It I TU.. . t .1 i.!.M. . "e"ave"ie utmost confidence in the T .. J.Vri" - . ' " , ' 01 "ur ""sunsuwlied Presi I,....'.. .I f , " endeared himself to his ... .... ... uy me u. iermuied ami perseveriiur stand in support of the mterems of the pronlc in the treat c.m.est now going on between them ami the aristocracy of .Jtla,ThalSiIaf WriSh. Churchill C. Ca.nbrelens an.l Ely Moore, our talented representatives in the national councils, deserve our cordial thanks, an.l are entitled to ..... ,,.,,., .,, - ueinocracy oi tne Union lor the ener eetic support ofih.! wis'ies nol only of their immediate con n. ...... no, uui .. ..ic ..riii..irti y oi me nation. Hesolved, That the ihanksof the democracy be presented to the State Adminisi ration an.l to our republican friends in the Aaseinbly, and our worthy Senators, for having so firmly resisted the aristocratic measures of pretended relief, and saved the State from thc "irrcdeemables " Resolved, That the establishment of a Cmsiitmional Treasury a sepnration of tin: government from ail bank - in interest, is the only means for the democracy to preserve the Constitution from being controlled by the aristoc - Resolved, That now is the accepted time, and if lost now, i twill renuire years for Ihe people to recover the ascen' .1 i. eiei.ire ine amy ol every duniocrat to use ...s i.mosi cnueavors to carry eiKKi and true men for all 1...y... n,, elections. Do not be deceived, it is now, or perhaps never. Resolved, That the iisue now is, a Constitutional Treasu - li It Natlo"il1 lt - a j oke lor the people to work in. Uheiher ornotthcy shall be hewers owoAd and drawers of water for the aristocracy. Resolved. Thut loin,..., o. o :.. .. mvi , . , iuiic5inriii, - ju i.asniers. i SikSI' - a"d ?l.;r, and nL.n"fvv7 J niiniireu millions til cloliars r - aa ...a, - .. V . V . - "C lK III II il eilltai. fhaiwi ITlf fo1r,"!,li'1,le w offear to the democracy! han the few hundred persons who are now employed by reCrTh?' woo, to bUnd the eyes of the people frtlirtineS Resolved. Thtu tbe members of the ni t.", ""L.".' "n,c ana Henrv Ctai'l'i P "V f."Seh and" Henry Clay be President with such iower, the liberties of the country would be at an end. iX' "I lose - i un i i.cs ior ine sake of filthy lucre; that Nathaniel P. Tallmadse, and those who ad nere lo him in bisetli.rts to niri - l - tlimi.' ...a An....i: ty, deserve the reprobation of the nnni - ..'.. ,k,. rL wnh sansfactmn U.e approach of the 4ih March next as the termination of the political career of this nnwor.hy '' sentanve of the State in the Senate of the Union ler, Mr. MMaXrTvni&et?" Mr" Sc"u' Resolved, That the proceedinas of this meeumr he Pubhshedm the Evening Post, New Era, and tZi?T On motion, the meeting then adjourned TIIEROX RUIID, President Peter Pinckney, Secretary 'lo. John Pctligrew, Assistunt do. au25 WRIflllT'S Hfrr.u n.iuv II Mm - iniT onon on..A.l ; : .u - ..i. Luiiiiiiuiiicaiiuns in ine nf! IllT H nf a nllUCiemn nrA iiham . .. .i . - . I swill nnlk brought to the cit y Jcc, the un - lersiened V : :. " uu,r lu iui meir customers and thp n.lhlll thnf .liotill.. : . e - l . .i - , uiauiiri y si is ieu at ine a.nrv ourpeneral feed is hay, Indian menl, buckwheat, k in nxu iiii - m in wiuier, wun pasiure in summer our miih win Dear comparison with anv other unld V .1 mt niore rocommend it as a healthy and nourishing food for the adin or child the Dairy is at all times open for inspection, and we sllOUl'1 be haPDV to see nnr rimt.iiiuira on, I ..t, .1 , 'J'j .L - .l: .... 