Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 14, 1909 · Page 8
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1909
Page 8
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THE HARRISHURG TELEGRAPH, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, VW. day, it 1U K M. '"'"""X As Usual Tkere Are Bargains Galore on Friday Special Day No Friday Specials sent C. O. D., or Mail or Telephone Orders Filled Frldar Special. Ma. 1 Boys' Caps 50o Hoy' Cap In odd alic. Friday and Saturday 18c Kl'ltlar perll. Nil. 2 Untrimmed Hats He untrinimcd felt hape. Friday and Saturday 73o Bocona floor. Frldar Special, No. 3 Women's $1.00 Kid Gloves, 79c Women two - clasp kid clove In bluek, tan, brown rjfk and grey, all trize, $1 Mf quality. Friday only,.. Sireet Floor, Center. 1 1 J) Frldar Special, No, 4 Women's $3 Gloves, $1 Women's 93.00 long black kid mousquetalre f loves, odd sizes, rlday only .... $1.00 Street Floor, Center. Frldar Special, No. S $10 to $12 curtains, $3.98 910.00 to $12.00 tapestry curtains in red and green, pluin borders, slightly Boiled. Friday only $3.98 Tliird Floor. rr Friday Special, No. 0 75c Couch Covers, 39c 75c Roman striped couch covers, fringed all OA around. Friday iM only w v. Third Floor. if Frldar Special, No. 7. $1.50 Curtains, 89c $1.25 and $1.50 rallied muslin curtains in plain, (lotted and figured styles, 2 14 yards long with hemstitched ruffles. Friday only . 89c Third Floor. 1 J Friday Special. No. 8 $4 to $6 Nottingham Curtains, $3.50 $4.00 to $6.00 Nottingham lace and cable net curtains in white, 3; yards long, all beauti - . ful patterns. Friday only, pair . .' '. . $3.50 e Fridar Special, No. 0 375 c Curtain Net, 25c 37&c ecru and ' white fancy curtain net, 45 inches wide, all new patterns. Friday only, yd. 25c Third Floor. Frldar Special, No. 10 Women's $3.00 . Shoes, $2.50 Women's $3.00 gun metal calf - button shoes, made on the new uu mo new $2.50 full round toe last, low heel. Friday only MECHA NICSB UR G ' WITH PURE See Page 5 for Announcement of HarrisLurgV Greatest Book Sale Product of New Plant Pumped Into Splendid New Reservoir Through Pipe Line; Description of Process of Purifying Water For Domestic Use' . At a cost of over $170,000, the Me - chanicsburg - Gas and Water company has erected one of the finest filter plants and reservoirs in the state and Meohanicsburg - residents will hereafter have as good water as any company can furnish. The water, which is more than ninety - eight per cent, pure, was pumped into the borough mains for the first time Tuesday afternoon The new reservoir has a diameter of 210 feet at the top, 110 feet at the bottom and a slope of 17 feet. The basin is made of concrete and around the side a pretty embankment has been made. This bank and the other ground at the bottom will be sowed with grass seed next spring - and will present a beautiful appearance when the sod forms. The reservoir as It now stands, has a capacity of 3.000.000 gallons. gome time ago the I water company purchased Miller's mill, along the Yellow Breeches creek, to be used as the filter plant, but, of course, many expensive improvements had to be made. First of all a beautiful concrete dam breast was built and at one side of it large gates were placed. The old mill almost seventy - nve reet irom these atea. A cbannel about tares hundred IF Wash Ooods Friday Specials Frldar Special, "a. 11 12 He (Iron gingham. Friday only, yd "Ho Frldar Special, Xo. 13 ISo fancy cotton plaids, SO Inches 12iC Frldar Special, .a IS 12 Hi llwedown flannelette). 9o Frldar Special. 14 18o serpentine crepe . ..