Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1896
Page 3
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Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. THE RAILROADS A Reduction of Rates on Corn Ordered. is \\ T HERE 13 NO PROFESSION, whose labors so severely tax tho nervous gys- tcm, us that of tho ministry, Tliodo- rnngorount of tho nerve centers of tho brain by over work, frequently brings on attacks of heart trouble, and nervous prostration. Rev. J. p. Kostar, M. I)., Pastor U. B. church, London Mills, Ills., himself a physician, writes Feb. CO. IKS: "Heart affection and nervous prostration hiul become so serious last fall that a li tilts over work In tho pulpit would so completely prostrate mo JDlV MINGS' tlirit il; S0t ' nlci1 certain I must rullmiui.ih tho work tho ministry entirely. Heart palpitation became GO bail that r.iy auditors would ask mo If I did not have Ijoart disease. Last November I commenced taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Ctiro'altcrnntoly with Dr. Miles' Nervine and derived the greatest possible benefit. I liavo Just clusod revival work of JO weeks, prtaicMug nearly every night and twice on tho Sabbath. I can speak for hours •without suffering as I formerly did. Hard working ministers should keep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand." Dr. -Miles' Heart Cure Is sold on guarantee first bottle will benefit or money refunded. Ct!r£ 1j , JKCSTOrSS BENEFIT EAST LINES General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Borli the ralhvny managers find the .Toltit Traffic association fool that the time lias come to protect flu> Easteni matte on grai-ti raites. ami, if turn I lie r.ide from goiinsy>nt by Southern port.s. Coiiseiit]eiiMy*tlie lioanl oi! Ills' portion of the road, find his wo. nre very pleasing to the oldest of 1:1 men on the Vamlalla. It Is stated by one Jn close touch • w! t.he labor arganJKaitioiLSi that Eugeu Debs, president of tJie American Kal way union, Is not mcatiiig with the m eouragement he expected in lils effoi to cause strikes against the riant sy.s torn of roads,'on width nil A, n.. U. me have been discharged.' ETCH tih,e warm ost advocates of the A. B. 17. It Is statei do not care (o lose their jobs by mlxinj, wlKi t:hc woiiM-bc disturber of the af fairs of the Plant system. T. P.JA. NOTES- THE Typewriter Is a Good Machine. managers of flic Jotnt Traffic :i««X:ia- tion liavo antliM-lsied a reduction in rates on t-oni to a basis of iltreeu cents licr 100 jw.ud*, Chicago to Ne\v Yorl;. or t'oir.'lwn con-Is, linlhinapolis lo the seaboard, to bewinio effective .Inly 15. uul be in foice until Sept. 15. This lias LMicoura.gocI l.iio linemen ami traveling freight ageiiLs. tiiey thinking fliar. tlio ivrion will start Uiegrain movonifriit n c'ariii.wf. The redaction lias hcen brought alionr, it'Ls staled, through thy ippeals irf -the sliipii rs or corn from Chicago. Tlio -nicfeliaiits aiul grain ueii ar. Chicago .have awakened r.o :he acr tlitit -their St. Louis breUiren liavo shown more fnti.Tpri!s(.- a.nil sucurpi! better rales I'irom [lie Western roads. \vo.3l- or rlie Mississippi- and ML-woin-i I-IVIM-. anil I'xteiiillng to Northern lo\va .-iiul 31 iiim •>•<•>(;> poini.s UfL'i Chicago |u>o- pli. 1 h;ivi> l.ieeu able to fjluai.il. The l-!nr- li-iigton luu* been t.Iie g:va.t liisnirh'.'r. ana lias -ranted largor il-n'urenl.IalH in favor of St. Louis ami Ka:i.sas City. Tlie boai'd of rracle lias a-ppoiuleil a special c-o-uiuiiueu to eanfer \vifh tin- rail- ro:ul.< i'.uO l.mlnco t'.ioin' to withclra-w thvir arlKtraiy dJITereiVlials, so iliat Cl.ii- eavio can have a. fair show. Itniiroa.il oditials ifpnuntny deu.v thai (.he sitita- fiou is as aliuve, a.nil say that they are mmtrai, and obtain the same rates for all slilpineiLts from west of the Mis- <oairi rivor to ..St. LOB is a.ud Cliicaito, the pit/portion of the 1 thronjih raicw re- naiiii.ii<; jiraetiwlly the same. standard of excellence, iraiv 'us of the "Munson" consider It THE |BEST. You will nail it a valuable assistant In jour of flee. