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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 16, 1838
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hall be limited to the number of twenty, , nd I .haH be fir approved by the Uecrei.ry at War, and saU be counneu to place luostuesniuieo i reauires austanl JDai mw - r " .v. tin. mIi.1I be. and nuro. mat ao muw.. - - - ,. - quarterma - rteri to be separated from the Hue, die same la hereby repcaieo. .., - , - authorized by t'ft ; Th d,Xrs?ihaU be limited and fixed at seven S'iu 'a n.h i o,Mar thereof shall be retained, a. rxlhaT"'nooI"enaaUon shall be allowed to officer, of the Engineer Department for disbursements of public money, while supc.intendine public works. Seventh. That the three coomuaaanes of .ulwistence authorized by aaid act, shall not be separated from the line 0lEil h.'nThat so much of aaid act as allowB one hundred and sixty acres of land to soldiers who shall have served ten consecutive years, be, and the same is hereby, re - Nmtiu That the said act shall be as jo, aUnw the 1'aymaster General and Surgeon General of lie ar my, the additional rations therein g.anled to officer of the line and staff for every five years' service. Arf ovt, July 7ih, 1838. Prat ic No. 79.1 AN ACT nuthorizing the p nliit 'be Madn papers. He it enacted, by th Senate and Home of Rtprtsenta ti"ei ofte Unlet State of Anvriea m Con res " WThit 'he Joint Committee on the Library be authorized to cause the Madiwn papers to be printed and published ; and that a sum not exceeding five thousui.l dollars be appropriated for that purpose out of any money m the Treasury not olherwiw appropriated. appbovku, July 9th, isaa The Question of a High Bridge over the Harlem River. An article from the Evening Star, in favor of bringing the water of the Croton over the Harlem Kiver by means of a high bridge of massive and cost - V construction, found its way into our pa per of yesterday. Lest our readers should suppose that this was a selection oi ours, we take occasion to say that it was inserted without our knowledge. To us it seems that the construction of a high bridge would be a piece of extravagance for which there is no apology. We have already argued the question at some length in this journal. For the present we take leave to direct the attention of our readers to the reflections in the Journal of Commerce ol this morning, in answer to those who contend that a high bridge is necessary for the accommodation of the multitude of vessels whicti may hereafter pass through the chan nel of Harlem River. THE EVENING POST. THURSDAY EVENING. AUGUST 16. VARIETIES. Mobs in America and Mobs Abroad. The be impeded. When rich, the term of his absence may be prolonged to an indefinite lime by the pay - . r e, - . i - - :n t . . . . u. ;. ... r.,. I "'cm ui money, oome propneiors nave never cen amy uujecuon sometimes Orous.u aS.. - .( jg of the aUWt of government, that under it there can exist no power wh0 ha(1 amaasfj real treasure, was recognised, com Detent to repress mobs and other disturbances of whilst travelling - , bv his master, who applied to him I - .. zi' - . . . . ft.. the peace an ohi. etion countenanced, we regret to 'or tbe loan ol tilty thousand roubles, mil reiustu to , , , . , - 1 liberate hira on an offer ot one hundred thousand. It say, by some of our own journalists, s answered ... " .ra n ' ' " " E Nicbolw the extract from the Liverpool Journal, winch we anH alIL...n to abolish slavery in Russia, but as subjoin. The writer is speaking ol the destruction I the value of landed property is'entirely dependent on the number ol slaves upon it, mis wouiu ue oppo - I t . I 1.1 J If. - - - nrl ani'itiet tko ll'ichrfl It must be remembered, that in a country where endanger the safety or the crown ; lor in that coun - there are lew or no soldiers to aid in preserving order ,rv poWeru as the head of government is, there or repressing tumult, the natural conscience of ex - i8tg n) imperious and formidable aristocracy. such Ireedom trom control .8, that it will ofien be The lan(Js whicn 8rranged Paul might be lound abused. 1 his certainly affords matter for deep a,ain , otherg f0 ,wj8t tnc sas, for ma successors, regret, as indicating the prevelance of opinions dan gerous to the peace of society ; but it affords none lor ill - natured exultation. How many instances following ccur every year in this corntry, when, but lor the presence ot lar more power! ul bodies ot policeman are known in America, and occasionally ot detacn were their rights invaded, or their interests injured." It one might believe the whig papers, every public man and every press in the de mocratic party is mercenary and venal, ac tuated by the lust of lucre or of office. This is a grave charge, and naturally awakens indignation. N But while we repel this false accusation, we should not overlook the fact, that some of the whig presses have, in one respect at least, behaved with great equity. II they have charged their adversaries with merce nary motives, they have brought the same charge against their own party. They have treated us no worse than they treat each ether. While they strive to make the world believe that we are rogues, they acknow ledge themselves to be so. We are about to transfer to our columns two ol these precious confessions' It is well known that there are in this city two whig parties one favorable to the claims of Mr. Webster, and the other to those ot Mr, Clay. To the lormer belongs the New York American, and to the latter the Evening Star. First, hear what the American says of the Star and its party. It is protesting against appeals made for a party purpose to the prejudices and controversies of past years. From the - V. V. Anurican of Monday. ' Yet it is not to be denied that there is a class of persons, and that not by any means inconsiderable or uninfluential, that is accessible to eucb appeals. This class is made up, for the most part, of those soldiers ot fortune.wbo, fighting always tor pay first, are. of course, liable to be found at different limes on different aides who, knowing nothing and caring nothing about principles, are yet specially soucuout about what Major Dalgetty calls " the provant," or, in the mora inteliisible expression of Governor Mar - cy, " the spoils,1 and are willing at all time to ta&e up any name, adopt any head, and swear by nv shibboleth that will ensure to them the booty. The Star understands the value, and sympathises with the motives, ol these mercenaries, anu navinj diaaurjointments of its own to avene. it deals large. Iv in the tort of appeal to names and prejudices of J . . . . rr t i n ii uri.;M which we nave oeen speanin", anu cuh iuui i w; doctrines. To such a degradation of the high prin cinles and hieh aima of the Vhi party, we cannot even by silence, assent, and hence the remarks we herewith submit." Frankly said, and justly but the Star meets the charge with as positive a declaration that the whigs of the party led by the American have no other object in view but the rewards of office. Here is the picture given by the Star of that party. From the Star of last evening. "This is small game, it is true, but these gentle, men always play a smalt game ihey brag high but seldom win ; and when the American talks in a style so lordly and high - minded ot their disinterestedness of their true love of principle and of country of their absence trom all motives ot selfishness of their attachment to principles and not to men, and accuse others ol selfishness, we, who have served an apprenticeship ot some twenty vears with them, could tell a very different Btory, founded on facta. " They are a fine, clever, pleasant, jovial, gentlemanly set ol fellows, and you caw always get on smoothly and comlortably with them when you allow ihem to have everv thins their own way. They are the tight ones to make Governors and Presidents, ettins at a table with their iced champaigne : and although they cannot elect their men, or do the fighting, or organize, or deviso, or execute, or canvass, or labour or arouse, animate and excite, yet when the battle is over, and the victory won by the people, there is no class so prompt in sounding Ihe trumpet