$to Frldar Special, No. IS 40o linen uniting, trtea on white and colored grounds, ISo Street Floor. J r T? 1 iMcni rurnisnings Friday Specials Frldar Special, No. 18 Men'i 10c white self - check handkerchiefs, hemstitched. Frt - day only So Frldar Special, No. 17 Men's 5e red handkerchiefs. Frlduy only 2 for 5o Frldar Special, No. IS 6c lever and solid post collar buttons. Friday only, 6 for 5o Frldar Special, No. 19 Children's 75c and $1.00 sample coat sweaters, 1 to 4 year sizes. Friday only ....50c Frldar Special, No. 20 Boys' 75c grey coat sweaters, large pearl buttons, sizes 8 to 13 years. Friday only 50c Frldar Special, No. 21 Boys' 50c flannelette night shirts, sizes 10 to 16 years. Friday only 42o Frldar Special, No. 23 Men's new $5.00 bath robes,, college colors. Friday only, $3.98 Frldar Special, No. 23. Men's 39o and 50o negligee shirts, full cut, band style, all sizes except 14 ft and 15. Friday only 25c Frldar Special, No. 24 Men's 50o two collar blue clmmliray shirts, sizes 18 and 18. Friday only 29c Men's Store. J Frldar Special. No. 25 Men's $3.00 Shoes, $2.50 Men's $3.00 black and tan storm calf shoes in blucher style with full double sole to the heel. Friday only, $2.50 Street Floor, Rear J rr Frldar Special, No. 26 Boys' $1.25 Shoes, 98c Boys' $1.25 gun metal and box calf shoes. . Friday only, 98c Street Floor, Rear lb Fridar Special, No. 27 Misses' $2.00 Shoes, 98c Misses' $2.00 tan calf button shoes, with suede top, AO full toe last, sizes 11 MX to 2. Friday only JJ Street Floor, Rear NOW SUPPLIED FILTERED WA TER feet long and twelve 1 feet wide was built of rocks from the gates to the creek and has its course under the mill. Engines and pumps were installed in the building, receiving power from the flow of water when the gates are opened. - . Not alone, however, is this channel the source of power, but from it also is pumped the water which goes through the filtering process. Adjoining this mill a large concrete tank has been eercted and inside of this a smaller one has been made. Inside of the second tank there is a pipe about ten inches in diameter, which supplies water to the filter. Water is first pumped into the large lank; but cannor get into the smaller one on the inside until the top is reached,' the smaller tank being of a trifle less depth than the larger one. This only allows the "top" water to get into the second tank and practically all of the heavy mud sinks to the bottom In the first tank. In the same manner water from the second, or inside tank, reaches the pipe to be carried to the filter. - The filter Is a large wooden affair inside the building and contain almost a carload of Cape May whit sand. The mtmr Special. n 25c Shoe Polish, 17c 25o bottle Wlttemore's ant ed go tin Millli fur all a m black leather. Friday I f only. . a Street Floor, Hear Frldar Special, Jfs 30 $3 and $4 Red - $1.00 rn Corbet In 3 2H'a, 7 29'a, fern Corsets. One lot of Redfern Corct In broken Mica, 2 la', 3 2H'a, 7 29'a, S SO'h. I 26 and 1 ?,$1.00 2H, 3.00 and 9100 values, Friday only. J) Frldar Special, No. 80 $5 and $6 Red - tO Aft fern Corsets. . .p.vv Broken size, 1 23, 1 28, 3 29'a and S 30's, 95.00 and $6.00 values. Friday only, . . . . $2.00 Second Floor J) T? 1 C 1 rnday specials in trie Basement Frldar Special, No. 31 49c 4 - qt, white lined Berlin Kettles, . 25o Frldar Special, No. 33 19c Wash Boards, 14c Frldar Special. No. 34 8 - qt, galvanized Buckets, .10c Friday Special, No. S3 19c Coal Hods, 10c Frldar Special, No. 85 25c Frisco Sink Strainers, 17c Frldar Special, No. 36 19c 1 - qt. seamless granite - cov - erad Buckets 10c Frldar Special, No. 37 $1.39 Carpet Sweepers ...98o Fridar Special. No. 38 59c willow market Boskcts,42o Frldar Special. No. 39 75c Ftopian Jardinieres, 50o 98o Utopian Jardinieres, 69o $1.25 Utopian Jardinieres, 98c $1.75 Utopian Jardinieres, $1.25 Frldar Special, No. 40 75c Lindsay Brighton inverted Gas Lamps, 35o J . ' Basement Frldar Special, No. "41 $2.50 American $1.50 Lady Corsets . Broken sizes, 1 21, 1 23, 1 24 and 2 26 s, $2.50 rh - f fk value. Friday Jt4 I SI I only, f A W Second Floor Hosiery Specials For Friday Frldar Special, No. 43 . Women's $1.00 and $1.25 Silk Hose, slightly soiled, .......25c Frldar Special, No. 43 Women's 25c Lisle Hose, seamless, 12c Frldar Special. No. 44 Men's 25c black Lisle Sox, 14o Street Floor, West . 