1 1 11 1 1 1 iitii I II n n IIIIII lilt 1 1 f 1 1 1 T I a nionnnr i n L. "'i j 1 1 . i in v ii ii nicy are ken r. I ivuinnff a ' auU2wis Miirrav Hill, middle rond Da. Williams, the OcttliST.W reretUj vmaH..,. fn Knur or lii.ii - i. 1.. il.;.. ... 5l 5"" maHC at to be! satisfied of the tnitl or fafseh Jd oW' m certificates of wonderful cures periled b, bim S. ery is so impudent anil unscrupulous in our ilav ihf. mere oxhibition of a suing of certificates Irom unknown in. dividiials eocs for little or nothing with multitudes - and wt i. - ic leso.veuiu nuun u.e i oi inc matter, since wt would much sooner publish truth than falsehood evens a communication. Alter a prolonged and close sc rutin v r Dr. Williams's operations, and a free conversation vit ome tiit. - eu ortwenly of his patients individually weaj impelled to the cunclusinti that either the Dr. "must be , q, I ocun - st and a great puDiic ttenelaclor. or a great uit UU4 31 I liv neo.llf. mud lio ...rriiiiiwlv willifinl - ' i - - . .. - . - - r - j - - .. . vuucrnui. nintive oroliject. We saw those who had been blind tf the cradle restored io sii;lit, and many whose siht lis been wholly lust by cataract or inltaimnHtion rejoicing in regained and slid improving power of vision. This an much more we saw and heard; and we must either disc rec itabimdHi.t testimonv.or believe thai r. W illhiinu iv . skiliul audreuiarkahleOculist. Editorof thc New Vorke PitoviDENCE Iioi - sK.419 Broadway, ? August 9th, 1S. J o Ihe Editors of the A it Yorker : suits, Having been air Ctil.l.lrv .h. - in I :.t fii - t im , J " ........., mm ii.i, ni j;i,eil SO Hi thousand i.rnoiii thnr ilieu - lml,rmw u......!.... lent, and etlicacious in all cases that'nill admit ofirliefh out iheaul ol Surgery. 1 feel called unn tostate thai it is i l:iv llllentinn t.i rn.iv t ..u f.i.n.. i.... .1.. 1 1 Folutely poor, after the f.n - i dav ol January, lsa9, either i sonally or by le.ii - r, and shall prepare for my depanr , ,,. cimiK an ui, - ilcM year. 1 he 1'oor will 1 nerteiL nt i - niiri - 1.1 . - i.h.a ... v.... x. - 1. . . i.ieciiy mini cur. d, ami 1 now promise Iheu. 10 do all good 111 my (Kiwc - r gratuiiously, until my departure Fr, ll.i. - ; 1I. - 1V In llm i..iii.iii.. ii i.i'tl. u ...... .i ..' . L , "r jii,.iii persons who are l.lil OlHIl lll. - IV llf.l - lllltM I11V Pit nnl j ... l.l - 1, . - - ' in men uwii am IP I 1.IS, r .. . - i ,, IT"wi "auiig lime M I v ' v 1 ' S'V1"8 reterence lo som : - , . 11; mem ui my accusiomed I have the honor to tie. &c. A c . JOHN U II I UMi Formerlv OenlUt t.. tl..ii. - XT, 1 .... . ' . ... . - v . - - ...... ,.i,..wi 1.01. is awii . and tie Iui.s IMiiHiiii - tho ii ki.... . r .I... v u , n,e ist Km. . : 1 " ? """ an" " ... ii... . 1 1 in - me.iioer ol Hie Medical noriciies 01 l' im - r..,.i...,. - .. ri.. 1. " eux, thaloi.s.:i.r.n....t.T. rran.i a., i.;' ICxThe fnlrowiiu I, n - a .ri.l. . . wiv. en. ..... , t - 7 - I ". scmiciiMu assurea us, The wisdom ol the Creator is especially displayed in the formation and Ktru. i.,. .. f it... I - .T x . 1 . ,,lc frame exhibits such evpii.te - worknshX or is mure ha i e in .... i. ..,.,1, , 1 . 11 "'".'i ,. ,,,, , . "...i.ioiiuu ami aniu - ting aucir - llerS. 1 llf llliril.lKT nt r... - n. 1 ., . . . miviaol iheN, I'""alrl - ' iwiiiiwiutn (uiuiiix on our orave i. i - .I ".ii..nS .ni l. nie.iiis anu connec - or. W !," all,c",""rlV th.'