aim claiming me rewarc, anu yui nicy ium of disinterested services, and purity of motives, and an utter abhorrence ot the "spoils" ! !" The whigs last evening held a meeting aMason - ic Hall, at which they were addressed by Mr. Pren tiss, a member of Congress from Mississippi. The call, in compliance with which the assembly was convened, was addressed only to whigs. According ly sueb whigs as Gideon Lee.Sirauel Swartwout and others lately known by the name of conservatives but now duly incorporated into the whig ranks, at tended. These two were made vice Presidents of the meeting. One or two of the morning papers give a report of Mr. Premise's speech, which, if it be anything like a fairtranecript of what he said, is not much to his ere. dit as a p ublic speaker. It is a tissue ot light and in coherent rattle about a battle to be fought for the credit system, in which the fnendd of the adminis tration are the assuilants, and the opposition enga ged in the defence, interspersed with much praise of the same credit system by which we suppose he means the fatal facilities of speculation which ex isted in 1336, and two or three years previous. It is not very strange that Mr. Prentiss should praise what, according to common report, he has made use of so extensively. He look occasion, also, to pro nounce an eulogy on his brother speculator, N. Tallmadge. The Express states that the letter from Wisconsin, the blunders of which we exposed yesterday, was not first published in that paper, but was cut from the St. Louis Bulletin. It is some satisfaction to know that the hoax waa not contrived in New York. Frocrbss of Specie Patments. The Nashvill Banks will resume cash payments on the first of January next, and it is believed that the Banks of Tennessee generally will agree on the same day. The Kentucky Banks were to have resumed on Monday last, according to the Louisville Journal. The Banks of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois probably resumed on the same day. Arrival of Troops. The third company of the " Tburth regiment of artillery, under command ofMa - jor Gardamer, arrived last evening from Charleston, in the brig Cordelia. Licuts. Miller, Phelps, Gregory, Pembertsn, and Dr. Holmes are also passengers in the C. The Graat Western has 70 passengers engaged ; she takes out 100 tons of cotton, and a considerable amount of other freight. The series of articles which we subjoin from the New Era, are well drawn up, and we understand that they have received the assent and signature ot ments of troops, outrages ten times more atroc ious I many of our citizens who have hitherto shown them - wouwi be perpetrated unchecked. 1 o say notning j j ndj(rerCnt to political controversies, but who the riots at Nottingham and Bristol, though arising have declared themselves ready to lend their zealous out of an excitement very sitnilur to thai now pre - support to a party by which such principles are car - vailing in America on the suhjeel ol slavery, we rjed out. With the exception ol what appears to us nave had elcclnn riots, ana poor law riots quite j,; , ,k 0i,..m.nt r th., nrnnpr ar "We cannot help thinking, that eiaht miles of enough to make us tolerant of popular excesses in ? . fine, dceo water on either side of the cTt v. will, noon another country. We believe an excited mob in any cou.uaDii.iy o. executive onicers, we un u the two shores ol each river, furnish all the accom - large town in England, strong enough to take its mirable, and shall rejoice if the democratic party can modation which will be wanted, for two thousand I own way unopposed, wnuiu scarcely conieni iiscu i 8trenothened by any accessions on such a basis : years to come, and llial is as long as some people wnn me uestrucuon oi an uiiuiuauuru uum..... . PEMOCRVTIC FRINriPLES AND MEASURES, think 'this old and crazv world' which has already We make this rcmaik not in justification of the ri - Tn .... Kdit.irs'of the New Era : had its ahakinu fits ' is likelv to stand. At anv oters. or in justification of slavery, but merely in The followinz compendious declaration of the rate, il at that distant period so much more shipping answer to the libellers of American institutions, that principles and views ol the Democratic Republicans occasional excesses are inevuauiu wiiarc u buiiiui - ui. i ol l ammany riau, is extensively circuiuuu in una military force is not at hand to repress them." I cjty for signatures, preparatory to a combined .inM - R,. movement for achieving a victory in the I all, in the ' ,n,l M tlamivratic slv e. I consider it admtrab v uthor of the Studies of JNature, and the I ransla - i . j lo DrocUCe that sood understanding ami lion of the Book of Job. has in four stanzas stated hcartv hnrmonv in the party, which alone are renin i... . ; r r. ;,ir,. ,..n red to ctlect tnai glorious result, rxo true aeino the wise contriver of all the arrangements ol this material world, as strikingly as it could be stated in a whole volume. should throng this port than the whole world now contains, as to make a demand for Harlem River, and (he low bridge is found inconvenient, why ler our grand children of that age pull it down and build higher. The interest o! the money winch will have been saved, will pay the expense some hun dreds of times over. As to the canal boats, one would think lhat bv Passing under a hundred bridges ten feet high, they roust have learned to stoop sufficiently to get under one sixty leei nigu. In lact Ihe low bruise furnishes the most perfect ac commodation for alUhe cralt which is ever likely to nass that wav. " The leeal point it is very easy to magnify. 'An arm of the tea' is a legal phrase of vast importance, eoual to' navigable waters.' mere was once an arm of the sea which stretched itself along in all its navisablo importance, through the whole extent of Canal street, and for aught we know the obsttuc - structions' of that arm may one day be proved to have been an infraction of the Federal Constitution but we do not expect it. There must be a little common sense mingled with our logic. It tiariem River were so very important a navigable water,' j it Is singular that so much money should nave been expended in digging a canal along bv its side to fa cilitate the passage ot boats, through which, alter an no boats wished to pass. " Uul tu put an end to all controversy, we are content to have the iron pipes under the river, anu then that arm of the sea will continue extended and uncovered in all its strcugth. This thought was no doubt present to the Commissioners and their engi neers. There may be difficulties about it which we do not think of, but it strikes us lhat il would be quite as easy and as sate as the low bridge, and we have no doubt mst as unsatisfactory to most ot tne gentlemen who are so strenuous tor the integrity of Harlem river." Elections. Alabama. We have no fresh returns from this state. The Express of this morning claims a federal gain of 61 in the two counties heard from. The democratic gain in these counties is - 294. General Bates, the highly popular candidate of the opposition, and present member of t!ia house, is beaten now by Toulmin, dem. and a change wrought in the whole district. Kentucky. The state election is over, and we have a spec of intelligence from the Lexington Ga zette. The result in Fayette county seems to have been an entire change. Larkin B. Smith, Esq. and William Rodes, Esq., have succeeded in getting their election. The Gazette, remarking upon this circumstance, says " When it is borne in mind, that the whole or ganisedwhig party the caucus nomination the dictators who have for vears governed the count v ol ayette, have been deteated, signally deleated, must bean admonition so pomted so monitory. that it will not. probably be soon forgotten. 