0 Women's Vests Frldar Special, No. 45 : Women's 12 y2c white cotton and lisle sleeveless Vests, plain and lace yokes .5c Friday Special. No. 46 Women's 25c white lisle Vests, sleeveless, extra large sizes, 120 bottom of the filter is covered with fine holes just large enough to allow water to flow through, and water from the outside tank gets into the filtering tank iust above the bed of sand. . Then sinking and working ita way through the sand, it oozes out through the bottom of the. tank to a reservoir under the building. From this reservoir, or tank, the water is pumped to the large new reservoir, - filtered, and ready for use. By the process adopted by the Mechan - lcsburg company 500,000 gallons of water can be filtered in twenty - four hours. - . - . - The question, "Can the filter be cleaned?" naturally arises and can be answered in the affirmative. In cleaning the filter, air is forced in at the bottom of the tank and the supply ' from the tank outside of the building is cut '.off. The air disturbs the sand and all particles of dirt are forced to the top and the water that remains in the tank during the process seems to be boiling. After this disturbing process has gone on for several minutes, .filtered water from the reservoir is forced in at the bottom of the tank. Gradually the water raises, the dirt remaining on top, until it reaches the height of a drainage pipe, near the top of the - tank, and tnen the airt is carried to the creeK. n this manner the filter is cleaned every day. .. - Very little alum is used by the Me - chanlcsburg people, there being only about one grain in a gallon of water, and it is only to be used after heavy rains. Considerable expense was none to in laying mains by the company. A pipe line three and one - half miles long connects the filter plant to the reservoir and the latter is about two miles from Mechanicsburg. .Residents ol the borough ana all per Black Silks Friday Specials Friday rial, Na. 47 91.00 heavy Petticoat Taffeta, S3 lnchea, 7o Frldar Special, 48 60o MwwoJlna, 19 lnchea, . ,88o Friday Special, Urn. 49 91.50 Taffeta, S3 lnchea, 91.10 Frldar rial, Ms R0 91.60 black Ootele, 89 Incite, 91.23 Street Floor, Front e Friday Ipcrial, No. 81 50c Foulard, 25c 50o Foulard, staple shades. Friday only 25c Street Floor, Front J Fridar Special, No. D3 50c Wool Venetian Cloth, 29c Good, heavy quality, 36 Inches wide, shades are blue, green, grey and tan. Fourth Street Side Black D ress Goods Frldar Special, No. 63 91.00 black Cheviot, 50 inches, 69o Frldar Special, No. 64 91.00 black Broadcloth, all wool, 79c Frldar Special, No. 63 75c all wool 6triped Worsted, 50 Inches, 59o Frldar Special, No. 66 $1.00 black VoUe, 50 inches, 690 Fridar Special. No. D7 50c all wool Panama, 39c Street Floor, Front Frldar Special, No. 68 50c Shepherd Checks, 35c In three good styles for children's dresses blue and garnet. A'oiath Street Side i Friday Special, No. 69 69c Broadcloth Finished Suiting, 48c Shades' are navy, brown and garnet, 54 inches wide. Fourth Street Side Frldar Special, No. 60 59c Mohair, 48c - High luster, shades are navy, and brown, 50 inches. Fourth Street Side Fridar Special, No. 61 $1.00 Broadcloth, 59c ' All wool, excellent quality, 52 inches, fine plum shade. Fourth Street Sido sons who have seen the plant compliment the Mechanicsburg Gas and Water company for the fine, up - to - date plant it now controls. City Chairmen Urge Registration The chairmen of the various city committees are sending word to the members of the committees for wards and precincts to urge registration. Efforts are being made by men of all parties, especially by committee officers, to call registration to the attention of citizens who have not listed their names. Saturday is the last day. Do You Expect to Buy a Piano this Fall? At our . warerooms we