..ugh....t the world there are .lis - urders peculiar Io the eye; Ku - ia Serena. Fl.viin. tf,Ji. bnWil'hTS ceniury' has. Hi.. I....1... . . . : - "" o ii.mianiiy, and ol .he RuV - iVS ' .,.,"'H"taBcr ". - Williama, 0?..hst. of has. hv extern d a, - n"" ' " "n.. Lond,, who were absiu,;,V b,d ren..7 U don M w:: ': u,. rodot wunesses ol the highest rcsciahility have t heiili. which have at once Witrd ou - .rtm.'ra 2n.l.lude, and v..,, '. - AV,,W o the Bath Hrratd Mr Vkilliauis, the Knglmh Oculist, my be consulted a , . ,. . . ft '""ri luiniiiijf, iiuitt emlit o clock ui the .norning until onk, P. M. In the Winter The looimustallem ,j ,,..,. ..... , i"i.. ine days.) fur .hep Irn XiYZl I fPni!T J V - 7 Tn - mi ii m r. r n ,. - . - " - - I3L.l.ll. 1st. .Mr. Wiihains v.. j and cu e weak eyes. ' '"oi. - u lo strengthen n.i. ;r. Williams' leinedy No. 2 is calculated toe soi e an. ml ai.ied . - ansim fro... whatever cause. Jrd. 3ir. i li.iiit i - na......u v .. - j i . , ... , - . .. ... ..j m m i aieuiaieii io rule weakness ol siitm. aci - mimamed i eyehds. as w. - ll as.. ei - si.. ...... Z""f . "m ah. Mr. WiiiiaTi.s' : " v , r'"' " : . . inn . - I.... i . ' tan uiaiea io cure inn, cloudy, mis v. or short Hiehi ui.l. : eye o, eyelids ot .lmn .1. ....... .7. ". - u.....o.l..0 1 ills. riMii.Miv tiaihH..n .n....u..i'..l t . the above avn .niTm. ?"Se' W,'e and al o where dimness. A - . - . ... ... .. ... "g.. .. .P 1 s,hs, as welt a s'. - o we're 7.' acco.i.pjiiied bv either of il... ton.s. "n - uuiiucu synijH 5th. Mr. Williams' re.n,iu v.. r. ... ...i....,... . . ji.... cloudy. misTv .r . ,v.v ;,v"iuw . lo rur outinllammatinno'l theeye or'eyelid, and has been lul in man cases. alil...m.. ... - ...... ...;.... .. :.. . 2 S))(s - ' - ""..'1H..ICU nun uoau.lg lll. Mr illinlns v.. . - . : .......... . ... . : , ..".uiaiaicmaid to cure all!, U.S Ol lhf eve i.r nr.... ..I.... . . ... f - . - . - - , " .ai.iiinuiiiis in u.e eyeuiis, asal - so of all small stati.inary specs, spotsor films o.i the tratrs - yiut - a ,aiwn? iron, repeated inllamiualions. laige specs, spo.s or films, parm.lly or wholly covering die globe ol ihe eye.aris iik from inn .J..f....t ". .' ,. )H.V, Uiejiiiles. A c ic. - :.r mau - s..hV?Ir' remedy No. Sis calculatedtocnrcibat soi t of blindness which is not indited hy external disease (I - C. (a CdllllllOtl nhrt'or t ........ ill . whether arising trnn, T . nh I. " 7 1 " otherwise. wh.rh :.."'B' . nervous disease, guila Serena nii.aui osis, ' paralysis. - ' or lsy ol the optic nerve," al Ihe same time it must be un dersluod that there is not any appeal ance of cat iract h.; re"f dy has also proved salutary to those who have had .sur?i. - :.l i.iim...i..a 1 . - 1. '. i - Z F C ' i" - ""i"icii .or u.e removal ol cataract, or fr thc loniiauou ol an aniliciai pupil. .. i i . "'mcesiiKe sparks of fire or Hashes ol lii'htn in ili,...,... ... . . , . ., " i ..... i '. .3 CT iriiiii - rt - u me more douhtiul or uncertain, yet it is worth in the most desperate case, as the cure may possibly he effected b ner - sevennj a lew months, otherwise the patieut would it a certainly be doomed to a slate mminl ,i:., - i,... r ... ..... sub. Mr. Willi.... ...,i ....... r - .".. .?"'r. ""'." . signed for patients afflicted with confirmed cataraci. iii onlcT to l.retiaie lhe eve .'or a si.i - . - ...u.'.i. u... : which is intended to give vigor and strength to the opuc nerve, to eualile it in ii..i - r.i .,...'