4 tiad the result favorable to the whigs. there would have appeared in handbill form, Whig Victory." "Great Whio Victory," &c. But we scorn to exult over a party who keep them selves in odour by bragging." The result in other Counties is thus dated by the same Journal, though the politics of the elected are not given : ' There is but little doubt of Clark's election as Senator from Jessamine and Woodford. Pratt is probably eleccted from Scott and Harri son. TUB DAISY. Not worlds on worlds, in phalanx deep, Need we to tell a God is here : The daisy, fresh from winter's sleep, Tells of his hand in lines as cleai. What power, but his who arched the skies. And poured the il.iy - spring's purple llooil, Wondrous alike in all it trie, Could rear the daisy's curious bud ; Mould its green cup, its wiry stem, Its fringed border nicely spin. And rut the gold einliosxed pein. That set in silver gleams within ; And llinir it with a baud so free. O'er lull ami dale and deert sod. That man, where'er he walks, may see. In every step, the stamp ol (.oil ? Receipts for Getting Rio or Trouble some Guests. Two modes of driving off unpleas ant people are recoided in the late London papers crat can refuse to sign it, and if any have heretofore been lukewarm in the cause, tbey will here find a clear, open and manly declaration ot sound princi ples around which to rally in an me zeai anu nonest pride ol We. the undersigned, members of the Democra tic Republican parly of the city and county of New York, assembling at Tammany Hall, being fre quently asked by our opponents, the federal whigs, ''Who are the leading men at Tammany Hall, and what are their principles?" beg to answer as tollows 1. To remove misapprehension, we explicitly state that, as Democratic Republicans, we acknow ledge no particular class or number of men as our public leaders those who act as the othcers oi our meetings and members of our committees, being e let - led and appointed bv the people at large, solely on account ot their principles, their ability, and 1'ieir supposed integrity and fidelity 2. That the principles protcssen, ana, wei.ust. as sincerely cherished by these men as they are by 1 I . . i i . t r - k . - r i 1 . . which deserve to be classed with the inventions of K" me uuy One man whose house was much beset with beg Movements of the l'eople. Rensselaer County. The democratic young men of the town of Greenbush, met on tiie 1 1th inst - and chose delegates to the county convention. Re - gars sent lor a sign painter and had the words Po lice Office inscribed in large letters over his door. The next morning the beggars came as usua'., one after another, but on looking up at the inscription, hurried off as fast as their legs could carry them. Another, who had for some time excluded the bailiff;), one morning finding that they had stolen march unnn him and were in his an.irtinent. Tlo , , . - .i. j - .1 I r r aoiveawereaaoptea in lavor oi ...e uumocrat.u - rcceivcd ,nm wit, rMt presence 0f mind, asked ministration of Martin Van Buren, whose moraf them to be seated ,iriiat the noker into the fire and courage and political sagacity ana naemy wereuc - detained them converBation ,m was heated. He tion of the Republic, zealously and luminously - maintained bv the Irainers of the Constitution, and practically exemplified by our Presidents, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson ; and at the present period bv President Van Duren 3 That we, therefore, maintain the political rqna lit y of all citizens, native and legally naturalized with such restrictions only as are imposed by the Constitution, and the existing laws of natu ralization. 4. That we, therefore, maintain the rights of the respective States ol the Union, as uetincd by tn letter of the Constitution, and not as corruptly and danuerouslv created bv anv latitudinarian or special construction thereof. 5. That we, therefore, maintain the strict respo. - i clared equal to any cmergency - also, in favor of a lhen dfew ft re(J and thnMl u Qn the of aib.lity to Congress, of all Ihe executive olF.cers of j - r.i . i , 1 U..:i:t I I iI.a fiAixi.nrnaii t lnm thn PrDdiliint flftU'll - divorce of the government Irom banks and hostility to a bank of the United States. The ability and integrity of Governor Marcy, Senator Wright, and the Hon. Henry Vail, representative in Congress were noticed in a highly complimentary manner. Madison County. - A meeting of the young democrats of the town of Lenox, in Madison county, was held on the 7th inst., to choose delegates to the county convention. This duty being pcrtormed, resolutions expressive of confidence in the adminis. tration of Mr. Van Buren, were agreed to, and the talents and services of Senator Wright and Gover nor Marcy noticed with every matk of approbation. The conduct of Senator Tallmadge, who proved recreant to the trust reposd in him by the democ a barrel, declaring with a terrible voice that he would blow them to atoms. The bailiffs imagining that the barrel contained gunpowder ran off without even looking behind till fairly out of danger, much to the amusement and gratification of the miner, as the cask contained only a quantity of sand. Chinese 1'roverbial Saiincs. The natior.s of eastern Europe have a vast many proverbial say ings commonto them all. The Chinese, in conse quence of their distance and little intercourse with the rest of the civilized world, have a set of proverbial and popular expressions by themselves. The fol lowing are a sample the of sarcastic kind. " A blustering harmless fellow they call "a paper tiger." When a man values himself overmuch, they Cutler and Field, are. likelv elected to represent Louisville. Combs and llaggart, in Clarke. Thomas F. Marshall, Woodford. Charles S. Morehead, Franklin. Apperson, in Montgomery." Indiana. Floyd county elects to the Legislature Mr. Stewart (Dem.) over Thornton (Fed. - ) by a ma jority of 8S. This was a federal county both at the Presidential election in 133C, and the Congressional election in 1S37. Scott countv elects a whig as heretofore. Jefljrson has chosen a split delegation of one from each party, though the district was here tofore a decided federal one. Respecting Floyd county, the Louisv ille Adver tiser says : 'The democratic nartv. after a verv warm con - flict, have regained the ascendency in this county, Major Sfew - art is elected to the Legislature by a ma - jority of 83 votes, and Messrs. Brown and Rice, de. mocratic cunaiuntes tor commissioners, arc botl elected. 1 he lederahsts, it in said, had an arfist employed lor some time on a full length portrait of jacit uowning, designed as oneot the transoaren cicm to oe usrca in celebrating me victory they ex pected to achieve: but it would now seem thrv : ui ... .. wouiu nave maile hetter use ol their cash in procuring a foolumeltr for thtir own future use." DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC AN GEXE - 1 BAL COMMITTEE. tty At a regular meeting of the General Conimittee, held at Tammany Hall, on Thursday evening, August 2d IS3S, the following resolution was imaniinniisly adopted . - Resolved, That il he leroniuieniled to the Demnrratic Re publican Electors oi the uy anu ,ouniy oi . - sew lork, IlienUIV to reguiill lltnnili.i.ioii:. uir diuitdlL' ittl - ministrations and the usnyesoftlie llepiililiran party, to assemble in their respective wants on KINF1A KVK NIXft. ihe tiM Auniisi. at half past 7 oVkn - U, for the per ime of nelertiim TliKl.K delegates from each Ward lo meet iua I 'oiiuty Convention to he held at Tammany Hall, on Wfcl)NES!l - V kM.M.. ine - .'in uau past 7 o'clock, to appoint TlllRTKKN deb - sales to represent ihe c..,t, .iv .if New York in Slate Convention, to he l.el.hii Herkimer, on the 10th day of September next, for ii. ..,,r,. f iioniiiiaiin!' eaiuliilaies for Covernor and Lieutenant, to he supported by Ihe Republican party at the ensu na election ; anil llialliiey meet lame mjciui ..ami - . at the followiii!! places, viz 1st War.l At Pearl street House, corner of Uroad ami I'earl streets. A I Want At the Second ward Hotel. - .I W.....I it II llunn' WiKhinofnn I.linrll 4th Ward At Jefferson House, comer of and Wil liain streets. rh Ward At Itiley - s. West Broadway. I' - ili Want At Ihe Sixth ward Hotel. 7th Ward At the Seventh ward Hotel, l."Madion street, ci. lVi - - ;.:'.: li'.l iiiHiitr street. iri Uir,l At Jefferson Hall, corner of Hudson and lUih Ward At Military Hall, comer of Grand and l.udlow 1 lilt War.l At Walnut's Democratic Head Quarters, CI lloiwloti street. 