Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio on November 13, 1941 · 33
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Dayton Daily News from Dayton, Ohio · 33

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1941
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K-14 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1941 THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS PAGE lima -iuut.a irnn VALUES Here' two popular quality value you'll find at your & Iiite Villa (Jrocert. KLEENEX . . . 150 sheets 10c 200 sheets ..2 for 25c 440 sheets . . . 25c When you sneeze reach for a Kleenex Sanitary throw-aay col ton-like sheet. In a variety of colors. DELSEY TOILET TISSUE For homes where only the oet is good enough. 3"25' BETTY FAIRFAX Her Curiosity Shop LUITOK'S KOTEi Betty faU-lal will ka ai Otr aak, tailurtaj aparl-mrat, IBIra floor of l ha Nea bviKiiii, aery day fr.wn until 4, If sum out U aaaault hat paroniislir. tor apputalmaat at olaat huura, pftuiw AU-JI II. Serve Apple -Pumpkin Pie r JJEAR MISS FAIRFAX: I am anxious to know what would be best to do in this case. My sister ii just a little more than a year older than I am. I am 20 and am much more popular than she is. This causes trouble between us. She seems to think that whenever anyone asks me for a date I should arrange for her to go along. I do not feel I can suggest that whoever takes me has to take her out also. Some men don't like to take two girls out. I have once in a while suggested, when I felt 1 knew the man well enough, that he bring a boy friend for my sister. I can't say she ever acted very nice on those dates. She doesn't seem to like the men she meets on such dates. I don't feel I have to stay at home just because she isn't Invited. I feel it la her own fault that she isn't more popular. My mother thinks I should do more about it than I do but what? ANXIOUS. Being so near an age I believe- that if your sister were pleasant to your boy friends that they would make the suggestion themselves that they bring a friend so that the four of you could go out together. I do not believe she has a pleasing personality and you certainly cannot be held responsible for that. As she doesn't like the men your boy friends have brought along on occasions I don't know why she wants you to make such arrangements. Maybe she would just prefer going with you and your boy friend. However, I am afraid she would consider herself as the unwelcome third party, so she wouldn't be happy that evening either. You might tell your mother that as she did not seem to enjoy the dates your boy friends have arranged for her that you do not feel you should encourage that. If at any time your date suggests including her do so by all means, but in the future do not make the suggestion yourself. , NOTICE! Will the woman whose letter appeared in the Sunday column as wishing to get in touch ))?::' , . vi " . i - - .i , -a V 1' Frosty nights new-crop apples plump golden pumpkins reprewent the autumn spirit. This taxte-lempting pte is made from an old 16th century Fnglinh recipe. It would be a fine, not-too-swpct finish for your rich dinners. ! APPLE-PUMPKIN PIE with someone on the West Side A liecipe From Sixteenth Century Old Fugland Shrimp Cocktail Responsible For New Popularity I'eople are always talking about typical ditihe. They mention fried chicken and steak, apple pie ami ice cream, corned beef hash and ham and rugs. Observation ha niadi me decide that one prime favorite is seldom mentioned. When 1 go out to dinner with a man he usually looks over the menu meticulously and then he orders ihrimp cocktail as an opening course. Many women