.....: ...i it... i ....... .U..HIUUJ suose.pientiv to thi. surgi. al operation being perloru.ed, which operation is. However, indisoensahiv neeesii - v in .. . J J ... u.i VII 1 1111.1 1 .HI , cataraci, iii.iii whieh any improvement ol vision must not Although Mr. William..' r..n..i...u t... - : . .,,...1.. . I - I , no. c iu many msianrts. pioilu. e.l rapid amelioration or pel leel cures, still in most - - - - - . , ..... u, nine., means alone, u. some rases, the cure will he rendered permanent. noe Ins arrival ... ihe United Slates, and .luring his residence IP I he .'llleieiil rilieK Mr Will ... " ....i .. .. ...........a naa iucl nun sev eral persons wi.o were restored Iu tight or cured of deafness, by the use ol his remedies, in Kurnpe One was in the year ISOii another in the vear 1811 another (a lady) who suffered deafness Iron infancy, who waa pe. lei - lly cured ol" deafness in the vear ltjl j another restnied to Kiolit .if i.u "... .1.. . ... - - - - . j luii. in inc vear isi c , h'e 't,.a".utleiJ t". 'o was restored to sight and cured . i.siw, was inc lather ol the lady who was cured of dealuess by him in the year 11 and who now resides in this citv has certified thai her ......... i.. .i great age ; that his sight continued to he so ,uwl ai . i. h t"' n'a'' ?'bl - (iU, tselher, till within a few HOUrS OI lllS ilt'ath which ianin.n,..l ..t f. r i 1 ' vv " " nuuui imiror live years Hiiice. and thai her henruig conuuues perfect lo thw day Without anv nl ior J' Til sen m.! (TAntloni3ii , :.i...n - . . inNewVo - tn: ;,rT":" r:'"u"V"rspTcra7a ;.. P.7: .r7 r V i l",, "V" estahushed in Philadelphia, whose sight con inues perfect. i i e iast aiiudedto was restored to sight when he was a chi .1, by Ur. Illinois s remedies, al Glasgow, (. - Scotland,) i...i.T . " jom man, anu resides in Ihis city, having the perfect sight of both eyes 1 1.. ... .ii.i.n, X. .. .. .. 1,. l . J. ' . . ...1V.....V, i..a.7 ...un,,, laieiy restored lo sight, after being blind two or three years, and her .sight wastl.ouKht by T1IK MECHANICS' IXSTITrrxr? OK THEniTVnp PV vnpt" will hftld Its f.l.irth nnn. ml P,n ni P.iln n .. conimcncinson Monday 3.1 September next. Articles for exhibition, s - le or competition, will be receiveuon ine rna.iv ana saturrlay previous. Those e. Liu:.: ... .. . . i .. . iiir in in it ill iiinv will .if nnm.rri.,1 tn on.. ...... a . . - . - .......... ... . .in auv uav 111. nnc the Fair , before 10 o'clock A.M. nieani power win ue provided as usual. Places will als.i he iitinr(inrintiri for .hesr.l nf lil,. . ...... articles, whicii may he secured on application at the I ....... . , . . . f '.. IT 11 1 - nuuui, yuy ri ui, wuen any intonnation respecti ngtne rair mav be obtained. n U'UITTI r o I? V - .: " Licor. , '..airmail, JOHN' H, H KOf.n Snr..r jy21eodtS3 of Board of Managers GREAT NATIONAL, CELEBRATION. THE ELEVENTH ANNt'AI. KAin OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NEW ORK, WILL OPEN AT NIBLO tj GARDEN OCTOBEB 1. - .. isns Articles offered in coniDetuion f,.r rn,in must be delivered on the 12th or 13th of October next. Meritorious productions from every department of inuustry wi i ne received. A powerful steam engine ior moving maenmery wu'l be provided. To extend me accommodations to exhibitors and visitors, the entire garden has been engaged, including one room luu by ij teet, never before occupied. It is dctired, as iar as possmie, that all articles should be delivered on r naay, the IZih of October. For further informa tion, address T. B. WAKEMAN, Cor. Sec'ry , 167 T I m xrodaway, im. i . aull3taw3w I ll.T lr A nflrlrnrro nf QU'lov Tor w ' it , x v " 1 0 ''iou.i, in nuason street, between Cann street and nitn i office. Any person finding the same will receive the tnanKS Of the owner ku luo ;. . t nnvi - . , t - igiiui avenue. au 41 Snm - nrEu O1 1 he hnviir Mn.ntain t.;. nmnn. - - - .., iuu.ju.ii,u umaiiAiiKC - rneiiis. is now prepared to supply the public with - - . Uic. ui a ,cry gupenor quality, and a variety J ,; aim new ovrups. SARATflfJA Mifivrcii I .i hitiv - c KAL. WATERS always on hand, and sent to any nrt nt h r r. ' ' i - - - - i - .iy nee ui t - jipeiise. A.cRcio ruty lor one dollar. R. KORTH JORDAN, jel No. 167 Broadway. TAKE NOTICE. Hj Mechanic's and citizens in general, if you want good and cheap Hats, where all tastes countries and climates will be suited, call at WRIGHT & CO. an9 146 Chatham street. TO GENERAL AN1 WARD COMMIT - a WT The Printinnr rVimn.;.. - r .1 WnrH r - m ;.. 6 oi ineuenerai and forrau.To "'fcan.beeupphed Hand B.lls lOr OallS Of PllhllO MoeMnno 1 nn hi.!. . l H' " - t - i"i snon nonce ana on liberal terms, at this office. Apply to WM. G. BOGGS. Utfy lstructioi Tin Writtaf7 CO - THE LATE MAVOR of Philadelnhia has certified under seal of the city to the character or several Divines, Physicians, and gentlemen of high standing who declare positively under their own hands (all of which may be seen at the place named below) that the Balm of Columbia is not only a certain preservative, but positively a restorative of the human hair; also, a sure cure for Dandriff. Who shall dispute, or who go bald ? The only true have a splendid steel plate engraved wrapper withj falls of Niagara, &c. on it. Enquire at No. 2 Fletcher tteet, I door below Pearl street, near Maiden hoc tendency to . - nnrracr raii.i.r i;i... .1.. 1 .. . other numbers will contract or dilate the ..nil a'crdinf to tho iiaiuro or maliiiuity ol the dta - as ol" ibe .v, and ihe K'nt - ral or peculiar state of the health .n il... n..'i..... Nole '2.1. Mili.tinrli .l.o u - t...... i - J . l. - .i - .. "i.. ., " "uiianis sreuieoies u r.. - - iiwi u t. - iiipiu eaunnscriimiiate - iv ji ovcrv i!a?iP - writ limit imtii - - ...n i a . - li.ciiersi.n :.,n,.. Z Z" ." "e.",,,, injury lo ... hi... i ..T . . - . , " '"it", tne patient apnlit - s tu l uu by k - lter lr relief, the symptoms ol the disease of su I. individual must be Mated hy the Inend of the ?"n attli. Hd, (or by uiiist - f. l a ,!.. i i.n n i..... .' hi..eorc..r,... ... r..7. ,'.."' any f ,; . : ; " "i'x .u uu etui io any Dait rs . a i .n i rT''S' - ''. C. if .he pLuge jo..i'..eyii,.. - ii, mechanicActi.tisi he al lhe rote ol S - Isforone - - : .ni. ... mm i. - iiii. - uie : anu the verv l..oh..ut Nii 3tl. Tin npr miin m kiin - iti.iTt stated, that Mr. VV.Iha 7., : v " " ."" 1 " "eulmu oe lv: as well an.!, - I.,.. r ; i " , . "'I "oruing - ., . . - , - iiiui sih ii rctntclies shall ii,.t he seen by any 1', Su, 2eon, Chemist, or Arm . ecary : and ihiu they shall nol he applied to the eve or ear ol any other person than t,.e patient for whom they are designed hy Irr. Williams, u - iilii.iii i.i. ' ' "c v.... ,.i .n t'1 ii"atoii. te 411. All IU'. Sl.. WlldSe Kllli:.l...., , ; ... atleutinn. inusl an...., v, w , ; - "rer " cured ; hui all such n. - rsn,. .IV"'??.,'. any ratio a.ahuve) Liy be treated b? rorreHi "ncc ii ll.eir own houses, in any country, ami the rein" lies w u for then own ami eaii.m ;.i i....i . ' . ... es nt vanlaseous. ",l"" ,a M uluts l - N(tt! fit It. Tim 11 .fir n - ;l. - i until Mr WU ham's e - V,,, "i1"., "",vcrt at seven, and the ..oorVenllcu.Vn SsT, oc oCa M ta the autumn am! u mr .1 . lu o'clock as usual. wl" uu one Aole Bih. All nitipr l....... ..I i, vviir V no are noi poor may obtain trance n ,1, ei: I "2" roa,iway, en - called Provii;.. i .:. T":..",c".,,OUse " endof the year 1S fpc M'. - momh vii.'i .? .'t. A"y Se.d r '"fir"' lac,y or ge"de,a5 v be viMteil