12ih Ward At such place as the Ward committee umj 13ih Ward Ai Omlerdonk's, comer ol tiranu auu iun - I4ih W ant At the Fourteenth ward Hotel, corner ui and F.lizuhelh fl! reefs. loth W ard At Kinney's Hold, corner ol narrow street riit ! Il DVnllllD Oth Wani At Union House, corner ot llroaflvvay anu 21st street. 17th Ward At Tainmanv lirancli, corner oi Alien auu Houston streets. Hv order of the General Committee, JOHN V. GIUlKNFIiiLn, Chairman pro. tern. Elijah F l"urdy, f CIRCULAR. CUSTOM HOUSE, 3 Collector's Office, t New Vcrnc, Aug. 3, 1839. S The undersigned has received from the Treasury Department of the United States a certified copy of a law approved the seventh day of July last, entitled "As Act to provide fob the bitter security of THE LIVES OF PAfc'SENGERS ON BOARD OF VE SEELS PRO PELLED IS WHOLE OR IN PAET BV 6TEAM" (a copy of which is annexed,) with instructions to take immediate and suitable measures within the limits of this District, to make the owners and masters of vessels propelled as above suited, acquainted with the nature of the provisions of said law. ,,, - i .. the absolute necessity of their being complied with on or before the first day of October next and also of the settled determination of the Depart ment ngituy 10 narcre lo all ot the - u. pro vi - racy, was contrasted with the integrity and ability of compare him to a "rat falling into a scale and weigh - Senator Wright, our only ral representative in the Senate. Catcci County. The democrats of this county met in Convention a few days since, and adopted resolutions full of patriotic sentiments. Like the democrats in other counties, the meeting expressed the fullest confidence in President Van Buren, Go vernor Marcy, Silas Wright, and the Hon. W. H. Noble, the member of Congress from that district. Senator Tallmadge waa denouncedtlor his destitution of lhat political honesty and integrity which lit a man for a place in the councils ot the nation. Tho Convention was in favor of a continued separation between the Government and the Banks, and averse to a United States Bank. Opinions were embodied in a series ot resolutions, evincing a determination to maintain the landmarks which separate the de. ing itself." Overdoing a thing they call 'a hunch back making a bow." A spendthrift they compare to "a rocket," which goes off at once. Those who expend t'leir charity on remote objects, but neglects tiietr family, are said to " hang a lantern on a pole, which is seen alar, but gives no light below." Autographs. Persons of some distinction arc often pestered by unknown correspondents with applications for their autography. Jules Janin, who is the literary editor of the Paris newspaper called Journal des Delats, lately took an ingenious method of compensating himself for the trouble given by such an application. Prince Metternich requested his autograph, and the journalist sent him the following: "I acknowledge the receipt from M. de Metternich of 20 bottles Johannisbergh, for which 1 teturn infinite thanks. Jules Janin." The prince in return doubled the quantity, and sent him fifty mocracy from the federal aristocratic party of this I bottles. . . , r . i .1 ' j . . j . ' . t. i . i . f minrrv Rnn HinreKH v u ine iiei.inen wihii ill I m - . m. r - - VESTIGES OF A! h.ARLIER WORLD. 1 here C.T - Convention to heaUU divisions among ourselves, j8(cd m former an amma, ,o which naturall8(3 and enter upon the next contest witn an unbroken I roil i. i ,:.,. r.. ,!.. ,;, .,, : , r Alter discharging the various political duties, the """"" ooinciiuiii,. - T AtTRORA Cosvr.VT.ot. Saturdav last wo. "e, oear a - .ron5 tu u.e print o. me a proud day in the annals of the democracy of Erie human hand, whence its name, compounded of two county. The assemblage of upwards of two hun - I Greek words, signifying hand - beast. In June last. dred ot her active and enterprising young men, im - a Berles ol impressions of t hese footsteps was found those nrincioles of political liberty which were in - " " "tw rcu '""' Mu'" uiiKcnneaa, culcated bv Thomas Jefferson, and which, as the in Cheshire. One of the slabs on which these marks experience ot this nation lor the last fifty years has appear, is to be sent to the Natural History Society demonstrated, lie at the foundation ot all political truth, and animated by a deep conviction of the importance to our institution and the permanent welfare of society, of energetic and determined efforts at the present and at all times in behalf of those prin ciples; it not unprecedented, is most assuredly cal culated to inspire the friends of pure republican prin ciples not only with a high degree ol courage, but with the most animating hopes. Seventeen of the eighteen towns of the county were represented. The same excellent spirit prevailed which pervades in Liverpool, and the other to the London Geologi cal Society. New Expedient in Husbandry. In most coun tries the grain in the fields is left to be prostrated to the earth by the rain. In Sweden they prevent this accident by the following method. The Btalks are gently bent together, and tied in bundles as far as the arms can reach, care being taken not to break Common School Almamac The Common School Almanac has just been published at the Common School Society Depository, No. 123 Ful - ton street The margins of the calender and several additional pages are filled with useful and instructive matter relating to the subject of education. The Exhibition or Giraffes. It remarked by every ono who sees these beautiful animals, that they are entirely new in their appearance, and more attractive than any collection we have had for veara even the Geological Institute failed to have them in their extensive menagerie. The objection that has prevented many from visiting these Giraffes is now removed, as the price is reduced Irom fifty cents to twenty - five cents, which will enable all classes to see them. the junior branch of the Democracy throughout the I the straws, nor to prevent the circulation of the juice, State. " L - nion, harmony, scll - demal ; every thing The bundle is fastened with a strsw rope at about r u .. .1 . 1 ... ii 1 i i I ' lur uic tausc auu uuaini iui liicn, bccuilu iu uc L - i i .u.. l - ... r.l. i .1 1 j motto or every young man present. ,wo lh,n,s ol ,ne he,Sht of l,,e 8tr,w an1 ll,e head8 The proceedings could not be arranged in season of tne gra,n lhus rr,n 11 80rt of umbrella, protecting for to - day's publication, but will be given to - tnor - the straw from the rain and giving sufficient air. A row; Buffalo Star. I ,narl Cr even an active boy, can bind in a day tions have so'long prevailed in the democrat mudl corn M wiU Produce 100 busne'9 of grain. . '. ITI . . I I J t ... - . I party m y are, - ..u nw a un.on is M g j, Me.A clergyman in one of firm tt aatn KliahAi - 1 A rnrklinhrtin miint V rnn VAnt inn I mJ was held on the 4th inst. The Republican contains the mining countries of Kngland lately observed, a call for a county meeting to be held on the 1st of that he never saw half of his parishioners until they September, signed by one nunarea ana seventy tame to be buried, v.. una men. In Dutchess countv too. a countv con - I vention is called, and now the Tallmadge party Sense of Justice in Swine. As Giotto, the old (consisting principally ot blue Iisht federalists, cor - Florentine painter, whose pieces still, hang in the net lot speculators, and Middle District bank debtors) Florenline gallery, was taking his Sunday wa k have thrown themselves in the arms of whtggery, , . , , i , we cannot but believe that this staunch county will !"g w'tQ eeveraI rriends. dresse1 ,n hls be give her old republican majority. Westchester I some pigs passed suddenly by and one of them run - Spy. I ing" between the artist's legs threw him down. On New Wore Votaces to South Seas, &c. getting up, instead of testifying any vexation at the Win. H. Vermilye. Publisher. accident, as a graver man might nave none, nc on - The exploration of the American group, and other erved, laughing" People say these beasts are stu clusters of Islands (mentioned in this volume as dis coveries never heretofore promulgated,) may prove of incalculable advantage to our nation in a commer cial point of view. 11 innamieo, iney win most probably a p.d, but they seem to me to have