do the same thinK- I haven't any figures hut it looks to nn as if shrimp headed the li."t of America's favorite shellfish. While we get ome fresh shrimps throughout the country there is large dependence upon the canned product. It is so convenient to keep a few cans of shrimp on hand and there are so many luncheon and supper dishes besides the cocktails and salad into which they fit. There's omlet with creamed shrimps. A little minced celery I or green pepper will add a special 1 touch. In any case, the sauce ithould have a few dashes of Wor cestershire and i the better for the addition nf lemon juice. Combined with soft buttered bread crumbs, shrimps may be scalloped and will need only It) or 15 minutes for baking. Many persons like a tomato sauce with shrimps. .S1IK I MI'S KN HKOCKETTE 1 pound cups) cooked or canned tihrimp 6 slices bacon, cut in pieces Arrange cleaned shrimps alternately with pieces of bacon on six metal skewers. Broil about three inches from heat for five minutes until bat-on is crisp, turning occasionally. Serve on platter, garnished with lemon quarters. Yield: six servings. SIIKIMPH AU GRATIN 4 tutilejipooiio butter 4 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt Mi teaspoon pepper cups milk Vj cup thin cream 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon lemon-juice 1 pound cooked or canned shrimps j 1 cup ao.i, bread trumhs 2 tableipoons butter, melted Melt butter, stir in flour, talt and pepper. When well blended. ! add milk and cream slowly, atirrinflf i constantly over heat until mixture ! thickens and boils. Stir in Wor j cehtershire sauce, lemon juice and ! cleaned shrimps. Pour In greased l'ii quart baking dish and spnnkla with the crumbs which have been mixed with the butter. Bake in moderately hot oven (125 degrees Fahrenheit) 15 minutes until golden brown. Yield: six servingtt MAXWELL HOUSE IS RICHER IN EXTRA-FLAVOR COFFEES! Wben yon see that fantoos blue Maxwell House tin on your grocer's shelf today remember it gives too fur more for your money In rich, flavorful highland-grown coffees! And... You get the flavor brought eut by the special "Radiant Roast" process. No flavor can escape It's seaferf, roaster-fresh, Its the famous super-vacuum tin. No waiting Maxwell House Is already precisely ground for every method: Drip, Regular, Class-Maker. To save money and save shopping trips get the thrifty 2-pound tin. a W 0 U GOOD TO THE LAST DROP! I SWAN U ,q ' -r' " &J It you would cravo to launder X bur Sw&a Soap by the dozen rJ- i faoe or dlah or night And Mod tomo of It to ay cousin i Ytlj You'll be crazy about 8 ways better m tm asm told. AA u :7 who goes to the Christian Science church please communicate with me. There seems to be some mistake in the address she gave me, and I have calls for her. PEAR MISS FAIRFAX: I read Kitty's letter in Saturday's News, Kitty thinks she's shamefully mistreated. She doesn't realize her foFter parents are loyal to her, and they are the ones who are being mist rated. Too bad people can't see what they are taking on themselves when they take other people's children. So few appreciate what foster parents sacrifice, and the love they give the children. If Kitty could only see her foster parents are doing everything to protect her and for her future interest she wouldn't feel towards them as she does. In a few years she will reap her good training and will feel grateful to those dear ones who gave her a chance. But will she? Or will she say "you are not my mother. I don't owe you anything." I would like to know if you think foster children are indebted to foster parents. My advice to people who entertain the idea of