in theirown habiiainins. in nv .. - ... v - .v .. bvsen.ii..,. their .,. Mr wi,..., Mr. wihiinin::: .' " r''?r bl , un nut ) 'iicuu nil Eire nia op.mon on lhe case. This he would do without lee, if the personcouldcall on btinecuthe ahovc liieiiUoucd hours, and which he invaiiablv nrefers. ul.hnin.h i .... other case he would be oai.l fnr I'.ii vi,t " Note Aih. Mr V. it, - . ....... c " .i . . ... - ....,u,.,.c, to ...c cure or neat - nessare entire v .liH..r..iit .rum h, ..... c..i... . .r j . : , - . - "..... oc.uiiiii:i.mB ot nund - which have proved themselves to be much sut.e - nor to all others in Kunme ' Ht.s must. .nt iri - iiiij.tu.i, a. - ith ... . - . . nn Ar . u ,. . " , - - - - - 1 ...... v... - .t j ui me eve, since his arrival iii the Limed Slates, have hitherto prevented that attention tocases ol deali.ess wh:ch their iinponance de - maiids. He iniends, however, to publish a few perfect cures fin... a ol ;il. I. ... . . - res, ... .....ur. - is ,.i ciinimine mose who cannot (.main rein ibr any other means. "UK.?"1 - "oe .o. I, U, 3, or 4, would be found i - . .. " p....i'HMjiBinait u.e unl e - in Kurope, Asia, or North or South America, as well as lo the thousi.n.'s who have left Collece to pursue the learned professions, many of wl,Sm havehrouei.t onprcnaiureoldage (as far t respect, their vimoiii bv be.nir so imiin. lent t : V edto aged persons to enable them In read l,tiii Ureek or oilier classical works.or MSS which haV i.i.i!aiii,nnf ,,1. I.i..'.. ... ' V"" .nlcn nav d suitable mean, Sue h meailsaVe now .ThVve'tfooJ the test ot upwarclsof lorly years an.l have triumphed over the i.s, Violent percutmns of an ,,,! ,3 sers. nianv ol w tnni l...u - ...... i . viv heir ern.r ,i.,i h.,;. I."". Dce convinced of j V - "v - .uine .nr. v il uims' real frien.'s ua. andwhh .W S"i,C,l ,0 ,,, nffhe nd vid - ual. and winch inaybe ascerta ned by coninarine thesvmn. reufn''effi - alv'.' 8rC!fic!Uion f re WwhhSwBi iuid woidd be found h'.'h. ? P"uiioQ) in any climate, 'rcliuce . IIS n,8hl', cneficial even if they do not wua?oMi,.,C.lIre' for lers..ns would have Im ed ,mC!,. " If' ,,C WW "f be disease would be ?n an Tii hv di Tl " ""'"""niUfly become so formidable eT V S Case 'o render all human means use - whn frn , J,' ie,'"motHl ,,oe'' Wds an awf"' eniple, Nore . l l W,"ncss.ofsig," Cocaine totally blin.l. V ' i iinml .,. I ""e ,s 80 arr"y t0 be f',u'"' "ne who os at - d ne J. .fr,y en"n,'"ce 'n t ither of tl. ! sciences, but has nfTh. expanse either ofa total or partial loss of one f f"U tc,l,,,,,ral blessinss - good eve siithi i'.' no individual who has it in his powerto procure Less hin,ti'irS r7pma by 5,r" Should fail to pos - nee!l a ht " ' ,l,,,!,r re"ics, as a refuse in the time of perfect g 8 n"""enl his S'S' '"y "Wear Notelltl. ThnAl.ilm...l i .r thor - ,V . - - n....;i - iiiitn.en . .or many sue ..U . ; . "vui mcurit i nai on, would nnd an astonish.,. advanta2e from the occasional anplicaUon of one ortwo drops of his remedy No. 1, once only on each eye hefore renrinft to rest. Mr. Williams ift stietin k. . u . .. . - r , - - " inai in Mirceeu.ns (after a few days, or a few weeks in any case the eyes woulil aimear In Iibva .. - . . .f ", : - uic oi uie, vigor.or viviacitr, man was ever before experienced. aul7 - la6wD4C storageTstorag E ! I & A large, light, drv CELLAR. onnnnilAth Ona. torn House, No. 27 Pine Street, is now nnneennierl and will be rented for the year, or can be used for th. lornge oi uooos, Appjy at the office of tnie paper.

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