some sense of jus t.ce, tor l nave earncc several mousand ot crowns with their bristles, and I never gave one of them even a ladlef ul ot soup in my life !" Wklsh Language. There are in Great Britain trade for the China market of those profitable arii - at this time twelve periodicals published monthly in cles, sandal wood, beach, lama, pearls, &c., perhaps the Welsh language, of two of which there are be - equal to the Feegeea in former days ;and ii uninhabi ted, these productions may be obtained by American industry without price. An advantageous settlement ol Americans might also be formed at the American Group, affording on account of its conve nient location an excellent place for whale ships and others to refit and refresh at. This work contains also much information concerning the manners and customs of the natives of those luxuriant Isles of the Pacific and those enterprising citizens engaged in tween 5,000 and 6,000 copies sold every month How Mant Fires Yearly in London ? The police returns show that in the year 1936, there were 240 fires in London, and last year 229. These were exclusive of chimneys. In the former year 104 fires were extinguished by the new police before the arri val of the engines ; last year 56. The estimate of loss by fires in 1836, was 436,0001., in 1337, it was 193,000'. It would be curious to compare with these returns an accurate statement, if it could be obtain the whaling business may hero find an account f Ldof,he annual number of fires in New York, and new grounds wnere me nan nave never ueen uisiuro - ,oaac8 cagjoncd by them. ed. S.l Mi.rf.inmi) n.rr.tivo in thin volume I UTtRi ..c ui uavarm nas And the official de - granted to ihe daughter ot Uie poet bchiller an ex tension ol the copyright in the works of her lather for twenty years. ill please the general reader. tail ot the cause of the delay of sailing, and the un fortunate proceedings ol the American Exploring Expedition, every citiien should possess for bis own satisfaction. We have been advised that the Lumberman's Bank of Warren Pa., will be resuscitated within three months. As under any circumstances, there are funds enough to redeem ihe circulation, the com - monity are advised not to part with their notes un - der par. Philadelphia Pennsylvanian. the general government, trom the President down wards ; opposing all increase of executive patronage and power, whether by direct or indirect means, and whether by lax construction of the Constitution, or by unconstitutional laws ot Congress. 6. That we, therefore, oppose the depositing of the public funds in banking institutions, where the can be used for private purposes, by discounts loans, or otherwise, and by which a vast monied pa. tronage, ot the no powerful, corrupt, and danger ous kind, would be indirectly placed in the hand of the c - xccutivc. 7. That we, therefore, rely upon the wisdom and patriotism ol our Representatives in Congress make such a law for the sife keeping of ihe public funds as shall divest the Executive of discretionary power respecting the disposal ot them, and prescribe the places and the amounts in they shall be deposited for public uses alone, and also the duties and responsibilities ol the Treasury officers to whose receipt and custody they may be entrusted. And we, therefore, approve of the recommendation to this effect, made by President Van Buren in his message to Congress. 8. That ne, therefore, opposed to a United Slates or National Bank, of any kind, and whether, I'. Ii a capital of one million or of fifty millions ; believing it to be a dangerous aggregation of monied power, which a judicium regulation of the Constitutional Currency, by Congress, wouid render unnecessary either for lorcigu or domestic exchanges, but which, in its connection with the State, would be subv ersive both of the purity and the Indepen dence ot the tjjvcrnrnent. 9. That we, then - fore, approve of the great demo cratic principle, of the equality ol rights in the busi ness ol banking, as in every other kind ot Dullness ; and, although, wc think it but iust and expe dient to the safety of vested interests, that banks issuing notes under existing charters, should be sustained by the common consent and encouragement of the community, in their efforts to maintain specie payments, and to fulfil all their legal obligations, we nevertheless approve of that law of this State which, by authorizing free hanking, virtually deprives them ol ihe exclusive or monopoly privilege with which they were previously invested. In declaring this, however, we du not express our concurrence in all ihe detailed provisions of that law, nor our confidence in its practical operation, but merely in the equity and practical utility ol its anti - monopoly principle. 10. I hat we, therefore, approve of the gradual in crease of the metallic or constitutional currency ot the Republic, not only as the means of accommo dating the retail business classes of the community, but also ot lessening the burdens ot virtual taxation imposed on the laboring classes by the undue ex tension of paper issues. 11. 1 hat we, therefore, approve of the gradual suppression ot all notes ol a lower denomination than those which laws of Congress, now in being, prospectively require in payment ol Government dues believing lhat the people and the government oi the people should equally be put in possession of as extensive a metallic currency as the wants ot the increasing population may require, and as the progress ol lime can secure. And we approve of the enlightened policy of the late and present administrations of the General Government, lor effecting this most expedient and salutary object. 12. That we are, therefore, decidedly and irre concilably opposed to the principles and projects of the bcdcral Whigs ot the present day, they being the same as they were in 1798 and 1312, under the advocacy of Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Harrison Gray Otis, llufus King, and Daniel Webster, when they were so faithfully and triumphantly resisted by the united Democracy. 13. That wc, therefore, approve of regular nominations, and all other usages of the Democratic party, which we believe to be just in principle and honorable in practice. Of these usages, we deem it one ol the most just and expedient that the official patronage accruing to the party, should in ai! cases be conferred on known, true and faithful democratic republicans, who, with qualifications tor official duty equal to others, have the additional and p re j on - derating recommendation oi purity ot principle ind fidelity of service. 14. Finally, that we will, therefore, support the candidates lor Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this State, lhat shall be nominated by a Demo cratic Republican State Convention, and also the candidates lor Fresioent and Vice President, that shall be nominated by a Democratic Republican National Convention. These are the principles and measures of the Democratic Republicans ol 1 ammany Hall, and we, the unde. - signed, approve of them, and will unite our most vigorous efforts to maintain tUetn Mississippi Banks. The banking capital of Mis sissipp. appears to amount to over 510,000,000, ac cording to the "Spirit of Kosciusko," published at Kosciusko, Mississippi. The Louisville Advertiser in noticing this en mous amount of capital, observes "It would appear that the present amount of bank capital m Mississippi exceeds forty millions. The .., ii is oaiu, is incomplete, siaiiungas it is. 1 nese fifty banks have about five hundred officers. Their expenses amount to nearly three hundred thousand dollars. 