are showing all - the new and latest designs from many of the world's greatest makers. Pianos to match the furnishings and inner decorations of any room, cased in rich mahogany, French walnut, golden oak, mission, etc. A visit of inspection will be of much interest to those interested in pianos Or player - pianos for our display affords possibilities of choice not to be found elsewhere. J. H. Troup Music House, 15 South Market Square. ol4 - 3t Try Telegraph Want Ads. Tatle Linen Friday Specials Frldar Special, No. 03 BOo bleached mrreerUnd la Mo I)antak, 61 lnchea. Yard. . .290 Frldar Special, No. 04 25o cotton dice tablo Pain - ak, 58 lnchea. Yard IAo Fridar Special, No. M BOo cream Iamak, 3 yards wide. Yard ,...89o Fridar Special. No. tit 10o brown linen t rash, 17 lnchea wide. Yard 5o Fridar Special, No, 07 17c homewpiin Tour I I0o blreet Hoor, Hear. Kimonos at Friday Prices Fridar Special, No. M 91.75 and $1.93 short Crepe Kimonos, floral or striped border boo Fridar Special, No. 69 $2.25 to 92.95 short Crepe Kimonos or Dressing Sacquea, 95o Second Floor Muslin Underwear Friday Specials Frldar Special, No. 70 $1.50 to $2.95 Chemise, lace or embroidery trimmed yoke, trimmed skirt, 95o Fridar Special, No. 71 $3.50 to $5.00 Nainsook Chemise, lace and embroidery trim - mod yokes, trimmed skirt, $1.95 Second Floor e Fine Waist Values For Friday Frldar Special, No. 73 50o Blue Chambray Waists, tuck trimmed, soft collar and cuffs, 25c Frldar Special, No. 73 $1.95 to $3.50 madras and linen tailor - made Waists, tucks and embroidered, $1.85 Frldar Special, No. 74 $3.98 Batiste or lingerie W'aists, embroidery front or lace yoke, '. ... $1.98 Second Floor Infants" Slips and Caps Frldar Special, No. 75 Infants' cambric slips, cambric ruffle trims neck and sleeves 15c Frldar Special, No. 7 Infants' $1.00 to $1.95 silk caps, lace or ribbon trimmed, 50o 1 1 second .floor J) e Fridar Special, No. 77 $1 Shepherd Checks, 75c Medium ' sized checks, extra quality, 54 inches wide. Fourth Street Side Experiment With Sand.' A very interesting fact about the ordinary sand of the seashore is that a pint of dry sand and half a plot of water when mixed do not make a pint and a half, but a good deal less. If you fill a child's pail with dry sand from above the tide mark and then pour on it some water the mass of sand actually shrinks. The reason is that whea the saud Is dry there is air between its particles, but when the sand particles are wetted they adhere closely to each other; the air is driven out, and the water does not exactly take an equivalent space, but occupies less room (ban the air did, owing to the close clinging together of the wet particles. . - . Mean Man. Her Husband Well. It takes two to make a quarrel, so I'll shut up. nis Wife That's Just like a contemptible man! You'll sit there and think mean things, Chicago News. Try Telegraph - Want ; Ads. New Arrivals in Little Boys' Bloomer Suits: Advanced Styles: $1.98 to $4.50 Boy' bloomer anil of white, linen, with light and dark blue trim n,,n $1.0S Bo bloomer stills of imported re pi trimmed with blue piping! Ue a to 8 jeara "$2.98 Boys' white rep suits, with lace trimming; sizes 2 to 5 years, $1.50 Boys' bloomer ultr with light blue collar; sizes S to 3 years, $4.50 Peeonl Floor. Fridar Special, No. 78 $1.25 French Chevron, 89c All wool, made hv a leading French manufacturer; navy, brown, green and leather. Fourth Street Side Fridar Special, No. 63 $1.25 Unfinished Worsted, 98c All wool In a good shade of blue, 50 Inches wide. Fourth Street Side rr Friday Special. No. 79 $1.00 and $1.50 Brown Voile, 49c Fine French Voile, all wool, best shades of brown. Fourth Street Side e. Lining Specials Frldar Special, No. 80 20c Satlnc, grey and black, 36 Inches, 12o Fridar Special, No. 81 35o Serge Lining, 36 inches, black only, 25o Fourth Street Side 4t White Goods Friday Specials Frldar Special, No. 83 10c plain white Lawn. Yard. So