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 240-344 Wont lithe St., Chlcnfio, 111. To the Ladies. Those who are Interested Jn dermatology sbould call on Mrs. Strlngham, who Is located Jn the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is what every woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which cl tlon must have; and every worthy hus band or brother will take interest in and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, .liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are success fully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for S10 a weok should call and sell Mrs. Stringham's preparations. IX TO UIuCEIVER'S HANDS, The mnnbcT of ronods put into the bunds 0'!' woon-ors Ourin.tr the first six nontJu? of t.'lte prfsejit year was nearly 0 per cent, fa-enter than during tlic tlrst sis months. oi ? last year. From figures c-oinplled by T,he Railway Age It is, shown rhat IS roads, with n mileage of ".SOO milei and capital stoek and bomls ainonn,tlng-I.o 300.3S1.000 went Into tile receivers' hands during the. first six month's of the present year while during the con-cspondi-ng jicriod of hist year 11 1-0,'Hls. with 2,400 miles and stock and bonds ara.'0tint.i.n-g to $140.015,000, were given receiver!! by-the courts. Traveling men are Invited to send items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be gladly received, Matter should reach The Journal office by Friday night to insure publication the following Sunday. Wm. Fife-Cher, Sucrxifary Post F., Lofra.nsport, I,nd!aiii:i. Dear Sir: T!;o Executive Board of [.lie 1-n-dij.iina Division of T. P. A/have cl'lVred iilie follow.li:)!: prizes. To rJ 10 Post t:ii;i:i. will- secure tJie grorr-ivjst iHim-lnrr of gain 'iiu menibei'sliip <liirimg the ye.-ir omUntf witJr the next ii-n-nnal iiitu'M-iig oi! the dlvssioin will be giviMi a haaiftjil'iil baiimer valued at i I trust Unit Prat F. will make a grc i'11'orr Tfi si>cnn :i a-iitl to Parry this fort no:- ,-ir the next ii.iiiiual moelin.s :u ila ion. To the inemlier who will secure tl greatest number o{ iicc-epr.M.bh-; app tie-'iis for nieimlieriiliip hi lire Post \vi in- given a gold badge. Provided 'that t;Uls mem-bor secure a IC.T.SI te.n new meiiil.it'i'S. Please adviisc all members of you Post of clipsu offers and oblige. Yours Trnl-y ISHAM S13DGW President. lit >» IK T. P. A.'s raiwniber the ball game a. l,a.f.-iyette on t.he 17th. All go that can JULY SALE OF MUNYON TALKS ON DYSPEPSIA [Summer Clothing HOW TO CURE YOURSELF, All tlyi't Jcive jwt received rheir re- .now.al certificates please notify Post Seci-eum- W. C. Fisclier. W. C. Uiil was doing 7>usino.«K Roches-rer last Wednesday. in Don't foi-g(»ttlie Post F meeMng night J-niportaaU business. RAILROAD NOTES. Catherine StiiDghani, DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK JLOOANSPOBT, IJ<D, DflPITflL • S2OO.OOO ' J. F. Johnson, President. B. W. Ullery, Vloo President H. J. Heitbrtnk, Cashier. ; DIRECTORS. . W. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. EllJott, W. H. Bnlder. Buy and sp'l Oovornment boii'ls. Loan loney on peraona] eecurlty and collater- If. Issue, special certificates of deposits MUlDtr C »er cent intoroat when left one Mr; Z per cent, per annum when depoa- (d ilx months. Boxes In Safety Depoult Vaults of this ink for the deposit of deeds. Insurance llielM, mortgages and other valuables, inted at from $5 to J15 per year. CHAS. L. WOLL, •-• UNDERTAKER "w N*. «7 Market Street, attended to promptly, day rht. Stntral Union and Mutual telephone*. -.OflJoe, No. IB; Residence, No,,121. lonnd tHp rate to St. Joseph, $2f to Jce 'Maxinkuckee, $1. Train'leave* ndalla station every Sunday' /at 7 in. 1 "'.