1 heir loans probably exceed fifty millions on which Ihe planters are paying interest, which may be averaged at eight percent. It thus appears that the banking interest draws five millions of dollars per year Iroin the people of Mississippi 'and lhat vast sum is paid for a rotten currency ; for the uau oi money irom men who have no money to lend I ! J For Mississippi twenty millions of real banking capital wonld be entirely sufficient ; and we may iiiticiuic expec. to see most ot her present instilu tions go by the board' when required to pay spe. cie. The new Union Bank, with its capital of tif teen millions, it honeolly managed in the com mencement, will assist ... rulilin? the State of a larpi number ot the present rag - shops, and put an end to me wnoiesaie system ol swindling tha planters, which lias been in full and successful operation lor the last fifteen months." Leonard, JM - cretaries. atil?. t - - 1 SEVENTH WARD. rp The Democratic Renublican Committee of the Seventh Ward are rcouested to attend a meeting of said Committee, at the house of Abm. Turnure, Esq., 57 Henry street, on Friday evening the 17th inst, at 8 o clock. By order ot ABM. TURNURE. Chairman. C. H. Douehertv. Secretary. aul6 2t DUNCAN'S SPEECH IN REPLY TO SIR. HOND. C3" Orders for this Speech, printed in a quarto sionssofaras depends upon the power conferred by .aw ujioii me Mincers oi tne uovern.nent In furtherance of the desire of the head of the Treasury Department to carry out the will of the Legislature as expressed in said law, the undersigned hereby gives notice of its provisions, and of the instructions he has received in relation thereto, the execution of which an far as devolves upon hun, will be promptly enforced. J. HOYT, Collector. AN ACT To provide for the better security of the lives of pas - " .i.s. fijciiui in wnoieorm part by steam. Be it enacted by the Senate, and House ot ffem - r seutulires of the 'fitted States of America' in Ccn - eress assembled, That it shall be the dutv nf - ll ers of steamboats, or vessels propelled in whole or irt part oy steam, on or o - . - iore tiie nrst day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty - eight, to make a new enrollment of the sa"nie, under the exist'itio laws of the United Mates, and take out trom the collector or surveyor of the port, as the case may be, where sucn vessel is e.iroiicu, a new licence, under such conditions as are now imposed by law, and as shall beim posed by this act. &f.c. i. Ana be ujuriner enacted, That it shall not be lawful for the owner, master or captain of any steamboat or vessel propelled in whole or in Dart hv steam, to transport any goods, wares and merchandize, or passengers, in or upon the bays, lakes, rivers or other navigable waters of the United States, from and after the said first day ot October, one thousand I . I..,.,,) - , .1 nn.l ih.rl,.;.. I . L .... . . - it... tm. I ...... vi. .... ..iiu j - , iiiiuui nrsil trom, can be supplied lo any extent ai mis oime. i ..c ohtinca - fronl the prc,pur ortlcrr h r ; orders ol Committees in the country will be attended to. The price of tingle copies is three cents of a hundred copies, two dollars. TO GENERAL ANO WARD COMMIT TEES. rVThe Printing Committees of the General and Ward Committees can be supplied with Hand Bills for Calls of Public Meetings, &.C., at short notice and on liberal terms, at this office. Apply to W.M. G. BOGGS. INSTITUTION FOR THE BLIND. J5 The Treasurer of this Institution acknowledges the receipt of Two Thousand Dollars from Robert Gracie. Esq. (Executor) on account of a legacy left the Institution by the late Miles R. Burke, of this citv. SILAS BROWN, Treasurer, aul6 - lt 217 Pearl street. ORPHAN ASYLUM. existing laws, and without having complied with the conditions imposed by this act ; and for each and every violation of this section, the owner or owners ot sum vessel snail iorieu aim pay to the United States the sum of live hundred dollars, one hall fur the use of the inforinei ; and for which sum or sums the steamboat or vessel so engaged shall be liable and may be seizi - d and proceeded against summarily, by way of libel, in any district court of the United States having jurisdiction of the offence. Sec. 3. Ar.d be it further enacted, That it shall be theditty of thedistrict judge ot the United States within whose district any ports of entry or delivery may be, on the navigable waters, bays, lakes and rivers of the United States, upon the application of the master or owner of any steamboat or vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, to appoint, from time to time, one or more persons skilled and competent to make inspections of such boats and vessels and of the boi'ers and machinery employed in ths same, who shall not be interested in the manufacture of s'ean. engines, steamboat boilers, orother niacin - The subscriber acknowledges the receipt of nervbelonur to steam vessels. wIiohp Hutu it uhoi! ... Two Thousand Dollars from Roliert Gracie, Esq. to make such inspection when called unon for .hm (Executor) on account of a legacy left the Society, by the late Miles K. Burke, of (his citv. MARIA MONTGOMERY, Secretary, au!6 - lt 49 Bond street. O" STEAM SHIP GREAT WESTERN The above ship will sail on Thursday, the lutli inst. at 4 o'clock precisely, and will proceed direct to sea, from the wharf where she now lies at the foot of Market - street. Passengers will please be on board with their lug gage at i o clock of lhat day. Passentrers who have not vet cot their berth tick ets will please call this dr.y to receive them, at the consignees offlce, Sri r ront - strcet. The Letter bags will close at the Exchange News Room, and at the consignees office at 3 o'clock, of the day of sailing. Parcels will be received at the of fice of tne consignees onlv. The owners, captain, or consignee will not be liable tor any letter or package, unless a bill ot lading shall have been obtained lor the same. aula for the ICvcninf Pol. The Courier of Friday last asks " where were the federal's of Connecticut and Maryland duraig the ascendancy of Jacksonism ?" Easily answered. There is not a schoolboy in the L'nion that does not know thai the " old federalists of Connecticut and Maryland" stuck to their party and principles through thick and thin during President Jackson's administration, and did every thing in their power to dtf eat the democratic candidate. The Courier may endeavor to identify General Jackson's adininis'ration as a federal one, but Ihe people of this country are too enlightened at this day to believe any such humbug. If the writcrin inc courier does not know, and wishes to know which is the federal party, let him read the manifesto put forth in a leading federal whig paper last winter, in wnicn tne torn, ot a monarchical government was openly and boldly avowed to be the liest ! Are the people of America prrpared to adopt the principles of Hamilton, and the late Sidney ? Are they prepared to give up, after Bixty years success - mi - experiment," wnai a t ranklin, a Jetterson, a Hancock, and a host of patriots achieved tor un a free, equal and democratic republican form of government ? DEMOS. STEAM SHIP GREAT WESTERN. 13 - AH person having claims on the above ship, win please send in their bills, in duplicate, to the Con signee s omce, id Front street, this day. aula Russian Slavery. Standish in his "Notices of the Northern Capitals" has tiie following particulars with respect to the Russian serfs or farm slaves: " Every scrt is sent from home for eleven months of the year, or allowed to trs vol ; from his labour the lord draw, a certain revenue, and at the expiration of the penod, he returns again to his wile, in order that the course of population from marriage may not New Papers, and of the riht stamp, are coming to the aid of the democracy in the contest between the People and the Moneyed Power. We have several before us which we can only notice very Dr.eiiy. i ney ar. " The Pilot" a staunch democratic paper, at Ma. netta, O.iio, edited by the republican central committee of correspondence lor Washington county. Its columns indicate talent and energy at the helm, directed with efficiency to the exposition and inculca tion ot round doctrines. " The Telegraph and Sentinel," at Jackson, 1 enn., y Uavid A. iMreet a well selected and well conduced republican journal vigilant and spirited in the sipport of the good cause. "ThJ Tuscarowas County Democrat' edited by Alfted S. Tilden, and published at New Philadelphia, Ohio a print of the true JefTcrsonian school uncompromising in its hostility to the " irredeem - ables,"and able and ready in the defence of the democratic principles and candidates. " The Democratic Spark" a weekly journal published at Xenia, Ohio, by William Ramsay. The only democratic paper in the 10th congressional districtexhibiting the true fire ol the flint, in a zealous and arcent support ot the principles on which the j1ateani present democratic administrations came ulo pover. Alb. Argus. Saratoga Springs. The arrivals at Saratoga Spring? last week were 2000, and the departures 2214. ThiSentinel estimated the present number of visitors inlhc village at i.ot lcfsihun 'iOOo. GREAT NATIONAL. CELEHRATION. THE ELEVENTH ANN1AL FAlll OF THE AMERICAN INSTIITTE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, Wll.I. OPEN AT NIBI.O S GARDEN OCIOllEII 13. 