Frldar Special, No. 83 19c striped Madras Shirting for men's shirts. Yard lOo Frldar Special, No. 84 19c plain and dotted Mous - seline in cream and white, 27 lnhcs. Yard 5c Frlduy Special, No. 85 $1.50 English Longcloth, 12 yards to piece, 36 inches. Piece 98c Frldar Special, No. 86 $1.00 Battenburg Bureau Scarfs, 18x54 inches 59o Street Floor, Rear. Frldar Special, No. 87 $2.98 Ecru Net Waists, $1.39 Several good styles of ecru net waists; garments that have sold regularly at $2.98. Extra spe cial for tomorrow $1.39 only Second Floor. When You're Out of Sorts. A good thing to try when you are out of "kilter" is to fast, drink lots of water during the fast, but remember when you are fasting to remove all reason for further fast. Having decided to fast, the faster should make up his mind to use discretion. He should not, because he has come to believe In the efficacy of fasting, determine upon a long fast for a beginning. He must not let his enthusiasm for the new treatment carry away with It his common sense. His first fast should cover two meals breakfast and dinner. Peril In Spring Locks. Parents should warn their children about the dangers of getting into trunks or closets which have spring locks. A little girl while playing the other day bid from her playmates in a trunk and, the lid falling, the spring lock prevented her from lifting It, and the result was she was dead when her mother finally looked for ber there. No child should be allowed to hide In closets either if the doors cannot be opened from the inside. Try Telegraph Want Ads. Friday Furniture Specials Frldar Special, No. M $1.50 Brass Cost timers ..$1.98 Frldar Special. No. 89 95.50 Brass Costumers . .82.49 Fridar Special, No. IH 915.00 Golden Oak Pressors, 911.73 Frldar Special, No. 81 93.98 Golden Oak Rockers, 9250 Frldar Special. No. 03 96.75 Karly English leather eat Armchairs 98.75 Frldar Special, No. S 94.98 Reed Rockers ....93.98 Frldar Special, No. 94 96.98 Golden Oak Rockers, $498 Fridar Special, No. 90 922.50 Chase Leather Couches 917.60 Fridar Special, No. 84 928.50 Chase Leather Couches $19.50 Frldar Special, No. 07 50c Golden Oak Costumers 89o Third Floor. Fridar Special, No. 98. 95c to $1.75 Petticoats, 69c Mercerized petticoats in black, brown and red. Second Floor Fridar Special Ho. - 88 Women's $3.50 Panama Skirts, $2.98 1 Fall's best $3.50 Panama skirts; full cut garments; made in ' the 1 season's ' best plaited model; all sizes. Special for tomorrow only $2.98 Second Floor 1 Frldar Special, No. 100 Girls" $9.50 to $15.00 Coats, $4.50 A rare opportunity to fit girls who wear 10 and 12 years sizes in a fine quality garment at a mere fraction . of regular cost. Regular $9.50 to $15.00 coats. Spe cial for tomorrow $4.50 only Second Floor. People Wo Often Meet. "I hate the person who sends me important information on a postcard," remarked a woman at dinner the other evening. "In fact, I think postcards In general an abominable Institution." "A still more reprehensible habit." put in a second speaker, "Is that of the man or woman who dictates letters of a Drlvate nature to a secretarv.", . All of us then enumerated our pet. aversions. One of them was the in - : dividual who is always In a hurry, who while one talks to him seems on the tiptoe of flight and who never decides to do anything without consulting an engagement book. Cousins to this one are the people who when they pay a call rush away after a fixed time, no matter bow interesting the conversation, and never remain quite to the end of an entertainment. Yet they are usually people of leisure, hurrying from habit and not because they have anything in particular to do. AH these folk In some way sin against good manners and hurt the amour propre of their friends, being without the blessed gift of tact which crowns Its happy owner with social PosnlsrJty.rJoB$oaBlftCfc and Walt. !

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