- . -. ' •'' '•,"• Panhandle Brakomau D. N. Plotuor luul his face bruised badly recently by I'alliiiK while on.the top of a car. • C. L. Thorn a Pauhnmlle coach-repairer, .ts con-fin«l. to hLs liom'e with a : siirained knee, received in a fall, T.he rate on Niagara Fails excursions- i<5 j'u'st double that of -ioniier years, and it is feared the patronage will not be large. Arrang-efflents liave been mnVJe by which the Wabash ami the Erie will Jointly UiiLld a u,u,iou station at Hunt- ims'tou, -Tnd. Jlrs. Charles Jolinson- of High street was surprlsec! veiy -pleasantly one niglit last week by a number-of her friends of tlio Ladles' Auxiliary to the B. of B. T. Tlie PiimTsylni-nhi lines on Monday and Tuesday took twenty-eight sleep- lug ears out of Chicago filled .- ivltli Clirlstlnn Endeavorets bound for Washington. Since tiluv XomiatJon, of the mileage bureau of the Western Pa^enger asso- ciation.ten mileage books have been taken up by train conductors, nine of the ,Chicuigo; Mlhvauikcc & St. Paul and one on the Illinois Central. . The Va-mlalia- and the Big 'Four, In comreetJoii .with tlie Ciiieago & Good- n-lcli 'line of stea.inei-s, h?ive granted .1 rate to the Baptist Young People's convention, to bo iheld at Milwaukee, of ?G.SG, .rotUMl trip, or, nil rail via Chica-. go, $7,91, Tickets good to'return until •Vug. 5. They will be on sale July 14, 13 and 10. • ^ Franklin Porter, an employe iu tho freight house of the Vandal!;! at Terre Haute,'on t.lni Fourth of July was quite prominent In .-loo-kins up saloons -that were doing business contrary to la.w. As a result, ths brewers 'of Terre Haute have asked the cornpaJjy to 'discharge Jlr. Porter, wi-'th a threat.that unless such n step is -taken the brewers and saloon men -will boycott the Vandalla. Several ilwlietmen-te were returned on account of Ills canvass, Tho c-mploy.es on the Vanilnlia who have'long bee.u iui service are loud'in their pra(se of the new roster of 'o'fll- cinls. As they becaaie.better actiunint-. ed they 'are becoming convinced that Vice President an-d General': Manager Turner and. General Superintendent DEAFXESS CANNOT BE CUBED by local applications, as they cannot [' reach the diseas'ed portion of the ear. There 'Is onl.v^one way to cure deafness and that is by constltntlonal remedies. Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lininjg of tbe Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rambling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is cti- tirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be'taken out and this tube' restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed by catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cura Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. SoJd by Druggists, 75c. In all forms of stomach trouble Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure will promptly cure where there) arc such symptoms is pailiu or soreness in the stomach, In- dig«?,W«u 'or dteti-ess a.l'tor eating, n-cssure aiiid. ftill-ncas la r.he stomaeli, rtnoii?! aC breath, poor appetite, •oated tongue, sour or bitter rising from lie atouraali, •lu.wtbnrn, wind on the iXMiiath, .wnstlp.-uiOiii, d-xKl-uess, faJnt- PJ?S a.ntl lost energy. When tluwe symptoms are n vith WUoutsivess yellow-eoated tongue, aiisea, bitter taste in the mouth and ilkrw slUui' take MwnyoJi's Liver Curt alternatio.il wirli fhe Dyspepsia lire, an liour a.piirt. Where there Is jstiiuate oonstJixifiioii keep The bowels JCii ciuc.-e a day by using Muiiyon's lj/p.'itie-n Cure imril they Ijecora guliir iiiHlcr -tiie effect of the Dysi>ep i Curt. 1 . When .there a.re troublesome lieiu't sj'iu-ptoims aliera.-i,ti; Sliinyon's He.-u-t Cure with (•!*• Dyspeiisin Ciiri?. If tjjcre !s great nervoiwni'ss or i.u- abiJiiy to sleep, jil-icrnate Jru-n.vou's Xerve Cure wirh the Dyspppsia Cure. If nhe blowl i.-s p-Rpr in ijiwlity nlteniHU: Mnnyon's Blood Cure a-ml' Dysi>epsia CiJi'L'. By Clii.s j)lii-n of mviJimeiu tms oa.il 1 eradicate T.he worst form,* -of stomach troubles .