1SJK SJT Articles onerea in competition tor premium must be delivered on the 12th or 13th of October next. Meritorious productions from every department of industry wi I be received. A powerful steam engine lor moving machinery will be provided. To extend the accommodations to exhibitors and visitors, the entire garden has been engaged, including one room 100 by 25 feet, never before occupied. It is desired, as far as possible, that all articles should be delivered on Friday, the 12th of October. For further information, address T. B. WAKEMAN", Cor. Sec'ry., 137 Broadway, N. Y. aul 1 3taw3w 7 the Editor of the Keening l'ot : You have rendered an essential service to the cause of truth by causing Dr. Duncan's speech to be published in so cheap a manner, that our democratic iriends throughout the country can supply themselves with it at little expense. The federal whig funds have been lavishly expended in circula - tingthe slanders of Mr. Bond, and it is but right that the antidote should follow tbn poison. 1 am glad to perceive that Duncan takes, the "bull by the horns" carries the war into Africa" " beards the lion in his den," and shows the weakness, the folly and wickedness ot the charges made against the administration. Let our democratic friends make themselves acquainted with the facts stated by Duncan, and like David of old with a few small pebblestones of truth they will be able to slay this mighty whig Goliath and overthrow the enemies ol equal rights. Would it not be advisable for our city deleaves to the state convention to furnish themselves with a quantity of this speech, that it maybe circulated by the delegates throughout the stale. PII1LO VERITAS. Niblo's The Ravels This evening, the now and successful pantomime of" L'l'oino lloso" is to he repeated ; it i. - ilTiiiioiinci - d liy every one coiiipetoiit to ju.lgp, to he tiie best ever produced in this coiimry shouis of laughter attend hs whole performance ; and the srenery.tricks, dancing, by a numerous corps de ballet, are universally admired. It is to be preceded hy the " Fele ('hampetrt,'' dancing on the double Tijht Rope, and the performance of Gabriel Ravel as the il Chevalier Dourdant." TO - Vali - asle Machineisy. To - morrow will he sold a1 11 o'cloik, at the comer of Jay ami Water streets, in the ri - ly of Brooklyn, the entire stuck of an Engineer, consisting of a sleam engine,boiler,c., anvils, tools, lathes, drilling mac bines boring frames, saw tables, iron s'abhing machine, vertical machines, and a machine for planeing iron, of a superior construction and magnitude to any in the I 'ni - ted States. Ateo, four Hteajn engines, from 2 to 'JO horse power, well worthy the attention of Engineers and Machinists. From Mexico. The United States sloop of war Ontario arrived off the S. W. Pass (below New Orleans) on the 2d instant, having sailed from Tam - pico on the 20th, Vera Cruz on the 23d, and Mata - morason the 23th ult. Letters received by her state that Mexico was tranquil. Orders had been received at Ma ta moras to prevent vcssclj from land - , ing cargoes on the coast. The port of Soto Marina was opened, and three American vessels had arrived, two from New Orleans with valuable cargoes. There was said to be no probability of the Mexican Government acceding to the demands of the t rench, and the blockade is carried on wilh great rigor, particularly towards American vessels. Nat. Intel. f'TATE OK NEW YOKE, Secretary's Office, ? Albany, July 16, 1 KH S Sir I hereby give notice that at the next eeneral election in tltts slate, to be held on the 5th, 6ih ami "ill days of No - Tender next, a Governor and Lieutenant Governor are to be elected. I hereby i;ive notice I at a Senator is to be chosen in Ihe First Seui'le District, in the place of Coe S. Downing, whose term of otfice will cxpiie on the last dav of Decem - o?r next. JOHN" A. l.IX. Secretary of State. To the SlierilT of ihe - city auilcounty of New York. N. B. The inspectors of election in the several wards in your city anu county will give notice of the election of four representatives to Congress from the Third Congressional District. They will also give notice of Ihe election of .Members of Assembly, and for filling any vacancies in county offices which may exist. The above is a true copy of the notification received from the Secretary of State. JACOB ACKER, Sheriff citv and county of New York. Sheriff's Office. July 1K All the puhlic newsjiapers in the county will publish the above once in each week until the election, and immediately after send their bills to the Sli. riff'sorlice. au'J DACIawtN.l BROADWAY IIATI1S, 0 Hroadway. Medicated Vapor, Sulphcr, Cold and Warm Baths. fj" The proprietors beg leave to inform their friends and the public that the above tstablish - ment is now in full and successful operation. The Vapor and Sulphur Baths are on the most approved European plan ; and are bv far, superior to any thing of the kind heretofore offered in this country. The Medicated Vapor baths as a luxury surpass all other kinds of bathing, being composed of the mos agreeable aromatic plants, and as remedial agents in all cases of abstruction, such as colds, coughs, stillness of the joints and soreness of the flesh, their ntlects cannot be surpassed. They are at nil times under the stiperin tendance of a regular medical gentleman of this city. LEONARD & ARCHER, N" B. Portable vapor baths sent at the shortest notice to any part of ihe city and country. jy28 tf OF0R. SALE. A judgment agninst General James Lynch, Alderman of the 6th Ward, for $413 33 - 100, ad interest on the same from Nov. 3, 1S31. Apply atPb" Broadway. The above judgment is for a bill of clothing, com mencing in IC4U. jy31 tf SYLVESTER CO. EXCHANGE BROKERS, No. 156 Broadway, N. V. Lncurrent Bank Notes bought the highest premium paid for Gold Notes and Drafts collected - Bank of England Notes bought and sold Commis - sion ousiness attended to in all its branches. SMITH'S CLOCK ESTAbLlSHM fciWT, vomer oi tsowery and Division street Kntrance 74 Bnwerv. Ingredients op Whiggert. The federal organ in Oswego county attemps to stigmatise the lateie - publican young men's convention as " composed of Bill Johnson's Patriots and Canadian Refugees." The Palladium, in reply, thus glances at the composition of the federal young men's meeting in the same county. Albany Argus. ' Among them we might enumerate the sheriff" four or five deputy sheriffs, two jailors, county cleik a score ot ex - officials, who figured on the occasion' not the least conspicuous ol whom was an ex - member of Congress, who during the reign of terror - n '93, represented the county of Montgomery in Congress, and it is recorded on the journals of "the house as voting for the federal alien and gaf laws This individual has been a private landmark in the federal party the days ot the elder Adams, and pro - bibly uttended this meeting of the junor wh'rS that no mistake might be made as to its politics. Of course no refugees,' or 'Bill Johnson's patriots' were present." MUNDYrpETHICK, PIANO FOKTE MAKERS, 204 BLEKCKCR, CCRSgft OF HANCOCK STREET. An assortment of their Instruments for sale at ATWILL'S, 201 Broadway. ROCKLAND LAKE ICE! A, BARMORE, 022 GREENWICH STREET, Has on hand, a constant supply, and is ready to furnish ships, steamboats, hotels and private families, at the shortest notice, with this PURE ARTICLE, on the most liberal terms. Also, Orders received forG. & H. Barmore'a impro ved Refrigerators. Manufactory, 120 Harrow street - WILSON G. HLJNT. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IM CLOTHS, C AS SI ME RES, VESTING S, AKO SUMMER GOODS. At 464 f earl street, corner Chatham, New. Yon. MR. BR VAX, ATTORNEY AT LAW, &c. &c, Avocat Franjais, my 22 16 Chambers - street. 