adopting a child is to get a nice dog. They are always grateful and show appreciation. INTERESTED. I doubt that a couple interested n having a child in the house would consider a dog a good substitute, although I grant you the :hances are the dog would be grateful for any kindness shown him. I don't believe children are adopted with the primary idea of the gratitude it will inspire, and neither do I think that Kitty's seeming atti tude towafds her foster parents is the usual one. It would appear rups peeled, thinly sliced apples 2 cups peeled, thinly sliced pumpkin i cup sugar 1 teaspoon rPhnamon ' teaspoon ginger -j teaspoon suit j 't teaspoon orange flavoring or j 2 teaspoons granted orange rind Line a nine-inch pie plate with I pastry and fill with apple and pumpkin slices, sprinkle with j sugar, spires and salt, Add fla-i voring or grated orange rind. Moisten edge of crust, "over with top crust and press edges together, brush crust with milk or cream. Hake 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, then 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. to me that adopted children would be far more grateful for any advantages given them by foster parents than other children, who may take it for granted their own parents would try to give them every possible advantage. DEAR MISS FAIRFAX: What does a husband have to do to have his properties put in his wife's name'.' My steps have to be taken. Who is the city's free attorney now? MUST KNOW SOON. If It is real estate 'you wish to have changed you would have to have a new deed, and it would be advisable to have an attorney do this for you, it seems to me. The city free attorney is Martin Murphy and he is in the Municipal building, Third and Ludlow sts. Three kitten and the mother cat, a good mouser, wants good homes. After 2 p. m. at 117 Orchard av. Six well trained kitten, six weeka old want homes. Call RA-9073. CLEAN BROILER RACKS 1 Be sure to remove the broiler racks fcr frequent soap and water scrubbing, or burned foods may discolor the metal permansntly. To prevent '' ; top burners from becoming clogged, detach them once a week or so and scrub them with lint soapsuds and soda. Store open until 9 . m. Monday evening t oilier evening! b p-poinlmt'iil. wv, . - rjr ly, v; f JMAH V(e liave an exrcplimmtlv Inlere.ling stork of rrdwr rhrals ready for gift ahoppera. Make your election now a smsM deposit will hold ll until ChriMmat delivery. U Cappel's convenient pay mrnt plan. 18fegaWak. 1 Modern Knccltolc Desk and chair , , , a beautiful 9 -drawer waterfall desk, well built and expertly finished In a rich walnut; modern drawer pulls; sturdy attractive chair with antiqued white padded leatherette seat. REG. $:I0.00 ' ( would b tmnrl to tried your CltrUtmtt Clint oit a imul poiil nill huld ii for Lhrittmat dellvny. MM MAIN BELOW FIFTH If Only ii l had a it I'd glory In the lines and the curvet that were mine . . , and I might get pretty exatperated about that little incurve in my back . . . and that little tummy that teems to pop out when I wear high heeli . . . and clinging formal. But I would keep right on wearing them. I revel in my curvet . , . and prob ably wear a 2 -way ttretch ptnty or girdle to t-m o o-t-h them out. I'd choote a wispy little ttep-in with a light shield ovei that tummy (for ducormtiv purposes. of course) , , , and I'd wear NOT jutt any bra, but a bra that would aupport and control the butt ney and like Lana't. I'd probably visit Rike't Downstairs Foundation Department, where they understand my problem! . . , and can ntlly fit foundationtl Rikt'i Downittirt Foundttiant rang Irom $1 to $10 DOWNS' aK nnnririnnnrtnnnnnnnnnnr!