-i.inl t.he-r complications, ami make the euro iierinanont. A separate specific' !'or ea-ch disease. Sold by all druggjisls. mostly for 2," cent* a bottle. Porsumii jefitevs to Prof. Miiu.you. Oy Arch street, riiihulelphin. P.M.. nnswored with free mailical advlee for y disease. J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS. 322 Market Street. UNDERSTAND We are uot closing out to quit business, neither is our stock such tt is usually found in closing o ut sales. OUR GOODS are of BEST MAKE AN NEWEST STY LES. We simply wish to give our customers an opportunity oC bu y.iug at greatly reduced prices anything they may wjeli in our iinraon sq stock, between seasons Here are some of Uw BARGAINS w e propose giving you. ONE FOURTH off ortjall Crash Suits. ONE FOURTH off on all Men's and Boys' Pants. ONE FOURTH off on all Summer Coats and Vests, Alpacas, Woolens, Serges. Straw Hats all $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, now $1.00 Straw Hats all 75c and $1. now . . . .50 In our Men's dept we will give you all wool, suits as. low as $4.75. $8;;to $15 suits $5.75 to $10.75. We have a line of Men's and Boys' strictly all wool black, clay and worsted suits to close out at $7 and $7.so all .OldGoods at Half Price. . REHEMBER We mark onr goocls ]y what ihoy are ^et .-ul vantage- of Hi Is sale witho OF ALL to not miss it. Kc ing this «a!e. in pin n figures,,so that any one caii tell exact-" inj?. S HREWD BUYERS will caJl and take nt delay." It will be to the INTEREST gular prices for all goods charged dnr MANUFACTURE Or GUNPOWDER. i;^«.'roiis Proceed- lif^-h. BOARD OF REVIEW. Township Reports From Assess^ ors as Corrected. One I-'cuturo of rho Diin^o illfT. In the center of the mill is a big- iron snuccr, probably six feet iu diameter. The rim of the saucer is about IS inches SliMidlng- up in the sa-ucci-are t\vo i. They s.'.'ejj] to be about six feet n diameter also, ajul their rims nbout foot broad. These wheels iiiid tliis aucer do tlie rolliiif; of the powder— .ha.t is, they grind tin: three substances uit compose the powder into a new nixture. The wheels aiv swept around nd around in the saucer, and they also urn on their own axes. It is ;:s if they ere kept, rolling- ovei; rux] over, just s the wheels of u carnage roll, but also if 'some power kept them turning- jout constantly in the small circle of "his saucer. This mill is where wooden achinery cannot be used, and of.course that makes it n very daiig-crous place. The mixture of the ingredients of the powder is broug-htin aid dumped carefully in the saucer. It is spread about smoothly by a workman, who, after this work is done, goes outside the mill, ond. does not come back until the powder is rolled thoroughly. The workman foes to awheel nf ew feet away from the building- and turns, it very slowly. It fcterts tlie machinery that moves the wheels in tlie saucer. Tbegreatestd.'in- ger in rolling comes at this time. The rolling- must be begun in the slowest possible way. The danger is that there may be a lump in the mixture in the saucer that will raise one of the wheels as it turns around and then, drop itsud- cicnly in the saucer, causing- a spark. If this comes, away goes your mill and machinery, and possibly tlie workman's life with them,—Harper's Round Table. rnmn Dcnert Was » Sen. The Yuma desert was once asaltsea, f considerable area, a fact which is proved by the tons oi oysters and other sea shells found in the sands just beneath the surface. ui Tiis Oat fer FulnrelRefcreDce. Sketolies of all kinds prepared for "decorative and commercial purpose*. Mechanical and prospective draw ings of Electric. Pneumatic and Agricultural devices prepared 1'or the Paten t office. Designing a specialty. Claims for Letters of Patent prosee uted. BYRON B. GORDON* ~" Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport The following is the assassin units of the dlt'fereattownships of the county for 1S9G as revised and corrected by the Board of Review: Townslilip, Amount Boone $ 143,010 DOM- Creek 143,200 . Royal Center SS,703 H;m-ison ''.... 133,400 Bethlehem ,' 08,450 Jefferson 50,000 Noble ;.... 135,505 Clay '. 118,700 Adams 555,030 -Minimi . 71,030 Cltotoa 105,330 \VaiSliitafrton 133,005 Tiptob 190,030 Walton . '. '-.. 51,700 Jackson 110,215 Eel 20,175 Logimsport ., 1,011,0(55 WOMEN CURED By Dr. Hart-man's Free Advice. Course of Jea. 