4EXNISO?i'S PREMIUM REFRIGERATORS, OP ALL SIZES, made to order and for sale, wholesale and retail, corner of Varick and Charlton streets. jy24 3m VINEGAR STORE AT 34 NEW - STREET. EDWARD BAYER Offers for sale, at low prices, CIDER AND WINE VINEGAR, Acknowledged, by those who have used it, as a very superior quality; in barrels of 30 gallons, and in shipping order when required. jy20 purpose, and to jive to the owner or master of such boat or ve sel duplicate certificates of such inspection; such persons, before entering upon the dunes enjoined by this act, shall make and subscribe an oath orntnrmation before said district judge, or other officer duly authorised to administer oaths, well, faithfully and impartially to execute and perform the services herein req tired ol them. Sec. 4. And be it further enacteiL, That the person or persons who shall be called upon to inspect the hull of any steamboat or vessel, under the provisions of this act, shall, after a thorough examination of the same, give to the owner or master, as the case may be, a certificate, in which shall be stated the age of the said boat or vessel, when and where originally built, and the length of time she has been running. And he or they shall also stale whether, in his or their opinion, the said boat or vessel is sound, and in all rospircts seaworthy, and tit to be used for the transportation ol freight or passengers ; for which service so perlormed upon each and every boat or vessel, the inspectors shall each be paid and allowed by said master or owner applying for such inspection, the sum of five dollars. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the person or persons who shall be called upon to inspect the boilers and machinery of any steamboat or vessel, tinder the provisions of this act. shall, after a thorough examination of lhesame, make a certificate, in which heor they shall state his or their opinion whether said boilers are sound and fit lor use, together with tlieae of the boilers ; and duplicates thereof shall be delivered to the owner or masurof such vessel, one of which it shall be the dutv of the said master and owner to deliver to the collector or surveyor (if the port whenever he shall apply fora license, or for a renewal of a license ; the other ha shall cause lo be posted up, and kept in some conspicuous part of said boat, tor the information of the public ; and, fur each and every inspection so made, each of the said inspectors shall he paid by the said master or owner applying, the sum of five dollars. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the owners and masters of steamboats to cause the inspection provided under the fourth section of this act to be made at least once in every twelve months ; and the examination required by the fifth section, at least once in every six months ; and deliver to the collector or surveyor of the port where his boat or vessel has been enrolled or licensed, the certificate of such inspection ; and, on a failure thereof, ha or they shall forfeit the Ucense granted lo such boat or vessel, and be subject to the same penalty as though he hod run said boat or vessel without having obtained such license, to be recovered in like manner. And it shall be the duty of the owners and masters of the steamboats licensed in pursuance of the provisions of this act to employ on board of their respective boats a competent number of experienced and skilful engineers, and, in case of neglect to do so, me saia owners ana masters snail be field responsible for all damages to the property or any passenger on board of any boat occasioned by an explosion of the boiler or any derangement of the engine or machinery of any bout. Sec 7. And be il furtlier enacted, That whenever the master of any boat or vessel, or the person or persons charged with navigating said boat or vessel, which is propelled in whole or in part by steam, shall stop the motion or headway of said boator vessel, or when the said boat or vessel shall be stopped for the purpose of discharging or taking in cargo, fuel or passengers, heor they shall open the safety - valve, so as to keep the steam down .n said boiler as near as practicable to what it is when the said boat or vessel is under headway, under ihe penally of two hundred dollars for each and every offence. Sec 9. And be t further enacted, That it shall b the duty of theowner and master of every steam vts sel engaged in the transportation of freignt or pat sengers, at sea, or on the lakes Champla.n, On tan. Eric, Huron, Superiorand Michigan, the tonnage o which vessel shall not exceed two hundred tons, te provide and to carry with the said boat or vessel, upor. each and every voyage, two long - boats or yawls, each of which shall be competent to carry at least twenty persons; and where the tonnage of said vessel shall exceed two hundred tons, i; shall be the duty of the owner and master to provide and carry, as aforesaid, not less than three long - boats or yawls, of the same or larger dimensions, and for every failure in these particulars, the said master and ownershail forfeit and piy three hundred dollars. Sec. 9. And beit further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the master and owner of every steam vessel employed on either of the lakes mentioned in ihe last section or on the sea, to provide, as a part of the necessary furniture, a suction - hose nnd fire engine and hose suitable to be worked on said boat in case of fire, and carry the same upon each and every voyage in good order ; and t!.nt iron rods or chains shall be employed and used in the navigation of all steamboats, instead of wheel or tdlerropcs; and fora fadure to do which, they, and each of them, shall forfeit and pay the sum of three hundred dollars. Sec. 10. And be it furtlier enacted, That it shall be the duty of the 'master and owner of every steamboat, running between sunset and sunrise, to carry one or more signal lights, that may be seen by other boats navigating t!ic same waters, under the penally of two hundred dollars. Sec 11. Aridbeit further enacted, That the penalties imposed by this act may be Biied for and recovered in the name r f the United States, in ihe district or circuit court of such district or circuit where the offence shall have been committed, or forfeiture incurred, or in which the owner or master of said vessel may rtside, one - half to the use of the inform - r, and theotherto the use of the United States; or the said penalty may be prosecuted for by indictment in cither of the said courts. Sec 12. And be it further enacted, That every captain, engineer, pilot, or other person, employed on board of any steamboat or vessel, propelled iu whole or in part by steam, by whose misconduct, negligence, or Inattent. on to his or their respective duties, the life or lives of any person orpersons on board said vecsel may be destroyed, shall be deemed guilty of manslaughter, and, upon conviction thereof before any Circuit Court in the United States, shall be sentenced to confinement at hard labor for a period not more than ten years. Sec. 13. And be it furtlier enacted, That in all suits and actions against proprietors of steamboats for injuries arising to person or property from the burst ing of the boiler of any steamboat, or the collapse of a flue, or other injurious esc ape of steam, the fact of such bursting, collapse, or injurious escape of steam, shall be taken as full prima facia evidence, sufficient to charge the defendant, or those in his employment, with negligence, until he shall show that no negligence has been committed by him or those in his employ. Approved. July7ih S3S. A true copy compared with the Roll in this office. A. VAIL, Chief Clerk. Department of State, July 9, 1S3S. J au7 2w A CARD. ICTMRS LEWIS, pupil of Henri Here, continues to give instruct.on on the Pianoforte, Singing and Thorough Bass. For terms, which are mod - rate, apply to Mrs. L., 422 Houston street, corner ot Crosby street. an26 rS" See JOXES'S advertisement, element jary instruction iu Writing.

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