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnninnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnCS2C3 a.MMMMI,MMM,.MM, 1 "T7i iW rmn n n AND WE Babies taka to Swan, I'i Have you a baby? Well Tnif Swan it as illd as imported oastlles So Isn't that too simply swell X love Swan because It suds Twice as fasti It's Just the cuds I Old Mother Hubbard Vent to th cubbard To harden up sobs soap. Now she buys Swan Vhicn Is much soro fabn. You don't have to harden it. Nop I On of th things X think la funny Is th way poopl Ilk to held en to wonsy But sine they do. and you say. teo. Boy Swan Soap-it's so thrifty, honey. Don't you love astsrlsksT X do. then X say better or twice as this or thast X aeas compared to floatles of th past. (sigaed-Graci) P.S. Folks I I forgot to speak About listening In on us every week. Cose on-bave fun with Georgia and e. Tip-peel Yip-peel Yip-peel TUNE XN: GRACIE ALLEN with George Burns end Paul Whitesan In "WELL, I SWAN". Thunday. 7:15 P. M., WLW SWM SOAP 6 Ways Batter Than 01d-Styl Float lug Soapt Kil kt Lvr StiMhari ComoKif. Ctmhralf . Mil. Two convenient sizes -Largo and Regular Ur-v 'Ivy-Jf '-six v a ji jJ BRANDED STEER BEEF CHUCK ROASTS Choice blade nnc HCuts lb. a44v OSWISS , OCr 13 STEAK lb PINK-MEATEDPORK BULK SAUSAGE V 7k lb 19c i i a WJ? i '1 'ir& mm Itnil Cuta Hut Lan Plcklrd a a mi rnu Tndr LUIP4 U rVJKIV Loinfcnd PORK STEAKS B.n PORK CHOPS PIGS FEET PURE LARD FRESH "22c ,b 10c "24c ,b29c 25c lb! SIDE lb, 15c CREAM-FED VEAL ROASTS CHOPS CUTLETS ROASTS CUBED BRAINS Fun y ffhotildar Cholc! Hlb Aound Bona Boned ana Rolled For Ch"P Suy or Dtiw freh Calf Kingan's u21c "'29c "32c '"29c ,b25c 15c 19c :i :i :i a a a a n a a a a a 13 BRANDED STEER SIRLOIN STEAKS g A King's OOcD Delight... lb. aWvtt CLUB 90c 5 STEAKS lb.i-7wS a LETTUCE nllEAD a - a 7 lie a 77. I I tot BALDWIN TOMATO FRANKLIN EVERGREEN ASSORTED GREEN APPLE JUICE SUGAR CORN JELLY BEAMS 511 .Yine )l C7c ul AZc ,1. 10c Qt lbs. II Con tJ Bqcjsjf Cam CU Jar I Cans M a PANCAKE t$ FLOUR 1 l'l lb. Box 2 S3 CABBAGE g RED RADISHES a CAL. ORANGES TURNIPS g POTATOES - - fi . At mmm w ' mm I WW M I I I aaal E J 4. .M -a Sit . I ir 8 ! hi ' 11 r 1 pkSp5- frf?TY3YT5 3iv iirja'janM HI I I 1 1 M fl Hi W J tf ft r 1 1 4 9c 2""Trka C Btinrhpa lv l0lbJ7c SUNKIST LEMON Doz. 10' ONIONS MESH BAG 9 io one 1 aCT'or-;. . m E a Lbs. Nancy BP Sweet 1 HALLS Zj3 1f lbs. 1 1 1 PINE. APPLE 2 V; Can 171 SAL. SODA Box fj Long or Elbo MAC. Lb. Cello Pkg. 81 FRESH LIMA BEANS 3 No. 2 Cans ?5' Cran, Sauce 2 t,r" 27c Jewel 3c:45c Lux Flake c"' 2 36c Choc. Cherries . ,19c Johnson's Wax t,n 59c Bowlene Rival 'uod Sweetheart Sw. Relish Tea ln,p,ria Apricots E. T. Chips Cheese-Its Big Ben Soap Soda Crackers 2 121c Wheaties 2 pke" 21c BROOMS "w'e 39c 2 '"' r,n" 35c 3 cn, 25c 4" 19c 9c 9c r ,9c 5 box 35c 2 19c 6Mr,25c 12 nr.. ir U id Chase Walnuts 2 39c Argo Starch 3 20c Bulk Dates " (7k Oats a " 9c Apricots 8c"l5c Olives i-TL. 17c Waldort Tissue ro" 4c Mustard Wilson Milk Kraut Salad Grape Juice DUZ "mall "'it Maxwell House Hominy 2 Kirk's H"rdw,t" 6 at. 3 "M J 2i cam Oreaiinf 9c 25c 28c 13c 28c 21c 301c 15c 25c Cana COCKTAIL FRUIT Toll Con 10' KOSHER DILLS 2 9? oti. Tomatoes JAQUA 10e No. 2Vj Cans Campbell's SOUP Tom. Can 7' La a H aval Frontera Jf H a Cen tf JmH Carne emu 141 MATCHES BIRDS- Eye 3 Bxs. n a a H 10 PURPLE PLUMS a No. 2Vj Cons 11 ca u El a Pork or Redy BEANS U 3 2 V Cans ?5C HAVE YOUR ORDER FOR THANKSGIVING SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY POULTRY?" 1 a 1 31 14 E. THIRD 632 WAYNE 1917 E. THIRD 1501 McLAIN KE-5861 FU-6251 KE-3071 KE-0357 a

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