'Harrison has the finest lint of mnockB in tbe city. ''~- ' " Miller nre very competent tneii; and not unnecessarily exacting. Mr. Denne, who succeeded.Harry Mllloi'as superintendent of tlie main line, Js getting' acquainted Tvith; the line'and the men on Total for Couu'ty, i?3,G45,740 • The above does not include railroads, telephone and 'telegraph' companies, wlulich- nre assessed by lihe State Board of Tax A CHILD EN JOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a laxatire. and if the father or mother be cost! W or-.bilious,, . most gratifying results follow its use] so that it-is .the best fttmlly remedy known and : e-very family should 'bave'h "' '''" • Wrapper, sale'Monday. $2,50-:Mjd; $'3 dimity wrappers only $148, $1 50 summer wrappers ofpJy 48c —Trade Palace A great mnuy testinioiiin.ls are coming- in ilii'Hy from mothers, wives and sisters -who luave followed. Dr. Hnrt- man's free course of advice and have got welt A great'multitude of suffering/ li'iimauity still icmains to be cured, Send sj-njptoms, duration of sickness, and kind o-f 'treatment already received, if-any. The following are specimens: Mrs. Birdife B-tcbards, HillsdaJe, Wis.. writes: "It will give • me pleasure to have my, testimonial published, so that all my friends may know what Pe-ru-na has done for me. -I hope all suffeiiug women, suffering with .the same complaint,: will take.Pe-ru-na. I know it will cure than. It cured me, and will cure others also. I can not praise Pe- ,-ru T na euoupiu I should be pleased to send-.any Information requested." .Mrs..Ferdinand Weikuid, Unity, >A'ls.,. writes: .•':!.. cim truthfully ..say that Pe-ru-n;i ,-ind Man-a-liu cured me, .1 can -say to every woman who--is sick: £>ive,Pe,ru-iia a trial; 'It Is' the best medicine" I'm- female .troubles. I -anr eujoyinclife'agai.n. I will not 'forget to praise yoair name, and medicine when ETer : I,havo occasion to do so. It is tlie •'best-iaed/einc there, is. for fenialf dls- eaBes.."; : ' •-. ' . • •. ,--•-' ' , . . •;~ Semi ! . for free'copy of .Dr. Hartman's book for women:' 'Address,The .Pe-ru- na.DniB Manufacturing'Company, .Columbus, Ohio r *, x Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Fira of each month, ten day's grace. Allj[bills pay able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The wall-known JSpeclallsts- of New York have appointed . D. A. H AUK as agent for their celebrated Spectacles and lj« Glasses, D. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invites til to satlsr? themselves of tbe great superiority nt these goods orer any mannfactureJ, at tha store oi D. A. HAUK, Sole agent for Logansport Ind. Ko Peddlers Supplied. TO PAY POSTAGE. The postal laws against-railways carrying their own. letters is about to be enforced iu several cities. All letters to station agents and officials- are forbid- deu-to be carried without postage. Tie railroads will not, .however,'be required to mail their letters ns ordinary citizens. They will be supplied; by the Government- with a specially stamped envelope, which they must cancel on deliver)'- to the train man. The express compau'.es have been using- such en- velopes'for some years. Persons .tylio have,: a coughing spell every night, on account- of, a tickling sensation In the throat, may overcome It at once by a doso of One Minute Cough Cure.-Jno. M. Johnston.' OFFICERS XA3I13D. The regular semtnnmual business .meeting 1 o-f the Epwontlv League was held at Ro.val Center last week. Tt was fouud 'Ui;it trort duriu;? lie past six months had bee.ix.verj- aggressive and a prospective future looks very hopeful. T3)e- following- officers were elected to serve Owing- .the coming six months: President— J. C. Bju-ron. SecretaB-y— Miss Irene Willtamson. Treasurer— J. B. jrcCard-r. ; Orgauilst— Jliss Bertlia Lcamle. First VJee. President— Mss Linnio Second Vice • Presi'dcrat— Miss Maud •Benuciiamp. . ' . ThiixJ /'V-ice President— Miss Uda Lutz. Fourth, Vfce President— P. J. MUler.

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